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by 80,000 people in four days. She also conducted a We Are One campaign in support of war victims in the Middle East. Her projects promote tolerance and public awareness about eliminating hatred.

Philanthropy, when I am doing good and working at my NGO it’s exactly what I want to do and the causes I believe in. Because a job is a job, you must follow what the job tells you to do.

Her great humanitarian and activism work have also garnered her many accolades and awards. Entrepreneur (Mexico) named her one of their “30 Under 30 Successful Mexicans” in 2016. That same year she was recognized at the St. Gallen Symposium (Switzerland) as one of the “200 Leaders of Tomorrow Under 30”. Other honors include: “Philanthropist of the Year”(Groupo Sexenio), “5 Women Transforming Mexico” (Nivel Uno Magazine), named one of the “50 Most Admirable Mexican Women” (CARAS Magazine), one of the “15 Most Influential People in Politics in Mexico” (Reforma Newspaper), and awards in philanthropy, women’s empowerment, leadership, and academic achievements by the Kurdistan Garmiyan Regional Government. I had the thrilling opportunity to visit with this influential and compassionate young woman and am delighted to share our conversation. Like me, you’ll hopefully come away inspired and influenced, in many positive directions. William Jackson: When have you felt the most tested? Hanna Jaff Bosdet: When I graduated from my master’s program, I moved to Mexico City and wanted to have a chance to work in politics. It was what I studied and my dream. I didn’t know anyone in the field. I visited every government institution and left my academic resume but had no work experience or contacts. Most places I couldn’t even walk through the front door, and I was always asked who I was, my last name, and who referred me. In the beginning, I lived through many obstacles and discrimination. It’s very difficult when you have no friends or family in the city, but what finally opened the doors for me was my education, my academic resume. I finally got one call for an interview, from the ruling party and got a job. My first job was Undersecretary of Immigrants in the ruling party. It was an opportunity to work with SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018


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