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The Secret to Making Resolutions You Actually Need SUSIE MOORE

Comprehensive Tools How to Sort Your Life Out for the New Year SOULAIMA GOURANI




How to Sell on Instagram MARLEY BAIRD

Chem or Com -Trails Who Cares? MICHELLE WINDER



anuary is the month of celebration for the new year’s resolutions, it is a perfect opportunity for all those who have failed the year before to start making the changes for this new year that is here. As featured on the cover is Dr. David Friedman who is the quintessential poster child of influential people. From teacher, doctor, best-selling author, keynote speaker, syndicated TV, and radio host, to successful entrepreneur, he’s done it all! As you cruise through the pages in this issue you will find yourself motivated by the stories and articles from our contributing writers and a couple of people who are rising to the top of their fields because of their dedication, work ethics, kindness, leadership, and the endless number of hours they have given to help educate others with their articles. We at Influential People Magazine trust that you will be able to enjoy all of our articles from our powerful writers and advertisers, it is there to help you with the mental tools you would need for your life, career, business into one you love. I know you will enjoy reading it. I pray this issue of Influential People Magazine will inspire you to make a difference in everyone’s lives and in our community.

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Dr. Friedman’s radio career began in 1994 as host of “Healthy Solutions” which aired coast-to-coast on hundreds of FM/AM radio stations across the country. His first celebrity interview was Andy Griffith, who rarely granted interviews. He told Dr. Friedman on the air, “You’ve got some big shoes to fill. The last person I let interview me was Larry King!” While Dr. Friedman didn’t come close to filling the shoes of the King of talk radio, the interview was a massive success! Dr. Friedman and Andy enjoyed a casual and relaxed conversation as if two friends were sitting in the living room sharing a cup of coffee. After being inundated with requests for a copy of the interview, it was made available on cassette tape (this was long before MP3s and podcasts.) Over 45,000 copies were sold! “Healthy Solutions” aired in syndication for 10 years.




Our Interview With One of The Top 10 Influential Health Radio/TV Show Host


6 New Year’s ReSOLUTIONS Every Professional Needs


Why Do New Year Resolutions Fail? YORAM BALTINESTER


20 26

The Importance of Keep Reaching Out to People Part 6




How to Overcome Workplace Bullies




3 Ways Personal Healing Makes You A Better Leader MELISSA HULL


Master the Art of Creating Influence Through Trust With These 7 Tips BEN BAKER


Comprehensive Tools How to Sort Your Life Out For the New Year SOULAIMA GOURANI


How to Sell on Instagram What you Need to Know About Your Spinal Cord DR CHRIS MORRONE


Chem or Com- Trails Who Cares MICHELLE WINDER


Secret to Making Resolutions You Actually Need SUSIE MOORE



W elcome to the world of influential people. From social media, business, health/fitness to

transformational leaders like self-help gurus, educators, authors, speakers, artists, coaches, trainers, and mentors all are heroes too often invisible heroes. All are visionaries coming forward to bring a message of hope and possibilities and developing a platform for creativity and excellence. Our definition of an influential person is someone who chooses to impact those around them for the better, someone who encourages people to think beyond their own life so that they will aspire to inspire others. Influence is not enforced but gently led by personal example and. education. While big media would convince us that the world’s influencers are all on the ‘main’ stage we at Influential People Magazine disagree. Yes, we may read a book or see someone in a news report, but those people are too distant from our own sphere to make them relatable. We know, it is those in our communities who truly influence us, who teach us and inspire us, not by one deed but by how we see them live. The team at Influential People believes passionately in spreading that message and understands the need to provide exposure for people on a local level. We work hard to provide a forum for coaches, mentors, authors, writers, trainers, speakers, business owners, entrepreneurs, photographers, event producers, health & wellness practitioners, teachers, icons, heroes. We consider these people to be leaders whose voice and a story has still to be told to the world. Influential People Magazine is known as a place for emerging Influencers. Will you be one or will you find your next mentor in our pages? Join us to find out. INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE MAGAZINE 5

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3 is Enough is an organization that is committed to helping you accomplish your goals, building your dreams and ambitions by helping you discover you. You, the person you were uniquely designed to be from the beginning of time, but for some reason, you charted off course or maybe someone told you, you’d never be able to do what you know you were designed to do. Through one on one spiritual advisement, or mentorship/leader development, or through conferences/seminars, 3 is Enough encourages you to connect to your source of strength the One True God, the I Am that I AM to help you accomplish and overcome life’s challenges. 3 is Enough is designed for everyone. Edie Darling’s unique approach teaches you to love yourself and others beyond boarders, to help you see yourself as God see’s you, through the eyes of love.

Contributing Writer: Soulaima Gourani Speaker, Author, Investor, Advisor, Life Leadership & Design Coach FB: @soulaimagourani/ INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE MAGAZINE 7


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Copyrighted by Dr. David Friedman

Dr. David Friedman is the quintessen-

IPM: With all your overachievements and expertise in so many fields,

tial poster child of influential people.

and you still remain a full-time student?

From teacher, doctor, best-selling author, keynote speaker, syndicated TV, and radio host, to successful entrepreneur, he’s done it all!


Friedman’s education includes Doctor of Naturopathy, Clinical Nutritionist and Chiropractic Neurologist. Friedman also received a post-doctorate certification from Harvard Medical School, is a Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner, and is Board Certified in Integrative Medicine. He’s a former teacher of neurology, author of a college textbook on neuroanatomy, and a contributing writer for a plethora of leading magazines including U.S News & World Report, Newsweek, Readers Digest, Better Nutrition, AARP Magazine, and Woman's Word, just to name a few. His multiple award-winning, #1 national best-selling book, Food Sanity, how to eat in a world of fads and fiction, has created a paradigm shift on how people look at the food they eat. Dr. Friedman's list of clients has included many top celebrities like John Travolta, Jenny McCarthy, Jamie Lee Curtis, Anthony Hopkins, Val Kilmer,

Dr. Friedman: “I’m always learning, growing in my quest to help others attain their optimal health. More than half of everything I learned in college is obsolete today. The textbook all doctors learn from is called Gray's Anatomy. It is now in its 41st edition. That means the doctors that learned from the first 40 versions were taught outdated information by today’s standards. On my radio show, I get to interview world-renowned doctors, authors, and scientists. I remember one day interviewing Dr. Earl Mindell, author of The Vitamin Bible. This book was published 35 years ago and remains the #1 best-selling nutrition books in history.


did ask Dr. Mindell how much of his original book is considered obsolete today? His answer was quite a shocker. He told my listeners that 100% of all the information he published in his original book is considered outdated today. The recommended daily allowance for vitamins changes every three-five years; so, a lot of what nutritionists recommended to their patients in 2010 is now considered wrong information. To stay up to date with our ever-changing world, I remain a full-time student.”


At the heart of everything, the fundamental belief is that

healthcare is going in the wrong direction?

and Paul Newman, to name a few. Many fly across the country to see

Dr. Friedman: “Why it’s called healthcare is beyond me.” “The medical

him because they trust no one else.

As the health expert for Lifetime

profession primarily focuses on sick care. It’s not about preventing dis-

Television’s syndicated morning show and host of To Your Good Health

ease; it’s about treating it. To me, that’s like a mechanic telling you to

Radio, millions of people have enjoyed his weekly, cutting-edge solutions

bring in your car after you see the engine smoking. Most people under-

to everyday health and wellness issues. He’s been a guest on over a hun-

stand the importance of getting an oil change, rotating their car’s tires

dred syndicated radio and television shows and his bestselling CD, Ameri-

and having it tuned up. In fact, every car comes with a factory recom-

ca’s Unbalanced Diet, has sold over a million copies, helping to raise

mended maintenance service manual. Why don’t we have one for our

awareness about the unhealthy food people are consuming. Add to his


amazing resume, CEO and product formulator for an international nutrition company and it begs the question, how can he possibly accomplish all of this in one lifetime? I got a chance to ask him that question and dig a little deeper into the disciplined mindset of this extraordinary person.

IPM: What do you feel is the biggest detriment currently facing our nation’s health challenges?

Dr. Friedman: “Hypocrites, the father of medicine, said ‘Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’ Today, the pharmaceutical industry is king,


I am curious to ask you what road that

and doctors are taught not to think outside

lead you to where you are today, where it looks

the pillbox. The sad reality is, there’s no

like you are inside a bowl of spaghetti?

profit in herbs, nutrition or food, so the

Dr. Friedman: “I never applied myself in high

multibillion-dollar drug industry belittles

school. If I wasn’t cutting class or doodling on

the positive clinical research on natural

the desk while in detention, I was spending my

medicine. Instead, we are inundated with

time playing the drums. My dream was to be a

prescription drugs for whatever ails us.

rock star and, in my mind, sitting in a classroom

There are pills to help us sleep better, to

learning about history and math was a giant

help us wake up, to poop more, to poop

waste of my time!

None of my high school

less, to help improve our erection and

teachers would have ever imagined I’d go from

drugs to help increase our concentration.

a long-haired rock-n-roller, wearing leather

Unfortunately, even our food supply has

pants and an earring, to a clean-cut, cum laude

become tainted with billions of dollars’

graduate doctor wearing a suit and tie! It just

worth of antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides.

goes to show you; sometimes boarding the wrong train in life can still lead you to the right destination.”

The reality is, the FOOD industry

cares nothing about health and the HEALTH industry cares nothing about food.”


This is what lead me to spend over 6 years researching and writing my

prevent disease.”

award-winning, #1 bestselling book Food Sanity, How to Eat in a World

IPM: With all your accolades, what do you feel is the secret to your suc-

of Fads and Fiction. “I wrote Food Sanity after the two decades of frustration I endured as a


syndicated TV and radio health expert. I’ve

Dr. Friedman: “As cliché as it sounds, never give up!” “If you have a

interviewed hundreds of scientists, doctors and

passion for something, you’ll always have naysayers trying to derail you.

best-selling authors with the goal of sharing

People laughed at Steve Jobs when he said he wanted to create a com-

information to help my audience reach their

puter so tiny it could be held in the palm of your hand and also be used

optimal health. Unfortunately, that’s not what

as a telephone. Because of his perseverance, the majority of us own a

happened. Instead, every guest would contra-

smartphone. The Beatles were turned down by 27 record labels. They

dict the previous expert, leaving everyone,

were told they didn’t have the look or the sound to be successful musi-

including me, more confused. From proponents

cians. One record company laughed and said, ‘No one would ever buy

of a Vegan, Paleo, the Mediterranean to a Gluten Free and Low Carb

records from a band named after an insect.’ Because the Beatles didn’t

Diet, the opinions are as different as night and day.

listen to their critics, they prevailed and became the most successful

For decades we were told to eat oatmeal because it helps balance

band in music history.”

blood sugar. Now we're told to avoid grains because they spike our blood

“I spent over 6 years interviewing doctors and scientists for Food Sani-

sugar! Coffee used to be considered unhealthy and today, we’re told it

ty and reviewed over a thousand scientific studies. My book has received

helps prevent disease. Eggs used to cause high cholesterol. The latest

endorsements from 35 famous celebrities and respected authors includ-

research shows that eggs contain lecithin which helps lower cholesterol.

ing Suzanne Somers, Dan Aykroyd, Denise Austin, Jack Canfield (Chicken

In the 1980s and ’90s, butter made us fat and we were told to avoid it.

