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The BB Team


The Design Experience


CREATIVE DIRECTOR'S NOTE We're so excited that you're exploring Bourbon & Bloom for your wedding! Our philosophy is quite simple; we believe that your wedding should tell your story. Trends are exciting and Pinterest is a fun tool, but neither are unique. You're not like anyone else, so why should your wedding be?

We take time getting to know you; how you two met, what things you love to do together, even where you shop and how you decorate your house! We take all of those amazing details that make up your relationship and we find ways to convey them through strategic design and intentionally curated elements. When guests walk into your wedding we want them saying "this feels like them!"

C A I T Our couples tend to be a little bit unconventional and wildhearted, caring more about meaningful details than the latest trends. Our couples value design and want to invest in sensory elements to create the ultimate wedding experience. If you're looking for an uncompromising experience with exceptional quality, care and attention to detail then you're in the right place. PAGE 2

For the couple that wants to go completely out of the box, our carte blanche experience finds ways of turning the never-been-done into a reality. From abandoning custom wedding formats to creating venues completely from scratch, this service is for the ambitious and daring who are committed to investing in an unprecedented experience.

INCLUSIONS Unprecedented design Budget management Extended vendor sourcing Extended on site set-up Rehearsal coordination Full wedding day coverage $6,300 +hst

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For the couple who wants the ultimate in luxury, our full planning experience is guaranteed to be the best decision you make for your wedding. By offering a limited number of full planning contracts, our Creative Director is able to work directly with each couple, ensuring an uncompromising commitment to quality.

INCLUSIONS Budget management Custom tailored design Standard vendor sourcing On site set-up Rehearsal coordination 12 hours wedding day coverage $4,700 +hst

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For couples with exclusive taste and high end style, our designs have quickly become our most sought after service. Paired with our Final Takeover coverage, the Design Plus service is the best of both worlds, giving you our custom tailored designs and finishing off with a full coordination takover in the final month.

INCLUSIONS Custom tailored design Aesthetic vendor sourcing Exclusive planning dashboard access Month of wedding takeover Rehearsal coordination 10 hours wedding day coverage $2,700 +hst

design plus PAGE 5

For the couple who is ready to relax and enjoy the ride, our Final Takeover allows you to let go of those planning stresses and last minute details. Our exclusive coordination tools and our attention to detail mean that your wedding will be a flawless masterpiece of everything you envisioned.

INCLUSIONS Exclusive planning dashboard access Month of wedding takeover Vendor coordination Final confirmations Rehearsal coordination 10 hours wedding day coverage $1,600 +hst

final takeover


REBLOOMED: WHERE SUSTAINABLE MEETS COMMUNITY The idea of throwing away beautiful flowers after only a few hours of use is heartbreaking. Even more so when you think about the economical impact of all those wasted blooms. At our very first wedding back in 2016 there were boxes upon boxes of beautiful flowers that our couple wasn't able to take home, so, we freshened them up and brought them to our local retirement center. The residents went full heart eyes for them and reBloomed was born. Four years later we've made dozens of reBloomed deliveries in different areas of the city, giving the flowers new life and spreading a little extra wedding joy. Some retirement centers pepper the common areas with the arrangements while others the residents getting crafty making their own mini arrangements. Our little passion project has grown so much over the years and we are thrilled to see other wedding planners now joining in on the fun, repurposing flowers from their own clients' weddings!



