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NEW 12M CONTAINER SHELTER $13,500 Dimensions: W12m x H4m x L12m - Fully galvanized, truss frame shelter - End walls available as an optional extra




Dimensions: W8m x H3m x L6m (also available in 12m Length - $6200)

Dimensions: W8m x H4.2m x L25m (also available in L9.15m - $5500 and L15.9m - $8300)

Freight charges may apply • Available Nationwide • *Prices current as at 1/4/10

More models available – go to

Free Call 1800 199 060 Nationwide “Suppliers of Container Shelters and freestanding shelters, Nationwide”

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20 on the cover 10 Men’s Health Getaway A November programme to improve men’s health 12 Mining Couples Living and working together on site 20 Food Glorious Food The Brisbane Good Food & Wine Festival rolls into town




Queensland’s Outback Shines After the rains, there’s plenty sprouting up in our backyard

14 Vitamin D Deficiency How to minimise the risk that so many miners face



Swing into a Mining Golf Competition The ABB Queensland Mining Golf Challenge

23 Making Mining Life Comfortable Cater Care Services aims to bring the comfort of home to the mine site




A Vogue Car Review The Range Rover Vogue

32 Make a Financial Plan When you’re making the money is when you should be investing in your future 39

Accommodation with a Point of Difference Grand Mercure Apartments Twin Waters

AIRPORT Issue 17




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Welcome to Mount Isa Airport

AIRPORT magazine

PUBLISHER Patrick McElligott

EDITOR Bettina Maniatis


elcome to the latest edition of the Mount Isa Airport Magazine, a free

ART DIRECTOR Lawrence Borchers

publication designed for Mount Isa Airport passengers.

If you’re a visitor to the Mount Isa region, I would


like to welcome you to the mining capital of North

Daniela Raos

Queensland and encourage you to explore the

vast array of experiences the North Queensland


outback has to offer.

Robyn Crouch

Local passengers of Mount Isa Airport have not been overlooked, with lots

of travel ideas to a vast array of exciting destinations that you can access

new south wales

with ease from Mount Isa. Looking for your next holiday? Look no further

Brittany Cavill

as Mount Isa Airport Magazine will bring the destinations right to your



Mount Isa Airport continues to grow with Airnorth doubling services earlier this year, and Qantas up gauging their aircraft to a full 800 series and

Martin Rumball

jumping to 12 services a week. The revamped café is also proving to be very



Airport Magazine is published bi-monthly by Inflight Publishing Pty. Ltd. Views expressed in Airport magazine are not necessarily endorsed by the publisher. No responsibility is accepted by the publisher or the printer for the accuracy of information contained in the text or advertisements.

On behalf of everyone at Mount Isa Airport, I wish you safe and happy travels and look forward to welcoming you in the next edition. Sean Golar General Manager

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Mount Isa Airport






Ph (07) 3891 7793 • Fax (07) 3891 7702 PO Box 6133, Buranda, Qld 4102

Member or QTIC


Issue 17

MOUNT ISA airport



ocated in the heart of one of the world’s most significant multi-mineral deposits, Mount Isa is the mining capital of North Queensland. In fact, the wider Mount Isa mineral province is a major source of the world’s lead, zinc, silver and copper and home to one of the world’s largest underground mines. Mount Isa Airport services the mining community as well as creating a gateway to North-West Queensland.

Mount Isa Airport and the Community Geographically located in such a remote area, Mount Isa Airport is an intrinsic part of the community and actively participates in key community-based initiatives.

Mount Isa Airport Helping Kids Mount Isa Airport is proud to be a sponsor of Bush Children’s Mount Isa branch, an initiative also supported by the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys NRL team. The North Queensland Toyota Cowboys and the Royal Queensland Bush Children’s Health Scheme Mount Isa branch joined forces in 2008 to revive the operations of the local children’s health and community services provider. Mount Isa Airport joined the cause in 2009. The centre is now fully operational and staffed to provide vital health and community services – including speech pathology, psychology and occupational therapy – for children in Mount Isa and the surrounding area. Bush Children’s offers country families and their children support that would not ordinarily be available to them and without access to these services, families would be forced to undertake extensive travel and/ or relocate their families to an urban centre that could support the needs of their children.


