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FIFO newbies - how to make it work



journalist asked me the other day how my husband and I have survived FIFO all these years. First of all: there is no surviving. This was and is a choice. We actively took the job. We knew it was working away. We adapted to it. If you don’t evolve or learn to roll with what life hands you, then you're going to fail whether it’s FIFO or not. FIFO just makes it trickier. Having said that, a good attitude and clear communication are also vital - but that goes for every relationship. So what's my advice for FIFO newbies? You need to understand the job. You need to understand the roster. There has to be a reason you’re doing this. Keep that in perspective. For us it’s the lifestyle. For others it's the money. We do 4:4 weeks (four weeks on followed by four weeks off). So we work six months of the year. Those four weeks at work can be tough, but we know that. We knew that when we took the job. Understand how long that time is away from each other. You will have good days, great days, some bad days and horrible days but that’s life ... nothing in this life comes easy. How you adapt and change will you see you succeed or fail. My husband and I talk about everything from divorce to life after death. Some people say we've cursed our relationship by already talking about divorce, but if you can’t talk about

everything without fear (no matter what the scenario) then you're in trouble. The same goes for being willing to listen. There is a right and wrong way to communicate. If you don’t know how to do it, learn how (and quickly). Adapting and having the right attitude go hand in hand. Life is all about evolving. We never get something for nothing, and FIFO is no different. You want to make decent money with good

time off? Well then, a little hard work is required. You can’t be naive and go in thinking it's going to be easy all the time, because it’s not easy for anyone. Not for the partner working away, the partner at home or your children. The way to get through is to find a routine (and roster) that works for you. Try different things until you find what is right for you - and by that I mean what works for you and your family - not what others tell you is right! Go with your instincts and trust yourselves as a unit. n



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Mt Isa Airport Magazine issue 27

Mt Isa Airport Magazine issue 27  

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