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New Narrow Implant Mozo-Grau has just launched the new narrow implant MG InHex Mini with a morse-taper internal connection. With the aim to provide a new solution for difficult situations, thanks to the absence of gaps, MG InHex Mini allows even narrow ridges and interdental spaces to be restored properly. The market has greeted this new product with great enthusiasm, and feedback from initial users is fully satisfactory. Mozo-Grau relies on its well-documented RBM surface for its new implant. This surface treatment ensures more extensive implant/bone contact surface, yielding success rates of more than 97 to 98 per cent in published multicentre studies where large numbers of implants were documented and followed. Following the same philosophy, supported by scientific reports and applied in previous MG implants designs – like a proven trunk-cone profile, anatomic shape and v-shaped threads – the new 3.3 MG InHex Mini achieves excellent primary and secondary stability.

The new implant prosthetic family is currently complemented by healing screws 2, 3 or 4 mm in height, impression posts with long and short screws, prepable hex connector abutments 1, 2 or 3 mm in height, 15º and 20º angled abutments and provisional abutments for immediate loading. After the initial launch, new innovative solutions will be developed, taking advantage of the feedback that Mozo-Grau receives from doctors.

After trials with different materials and designs and extensive fatigue testing, the InHex Mini was presented with a diameter of 3.3 mm and with initial lengths of 10, 11.5, 13 and 15 mm. This implant completes the range of implants with internal connection, which now come in diameters between 3.3 and 5 mm for a variety of therapeutic uses.

The new InHex Mini is also presented in Mozo-Grau’s catalogue that features over 1,000 positions, including the other internal-connection implants with a double internal hex.

The drilling protocol is the same straightforward one as for the other MG InHex implants, requiring only three drills in most situations. Existing MozoGrau surgical sets thus only require the addition of a single profile drill specific to this implant for placement of the new 3.3 implants.

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