Soup for the Soul,) and Harvey Diamond (Fit for Life.) However, none of

Now there’s a popular diet called ‘bulletproof,’ which advocates putting

that mattered because publishers weren’t interested in Food Sanity. In

butter in our coffee to help us lose weight. After growing frustrated with

fact, my book was originally turned down by 45 agents and 50 publishers!

so many conflicting opinions, I wrote Food Sanity. It breaks through all

Through perseverance and never taking ‘no’ for an answer, Food Sani-

the facts, fads and fiction and finally answers

ty became a #1 national best-seller. It holds the

the big question, what are we supposed to

honor of winning six first place literary awards


including the prestigious International Book

IPM: With so many foods and diet books on

Awards, beating out over 2,000 entrees from

the market, what makes your book different?

around the world. Food Sanity became a #1 Barnes and Noble best-seller and a featured “top

Dr. Friedman: “In Food Sanity, I use a com-

pick” in their health category. Had I listened to

mon science meets common sense approach

my naysayers and given up, I wouldn’t be where I

to figuring out the culinary conundrum. Un-

am today. The secret to being successful is, no

fortunately, we can’t solely rely on scientific

matter what, NEVER give up! If someone tells you

studies because those can change, sometimes

no, that just means they aren’t the right fit and


simply aren’t worthy of being part of your jour-

Plus, many of them are BUYased

[spelling emphasized,] meaning they are


bought and paid for. PLOS Medical Journal did

IPM: With all the milestones you have reached, I

an interesting study on the correlation between the funding source and the re-

am curious to know what is your proudest mo-

searcher’s conclusion. They analyzed 206 sci-


entific studies and looked at the relationship between the findings and

Dr. Friedman: “That’s a tough one to answer. I would probably say in-

the group conducting the research.

terviewing Andy Griffith for the feature cover story for Today’s Chiroprac-

The results of this study were staggering! When the group conducting

tic Magazine, commemorating the profession’s 100th anniversary. What

the research had a vested financial interest in the outcome, the results

makes this such a defining moment for me is, I visualized it taking place

were eight times more favorable than when the group conducting the

two years before Andy Griffith became my patient. There are so many

research was an independent third party. As the saying goes, ‘He who

successful people that give visualizing the credit for their success.

pays the piper calls the tune.’ I wrote Food Sanity to help decipher

A reporter once asked Hank Aaron, home run hall of fame inductee,

through all the conflicting information we are being bombarded with and

what is his secret to hitting so many home runs? He replied, ‘Before I

I share how to make our own educated choices. I also tap into our in-

walk up to the plate, I visualize hitting that home run.’

stincts and how to rely on what your gut is telling you. Then I explore

thing in your mind’s eye can have a profound effect on whether or not it

human biology and see if we are designed to eat a specific food. When

comes to fruition.”

you combine common science, common sense and biology, you have a full proof blueprint that shows you the best way to eat, lose weight and


Seeing some-

“When it was announced in 2003 that Matlock would be filming in my city, I told my office manager, ‘2005 is the 100th anniversary of chiropractic and I’m going to interview Andy Griffith for Today’s Chiropractic Magazine’s cover feature, commemorating the profession.’


laughed at me and said, ‘Matlock hasn’t set up production yet, and he’s not even a patient. He may not even be receptive to seeing a chiropractor, yet you already have him on the cover a magazine honoring chiropractic’s 100th anniversary?’

I replied, ‘You bet! It’s going to happen

because I’m picturing it in my mind’s eye. In fact, I’ll tell you what the cover of the magazine will look like. She laughed and played along, ‘Okay, what’s the cover going to look like?’ I told her, ‘Andy is going to have on his Matlock suit sitting in a chair with a blue background.’ She called me a crazy dreamer. Six months later, Matlock started production and I was treating several members of the cast and crew including the set hairdresser, makeup artist, and assistant director. The season ended. In 2004, Matlock re-

and he declined.’ Yet another needle popping my bubble. There was absolutely no way Andy would grant me an interview knowing what I just heard. Fast-forward to the end of 2004 and Matlock was about to wrap up the season. I decided to take a risk and ask him. The worst that could happen is I would get a no. Andy replied, ‘I can’t believe I’m gonna say this because I don’t normally do interviews but let’s do it! I’ve felt so great coming to see you and I feel bad for badmouthing the profession and I want to make it up to you guys. What do you need from me?’ I smiled from ear to ear and told him I just needed an hour of his time for the interview and a promotional photo for the cover. He told me, ‘I’ll have production get one to you this week!’ Ten days later, I received an envelope from the Matlock production coordinator. I opened it and there was a photo of Andy Griffith sitting in a chair with a blue background… exactly how I visualized it years prior!”

turned and because of the great care I was giving cast and crew members

IPM: As a health expert for Life-

from the previous season, I was now seeing the director, producer and all

time Television’s morning show,

the supporting actors of the series. I asked Frank Thackery, Matlock’s

you have interviewed celebrities

director, why Andy wasn’t coming in to see me” He replied, ‘Oh, Andy

and famous authors and shared

laughs at all of us for coming to see you. He is not a fan of chiropractic

many revealing topics on health

and thinks you guys are quacks! He went to someone 40 years ago and

and diet. I was curious to know,

didn’t have a good experience.’ Hearing this should have shattered my

which was your favorite segment?

dream. After all, how would someone hating the profession ever consider

Dr. Friedman: “It would definite-

endorsing it on a national magazine cover?

ly be my cutting-edge feature I did

One night I was watching Matlock and I noticed a scene where Andy

on the dangers of artificial sweet-

looked like he was in pain. I could see how he was guarding his back

eners. Back then, no one knew

when he turned. I told Frank Thackery during his next appointment that

they contained chemicals that

I could tell Andy was suffering.

caused disease and contributed to

A couple hours later the phone rang at

my office. It was Andy Griffith. He told my assistant, ‘Dr. Friedman said

weight gain. I was the first person

he could tell I was in pain during a scene that aired last night. I am in pain

to go on national television and expose this not so sweet truth. It ended

and if my acting is no longer able to cover it up, I need to come in and see

up being a two-part feature on the health risks of consuming artificial

Dr. Friedman and get it fixed.’ When my office manager came to tell me

sweeteners. America spends $25 billion on diet soft drinks. People drink

Andy made an appointment, I said, ‘See, the dream is coming true!’ She

them to keep from gaining weight, yet these diet drinks contain chemical

laughed and said, ‘He’s not even a patient yet and isn’t a fan of chiroprac-

sweeteners that stimulate appetite and contribute to obesity. A study at

tic. There’s no way Andy is endorsing the profession on a magazine cov-

the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio found that


participants, who drink diet soft drinks containing artificial sweeteners,

Friedman continues, “Andy came to see me later that day and I gave

increase their risk of obesity by 41 percent for every soft drink they con-

him his first treatment. He left my office with the biggest smile on his

sume. These sugar alternatives are formulated with an array of toxic

face. Frank came in the following day and told me Andy was so happy,

chemicals that lead to imbalances in the body and have been linked to

he was whistling after he returned to

ailments like depression, arthritis,

the set.

Alzheimer’s disease, and even

The following day Andy

referred his wife Cindy to see me.


During one of her appointments, I

“Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s

asked if Andy ever did magazine

disease has been linked to his diet-

article interviews? She said, ‘Oh no,

soft-drink consumption and I want-

he will never do them! He was mis-

ed to include this in my feature.

quoted once, and it didn’t show him

However, after the legal team at

in a positive light. He vowed to nev-

Lifetime Television reviewed the

er do another interview again.


script, they excluded that part of

fact, People magazine once offered

the segment. They were con-

him six figures to do a cover feature

cerned there just wasn’t enough


proof, and, of course, that meant possible legal repercussions. I refused

about the need for calcium in milk?

to sit back and allow such an important part of this feature get the ax. I

Dr. Friedman: “People have been misinformed about milk’s ability to

forwarded the powers that be a plethora of evidence, including compelling research conducted by James Bowen, M.D., and Arthur M. Evangelista, former FDA investigator, showing aspartame is a powerful neurotoxin. I included “Evidence File #6: Aspartame & Parkinson’s Disease” submitted by Mark D. Gold with the Aspartame Toxicity Information Center. After reviewing this research and more, I was given the thumbs up by

help make bones strong. Milk does contain calcium; however, before it goes to the grocery store, it’s pasteurized, meaning it’s been exposed to extreme heat. This heating process is required to destroy bacteria, but it also renders a lot of milk’s calcium content insoluble. It’s destroyed during the manufacturing process.”

the legal team at Lifetime and my segment aired to rave reviews. I re-

IPM: If drinking raw unpasteurized milk would solve this problem?

ceived over a thousand letters from happy viewers that got off artificial

Dr. Friedman: “It still wouldn’t give you enough magnesium needed for

sweeteners following my segment. Many of them said they felt better,

the body to absorb the calcium. The calcium to magnesium ratio in cow’s

could think better, sleep better and could finally lose those unwanted

milk is 9 to 1 (90 percent calcium/10 percent magnesium). Most experts


agree we need a ratio of 1 to 1 (50 percent calcium/50 percent magnesi-

IPM: With so many food myths debunk in your book Food Sanity, what

um) for bone growth. When you look at plants, you can attain the per-

is the biggest misconception when it comes to food?

fect balanced ratio of calcium and magnesium. Sources like almonds,

Dr. Friedman: “The biggest food myth is the belief that cow’s milk does a body good.” Friedman explains, “We are taught as children if we want to grow up big and strong, we need to drink milk. Yet children that drink milk get more chronic ear infec-

tions, have more aller-

squash, sesame seeds, and spinach offer almost a perfect 1 to 1 ratio of calcium to magnesium. These ratios allow the two bone-building partners calcium and magnesium to do their job.”

IPM: What about drinking milk for its protein content?

gies, are more likely to be

Dr. Friedman: “A major reason why cow’s milk is bad for us it is because

overweight, and are at

of a protein it contains called casein. Casein from cow’s milk is also used

greater risk of diabe-

to make glue to hold together wood (think of the cow logo on Elmer’s

tes. Despite decades

Glue.) When you ingest casein, a glue-like substance in milk, your body

of government and

attacks it by producing histamines, which cause mucus production that

industry propaganda

can lead to bronchitis, allergies, asthma, sinus and ear infections, irritable

about the health ben-

bowel syndrome, and diarrhea.

efits of dairy products, unbiased science proves that cow’s milk is not healthy for humans.”

IPM: What

Numerous studies, including data from the World Health Organization (WHO), have also linked consumption of casein with an increased risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, and type 1 diabetes. Keep in mind, casein is what makes a 100-pound baby calf grow into a 2,000-pound cow. The average human baby weighs less than 8 pounds and grows into a 170 -pound adult. Just like we wouldn’t use rocket fuel in the gas tank of a moped, we shouldn’t use gargantuan-size cow fuel inside our human body. There are so many delicious and healthy, dairy-free alternatives available like cashew milk, almond milk, hemp milk, and coconut milk.”

IPM: With all the work-related things you juggle with, I wondered if there is anything you do for fun?

Dr. Friedman: “Yes, while my high school dream of being a professional musician never came true, I still play the drums regularly and it’s my true escape away from work. I’m particularly fond of an instrument called the hand pan. This metal percussion instrument which has the shape of a UFO originated in Switzerland in the ’80s. Its rich overtones have an ethereal and hypnotic sound that emanates in all directions and captivates listeners.”

To learn more about Dr. Friedman visit His book Food Sanity, How to Eat in a World of Fads and Fiction is available everywhere books or sold, or you can visit You can follow Dr. Friedman on Facebook and Twitter @DrDavidFriedman and on Instagram @DrDFriedman.


Dr. David Friedman is an award-winning, #1 national bestselling author, Doctor of Naturopathy, Clinical Nutritionist and Chiropractic Neurologist. He received post-doctorate certification from Harvard Medical School, is Board Certified in Integrative Medicine, a registered Naturopathic Diplomate and is a Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner. He’s been featured in many national magazines including: Newsweek, U.S News & World Report, Readers Digest, AARP Magazine, Woman’s World and Better Nutrition, just to name a few He’s appeared on over a hundred syndicated radio and television shows. His list of clients have included many top celebrities like John Travolta, Jenny McCarthy, Jamie Lee Curtis, Val Kilmer, and Patrick Swayze, etc. As the health expert for Lifetime Television’s syndicated morning show and host of “To Your Good Health Radio,” millions of people have enjoyed his weekly, cutting-edge features, offering solutions to everyday health and wellness issues.

