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COW HORN & BRASS BOTTLE OPENER » This completely unique bottle opener is an essential for the bar. Each body is made using pure Ugandan Ankole cow horn, which is hand-selected for its color and size. The recycled brass opener is measured and cut by hand. Each is meticulously sanded, heated and molded to fit perfectly in your hand and is then polished for a smooth and shiny finish. It makes cracking open a beer an even better experience than it already was! Materials: Ankole cow horn and locally sourced, recycled brass

« DIPPED GEOMETRIC CANDLE HOLDERS This dipped geometric tea light holder set provides warm ambiance with a stylish, modern design that will surely add a pop of color to any space. Each is hand-turned by lathe using solid Mugavu, is sanded to perfection, then dipped in vibrant paint and varnished for a seamless finish. Materials: Mugavu wood

DUG OUT BOWL » A true piece of art, this large, dramatic bowl was meticulously hand carved and sanded out of a large piece of Mugavu. It is beautiful as a table centerpiece, a piece of décor to liven up the living room, or as a way to display fruits and vegetables in the kitchen. Materials: Mugavu wood

« FRENCH ROLLING PIN This patisserie-style rolling pin is crafted out of a single piece of Mugavu into a classic, tapered shape perfect for rolling piecrust, pizza dough and other pastries. Bon appétit! Materials: Mugavu wood

LIME BOWL » This delicately shaped bowl is simple and light, and constructed from solid Mugavu giving it a beautiful grain. It is perfect as a decorative centerpiece or as a shallow fruit bowl on counters or tables. Materials: Mugavu wood


September / October 2014 InFluential Magazine  
September / October 2014 InFluential Magazine