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July / August 2012

In f l u e n c e The Power of the Flower.........................16 LIFESTYLE

Say “I do” With a Look You Love...........19 style

Collaborative Performance......................24 BUSINESS ETIQUETTE

Emma S. Barrientos Center..................... 28 CULTURE

Austin Partners in Education................. 30 EDUCATION

History of Mint Julep.............................. 34 THE ART OF LIVING WELL


Photo by FotoRenzo Images

In n e t w o r k

This issue’s fashion story came together at a GnM Lorhr Home custom designed and built green home located in the rolling hills of northwest Austin, Texas. Models Brittany and Cile wear the season’s most sophisticated getaway looks styled by Fashion Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant Leonardo D’Almagro, well known for his recent work with TV Azteca & Telemundo. The mood created on set, according to InFluential Magazine creative director Marcia Nelson, is described as “Austin Chic!”


Juliette Farrell......................................... 52

In d u l g e Perfect Skin Revealed...............................55 BEAUTY

Tour of Wine Bars ...................................56 lifestyle

Austin green homes.............................................36 A green dream becomes a reality


AUSTIN CHIC..................................................................40

STRUT 5.12..........................................58

Beating the Heat in Style

House Party...........................................60

FEATURED DESIGNER...............................................47 Theresa Kopecky: The Creative Force Behind Tess Designs

publisher’s note.......................................................2 letter from the editor......................................5 contributing WRITERS..........................................6 meet the team...........................................................12

Wardrobe and accessories for female model: Cile’s own Wardrobe for male model: Dillard’s Accessories for male model: William Jackson Female model: Cile, Wilhelmina Brown Male model: Cabil Make up: Robert Crawford Hair: Rafael Virguez Photography: Adam Moroz Photography Director: William Jackson


p u b l i s h e r ’ s n o t e

the positive words of commendation you share with us which reaffirms we are making a positive impact. Thus, it’s appropriate with this issue we’re celebrating the joy of sharing. For starters, we’re pleased to share with you, with this issue, we’re launching the InFluential Blog influential-magazine.com/blog/ which is another exciting way we reach out to our readers who we affectionately call our friends.

We invite you to

access the InFluential Blog here and subscribe to it to remain current with everything InFluential.

Photo by Adam Moroz photography


ne of the many reasons I enjoy my

As well, this issue features a fashion spread

job as publisher?

shot on location at a beautiful Green Home in

I get the chance

to meet our readers in person. Now,

northwest Austin.

don’t get me wrong, I certainly

friends at Saks Fifth Avenue who shared with

enjoy our conversations with you on Facebook,

us beautiful clothing and accessories, modeled

Twitter and other social media, but there’s so

by some of the most talented, professional and

much more of a positive vibe with face to face

stunning models in Austin.


When we’re fortunate to have those,

with how each model brought our vision to life,

friends share with us how well they enjoy each

and we’re sure you will be, too. Mind you we

issue of InFluential. How inspired they are after

had the assistance of a very talented team of

reading the fascinating stories. How beautifully

20 professionals to pull this off. What an epic

stunning are the pictures that complement the

Sunday this photo shoot proved to be!

We collaborated with our

We were pleased

stories. Again, I’m grateful and speak on behalf of the entire InFluential team in saying loudly,

Of course, there’s so much more this issue

“Thank You.” We take great pleasure in putting

will share with you, and I’ll let you uncover

each issue together and are deeply touched by

each interesting morsel of influence yourself.

the compliments we receive from you.

Hopefully, your interest is peaked.

Jump into

this issue already! We hope something in these Over the course of the past year, you’ve

virtual pages catches your eyes and influences

demonstrated that you share similar values to

you to make it your own.

ours - namely the tremendous joy in sharing.

All My Best,

We are honored to be a positive conduit of information, resources and support in your quest to living well. In return we are appreciative of all 22


William Jackson Founder & Publisher




letter from the editor


Once I my giddiness waned a bit, I put on my grammar girl pants and took the job to heart. I want to share with you, the readers, that I will do all I can do to help keep InFluential the fabulous periodical that it is. Though I have been part of this team since Day One, I am so happy to have a larger part in the final product. I hope to keep it correctly spelled and grammatically accurate! Keeping with our theme, I would also like to let you know that you can share anything with me. If you have a comment or question, send it my way at editor@influential-magazine.com. Photo by Jody Suarez


Check out the

issue. Go read our blog. We want to share them

s I sat thinking about my first letter

with you. And, I would love for you to share any

from the editor, I debated many things.

thoughts you might have with us. So share! It would

Should I be serious? Should I just

make your kindergarten teacher proud.

use this letter as an introduction of myself to our

Happily yours,

readers? Should I keep it short and sweet or long and informative? Well, in keeping with the theme of the current issue “The Joy of Sharing,” I decided I would use this space to share with you just how I felt about stepping into the shoes of Editor-in-Chief. I took the call from our fine Publisher, and I was

Laura Ferguson Editor-in-Chief

offered the role of Editor-in-Chief. I accepted and hung up the phone.

I then jumped up, starting

whooping it up with giddiness, and did a dance around my living room.

