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US Hemp Wholesale US Hemp Wholesale provides nutritional products and dietary supplements. Their third party laboratory tested products are available to ship nation wide. They manufacture their products in Michigan, and carry their own products as well as third party brands. They offer their products not just to the 50 US states, but worldwide as well.

want to ask some basic questions about your business such inquiring about your distribution network, number of stores, products required, average reorder rate, order volume and retail price point. Once this is established, they can assist your business in determining if you will be a successful distribution partner, or give you advice on options of how to help your business succeed.

They pride themselves in high quality products and have rejected products that do not meet their standards. Distribution partners get the benefits of high quality products and efficient processing. You can have custom private labelling, US Hemp Wholesale offers turn-key solutions for firms and offer your own brand of products. It is easy to create your that want to enter the hemp market. Also private labeling is own product line, and let US Hemp Wholesale take care of available so you can sell under your own brand. Even using manufacturing and branding the products as your own. You your own custom formulation while adhering to state and can even have your own product or formula created. federal regulations. Products are tested both in US Hemp Wholesale labs and third Drop-shipping is also available, so you can run your party labs, certificates of analysis are available. They have a business without maintaining an inventory. Customers wide variety of products to choose from. are encouraged to use US Hemp Wholesale’s distribution network to trade in volume. There is a wholesale form Their distribution program is geared to providing best margins. on their website, to initiate a business relationship, Distributors are required to meet a minimum monthly order or new customers are encouraged to call for details total of $10,000 for the first three months, $20,000 between (844) 387-4367. third and sixth, and $30,000 after six months. US Hemp Wholesale differentiates themselves with innovative product design, a customer centric business philosophy, as a small business they want to help other small businesses succeed. They are licensed by the state of Michigan as a food processing facility. As well they follow GMP standards.

Their products categories include:

Tinctures • CBD Highly Concentrated Hemp Oil • Vaporizer • Edibles Oils • Pet Tinctures •

The company works with companies that either want to sell CBD products in retail locations or alternately drop-shipping geared toward an online store. As well a company can become a distributor purchasing from them at well bellow wholesale cost, and then reselling to other stores.

If you are unable to reach sales volumes by month six, they will re-evaluate your distribution model and adjust the discount by 10% until the minimum is met. Distributor pricing is an additional 20% off wholesale, which is already 50% of retail pricing. The company also offers more information about which type of products you should carry based on your business type on their website. Also their is information about understanding your target market. They also offer marketing materials to educate your customers, yourself and your staff. US Hemp Wholesale also provides private label or what is known as white label services to the industry. This service provides either an existing US Hemp Wholesale product or even your own formulation to create product for your brand.

Simply fill out a form on their website, and a market expert will US Hemp Wholesale is committed to product quality and work with you on the details. careful curates their product line to be the best fit for the You will be provided with a template to fill in your artwork. The industry. They pride themselves in having a well equipped company will ensure FDA compliance as well as compliance to customer service team to support your business. These state and federal laws. They may make minor adjustments at customer service agents can assist with both general questions, no charge to ensure your product is best represented. Then a industry questions and more. final proof of the label will be sent to you for approval. The CBD oil is farmed in Colorado and Kentucky, and extracted More details about this program as well as drop-shipping with a CO2 process. It is infused with MCT that carries the and custom created products can be found on the company CBD into the bloodstream faster. It is non GMO, vegan, gluten website: free and does not contain any artificial flavouring or dyes. The flavour comes from natural terpenes.x In order to partner best with you, US Hemp Wholesale will