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Change is the name of the game at SL7 Consulting. For nearly two decades, Patrick Slevin has prided himself on being a change agent. He’s worked with Fortune 500 companies, trade organizations, and international public relations firms. He’s helped clients through crises, and is there to help when clients are at a crossroads. “I represent clients that are caught in the crosshairs between the status quo and change,” said Slevin, the founder and CEO of SL7 Consulting. Slevin’s entry into the industry might be a bit untraditional. In 1996, he became the youngest mayor in Safety Harbor’s history at the age of 27. The day he won his seat was also his first lesson in public relations. Slevin said he did everything wrong and “looked like a total schmuck” within his first 24 hours as an elected official. He learned from that experience, and said it has benefited his clients over the years. While about half his work is in the public affairs arena, he’s expanding into the lobbying industry. The Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has hired him to help with engagement and advocacy. “I feel I present myself as a generalist with many specialties,” said Slevin. “The common denominator is the stakeholder and impacting their perspectives, and in most cases it’s about change.”


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INFLUENCE Florida - Spring 2017 issue  

INFLUENCE Florida - Spring 2017 issue