Certainly, not the most

professional acceptance dance as it looked much like a disco chicken, but I couldn’t have been more excited. I have to share that I am still excited.


c o n t r i b u t i n g W RITERS


MS. Sofia Avila

Co-Founder of Mandarin Flower Co. | www.mandarinflower.com Sofia Avila earned degrees in Plan II Honors and Chinese Language and Culture at the University of Texas at Austin. She is co-founder of Mandarin Flower Co., a floral and event design company. Along with her sister Victoria, their floral design work has been on display internationally in the United States, Mexico, and China at the official reception at the Embassy of Mexico in Beijing during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Sofia serves on the Board of Directors of Mexic-Arte Museum; and is also a member of the Young Women’s Alliance. Sofia was a finalist for the 2011 Austin Under 40 Awards.

ms. INGRID GARNER Since moving to Austin in 1995, Ms. Garner has served in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Her primary focus has been in project management, and she acquired her Project Management Professional certification in 2005. Utilizing her diverse work background and project management skills, she has extended her support in various activities within her church and community. In her spare time Ingrid can be found practicing yoga, doing core and weight training, reading Stephanie Plum novels, and participating in the wine club at her favorite wine bar Vino 100.


CEO, TalentGuard, Inc. | www.talentguard.com Linda is the Founder and CEO of TalentGuard, an organizational talent management firm headquartered in Austin, TX. With more than 14 years of experience in organizational development, people strategy and career development, she supports individuals and corporations in developing, planning and managing a range of career management and worklife issues. Particular areas of expertise include career development, change management, career transition, professional development coaching and performance improvement.





Owner and Hair Stylist, Mirror Mirror Salon | www.mirrormirroraustin.com Martha Lynn Kale is the Owner and Hair Stylist behind Mirror Mirror Salon. Leading a talented team of beauty experts, she brings elevated style and an incredible salon experience to Austinites. Recognized as an exceptional artist, Martha Lynn has won accolades such as “Best Hairstylist” at the 2010 and 2011 Austin Fashion Awards. She has styled for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Ballet Austin, and BMW of Austin. Her work has been featured in publications such as Austin Monthly, INsite, and Austin American-Statesman’s Glossy.

MS. Yenis Schicht

Realtor with Keller Williams Realty | www.KWAustin.com Yenis Schicht has a multicultural background having lived in India, Spain, and South America. She has a law degree from South America and has a Masters Degree in Finance. She is a Realtor at Keller Williams and finds that real estate is a great opportunity to share her passion for helping other people and market the value of a property for her clients. She is bilingual in Spanish and English. Yenis is also an actress and has been on TV, in films, commercials and has done voice-over work. She’s in love with Austin and all the culture it offers.


e d i t o r i a l c r e d i t s



The Art of Living Well

SALES & MARKETING Business Development James Nelson

We express hearty words of thank you to our talented team for their generous contributions.

For advertising information, please e-mail

For without them sharing their expertise this


publication would not be possible. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR PUBLISHER

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William Jackson

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W. Jackson & Associates, LLC

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Austin, Texas

300 words.

We reserve the right to edit all

submissions. Letters may not be edited, added CONSULTING

to, or changed by sender once we receive them.

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Editor-in-Chief Laura Ferguson

Mailing address:

Assistant Editor William Jackson

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Fashion Editor Leonardo D’Almagro

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Contributing Writers Sofia Avila, Tony Cruz, Ingrid Garner, Linda Ginac, Martha Lynn Kale, Yenis Schicht Guest Contributing Writer William Jackson

ART & PRODUCTION Creative Director Marcia Nelson

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the publisher. All artwork and photography are the rights of the publisher.

InFluential Magazine is Austin owned and operated. Published by W. Jackson & Associates, LLC.

Creative Services The MOD Studio Contributing Photographers Lorenzo Brizeno of FotoRenzo Images Adam Moroz of Adam Moroz Photography Jody Suarez Website Administration Zachary Pierce 88


“A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside.” - Denis Waitley


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edge-boutique.com Photo Credit: Sheeanna Singer



Stylist: Rob Enriquez


m e e t t h e t e a m

Laura S. Ferguson

Editor-in-Chief laura@influential-magazine.com Laura holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and a Master’s of Liberal Arts in Humanities and English with a focus in creative writing. This training has helped her excel in her career path, which includes staffing coordination of a large family of hospitals and community outreach and education for an environmental organization. An avid writer, Laura has built a collection of short stories some of which are included in her work In a House Where the Rooms Don’t Lock. Laura also has a passion for records. She has an eclectic collection that includes everything from The Beatles to Richard Pryor’s entire discography to Motley Crue.

james nelson

Editorial Assistant james@influential-magazine.com James is our technical ‘go to’ guy, applying skills obtained through education and practice at well-known companies such as General Motors and Apple. James consistently applies appropriate business techniques to take an idea from vision to successful implementation. James has employed his innate entrepreneurial skills to develop several interesting businesses and is dedicated to seeing them grow and influence. In addition to planning activities for his very busy family, James enjoys savoring the outdoor lifestyle living in Austin affords, particularly playing tennis with his son.




Marcia Nelson

Creative Director marcia@influential-magazine.com Joining with an aligned background working with industry leaders such as Dell and Key Bank, Marcia is an expert in conflict resolution and identifying win-win solutions. She applies these skills to create and execute new opportunities for our client roster and assists with negotiating the most lucrative deal. Marcia has always had a passion for style, making her a natural fit for a foray into personal wardrobe styling. Most recently she has directed photo shoots for our client roster including performing as the wardrobe stylist. In her spare time, Marcia can be found enjoying activities with her family and, of course, reading fashion magazines.

