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Weighing & Traceability for the Cannabis Industry

Interweigh Systems Inc. is a Canadian company specializing in weight and dimensioner related products and services.

CALIBRATION SERVICES Interweigh Systems Inc. provides the highest quality Mass and Scale Calibration services, as well as Legal For Trade certification of scales.

Packaging & Weighing Solutions WL7000 Weigh Labeling System

iShip Traceability Software • •

Eliminates Shipping Errors Increases Productivity

Don’t let profits go up in smoke. • Accuracy • Precision • Traceability • Reliability • Process Control • The Right Partnerships are key to Higher Profits

At Interweigh Systems, we strive to keep your weighing equipment operating at peak performance by providing the most comprehensive range of services available in the industry today.



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The Cannabis Industry Today

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Marketing To The B2B Cannabis Industry

16 Are You Ready For The Restart?

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Do you seriously believe hemp is the answer to America’s health and economic concerns? You most likely do because you are perusing this ad.... this magazine.... possibly you are considering a future in the hemp industry. My experience attempting to educate people about hemp has shown me that people know very little about this miracle plant. Granted, many people get what CBD is about, but most of the other benefits have been completely ignored. The pamphlet (part below & reduced in size) found at www.hemp-hippo.com is my attempt to eliminate this neglect. The world is desperate for this plant but the population is uninformed. That’s where we come in. I’m encouraging everyone (business especially) to download, print and share this pamphlet with customers. Once the pamphlet is read, people are amazed to the additional wonders hemp provides. But we in America are experiencing problems. Many states are slow to appreciate hemp after being told for decades that it is a drug that kills. Today hemp Is Legal but legal growers, sellers and drivers are still being arrested. People need our help. This pamphlet was instrumental in the passage of t he Farm Bill signed by the president in 2018. In-other-words, it works. www.hemp-hippo.com for more info.

Maggie stands beside a pamphlet display in one store in Key West. Because several cruise-ship companies dock in Key West, the knowledge about hemp is being shared world wide.

Your company name could appear on the pamphlet. If you wish to modify, let us know and we can customize to your specifications.

COVID-19 Adaptations & Coverage Considerations “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the policies cover a business’ liability for a data breach in which most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most the firm’s customers’ personal information, such as Social adaptable to change” – Charles Darwin Security or credit card numbers are exposed or stolen by a hacker or other criminal who has gained access to the firm’s The wise words of Mr. Darwin ring true in business just electronic network. A cyber policy intends to cover a variety of the same as they do in nature. 2020 and the novel coronavirus expenses associated with data breaches including notification have created unprecedented challenges for people and costs, credit monitoring, costs to defend claims by state businesses across the globe. Fortunately for cannabis regulators, fines and penalties, and loss resulting from identity companies, many of the states within which they operate have theft. The right policy not only protects from these liabilities, designated cannabis as an essential business. Nevertheless, but it can also provide first party business interruption obstacles remain for attracting customers into a retail store- insurance due to a compromised network. These policies are forcing businessowners to adapt on the fly to remain viable. relatively affordable, especially when juxtaposed against the Two of the most common pivots: 1) offering delivery and 2) expenditures necessary in response to a cyber event. allowing employees to work from home. These maneuvers allow businesses to survive and even thrive in the current Another common adaption for retailers in today’s business environment, leading to increased employee satisfaction and world is the offering of delivery directly to customers. This a much-needed additional source of revenue. However, in convenience is a brilliant way to drive revenue in a climate conjunction with these benefits comes increased exposure to where consumers are reluctant to, and in some cases situations that leave businesses vulnerable to serious financial prevented from, physically visiting a dispensary to pick up and operational headaches. In this article we will discuss the their favorite products. The logistics of setting up a delivery utilization of specialized insurance products to help reduce program can be difficult for companies with little experience the risk of adapting to the demands of the current business doing so. Complying with local regulations, training landscape. inexperienced personnel, and steering demand to delivery can be burdensome. Overcoming these hurdles can be difficult Working from home is a relatively easy pivot for those enough, but a sensible businessowner wanting to make sure employees that primarily operate in front of a computer, and they are insured before green-lighting delivery operations will just need internet access and perhaps a telephone to complete find it incredibly challenging and expensive to secure proper their occupational duties. For cannabis companies this is often coverage. the back of the house, finance and executive teams operating behind the scenes to ensure bills are paid and key decisions A bit of background is for context with respects to the are made. From a business and public health perspective this commercial auto insurance market is in order before continuing. has been one of the most common moves that companies For the last several years commercial auto insurance has been have made. What is concerning is the simultaneous rise in one of the most dramatically impacted lines of coverage in cyber criminals using susceptible home internet connections the industry. A combination of factors are driving rates; more as a trojan horse to gain access to and compromise the internal drivers on the road than ever before (prior to the pandemic), network of any size business. Once inside, hackers have increased distracted driving leading to more accidents, on top access to private company and customer personal identifiable of the increased costs to repair modern day vehicles, increased information records. This can lead to serious consequences cost of healthcare to repair humans injured in accidents, and dramatically handicap a business’ operations until the and last but certainly not least the ever growing settlements situation is resolved. Divulgence of customers’ personal negotiated by personal injury attorneys. These factors have information subjects the holder of that information to several contributed to a hardening of the market where insurers are response obligations that can easily soar above $200 per charging higher rates and pulling back on limits offered. record, not to mention the business costs associated with not being able to access the internal network (emails, CRMs etc.). Continued on page 20 Solutions to resolving these nasty situations often require either the assistance of expensive (and in high demand) forensic data specialists, or the remittance of a hefty bitcoin ransom. To mitigate this risk, prudent business owners should consider the purchase of a Cyber Liability insurance policy. A cyber liability policy is intended to cover a variety of both liability and property losses that may result when a company engages in various electronic activities, such as selling on the internet or collecting data within an internal electronic network. Most notably, but not exclusively, cyber and privacy



Accelerated Growth Solutions (AGS) designs systems for indoor growing. Their system offer extremely precise control over temperature, humidity and vapor pressure differential. Their systems are automated to ensure the best results for your project. Their projects scale from some of the largest indoor farms in the world to small operations. Their company is made up of a collective of HVAC equipment representatives, engineers and consultants who specialize in the needs of indoor agriculture. They help resolve the problem of indoor agriculture caused by the increase in plant transpiration that follows its growth cycle. AGS evaluates your location’s individual needs and designs a system to perfectly control the environment, including protecting against potentially disastrous equipment failures. The company designs all their systems to maintain an indoor climate while using the least amount of energy possible. As plants grow, they of course use light energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into plant energy. Water and oxygen are released into the environment as a by product of this process. Transpiration also is part of this as plants use this process to move nutrients through the plant tissue. The key to making this work is to provide consistent conditions. You do not want air on the plants to be creating dew, that can grow mold or fungi. So for best results temperature and humidity levels must remain consistent, throughout the operation. Other systems have difficulty regulating as temperature and relative humidity are always fluctuating. Often growers try to adapt their knowledge form home scale or small sized operations, not knowing that on a larger scale controlling temperature and relative humidity requires specialized equipment. Accelerated Growth Solutions offer systems that combine the functions of both air conditioners and dehumidifiers with results that scale to large sized operations. Their systems keep conditions consistent resulting in healthy plants and increased crop yields. To learn more about their systems visit them on the web at: https://ag-solutions.net/



Apex Trading is a software tools for buyers and sellers in the Cannabis marketplace. Made for not just retailers buying the product but also wholesalers and producers looking to market their goods.

