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What is SEO optimization?

SEO stands for Search Engine optimization, which is the practice of to getting organic traffic to the website known as quality and quantity traffic.



Types of SEO Technical

On-Page SEO On-page SEO is the practicing of optimize all pages of website to get more traffic and rank higher in search engines. In short, the acitivies we do in website.

Continue On-page SEO… On-site goal is to make easy to for search engine and users: • Understanding of webpage is about • Find relevant page query • Finding the page ranking on a SERP

Techniques of on-page SEO •

URL structure

Title tag

Page content

Image alt text


HTTP Status Codes

Canonical tags

Redirecting of URL

Non-keyword-related on-site SEO •

Using link on a page

Loading speed (Page)

Mobile friendliness

Page metadata

URL structure

Using of Schema.org structured data or markup

SEO tools Ahrefs




LinkResearch Tools


Off-Page SEO The activities performed out site of the website. Building backlinks is at the heart of off-page SEO. Search engines use backlinks as indications of the linked-to content's quality, thus a web {site} with several high worth backlinks can sometimes rank higher than usual rank otherwise equal site with fewer backlinks.

Types of backlinks 

Natural links are in an editorial given with none action on the a part of a page owner.

Manually built links are acquired through link-building activity.

Self-Created links are that links which is built by practices an online forum, Blog comment, online directory and press release with anchor text.

Other off-page activities 

Internal links

External links

Anchor text


Non-link related off-site SEO 

Social media marketing

Guest blogging

Linked and unlinked brand mentions

Influencer marketing

Technical SEO Technical SEO refers to improving the technical aspects of a website in order to increase the ranking of its pages in the search engines.

• How websites work • How search engines understand websites • How users interact with websites

Technical SEO 

Loading speed time of Website

Functionality and Usability of Website

User friendly Website

HTML – What a website says (titles, body content, etc.)

CSS – How a website looks (color, fonts, etc.)

JavaScript – How it behaves (interactive, dynamic, etc.)

About us We Skywave Info Solutions has been working in IT industry since 2017. We higher best web developers and designers to get a quick result. We provide web development such as PHP, dot net , Word press, Full stack, Python and Java web development and offering SEO services. We also develop Mobile application development including iOS app development, Android App Development, Hybrid app development and Flutter App Development.

Paid search

Organic search

Search engine market share •

Google: 92.06%

Bing: 2.61%

Yahoo: 1.79%

Baidu: 1.16%

YANDEX: 0.56%

YANDEX RU: 0.52%

Advantages of SEO •

User Experience

Higher conversions rate

Brand awareness

Promoting better cost management

Builds Brand Credibility

Long terms marketing Strategies

Disadvantages of SEO •

Noticing by more than Our target audience

Over success

White Hats and Black Hats

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SEO services-Skywave  

Skywave is one of the top most web development and mobile app development company.Also having expertise in digital marketing and SEO service...

SEO services-Skywave  

Skywave is one of the top most web development and mobile app development company.Also having expertise in digital marketing and SEO service...