Zachary Pierce

Web Administrator zacpierce@gmail.com Zac comes to us with a strong background in software and web development, having spent several years running a successful freelance development business. He maintains and optimizes back-end solutions for InFluential Magazine, always looking for cost-effective answers to expensive questions. On the weekends, Zac enjoys a low key lifestyle that includes spending time with his wife and three children, indulging in a bit of street photography, and using his knowledge of C/Objective-C, PHP, and Ruby to make life easier.







In f l u e n c e : THE A RT O F LI V ING WELL


The Power of the

Flower By Sofia Avila


remember the day when I had this exact

the workplace, men who participated in the study

epiphany. I was about eleven years old

generated 30% more ideas when being around

and one afternoon, as I came home from

flowers. Women who participated in the study

school, I opened the front door to find that

generated more creative solutions to problems

my mother had placed a beautiful vase full of tuberose

when they worked in environments with flowers.

on the table in the foyer. No elaborate design, just

“More than anything, I must have flowers. Always, always.”

simple, elegant, stems of tuberose in a vase. Their sweet scent filled the air; they reminded me of my grandmother who also loved the simple beauty of tuberose. I was home. I recall it being the first time I ever reflected on how much I loved flowers; how their fragrance and beauty filled the soul and how I must never, ever live a life without them. How can something so small and delicate be so powerful? Much like music or art, flowers have the

- Claude Monet

power to elicit emotions and convey unspoken messages. They are a language of their own. Without a single word, flowers seduce. The heart and the imagination blooms as they inspire, thrill, and bring instant happiness to the beholder.

To enjoy flowers is instinctive; to share flowers is an art. Across time and cultures, the joy of sharing flowers is a form of expression that is uniquely human and spiritual. The capacity to appreciate beauty, and our desire to share this beauty with others, has made

Flowers have the power to transform a room like

flowers a universal symbol of humanity’s highest

no other element aesthetically, as well as in their

values: peace, respect, love, strength, and wisdom.

positive influence on moods. A study conducted

Whether in massive quantities or by observing the

by Dr. Haviland-Jones of Rutgers University reveals

unique personality of a single bloom, we all surrender

that flowers have a positive impact on emotional

to the powerful beauty of flowers as we become

health and heighten feelings of life satisfaction. In

captivated by the splendor in the vase. IN FLUENTIAL 17



In f l u e n c e : ST Y LE

SAY “I DO” WITH A LOOK YOU LOVE By Martha Lynn Kale p h oto by co ry ryan


Bride Sidni Winetroub photographed by Cory Ryan


our wedding day is the ultimate excuse to

from romantic to glamorous, a test run is a must

enhance your look. Over the years, I have

prior to your wedding. Arrive with your hair and

learned some tips that I’m eager to share with

makeup as you typically wear it. After seeing your


everyday look, your stylist can help you determine how to best enhance it for your wedding.

Book Early Check with your regular stylist to see if they do

Do Your Homework and Be Honest

weddings. If they don’t, collect referrals and peruse

Flipping through magazines or blogs and selecting


Highly sought after stylists may book

hairstyles that appeal to you can help your stylist

months in advance, so get on their radar to see if

tremendously. Ask questions and provide feedback

your date is available.

during your test run so you can solidify a look you love.

Get to Know Your Stylist with a Test Run

Be Inspired by what is Current!

Allowing you to collaborate and try out concepts

Over the past year, we’ve witnessed the influence of



Bride Rachel McCoy photographed by Kate Mefford

Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding with curls half up

example, extensions are perfect for creating volume,

and a resurgence of the tiara. This trend is actually a

length and the perfect updo!

modern twist on a classic and will stand the test of time. I think every 80s bride would wholeheartedly agree that brides should avoid going super trendy.

Have Them Come to You If your budget allows, ask your stylist to come to you on your wedding day, whether at your house

With the Great Gatsby remake coming to the big

or the venue. Relaxing and spending time with

screen, we’ll see nods to the 20s with brooches and

loved ones will help you enjoy the hours leading

finger waves in the upcoming year.

up to your wedding.

Be Realistic

With all bridal beauty, create a plan and spend

If you’re a brunette with fine, shoulder length hair,

quality time with those involved to create your

don’t aspire to transform into Taylor Swift without a

best look. It’s your big day so make sure you feel

little work. Looks varying from your natural hair color

like a million bucks and can sit back and create

or length can be achieved, but with some effort. For

beautiful memories.





In f l u e n c e : B USINESS ETI Q UETTE

Collaborative Performance Management

The Wave Of The Future By Linda Ginac


ife is about building bridges not walls. This

workplace, start by greeting employees

applies to the workplace, too. If performance

by name. This goes a long way by showing

management is the ongoing process of creating a

you recognize and appreciate people.

work environment that enables people to perform

Have an open-door policy so as to engage

to the best of their abilities then collaborative

employees and convey you are available

performance management is working together to

when they need you. Empathize when

achieve and realize a shared goal or goals. How do

correcting mistakes as to err is human and

you maximize employee performance so all parties

no one is perfect. There is no need to make

are on the same plane and goals are aligned? You

someone feel inferior; rather, reinforce the

must humanize performance reviews, but that

good work they do. Don’t underestimate

begins by humanizing the workplace first. You

the power of what humor, joy, and

build bridges.