When it comes to regulations for the industry Apex has your covered as well. Appropriate paperwork for the regulations you must adhere to can be bundled automatically with every order.

For sellers the software features both inventory and order If that is ingredient lists, testing documents and COA’s, they management. It also assists with compliance and fulfillment. can be attached to every order and delivered as needed. It can also integrate with the tools you already use such as As previously mentioned, the software also integrates with exQuickBooks and METRC. isting tools you might already be using such as QuickBooks. The idea behind the software is to work together saving the Not just for sellers, the software also includes a version for team time, and that means saving money. Cannabis product buyers. The system features a complete inventory management. Instead of spreadsheets, enter your inventory into the software, Buyers are offered a one stop solution to purchase from tablet, then access from your phone, tablet or desktop. Information phone or computer any time of day. Inventory is live and proabout the product such as THC levels, photographs, all at your motions and deals are included. There is a complete marketfingertips. Apex Trading will even take care of uploading your place of vetted sellers. first 50 products as part of onboarding to the platform. The software also allows you to create purchasing reports Once your cannabis products are in the system, inventory au- and make wise business decisions based on the data. Orders tomatically updates as you sell. Your buyers are presented with are all kept within that same system and can be created and a branded menu. All historical data is easily accessible so you tracked through one system. can make informed business decisions. The system integrates Pricing is easy to see and compare from multiple vendors. Of with Mertc to make maintaining your inventory even easier. course all necessary documentation will accompany your orAs your information is readily available and your product is der, including licenses, lab tests and ingredients lists. readily available to buyers, sales volumes increase. Margins Menus can be custom made just for your business with pricing can also go up, and overhead costs go down. and discounts already applied. If you cannot find what you are Besides inventory management software also handles order looking for – reach out to our team to be connect with sellers in our network. management. The system can create, process and track all orders and pay- If you are a buyer or seller in the cannabis business, you can ment in a single integrated system. Save time on repetitive learn more about Apex Trading on their website at: https:// tasks such as tracking down testing documents and COA’s, as www.apextrading.com/ well as order history. Customer just order through a branded menu that automatically removes product from inventory once it is spoken for. The system attaches all necessary documents and sends out confirmation emails. The buyer gets an invoice and lab testing documents automatically. This saves time and money. As the complete history of every customer is at your fingertips, planning based on current buying trends and habits becomes a much simpler job. Another feature of the software offered to wholesales sellers is buyer management. A suite of tools designed to manage, track and interact with your customers. Keep track of discount levels, buyer preferences and more without a separate and potentially costly CRM system.



Navigating the various municipal regulations and framework for adoption, implementation, and enforcement of a commercial cannabis facility is no easy task. Whether you are a newly formed entity or an established multi-state operator, finding a vehicle to avoid the commitment of time, resources, and likely frustration in pursuit of the appropriate municipal license is invaluable given the competitive advantage gained by streamlining one's operational timeline in Michigan's emerging market. Half corner



B2b Technologies Transforming The Cannabis Industry Today B2B platforms are a lucrative tier in e-commerce technology that differs from the typical business-to-consumer model most people think of when they are thinking of shopping online. Instead of selling directly to a customer, B2B specializes in the wholesale selling of products to individual businesses or retailers.

October, Eaze co-founder Keith McCarty raised $5 million in seed financing for his new company WAYV. WAYV is a B2B platform that connects California-based retailers with California-based brands, promising next day delivery and real-time inventory updates.

When it comes to cannabis, B2B platforms can connect retailers with an extensive network of brands and wholesalers. Many cannabis businesses have to be up and running within days following new legalization laws. This means having product on shelves, which can be difficult if said products were considered illegal only weeks before. B2B platforms bridge that gap and can help cannabis businesses streamline their business model fairly quickly in a new market.

Although more locally-based than Leaflink International, WAYV is touching on what is most important to the regulated cannabis market: trust and transparency. As cannabis laws and regulations change, retailers need to know that they are buying a licensed, regulated product from a licensed, regulated brand. At the same time, customers need to know that they can trust their favorite dispensaries. That is where B2B technology comes in.

Which pot stocks are streamlining cannabis with B2B?

“Technology is highly scalable, it’s highly replicable, you can ensure certain behavior, and also provide the transparency along the way,” McCarty said on a podcast interview back in January. “So trust and transparency kind of go handin-hand just to how we look at it. One, we need to do and deliver on what we say . . . and then we need to provide them

Canopy Rivers Inc. (TSXV:RIV) announced a collaboration with Leaflink, Inc. The two companies will be working together to leverage Leaflink’s existing B2B platforms for the international cannabis market in a new venture aptly called Leaflink Services International.

B2B takes the confusion out of cannabis

“The number of brands and products within our new cannabis economy has been explosive, making it difficult for retailers to deal with multiple parties in an increasingly fragmented market,” “As regulated cannabis consumption and distribution proliferates around the world, LeafLink International will introduce the industry’s leading SaaS-enabled marketplace to the global stage to create a new standard for expediting the cannabis supply chain in regulated markets.” Leaflink currently operates the largest online marketplace for wholesale cannabis. They connect more than 950 cannabis brands with thousands of cannabis retailers in the U.S., and they offer customer relationship and inventory management services on top of its product and brand menus. More than $900 million worth of product flows through Leaflink’s marketplace every year. Through this new joint venture, Canopy Rivers has an exclusive license for Leaflink’s platform in all non-U.S. marketplaces and will integrate their own network of cannabis companies into Leaflink’s existing Rolodex. The goal is to extend their wholesale reach into the global cannabis community, and the platform has already launched in certain Canadian markets.

transparency and update them along the way. That’s both on the retailer and the brand side.”

Both WAYV and Leaflink work to protect retailers and consumers by ensuring that the brands in their marketplaces are adhering to any state and international cannabis laws. The automated technology will automatically update with Eaze, the pot delivery company based out of California, is regulatory, as well as inventory, changes to keep retailers as another brand tapping into the ease of cannabis B2B. In up-to-date as possible.


4 Email Marketing Tips For B2B Cannabis Businesses If you’re in the B2B cannabis space, email marketing is still one of the best options to promote your business. While getting businesses to make a buying decision may not be a walk in the park, when done right, you can generate massive sales with the power of email.

Another reason why you should segment your email list is that different contacts in your database are at different stages of interaction with your business.

