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General Notes: Levels are based on T.B.M. SA O.S. License Ref. AR 0015514 Drawings of the national monument are based primarily on survey carried out by Brian O’Connell Associates (2005) and partially on 2010 survey carried out by Coastway. The 2010 survey by Coastway has been updated further to Site Investigations carried out under Ministerial Consent, in February 2014, to inform this Revised Project Design Submission. The drawings describing the basement cellar at No’s 8-9 Moore Lane are based on preliminary survey material. Further survey of this part of the national monument will be carried out on removal of debris being carried out under Ministerial Consent and Archaeological license. Drawings of buildings and site outside the national monument preservation order boundary are based on surveys and proposals drawings provided by Dublin Central Architects (DCA).

Copyright of the consultants Do not scale off drawings.

These drawings form part of the revised project design, submitted in compliance with Conditions 2 and 47 of the Ministerial Consent No. C494, dated 16 July 2013. These can be read in conjunction with the Revised Project Design Report which accompanies this submission and describes the amendments made, in response to the Ministerial Consent and provides structural and archaeological reports, as appendices, to supplement these revised design drawings.

National Monument Preservation Order Boundary

Standing seam metal cladding

The revised project design has taken on board the decision of the Minister and its conditions. The design, originally submitted for Ministerial Consent in June 2011, has been amended accordingly to reflect the Minister’s decision and his conditions. These drawings illustrate how this amended design aligns with the Ministerial Consent.


The conservation works to the national monument will be carried out in two main phases, and the revised project design drawings indicate these phases. Phase 1, primarily comprises the works to the four buildings at 14-17 Moore Street and the pre 1916 structures appended to the rear of these buildings, to conserve and adapt them as a 1916 commemorative centre. Phase 1 will also include preliminary conservation and presentation works to the rear boundary walls, yard and upstanding fabric of No’s 8-9 Moore Lane (which includes the surviving facade onto Moore Lane). The completion of Phase 1 will facilitate public access to the national monument through the operational 1916 Commemorative Centre. Phase 2, which is to be implemented as part of the wider Dublin Central development (as permitted by An Bord Pleanála Ref. PL 29N. 232347), will involve works to reinstate a building within the existing shell structure of No’s 8-9 Moore Lane. This building will provide expanded facilities dedicated to the 1916 Commemorative Centre and will facilitate public access to the national monument from Moore Lane. Phase 2 will also provide public access from the east-west street connecting O’Connell Street and Moore Street, to the national monument.

The proposed works to the national monument have been prepared with regard to international conservation charters; DoEHLG Architectural Heritage Guidelines and policies and the relevant statutory objectives of the Dublin City Development Plan.

+ 20.90

Brickwork to selected colour

The general approach is to retain and repair sound authentic historic fabric with regard to the significance of 1916. Historic fabric will only be removed where it is necessary to reinstate culturally significant elements, where historic material is decayed, to provide for safe access to and presentation of the national monument. Where new work or modification to existing fabric is to be carried out, this will be in a manner sensitive and sympathetic to the character and significance of the national monument. New work will read as new while also having regard to overall architectural coherence. New work and augmentation/repair of existing structure and fabric will be carried out in a manner which will not damage existing fabric or features of significance. In as far as possible repairs will take place in situ and any new materials and repair techniques will be compatible with the historic.

Carry out all necessary repair works to brickwork. Rake out and point facades with lime based mortars + 16.02

New timber up & down weighted sash windows

+ 14.67

EST .. -1876

2,517 + 13.585

All historic features and decorative work to be retained will be protected during the works. Salvage materials will only be used where of proven provenance. As a general principle it will be the intention to salvage and reuse any sound material arising from modifications or removal, where feasible and appropriate.







Services installation will be carried out in a sympathetic and carefully considered manner with minimum necessary intervention to be as unobtrusive as possible. Previous Services and Fire Strategies apply and will be implemented in compliance with the conditions of the Ministerial Consent.


Selected brick to detail


+ 12.20

Proprietary metal glazing system

Structural repairs will be carried out with minimum intervention necessary to satisfy structural requirements for load bearing capacity soundness and stability,

Proprietary metal glazing system

Granite string course New shopfront to detailed design with awning

The architectural conservation, building services, structure, fire and access proposals and strategies have been developed in a coordinated manner to facilitate controlled and safe access to and presentation/interpretation of the national monument, which is of national heritage significance, in a manner which safeguards its cultural heritage significance.


5.600 Street


Painted timber door

Recessed flush panel Plinth

Projecting timber cill

Recessed flush panel Plinth

Recessed flush panel Plinth

Fully glazed shopfront

Refer to BMCE drawings contained in Appendix 3 of Revised Project Design Report for details of proposed wall foundation support/underpinning, Refer to BMCE drawings contained in Appendix 3 of Revised Project Design Report for details of proposed Phase 1 temporary works

South West - Front Elevation to Moore Street

Area agreed with DoEHLG [now DoAHG] to ascertain potential impact of proposed works in proximity of National Monument

East West Street

Extension 2,482

Nr 17

Nr 16 6,500

Nr 15 6,480

Nr 14 5,890


key to fabric within National Monument Preservation Order Boundary Area Existing fabric retained New Fabric Phase 1 New Fabric Phase 2 Outline of National Monument Preservation Order Boundary CLIENT

Chartered Land



SW Elev to Moore St DESCRIPTION :


Dublin Central 14,15,16,17 Moore Street, National Monument Moore Street Dublin North City Co.Dublin

1:100 TITLE :

Revised Project Design Phase 2. SW Elev to Moore St:




: 1:100 @ A1 and :200 @A3 0707_02_201 : TO'C DMC_RPD : REV NO: GS REV


March 2014



0707 02 201 dmc rpd revised project design phase 2 sw elev to moore st  
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