laughter can do for a workplace. Examine the difference in yourself between when

Begin by remembering we are all human beings. In

you are at work and when you are not. While there

the workplace, it is natural for the human aspect of

may be a slight variance, it certainly shouldn’t be a

the picture to become blurred in the background

complete paradox.

while the work becomes the focus. It is easy to lose sight of the basic instincts that attract and drive

If you have humanized your workplace then

business, which build walls by creating a robotic-

performance reviews should just be an extension

like environment.

of your everyday interactions. The performance review won’t be rigid or judgmental. By default,

While there are limitless ways to humanize your



you review performance, but the main focus should

be an alignment of goals between employer and

Begin humanizing your workplace today. Challenge

employee. Allow the employee to do much of the

yourself to greet people by name. Ask how their

talking and express what they achieved over the

weekend was. Show a human interest in others.

review period, what they didn’t achieve, what they had hoped to achieve, and what their goals are for the next review period. As the employer, you should discuss the employee’s strengths, weaknesses,

Be sincere. Be genuine. Charge the human spirit, and you just may notice higher morale and job satisfaction both of which can’t help but lead to employee productivity and a more profitable business, making you a better person in the process.

and developmental recommendations. The review should always end on a positive note.

Build bridges not walls.





In f l u e n c e : C ULTURE

Emma S. Barrientos

Mexican American Cultural Center By William Jackson


he Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural

Architec ture

Center (MACC), which opened September 15,

The building was designed by Mexican architect

2007, is dedicated to the preservation, creation,

Teodoro Gonz谩lez de Le贸n. De Le贸n has designed

presentation and promotion of Mexican American

buildings in Mexico, Europe, and two buildings in the

cultural arts and heritage. Classes, programming

United States-one being in San Jose, California and

and events are aimed at fostering a meaningful

the other being the MACC.

understanding and appreciation of all Latin cultures. The building is named after the late wife of retired State

The architecture of the building was inspired by traditional ancient Mexican architecture.

Senator Gonzalo Barrientos. Emma S. Barrientos, an

The circular shape of the building references the

advocate of Latino rights and art education in Austin,

Mayan calendar, and it is specifically positioned

played a vital role in the opening of the center.

according to the position and movement of the sun



influential-magazine.com to create visually stimulating and

the community gallery. It was donated by the artist

practical shadows.

through a cultural exchange program in which Austin and Saltillo, Mexico are sister cities. Guerra

The white rock used in the building was



will be exhibiting in the main gallery in 2012.


and hand chiseled by Mexican

“Una Cancion de Fe y Familia” (A Song of Faith


and Family) by Connie Arismendi - This musician




construction workers.

sculpture honors the deep musical traditions and cultural contributions of the Perez and Ramos

The MACC Zocalo also makes reference to El Zocalo in the center of Mexico City. The


families, represented by Ruben and Ernest Perez and Alfonso and Ruben Ramos. The sculpture is part of The Trail of Tejano Music Legends of the Austin


administration offices, classrooms, a black box theatre, a rehearsal lab, an auditorium, a main gallery, a community gallery, a library and a conference room. The MACC is still growing, and eventually there will be a larger theatre, more classrooms, another gallery, administrative offices and a parking garage. MACC Art The City of Austin works with Art in Public Places to recruit artists to make site specific works: “Snake Path” by Benito Huerta - The milk snake, a

community in the 1940s and 50s. Programming The MACC programming offers health and fitness classes, workshops, camps, and collaborations with local non-profit cultural organizations in music, theatre, dance, and the like. Signature Events CINE DE ORO (last Tuesday of each month): This is a unique senior program. Seniors are invited to see a classic Mexican film at 9:30 a.m. and are served a healthy lunch. 16 de Septiembre: Mexican Independence Day! Father Hidalgo launched the Mexican War of Independence against Spain in Dolores, Mexico (near Guanajuato) on September 16, 1810. “El Grito

species that is found specifically on the border of

de la Independencia” or “El Grito de Dolores” is

Texas and Mexico, lives on both sides; therefore,

given at 11pm on the 16th in El Zocalo in the heart

representative of the Mexican American Culture and

of Mexico City. It is the biggest and most important

of the MACC.

holiday in Mexico and is celebrated in Zocalos across the country. Visit the official website for the

“As de Oro” by Jose Guerra - This is located outside

MACC at www.maccaustin.org.


In f l u e n c e : E D U C A TION

Austin Partners in Education:

Connecting the Community and the Classroom By William Jackson


ustin Partners in Education (APIE) is nonprofit

coaches. Coaches work with the same groups of

organization founded in 1983 as Austin’s Adopt-

children for 45 minutes, once, weekly throughout

a-School program by the Greater Austin Chamber

the school year.

of Commerce and the Austin Independent School District (AISD). The work of APIE is guided by their

The benefits are students are supported with high

commitment to aid and enhance the educational

engagement learning activities in reading or math

purposes, goals and programs of Austin ISD to

that are targeted to their individual needs, and

benefit its students.

because this support is integrated into the classroom, a deep connection with the AISD curriculum and

The APIE vision is one where the Austin community

teacher-led instruction is established. In 2010-2011,

and classrooms work together to ensure academic

APIE provided Classroom Coaching to 1,852 students

excellence and personal success for all students.

at 36 schools in 105 classrooms in Austin ISD with

The mission creates and fosters effective community

the support of 783 coaches trained and managed by

and school partnerships that provide all Austin ISD

APIE staff to fill 883 coaching opportunities.

students preparation for college and career. Are the APIE programs delivering positive results? APIE provides innovative volunteer-driven programs

Absolutely! During the 2010-2011 school year there

in reading and math designed to improve student

are a number of noteworthy improvements:

academic performance at key intervals.

