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edo” became the default apparel for after six o’clock and by the 1930s was increasingly being referred to as “semi-formal.” Then came World

Black Tie Optional - Formal Men - tuxedo or dark suit

War II, and social mores loosened once again

Women - dressy separates to floor length

where a man’s suit was the norm for evening


affairs and a tux for special occasion attire. In the late 60s to early 70s came the leisure suit

After 5 - Semi-formal

and turtlenecks were worn with a suit instead

Men - suits, dress shoes, dark socks

of a tie. The 80s ushered in the introduction of Business Casual diminishing dress standards in the professional environment.

Women - dressy suit to cocktail dress

This impacted

attire standards of social events.

Holiday Attire

With the technology boom in the 90s expected

Same as After 5 with more sparkle, holiday

business dress really muddied the waters for a

dresses, and pantsuits

universal concept for business attire. This left party hosts gasping for better descriptions for invites.

Dressy Casual

A traditional man’s suit has set the stage for de-

No jeans, shorts or t-shirts

cades as the most powerful, authoritative look for professional business attire. Men’s tailcoats

Austin Chic - contemporary attire dependent on time of day and age of guests

to dinner jackets have continued to set the attire for social events. And as I always tell my clients, “Less is sometimes more, and one can never go wrong with simple elegance.” Below is a list of several occasions and what is deemed appropriate attire for the occasion.

White Tie Affair - Most Formal Tailcoats & ball gowns

Casual Anything goes - consult host For questions about image, wardrobing and life coaching ideas, please contact me at AskPresley@Influential-Magazine.com ---------------------------------------------Creative black tie/Texas tux

Black Tie Affair - Formal Men - dinner jacket “tuxedo” Women - dressy cocktail or floor length gown

Biz Formal - no overtly sexy apparel Business casual - no décolleté


November / December 2011 InFluential Magazine  

The Art of Living Well

November / December 2011 InFluential Magazine  

The Art of Living Well