Your contacts are at different points in the sales cycle and as such you should provide them with different information deSo the big question is: as a B2B brand in the marijuana indus- pending on which point they’re at. try, how can you use email marketing effectively? In this article, we’ll offer four tips to help you craft email campaigns that For instance, a new subscriber would respond better to a welcome email that explains what your business is about and the drive results. Let’s dive in. kind of emails they should expect from you. On the other hand, 1. Do not treat it like B2C marketing if you sent such a subscriber an email asking them to sign up At surface level, B2B and B2C email marketing look similar. for an expensive seminar you are organizing, they might be put They both aim at promoting products, communicating with off and even unsubscribe. customers and guiding prospects through the sales cycle. An older subscriber who has previously shown interest in Scratch below the surface though, and you will find that B2B learning how they can offer better services to their cannabis and B2C email marketing are quite different. For instance, the customers might be drawn to the latter email. buying cycle in B2B is longer than in B2C. There are many people involved in the B2B decision-making process, so it takes Segmenting your email list allows you to send targeted messages to each group of your subscribers. Targeted emails are longer to turn prospects into leads and then into customers. more likely to drive engagement. In a B2C scenario, only the customer is involved. Marketers therefore use emotion to create a sense of urgency and quickly 3. Don’t sell in every email convert prospects into buyers. But when it comes to B2B mar- Promotional emails are effective for conveying a single, clear and direct message to your customers. keting, this tactic will not work. A punchy headline, sharp intro, eye-catching visual and a compelling call to action is the sure way to focus attention around a product or service you are selling. Such an email gives you a chance to highlight a crucial part of your business and encourage customers to contact you for more information Your B2B emails should be professional, results-oriented and or make a purchase. factual, but still entertaining. Emphasize the financial benefits of your cannabis products and let your clients know what they If you need to boost your sales or create hype ahead of a product launch, then a promotional email will come in handy. But will get for the price they are paying. sales emails are not always the answer. Overusing them can Also, since you are talking to other industry experts, you drive your prospects and customers away. shouldn’t shy away from using industry jargon. This is why you need to strike a balance between promotional Business buyers, like consumers, need to be educated, but you emails and newsletters. Email newsletters allow you to posishould take care not to sound patronizing or worse, insulting. tion yourself as an expert in the cannabis sector. Here you can To avoid this, don’t go overboard with explanations. Your au- share a variety of useful information such as industry news, dience is already in the industry, so speak to them at their level product updates, opinion pieces, insights and company deby using industry-related terms. velopments. You have to provide your prospects with hard facts. This is not to say that your emails should be robotic. Instead, you should find a balance between creating an emotional connection and providing the vital information needed to convert.

2. Segment your email list

Recipients tend to respond well to newsletters as they feel they are gaining expertise from thought leaders as well as insight into behind the scenes information and the personality of your company. For this reason, email newsletters can go a long way in building your brand loyalty, since they make your audience feel like they are receiving useful content that they Take a minute to consider the different people who will par- can trust and share with others. ticipate in the buying decision. How do their needs differ? Do you see why it is important to send a different message to each Continued on page 21 group? Your clients aren’t all the same. Sure, they all sell cannabis or cannabis-related products or services, but they hold different job titles. What’s more, they are involved in various areas of the buying decision-making process.




Kush Oil makes vaping pens of highest quality. They start with a premium flower and make a CO2 oil. The extraction process is done at low temperature to preserve the organic stat. This results in a clean full spectrum oil with the full natural terpene profile of the original strain.

effects of the original strain. Vapor doesn’t contain the harsh toxic carcinogens that are found in smoke. The pen includes a 400 mAh lithium battery and charges from a USB connection. It also features a safety switch, so you do not accidentally activate the pen.

The process preserves smooth flavor and lush aroma. There are no additives or solvents used in the process. This makes To learn more about Kush Oil, visit them on the web at: https:// kushoil.com/ their product very high quality They use a CO2 extraction system because it is pure. They do not use any toxic chemicals such as butane, propane or hexane, just the same CO2 you exhale every day. Not only are the chemicals harmful to your health, these chemicals affect the taste and the product does not have the same taste as when extracted with CO2. It can even lead to a different high effect. Kush Oil starts with highest quality plants, organically grown and cultivated with great care to create resinous flowers. Then in a medical grade facility CO2 is used to extract the best part of the plants. Kush Oil only uses medical grade CO2 at low temperatures for best results. They capture the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. They do not use any additives or buffing agents, so the end result is just the natural product that went into the process. Premium vapour that tastes and feels smooth and lush. At Kush Oil their goal is to give cannabis users and elevated experience at the push of a button. Clouds of vapor that include the full



CanIDeal CaniDeal is the first fully legal B2B eCommerce program for other edibles, and also includes cosmetic items like creams the entire cannabis industry. For both buyers and sellers the and lotions. Besides for human consumption CBD products for platform makes the connections you need. pets and animals is also included. Their expanding network takes the legwork out of B2B Smoking accessories include grinders, rolling papers, pipes, dispensary transactions. Easily purchase online over a bongs, vape pens, lighters, just about any complimentary platform that is convenient secure and complainant with all product for consuming cannabis is available. legal standards. For producers of cannabis products equipment like grow lights, It offers a seamless ecommerce experience. soil and nutrients and processing machinery are also included. Products bought and sold include CBD, smoking accessories Buyers gain access to an entire network or sellers, all in as well as growing and manufacturing equipment. one place. CBD products include refined products like oils, tinctures, isolates and powders. As well as vape juice, gummies and To learn more about CanIDeal visit them on the web at: https:// canideal.com/


Cannasphere Biotech Cannasphere Biotech provides wholes CBD products. One of these is Lipofusion™ CBD Liquid Concentrate, a hemp derived liquid concentrate. It is water soluble, and made for being added to beverages, shots, sublingual sprays and more.

Like their other products it has no detectable THC, it is a water-soluble powder that is highly bioavailable. It contains no preservatives, binders, artificial sweeteners or colors. It is also gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO and vegan. It is manufactured in a cGMP, FDA-registered facility.

The CBD is encapsulated by nanoliposomal method and has been proven to increase CBD absorption by 80 percent. It is There products allow you to combine their technology with composed of 5 percent active CBD (50 mg of CBD per 1 mL) your own recipes and make your own unique CBD products or flavored beverage powders. This encapsulation is highly bioavailable, the nature of it makes onset rapid. It is a sustained release water soluble – miscible Their products are unique because they combine CBD with liquid. The CBD included is broad spectrum hemp derived and the nanoliposomal delivery technology so the consumer contains no detectable THC. As well there are no preservatives realizes the benefits of the CBD. When your customers feel or artificial sweeteners. The encapsulation is also completely these results they will become loyal to your product line. Loyal vegan, gluten free, soy free and contains no GMO’s. customers are repeat customers. It is ready for manufacturing and is made in a cGMP and FDA The product was created by a team of doctors and scientists registered facility. who created this technology uniquely for Cannasphere. Cannasphere Biotech also makes Lipofusion™ CBD bevereage This system includes: powders, ready to mix in single serving stick packs. Superior nutrient absorption and bioavailability Already flavoured they come in: No digestive degradation Passionfruit Citrus No bad or bitter taste Ginger Lemonade No preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or coloring Blueberry Chill No fillers, binders or other additives As it says on the company website: Each stick pack is loaded with powerful broad spectrum, hemp-derived CBD actives Gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, vegan using our uniquely effective nanoliposomal encapsulation delivery technology to ensure maximum bioavailability and All products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the extended absorption. Recommended strengths: 10 or 20 mg manufacturer’s standards. of CBD in each serving, but it’s up to you. To learn more about their company and products visit them on Another product from Cannasphere is Broad Spectrum the web at: https://cannaspherebiotech.com/ Lipofusion™ CBD Powder. A patent pending raw ingredient powder to be used in beverage powder, capsules, tablets, topicals, and more.