The key

is the interactive learning teams involving trained




Improvements in reading performance

Improvements in math performance

Increasing the number of college ready graduates

Extending capacity for AISD

Matching caring volunteers with students

Improved student achievement and attitudes toward school

Austin ISD principals and teachers describe the benefits of Classroom Coaching to include: Students get to interact with positive role models in a learning / mentoring setting who encourage them

in Education’s work at Webb “provides students

to do their best in school.

with an opportunity to see that people outside of their neighborhood are invested in their success and

Students are able to have more reading time during

care so much about them that they invest weekly via

the day, and because it is with someone from outside

their time.” Ms. Torres-Solis emphasizes the value of

the school, the students’ enthusiasm level is usually

that contribution of energy, time, and dedication to


the success of Webb students.

The program increased reading fluency, reading

What do volunteers have to say about APIE? When

comprehension, and increased student self-esteem.

asked about how she describes APIE to friends and

Ms. Valerie Torres-Solis, Assistant Principal at Webb Middle School, sees firsthand the extraordinary impact that APIE programming has on her students and the school community. Ms. Torres-Solis sees the way “APIE Angels” form consistent, invested bonds with students, and how those bonds shape the tone and outcomes of entire classes. Among the positive impacts APIE programming has on her students are increased attendance, a love of reading, and socialemotional growth. Ms. Torres-Solis goes on to express Austin Partners

family members, Sarah Stroube says the experience is “not a one-sided benefit,” but that as a volunteer you have a sense of “strengthening the community.” Becoming a coach is something “anyone can do because the curriculum and training make it such an easy process” right from the start. APIE staff members share ways to engage students and make challenging concepts clear, supporting volunteers each step of the way. Are you ready to make a difference in a child’s life and in your own? Visit www.austinpartners.org to get started. IN FLUENTIAL 31



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The Art of Image and Wardrobe www.imageconsultingaustin.com

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512.426.2336 | workittraining.com


In f l u e n c e : THE A RT O F LI V ING WELL

History of

Mint Julep As Published by Cocktail Times | www.CocktailTimes.com


o Kentucky Derby would be complete

petals with mint, a plant indigenous to the area. The

without the venerable Mint Julep on

Mint Julep, as it was now called, grew in popularity

the first Saturday in May. According to

throughout Europe.

the Derby Museum, Mint Julep became

Churchill Downs’ signature drink in 1938 when they









started to serve the drink in souvenir glasses for 75

agricultural regions of the east and southeast where

cents a drink. Today Kentucky Derby serves more

farmers awakened at dawn. Morris says the julep was

than 80,000 juleps over the two-day event.

originally a morning drink as the spirited equivalent of coffee in today’s society. “One sip and Pow! The

Mint Julep first appeared in print in 1803 described as

farmers were ready to face the long day.”

a “dram of spirituous liquor that has mint in it, taken by Virginians in the morning.” Some historians say

The main ingredient of the Mint Julep is Bourbon

Mint Julep was born in the early 1700s somewhere


in east coast. First Mint Juleps weren’t mixed with

was the addition of American whiskey to the

Bourbon, rather rye whiskey or rum or other available



transformed mint





Morris. into and

















Chris Morris from Woodford Reserve Bourbon says, “Centuries ago, there was an Arabic drink called julab,

For an extensive reading of Mint Julep, there’s a

made with water and rose petals. The beverage had

great small book titled The Kentucky Mint Julep

a delicate and refreshing scent that people thought

written by Joe Nickell. This book covers everything

would instantly enhance the quality of their lives.”

you want to know about the Derby’s official drink,

When the julab was introduced to the Mediterranean

from various Mint Julep recipes to the Kentucky

region, the native population replaced the rose

Bourbon Trail.







GREEN HOMES By Yenis Schicht

ost likely you have seen or heard of green

Austin Energy Green Building (AEGB) is the oldest

design, or green architecture, and it has

green building program in the nation having

piqued your interest. Essentially, the

celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2011 and just

practice of green building and design is

rated its 10,000th home in the greater Austin area

part of a globally growing attitude toward the way

in April, 2012. Green homes are most often thought

we live, work, build, and play in which concern for

of in terms of new home construction, but many

our natural surroundings is equally as important as

are remodels of existing housing stock. In fact, the

what we build among them.

10,000th rated home was a “deep energy retrofit” on


a 1920’s bungalow in south Austin. 36


influential-magazine.com Many other new developments, including new highrise downtown condos, have also been mandated green built. Habitat for Humanity has consistently achieved 4-Star ratings on the homes that they are building in Austin recognizing that the total cost of ownership and other benefits are significant to the homeowners and their families. The Hamilton Pool Project or the Barn House Project is a custom home by GnM Lohr Homes located in the Hill Country of Austin, Texas. The beautiful views and healing waters serve as the inspiration in bringing this home to life. The owner of the stunning yet practical green home is Jorge Herrero who moved to Austin after living in Vancouver, Canada. When Herrero first met with the builder he had a clear vision.

