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winners + losers from the 2016 General Election


The Winners. And the Losers. Who’s happy — and who’s not — after Election Day 2016 by peter schorsch

WINNERS I F A N Y T H I N G represents a binary choice, it’s the ballot box on Election Day. Be it a blowout or an automatic recount squeaker, one candidate or cause wins and the other loses. Here’s a list of Florida influencers who are high-fiving in the winner’s circle or trudging off in defeat … at least until 2018:

Richard Corcoran: Big wins on Election Day mean good news for the new House Speaker. Republican incumbents held on to their seats, and there’s a lot more new GOP faces in the chamber.

Brian Ballard: It may have taken three tries, but Ballard sure did pick a winner. And when the president-elect is his client, you have to wonder: When will we start calling him ambassador?

Front Line Strategies: Brought home big

wins for first-time candidates Bobby Payne, Chuck Clemons, Byron Donalds, Don Hanhfeldt, Stan McClain, and Bob Rommel. They can also take a bow for their winning work

for Reps. Bob Cortes, Manny Diaz, Jay Fant, Tom Goodson, MaryLynn Magar, Elizabeth Porter, and Jay Trumbull; and Sens. Dennis Baxley and Doug Broxson.

Tim Baker and Brian Hughes: All they do is win. The dynamic duo were behind two Duval County referendums. The pension reform referendum easily passed in August; and, in November, they convinced conservative Northeast Florida voters to sign off on the possibility of slots.

Joe Gruters: Call him Donald Trump’s man in Florida. The Sarasota GOP chairman stood by the president-elect through a series of controversies and will go down as one of Trump’s most loyal supporters. Bonus: He crushed his District 73 opponent and is the newest member of the Florida House. WINTER 2016 INFLUENCE | 125

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INFLUENCE Florida Winter 2016  

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