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Cancer.vive Coverage Report

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Naledi Moleoa interviewed Adele du Plessis Show: Talk Shop Date: 29 August 2012 Time: 20:39 Duration: 18 minutes

Criselda Kananda interviewed Raynolda Makhutle and Itumeleng Letoaba Show: Metro Talk Show Date: 30 August 2012 Time: 19:30 to 20:30 Duration: One hour Africa Melane interviewed Janie du Plessis Show: Afternoons with Africa Date: 6 September 2012 Time: 13:26 Duration: 6 minutes

‘n Tweede Kans was aired on kykNET Date: 2 September 2012 Time: 16:10 Duration: 50 minutes

Craig Ross in for Elana Afrika mentioned that Cancer.vive was a Lead SA initiative and gave details of the campaign. Date: 17 September 2012 Time: 14:27 Duration: 2 minutes Nigel Pearce interviewed Janie du Plessis about Cancer.vive Date: 3 October 2012 Time: 11:24 Duration: 11 minutes

Noleen had a panel discussion which included Lillian Dube, she spoke to about her story and Cancer.vive Date: 1 October 2012 Time: 16:48 Duration: 16 minutes Interviewed Lillian Dube about Cancer.vive Date: 2 October 2012 Time: 6:37 Duration: 8 minutes

Cancervive Coverage Highlights  
Cancervive Coverage Highlights  

Highlights of the Cancer.vive campaign