He wanted his

home to be a green built farm house over 5 acres near Hamilton Pool. He wanted to grow everything he and his family were going to consume on his land. Michelle







building green homes is that every time we encounter a new challenge. Every client wants The Hamilton Pool Project. Photo by FotoRenzo Images

different things. In this particular case, our client also wanted a water harvesting system, a well, a composting system, a gray water recycling

Green homes are sometimes individual homes but also represent entire developments. The most well-known of these developments in Austin is the Mueller which was mandated green built by Austin’s City Council when the old Mueller airport

system, a pond, a pool etc. The home itself was an architectural elements.


undertaking was


with for


many particular

look, and the tower, to overlook the land was important.�

was decommissioned. All residential, multi-family, and commercials buildings in the development have

The 3,300sq ft home incorporates the features

achieved either AEGB or LEED (Leadership in Energy

necessary for 3-4 green stars according to the Austin

and Environmental Design) certification, or both.

Energy Green Program. These include: IN FLUENTIAL 37


Covered awnings, large overhangs, and oversized

made of raw cedar, a sustainable low-

porches blocks any direct sun in summer and,

toxin materials and finishes.

in winter, allow for the retention of heat. Large windows in back also allow the flow of natural light

Since they will grow almost everything

to living and dining. Thermal Enclosure System-

on their 5 acres in Hamilton pool

Foam insulation was used, and all decking has a


radiant barrier.

composting kitchen will serve a main





purpose in this property. The Metal roof was designed to have a solar panel system as an option in the future. Roof overhangs

The design of the house is described

shields most windows from direct sunlight reducing

by the builder as a tower house that

solar heat gain.

is a focal point where at the top of the tower the owner has a cozy small office for his

Windows over the staircase allow sunlight, as well as windows in tower. All windows in home are strategically positioned for the natural flow of light. 100% of lighting is high efficiency.

own privacy. There he can also view and appreciate the beauty of his land and enjoy the delightful sun orientation during the gorgeous sunrise and splendid sunset. The house has a very elegant feel that unquestionably fits the green fashion. Building

A rain water harvesting system is installed on the

his home with organic materials has made Herrero’s


green dream a reality.

Recycling of gray water on the property is used

Tips to make a current home green:

for irrigations purposes. The fencing of the home is

Install weather-stripping around exterior doors




Photos by FotoRenzo Images

and caulk around windows, wall penetrations, and

Replace old showerheads with new, low-flow models.

recessed can lights in ceilings. Replace landscape plants with high watering needs Install new, energy efficient air conditioning and

with native or drought-resistant species.

heating equipment, property sized (not oversized). Install gutters and downspouts on your home and Install an energy efficient water heater.

capture and collect the rainwater in a cistern to be used for irrigation.

Replace old single-pane windows with new energyefficient windows or add solar screens. Replace refrigerators and toilets that are more than ten years old with new, energy efficient models. IN FLUENTIAL 39

For day-to-night dressing in paradise, chic clothing is paired with tastefully classic jewelry and accessories and complemented with the majesty of rolling hills. Being Austin Chic was never so decadent. p hotoG RAPHY F oto R e n zo Images St yl e & Fas h i o n Di r e c to r L eo nardo D’Almagr o Assi sta nt May ra Ja ne t | PICTU RE D MODE LS B RITTANY AND CILE




In foflthe u epool n c e : ENTERT A INMENT E X C LUSI V E Queen Swimwear: Key Resort & Swimwear Hat: Milli Starr Model: Cile, Wilhelmina Brown Make up & Hair: Vanity Salon



Chic in the sunshine


Wardrobe, Accessories and Shoes: Saks Fifth Avenue Model: Cabil Make up & Hair: Vanity Salon

Photo by Seth Neblett


Red Hot Swimwear designed: Key Resort

& Swimwear Hat designed by: Milli Starr Model: Cile, Wilhelmina Brown Make up & Hair: Vanity Salon



It’s in the bag Wardrobe, Accessories, Handbag and Shoes: Saks Fifth Avenue Model: Brittany, Agence Red Wall Make up & Hair: Vanity Salon


Bright & breezy Wardrobe and Accessories: Saks

Fifth Avenue Model: Cile, Wilhelmina Brown Make up & Hair: Vanity Salon





Mellow Yellow Tess separates ‘Tess dress ‘Brigitte’ in Butter Yellow English Tweed Photographer Mark Guerra Model Emma Jewels Kendra Scott

Vintage glamour for the modern woman By Ingrid Garner Classic without being a costume; feminine without being frilly! Tess Designs is creating the vintage clothing of the future; timeless, high-end and versatile, capturing a lost age of glamour and grace.








theresa kopecky the creative force behind Tess Designs

he Tess Woman is a grownup,” says

of classic femininity while embracing the best of

founder Theresa Kopecky. “She’s a

modern fabrics and production techniques. The Fall

professional. She may or may not be a

/ Winter 2012 collection can best be described as

mother. She’s the go-to woman in the

the meeting of femininity and strength. Soft-focus,

office. Strong, but always a lady. She always cares

early 60s pastels, exotic prints in moody hues and

for her family.” These are just a few of the qualities

warm, luxurious earth tones provide a classic mix.

that Theresa envisioned when she decided to create

With the rich weave of a tweed pencil skirt Tess

her own fashion design company. Having started

brings you its signature tailored fit. The whimsy of

Tess Designs a little over a year ago you can now

sunshine yellow or a pop of playful polka dot plays

find her stunning dresses hanging in stores across

against the sleek sophistication of these more classic


pieces. Separates provide versatility, and statement


dresses reflect the ethereal beauty of Julie Christie When Theresa was asked what influences her when making her creations, she quickly answers

or the sweet and sophisticated sass of Doris Day on Madison Avenue…timeless, smart, and optimistic!