Issue 17

Look ahead.

Rio Tinto is growing fast, right across Australia. If you want a great future, challenging career and the rewards you deserve, we can give them to you. This is a chance to contribute your knowledge, find new ways of doing things, and realise your potential. With us, the opportunities are boundless, and the chances to learn and grow are everywhere. You’ll be given the tools you need to succeed, use your drive to make a real difference, and be free to think and innovate. We encourage workplace diversity, and want to work with skilled and motivated people from all walks of life. So, if you embrace change, safety, leadership and sustainable performance, and want to do things that matter, Rio Tinto is the place to do it. Take control of your life, be supported every step of the way - starting today!

Discover more. or call 1300 791 287

Queensland’s Outback Shines after the rains By shelley winkel

Photo courtesy of Tourism QLD

Welcome to my backyard called Queensland,” announces Alan Smith, a burly country bloke whose Labrador-like excitement for his homeland quickly rubs off on our small tour group. We are standing on the edge of a “jump up”, a sharply rising mesa an hour and a half’s drive from Longreach and 10km outside the town of Winton. Before us lies a once-in-a-generation spectacle; a landscape that is bloated with emerald green acacias, fat mulgas and flocks of kite hawks patched around lush green grass and newly flowing creeks. Like the rest of country Queensland, it’s obvious that two seasons of rain have transformed the once red plains into a rich tapestry of life and colour. “You couldn’t pick a better time to be here,” says Smithy, the owner of Outback Aussie Tours and a long-term local who reckons he hasn’t seen it this good since the rains of 1990. Behind us is a big tin shed. It’s no different from the thousands of Titan sheds found in industrial estates around the country, but it’s what is inside that has brought us here - there are bones in there! No ordinary bones. Inside are the priceless reminders that giant dinosaurs freely roamed Queensland 95 million years ago when the land was littered with cycads and redwoods more telling of a temperate forest. This is the Age of Dinosaurs, a not-for-profit organisation with a single agenda - to bring dinosaurs to the world. “The Age of Dinosaurs is not just a museum,”


Issue 17

booms deep-voiced George one of three fossil experts permanently stationed here. “It’s a living heritage and it’s uncovering the secrets of the past.” It’s also the only place in the world where anyone can get their hands on dinosaurs by either touring the production shed like we are today, volunteering to prepare dinosaurs by scaling the soil from the bones, or taking part in a dinosaur dig each August at a cost of a few thousand dollars. First discovered in Queensland’s outback just over a decade ago, the 40 or so creatures that have been dug up since are now lying in crates waiting to be glued back together. “There are more dinosaurs in this shed than the rest of the world combined,” bellows George, “and with just three in the team, our lab has 25 to 30 years of work ahead of us.” I think of my own growing inbox and suddenly feel less miserable. If the Age of Dinosaurs leaves you stomping for more pre-historic amusement, then the Queensland Outback has plenty of other options. Within a day’s drive there is Lark Quarry where you can see evidence of the only dinosaur stampede in the world while Richmond is home to a display of pre-historic marine creatures. For us it’s time to jump forward a few million years to the late 1800s where Richard Kinnon is waiting in Longreach to take us on a ride that promises to tickle our other historical tonsils – a tour of the town’s quaint centre followed

by a short gallop along the original mail track on Australia’s last operating Cobb & Co Stage Coach. My companions and I scamper to the top of the buggy and squeeze our denim clad bottoms onto a single plank behind the mountains of old-fashioned trunks. This, we are told, was the most coveted position and the modest young ladies of the times preferred to eat dust than face the prospect of smelling the armpits of the drunkards below. Luxury it may be, but without seat belts we spend much of the ride clinging to each other as the carriage bolts and bobs across the track. “Don’t worry,” yells Richard who’s driving the five horse-powered thrill ride. “You might be eating dust but at least it’s organic dust out here.” A fourth generation Longreach resident, Richard and wife Marisse have a passion to keep history alive. Their Longreach business also includes Kinnon & Co, a cavernous store in the centre of town that sells an absolute trove of country goods including jars of old-fashioned boiled lollies, polished saddles and the best freshly brewed coffee this side of the Black Stump. Outback Aussie Tours, Longreach, Australian Age of Dinosaurs, Winton Kinnon & Co Tours, Longreach