• • • • • •

• • •

Join our Trade Shows in Canada, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina & Florida to learn about and see the latest CBD & Hemp products in the Business & Consumer Markets

For more information visit cbdhemptradeshows.com

4 Proven Strategies For Marketing To The B2B Cannabis Industry The cannabis industry is maturing. In most Americans’ eyes, it’s no longer the reviled “gateway drug” of the Reagan years, nor is it the terrifying menace of Reefer Madness. It has entered the mainstream as an effective way to manage pain, get to sleep, destress, focus – just to name a few of its touted benefits – with two-thirds of Americans supporting legalization.

But B2B companies shouldn’t be completely scared off by the long list of rules and regulations. Until social media companies adjust their policies around cannabis, businesses just need to be more conscious of what they choose to post. There are still many creative, playful, educational, and engaging ways to share your company’s message and build a recognizable brand while staying within legal regulations. Enlisting the support of an experienced For the countless business-to-consumer, plant-facing com- cannabis marketing team with a clear understanding of social mepanies, there are even more ancillary businesses critical for dia rules can help your company thrive, on and offline. making the industry’s sustainable, long-term growth possible. With this crowded playing field comes fierce competition 2. Embrace the abundant possibilities of PR as business-to-business (B2B) industry brands vie for attention There are dozens of cannabis-specific media outlets. Industry and clients.  awards and rankings seem to pop up daily. Professional and advocacy organizations associations are found in nearly every canHow can these technological, manufacturing, and professional nabis-legal state. A super active tradeshow circuit draws tens of services truly stand out? thousands of eager industry insiders. Burgeoning B2B businesses should take full advantage of this ever-growing PR landscape. The answer lies in thoughtful, targeted marketing and PR that reflects what the cannabis industry has become and where it’s Effective public relations campaigns can drive awareness and headed. Here are four proven strategies for cannabis ancillary credibility on a large scale. The trick here is identifying which businesses hoping to catch the eye of industry heavyweights.  paths work for your individual company’s resources, budget, and goals – but there are abundant possibilities for the businesses that 1. Post with caution, but don’t shy away from social media are willing to put in the time and effort. Ignoring social media in today’s marketing world is akin to a construction worker leaving his hammer and nails and home. It’s a 3. Expand your network at cannabis industry events necessary channel to reach target audiences. Over 70 percent of More and more companies are seeking out best practices to navAmericans today use social media to connect with one another, igate this evolving industry. One of the best places to connect digest news content, interact with brands, and be entertained. with others and learn is at industry-focused conferences and events. On a national scale, there’s the largest cannabis B2B conThere are many cannabusinesses that have made a name for ference MJBizCon, as well as events from the National Cannabis themselves through social media channels and maintain large and Industry Association. Additionally, there’s a myriad of events on a engaged audiences. However, cannabis is a Schedule I drug in the local scale that provide a more intimate and focused experience. eyes of the federal government and certain states, so sharing canAttendees get critical intel and education, and business leaders nabis-related content online is accompanied by strict regulation. are given an opportunity to share their expertise, network, and For example, the Federal Trade Commission guidelines have led meet potential customers and partners face-to-face. Instagram – the most popular platform for cannabis companies – to deactivate accounts that did not disclose or advertise their While some B2B companies certainly find value in exhibiting, cannabis products with required disclaimers. there are numerous ways to get involved. You may want to investigate speaking opportunities that pertain to your


Are You Ready For The Restart? America has never experienced a global outbreak like that of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Companies saw panic buying that caused strains in the supply chain creating shortages and/or empty shelves or retooling their processes to make new products to support health care, police, and other first responders dealing with this virus, and/or stopping production all together. What has made America the greatest country to live and work is also what will make America stronger as we come out of this crisis. When this happens, companies will now have to look at their supply chain differently to prepare for the restart of the economy. Will they be able to manage the influx of orders from their customers? Will they have to change their processes to support the economic recovery? If so, how?

the corresponding documents?

Most companies examine their procurement, manufacturing and/or logistics processes when they look to make improvements to their supply chain. They look to new technologies for these improvements which is a great start. However, the supply chain is only as good as the processes that support and manage it. What does this mean? If your Information Technology (IT) supply chain is not integrated and cannot support the entire order to cash process electronically, you will not gain the cost saving new technologies can provide. In addition, you may not be able to support your customers’ needs during and after the restart.

4 Do you manually each process?

Supporting the electronic supply chain for over 20 years, Innovate E-Commerce has done many Audit and Control Assessments of companies’ electronic document processes. Some of the basic questions we ask before starting the assessment you should be asking yourself. 1 Can you guarantee never lose data?






2 Do you know if you have ever lost data? 3 Do you know where each business document can be found at any point in your processes? review




5 Are your electronic documents completely integrated into you applications or is there manual intervention anywhere in the process? 6 How long does it take to onboard a new trading partner and what impact does that have on your business?

Unfortunately, many companies see IT as a necessary evil and not a strategic differentiator. With the Coronavirus outbreak Why is it critical to support the order to cash documents this line of thinking needs to change. Companies need to conelectronically and efficiently? Ask yourself, what would sider that it will require time to improve their electronic supply happen if: chain and may not see immediate return on investment. But • Your company lost 1, 10, 100, 1000 or more not making improvements may have a bigger negative impact. new orders? • Your customer would not accept your products because you could not provide the status of the shipment?

Article by Karen Puchalsky

• Your payment was delayed because your invoices were incorrect and/or rejected. • You could not process the high volume of orders because too much of your processes are manual? Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has been around since the 1980’s and has been the standard for doing business electronically. While companies may have changed to other formats (XML, EDIFACT, etc.), companies often don’t think of EDI as strategic to their business. During and after the restart, doing business electronically effectively may be the difference of companies gaining or losing business or going out of business completely. Customers are going to be looking to restock shelves and warehouses, replenish inventory to restart production lines or replenish depleted inventory. Will your IT infrastructure be able to handle the increased volume of the inbound orders and


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Hemp Company LLC builds products for famers, growers, cultivators and processors. Their product the MAXIMIZER® is sold as an intelligent investment in cannabis processing. The idea behind the machinery is to buck your crop 10 faster than by hand. The Maximizers are built in the United States in Northeast Tennessee and can be shipped all over the United States. By automating the bucking process, the equipment saves you on labor costs. The machines are expected to reach a break even ping in the first or second year of use (dependant on crop yield size).