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righted by Merdith PowYou’ve had a great holiday, lots of wonderful time with family and friends and now it is time to hit the ground running. Time to think about what you want to get out of 2019, and what you wish to the new year to bring. While you’re busy focusing on your personal New Year’s Resolutions, we’ve got you covered on the business front. The tips and trends you need to know and be thinking about as you set your business strategy.

with you. Prospects will verify you before they do business w Meaning they will ask your existing customers, they will go and read reviews, and they will look at your ratings. You make sure your current customers are saying what you need say, that inspires your prospects to give you a second look. 3.

6 ReSOLUTIONS to Make 2019 Your Best Year on Record! 1.


Get Out in Front – of the traditional sales process. Understand that in today’s economy the sales process starts without you. How your customers and prospects gain information and make decisions has changed. Right now, they are Googling, reading articles, and talking to your current customers. Moreover, they’re using that information to decide whether to move forward or not in the sales process. If they’re actively looking for information, and actively asking people for their opinion, if your name, your business is not coming up, then realize you’re not out in front of the sales process you are behind it. So, Get Out in Front and ensure your names, your business is smack in the path of where your best customers and prospects are looking!

Growth Happens Inside Out – want to grow your business in 2019? Sure, you do. Then focus first on your existing customers. But not like you have done it in prior years, this is customer experience on steroids. You have to add value to existing customer relationships at the level that inspires them to both buy more from you and tell others to do that same. The happier your customers are, the bettercareMAGAZINE of they are, the more they will tell others to do business 16 INFLUENTIALtaken PEOPLE

NO Barriers to Entry – you need to be so easy to do busine Understand that in this economy you’re lucky to have every c er or prospect you have. They have choices, the moment throw up a barrier, make it difficult to do business with you the moment they will move on. Now is the time to l at what it is like to do business with you from the tomer’s perspective. Are you sending them throug long phone tree? Are you asking irrelevant questio Asking them to fill out forms they don’t like, and don’t need? The easier you are to do business with, more business you will do.

4. Release Your Inner Gumby – how stretchy you? Can you go with the flow, and bend whiche way the market dictates? This year discover your in Gumby and be ready to flex your business plan w new opportunities arise, when new challenges or stacles appear, and when new competitors and pr ucts enter the market. Both entrepreneurs and te nology are changing the landscape of our industries at a ra pace. You need to be just as focused on what is happening side of your business as what is happening inside your comp Take the time, at least quarterly, to evaluate what is happen in your market – with customers, competitors, your industry technology. Also, ask yourself, what if anything, do I need change? Then turn on your inner Gumby to respond before marketplace forces you to. 5.

Don’t SCREW Up – consistency equals trust, and while yo working hard to provide fantastic customer service, you nee make sure that every member of your team is as passionate you are, and on the same page. For the customer experienc be exceptional, it needs to be consistent. When customers h the power, when they have the choice to get the same prod you sell somewhere else – well they are less forgiving. Take y


.Transactions Passé – When is the last time you called a customer outMeridith Elliott Powell is an awardwinning author, keynote speaker and busiof-the-blue with an idea? Called them with a plan to make their business strategist. With a background in corponess better or improve their life? If you’re just checking-in if your best rate sales and leadership, her career expands customers are calling you, or if your clients are coming to you with over several industries including banking, questions, then you’re not selling, you’re filling orders. You’re about to healthcare and finance. MerIdith worked her hand your best customers over to your competition. In today’s marway up from entry-level to earn her position ketplace, customers don’t need you to buy the product; they need in the C-Suite. She is a Master Certified Stratyou to add value. Transactional selling is a thing of the past. The egist, Executive Coach and Certified Speaking Professional, a designation held by less than worst thing that can happen to you is when a customer finds out twelve percent of professional speakers. She about a product you sell from someone else other than you. Make is Master Certified DISC Trainer and Coach, and has facilitated and 2019 the year you leave Transactional selling behind, and you start coached thousands in the program. adding real value to the customer relationship. She has a cutting-edge message, rooted in real-life examples and realworld knowledge. She is the author of four books, including Winning In Want to Learn More? The Trust & Value Economy (a finalist in the USA Best Book Awards) and her latest “Own It: Redefining Responsibility – Stories of Power, Freedom Then join us for a FREE webinar on January 31st at Noon EST. & Purpose about how to build cultures the inspire ownership at every We will dive deep into each one of these New Year’s ReSOLUTIONS giving level to create its at every turn. you the tools and information you need to make 2019 your best year. Voted one of the Top 15 Business Growth Experts to watch by Currency Fair, and one of the top 20 Sales Experts To Follow by inked In. Merid~Meridith Powell ith is regularly featured in publications such as Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., Investment News, and American Banker among others. High energy with you. FB: @meridith.powell Twitter - @meridithpowell and highly interactive, Meridith’s helps leaders and business owners learn o online Twitter - @meridithpowell the new rules of success today. How today’s economy has changed. How need to that has changed today’s customers and employees. And specifically how them to that affects your business. In her highly engaging keynote-speaking sessions, Meridith shows her audiences how to attract more business, retain top talent, and leap into position to win in this new economy. No walking ess with. on coals, no breaking boards, just real-life strategies you can put into customplace first thing Monday morning. you u, is look cusgh a ons? you , the

are ever nner when obrodechapid outpany. ning and d to e the

ou’re ed to e as ce to have duct your




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Keep Reaching Out Let’s take John. To be successful at all in any way, shape or form, you have to keep reaching out. It is the salesperson who must approach the potential customer.

His Vision is to be a key player in the social media-helps-businesses-get-

Otherwise, the customer will never know where to get that product. If

key-info-they-need type of company. He wants to be a key player in this

you did not know where a car dealership existed, and you could not find

industry. He gets an idea. He develops a rudimentary app to help people

one on the Internet, then you would be very happy to get a communica-

deal with social media, allow them to focus on the most relevant topics,

tion from a car salesperson to let you know how to get a vehicle, correct?

and to enable them to anchor their company information or pitch, along

You must reach out on a constant, never-tiring basis, to let the poten-

with what is hot. He calls it “Social-Eye.” John’s Purpose is to help com-

tial customer know who

panies position themselves with hot topics and to benefit from popular

you are, where you are,


and that you have what he

OK. he writes up his Purpose. To

or she needs. Frankly and




truly, the more consistently

Themselves with Hot Topics and

you reach out, the more

Benefit from Popular Trends.

sales you are going to get.

right. Now, what’s his Long-Term

There is actually an algo-


rithm here: the number of

Well, in about 3-5 years he wants to

people with whom you

get his application cemented in For-

speak to about your prod-

tune 1000 companies and with a

uct will result in some pro-

strong foothold in the US and Eu-

portion of sales. The dy-

rope. With his application in use for

namics of this equation are

his company, he can do that.


His Long-Term Objective is:

determined by the adherence to the procedures in this book. This point will shortly be covered

To gain a strong foothold in Fortune 1000 companies in the US and Eu-

from another angle.


You have heard it said that sales are a “numbers game,” which is true,

But it needs a little more. John realizes the objective has to tie in sales

but that is a shallow statement. There is so much more to it. A salesper-

of his product. He re-works it to read:

son, not knowing the procedures in this book, could make a thousand

Fortune 1000 Companies in the US and Europe Utilizing Social-Eye to

phone calls to potential prospects and make only one or no sales.

Benefit from Popular Trends.

“Reaching out” is a part of the hat of a successful person and cannot be overlooked. But it is not all that makes you great in your trade. There is a

There, that ties in sales, productivity, and income. Now he’s happy.

very important step to practice when you are “reaching out,” and that is

John writes up his Master Plan, including a section on Strategy and on the

to make a record of your new contacts.

Tactical actions he will accomplish to achieve his 3-5-year Objective. Next, John uses the Major Tactical Steps to work out his daily, weekly

Let’s Put This in Perspective Another Way


and monthly action list of Things-To-Do (Action List).

Next, John works on the Action List. He writes out a list of key actions

at the beginning of any group meetings.

he is going to accomplish on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, that is

in alignment with his Strategic and Tactical Plans.

company’s Vision, Purpose and Long-Term Objectives.

you made your decisions based upon the accomplishment of the

All right. Now, John is all set. He knows where he wants to go with

You would find yourself rising higher in the company hierarchy or

his Vision, he has his well-defined Purpose, a clear Long-Term Objec-

earning a lot more money from your position if you look at the compa-

tive, a well-written Master Plan that includes the Strategic and Tactical

ny’s Vision, Purpose and Long-Term Objectives on your own, and saw

Steps to take. And now, he has his Action List of what to accomplish by

that your weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual plans aligned with

day, week and month. By this John now has everything in place need-

that Vision, Purpose and Long-Term Objectives.

ed to accomplish his Long-Term-Objective.

You would find yourself not only being a great leader but rising high in influence and income, simply by adhering to these simple principles.

John takes on a temporary tech guy to help him work on Social-Eye features. John makes the new tech person read the Vision, Purpose, Long-Term Objective, Master Plan and Action List. Now they are in synch and working together for the common goal. Over time, John makes some sales and hires someone to administer part of Social-Eye for his own company, as well as clients. John has this new hire read the Vision, Purpose, Long-Term Objective, Master Plan and Action List. Now they are a group of three working together. Some work is outsourced to a tech company to write some specific code. John sees that the coder has his Vision, Purpose, Long-Term Objective and Action List in mind. Good. Now they are more synchronized.

And very important: You would be a very good leader if you kept abreast of your industry, and related industry announcements, circumstances and events so that if necessary, you can modify or tweak your existing strategy in order to not only stay in the game but capitalize on important industry changes in the future. Remember that well: Stay abreast of any developments in your industry and industries that can affect yours. In the past, there were many enormously successful companies who never thought they would be out of business. You do not even hear their names anymore, despite them being the kingpin of their day. They bit the dust, so to speak because they did not stay abreast of changes and developments

John continues these actions each time someone is brought into helping the company from the inside or outside. And thus the group

that could affect them. And today, with the rapid production of technology products, you really need to stay on your toes on this one.

grows. The Social-Eye app continues to sell, and their presence continues to grow. Those are the basic points. You can drill those down and

Get Information to Employees

work out sub-actions as well as strategic and tactical. You can also do this by industry depending on your business. Thus, you can have a

Remember: The point is to write it up and get the information to em-

Marketing Strategy, a Technical Strategy and so forth. As your busi-

ployees. And consultants and agents. And any outsource company

ness grows, you can dial this in further and further.

that you work with.


ing was said about charisma. There was no discussion about charm.

In closing: You did not see or hear any mention of personality. NothThere was no talk about people liking you. In fact, nothing was said Your business stands a much greater chance of affluence (strong busi-

about a lot of things that you may have learned over the years, and in

ness growth), and you can be a very good leader and manage any

other books and classes.

number of people if you make sure there is a good Vision, well-defined

These other points help you become better and help you get the

clear-cut Purpose, a cleanly stated Long-Term Objective of what the

message across so that it is better understood. But the basic message

company needs to accomplish, and a Master Plan that contains both

is the basic message:

the Strategic and Tactical actions necessary to accomplish the Long-

By adhering to the company’s Vision, Purpose and Long-Term Ob-

Term Objective. Apologies are given in advance for the following nega-

jectives, you find yourself more and more aligned to being EFFECTIVE

tive statements, which

AND GETTING THE JOB DONE. More and more people who follow the

are needed to help differentiate the key points.

