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Suited for Success


by Georgia Khoury


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Branding Basics 101 Beginner Marketing Tools We All Need to Succeed

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editor's note I've never been a fan of slaving over 9 to 5's, or any other jobs that you have to walk into everyday and be miserable for that matter (Sidenote: I got my first job when I was 15, at Popeyes, and quit three days later). Retail was never my thing either. As a kid, I always had the passion to be an entrepreneur and get into the branding business for myself, and be surrounded by other people doing the very same thing. Fast forward to my 30's, and I'm living in the city where young professionals are blossoming like flowers in the springtime. That is the mantra we live by at Innovative Minds Media, DC's premiere branding design agency for rising entrepreneurs and creatives. We aim to help our most passionate clients build their businesses from the ground up.  Our services include brand development, creative consultation, website and graphic design, and I'm proud to announce that this is our first bi-monthly magazine issue! You'll be seeing a lot of IMM, from entrepreneur features to small business tips, so get used to us - and enjoy!

Matia Johnson-Buggs EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

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Written by Georgia Khoury CEO of Khoury Administrative Learning Institute

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The saying goes "First impressions are a lasting impressions!" How many times have you judged someone based on their appearance? I believe we are all guilty of being judgmental and, unfortunately, people are rated on what they wear daily, especially entrepreneurs.  As an entrepreneur, we are expected to continually prove to the world that we are indeed professionals and should be treated as such. 

We understand that being an entrepreneur can be a bittersweet venture and a little frustrating when trying to fit society's image of success. However, since we all understand that our professional image is about 80% of what people consider as professional, it's only right that we focus on our professional attire. And what better attire to get the job done other than a nice business suit?

An outfit that would make the most novice person look professional would indeed be a classic, fitted suit. Think pieces that make a bold statement, shouting "I'm open for a business partner or that next collaboration." Below are a variety of business suits that would fit any entrepreneur's budget and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Here are five business suits that are professional, savvy, and would leave you with enough money to invest in other projects, and get yourself a cocktail at a networking event while you're at it!





E. A. BOOHOO Women's Crepe Fitted Suit - Yellow. Wrap up in the latest coats and jackets and get out-there with your outerwear. Breathe life into your new season, layering with the latest coats and jackets from BooHoo. Supersize your silhouette in a padded jacket, stick to sporty styling with a bomber, or protect yourself from the elements in a plastic raincoat. For a more luxe layering piece, faux fur coats come in fondant shades and longline duster coats give your look an androgynous edge.  Price: $34.00

B. Shein, Black and White Elegant Long Sleeve Striped Fabric has some stretch Spring/Fall Twopiece Outfits. Sleeve Length: Long Sleeve: Price: $23.00

C. Venus Fashion, Pants- Approximate jacket length: 24.75"; varies by size Pants have button and zip closure is fully lined 33" in seam. Price: $64.00

D. MACY'S  Slanted front pockets, a sleek tailored cut and slick sharkskin tone exude sophisticated modern style on this Kenneth Cole Reaction suit while its Techni-Cole fabric offers stretch comfort you can enjoy all day. Price: $99.00 E. MACY'S  Streamline your sophisticated look with the sleek slim fit and stylish flex stretch suits from Van Heusen. Price: $79.00 IMM Magazine  |    9

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ARE YOU TUNED IN? Why Your Business Should Have a Podcast Now IMM Magazine |    16

BENEFITS OF PODCASTING "It's more than just hearing yourself talk...." On frequency wavelengths, the human voice can connect with people when words on a computer screen cannot. One huge benefit of having a podcast for your business is this: We get to hear your voice. We get to connect with your topics. We get to connect with your personality. and buy into your brand. We get to put a voice with a name when sometimes written words behind a blog cannot give us that true connection. Besides being able to generate content, having a podcast makes it possible for you to build lucrative relationships. Here are the benefits of producing an intimate level of content to your audience: 1. Podcasts make information personal. In a podcast, the content is communicated directly to you, the listener, either verbally or through video. That’s a much more intimate way of getting information than reading it from an e-mail or document. 2. Podcasts are convenient and easy to consume. Once you subscribe to a podcast feed, new podcasts are automatically downloaded to your computer as soon as they are available. You can listen to them at your convenience. 3. Podcasts cut costs. Because podcasts are delivered digitally, they eliminate many costs associated with other forms of communication including postage, printing, and paper.

