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BUYING YOUTUBE VIDEOS An activity that is intended to promote brands through advertisements in the form of videos, to explain technical process through the sensory route of vision & to enrich students with visual seminars based on subjects & this is achieved by buying Youtube videos. The exact duration that you want your video to run for can be fixed in advance or even during improvisation while on screen. First, the multi casting IP address provider of Youtube must grant you the license to buy or download a video. But the interface between youtube IP provider & the end user is not directly feasible. Because, there has to be an intervention of a middle party by the name. These people are the domain IP providers A.K.A content sharing people with the public. These people are very much in resemblance with an administrator on a social networking site. Their job is to fix the price required to be paid for the subscription of the video. The videos can be bought on two counts. (1) To use an already captured video to promote your needs. (2) To take an empty video slot & fill in something that you've captured either from your mobile phone or handy cam. Whichever way you want to proceed towards, you can't do so without buying a video all for your needs. The comments section will decide along with the likes & shares as to how many people have noted your video & of course, you will dislikes from certain people. All types of feedback will add value to your video. Through such a video, you can guide a lot of data traffic in to your site in case of the video describing a business/technical process. If it's a video in your name simply without any website address, then this video itself would do the favor of publicity for you. This may in the future turn out to be a method through which you will form a web site of your own due to the sheer number of visitors to the video. You will be spoiled for choice. As a marketing strategy, the same process of buying can be applied. Mammoth amount of likes can be obtained in a short span of time simply by posting comments on the home page of the actual link given by the domain IP providers. Thus, more the number of views, the better will be the spotlight & this video will automatically find it's way to the top or near to top spot. This method is termed as the piggy back effect. Surprisingly, this logic is little known. This logic is very similar to the search engine rankings which are enhanced by the SEO process. Once you reach a great fan base, all succeeding videos from the same link featuring your name will receive similar responses unless the content is very boring. The ratings for the content of the video is also provided by the domain IP address. These domains imply that they operate primarily in a country or a continent at once. Annotation is a separate feature that can be helpful to comment, like& share the video. This will be the cornerstone in marketing promotions as not only would people know about you but also, they will develop an idea about your process or mindset in expressing an idea. This feature is not all too perfect as there are some impeachable elements here. Anybody can easily steal your video with it's stream & that too without any software being needed. The source file is all that matters & the rest can easily be completed as tasks. If you buy videos intentionally from a copied stream, then you'll find yourself in a quandary where along with the illegal IP provider, you too shall be answerable to the law. As a type of copyright infringement case will be levied upon you. When on one hand you can become overnight, you may also find yourself ending up behind bars by the same time. So please, whenever it's a matter of buying videos, please do see to it that you get to do so & don't get to repent later on. When used for any purpose that is legal & in a legal way, this is possibly the best boon that you can get.

All types of media are actually effective if we see. Be it the T.V, radio, news papers or social networking sites. Out of these 4, social networking sites are certainly & you can also call them the inch to inch competitor for Youtube publicity. If you want to increase the Youtube Views, Please visit, Its really amazing. But, the only disadvantage in a social networking site will be that you can't get authentication for what you post as videos & Youtube gets you exactly that through domain IP addresses. As far as the other methods are concerned, there is reach but not as sufficient as needed.


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