Vision and Purpose will like you. Those that are lazy or just there to

Someone would not be a very good leader if they: •

did not know the Vision and basic Purpose of their company and

what it needs to accomplish in 3-5 years. •

did not discuss the company’s Vision, Purpose and Objectives with

collect a paycheck and are not interested in the company’s Vision and Purpose will eventually disappear. They always do. The new hires that accept the company’s Vision and Purpose will make themselves part of a bigger and greater team that is under your

those under their care. And do this on a regular basis.

charge. Be fair. Be proper. Conduct yourself as best you can. But al-

ways make sure that you make your decisions based on the company’s

just let the company meander on its own, through time, doing

whatever it wanted to do.

Vision, Purpose and Long-Term Objectives and every single one of your

superiors, your consultants, your agents, and your vendors will all con-

assumed those under their charge knew the company’s Vision,

Purpose, Long-Term Objectives and were in agreement with them.

sider you an excellent leader and the person to go to with their needs.

You would be a very good leader if you:

This makes you indispensable!

read out the company’s Vision, Purpose and Long-Term Objectives


Do these steps and you will find that you are an effective leader in this new age! You will Beat the Odds to Achieve Rapid Business Growth! Take your Vision and break it down into the detailed steps listed above. Take your time. Go over it thoroughly. Constantly reflect upon it. Constantly. What do you want to be when you grow up? I truly hope that you enjoy The Vision MapTM and put it to good use! A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into the production of this knowledge to give to you. Use it wisely and feel free to contact me for any assistance. An audio reading and a training class on The Vision MapTM is available and may be obtained at If you wish assistance on setting up The Vision MapTM for your career or business, email me at

~Tony S. Durso FB: @Tony S Durso LinkedIn: TonysDurso Twitter: TonyDurso

Tony DUrso was born in Sicily, Italy and came to the U.S. at age three. At five, he operated as a paper route boy in Chicago. For ten years, he gave every penny to his parents to help support the family and to pay for his education. At nineteen, Tony made his way into the business world and learned through the school of hard knocks. He made impressive, record-breaking sales forays into real estate, collectibles, and other varied industries. His accomplishments, among many others, include raising $3.25 million in a sixmonth period for a start-up business. Tony’s latest and fourth book, “Elite Entrepreneurs” topped the Amazon Bestseller List at #2 on its first-day debut. Academically, he graduated in the top one percent in the nation as a Summa Cum Laude graduate of La Verne University with a degree in Business Administration. Tony is the self-styled “Dream Business Maker” and hosts the popular show, Revenue Chat Radio, which achieved over One Million Downloads in its first 2 years! Revenue Chat focuses on Elite Entrepreneurs who give their insight and best advice to the audience. This show is syndicated predominantly on iTunes and Mobile (open this link from smart device). Listen to Revenue Chat. Revenue Chat Testimonials Tony also hosts a second weekly talk radio show, The Spotlight on the Voice America Influencers Channel, giving Tony a prime time one-hour weekly show. Voice America has a growing audience anticipated to reach 10 million. The Spotlight focuses on Hollywood Stars, Game Changers and World Renown VIPs who tell how they made it to the top, and provide their Best Advice to listeners. Listen to The Spotlight.


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The World is not going to know my name, it’s going to know our name ~ Skyway!

Steven L Hawkins, Co Owner

SkyWay is the world’s first High Speed (300 MPH), Elevated, String Rail Transportation System. SkyWay is Eco friendly, 2nd level (Elevated), has the highest safety rating and is the transportation of the future - being built as we speak! Included in the SkyWay Transportation System is Cargo, Unibike, Urban, High-Speed, Unimobile and Linear City

SkyWay develops elevated autonomous high-speed, urban, and freight rail transportation systems with innovative designs, lowering material consumption and costs to deliver a high– performance system. SkyWay is a fundamentally new transport system, which is eco-friendly, safe, comfortable and significantly cheaper compared to all existing solutions. The specially designed string-rail overpass and aerodynamic transport modules allow the skyway high-speed network to travel at up to 300 mph in all weather conditions and can carry up to a million passengers a day.



GITTE RANDRUP HR BUSINESS PARTNER, CONSULTANT/RECRUITER, BLOGGER Copyrighted by Gitte Randrup When I was a new hire, I was bullied. By this, I mean that work was kept from me so that I didn’t have enough to do, or I received the same monotonous duties. I wasn’t introduced to work areas with which I wanted to acquaint myself and which were natural parts of my job description.

cover. We don’t admit to feeling “threatened” by a colleague’s qualifications, nor do we admit to being afraid of ending up on the sidelines and portrayed in a negative light.

I also wasn’t taught the procedures I needed to know – a fact I didn’t realize until I found myself unable to help out a colleague. I was told off vociferously because, on my own initiative, I had sought out tasks and not informed my thencolleague about it.

However, I refused to let the situation defeat me.

I wasn’t invited to network meetings in which other employees with the same job title participated, and I had to endure false rumors that I was going to be fired. During the last part of my employment, as a punishment, I was sent to another department. I’ve wondered a lot: Why did it have to be like this?

My own explanation is that my then-colleagues felt threatened. They were afraid of my qualifications, commitment and expertise. This happened in instance when I was overqualified for my position.

Unfortunately, if you represent something that people aren’t used to, not everyone will regard the experience as enriching. You may find that they prefer to work with someone like themselves so that the dynamics will not change. I can express my experience only as a personal opinion, as it was never addressed. Adult bullying is subtle and hard to un26 INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE MAGAZINE

As a person, I was and still am persistent and stubborn, so I didn’t give up. I found a new job. The term “give up” doesn’t really exist in my vocabulary.

Today, I have some regret about this, as I paid a high price by not being able to be myself. At the end of the day, each person must decide when enough is enough. The price can be too high! I’ve found that if people are calculating and manipulative, and if they never take a look at themselves, there’s not a lot you can do if you’re a person who plays by the rules and who values honesty.

You might as well work actively to switch departments or find a job outside the company. If you have been granted a “life sentence,” it’ll be impossible.

That said, the experience can also lead to new professional opportunities and open new doors. If someone is preventing you from completing the tasks for

which you were hired, you might find yourself introduced to new, exciting work areas and forming valuable relationships with other colleagues if your manager is open to it. The same goes for the networking part.

take the situation seriously. Don’t be complacent and hope that it will get better. It may have significant negative consequences. And, if you’re one of those people who are witnessing bullying, intervene instead of turning a deaf ear to it! ~Gitte Randrup LinkedIn: Gitterandrup FB: @Gitterandrup

You can easily seek help in carrying out your duties and have discussions with colleagues other than those connected to you in the organization chart. This can prove to be an enriching experience – one you’ll find especially valuable if members of your original workgroup do not cooperate with each other. It can also prompt you to consider whether being an entrepreneur is a solution for you, as being your own boss has its advantages. When a company books you as a freelancer, your connection to that company is not as strong as if you were an employee there.

Gitte Randrup is an HR expert based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the founder of GR Consult.

With all that said, I couldn’t have stayed in my aforementioned position without the support I received from my

She is an advisor and HR Business Partner to managers on a wide range of HR subjects, such as recruiting, onboarding and organization and management.

former manager and colleagues, who supported me by helping me find new duties and by talking about my difficulties with me.

Her vision is to create mutually satisfactory long-term working relationships between employers and employees combining business needs and strategy with the wants of the em-

I’m lucky to be strong enough that the bullying didn’t have any serious consequences for me. But, unfortunately, it’s not like that for everyone. Adult bullying is a widespread problem.


Gitte holds university degrees within HR, Organization & Management and Languages. She has worked with HR in companies, such as GEA and Nordea. She is also an HR expert blogger on the Danish online debate forum Amino with more than 100,000 debaters and readers. LinkedIn: Gitterandrup FB: @Gitterandrup

According to the 2017 WBI U.S. Workplace Bullying Survey, 19% of Americans are bullied, while another 19% are witnesses to bullying. Of those who are bullied, 40% said that the experience has negatively affected their health. The 2016 study “Bullying Makes Men Leave the Labor Market – Long-Term Consequences of Workplace Bullying on Sickness Absence” from Aarhus University in Denmark found that, for women, workplace bullying leads to absences stemming from long-term sickness and has a negative effect on health. The study also found that men tend to leave the workplace altogether. These findings show that grown-up bullying and the negative work environment it creates affect not only individuals on a personal and professional level but also society as a whole. So, if you’re one of those people who are being bullied at work,

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Copyrighted by Melissa Hull Personal healing and business may not seem like they belong together. But in my life of work, growing as a person means growing as a business, as well. Here are three ways my own healing journey transformed my leadership abilities — and how they can transform yours, too. Overcoming the loss of my son — and the soul-crushing depression that followed — was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It required me to find love and compassion when all I could see was loneliness and torment. It asked me to be strong when I didn’t know how to be. It forced me to heal or cease to exist. But you know what? I chose to heal. And with that simple decision, I started a healing journey that would take me from energy work to alternative therapies to artistic expression and, eventually, to my purpose in life. All along the way, as I reached for whatever healing tool I could find, I was growing as a person. I learned to be a better mother, leader, businesswoman, partner, daughter, friend. I dove into self-forgiveness head first and learned what it really meant to love and accept yourself. I dug deep and poured open my heart and soul. Through my healing process, I rediscovered my own value. And that, my friends, was magic. By now, you’re probably asking the same question I found myself asking, on my knees, in my most painful moments: “How?! How do I heal from this terrible thing that happened? What do I do?”


The reason there’s no manual on healing because it’s different for everyone. Everyone has to find their own tools and their own way through it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from each other’s journeys.

My Personal Healing Journey Once I decided to heal, I started with what made sense to me: energy. I’ve always been super empathic, and as a kid, I could see things about people that others couldn’t. I could feel what they were feeling because I was so naturally in tune with whatever energy was going on around me. It was like my first language — I just understood it. As I got older, I learned to turn those abilities into strengths, ones that helped me understand people on a deep, emotional level. In my darkest moment, I returned to my first language. I began to study energy work, and I learned so much about who I am and what I have to offer. Over time, I was able to hone my natural abilities and control that flood of energy. I even became a Reiki Master and Certified Aura Personality Consultant. And I felt better — but there was still pain stuck deep in my body, on a cellular level. So I dove into alternative therapies, like Emotion Code Therapy and Cellular Release Therapy, that would help my body release some of the deep sadness it had been holding onto. I made self-love, selfacceptance, and forgiveness my goal and worked toward it like it was my day job. I meditated when I needed to reach a higher state of awareness, and I rested when it was time to let it all settle. I needed to understand myself. And I wouldn’t stop until I did.

Today, after all that beautiful healing, I get three incredible gifts as a re- Share with Me! ward for making the journey: empathy, strength, and peace. Those gifts have not only helped me find happiness again, but they have enriched Tell me about your healing journey! What helped you heal from pain, fear every area of my life — especially my ability to lead. or trauma? How has it made you a better leader? How do you bring empaAnd that’s why we’re here today. I want to share my thoughts about how thy, strength, and peace to your team? personal healing creates better business leaders. Because, for me, that’s ~ Melissa Hull exactly what it did. FB: Melissa Hull Gallemore Linked In: Melissa-Hull .

3 Ways Personal Healing Makes You A Better Leader

In business, we often say: “This is a workplace. Leave your emotions at the door.” We talk about people in terms of how they affect the bottom line, and we undervalue the soft skills that spur collaboration and innovation. We shun feelings from the workplace, and we have for years.

But is that really working? In my experience, this old-school approach only breeds discontent, disloyalty and more problems. So today, I want to talk to you about how I do business. And it’s simple. I lead with the same three gifts that my healing journey brought me: empathy, strength, and peace.

1. Empathy Empathy is one of the most valuable and undervalued traits in the workplace. It’s what connects us. It’s what allows us to work as a team. For example, as a leader, maybe I don’t notice a problem in customer service, but my team does. If they don’t think I have enough empathy to understand that problem, then they won’t bring it to my attention. Instead, it will go unanswered, slowly harming customer relationships, until it becomes big enough to halt production or show up in the numbers. Empathy is what connects people when they can’t understand the journey someone else is walking. Since companies are made of people, empathy is vital for that company to succeed. And it all starts at the top.

