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“My favorite accessory is the signature Hermes belt with gold buckle. This versatile piece embodies

“As a gallery owner and mom of two young children (and a new puppy!), I rarely have the luxury

the classic and luxurious character of one of

of shopping for myself. So, when I do get to

my favorite brands, and I know throwing it

shop, I look for a few key accessories that

on will pull together any outfit. Just as easily

quickly become staples in my wardrobe - like

worn in a casual setting as an upscale one,

my Hermes belt. I wear a lot of black and it’s

this accessory will be a staple in my closet for

a great way to add a touch of class to a lot of

years to come.”

different outfits.”

C a s s i e LaM e r e

Lisa Russell

Event Marketing Director, Lexus of Austin | Austin, Texas

Owner of the Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery Austin, Texas

“My favorite accessory for summer is my Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch in Damier

“My favorite accessory is pillows! I

Azur Canvas. The crossbody strap

feel like adding the perfect pillow

makes it ideal for shopping and running

in any room is like putting on

errands. For evenings I use the chain

the perfect earrings or necklace

alone. It’s the perfect combination of

with your outfit. It pulls the look

chic and casual, and it’s great for travel.”

together in perfect harmony.”

Denise Bell

J a m i e G a u thr e a u x

Denise Bell Skin Care | Austin, Texas

Owner of Steel Feather Interiors and PS...i love you.

“My Baggu bag as it holds everything from groceries to lipstick and is fairly indestructible.” “Chic...elegant...and full of color. My latest and favorite La u ra Sh e ar e r

accessory, the Zagg Folio ProPlus for the iPad. It’s

General Manager, Bar Congress, Congress, Second Bar +

new sleek design turns my iPad into a mini laptop and

Kitchen | Austin, Texas

allows me to carry it wherever I go. The backlit keyboard changes into a variety of colors that suit my every mood. What more could a girl ask for? Easy to use, portable, and colorful.” I n gr i d G ar n e r

Austin, Texas


July / August 2013 InFluential Magazine  

The Art of Living Well

July / August 2013 InFluential Magazine  

The Art of Living Well