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Kinder buds Preschool Education

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2 Welcomes you

and your child to Preschool years:


our child develops and learns more in their first five years than at any other stage of life.Attending preschool can enhance and encourage your child’s incredible development. It can also meet your child’s increasing need for stimulation.

Pre-schooling, the budding phase of a child, is the most exciting and crucial one in a child’s overall development and character building. Every kid is special in his/her own way, very unique in tastes and interests. Kids express their feelings instantly and naturally. It is important that we allow their imagination to fly high and thereby expand and develop skills. Emotional development begins early in life and is closely connected with the progress of learning, language, and social skills. Nourishing the impulses and strengthening the emotions lay the foundation for later academic performance, mental health, and the capacity to form successful relationships.

About 3 ACE Kinder Buds



Kinde Hi.. I’m Twinkle.. In ACE Kinder Buds, we understand and care for these petite interests of your kids and give them opportunity to narrate and communicate freely. We respect their feelings and assist them to bring out the best by enlightening and polishing their natural impulses. We provide an atmosphere which is mentally nourishing and ingrained in traditions. Here, they play together, eat together, learn together and above all, grow together.

I am your preschool partner


Kinder buds Preschool Education

4 ACE Kinder Buds

Preschool Education Programs

Our Programs Play Group (For ages 1 ½ to 2 ½ years) Nursery

(For ages 2 ½ to 3 ½ years)

Junior KG (For ages 3 ½ to 4 ½ years) Senior KG (For ages 4 ½ to 5 ½ years)


Play Group The Play Group curriculum and daily programs are based on real-world sensory experiences. A child will be inquisitive at this age and he should acquire the habits like following a routine in activities, to be active in a team and acquire skills like language, motor and social skills. Children will be encouraged to learn and understand through their senses and stimulating activities about their surroundings.

Nursery The Nursery program is focused and teaches key academic skills and introduces children to the world they live in. It follows a logical and natural sequence and introduces a step by step learning process. At this age, they can be introduced to the skills leading to reading and writing. The activities and games encourage students to explore creatively and build awareness and desire to learn more. Every day will be a “discovery day” for them.

Kindergarten Kindergarten is an extension of the learning process that begins with Playgroup and Nursery programs. It is an opportunity for the Kids to get prepared for their school days. They are earning skills like reading, writing, scientific and social skills. The curriculum is interestingly packed with projects, activities, ‘play and learn’ tools and outdoor activities. The entire program is designed in a manner that ensures a smooth transition from Pre-School to primary school.


Kinder buds Preschool Education

6 Curriculum


he books and curriculum we follow assist the kid to grow and develop while reading, writing and listening. Here, learning is fun with lot of exciting tools.

Activity based learning Kids can explore experience about collective effort of methods adopted

and get hand on everything. It is a our teachers and the that everything they

learn get clearly etched in their memory for ever. Scientifically developed teaching aids, models, puppets etc. make learning exciting.

Addressing Emotional Needs A child’s capacity to regulate emotions develops in a complex interaction with his or her environment and ongoing cognitive motor and social development. Here, the kids will be immersed in a world of structured learning and social interaction which challenge and develop their mental abilities.

Sensory Development Sensory activities and sensory tables facilitate exploration and naturally encourage kids to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore. Spending time stimulating their senses helps children develop cognitively, linguistically, socially, emotionally, physically and creatively.


Keeping Curiosity Alive A curriculum based on structure specific learning experiences not only supports a child’s progress but also help to keep the curiosity factor alive. We, at ACE Kinder Buds, respect every child; their curiosity is celebrated, fantasies

appreciated and reciprocal conversation with the facilitators encouraged. While a play based and hands-on experience teaching methodology induces deeper enjoyment, they get a clear understanding of concepts and ideas as well.

Amazing Individuals We respect each child as an individual, unique and talented and ACE Kinder Buds facilitators feel privileged to document individual portfolios. Each child is observed and assessed and their activities and progress are recorded. Your child will be experiencing a deeper sense of involvement in a safe environment to explore their world and stimulate the mind. The individual records can be accessed by parents to know how their young ones are progressing in the school.


Kinder buds Preschool Education

8 Play Area


hildren love to play in small, secret places and here in ACE Kinder Buds, we have plenty of such fun places. Our play areas, both indoor and outdoor, thrive with activity all through the day. Outdoor play area

Outdoor activities include: „„

Play in the sandpit

„„ Swings and climbing equipment „„

Obstacle course to run around and climb over


Exploring natural landscape


Water play


Dramatic play

The outdoor play area, is a mix of modern design and pure playfulness with lot of life in it. Kids can branch out and explore many fun rides, sand pit, backyard play area and fun sand area through multicoloured path ways. Out door play activities helps to flex muscles and to give enough exercise to their tiny bones. These activities help not only in their physical growth, but their overall development. By running, jumping, racing and wiggling, kids are able to develop their gross motor skills as well. In terms of physical development, the repeated movement is the best and refined method to convert the brimming energy of the kids into physical development.


Indoor activities include: „„

•Painting and pasting


•Clay or dough play


•Puppet story telling


•Puzzles and games


•Blocks and construction


•Books and sensory activities

Indoor play area Indoor play area is full of innovative fun toys. The indoor games help kids in coordination, balancing, creative thinking and problem solving. They are sure to find the right set of toys which make them immensely pleased and indulging. The play area is a wide canvas where your child give colours to his fantasies, expressions to his imaginations. The toys and tools help in developing sharp handeye coordination, concentration and improve communication skills.