2. Strength Just as people need that sense of belonging in a workplace, they also need stability. And as their leader, it’s your job to provide that. Even when you’re stressed, scared, overwhelmed or unsure, you still need to convey a sense of strength and confidence to your team. Yes, be honest with your team, but this is no time to fall apart. If you’re still searching for that deep sense of strength and confidence, then here’s my best advice. There’s nothing like the sense of strength you get from embarking on a healing journey and coming out the other side. By facing your pain and fear, you realize you’re capable of overcoming anything — and that knowledge is what creates unshakable strength, even in the face of adversity.

Melissa Hull is E360tv's Creative Content Producer, an inspirational speaker, author, entrepreneur, business strategist consultant, and award-winning artist. She has shared the stage with Mitch Carson, Bill Walsh, James Dentley, Kevin Harrington, Joel Bauer, Forbes Riley and several other notable speakers. She is the author of “Lessons From Neverland” and is regularly sought out as a business consultant and mentor to several small businesses.

3. Peace Once you find that deep inner strength, there’s a natural peace that comes with it. No matter what the world throws at you, you know you’ll be ok. That means when there are 17 things to get done, and three more fires to put out, you’re not running around with your hair on fire. You’re centered and approaching each challenge as it comes. You can bring that sense of peace and order to your workplace, and model it for the people you lead. You’re making a difference in the world simply by sharing your empathy, strength, and peace.




Copyrighted By Ben Baker Without Trust, there is NO INFLUENCE!

#2 Strive to create value for others

Say it with me, you know it’s true!

Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us like when other people pay attention to us. We like when people do things for us, make us feel special and treat us with respect. There is something very pleasing when we are paid attention to, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Without Trust, there is NO INFLUENCE! As Stephen Covey was fond of saying, “Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.” How can we expect people to believe in us or form relationships with us, whether they be corporate or personal, without trust? How can we spread ideas or advance in our careers if there is no trust? How can we get people to like or even love us without trust? We all want to increase our influence, we all want to:

#1 Say what you mean: My father always told me “mean what you say and say what you mean.” Wise words if you unpack them. “Mean what you say” is about who you are as a human being. If you say you are going to be somewhere at 5 pm, do not show up at 5:15 without calling first. If you say that you will get the oil changed on your mother’s car, do it every time within the time or mileage specifications outlined. If you say that you love someone, act that way. Too many of us do not mean what we say. We make promises that we never intend to keep and by doing so, are perceived as less trustworthy and less influential by others. “Say what you mean,” is about being clear about intention. I believe that all people have value and should be judged based upon their ability and individual character and not by the color of their skin, gender, race or other beliefs. I live my life according to that belief. This is how I act, and this is how I go out to treat people each and every day. Am I perfect in my actions, probably not, but this is what I strive for and because of this, this is how I am perceived and becomes part of my overall personal brand.


What I want you to do, is take that feeling that you get when people treat you well and pay it forward. Think of the people you wish to influence. Understand what their wants, needs, and desires are. Find out what is causing them pain and grief and do what you can to empathize and solve their issues. When we stop thinking of our own needs first and concentrate on the needs of others, those people understand your value to them. They will see that you are someone that has helped them and therefore will be more open to looking at your point of view and understanding your needs.

#3 Be Authentic What has to go hand in hand with striving to create value for others, is authenticity. You cannot be more authentic or less; you can only be authentically you. If you are only helping others so that they will help you back, if you expect immediate reciprocation, then those you have helped will see you as manipulative and not helpful. You need to understand who you are, what you do, who you can influence, why you are valuable to them and then act and communicate accordingly, consistently. People will recognize those who act from a place of good will and understanding and be naturally drawn to them. However, if the act seems contrived and staged, people will not only put up their guard, but they will tell the story about the person who acted that way.

#4 Be Empathetic Empathy is not sympathy. Empathy is about understanding and attempting to view a situation from someone else’s point of view. It does not necessarily mean that you agree with them or the situation that

they have View. It does not necessarily mean that you agree with them or the situation that they have put themselves into, but by being empathetic, you may be able to help rectify a bad situation.

#5 Listen Actively Too many of us listen to respond. We are already forming the response in our heads as the other person is speaking and therefore are not listening to what they are saying or understanding the nuances of their thought process. Being an active listener is vital for building trust. Everyone wants to be understood. They want to be listened to, have their opinions valued and validated and even empathized with. It is a real skill to be an active listener, and it takes time to learn how to listen to the entire train of thought of others, without pre-judging, without forming a response and without interrupting. It is always amazing to me how more insightful conversations are when I listen actively. Take the time and make the effort to hone this skill.

#6 Coaching instead of mentoring The main difference between a coach and a mentor is the relationship and expectations. A mentor is seen as someone who gives advice when asked, and while this may be valuable to the person asking in the short term, it is like giving someone a fish instead of teaching them how to. Coaching is about walking people through the process and helping them come up with their own solutions and conclusions. It is about giving people the skill to be able to understand, extrapolate and solve the problem on their own and that allows them to believe more in themselves and adds to your value regarding influence as when you do make definitive statements that you would like them to stand behind, they understand why they should.

#7 Admit when you are wrong None of us are perfect! None of us knows everything and has perfect insight and therefore, from time to time we are wrong. ADMIT IT. People respect others who understand their humanity, admit mistakes and then do what they need to do to rectify them. Anyone can make mistakes, I have made many, but those who can say, “I made a mistake, I am sorry, here are a couple of ways that we can rectify this, what way is best for you?” are the people who are going to build long-term trust that is hard to break. To sum up, we live in an imperfect world, with many opportunities daily to either do the right thing or not. Do say the right thing, or not. To help others, without the expectation of reciprocation or not. It is up to each of us to decide who we want to be, how we act and communicate. The choices that we make will determine whether our influence is built through trust. . . or not! To your success. ~Ben Baker LinkedIn: @yourbrandmarketing FB: @Your Brand Marketing

Ben Baker is the author of “Powerful Personal Brands: a hands-on guide to understanding yours” and provides workshops, keynotes and consulting on brand and brand strategy. He believes that every brand needs to stop acting like a commodity and instead be a brand worth loving. You can download a free book chapter at and contact him through Twitter: YourBrandMrktng

YouTube: @Ben Baker Founder of Your Brand Marketing

Stop being a


become a brand wor th loving The world views your brand not as you desire… but as it relates to them.

Communicate your brand. Tell a story. Win Loyalty

For more than 500 copies, we will include your logo on the cover and waive our speakers fee * to come out and speak to your staff and clientele on the value of having a POWERFUL PERSONAL BRAND! *Travel fees may apply

THIS BOOK IS FOR: Leaders and future leaders Sales individual's and teams Those who are entering or re-entering the workforce

It is a WORKBOOK with examples and stories and room for you to write down your own thoughts.




Project Karma

was established in 2016, to focus on combating child sex exploitation. Project Karma is

based in Melbourne, Australia but works to combat child sex exploitation both within Australia and in key regions of South East (SE) Asia where the majority of these crimes occur.

SUPPORT PROJECT KARMA Since it started, Project Karma has relied on donations from individuals as its main source of funding, and we still rely enormously on individual donations. Any amount, however small, helps us to protect vulnerable children. If you are interested in fundraising or volunteering your time (particularly if you are based in Melbourne, Bali or Cebu) or have a company that you believe would be able to provide pro-bono support for Project Karma’s activities, then please contact Project Karma at Or go to: 34 INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE MAGAZINE



HOW MAY I SERVE YOU ? BUSINESS Breakthroughs: Strategies for

Bringing back the HEART: Nurturing your

BALANCE and fulfillment: Achieving success

boosting your revenues

relationships at work and home

and fulfillment at the same time?

YOU CAN HAVE IT. I CAN HELP. LET’S MEET FOR A (VIRTUAL) COFFEE. Yoram Baltinester is known as The Personal Development Samurai for his unique ability of cutting straight to the epicenter of any issue. Why this is important to you? It shortens the time needed to course correct your life, your relationships, your money and your health. Let’s find out together, in a COMPLEMENTARY CHAT : 1.

Which area in your life is actually your weakest link? (It may not be what you think it is)


How fulfillment can co-exist with success and, not at the expense of other areas of life?


What is the biggest roadblock right now?


What are the best strategies for you to catapult to the next level of your success?


Photography by: Debbie Lefever





Copyrighted by Soulaima Gourani Brian, my spouse for 23 years, and I challenge each other to do something that we’re scared of doing every single year. We encourage each other to face our fears and challenge each other to do specific things that we think will benefit us in the long run. I love challenges. I know that they help me become more flexible and tolerant, both in private and professional environments.

effect on my energy level – and aside from passion and competence, my energy level is one of my most important resources. I’ve always been good at assessing where I am in life. Once a year I sit down and create a business strategy for the upcoming year, which I then go on to share with the people closest to me. Then I commit to working on developing as a person and I pinpoint the parts of my personal, academic, and professional lives that just aren’t working for me.

This one time, I set myself an interesting challenge. I committed to a diet – but not the kind you might be thinking of. It was a small, concrete challenge that I’d watched others complete with (seemingly) the greatest of ease. It had nothing to do with slimming down for summer. It was a mental diet intended to hone my abilities to make judgments and establish a better overview. It was also meant to give my energy and happiness levels a boost. The diet started in my closet. Over the course of the next 12 months, I wouldn’t allow myself to own more than 36 items of clothing at once. At once! And the results of this diet extended beyond the simple fact of having a manageable closet. I think it’s healthy for us to think about the way we consume – and maybe even over-consume – objects of low quality. I think we all stand to benefit from setting ourselves challenges. Once I got into the habit of limiting myself and going through my closet, I started limiting myself in different aspects of my life. I cut out activities that felt draining, not to mention boring jobs and draining people that I no longer felt any connection to. I no longer surround myself with things and people I don’t make use of or feel a healthy connection to because they have a sapping


I also assess my network and the reason I do that is because contacts are something I can relate to. I can’t be something for everyone so I have to decide to whom I want to be someone.

The “one in, one out” strategy The idea behind my clothing diet was that I would spend a year limiting myself to having 36 items of clothing in my closet at any given time (excluding coats, socks, scarves, shoes, underwear, and workout gear). Every time I bought a new item of clothing, I had to go home and either donate or sell something. That didn’t necessarily mean that I bought fewer items of clothing, but rather that I had to learn to limit myself. I had to start thinking about what I bought and what I had to get rid of as a result. How to get started: 1. Take a photo of your closet.

2. Empty its contents on the floor. 3. Make a pile of your favorite clothes, i.e. the clothes you like and the clothes that fit and suit you. 4. Put the rest of the clothes in two piles: “donate” and “sell”. 5. Take a photo of your new closet – and make sure to stick to your diet. This diet can have all sorts of impacts on your life. It can give you the courage to say no to your annoying boss, your lazy partner, your infuriating brother, or your demanding and egotistical friend. Try to apply the strategy to different areas of your life. Think about your friends, family, and job. Sort through the tasks you no longer want to waste your energy on and the people you don’t want to see, work with, spend time with, etc. Go through everything and make some changes. A messy life will drain you of one of your most important resources – your energy. Happy New Year,

~ Soulaima Gourani FB: soulaimagourani/

Soulaima Gourani is the founder and CEO of Tradeconductor, a highly successful business, and global trade marketing consultancy that has helped countless major corporations become what they are today and an official expert at World Economic Forum’s (Expert Network) Behavioral Sciences & Education and Skills. She is a frequent motivational speaker at conferences with approximately 200 public talks/ year around the world, online coach, corporate advisor to major companies on customer loyalty, sales, service strategies and employee motivation and the future of business + author of several bestseller books and has contributed to more than 14 books on leadership, change mgt, SCM and how to get success in life. Soulaima helps to serve a common purpose: to create more innovators, critical Thinkers, and problem solvers–more peace in the world.


