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Why PilatEs? Good for your body

Good for your MiNd

» Improve posture

» Reduce anxiety & depression

» Develop core muscles

» Improve concentration, determination & focus

» Improve flexibility, balance, & strength

» Transform old habits

» Increase circulation & promote relaxation

» Reduce insomnia

» Improve immune function

Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit. -Joseph Pilates

WorKPlaCE WEllNEss shoWs

you CarE

One thing that bonds every company is the people. When people are healthy and happy, good things start to happen. At Evolve Pilates Studio, we support your workplace’s commitment to your employees’ health and well-being. Studies have proven the benefits of wellness programs such as Pilates in the workplace help assist in the management of stress, maintain employee health, reduce absenteeism, and improve work performance.

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Sign up 10 or more employees and receive 30% off our regular mat class rates.

Mat ClassEs

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PilatEs at WorK The two single biggest causes of workplace absenteeism are muscular-skeletal problems (mainly back and neck related) and stress. Daily poor postural habits lead to muscle imbalances and eventually to pain. The key to healthy posture lies in understanding and developing an awareness of your body. Pilates workouts, unlike other forms of exercise, are specifically targeted to Improve Posture and Relieve Stress on the body.

Employees will not only feel better in the classes and in the short term, but they will actually be training their bodies to sit, stand, and move better, significantly reducing the likelihood of future problems. -Cassie Marchuk, Studio Owner

Pilates techniques require focus, concentration and deep breathing, making the class a highly enjoyable “time out” from the pressures of work.




IMPROVES MOOD serotonin that help you feel happier.

IMPROVES POSTURE Aligns the skeletal system properly, reducing muscle fatigue and tension.

AIDS RELAXATION This type of mind/body exercise allows for the body to wind down and promotes a good night’s sleep.

PROMOTES FOCUS Deep breathing increases blood flow to the brain enhancing alertness and concentration.

AVOIDS INJURIES Focus on Core Strength and Flexibility helps keep the body strong and reduces risk of injury.

BOOSTS ENERGY Improves the ability to deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout the body on a regular basis.

Why Evolve

Pilates Studio? »» Fully trained and Certified Instructors in the STOTT Pilates method »» Personalized classes in a professional, fully equipped studio »» Fun and welcoming environment »» Frequency of class times to suit workers needs »» Online booking system for flexible class scheduling »» Wide range of class types for all abilities: beginner, intermediate, healthy backs, posture and stretch, ball, small props, and cardio interval classes

Classes & Schedule Open Monday to Saturday 6am to 8:30pm with early morning classes, lunch classes, and after work classes.


Class times can also be tailored to suit your company’s schedule.

Types of Mat Classes available »» Beginner & Intermediate Mat »» Posture & Stretch »» Stability Ball

»» Cardio Mat

»» Fitness Circle

»» Healthy Backs

»» Small Props

»» Zumba & Pilates Combo

Other Classes available »» Reformer »» Chair »» Privates »» Semi-Privates »» Post-Rehab

CoNNECt With oNE of our tEaM MEMbErs

to build a PaCKaGE for your CoMPaNy!

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Evolve pilates studio workplace wellness program  

Evolve pilates studio workplace wellness program