4.Podcasting is a time-efficient form of communication. You can listen to podcasts while you do other things at work or at home, or during your commute. Some types of meetings can be eliminated in favor of podcasts, saving time and improving productivity. 5. Podcasts are portable. Once a podcast resides on your computer, if your computer is portable, you can take the podcast with you and listen whenever or wherever you want. Or, you can transfer the podcast to a personal media player such as an iPod. With so many benefits of having your own podcast, it's only fitting that you get out now and gain leads, build up a valuable library of content, build influence, and promote your products and services. Happy Marketing! IMM Magazine |    17

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Got a brand new business idea? Indeed,

The fact of the matter is you will have

and you can’t wait to share that news

some people who voluntarily choose

with those closest to you. We all have

not to support you because they’re not

that one person we can't wait to text or

interested in the entrepreneur lifestyle.


call and gab about our new business

What works for you, doesn’t always


ideas and accomplishments with. But

work for everyone else. It’s important

what happens when the one closest to

to understand who you are in a close

you is not as “hype” about your

friendship with, know their habits and

newfound business idea….as you are?

their ways, and understand that they

Don't stress. It's actually more common

don’t always have to connect with you

than not.

on a creative level. IMM Magazine |    19

“The entrepreneur life is a preference, and may not be for everyone.”

The entrepreneur lifestyle is a preference, and it may not be for everyone. So if you’re running off at the mouth on creating a social media content calendar, trying to find out if you should register as an LLC or Corporate Partnership, and just can’t wait to attend one of those Ronne Brown DC-networking events, and your friend only wants to talk about who pissed her off at work that day, recognize the disconnect and don’t take it as a diss. Just know that you come from two completely different playing fields.

Here are a few other things to consider: What is your friend doing to not be supportive? Is she rolling her eyes every time you bring your business up? Is she knowingly changing the subject, or cutting you off? Is she occasionally throwing passive-aggressive snarky remarks? If so, then it’s time to address the situation not by flying off the handle, but in a grown woman, one on one type of conversation-kind of way. Let her know how you feel, but also understand that real friends should not be patronizing you or belittling your dreams in the first place. Know that jealousy is a real thing, and the fastest way to lose friends is by opening up a business, and seeing who is there for you in the long run. Trust me, once you get a creative idea and actually run with it, I mean really run with it, your supportive circle can get smaller and smaller. If you are in this situation, don’t fret. Take it as life having its seasons and maybe your friendship with someone who is jealous and unsupportive is over (should have been over!) Learn how to build your brand with other like-minded individuals who share your same values, attend some networking events, follow relevant hashtags, exchange your contact info with another entrepreneur for a possible collab opportunity, browse Instagram groups and see who’s doing what in your area, and who’s under the same industry as you. What can start off as a cup of coffee can end up being a positive budding friendship, or what’s better, a business partnership.

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BOOST---ATHLETICS boostathletics.com



3. Optimize your social media accounts: Optimizing

5 Easy Steps on Navigating Social Media

your social media accounts means using keywords. Use the keywords that go with your business. Think of what your customers are looking up on Google or other search engines, and use those keywords in your posts. 4. Add your social media icons to your professional emails: Think about it: You send out emails all day long. If you have your social media icons in your email, people will likely get curious and start to check out your pages and eventually, your website. This is a great way to grow your social media presence.  5. Get Creative with it: This last one falls under #2. Get creative and check out some pretty funny

Having a great social media presence can help your

Holidays and tailor them to your business. Are you a

business grow like hotcakes. But, this will only

makeup artist and it's "National Chocolate Day?"

happen after you have developed a steady, large

You can pay homage to this by highlighting your top

following and learn how to give them what they

"Chocolate-Based Beauty Products Too Sweet To

really want. See below for a few ways on maximizing

Pass Up." Are you a clothing boutique that

your engagement rate and growing your audience:

frequently sends out merchandise to customers and it's "National Thank Your Mailman Day"? Record

1. Let them know you are human: You just posted

video snippets of your employees showing your

something really cool and now you have a few

appreciation to your local post office workers. Make

comments. What's the next step? ENGAGE.

it personable and above all, make it creative!