WHY DO NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS FAIL? How to make them work, in 5 simple steps...

YORAM BALTINESTER AUTHOR, SPEAKER, COACH, ENTREPRENUER Copyrighted by Yoram Baltinester “What are you going to do next year?” My friend's face was already slightly red. From the tone of his voice, I already knew that it would be red even before he got closer to his goal. Closer than acceptable, but hey, it was a party and it was New Year’s Eve. So, what the heck. I knew the script well. This is when we make promises to ourselves without thinking it through and say them out loud so that we feel too embarrassed not show a “good-faith effort”. “Not sure, really” I smiled “maybe I will skip this year’s resolution. And you?” Joey smiled. “This is it, baby! The year of the breakthrough. Did you know that this is the Chinese year of the donkey? Nothing is going to stop me now.” Obviously had one too many, I pointed out to myself. And no there is no such thing as a Chinese year of the donkey, but this guy is quickly starting to behave like an ass. “Ok” I smiled “tell me more” …. That was the point where Joey started telling me how he will get out of debt while getting closer with his children and restore the red-hot romance in his life by losing thirty pounds off his weight. To an extent, we are all Joey. Let me Explain. Many times, we set to create and decide on goals. Yet, rarely do we prepare for the process (yes, process) of making these decisions. And, when we are put on the spot to make them, we knee-jerk responses to things we do not like about ourselves, our lives and our jobs or businesses and state that we will fix them this year. At face value, it isn’t a big problem. After all, we do want to change what we don’t like, right? Yes, we do, but that would have us chase symptoms for the rest of our lives. We must look for the root causes and heal them instead. The symptoms will take care of themselves subsequently! For several years now, I have taken groups and individuals through a


deeper process of goal setting, one that starts with a foundation of what we want in life and how that would express by goals that make sense. This process works every day of the year. You can resolve to achieve a particular goal anytime – there is nothing magical about the New Year’s Eve, and so if you are holding this article in May – it still works! Here is the process I use: 1. Think back to last Thanksgiving. What are some of the things that you value the most about your life? This is important and will create a foundation that will make any of your resolutions important enough to follow up on. If you do not celebrate Thanksgiving thinks about this: what are the most important things in your life? Is it your family? Is it your mission and the change that you like to create in the world? Is it the gifts that you were born with? These traits that are so effortless for you and everyone else is just wondering how you even do it? Make a short list of those things that are important to you and that you are grateful for. 2. What would you like to be grateful for NEXT Thanksgiving? Think about these areas of your life: Relationships, Health, Finances, Environment, and Spiritual life. Make sure to focus away from the current situation and envision things that are not reactionary to your existing state. For example, finding a life partner would be an appropriate wish for the area of relationship. In the area of health, you could wish for something that demonstrates the health, such as completing a marathon, or trekking to Machu Picchu. Losing 20 pounds is a reaction to your excess weight so it is not appropriate here. Rather, set a goal where releasing your excess weight could become an outcome or side effect of reaching this goal. 3. What would be one thing in each of these areas that you’d be grateful if it manifested? Here you hone in and start focusing on an outcome. There may be quite a number of things that I like to achieve in my financial life but most of them do not feel attainable in 12 months. Stretch yourself without losing your own belief that you can make it happen. One way to do this would be to play the “wouldn’t it be great if…” game – just

ask yourself what idea could be great to have achieved in these 12 months.

Yoram has been training entrepreneurs and business professionals since the 1980's while operating in the High-tech world in various

4. Which ones of the five are you willing to commit to? Having five goals, five dreams for the five areas of life allows you to now step up. This is it. This is your New Year’s party moment of decision, only this time without the influence of alcohol and with a foundation of what is really important in your life. From the five goals, choose the ones you are willing to commit to. Whether or not you know how to achieve them, you can decide to give it your best shot. At the end of the day, it is one year, not the rest of your life, so give yourself the gift of chasing a dream for this one. Chose at least one, yes? ;) 5. Write it down, share it and find people who would follow up on your progress. You heard it all before. Goals that are written down are far more likely to be achieved, and those announced publicly and followed up on are way more likely to be achieved than the others. So yes, even if you are at a party, you can definitely announce your goals to the world. Just don’t make them up at the party.

capacities. His fast, fierce and focused approach has earned him the nickname of “The Personal Development Samurai”. Through decades of trial and error, success and failure, and many transitions that life has taken him through, Yoram collected his insights and crafted a proven protocol he calls Decisive Action. Using this protocol people can make quality decision when the matter at hand is life changing or effects the future of their businesses. Some of Yoram’s business and personal accomplishments using Decisive Ac-

tion protocol were crossing the Gobi Desert, into Tibet and proceeding to cross the Himalayas overland into Nepal. In the wake of Sep-

Luckily for Joey, I was able to get him to stand down and not make an announcement that he would have regretted. When we make these New Year’s Resolution announcement and they do not make sense, we erode our self-trust and diminish our confidence in our ability to discern and set great goals and, moreover, to achieve them.

tember 11 (same week!) Yoram started an Information Technology management firm which he grew year-over-year for 12 years until he sold it in 2013. In the personal development space, he was involved in three startups all of which still operate and one has been in business since 1985.

This year, do yourself a favor. Follow the five-step process and set your goal before the party. You can thank me later ;) ~Yoram Baltinester FB: Yoram.Baltinester

SuperQuest is the quest that you must take FIRST. In this event I will share with you what SuperqQuest is and why you must take it before any other online course. Come join us and jump on this train before it leaves.

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From everyone at Influential People Magazine





Copyrighted by Marley Baird We’ve come to love using Instagram as an avenue for expression. People use it to share personal and real-time experiences. Brands use it to tell their own stories and connect with their customers. Do you also use it to sell your products and services? Aside from sites like Amazon, and your own website, Instagram is becoming another great channel for you to get that sale. The visual nature of Instagram has provided brands with an ideal platform to promote new products and get customers in the door. If you want to learn more about growing your following on Instagram, that could potentially become your customers, click here to download my free guide. Now, we’re gonna talk about how you can start posting and raking in those valuable sales with Instagram. Decide on your goals and craft your strategy. To get you started, you first need to identify what are your goals for using Instagram? Is your intention really to sell products? Or are you just there to promote them and redirect users to your website? Or do you just want to use your posts as a way for people to come to your physical store? Ask yourself these questions and figure out what you intend to do with the platform. Once you figure this out, it will be much easier for you to decide what content to post, and how to create it. It will also guide you in making sure that your accounts are consistent and on track. Define your metrics. How do you measure your performance? While general goals will still help increase sales or generate revenue, you’ll need some specific targets and metrics. Some sample targets are sales. Keep track of your old raw sales for each platform. Leads. You can make use of analytics tools like Google Analytics, Bitly, or Sprout Social to check how your account manages to redirect users to your website. This is also called a referral rate. Conversions and landing pages. This shows how many users clicked on a landing page you shared, or you linked through your Instagram account. If you want to learn more about other social media metrics that you can use for understanding your performance, check out my free and com-


plete guide Numbers Tell A Story: Social Media Metrics Made Easy. This easily breaks down the numbers and tells you how to interpret and calculate them yourself. After you identify the metrics plan out your goals and define a timetable. For example, if you wanted Instagram to contribute at least 10% of your total revenues after six months, outline your plan on how you intend to do that. Then commit to it. Step two, start setting up your profile. Make sure you have a profile dedicated for sales. Have a profile picture that reflects your brand. Include clear information on what your product is about in your bio. Don’t forget to include relevant links depending on what you intend to achieve. Before you start posting make sure you have identified a distinct look and feel. The right products placement and positioning can either make or break a sale. So make sure you’re always consistent and on the brand. You can use Instagram’s Features, or apps like VSCO to make your images consistent. Start posting. Use creative photos to grab your user’s attention. Instagram is a highly visual platform. Make the best use of design and color. Give your product description that extra shine and don’t forget to link a relevant website to make their shopping easier. Use relevant hashtags in your posts. By using effective hashtags, consumers who search on Instagram can identify your products on hand. In Instagram Stories, create bite-sized content of what you want to sell. Think of unboxing videos, or product in useful features. You can also use the new Instagram feature on carousels. If you have a line of products creatively feature on carousels so users can easily scroll through your images. Make a powerful impact on the use of videos, and stories. There are numerous uses and creative ways to feature and sell your product. If you want to understand and figure out if you’re creating the right content, check out my free PDF The Ultimate Content Share Worthiness

Checklist. This one-stop guide is a great reference material in creating great content. And now I have three other quick tips for you: Number one, offer discounts to users who promote you on their own Instagram accounts. Engage these users and show them your appreciation. Number two, make use of geotags. Especially if you’re a brick and mortar store. And number three, leverage the call to action buttons when you use Instagram ads. These are the most effective and proven ways to sell on Instagram!

~Marley Bair FB: Marley Baird Media

Marley Baird is one of the top video branding leaders of our time and owner of the rapidly growing agency Marley Baird Media, Marley and her dream team use their expertise to position mini-celebrities and influencers as thought leaders in their respective space. She has worked with top dogs like Cristy Code Red, Alex Charfen, Rachel Pedersen, Stephen Larsen, and having worked events with Gary Vaynerchuck, Seth Godin, Randi Zuckerberg, and Robin Sharma – Marley leads her dream team specializing in their VIP Video Code methodology. Marley is a expert in creating strategically viral content, getting videos to rank first on YouTube and Google and using cross-channel video marketing for maximum reach, Marley Baird Media brings next level video social selling to the marketplace.




Our advertising team will assist you with your product, or brand, to reach a regional and/or world-wide audience. We can offer low advertising costs that are, non-comparable within any competitive pricing in the television advertising industry. Our team with top Innovators in the broadcast industry, have been instrumental for a variety of digital formats that deliver iLaunch Global networks to millions of homes both domestic and world-wide. Our branding and marketing professionals have the relationships and the ability to bring your idea or product to market. We also offer Channel and Network Origination; from an idea to a fully launched broadcast network with channel distribution on a variety of platform devices with both regional and international placement. Do not let cost restrictions hold you back. We have payment plans that can offer opportunities for you that you cannot find elsewhere. From In-house company financing to production of a product, packaging, delivering, branding, marketing, and network origination and/or channel placement, flooding the marketplace and making your product or channel, a ”house-hold” name. We also provide programming to help fulfill your vision, entertain your targeted audience, from partial programming insertion and/or up to 24 hours a day of programs that you can select from a list of our available library of film titles and TV shows. A majority of the programs can be used on a back-end royalty or rev-share arrangement, and your network can continue to move forward and proliferate while building up equity and liquid assets within your company. Our business solutions are led by experienced business and marketing professionals, that help develop companies and take products from ideas to reality with success within the competitive industry marketplace. iLaunch Global’s team, quantifies success and growth, as each team member has a unique talent when combined with your ideas and/or product, COMPLETE OUR FORMULA FOR SUCCESS. INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE MAGAZINE 45



© Dr. Chris Marrone Did you know that chiropractic for babies, toddlers, children, and preg-

ties. Whether that stress is physical, chemical, or emotional depends on

nant women is not just beneficial, but essential? Before we get into the

what is going on with us at that particular moment. When the stress be-

specifics, it is important to understand what chiropractic is. People who

comes too much for the spine to handle, one of the vertebrae can move

have been to a chiropractor before typically associate it with neck pain,

out of proper alignment with the vertebra above and below and get stuck

back pain or, sometimes, headaches. Chiropractic is not only great for

there. This is called a subluxation. This term is extremely important to

those concerns but much more. Chiropractors work directly with the

remember because it is the basis of what chiropractors solve. Misalign-

nervous system through the spine to ensure proper alignment, brain-

ment of the vertebra is just one component of a subluxation. The second

body communication, and

component is that the misalignment

overall functionality. In sci-

puts pressure on the nerves that are

ence, we understand that the

exiting from the spinal cord. This pres-

brain is responsible for con-

sure then causes interference in the



communication between the brain

every action in the body,

and the body, and from the body back

whether it’s conscious or

to the brain. The end result is a de-

subconscious. The hub for all

creased ability of the body to heal

this communication is the

naturally, decreased ability to adapt

brain and spinal cord. Inter-

to environmental and internal stress-



ors, and an overall decrease in func-

cord is the only organ in the

tionality. The chiropractor’s only job is

body that is fully encased in

to locate the areas of the spine that



bone. The innate wisdom within us understands how vitally important

are subluxated and apply a gentle force to realign the vertebra to take

the brain and spinal cord are to our overall wellbeing and ultimately to

the pressure off the nerve, thus improving brain-body communication,

our survival. Doing our part to ensure we are protecting and caring for

which leads to the restoration of our natural healing ability and an in-

our spines should be one of our highest priorities.

crease in our body ability to function.