Kinder buds Preschool Education

10 Healthy Food Habits


t ACE Kinder Buds, we serve healthy, nutritious and tasty meals and snacks. The traditional cuisine prepared in the most hygienic surroundings, laced with lot of affection also ensures that the kids are supplied with enough nutrients. The school stress on healthy food habits and good etiquette.

Organic food

Personal Hygiene


We assure better health to the kids by giving pesticide free, organic food, void of artificial ingredients. By supporting the social cause of environment protection, we are not only protecting our children from pesticide exposure, but also able to impart this culture to our future generations.

Good hygiene is not just about keeping the child presentable, but an active means of preventing the spread of illness. When taught early on, proper hygiene can lead to a lifetime of cleanliness and good health. We make sure that children understand that hygiene is some thing more than washing the hands before eating food and taking a bath.

Good manners are best inculcated at an early age. Children are given demonstrative sessions to make them understand what type of behavior is acceptable and what is not acceptable. We model the type of behavior you want to see in your child and encourage them to take forward the values which we hold dear in life.

Safety 11

Stay back ACE Kinder Buds give prime importance to the safety of your loved little ones. While experiencing creativity in every bit of activity done, kids are exposed to natural and safe ambiance. All our rooms are carefully decorated, bright and colourful, very clean and safe. Care is extended to the kids every moment and sufficient number of teachers and caregivers, chiefly concerned to heed their interests, assure their safety. Our safety policies and measures include the following •

At ACE Kinder Buds, we ensure that children feel at home, every moment they spend in school. Working parents can keep aside their anxieties as we are ready to take care of your little ones even after school hours. Stay back facility is arranged for the convenience of those working mothers who cannot be at home to receive back their kids after normal school hours. During these time intervals children are provided with engaging environments reinforcing their sense of belonging.

Demarcation of spaces with safety gates, nets and railings wherever required.

• Careful selection of toys and learning tools with regular quality check of materials and manufacturing. •

Regular sanitization of all materials handled by children.

Training of teachers and other staff in first aid.

Security person to monitor all children and visitors to the schools.


Kinder buds Preschool Education

12 Grow with Nature


his is the unique and most thrilling part of your child’s experience in ACE Kinder Buds. They get opportunity everyday to be cohesive with Mother Nature in this exclusive and natural Garden. The Garden is surrounded by shady trees. Children get opportunity to experience the natural habitat, see small animals, birds and thriving herbs and plants. We assure that it is just like ‘good old’ childhood when nature itself was the play area and its flora and fauna the best play mates!!

Animal corner The Garden Unlike the home garden, here kids can see herbs and plants which used to be a part of our courtyard a few years back. Children are made to identify them and know their values and use in daily life.

Birds corner Kids get opportunity to visit the birds corner and observe different types of birds, which is real fun and an enriching experience. Listening to the chirping of the small birds and watching them merrily hoping from branches to branches immensely excite them.

Animal corner can pride on a beautiful fish pond where colourful fishes glide away leisurely. The corner also habitat small animals. Observing the fish and small animals engender compassion and kindness in your child’s character.

Conveyance 13

ACE Kinder Buds offer reliable mode of transport to pick up and drop. During their journey they will be accompanied by caregivers who ensure their safety and comfort. We have strict policies to ensure the safety of the children.

„„ In addition to the regular school bus driver initial training, we are providing training to ensure that the drivers are knowledgeable about the responsibility for each child age five and under on the school bus. „„ The Caregiver who is attending the kids in a bus, who is responsible for the daily transportation of young children will receive appropriate training from professionals regarding child safety, seating, communication and physical handling. „„ The parent should be responsible for escorting the child to the vehicle and receive the child upon his/her return home. They should possess the contact numbers of the driver and care giver. In case they need any change in the regular routine of delivering and securing children in their school vehicle and receiving the children on return home, it should be clearly intimated.


Kinder buds Preschool Education

14 Supporting your Child’s learning


hildren learn best when parents and teachers work together. You know your child better than anyone else so you can help the teacher understand your child by sharing information about their interests.

Parenting Matters The procedures, policies and practices adopted by ACE Kinder Buds are in consultation with hundreds of parents. Parents can keep aside their anxieties and concerns while their children are in school. They receive regular feedback from the school about their child’s activities and progress. To know more about the progress of your child, you should talk with preschool staff about his behavior ,learning and interaction with friends and about activities that you can do with your child at home. Talk with your child each day about what they did at preschool. Being involved in your child’s schooling will help them to have a successful start to the rest of their learning journey. Parents are equally encouraged to participate in all personal meetings and put forward their suggestions. They also get opportunity to attend parental workshops and counseling to clear their doubts.


Developing the Social skills At Ace Kinder Buds our primary focus will be on aspects of life and give utmost importance to “respect” and “responsibility”. Through the learning experiences here children will explore, experiment and develop their skills in solving problems, communicating and socialising. They will also develop self-esteem and confidence. We make sure that our children learn to respect the environment and value its flora and fauna. Ace Kinder Buds preschool stress on Character Development and try to impart respect, responsibility, fairness, trustworthiness and compassion in your child’s character. We nurture the minds of future, seek to develop the citizens of tomorrow who will be inquisitive, creative, enthusiastic, open minded and courageous.


Kinder buds Preschool Education

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