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WILLIAM’S FAVORITE THINGS HEALTH & WELLNESS EMBR WAVE BRACELET Revolutionary bracelet heats or cools temperature-sensitive skin on your wrist, making you feel colder or warmer in minutes. Embr Labs is on a mission to help thermally underserved people feel more comfortable during the holidays by harnessing the power of personalized temperature. As the device is specific to who is wearing it, someone feeling cold during the winter season can warm up fast, while another person who is in an overheated room can cool down quickly. When the fireplace is raging, Embr Wave can help you feel a little cooler. And when the chill from that awkward family gettogether fills the room, or when the fall air is a tad too cold, the bracelet can help you feel just a bit warmer! Key Features: Embr Wave bracelet can make you feel about five degrees cooler or warmer within three minutes.

Immediately recreates the comforting warmth of hands by the fire or the refreshing chill of an ice cube on your wrist. Embr Wave costs $299, is available in metallic gray, and ships with a charging cable, microfiber pouch, and adjustable bracelet.



September / October 2018 InFluential Magazine, Spanish InFluential, and Teen InFluential