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the classic look favors natural fibers, clean lines,

trends will repeat themselves yet almost always

and neutral colors such as black, gray, brown

in a new way.

and variations on white.

The addition of ba-

sic primary colors and the classic beige create a look that exudes effortless refinement and grace.

The new year is a great time to reassess and give oneself the permission to define or redefine the kind of person you wish to be. This is branding yourself; conveying outwardly who

To build your own a classic wardrobe, pick one

you are in the inside without compromising

basic neutral color and build upon it. Prints

ones true self. It is your self-presentation. This

and plaids when worn are downplayed on the

is a choice and not about vanity. It is about confi-

silhouette. For instance, a tartan plaid blazer

dence. It is about revealing on the outside various

should be worn with a white shirt and black

components of your personality. The best place

pants or black top, trousers and shoes. Acces-

to start is developing a distinctive wardrobe with

sories are most often simple. For women pearls

a style that flatters you the most.

are a must along with a metal watch for both genders.

Remember: Less is sometimes more and one can never go wrong with simple elegance.

A man in classic style would usually appear conservative even in casual attire like tennis

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whites or dark jeans. Slipping on a sport coat enhances the classic style. Men’s classic pieces are constructed of fine fabrics and tailored to fit. Ms. Marjorie Presley Burciaga

If a classic outfit is perfect for enhancing with a trend, what is a trend? A trend is something the

Image Consulting Austin | www.imageconsultingaustin.com Marjorie is a professional image and wardrobe consul-

industry will follow for a short period of time - it

tant trained with Empowerment Enterprises. She is a

will come and go. A trend is a design that will

certified coach with World Coach Institute whose cer-

often date an article of clothing or accessory. One will often see this with shoes, costume jew-

tifications include career, leadership and professional coaching. She specializes in relationships and bereavement to aid those going through transitions. Marjorie

elry, embellishments on a top or dress. Some-

relishes the idea of helping clients develop their own

times it is the shade or pattern detail. A trend

style by starting with a fresh approach to exploring

tends to draw attention to itself when worn or

one’s positive inner attributes. Marjorie’s services include working with staffs of organizations on appropri-

makes a statement. Been to any retro parties

ate company dress codes and styling show events. She

lately? Those parties are requesting past trends

has been featured on Talk radio 1370AM Austin and in

to be worn as costume attire.


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January / February 2012 InFluential Magazine  

The Art of Living Well

January / February 2012 InFluential Magazine  

The Art of Living Well