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biggest downfall. And that is completely up to you. The great thing about your digital presence is that you get to market yourself exactly how you want to be marketed. You are the one that writes your story. On the flip side, living in a social media-obsessed world means that rumors and other bad news can spread faster than wildfire. When faced with a scenario where you need to do damage control, address the issue quickly and honestly, even if you have to admit fault. Transparency is a respectable but rare thing nowadays. YOUR NETWORK


Your mother was right. You are the company that you keep.


It’s amazing how choosing the right people to associate


with not only changes how others see you but also how you see yourself. I’m not saying you should befriend others only to use them to get ahead in life, but rather you should

Maria is the President and Creative Director

surround yourself with like-minded people who encourage

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you and believe in you. You are inevitably influenced

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by those around you, and your success is linked to the

ADDY awards and 28 American Graphic Design

character of the people with whom you associate. Cut


ties with the people holding you back, and watch your life take off!