Your spinal cord is protected by twenty-four moveable bones called

If we understand that having our spines checked for subluxation is

vertebra. These bones are able to move so that you are able to bend,

important, it should be of no surprise that it’s just as important, if not

twist, and move around. Due to the spine being the core and foundation

more important, to have the spines of our children checked as well. Often

of the body, it is under constant stress throughout our day to day activi-


having your spine checked while pregnant is just as important. Your sacrum is the base of the spine and articulating with the sacrum are your hip bones, called ilium. These 3 bones make up the pelvis and the structure that the baby will pass through during birth. Throughout pregnancy, hormone levels are changing very frequently. The nervous system is responsible for controlling the release and regulation of these hormones through proper communication with the different glands. Everything that is going on within the mother’s body during pregnancy will have some effect on the growing baby as well. This is why drinking, smoking, or drugs during pregnancy cause such big problems. The stress hormone, cortisol, also has effects on the baby and can be damaging as well. Regular chiropractic care not only helps to regulate the hormones in the body, thus reducing stress levels, but also promotes proper pelvic alignment to allow for a shorter, less times the first subluxation we experience is at birth. The birthing process

painful delivery process. With a pelvis that is in proper alignment, the

is highly traumatic on both the mother and the baby. C-section, forceps,

pelvic outlet (where the baby passes through) is in the most optimal form

or vacuum extraction deliveries place a huge amount of pressure on the

to allow for smoother delivery of the child. Also, the motion of the joints

newborn baby’s fragile neck and very frequently results in a subluxation.

within the pelvis allow for proper expansion of the pelvic outlet to again

The results of this can vary widely, but some of the more common

assist in a smoother delivery.

symptoms are: torticollis (a condition where the muscles of the neck

Putting it all together we can see that maintenance of the spine is vital

contract leading to the head is twisted to one side), colic (unexplained,

throughout all stages of life. The spine houses and protects the spinal

frequent, prolonged and intense crying in an otherwise healthy baby),

cord, which is responsible for transmitting messages from the brain to

trouble latching onto the mother’s breast, favoring one breast over an-

the rest of the body. If this system is not working properly due to sublux-

other (doesn’t want to turn head to one side due to discomfort or inabil-

ated vertebrae, the body begins to break down and function improperly.

ity), or trouble sleeping.

Chiropractors are the only people in the world that are trained to analyze

The developmental process from newborn to child is critically important. We want to ensure a child’s spine is in proper alignment throughout this period. This promotes proper biomechanics and proper

the spine for subluxations and apply the appropriate force necessary to correct this issue. With a spine in proper alignment, the body is in the best possible position to function. This means that the body can fight

posture, but also has an impact on the child’s immune system as well, helping to fend off foreign invaders. Children under regular chiropractic care experience fewer sick days than children who are not. Furthermore, because chiropractic care influences proper posture and proper biomechanics, injuries from sports or other recreational activities decrease as well. Additionally, grades tend to improve because children are spending less time sick or injured and are able to focus more easily in class. As parents, we only get one chance to make sure our children grow from newborn to adult properly. Chiropractic care influences that process in a very beneficial and vital way. If we step back in time before the baby is born,


foreign invaders through the immune system more effectively. This also means that the body can adapt more efficiently to various physicals stresses that occur throughout life. Overall, chiropractic is a great preventative approach to healthcare. When combined in conjunction with exercise, nutrition, sleep and meditation, the body is at its most optimal. It all starts with the decision to have your child checked so that they can develop properly and healthily.

~ Dr.Chris Morrone Pregnancy, Pediatrics and Chiropractic Dr. Chris Marrone Peak Wellness Family Chiropractic Instagram: @PeakWellnessFamilyChiropractic Facebook: .PeakChiropracticNJ

Dr. Chris is the owner of Peak Wellness Family Chiropractic, a pediatric based chiropractic office in Summit NJ. Dr. Chris’s focus is on ensuring the health and proper development of children’s spines so that they may experience less injury and illness through their adult lives. Although Dr. Chris’s passion is in helping children, he sees a wide variety of ages and conditions. It is the sole mission of Peak Wellness Family Chiropractic to teach people about the detrimental effects that vertebral subluxation has on the spine. In doing this we hope to empower people to make more educated decisions regarding their health and wellbeing so that they may seek to prevent disease. If we can prevent conditions from occurring in the first place, we will lead happier and healthier lives.

FB: @chris.marrone.180

LinkedIn: drchrismarrone/

CHIROPRACTIC CARE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY! You may be wondering how you can know if your spine has any subluxations. The bad news is, you can't always tell. This is why chiropractic care is so important. The chiropractor's role is to analyze your spine for subluxation and apply a gentle, corrective force in order to remove subluxations and interference. This helps restore proper balance and alignment to the spine, leading to homeostasis and your body being able to function and heal better than it was able to do before. One of the most important things to remember is, it's not how you feel that matters, it's how you function. You may feel great, but if you are subluxated, you are certainly not functioning properly. Over time this can lead to some serious health issues. It is of the utmost importance that you don't allow yourself to get to that point. A preventative approach to healthcare is always better than a reactive approach. We would be honored if you choose Peak Wellness Family Chiropractic to help meet your health goals and to make sure your body is functioning at the highest level.

Peak Wellness Family Chiropractic Dr. Chris Marrone Pregnancy, Pediatrics and Chiropractic


At the end of the day public relations, marketing and advertising are about communicating a story. The “why” is identical: Get customers. Move product. Drive revenue. “How” is what sets us apart from other companies How The Umbrella Syndicate differs from other PR/Marketing Firms At the end of the day public relations, marketing and advertising are about communicating a story. The “why” is identical: Get customers. Move product. Drive revenue. “How” is what sets us apart from other companies. The lines between the various forms of mass communications have definitely blurred in recent times, as more and more of our lives migrate online. The Umbrella Syndicate’s mission is to amplify good people, good messages, and good causes through social media.



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INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE MAGAZINE 51 Lulusecret is an on take, interviews, insight & sharing of inspiring & successful people’s secrets on the topics of Health, Wealth & Happiness. Video Interviews Blogs Articles Product Reviews Fitness Group Classes Seminars


CREDITS: Photography by: Ngoc Nguyen of G&G Studios MUAH: Hair & Makeup by Karen Huynh of Melbourne’s Beautiful Bridal Gown by Arlene D’Monte


New Mind New Body: The Inner Makeover for a New You Paperback

Live Event New Mind New Body: Las Vegas, NV: March 8 - 10, 2019, Signup for information at FREE ONLINE COURSES Free Course Link: 54 INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE MAGAZINE

So you want to lose weight, too? Transform your mind, body, and life with this comprehensive toolkit and easy to use step by step guide, which takes you through a personal self assessment process unique to you; offers you a clear, concise, and complete system for positive self development; and helps you change your relationship with food by starting from within. Psychiatrists can struggle with life problems, just like you. After years of going through different diets, Dr. Greg Brown recognized that to really change his body, he needed to change his mindset. He succeeded in making fundamental and permanent changes in his own life without sacrificing anything of the lifestyle he wanted to enjoy. He shared his program, The EATT Plan, with friends and family and now offers it to you. Dr. Greg's insights and experiences from his personal journey to health are paired with a fun and engaging set of tools that support any chosen diet plan. INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE MAGAZINE 55



AUTHOR, SPEAKER, ARTIST, BUSINESS CONSULTANT Copyrighted by Michelle Winder Alzheimer’s is growing to epidemic proportions. Cancer is expected to affect every person on earth by 2030. Barium. Aluminum. Strontium. The list goes on. What do all these chemicals have in common? They’re all in the air you’re breathing according to conspiracy theorists. Aka, Chemtrails, geo-engineered aerosols sprayed in our skies from planes and drones. Unlike contrails, which disperse quickly, Chemtrails spread out to look like clouds, before merging to create an ‘overcast’ sky. I had heard of chemtrails, but never thought much about them until I noticed, on my pre-sunrise walks, that there were a lot of planes in the sky, yet San Diego had a moratorium on a flight between 10 pm and 7 am. But it was only 5:30. My background is in Aerospace Engineering, so by 2015, I knew the white streaks those planes left behind at sunrise weren’t normal contrails. They lingered way too long. I also noticed the unprecedented prisms in the clouds during the day and around the moon at night. Could it be metals in the sky, reflecting the sun’s rays? So, I did my research. I immediately found that Monsanto (a company I had previously researched regarding aspartame, a dangerous neuro-toxin) began formulating Chemtrails in the early 70s in order to control the weather. In 2001, our government passed HR 2977 “Space & Preservation Act” which lists chemtrails under ‘exotic weapon systems.’ The bill states that they are only to be used for the benefit of Americans, not to be used “with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon a target population or region on earth or in space.” HR2977-5B-ii In 2016, I came upon a symposium on Geo-engineering that took place in Switzerland. Scientists were bragging about their development of climate-changing formulas, listing the main chemicals in order. They include ‘chaff’ which looks like snow but is actually mylar fibers coated with aluminum and other specimens. They stated that Chemtrails were developed to deflect the suns damaging rays, back into space. They admitted that they were currently being sprayed in every NATO nation. They also mentioned that Southern California was the ‘testing ground’ and thus, the most heavily sprayed. Living in beautiful San Diego left me a little more than concerned. We all know, what goes up, must come down. How are these chemicals affecting our plants, our water, our health? While I realize many, if not most, people still think chemtrails are just a conspiracy, I wonder why HR2977 specifically mentions them, and why so many insects & bees are dying off. And why are Alzheimer and Cancer growing at epidemic rates?


Call me a conspiracy theorist or do the research and become one. Am I afraid? Of course not. Fear is a tactic of the enemy. But I am proactive. And thankful I have a Savior who cares. So back to the point of this article. Who Cares? Jesus does. Trust Him. I do. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7 ~ Michele Winder

FB: @Michelle Moore Winder

Michelle Winder is an engaging author, coach and speaker who is authentic and entertaining. Her life experiences, including being raised from the dead, provide a wealth of wisdom for her dynamic, informative, speaking topics. She’s the first to tell you that TIME is not Money. TIME is LIFE- and we cannot waste it as though it’s loose change! Michelle believes too many people waste their lives watching other people and she’s passionate about showing people how to make the most of their own stage. She demonstrates how to walk through the challenges we all face, head on, without fear. She emphasizes that YOU are the LEAD on YOUR Stage in Life- she’ll show you how so you can Rock YOUR Red Carpet!

Did you watch the Academy Awards? Are you watching other's lives as your own valuable life slips by? Lose 5 lbs. in 5 Minutes in 5 Days, Make $5k in 5 Days, Lose Weight by eating more, Go from Frump to Fab and become a celebrity on your own stage. Watch the world watch you. We'll show you step by step how to transform yourself into the Rock Star that you were born to be, so you can live your purpose and Rock YOUR Red Carpet. STOP watching others do extraordinary things while sitting back and letting your awesomeness slip by. You were created with a specific passion & purpose - isn't it time for you to Rock YOUR Red Carpet? Show the world, AND yourself, what a truly spectacular person you are!