Hattie Carnegie. “I admire her because she had no formal training, but saw what she wanted to be and

The photo shoot was done in the historic town of

molded herself to that. She pioneered ready-to-

Flatonia, TX known for its 19th century limestone

wear, brought in clothing from European designers

buildings and family owned businesses.

to stock her store and mentored young designers. She was mistress of her own destiny!”

To see the latest collection, visit Floy Farm & Gardens Gift Shop (6020 FM 154) in Flatonia,

With dresses for day and cocktail, as well as essential

Etcetera Boutique (411 W. 2nd Street) in Austin, or

blouses and skirts, Tess recaptures the glamor

shop online at tessdress.com.


Polka dot power

In n e t w o r k

Tess separates ‘Claire’ blouse in Flame & Saffron with ‘Carol’ skirt in Butter Yellow English Tweed


Photographer Mark Guerra Model: Emma Jewels: Kendra Scott



In Check Tess separates ‘Clarice’ blouse in Ivory with ‘Carol’ skirt in Italian Linen Check


Photographer Mark Guerra Model Rebecca Price Jewels Kendra Scott


In n e t w o r k



Who she is:

What she’s doing now:

Juliette Farrell is a singer songwriter from the United

Juliette has just released a 16 track free mix tape

Kingdom who sings Neo Soul / Nu Jazz. She is best

called The Take Over. Also, she is releasing her new

known for her duet “Two Hearts” with U.S. singer

single “Love Me and My Hair” from the forthcoming

Myron. She is now signed to NuVybe Records in the

album Keys of Love which is produced by NuVybe

UK and CB Music Group in the US.

Records’ Herb Middleton. Middleton has worked with the likes of R&B and Pop artists Mary J. Blige,

Musical inspirations:

Usher and SWV.

Juliette’s inspirations are Motown artists Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, the Four Tops and the Temptations.

Giving back:

“My mum and dad sang a great deal around the

Juliette is working closely with various efforts

house growing up; my mum sang jazz done by such

focused on finding a cure for cancer. A percentage

legends as Billie Holiday and dad played the blues

of proceeds from the sale of her new single, “Love Me

and folk. I loved Soul / Funk artists like James Brown,

and My Hair” are being donated to The Sarcoma Trust

more recent Soul artists, such as: Shirley Murdock

(www.sarcomatrust.org.uk), one of the fundraising

and Melissa Morgan,” says Juliette.

efforts to which Juliette lends her support.

Memorable moment: Juliette’s crowning professional achievement is

The Video for “Love Me and My Hair” captured here.

performing at the Jazz Café, London. Her most

Learn more about Juliette Farrell by visiting her official website at

memorable moment is getting married in 2010.







t O C E L E B R At I N G t H E N I G H t O U t Rallying friends and finding a place where everyone can get together is a perfect reason to celebrate with the exceptional taste of GREY GOOSE ® vodka. Visit facebook.com/greygoose for a selection of signature cocktails to order and add even more flavor to your night.



FA C E B O O K . C O M / G R E YG O O S E

Sip Responsibly.




Perfect Skin...

Revealed This is the promise of the new miracle cream from 2


Lancôme...Absolue L’Extrait


r. Tony Cruz, Lancôme Product Manager at Saks

to extract rose native cells, keeps the integrity and

Fifth Avenue, Austin, Texas explains Absolue

capacity of the cells and ensures maximum cellular

L’Extrait is made with the latest technology from

replication. Two million rose native cells are in each jar

Lancôme Laboratories; Absolue L’Extrait is the elusive

of the new elixir. Light in texture, allowing maximum

Fountain of Youth for your skin.

absorption into the skin, the elixir boasts a 67% increase

The technology,

which borrows from stem cell research and is years

in the skins cellular replication after 4 weeks of use.

in development, allows skin to reveal its potential self. Based on in-vitriol testing, research confirms “rose Lancôme has taken stem cell technology to new

native cells can extend their exceptional properties

heights in their research of the Lancôme Rose – a stem

to enhance skin’s regenerative potential,” according

bred especially for Lancôme which required the cross

to Lancôme. The regenerative power in this elixir in

breeding of over 2,000 species, and was “selected

unparalleled, leaving a satiny finish behind, revealing

for its resilience, vivacity,

and adaptability.”

firmer, more elastic, more radiant skin....your skin.

Fermogenesis, a

Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait sells for $350, available


exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.


- Tony Cruz





In D ULGE : L i f e s t y l e


Vive La Vida at Vino 100 A Wineaux’s Thoughts By Ingrid Garner


s much fun as it can be experiencing something

the mac and cheese you grew

new, there’s something to be said for enjoying

up on. It’s loaded with Black

the familiar. Every now and then; however, even the 1

Forest Ham, Italian parsley,

familiar can bring a little hint of change to keep things

egg noodles, and topped with

from becoming stagnate That’s how I feel whenever I

smoked Gruyere. Both dishes

walk into Vino 100 located in the Round Rock Crossing

are favorites at Vino 100.

