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Cape Union Mart Adventure Film Challenge Coverage Report

Project Summary Campaign Objectives •Generate awareness of the competition to assist Cape Union Mart in securing an increase in the quantity and quality of submissions. •This was achieved by securing noteworthy coverage in relevant media and engaging directly with film schools. Campaign Overview •Film Schools contacted: 13 •15 Social Media mentions, reaching 51, 768 number of followers/fans. •Coverage appeared: 18 •Maybe’s: 7 •Declined: 4 •No Feedback: 9 •Total value of coverage: R191 418,80 •Influence’s project management fee: R30 000 ex VAT •ROI 1:6 Notable feedback Cape Argus: Can’t use the information now, possibly once the winner has been announced in connection with Banff 2013. Cape Town Magazine: Can’t use information as they are an events site, but very excited about Banff 2013, definitely want to cover it and do a give-away if possible. 021 Magazine: Declined, they are an events site but will happily cover Banff 2013.

Online Coverage

Screen Africa Newsletter

Print Coverage

Broadcast Coverage

Interview with Nick Bennett Date: 9 May Duration: 8 Minutes

Interview with Nick Bennett Date: 28 May Duration: 16 Minutes

Film Schools

City Varsity (CT and Jhb) Were very excited about the competition, circulated information to students and lecturers Durban Institute of Technology Circulated information to all students AFDA & Cape Town International Film School Were very excited about the competition, circulated information to all the students and the student committee. Also placed the article on the website (See slide) Boston Business College Film Department Head was very excited about the competition, she circulated it to all students in an email (See slide) Reel Edge Film Academy Were very interested in the competition and circulated information to all students SAE Institute Circulated information to all students, alumni and lecturers National Electronic Media Institute of SA Circulated information to all students and lecturers. Received100 AFC flyers which were distributed to students SA School of Motion Picture Medium & Live Performance (CT and Jhb) Thought it was a great opportunity, circulated information to HOD’s and students UCT Thought the competition sounded great. Passed information on to students

AFDA Website

Boston Business College email – distributed to 54 students

Social Media

AFC Coverage Report  

Coverage of the AFC ampaign

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