Model: Lucia Hou FB: Lucia Hou Photography by Ngoc Nguyen of GG Studios Muah by Karen Huynh of #melbournesbeautifulbridalhairandmakeup Designer gown by Elide Valente of Bonita Couture Shoes by #kurtgeigerlondon Location studio & #rollsroyce #phantom by Lorbek Luxury Cars David Lorbek — with Elide Valente, Ngoc Nguyen and David Lorbek


Welcome to the eZWay Wall Of Fame. The people you find on this wall have proven to either go above and beyond for the eZWay Family, have researchable and validated credits as a expert in their field, or has celebrity name recognition and has world wide proven influence

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Wall of Fame Speaker, Best Selling

Founder of World Prosperity Network, Relator, Metaphysician

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Speaker, Author, TV Host,


Speaker, Author, Musician,

Heide Hargreaves Speaker, Wealth Strategist,

CEO/Founder World Talk Radio LLC, & TV Online Networks

CEO & Founder at Womens

Speaker, Author, Publisher of Influential People Magazine

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tem for Real Estate ● Sophia Stewart, creator, and owner of the Matrix & Terminator franchise, ● Heide Dangelo, Founder Influential People Magazine ● Pattie Sadler, talk show host, on the Pattie Sadler Show ● Berny Dohrmann, chairman of CEO space # 1 rated by Forbes, and Inc. Magazine ● Allison Hildebrandt Larson, Founder of the Speakers Coalition ● Bill Duke, Oscar Winner ● Tom Green, Actor & Comedian ● And there’s more! Over 75 eZWay Fam, Influencers, and Celebrity experts…all at your fingertip. Literally! There have been hundreds of people that have praised eZWay promotions and the Wall of Fame because of their results after being a part of this new platform! The Wall of Fame features your picture along with top influencers and celebrities which helps edify your brand credibility and gives you social proof. Members can get verified badges as well as what we like to call “Give Back Badges.” This is acquired by how many times you give back and help others. You can earn a certain amount of points that will help you to be awarded badges to get quantified. These points can be redeemed for extraordinary marketing and promotional services. Do you want to be noticed, and get more credibility? Want to be on the wall? Submissions to be on the wall: Subscribe at: Create your own account at: (Click signup/login at top of page)




Increasingly, the more people I coach, the more I find people make no resolutions at all—because they fail. But I've noticed the problem is rarely that the resolution is too hard, it's that it's stale, it's not inspired, or it's vague. It's the same stuff, different year. We gotta shake it up! Here's a fun exercise I do as a coach to turn the resolution process on its head and get a fresh, tangible resolution idea out of someone. Ask yourself:

What's your anti-resolution? This is the worst resolution you could make because it would make you miserable? Some answers that have come up: "To leave the office even later and put my toddler to bed zero nights out of five!" "Worry more about being single!" "Take even fewer vacation days than I already do—and see even less of the world!" "Gossip more and then feel even crappier afterward." It's that time of year again! Time to focus on the New Year, the new you—and on never messing up a workout plan ever again, right? Well, not really. First of all, January 1 is an arbitrary date to begin something. You can start over on anything in your life, any time, always. But New Year's Eve is still a good opportunity to think about what you might like to allow into your life—while inspired by holiday cheer and New Year momentum all around you.

This is where a lot of real answers come up! It's a great clue as to what we might really need to shift in our lives—and often something bubbles up we haven't thought of before. Try this asking exercise with a friend—you'll probably laugh when doing it (that's OK) but stick with it! I did this with a close pal and realized I definitely do not need to: Say yes to people/opportunities more (oh, the disease to please tests me still)!

When making resolutions, we might ask ourselves deep questions like, "What do I want out of the New Year? Who do I want to be? What do I most want to shift about my habits?"

Eat more candy at night (damn, I love it)

But more often than not, we go back to the loop of thinking about the two-to-three things we always want to change about ourselves: Save more money, make time for a passion project, shed some pounds, and create a healthy routine that actually lasts.

Drink more wine.


Sleep later than I already do.

• Spend more money aimlessly online shopping—especially after 9 p.m. (and often after said wine).

What could these insights shape for me in terms of a specific resolution? Stop stocking wine or candy in the house? Decide on a fixed bedtime and relaxing bedtime routine? Delete my online shopping apps altogether? Commit to a firm "no" when an opportunity crops up… unless my intuition drives me a full-body yes?

Susie Moore is a high performance coach

You can play around with this and really have some fun. The aha! moments will be in there—and they'll guide you to what's right for you. But if having any form of New Year's resolution is not your thing (I get it), there's something else you can try too.

Out?” debuted as a #1 Amazon bestseller

and advisor to high-growth startups in Silicon Valley and New York City. Her first book “What if it DOES Work

in Women & Business. In it, Susie shares secrets to transform your passion into cash, honed from her successful career as

a Fortune 500 Sales Director. She has also You can have a word: a simple word that can guide your yeSusie Moore ar. What do you want more of? Your word doesn't have to helped build three startups, all of which were sold – the most recent of which for $405 make sense to anyone else but you. What's a great, centering word million. that just feels right?

Here are some suggestions:

Susie has been featured on the Today show,, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Time Inc., MindBodyGreen, and is the resident Life Coach and Columist for

Feeling stifled? Create. Been a bit cynical? Joy.

Greatist. Susie’s insights have been shared by thought leaders including Arianna Huffington, Paulo Coelho and SPANX Founder, Sara Blakely.

Too hard on yourself? Ease. Uptight? Breathe. Playing it too safe? Risk. Too skeptical? Believe. A little serious? Laugh. Ready for more? Dare. Don't feel safe and secure? Trust. Stuff to get done? Act. This year, my word was "experiment." It really took the pressure off as I launched products in my business, attended fun and different live events, and even spent a month abroad. The word "experiment" spoke to me because it meant "try new stuff. Play! Enjoy—doesn't matter what happens." Losing the attachment to the outcome made me feel free and emboldened. What's your anti-resolution or word? Perhaps you can have both. It's worth throwing everything at self-improvement. Why not? And remember: Your time is your most important asset. You don't have to wait for January 1 to roll around—you can start today. ~Susie Moore FB: Susie Moore . Twitter: Susie Moore Instagram: Susie Moore LinkedIn: Susie Moore YouTube: Susie Moore




This new video game is the first gaming format where entrepreneurs, gamers, or anyone who wants to learn how to how to enhance their talents where they can build them into a real business. This is a game where you can make “real money” while having fun inside a magical, mystical, and entertaining universe and at the same time you are learning valuable skills sets. We have created a safe place to learn business with a simplified educational program called “EIT” that immediately engages the player into a 3D world of fantasy, magic, and adventure while teaching powerful skills and tools to generate revenue with their talents. As you learn and play in the game you will also learn the powerful tools of giving back to others. As a Village, Country, or Planet owner you will be required to teach this to your citizens so that your communities will thrive and grow. Based on the characters Lost Legend of the Tude Shifters Storybook series, the game also has new characters and adventures: You receive a citizenship ID and passport in the game and both are sent to you once you sign up for them in the game Based from the characters

This is an amazing planet and one planet you will have to go to get the training you need to overcome obstacles in your way that you will encounter inside the game. There you will meet “Eric the EZ Protector”. He will teach you powerful skills to help you become more effective when building your business. You will love this planet as there are many fun and exciting things you will learn and have a blast doing it. Only Eric EZ Protector has the 6 keys to the 6 hidden levels in the game where you will find magical secrets to advance you farther in the game. His training is something you will have to learn to advance in the game. He is a shapeshifter and you will have to find him to get the keys. My name is Eric the EZ Protector and I am your portal guide and mentor. I will grant you entrance inside the EZway Planet, BUT! you have to earn points or Doppel Bucks to get in. My planet is found in the Outer Rim Universe inside the Newbicon Galaxy. If you can find me, I will provide you with secret power keys that are located in 6 different hidden levels in the game. But you will have to look for the clues because you see I am a shapeshifter. If you can find me inside the game while you are playing you will advance faster and your success is higher in the game. Without my training, you will not be able to advance into the other magical portals Look behind me there lies a treasure chest with 6 key clues that will help you advance faster to get to my planet. 66 INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE MAGAZINE

Our Mission Statement: “Our mission is to show our children that they can change the world simply by changing their attitudes, and in so doing; this will transform their lives for the better. Through our new educational techniques and high-tech learning system the adventures and journeys for kids will change their experiences in how they retain and comprehend information and how they interact with each other. They will excel inside Dream Voyager 1 K-12 Entrepreneurial Academy, through the way we teach children to see themselves differently and will learn to think about the real effect they have on each other.�

BLISS ENTERTAINMENT STUDIOS has developed the best educational learning system possible with the highest tech tools available and this system will continue to be developed and upgraded in our Research and Development facility. This new learning system EIT is portable and can be installed in any educational facilities. Our aim is to use powerful mental tools that will nurture positive interaction between parents, children, and communities. With the help of the R and D facility, BLISS Entertainment Studios can bring their new high-tech portable systems into schools that cater to all children with or without learning disabilities, with a potential learning retention 85 to 95%. Building SMART Schools and installing these systems into existing school all over the world will empower our communities across the globe.

To learn more, go to:

OR Text: Blissent #55678

JaNelle Garner - CEO/ Founder Janelle holds an Associates Degree in business management and is a communication specialist. JaNelle established Bliss Entertainment Studios Inc. in 2008 after working in service industry for 25 years. JaNelle has managed several businesses, and acquired invaluable experience with knowledge, skills and creativity that will help make Bliss Entertainment Studios Inc. successful in a relatively short time. JaNelle is the visionary and one of the creators for BLISS products, which she dedicated the last 20+ year FB: @janelle.garner.98 Text: Blissent #55678 INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE MAGAZINE 67












BRIAN TRASCHER Amazon—Laws And Sausage





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Drive sales and increase visibility with book advertising Whether you’ve published one title or thousands, Influential People Magazine offers unique advertising solutions for the books category through Influential People Magazine Marketing (IPMM). These advertising solutions are currently available to authors and books vendors with a retail relationship.

Promote titles alongside similar books and authors

Feature new releases to drive sales as soon as they publish

Run continuous backlist campaigns to attract new readers

What’s Included: Online Ad – Creation of your book’s ad in various formats: Web image ads, Web text ads and mobile Web ads. 6 Months or 1 yr Placement – Your book’s ad will secure placement on our websites and in our magazine that are part of the Influential People Magazine Display Network of your choice 6 Months for $14.95 per month or 1 year for $9.95 per month.. 70 INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE MAGAZINE

Learn How to Grow Your Business With Persuasive Speaking! Even If You Have Never Been a Public Speaker Before

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#1 National Bestseller: Food Sanity – How to Eat in a World of Fads and Fiction As health expert for Lifetime television’s morning show and syndicated radio host, Dr. Friedman has spent the last fifteen years interviewing hundreds of health advocates, scientists, doctors and New York Times bestselling authors. His goal has always been to share cuttingedge topics and advice to help his audience reach their optimal health. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. Instead, every guest would end up leaving them (and Dr. Friedman) more and more confused. From proponents of a Vegan, Paleo, Mediterranean Diet to a Gluten Free and Low Carb Diet, the opinions are as different as night and day. After becoming frustrated with so much biased (often paid for) and conflicting research, Dr. Friedman created a common science meets common sense approach that finally puts an end to the culinary conundrum!


Amazon—Food Sanity


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Influential People Magazine 2019 January  

We feature Influential People around the world who are - Transformational, Transparent, Traditional, Transitional, Trending, and Transi...

Influential People Magazine 2019 January  

We feature Influential People around the world who are - Transformational, Transparent, Traditional, Transitional, Trending, and Transi...