Our Koolyanobbing Operation production capacity is increasing from 8.5mt to 11mt

$4.7 billion

At Cliffs, we are serious about your personal growth and development. That’s why we offer a variety of leadership courses and professional development programs for all employees. If you like challenges and embracing a culture of trust, respect and

Total revenues in 2010

integrity, then we may have the career you’ve been looking for. We pride

No. 97

ourselves on ensuring employees find the right work/life balance by

In the Global 1000 Sustainable Performance Leaders Ranking


Percentage of products exported to China

offering competitive remuneration and benefit packages to align with other mining companies and have the flexibility to tailor our packages to suit the individual.


No. 9

In Bloomberg Businessweek’s top 50 best performers in the S&P 500 Index

ABOUT CLIFFS Cliffs is an international mining and natural resources company with a proud history of over 160 years in the mining industry. Our Asia Pacific business unit is comprised of two iron ore mining complexes in Western Australia and a 45% economic interest in a coking and thermal coal mine in Queensland.

Improve your overall Health and Wellbeing with an Exclusive Men’s Health Program


ollowing the success of the very first dedicated men’s health retreat in Australia, Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat recently announced a new date for The Men’s Retreat from the 10th to the 13th November 2011. The program is a custom designed three night program exclusively for men focusing on men’s health issues. It features new seminars by key lifestyle and health specialists including a medical doctor, naturopath and fitness and performance professionals. Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat is an award winning destination that will inspire the desire to live a healthier life. Australian owned and located in the Gold Coast hinterland (30 minutes from Gold Coast Airport), the retreat offers innovative wellness programs, specialty spa treatments, superb organic cuisine and extensive facilities.


Issue 17

Posture & Exercise By BRAD SHEPPARD, Director at Create PT Wealth


ast issue, I spoke to you about the importance of not slouching, and some exercises to immediately enhance your posture. Now let’s discuss the importance of posture and exercise. Basically, if you exercise with bad posture then you might be prone to injury. Let’s face it, at one stage or another during exercise, you may experience some form of niggle, injury, pain or even a minor tear. One of the most common areas this can occur is around the shoulder. The shoulder joint sacrifices stability for mobility, therefore can create varied and large movements however the ability to do this alters its stability and strength capabilities. If you feel the slightest “niggle” in your shoulder, you should NOT work through it! It is amazing how many people (our personal training clients included) will continue to lift through a set with pain or discomfort because they do not want to stop, disappoint their trainer, or are hungry for the results! Here are some steps to assist if you feel any pain or discomfort: Step 1: Seek advice. Your trainer is your first step - if they are unable to diagnose, they will refer. I have rehabbed and pre-habed (I’ll explain this soon) hundreds of shoulders, so find an expert that specialises in that area. If you don’t have a trainer, you can email or call me on 0412 999 656 right NOW for some advice.

Sharon Kolkka

This exciting specialty program is ideal for men who want to improve their overall health and wellbeing, learn more about key men’s health issues or who need some quality time away from a busy lifestyle. “Traditionally, all over the world, health retreats tend to be visited more by females than males,” said Gwinganna’s General Manager, Sharon Kolkka. “We had constant requests to offer a specialty men’s program and the first ever retreat was a great success with outstanding feedback.” Over the three day program, guests will experience a unique program to help de-mystify and simplify information that will empower men to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Seminars will focus on areas such as stress, alcohol, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle disease prevention. The Men’s Retreat at Gwinganna package from starts from $1280 per person fully inclusive. Organic meals will feature a specially designed menu including red meat, a seafood BBQ lunch, morning coffee/tea, wine at evening meals, and games and activity sessions. Two spa treatments are also included. For more information, or to book your program, visit n