The Maximizer® - Model 7200 has a cost of $12,995 MSRP and includes:

Hemp Company LLC has already seen real world results for customers in 21 states. They aim to lower your costs, increase your efficiency without degrading the product by processing. Other solutions devalue your end product by degrading it. The MAXIMIZER® is a whole plant device that was designed by a farmer for use by farmers.

• Variable Frequency Drive (allows for adjustable rpm) • Large safety cutoff switch • Made in the USA heavy duty design for lasting durability • Accommodates 3 to 4 operators

5. Chain Drive

• Six ft. feeder opening with height adjustable table • Plug: Four Prong; 220V with 30 Amp Hookup • 2 Hp, 3-Phase Motor

It offers the same benefits of the 9400 model as well as the following options: The device is available in three different models to suit different needs.

• Vinyl Maximizer Cover • Casters (standard on the 9400 & 9400 Pro) • PVC Catching Bins

The Maximizer®- 9400 which is the largest version with a price tag of  $14,995 MSRP.

It includes:

• Self-enclosed Dust Minimizing Unit • Height Adjustable 5” Swivel Casters • Removable Angled Feeder Table • 3x3 Removable Mesh Bucking Screens • Variable Frequency Drive (allows for adjustable rpm) • Large safety cutoff switch • Made in the USA heavy duty design for lasting durability • Accommodates 3 to 4 operators • Chain Drive • Six ft. feeder opening • Plug: Four Prong; 220V with 30 Amp Hookup Standard • 2 Hp, 3-Phase Motor

It is up to ten times faster than working by hand, an increase in production speed. This increase in speed lowers labor costs and cuts down on processes. Less processes means you are ready to go to market sooner. Little to no degradation of the product happens with processing.

The smallest model is the Maximizer® Model 4800 with a price tag of $9,995 MSRP. All models fall under the US Patent No. 10,709,070 B1.

This model offers the following

• Variable Frequency Drive (allows for adjustable rpm) • Large safety cutoff switch • Made in the USA heavy duty design for lasting durability • Room for two operators • Chain Drive • Four-foot feeder opening with height adjustable table • Plug: Four Prong; 220V with 30 Amp Hookup • 2 Hp, 3-Phase Motor

It also offers the benefits of the other two models. Options for this model include

• • PVC Catching Bin

Casters (standard on the 9400 & 9400 Pro)

To learn more about this machinery and visit the manufacturer on the web at: https://hemp-company-llc.mybigcommerce.com/



The Hill Street Beverage company is already well known for their award winning lineup of Beer and Wine. Products like Vin(Zero) wines that offer alcohol free, low calorie solutions to consumers. Recently Hill Street entered an agreement with Molecule Holdings Inc, to create a line of cannabis infused beverages. The agreement is for a three-year term to manufacture beverages using proprietary infusion technologies from Molecule, as well as Hill Street’s patented platform licensed from Lexaria Bioscience. Molecule operates a 15,000 square foot facility in Lansdowne ON, which is fully licensed to prepare cannabis 2.0 products including edibles and beverages. Hill Street will be offering Hill Avenue Cannabis beverages during the holiday season in select provinces and are expected to expand across Canada in 2021.

Hill Street Beverage Co. products form the basis of their advocacy for healthier lifestyles. Their products offer a truly sophisticated and delicious alternative to alcohol. Formed in 2008 as MADD Virgin Drinks, they rebranded in 2018 to enter the market for infused beverages, while leveraging their alcohol free products to build brand awareness with consumers through major retail stores. In two short years, they have established a presence in stores that represent over two thirds of all grocery sales in Canada. They also sell their products online in both Canada and the United States. Their products have won a multitude of awards, both locally and internationally, including the prestigious US Beer Open Championships (3 Golds, 2 Silvers, and 2 Bronze). The company is the cofounder of the Cannabis Beverage Producers Alliance organization, which seeks to advocate for fair legislation for beverages that include cannabis and hemp extracts.

Hill Street has been preparing for this launch for nearly four years, during which time it has gone public on the TSX Venture and raised nearly $10MM. Their Vin(Zero) wine was launched in 2018 to test consumers’ tastes for this type of product, and it is now the bestselling alcohol free wine in Canada.

Hill Street is also the owner of a joint manufacturing partnership with Lexaria Bioscience to produce fast-acting, water-soluble and shelf stable ingredients from cannabis extracts. Their joint venture is building a licensed facility to produce ingredients using Lexaria’s technology. These ingredients can be used to create edibles and topical products including beverages, drink The collaboration between the two companies is seen as a mixes, tablets, capsules, creams, lotions, baked goods, as well winning relationship with both companies bringing much as THC and CBD powder which will be sold as ingredients to needed expertise together to bring products to fruition. Hill other cannabis and hemp product manufacturers. Street brings proven brands and superior marketing expertise, and Molecule provides the manufacturing capabilities for To learn more about Hill Street Beverage and their upcoming world class cannabis beverages. products, visit them on the web at: hillstreetbeverages.com


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When it comes to delivery- depending on the business model, securing proper coverage can become even more difficult. Availability for standard Owned Auto policies (where vehicles used for delivery are owned by the business) remains steady. However, for Hired & Non-Owned Auto policies (where the employee owns the vehicle used for delivery) the market is extremely limited. There are very few carriers legitimately writing policies for the latter exposure where there is direct to consumer delivery. I say legitimately because while many carriers will extend Hired & Non-Owned Auto for “incidental use” (one off trips, or errands via employee owned autos on behalf of the business) most will specifically exclude delivery or regularly scheduled trips. Full disclosure and transparency are vital in the insurance purchasing process, because while you may “have” Hired & Non-Owned Auto coverage on the surface, the fine print of the policy may come back to haunt you in the case of an accident.

Join our Trade Shows in Canada, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina & Florida to learn about and see the latest CBD & Hemp products in the Business & Consumer Markets

Finally, in addition to policy wording considerations there are a variety of loss control measures that need to be taken in order to reduce risk and qualify for coverage. Insurers require prospective delivery drivers have their driving records screened prior to hire, they must be of a certain age and provide valid proof of personal auto insurance. Heavy emphasis is placed on driver safety training, both at hire and regularly thereafter. Failure to abide by any one of these subjectivities could result in a refusal to offer coverage, or even worse a denial of coverage in the case of a claim where these warranties are not proven to be complied with. As with any insurance policy it is imperative to read the fine print, and/or be working with a representative that you trust implicitly to do the due diligence and advise accordingly. This could never be more true for businesses engaged in cannabis operations.

Brian Marblestone, AVP – Property & Casualty, provides over 7 years of experience as a producer in the insurance industry. He takes pride in removing uncertainty from the purchase of business insurance and helping busy professionals design specialized insurance programs based on their industry’s unique risk exposures.A t ABD, Brian focuses on Hospitality, Real Estate, Cyber Liability, and Cannabis. He has a half-decade of experience providing risk management consulting to cannabis businesses in particular and has the technical expertise and market familiarity to provide businesses with coverage they need to protect the future of their businesses, from cultivators to distributors and anywhere in between.

