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to love certain brands, but do not be a mirror

have a cohesive theme. Save what inspires you

image of the brand. Sure it’s easy to pick out a

on websites like Pinterest, Tumblr or DecorPad

whole bedroom set in your favorite showroom,

(there are so many others out there). When

but you’re more creative than that, right?

you’re ready, make a design or a mood board

3. Be Unendingly Inspired Inspiration is truly everywhere. Observe the world around you.

Live in the moment, and

you’ll see, from the gorgeous shapes and vi-

at Mydeco, Olioboard or Polyvore. Of course, a real one made of a poster board with cutouts from magazines and catalogs is fun, too.

5. Be Genuine, Be Authentic, Be You

brant colors of produce at an Austin farmer’s

Be your own tastemaker. Who said you’re not?

market to the quirky dangling objects at Spider

Influential or not, we are our own tastemaker

House, from the quilt your Grandma lovingly

and maybe even a tastemaker to our family

made for you to the frothing of your favorite

(whether they have a choice or not), friends,

cup of joe. After inspiration comes creativity

and co-workers. Ideas come from other ideas.

and innovation.

It’s true! You can put your own twist on them -

4. Get Organized

your own mark - and it’s yours. Stay true to who you are and not what others dictate. After all,

Your ideas, inspiration, and influences shouldn’t

your choices are fabulous! Ok, maybe not that

be a messy and puzzling collage or a hodge-

purple and neon yellow sofa.

podge of seemingly unrelated things. Just like anything else, if they are organized you can

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November / December 2011 InFluential Magazine  

The Art of Living Well

November / December 2011 InFluential Magazine  

The Art of Living Well