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The Intrepid Explorer Coverage Report

Project Summary • • • • • • • •

Coverage appeared: 10 media Maybe’s: 5 media Declined: 3 media No Feedback: 5 media Interested in contributing to IE: Ndorphin Total value of coverage: R266 222,56 Influence’s project management fee: R8 000 ex VAT ROI 28:1

Notable feedback: Die Burger Buite: They think it is a wonderful magazine but they create their own content, they will look at stories for ideas. Explore4Knowledge: John thinks the magazine is great and is looking forward to the digital version, he would like to meet Robbie and Nick when he is here in May. Media Club South Africa: They love the magazine but at this point they can’t use the release. Wild Magazine: Love the magazine, would like to promote it when more Wild Card parks and reserves are featured, will check the next few issues.

Note from Influence: Instead of focusing on news about the magazine launch, Moneyweb wanted to use content from the magazine and gave Intrepid Explorer a credit which clicks through to the IE website.

Intrepid Explorer Coverage Report  

Intrepid Explorer Coverge Report