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In this article I will be discussing how to get rid of popups easily on your computer. Using my PC is usually a productive, fun and efficient way to complete work tasks or play games. However, every now and then my computer becomes infected with spyware specifically popups. I could be innocently surfing the Internet then all of a sudden my screen becomes plastered with a never ending series of popups that sometimes causes my Internet browser or pc to crash. I came up with 5 easy steps someone with the same problem can follow to get rid of pop ups on their computer. 1.) Recognize the problem. - You have to distinguish between regular advertising popups and malicious popups. If you visit a legitimate website (I.E. you may see the odd popup on your monitor with an promotional offer inside. These ones are nothing to worry about as they are normal across the web. On the flip side if you visit a particular a website then all of a sudden a popup after another are generated then you should know your PC is infected with spyware. Popups are simply a symptom of spyware. 2.) Clear Browser Cache & Cookies After you recognize you have a spyware problem I recommend that you clear the cache and cookies of your Internet browser. (I.E. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera). Spyware is usually triggered because a malicious website you may have visited in the past planted a cookie on your computer that transmits information from your pc back to the original source. 3.)Scan for virusesAfter performing step 2 and clearing the cache of your Internet browser you should now do complete scan of your PC for viruses that may have been planted by a malicious website. Viruses should not be confused with spyware, they are a separate issue. 4.)Download & Use antispyware SoftwareOnce you complete the scan of your PC for viruses with your favorite anti-virus solution you should now get your hands on what's called a spyware & adware removal software program. The spyware & adware software program is used to scan your PC for bugs that can be used to transport private information about your Internet usage and personal data to a third party source without you knowing. 5.)Configure Internet BrowserOnce you have downloaded a reputable spyware removal program and used it to remove spyware and adware from your PC you then have the option of configuring your Internet browser to automatically stop popups from being triggered on your computer. You can consult the help files of your favorite Internet browser on how to do this. In conclusion you should let the problems of spyware and popups get you down. This problem

affects everyone who uses a PC. All you have to worry about is how to deal with the problem easily, effectively once it happens.

Steve Brumar is an industry technical support specialist who has helped many with various PC and Website problems. Did you find those tips on how to get rid of popups helpful? You can learn more about how to get rid of popups [] and spyware here [].

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