For more information visit cbdhemptradeshows.com


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Our advice is to always think carefully about the content of your email communications. It can be tempting to keep sending emails about how great your products are, and what amazing deals you are offering. But ensure that you strike a balance so your audience gets to know you as a trusted partner, an industry leader and a source of knowledge.

Even though its primary purpose is to get people to subscribe to your mailing list, it should also position your company as a brand that provides quality.

Final word

This list is by no means exhaustive. However, the four tips above will get you on your way to growing an email list that 4. Use the right bait will bring more leads and boost sales in your business. Now, It is not enough to ask your website visitors to subscribe to it’s up to you to implement these best practices and see your your mailing list. You need to give them a reason to subscribe. engagement and sales skyrocket. In other words, you have to ‘bait’ them. Such a bait, often called a lead magnet, can be any information product such as an educational email series, a webinar, a special report or a case study. Your lead magnet should be valuable. It should go beyond being just interesting. It should be something that cannabis clients would be willing to pay for.

The World’s Best iPad Cases

Premium Leather Folios available for 2020 12.9” and 11” iPad Pro models. Visit website for details

The Pinnacle of Apple Portable Protection Since 1998



True Liberty® Bags has been proudly serving the Cannabis Industry since 2009, when they introduced to the market the very first 25-pack of Turkey Bags. Perfectly designed not only for cooking turkeys, but for use by cannabis producers and processors, this bag, now called the 3 Gallon Bag (18” x 20”), continues to be the most popular size, along with the slightly larger 4 Gallon Bag (18” x 24”). Following the initial success of these and their other “household” sizes, their line continued to grow with the aim to provide harvest solutions for small, mid-sized, and large scale cannabis operations. In 2012, they introduced a commercial line which brought Can Liners (30” x 48”), and grew to include Bin Liners (48” x 30”) and Drum Liners (36” x 48”) in 2017, and last year, the line of 100% nylon bags and liners grew to include 100 Gallon Bags (40” x 85”), as well as an HDPE Pallet Container Liner, and a Rolling Bench Table Liner, their first and only two products that are not made of nylon. Year after year, True Liberty works to gather feedback from producers and retailers to provide customized solutions and ensure that their products are the best fit for the evolving cannabis industry. All True Liberty Bags are available in different pack sizes, as well as bulk quantities for larger operations. Since the beginning, True Liberty® Bags have been 100% FDA Approved, BPA Free and recyclable, as well as Made in the USA.

Why Nylon? (Not Your Mother’s Nylons!) Nylon is a synthetic material, first developed by DuPont in the mid 1930’s. A multifaceted substance, it can be found throughout the textile industry and in plastic products ranging from parachutes to tooth-

brushes. Nylon is a thermoplastic polymer, which means that when heated it becomes flexible, and when cooled becomes solid again, all without changing its chemical properties. It can be molded into any shape, or extruded into a fabric or film. When it comes to bags, nylon is the perfect material to provide durability, pliability, odor protection, and wide ranging temperature tolerance. True Liberty® bags are made exclusively with virgin nylon and the result is a food grade bag that is ideal for storage, transport, and protection of any delicate cannabis harvest, preventing contamination and preserving freshness. True Liberty’s proprietary nylon material has superior tensile strength, or stretchability and puncture resistance, making it well suited for all harvest and processing uses and environments. Nylon can also be reused, and recycled, although special facilities are required, this technology is continuing to develop and should be available to more widespread markets in the coming years.

Keeping it Clean One of the advantages of using True Liberty bags has always been the barrier provided against contamination. It is well known that mold and microbes, as well as pests and pathogens can affect your harvest in negative ways. Careful cultivation practices, as well as using a food grade barrier post harvest, will help control these threats, but it’s difficult to eliminate them entirely. As the cannabis industry matures, there has been an increased focus on the need for post harvest sterilization and disinfestation processes, and regulations continue to develop around the subject in the United States. One solution for ensuring the elimination of harmful bacteria and molds is radio frequency sterilization, also known as irradiation. Since 1958, irradiation has been approved by the FDA for control of contaminants in meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and dried spices. While the process may conjure images of a nuclear landscape, the science behind the safety and effectiveness of the process is comprehensive and sound. Irradiation effectively limits growth of harmful organisms responsible for food borne illness, as well as elimination of insects and sterilization. The latter is especially important when considering use by those who have compromised immune systems, for example, cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. In cannabis specifically, irradiation offers a measure of remediation against mold, powdery mildew, aspergillus, Bile Tolerant Gram Negative Bacteria, Yeast,


COVER STORY Salmonella, E. Coli and other challenging microbes. One of the most widely cited studies of irradiation in cannabis was conducted by Arno Hazekamp, Head of Research and Education at Bedrocan International, located in the Netherlands. This study was published by Frontiers in Pharmacology (Vol. 7, Article 108), and in it he argues that gamma irradiation does not affect THC or CBD levels, nor does it affect the water content or microscopic structure of dried cannabis flowers. He concludes that, “The effect of gamma-irradiation was limited to a reduction of some terpenes present in the cannabis, but keeping the terpene profile qualitatively the same.” He elaborates that the terpene reduction is “comparable to the effect that short term storage in a paper bag had on cannabis samples. While widespread in Canada and Europe irradiation of cannabis in the United States is a relatively new process. Recently True Liberty® bags and liners have been tested to ensure conformity to all FDA requirements for all types of irradiation processes. They have been working closely with equipment manufacturers, as well as producers to accommodate the growing need for sterilization solutions.

Giving Back Not only are they committed to producing the highest quality product for a broad range of uses, but True Liberty® is also dedicated to using business as a force for good. This means taking care of their employees, as well as exercising responsible environmental practices. Based in northern California, True Liberty is a community-focused company that prioritizes sustainability, service, and partnerships. They participate in 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of all sales revenue to organizations benefiting and educating on environmental concerns locally, regionally, nationally, and worldwide, including State Parks, Breast Cancer Prevention, Planet Bee, and many more. Contributions to Carbonfund.org offset all of the carbon emissions produced by their facilities. Serving the cannabis industry is a priority, but True Liberty Bags are extraordinarily versatile and are made for all people who cook, camp, hike, bike, hunt, fish, move, store, garden or grow. From keeping nature out to locking flavor in, True Liberty frees you up to handle anything. Samples are available upon request, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee allows you to purchase with confidence. Visit truelibertybags.com or email info@truelibertybags.com for more information.


As so much of retail moves online, retail stores must change tactics and become an experience. People shop in person not just for the immediacy of purchase but for how the experience makes them feel. From the store staff, to store layout, music, lighting, and even store fixtures it is all about how the consumer feels.

Opto Systems also offers temporary fixtures for short terms solutions. They refer to this as pop up retail. Solutions that snap together for quick setup and for solutions such as trade shows, quick tear down as well.