The BB Team is made up of Owner and Creative Director, Cait, two Lead Coordinators, Saira and Holly, two assistant coordinators, Mercedes and Chloe, and our brand new intern, Cassandra. Every member of the team started as students of the Event Management program, so each have been rigorously trained in all aspects of events from learning to work independently and as a team, creating fundraising events with a zero dollar budget, identifying logistics and risk management elements, all the way to flawlessly executing events. From there each member started out as interns at Bourbon & Bloom and underwent new training under Cait's direction, to ensure the quality, excellence and attention to detail that Bourbon & Bloom is renowned for. When the internships concluded, the best of the best were promoted into continuing roles with the team. With a collective involvement, over the past four years, our team has orchestrated more than fifty events from weddings to surprise proposals and baby showers! Our most important role, though, is as your new best friend. We become a close confidant, a trusted advisor, and a sympathetic ear. Our entire job is to have your back and anticipate your needs. Not only are we taking care of all those planning details and bringing your vision to life, but we're also running interference from your mother in law, holding your hand when nerves get the best of you, bringing your favourite drink so you don't have to wait in line, bustling your dress when you get tired of that long train, and finding your comfy shoes for the dance party. We. Are. Here. For. You.


the design experience We do things a little - okay, a lot - differently than most designers. While our competitors are busy on Pinterest and reading magazines to find out what the latest trends are, we're sitting in a coffee shop with you finding out what your latest "trends" are. And by trends, we mean what you two have been up to in your spare time, where you're shopping for home decor and what kind of travel plans you've got. Because, to be perfectly honest, we don't care what the world is telling us are the coolest things to have at weddings this year. We care about telling your story. So, we're sitting in a coffee shop together sipping cappuccinos, laughing and having a nice casual chat, and this is where all the gold is. Sure, we're going to ask you what you're picturing for your wedding, what colours you're thinking about, and all those important details; but the casual chat is where all the great little tidbits about your relationship and personalities comes up. We have become masters at taking those little tidbits and finding ways to turn them into design elements that become beautiful little sensory storytellers. And those little storytellers; those are the things that make your guests walk into your wedding saying, "This is so them.".


Once we've gathered all of our design intel, we set to work creating custom design proposals specifically tailored to your details. We go as far as isolating hex code colours from your favourite bouquet just to custom blend the perfect colour palette for you. We take your wild travel adventure engagement story and turn it into a conceptual aesthetic. We spend hours researching to find the perfect inspiration and we

"One word.... LOVE. You nailed it girl!!!!! Honestly so so so fired up about this design. It's exactly what I had in mind. You're such a genius!" - AMANDA B. 2019

obsess over the tiny details to create things you didn't even know could exist outside of your imagination. We design two to three initial aesthetic concepts for you and refine your selected proposal until it is absolutely perfect. We then create an in depth design breaking down and fully exploring each element that we are proposing to help bring this design to life for you. From the thickness of your stationery paper, to the breed of flowers in your bouquet; every detail is thoughtfully curated to help tell your story. This in depth design is unique to Bourbon & Bloom and, when it comes to your aesthetic vendors, it is the best thing that sets us apart from other designers. This document takes all of the guess work out of their jobs because it gives them instant, unfiltered access into your imagination. Rather than countless emails and meetings that leave you feeling overwhelmed because you didn't know how to communicate your vision, you get to enjoy a single visionary meeting and then relax while the creative makers draft your masterpieces.


Now comes the really fun part. It’s the day you've been dreaming of, probably since you were a little kid. The day you marry your best friend and let your closest friends and family in on a little piece of your beautiful story. You're sipping bubbly, laughing with your bridal party and slipping into an iconic piece of fashion. Meanwhile, we're behind the scenes turning those glimmers of dream into astounding reality. We’re overseeing the production of all of your aesthetic vendors, ensuring that each little detail is exactly as it should be.

We’re setting out all of your personal décor, straightening place cards and checking silverware. We are making exceptional magic so that when you walk into that room for the first time and see your story unfolding in a glamorous dance of sensory details, it will take your breath away and leave you feeling almost as amazing as when you said “I do.”

"I was brought to tears when Cait showed me our ballroom" - MARISSA H. 2018




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Bourbon & Bloom Wedding Guide  

An introduction into Bourbom & Bloom - our services and our team, the client experience and our involvement in the community.

Bourbon & Bloom Wedding Guide  

An introduction into Bourbom & Bloom - our services and our team, the client experience and our involvement in the community.