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Direct Mount:

Want strength, performance and styling for your DH machine? Bring it direct with Loaded Precision Direct Mount Stems. Dualmounting positions make it possible to adjust between 45mm and 50mm stem length. Lightweight, durable and strong, Direct Mount stems fortify your downhill setup. Fits Boxxer, Dorado, and 40 Triple Clamp forks. Weight: 154 grams Material: CNC Machined Aluminum Length: 45mm / 50mm Clamp Diameter : 31.8mm

DH Stem:


Freeride and DH specific, the crazy strong CNC machined AmX stem is primed for anything the mountain throws down!

The striking CNC machined X-Lite stem is unbelievably light and extraordinarily strong. It boasts a Carbon Fiber face plate and stainless steel hardware.

Weight: 211 grams Length: 45mm Clamp Diameter : 31.8mm

Weight: 109g, 99g w/ Ti Bolt Upgrade Material: 7075 AL, 3d forged, CNC Turned & Milled Length: 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 Dimensions: 1-1/8 Clamp Diameter : 31.8mm Rise: + or - 5 degree

Material: 6061 T-6 Aluminum Dimensions: 1-1/8 Rise: 0 degree


Loaded has an arsenal of handlebars to handle any terrain and the AmXc is designed for any trail. This all-mountain / XC bar is lightweight and tough giving you the edge you need to ride any terrain. Material: Butted 7075 Aluminum Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm Weight: 257g Back Sweep : 8 degrees

Up Sweep: 4 degrees Width: 710mm Rise: 25mm


Loaded Precision AmX bars are designed to absorb whatever the trail may throw your way. At 31” wide, this bar is an all-out monster, designed and engineered for the hard-core gravity lover. Engineered from 7075 aluminum, the AmX handlebar combines high-performance strength and durability with lightweight construction. Go ahead and take that drop...we got ya covered. Up Sweep: 4 degrees Material: Butted 7075 Aluminum Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm Width: 790mm Rise: 25mm Weight: 328g Back Sweep : 8 degrees

Carbon Bars

The ULTIMATE carbon handlebar! Loaded set a whole new standard with its nanotube impregnated, force directional anisotropic designed carbon bar that’s both incredibly light, and incredibly stiff. Don’t let its gorgeous 3k weave and best in class 133-gram weight fool you; this bar is designed to be ridden hard with its aggressive 680mm width, low rise, and amazing feel. Material: Butted 3k carbon weave Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm

Weight: 133g Back Sweep : 9 degrees

Up Sweep: 6 degrees Width: 680mm

Rise: 15mm

Headset Spacers Xlite Headset Spacers are the lightest on the planet. Featuring CnC machined inner grooves. Not a single gram is spared. When weight matters we have you covered. Material: 7075 Aluminum

Size: 1x5mm-2x10mm-1x20mm

Threadles Headset

Threadles Headset

Loaded adds some mass by increasing cup insertion depth and thickness to provide gravity embracing strength and control while still weighing in lighter than the competition. With dual angular contact bearings, anodized and laser etched aluminum, this headset is as beautiful as it is strong.

Your mind will be blown trying to decide what you like best, the 66 gram weight, the dual angular contact bearings set, or the beautifully finished 7075 Anodized and laser etched aluminum. Dollars per gram, dollars for feature, and features per gram‌ this headset has got it all

Material: 7075 Aluminum Weight: 98g Size: 34|34 EB (SHIS) or 1 1/8 x 1 1/8 (1.125 X 1.125) Bearings: Dual Angular Full Compliment Hybrid

Material: 7075 Aluminum Weight: 66g Size: 11/8 X 11/8 (1.125 X 1.125) Bearings: Dual Angular Full Compliment Ceramic Hybrid

si Headset

sit Headset

Your mind will be blown trying to decide what you like best, the 66 gram weight, the dual angular contact bearings set, or the beautifully finished 7075 Anodized and laser etched aluminum. Dollars per gram, dollars for feature, and features per gram‌ this headset has got it all.

Loaded headsets achieve their remarkable world class lightweight, strength and stiffness by using the more expensive 7075 Aluminum, (nearly as strong as steel) coupled with a dual angular hybrid ceramic bearing set, and meticulous analysis of where every extra gram can be removed. These headsets will amaze you with their smooth operation, and stiff, stable coupling capability. Compare the weight, these headsets set new state of the art standards for weight, strength and durability.

