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To the Rescue!

Rogers Public Schools secretaries are often first responders – ready to help students, parents and teachers get the answers they need to all of their questions. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions they hear!

Maricela Holguin - Rogers New Tech High

How can I see my child’s grades?

If you have a middle school or high school student, you can check their grades and attendance online. Rogers uses the state’s eSchool Home Access Center (https://hac40.esp.k12.ar.us) to display that information. We could help you in the school office if you need your login and password.  For students attending Rogers New Technology High School, grades, activities, and daily agendas are accessible in real time through our online portal ECHO. Parents may contact the New Tech office directly with any questions concerning their account.

Sarah Nutt - Fairview Elementary

Sorry I missed your call – what did you need?

Sometimes parents miss an automated call from the school and don’t get a message if their voicemail box is full. Good news, you can check what automated messages have been recently sent to your phone by calling 855-644-0501.

Jennifer Surly - District Administration

When will the bus arrive?

At the beginning of the year, we get a lot of calls wanting to find out about bus stops and times. The online bus stop and boundary checker linked at rogersschools.net can be a good first place to check for information (https://tinyurl.com/y2bum57c). But sometimes the transportation department will need to add a stop for a new house or one that has a new family with bus riders or modify routes depending on the number of riders. Transportation has a direct line (479-631-3519) you can call for help scheduling a stop, solving a concern or updating you on any delays.

Angi Blagg - Westside Elementary

What is my child’s lunch balance?

Creating an account on schoolcafe.com can keep you informed and help you to manage your student’s lunch account quickly through the convenience of technology. This program allows you to track the current balance and to deposit money into student accounts. The schoolcafe.com site requires your student’s ID number. Your school office will be able to provide this number to you. Of course, you are also welcome to send lunch payments (cash and check) to the school on any day if that works best for you. Fill out Free and Reduced Lunch Applications yearly since income guidelines and family size eligibility can change and applying can eliminate a surprise of a balance owed. Should you ever have any questions about your lunch account, you are always welcome to call the Child Nutrition Department at 479-631-3539.

Karla Kilgore - Lingle Middle School

Where can we get some help when we’re going through a rough time?

This question is so dear to my heart when we have families come in that do need help. Sometimes families may experience some difficult times due to a job loss, a divorce, health issues, or other life events. We know that kids can’t focus on learning if they are worrying or have some unmet needs. We have counselors and social workers ready to help! Just ask for the school counselor or social worker and we can connect you with community agencies, donated school supplies, and many other resources to help.

Erena Cahill - District Administration

Who can help me resolve my concern?

When you have a problem or concern, it’s always best to start with the person closest to the situation who can change or improve the situation quickly. If it’s a problem in the classroom, talk to the teacher first. Making them aware of the concern is critical. But if you continue to have concerns, contact the principal. We want to take care of your concern at the school if at all possible! However, if you still have further concerns after talking over the matter with the staff members closest to the situation, you are welcome to contact an assistant superintendent at the district office to discuss it, and then the superintendent. We want to do everything we can to help.


Sandy Villines - Oakdale Middle School

What is the teacher’s email address?

Typically the staff email addresses are the person’s first name, a dot, their last name and @rpsar.net (for example, john.smith@rpsar.net). If you don’t know all those details, you are welcome to check the school website’s staff directory or call the school office for help.

Marissa Byler - District Administration

What happens if our family moves outside of the school boundary?

Sometimes families move and are devastated to find out their new house is not served by their current school — or sometimes even by the Rogers School District at all — and they want to find out how they can stay. All the Rogers schools are great and are very welcoming to newcomers so keep an open mind that you may love the new school. But if you want to apply for an in-district transfer to stay, that is something we try to accommodate at the elementary level if there are spots available. At the secondary level, typically students attend within their school boundary unless there are some extraordinary circumstances. If you’d like to request an in-district transfer, ask your school secretary for an in-district transfer request form to get the process started. If you move outside of the district, contact me at the superintendent’s office – 479-636-3910 – and we can talk about two ways you are able to transfer into the district.

Amanda Kennedy - Janie Darr Elementary

How do I enroll?

You are always welcome to stop by the school office to enroll or ask questions! We are also excited to have an online portal for filling out enrollment information at home. When you move into the Rogers School District, you can visit rogersschools.net/enrollment to find links to the registration portal as well as the boundary checker/bus stop finder. There are a few documents that you will need to submit and those are listed on the website as well.

Samantha McClelland - Eastside Elementary

What shots do my kids need?

If you are looking for a list of the state-required immunizations, we have a handy link on our district website at http://rogersschools.net/student_programs/health_services. We are also glad to connect you to the school nurse, who can help you determine whether your child has all of the shots needed or what next steps might need to be taken if you would like to acquire them or pursue an exemption.

Liz Ballard - Heritage High School

How do I rent a school facility?

The Rogers School District has some areas like gyms, auditoriums, and commons areas that are available to the community for use or rent when they are not in use by a school. If you would like to find out more, check out rogersschools.net/departments/facility_use. The website lists the rental costs, the calendar of scheduled events and the contact information for our facilities director, Dan Caley (dan. caley@rpsar.net).

Maricruz Orozco - Rogers High School

If I graduated years ago, where can I get my transcript?

If you attended here or graduated from Rogers Public Schools and need a transcript, you can contact the registrar or secretary at the last school you attended. At Rogers High School, the registrar is Mark Slavik (mark.slavik@rpsar.net), at Rogers Heritage High School – Jennifer Baker (HHStranscript@rpsar.net), and at Rogers New Technology High School – Wendy Morris (wendy. morris@rpsar.net). They will be glad to help!

Erica Ayala - District Administration

How can I get information about the Rogers Virtual Learning program?

Rogers is excited to offer a new program for homeschool students and those that might need to regain a credit or take an extra course. You can call the district office at 479-636-3910 and ask for the Rogers Virtual Learning Director, Darla Tomasko. You can also reach her by email at darla.tomasko@rpsar.net or visit the program’s website at rvl.rogersschools.net.