Temporary solutions include modular pop-up shops, that have a permanent feel but are designed to be built quickly. They This is where Opto Systems comes in, offering a complete line consist of walls, columns, bases and soffits that connect toof fixtures as well as the option to have store fixtures custom gether easily. These work well in stadiums and save time. made to order. They offer a modular system, that can easily and quickly be updated to promote the items the retailer Another use for these is retail incubators. Low-risk retail often used by e-commerce companies to test the water of retail. wants to feature. They are often a brick and mortar location with a short-term The system consists of posts that are attached to the wall at lease giving companies freedom to either experiment in retail regular intervals. From these posts various accessories can be or cash in on a temporary opportunity. mixed and matched, as well as quickly changed up. As seasons change or even when noticing traffic patterns among Another solution offered is a mobile merchandise cart. It gives customers it is easy for the retailer to change the display to suit the retailer the option of moving their location anywhere. You can bring the product to the foot traffic, rather than the other their needs. way around. It also allows the use of modular accessories and The system is based on a universal pin system that means all includes the option for the retailer’s own graphics and signage. accessories are interchangeable quickly and easily, while still staying securely fastened. As the system is completely mod- Other options for displays include stationary kiosks and moular there is a wide variety of combinations of setups that can bile clamshell displays. be created. In addition to their wide variety of options Opto Systems will Opto Systems prides themselves in having their products also work with you to custom build exactly what you want. made in the United States and sourced locally. To learn more about their products including a complete catThe shelving and accessories are available in a wide variety of alogue of displays and accessories visit them on the web at: colors and finishes. You can pick the color and style that suits https://optosystem.com/ your retail location.

Finish categories include:

• Metal Powdercoats • High Pressure Laminate • Metal Panels • 3D Laminate • Solid Surface

The retailer can mix and match these finishes with colors that match their unique branding.



West Coast Gifts West Coast Gifts is Canada’s largest designer, manufacturer in protective tie dye and leather, true to the Cheech and Chong and distributor of award-winning glass pipes, vaporizers and theme. They come with a certificate of authenticity and the smoking accessories for the cannabis connoisseur. Cheech and Chong logo. They have over 7,000 items available for sale on their website. To learn more about West Coast Gifts you can visit them on the Open to new ideas in fact if you have an idea for a product, web at: https://westcoast.gifts/ they also have a contact section on their website. The company started with the idea of selling colour changing glass pipes. As banks did not want to fund the endeavor, the owner expanded his lineup to include candles and incense and was able to secure funding to launch the business. In 2014 West Coast Gifts entered and agreement with Cheech and Chong to become distributors for their line of officially licensed line of glass pipes. Chong actually lived in Vancouver and met Cheech there for the first time. The line of pipes has taken off and been successful in both sales and creativity. The pipes are approved by Cheech and Chong themselves and they have input into the designs. Current models include an ice cream truck version and Christmas ornament. They even have a Labrador, which is modeled after the huge spliff in “Up in Smoke”. It has become one of the best sellers in the Cheech and Chong lineup of goods. They have almost 100 products from hand pipes to water pipes to oil rigs and flower bubblers. As well these items are packaged


The Best Grow Tech For

2020 The commercial cannabis industry is growing and evolving at a blistering pace. What was completely illegal just a few short years ago has blossomed into a multi-billion dollar industry in what seems like the blink of an eye. Cannabis stocks are bought and traded on the stock market right alongside Apple, Google, and Tesla. With laws changing on an almost-daily basis, commercial grow facilities are popping up all over the United States. As the industry expands, the technology used is advancing incredibly quickly as well. As we head into 2020, CannaB2B Magazine would like to shed some light on the technology cannabis businesses should all be paying special attention to in the upcoming year.

Since its inception in 2012, Gorilla Grow Tent has quickly become the worldwide authority in grow tents, introducing a level of quality and design that had never before been seen in indoor gardening enclosures. Gorilla has now turned that same passion for quality towards horticultural lighting and has recently introduced the Gorilla DE Pro Series grow light. The Gorilla DE Pro Series sets itself apart from the competition in its use of low-frequency, square-wave design. Almost all standard sine-wave fixtures operate at a high-frequency of roughly 120,000 hertz; whereas square-wave ballasts run at about 120 hertz, allowing the maximum voltage to be provided to the lamp for a longer period of time. This produces more photons for your plant, eliminates RF interference, and produces less stress on the fixture. This improves the performance of the lamp and allows it to run cooler. All this adds up to a more reliable, better performing grow light. The low-frequency square-wave design of the Pro Series DE ensures stable power resulting in optimum PPF, less depreciation of output, and increases the lamp’s lifespan by 50% when compared to more common high-frequency sine-wave ballasts. Perhaps most importantly, the Gorilla Pro Series DE boasts a failure rate of less than 0.1%, which translates to less labor, less downtime, and higher profit margins for commercial facilities.

For Commercial Facilities:

Gorilla Commercial Lighting DE Pro Series Grow Lights

“The square wave technology in the Gorilla DE Pro Series is considerably more expensive to produce, but when you’re a commercial facility, the reliability of your fixtures is absolutely vital to the success of your business,” Gorilla’s CEO Rory Kagan


told CannaB2B. “We want to ensure that our customers are set up for success. Square wave technology puts so much less stress on these fixtures, it increases the lifespan of your bulbs by 50% and the failure rate drops to nearly nothing. In an industry where a single failure can be catastrophic for your harvest, this is a real game-changer.” Gorilla’s DE grow light sports an optimized reflector design for broad, even PPFD throughout the footprint with no hot spots, and a durable powder-coated enclosure ensuring correct reflector form factor and eliminating the potential for dangerously hot exposed metal that can often plague DE grow lights. Additionally, the internal components are silicon coated to protect against humidity and dust, and the overengineered heatsink and properly designed thermals ensure the light will run cooler than any other DE on the market. The DE Pro Series has been designed to withstand the rigors of the ever-growing commercial cannabis cultivation industry. These plug and play fixtures include internal ballast, industryleading 1000w lamp, and optional Gorilla Commercial intelligent digital lighting controller capable of controlling over 500 luminaires simultaneously. They can also run certain CMH bulbs as well as traditional HPS bulbs.

choice for facilities looking to optimize yields, introducing LED fixtures provides much-needed UV wavelengths that have been proven to stimulate trichome production, leading to a substantial increase in terpene levels and potency. By pairing these two sources of lighting, facilities can produce the yields they want, while increasing the potency and quality of those yields considerably.