Respond. Create a conversation. Like the comment and respond to your fan. This is how you develop loyal "customers" and exude great customer service. 2. Produce valuable content: You also want to ensure you are producing the most valuable content - not only into your blog but also on your social networking accounts. Having the best content helps showcase your business and website, which brings in more customers and more money. 

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Calm Your Concerns #STOPTHESPREAD

Covid-19: Coping with Anxiety


During these uncertain times, coping with anxiety can be a difficult thing. It's easy to allow stress to wreak havoc on your body and mind. Stress during an infectious disease outbreak can include any of the following: Fear and worry about your own health and the health of your loved ones Changes in sleep or eating patterns Difficulty sleeping or concentrating Worsening of chronic health problems Increased use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs Your mental and emotional health should be of the utmost importance. Here are some resources that can help you navigate life during these difficult times: STAY INFORMED: Knowing the facts is the best preparation. Identify sources you can count on for reliable information. If things appear to be getting worse, having accurate information will be critical A source for updated information on the Coronavirus is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

STAY CALM: It is important to be cautious, heed warnings if they are issued, and do what you can to prepare yourself, your family and loved ones. Anxiety that you may be feeling is your body's natural way to motivate action, so the most important thing you can do is to focus that action into positive steps. If you find yourself stressing over the outbreak, try these managing anxietytechniques: Meditation: Meditation is one of the most popular stress relievers for good reason Breathing Exercises: Breathing exercises are simple and convenient. They are easy to learn and can be practiced anywhere, no matter if you are home, or taking a trip to the grocery store Listening to Music: Music can be a great stress reliever, and putting on some soothing music can help calm upset nerves Phone a Friend: Talking to a valued friend about your stress can help to relieve tension.

NOTE: Your emotional and mental health is of the utmost importance. If you feel persistently anxious about this or anything in your life, the anxiety is interfering with your regular activities, and regular stress management techniques are not helping, it is a good idea to talk to a mental health professional as soon as you notice your issues persisting. It is important to know emotional health issues and anxiety can cause physical effects, such as high blood pressure, headaches, and other body pain - so do yourself a favor, and maintain resiliency!

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Checklist to Prepare and Protect your Family and Household in case of an Outbreak Plan and prepare Get up-to-date information about local Covid-19 activity from public officials and departments.- Create a list of important organizations and providers your household can call in case of emergencies.- Choose a designated room that can be used to separate family members who are sick or under monitoring

Take everyday preventive action Wash your hands frequently Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth Let family members who are sick or have underlying issues stay at home and away from the office, school or crowded places Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue then throw the tissue in the trash Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfacesAvoid sharing personal items

Stay in touch Stay informed about the local outbreak situation- Notify your work or school if your schedule or arrangements need to change- If you live alone, ask family, friends, and health care providers to check on you during the outbreak- Stay in touch with family and friends with chronic medical conditions

Take care of your household's emotional health Outbreaks are stressful for both adults and children. Children may respond differently to stressful situations.- Talk with your children and answer their questions- Let them voice out their fears or worriesPractice meditation- Stick to a schedule

IMM Magazine |    26


Prevent the spread of COVID-19 in

7 STEPS 01

Wash your hands frequently


Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth


Cover your cough using the bend of your elbow or a tissue


Avoid crowded places and close contact with anyone that has fever or cough


Stay at home if you feel unwell


If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early — but call first


Get information from trusted sources


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Innovative Minds Media, a branding and strategic communications agency in Washington, DC, is premiering our first ever magazine issue for Cr...

Innovative Minds Media Magazine_May/June 2020 Issue  

Innovative Minds Media, a branding and strategic communications agency in Washington, DC, is premiering our first ever magazine issue for Cr...

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