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William: What are the joys of giving you’ve experienced? Hanna: It gave my life meaning and gratitude. Many people are born, but how many people live? How did your birth make a difference in this world and in somebody else’s life? The joy of giving and the joy of helping others nourishes your heart and satisfaction your life made a difference in somebody else’s. Giving makes us look beyond our personal problems and see the bigger picture. Real problems others face. Your worries and challenges may not seem like a big deal anymore compared to what others go through. My search for inner happiness was because of helping others, which led me to gratitude. William: What is your prayer for your family? Hanna: My family is my strength. I pray for us to keep a strong bond, protection, safety, health, unity, and goodness. William: What is your prayer for humanity? Hanna: I pray for all mankind, for peace, love, respect, unity, and tolerance.. Despite our political views, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, skin colors, genders, disabilities, socioeconomic statuses, and cultural differences that we learn to see everyone as human, as one. William: What are your proudest achievements? Hanna: Creating We Are One Campaign, it’s a nondiscrimination world peace movement, which aims to eliminate hatred, bullying, and division. We use clothes to deliver awareness and messages of unity and tolerance. We Are One Campaign is focused on bringing people closer, creating bridges not walls. We can all agree to disagree but should not cause harm to anyone, instead we only ask you to respect others. Every human, country, belief, race, and culture are unique, and our differences should be celebrated. We can make the world a better place only by understanding that wars, bans, hate, and violence are not the solution. At first, it was always just a dream to do this clothing line with a message. Finally, I did it, and hope it makes a true difference. l SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018


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