For Commercial Facilities:

Kind LED X-Series Bar Light

The Gorilla DE Pro Series promises to be a significant step forward in the horticultural lighting space, providing muchAvailable in a variety of formats, the X-Series includes the needed reliability and durability for commercial facilities. single-sided X40 and X80, and the double-sided XD75 Double-ended HPS grow lights like the Gorilla DE Pro Series and XD150, both of which promise to produce 50% faster have reigned supreme in the commercial grow space for a and stronger growth than any other supplemental lighting long time for a reason: you can’t argue with the results they option currently on the market. All products in the X-Series produce. HPS fixtures produce great yields! But smart growers range feature a perfect blend spectrum, and are available are starting to see the tremendous benefits of the targeted in either a flower or vegetative integrations, providing ideal spectrums provided by LED fixtures, and are finding ways to photon emissions in every essential wavelength along the introduce them into their grow rooms. Kind LED Grow Lights photosynthetic spectrum. Additionally, the X-Series line is one of the companies leading this charge with their X-Series offers ideally tuned photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) supplemental bar lights, which provide ideal solutions for both delivering optimal concentration and quantity of photon energy from canopy surface to the base of the plant. vegetative and flowering applications All X-Series lights have an IP65 (Ingress Protection) rating that ensures the safety of using them in the harsh conditions of commercial greenhouses. An IP65 rating means that the lights are completely dust-tight and can also handle the spray from a 6.3mm water nozzle from any direction with no harmful Many professional growers are now incorporating effects. supplemental LED bar lights into their flowering rooms as well. Their tremendous versatility makes them a great option for vertical farming, greenhouses, and providing supplemental light for under-canopy growth. The X-Series bar lights can be hung horizontally and vertically, which makes them a great solution for vertical racking systems, seedlings, dedicated veg rooms, and even vertical grow towers. Commercial facilities running HPS lighting have begun to use X-Series flowerspectrum bars as supplemental lighting. The extra wattage helps to boost yields, while the targeted flower spectrum boosts terpene production and potency during the flowering For Commercial and Home Growers: stage. While traditional HPS grow lights have long been the A large percentage of commercial growers are switching their veg rooms to 100% LED grow lights due to the targeted spectrum and tremendous cost-savings LED grow lights provide. The vegetative spectrum of Kind LED’s single-sided and double-sided X-Series bar lights considerably speeds up growth times and provides lush growth, and strong, healthy roots.

Kind LED K5 WiFi XL1000


In addition, the X Series is ETL Listed, meaning it complies with made a name for themselves as one of the best LED grow light North American safety standards. companies on the market today, being honored by High Times magazine with their S.T.A.S.H. Gear of the Year four times since Simply due to the tremendous versatility of these bar lights, 2014. we believe the X-Series absolutely belongs on the list of grow tech to keep your eyes on in 2020. We can’t imagine an indoor Kind LED’s reputation for quality combined with the added cultivation environment that would not benefit in some way convenience of wireless control makes this an easy choice for from the versatility and targeted spectrum of these lights. one of the products to keep your eyes on in 2020. More than half of the people in the United States own some sort of “smart home” device, so it’s no surprise that such devices are finally starting to emerge in the cultivation market. Kind LED Grow Lights recently launched the new K5 WiFi XL1000, a significant update to its award-winning K5 XL1000 fixture. A newly integrated on-board computer with a wireless command center, an easy-to-read LCD interface, and amplified UV diodes makes this an ideal solution for growers from beginner professionals, and a must for retailer’s shelves. And it has to be said, the sleek gray paint job looks pretty great as well. The all-new web-based Kind Command Center gives growers the ability to set their timers and light spectrum for multiple grow lights from the convenience of a computer or mobile device, eliminating the need to manually program individual lights or rely on third-party controller devices. The Command Center also offers a large menu of preprogrammed lighting schedules from seedling to late flowering stages, incorporating sunrise and sunset intensity changes to mimic mother nature and increase overall plant health. Growers also have the ability to customize and save their own timers and lighting recipes based on the unique needs of their plants.

Liquid nutrients have reigned supreme in the home grow market for a long time; however growers in the commercial space have been transitioning to powdered nutrients because of the cost-effectiveness and ease of use, and home growers have begun to follow suit as well. Due to the difficulty in combining essential macro and micronutrients, most nutrient companies package them separately, forcing a grower to buy as many as a dozen separate products in order to obtain all of the nutrients cannabis plants need throughout their lifecycle. Liquid nutrient programs can often be complicated and bulky, due mostly to the abundance of plain water included in every mix. A relative newcomer in the nutrient market, Lotus Nutrients blends all the essential nutrients into a simple three-part system formulated by medical growers and specifically designed for medicinal plants. Their water-soluble powdered nutrients are quickly becoming a preferred choice for commercial agriculture and a great solution for new home growers, and work in both hydroponic and soil growth environments.

Lotus Nutrients was founded by a team of Northern California growers, scientists, and horticulturists with decades of cultivation experience. Frustrated The K5 WiFi greatly amplifies quality and potency, with with the glut of enhanced UV diodes to increase terpene and flavor profiles. The proven 12-band spectrum significantly increases flower density and harvest weight with re-calibrated secondary optical lenses that focus light intensity and deliver up to 200% greater canopy penetration. The K5 WiFi XL1000 is a 630w fixture but provides all the power of a 1,000w HPS fixture. Kind’s 12-band spectrum ensures that all of the light being produced by the fixture is actually absorbed by the plant, and not wasted and turned into heat. LED grow lights have become considerably more common in both commercial facilities and home grows because of the tremendous benefits of growing with LED technology. LED grow lights require 40-50% less electricity to operate than their HPS counterparts, and can completely eliminate the need for additional AC and cooling infrastructure. This reduces both cost and carbon footprint. Top-performing fixtures like those from Kind LED are even able to achieve this while increasing harvest quality and without sacrificing yield. Additionally, while traditional grow lights typically carry a 5,000-hour lifespan, LED technology remains highly effective up to a whopping 100,000 hours. It’s also been proven that the targeted spectrum provided by Kind LED fixtures significantly increase trichome production, increasing terpenes by up to 80% and providing improved potency. Kind LED Grow Lights was established in 2013 and quickly

overly complicated liquid nutrients on the market, they united with one goal—to create the benchmark for pure medicinalgrade plant nutrients. Specially formulated for medicinal plants, Lotus Nutrients are comprised of 15 unique, raw, natural ingredients including 13 essential macro and microelements as well as raw materials in seaweed plant extract, humalite, and plant protein hydrolysate. Lotus Pro Series Nutrients feature a simplified 3-part powderbased formula that promises to outperform any 8, 9 or 10 part liquid recipe. The naturally formulated recipe is also dust-free, 100 percent water-soluble, dye-free and anti-caking, with no fillers.

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Lotus Grow aids in producing thick stems, tight internodal spacing, dense canopy development, and massive roots, while Bloom is designed to trigger rapid on-set of flowering by providing plants with all necessary components needed for strong development. Finally, Boost is the turbo-charged secret weapon that leads to unsurpassed size and density of flowers while maximizing oil production for increased potency and taste. Lotus powdered nutrients are absolutely something to consider for commercial facilities, and something retailers should be stocking on their shelves. While liquid nutrients have dominated the market for a considerable time, they can be needlessly bulky and complicated, and growers are getting tired of spending money on nutrient systems that are largely made up of plain ol’ water. For Everyone:

Lotus Premium Nutrients

For more information visit cbdhemptradeshows.com

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