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Vupoint Solutions sells their smart home products under the The APP also allows you to access multiple cameras. For example you can have a camera at both your front and side doors of your home. “Toucan” brand. One of these products is a Smart Sconce Light. It is battery powered and uses multicoloured LED’s. In fact you can use the devices APP, (available for iOS and Android), to set the light to one of 16 Million colours as well as set its brightness level.

It also features a microphone and speaker, so you can hear and talk to anyone at the door.

The camera is installed drawing power from your porch light that is already there. To install, you remove the existing light bulb, and screw in the smart Not only can you control that light from the APP, it is also controllable be socket. Then screw the lightbulb into the smart socket. A USB cable runs either Amazon’s Alexa, or Google’s Assistant. Voice control the light to set from the device to the camera to give it power. The Camera mounts easily both the hue and level of brightness via voice control. Setting up the light using adhesive, so you don’t have to drill holes into your house. The mount is a simple as morning the enclosed decorative bracket, inserting the light includes a built in level, so you can ensure the camera is mounted correctly. up and control unit, and then placing the shade on top. Toucan has also partnered with Kuna ( https://getkuna.com/pages/kuThe APP controls functionality including setting color and brightness level. na-premium ), a company that offers monitoring functionality in a variety of plans. As well as options to set a timer or time of day schedule for the light. The APP also allows you to control multiple lights, if you own more You can use the APP without a paid plan for basic functionality, paid plans offer the options for longer time periods of recorded video, as well the abilthan one. ity to add more cameras to the system. As it is battery powered there is no need to locate the light near a plug, or have an electrician wire it in. This gives the light a portability for people You can learn more about Toucan products as well as Vupoint Solutions phone camera and computer scanner products division (Vupoint Share), who plan on relocating their home, or renters. on their website at: Toucan also offers a weatherproof outdoor security camera. It also has an APP for both iOS and Android. The APP allows for real time notification to https://www.vupointsolutions.com your smartphone when someone comes to your door. You can download events that are maintained in a secure cloud. The camera features both a motion detector as well as a loud siren alarm.