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immigrants, a field I’m so passionate about. Therefore, I support education so much. Education was what opened the doors to me, it earned me the opportunity to work where I wanted to work, and later went on to have other job titles. William: What allows you to stand in your truth and find your own way? Hanna: Philanthropy, when I’m doing good and working at my NGO it’s exactly what I want to do and the causes I believe in. Because a job is a job, you must follow what the job tells you to do. But in this case, Jaff Foundation is what I stand for. Jaff Foundation for Education is a nonprofit organization focused on world peace and education that works toward helping refugees, immigrants, and the less fortunate by donating self-taught English learning books, and campaigning against discrimination on political views, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, skin color, gender, disabilities, socioeconomic status, and cultural differences. William: What is the ultimate power of hope? Hanna: Knowing many people have a better life because you exist. Hope is charity and peace. Hope has power to fill our lives with happiness. William: What are the benefits of laughter? Hanna: Laughter improves mental and emotional health. Laughter lifts our spirits and eliminates worry. William: Would you say images and experiences can be life changing? If so, how? Hanna: Experiences are what give our life meaning. Charity work is a path that makes you realize how our problems are minimal compared to others. Visiting refugee camps and immigrant homes changed my life. It was shocking, heartbreaking, and frustrating. I can’t keep images out of my head when I saw war victims, children crying, and desperate doctors in need of supplies. I saw, felt, and understood the people’s pain. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to devote my life to philanthropy and world peace.



Knowing many people have a better life because you exist. Hope is charity and peace. Hope has power to fill our lives with happiness.

William: Has it been important for you to live your life out loud? Hanna: I’ve shared my life, beliefs, and experiences out loud mostly to promote awareness and inspiration. As a conference speaker, I share what I’ve seen and believe, in over 70 universities or via my social media accounts. Sometimes a message can be more of an impact than a food or book donation. I think we shouldn’t be afraid to do and be who we were born to be. Everything small counts and makes a meaningful difference every day. Each of us should make the best out of our circumstances. William: Is there something about your life experiences that has caused self-amazement? Hanna: Yes, I didn’t think so many people would join my cause and NGO. Today, Jaff Foundation has 7,000 active volunteers. I started five years ago, one person, one cause, and little by little it started to grow. To the point where now Jaff Foundation has representations in 18 states in Mexico. I’m so grateful with everyone who has been with me throughout this journey. William: Where do you believe your greatest impact as a philanthropist has been? Hanna: My greatest impact has been through my selftaught English book I wrote to benefit immigrants, refugees, and the less fortunate. It’s for Spanish speakers, Kurdish speakers, and Purépecha speakers. We’ve managed to donate about 22,000 books. It’s a wonderful feeling that later people write back to say thanks to your book I can speak basic English, got a job or could defend myself because of it.

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