Material: 7075 Aluminum Weight: 66g Size: 34|34 EB (SHIS) or 1 1/8 x 1 1/8 (1.125 x 1.125) Bearings: Dual Angular Full Compliment Ceramic Hybrid

Material: 7075 Aluminum Weight: 99g Size: 44|56 ZS (SHIS) or 1-1/8 x 1.5 Tapered Zero Stack Bearings: Dual Angular Full Compliment Ceramic Hybrid


The X-lite seatpost offers maximum strength without the weight. 3d forged, CNC turned and milled, utilizing all known technology to create a one piece seatpost with no welds or bonding, work of art, laser etched and visually stunning with a “best in class” absence of weight! But this is no minimalist seatpost, as it offers a very convenient dual Ti bolt clamping mechanism, ease of install and full angle adjustment. Compare the weight, look, and technology of this seatpost, and you’ll be ahead of the pack. Material: 3D Forged 6061 Aluminum Weight: 280g (27.2mm x 400mm) Length: 400mm Diameter: 27.2mm / 30.9mm / 31.6mm

Binder Clamp

The simple yet quintessential lightweight binder clamp. All other binder clamps are warm forged from any old material, tumbled and sold—not so with the X-lite Binder Clamp which is 7075 aluminum, 5 axis CNC machined. It’s the lightest in the world, through material and technology. Its feather weight and uncompromised strength make it a very cool piece of bike jewelry you really shouldn’t be without. Material: 7075 Aluminum Weight: 9.5g Diameter: 28.6mm | 31.8mm | 34.9mm

QR Binder Clamp

How can a Seat Post QR be sexy you ask? Start with 5 axis CNC milled 7075 Aluminum. Everything about how the lever lays back against the detailed clamp, the subtle taper of the lever as it curves to the perfect little ball at the end for the minimalistic, yet comfortable hand feel. God is in the details, it is said--This flowing, slender at a mere 24 grams, and strong from careful detailed design and state of the art material, is guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you touch it. Material: 7075 Aluminum Weight: 24g Diameter: 31.8 / 34.9


The AmXC QR has a tried and proven streamlined design and ergonomic shape for fast adjustment, comfortable hand feel in any condition. Plus it adds a self lubricating DU bushing that makes it smooth in any condition.

Beautiful machining and streamlined design make the AmX Flat Pedals a killer addition to your rig. Each pedal showcases a slim anodized and laser etched body mated to oversized chromoly axles. Machined pins provide maximum grip, and the angled face is free from holes that snag on rocks and roots. These pedals are both lightweight and built to conquer.

Material: 3D Forged 6061 Aluminum Weight: 38g Diameter: 28.6 / 31.8 / 34.9

Weight: 524g / pair Material: CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum - 4140 CNC Spindles Bearings: Double DU Design

QR Binder Clamp

Signature Front Hub

Signature Front Hubs are the committed mountain bikers dream! These durable, yet lightweight all-purpose hubs are equipped for the most epic of rides. The Signature front hub can easily be transformed from 9mm quick release to 20mm & 15mm. Flange Diameter: 60.4mm Spacing: QR / 15mm / 20mms Hole: 32

Signature Rear Hub

If your looking for state of the art performance look no further. The Signature rear hub utilizes time tested technologies and state of the art engagement to give you ride characteristics that won’t let you down. Rear compatibility with 9mm and 12mm adapters make it effortless to mount on any frame drop out. The Signature rear hub also comes with 142mm adaptors. Bearings: 4 Sealed Bearings Hole: 32 Spacing: 135mm/142mm, 150mm

Flange Diameter: 58.4mm Compatibility: QR / 12mm Other: Single-Speed version also available


Loaded Precision Skewers are a great addition to your wheelset. Material: Chromoly Weight: F-55g / R-61g

Loaded Wheelsets

More than just a pretty face, Loaded Precision wheels are designed with riding in mind. Our wheels are lightweight, fast rolling, and hyper durable for solid, consistent engagement, time after time, after time. Loaded Hubs are also easily convertible to different axle configurations and come with the adapters IN THE BOX! Loaded Precision wheelsets are hand built and available in DH, XC, all-mountain, single-speed, 26” and 29” configurations. And don’t forget to check out our colored spokes for all your custom builds!

Custom Handbuilt Wheels Available

See website for details

Signature Rear Fixed Single Speed Hub Coming soon.... See website for details

Freeride Rims

Amx Rims are a freeriders dream. Durable and strong, these rims can take a pounding without hesitation. Rock gardens, drops or tricks, regardless of the feature, AmX rims can take the heat.

Precision Spokes

Give your ride the extra design and color it needs with Loaded colored stainless steel spokes. Material: T302 Stainless Steel Length: Chromoly Gauge: 14

Material: T10 Aluminum

Width: 29mm

Hole: 32

Rims 26 & 29”

Go bigger with Loaded AmXC 26/29” rims. Strong, stiff and durable, these rims are made for the serious 26/29” rider. Perfect for XC and all-mountain riding. Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum Width: 26”: 18x25, 29”: 17.5 X 23.5

Hole: 32

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CNC Machined Aluminum components.


CNC Machined Aluminum components.