Shopping Center. There you experience the comfort of going someplace where “everybody knows your

Not only is the food superb,

name” along with the anticipation of finding out what’s

but Bryan changes up the wine

new on the menu or taking part in a special event.

menu every two weeks. There are always new wines (to drink

A bright spot of this cozy place is the owner and chef

at the bar or take home) on the

Bryan Gano who comes from a long line of talented

wall. For those wanting a cold

cooks who don’t write down family recipes, just pass

beer during these summer days

them along generation to generation. With his every

there is an incredible Texas

food creation he remembers what his mom taught him.

Craft beer selection available.

“You can always add seasoning and spice, but you can

“My wife says I get bored easily.

never take it away.”

That’s probably true because I have to keep changing things all the time.”

So great is Bryan’s culinary talent that during this year’s Taste of Austin event, his Smoked Andouille

It’s certainly working for him because there is always

Sausage and Shrimp Creole Savory Cheesecake (yes,

something going at Vino 100:

you read that right) came in 1st place. Second place

tastings, live music. You can also participate in the

was his Traditional Mac N’ Cheese. This dish is not

monthly wine club. As a member, you can participate in



wine dinners, grand


INSDIDE VINO “You can always add seasoning and spice, but you can never take it away.� - owner and chef Bryan Gano

tastings for two, have a light dinner and take home two

whole bottle!) or frothy cold beer, and live music while

bottles of wine. Wine club members enjoy discounts on

you kick it with your friends, are out on a date, or just

special events and special pricing on wine club wines.

want to chill by yourself. To keep up with the latest happenings, you can sign up for the weekly newsletter

Yes, you can certainly live the life at Vino 100 with

on their website vino100roundrock.com or find them

tasty morsels to eat, a scrumptious glass of wine (or a

on Facebook. IN FLUENTIAL 57


TOP: Leonardo D’Almagro and Cile Cook. MIDDLE: Lindsay Jensen and Rachel Jud. RIGHT: Bochi Evans and Diana Miranda. ABOVE LEFT: Nicole and Natalie Varner of Dolce Blu. ABOVE RIGHT: Valerie Velazquez, Martha Morales, Carol Scott.




STRUT 5.12 Raises $3,500 for CapCityKids By William Jackson


n Saturday, May 12, MKV Productions hosted

school. Administrative costs for  their programs are

the STRUT 5.12 at Lytle Pressley Contemporary

absorbed by the Board (Dobson Foundation) and

and House + Earth Galleries. The event was a huge

Austin Independent School District.

success, raising over $3,500 for CapCityKids! Michele Utt and Valerie Velazquez of MKV Productions

Thanks to this close partnership, 100% of donations

would like to thank all of the sponsors who gave so

go directly to the students. Funds from STRUT 5.12

generously and the guests who attended in support

will help provide basic school supplies and support

of this philanthropic event.







afterschool tutoring at homeless shelters, and helps CapCityKids is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization

connect kids with social services. Thank you  for

that develops innovative programs and provides

directly contributing to improving the lives of these

direct resources to help homeless students stay in

children. Visit CapCityKids at www.capcitykids.org. IN FLUENTIAL 59


HOUSE PARTY Raises Over $19k for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Austin By William Jackson


ouse Party 2012 hosted by Friends of the House

board. We exceeded our fundraising goal, spread

on May 19th blew past their fundraising goal,

the word about Friends of the House and raised

bringing in over $19,000 for Ronald McDonald House

awareness for Ronald McDonald House Charities all

Charities of Austin and Central Texas. Lytle Pressley

while enjoying a truly fabulous party. I am already

Contemporary Art Gallery was packed with nearly

looking forward to House Party 2013!”

150 young professionals for this fundraising event. In 2011, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Austin Shannon Ferguson, co-chair for the event said,

served over 1,300 families. The funds raised from

“House Party 2012 was a great success across the

the event’s silent auction and ticket sales continue




LEFT: Lindsey Levin, Packrick Ley, Beth Ley. RIGHT: Jenny Boone, Sarah McIntyre and Ginny Lewis.

to help them support Central Texas families with

Platinum Travel Inc., Sole Source Technology and

critically ill or hospitalized children.

World Wide Technology, Inc. provided financial support that helped make the party a success.

Guests enjoyed music by DJ el john Selector while sampling hors d’oeuvres from Apothecary Café.  The

Monica Williams from Giving City said House Party

open bar featured cocktails provided by Bacardi and

was “a hotspot and a must attend for next year if

beer provided by KEG 1. Attendees also got access

you missed it this year!” Friends of the House will

to an after party at Tacos and Tequila (TNT) where

host House Party 2013 next June. Information will be

the fun continued into the evening with exclusive

available at www.rmhc-austin.org/friends.

drink and food specials. Corporate sponsors Kimbia, IN FLUENTIAL 61

YOU ARE THE STAR... with Suzanne Court Catering and Events

www.suzannecourt.com 512.762.5447 suzanne@suzannecourt.com



July / August 2012 InFluential Magazine  

The Art of Living Well

July / August 2012 InFluential Magazine  

The Art of Living Well

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