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FEB 16, 2018 We are celebrating Lithuania’s 100th anniversary of the restoration of statehood! Imagine if our country were a 100 year old grandmother, who's life was full of ups and downs, joys and failures, but she always remained an ambitious and forward-looking person. See how does she look like in this emerging technological society:

She is very educated, the 1st in her “European” class and also encourages other women to seek education, participate and aspire careers in tech #WomenGoTech

Her credo — “Innovation drives the world and I would be the most innovative one!

She is aiming to create the best FINTECH hub in EU. There are already 35 new FINTECH companies established under her wing. #FintechLithuania

She likes computer games and always tries new ones with her grandchildren #LithuaniaLovesGameDev

She speaks many languages, one of them is "programming".

She is so fast, as fast as the fiber-optic internet, 1st in world. #FastestInternet

She is quite the groundbreaker with all that Industry 4.0 buzz

She is an entrepreneur, who creates and nurtures new initiatives and businesses #StartupLithuania

She is eager to discover foreign country markets and spread her competences around the world #eLithuania

We are proud to be a part of this free, democratic nation!



Imagine if Lithuania were a 100 year old grandma #RestoredLithuania100


Imagine if Lithuania were a 100 year old grandma #RestoredLithuania100