Issue 17

Step 2: Pre-hab BEFORE any pain arrives, make sure that you are doing adequate postural aligning exercises I outlined in the previous issue. Again, chat to your trainer for the most appropriate ones or give me a call if you need advice. Generally speaking, most rehab processes involve the correct strengthening exercises, appropriate stretches, massage and manipulation (in some cases). You may even need to supplement with Glucosamine (15002000mg per day). n

Couples in the Mines As many employees of the mining industry know, lengthy time away from your partner can certainly take its toll emotionally - but nowadays, working in the industry doesn’t necessarily mean you have to leave your partner at home as more and more couples seek to work together at the same mine site. Angie Wilcocks, Psycologist for Mining Family Matters ( delves a little deeper into the topic of Couple in the Mines.


orking in the mining industry can mean different things to different families, depending on the way their work/ life balance is structured. Some couples base themselves in a city or large town while one partner works away. Some relocate to the nearest mining town. And yet another choice is both partners doing FIFO/DIDO – sharing the same donga on the same roster on the same site for the same company. The most obvious benefit is spending lots of time together – which might sound great in theory, but naturally has some pitfalls! Most couples on a joint FIFO roster seem to share a donga - and there are certainly issues that can arise from living together in a tiny space!


Issue 17

The extent to which couples can manage this arrangement probably depends on how similar their living habits are. Most couples are fairly compatible with day-to-day habits and activities. Really successful couples negotiate around their differences. We know that individuals differ in lots of ways: how tidy they are; how much TV they like to watch; how much sleep they need; and whether or not they make noises as they eat. In a 'normal' environment, couples can find space to just be themselves without bothering the other person too much. In a donga, even seemingly small differences can make for unbearable relationship stress, and grow into much bigger issues than they otherwise would. For example, if your partner

wants/needs to watch TV late into the night (and you don’t) this becomes a problem when you are sharing a single room. Couples with differing habits really need to work hard on compromise – set and stick to clear ground rules (even as simple as deciding five nights when the TV can be left on and five when it goes off ). Another pitfall is allowing work to dominate your thinking and conversations. Living together on site, working with the same people and doing the same (or similar) roles can contribute to this. While bitching about work might seem like a fun thing to do at the end of a long day, it ultimately won't add anything constructive or positive to your life or relationship. If your partner wasn't with you on site, there is no way they would listen to endless

complaints about work and colleagues – and this is a good thing! It’s a good idea to limit work conversations to 10 minutes or so at the end of the day. Yet another common source of disagreement in FIFO families, including those who work together, is how time off, or R&R time, is spent. This might seem a little surprising. You'd think that couples who work together would have a good understanding of the stresses related to the FIFO lifestyle and would agree about how time at home should be spent. This is often not the case. Because you work away together, friends and family might think you don't need to spend time together when you’re home – and this can lead to unrealistic demands during R&R. They need to remember that you’ve both been working hard and that you haven’t had quality time together. For the sake of a healthy relationship, you need to say ‘no’ to family and friends sometimes, and perhaps introduce set days for particular tasks or seeing particular people. It is really important that you spend time together as a couple when you are at home. Working on a project (a garden or a house) or sharing a hobby definitely helps to keep couples connected and this is really, really important for couples who work together. Couples who spend a lot of time together don't necessarily know each other any better or communicate better than those who spend a lot of time apart. In fact, there is a real danger of complacency, with the assumption being that you are close and connected just because you are physically together a lot of the time. You can easily (but incorrectly) assume your partner knows what is going on for you emotionally because he is there in the same environment. If we assume this, we won't bother telling him/her verbally – and this puts undue pressure on the partner and the relationship. No matter how much time we spend with someone or how much we love them, it is very important to remember that they can’t read our minds. Your partner can't know with any certainty what you are thinking and feeling, unless you tell them! Living and working together can make communication a little tricky. Getting the balance right will probably require some practice – no-one wants to “communicate about the relationship” every minute of the day and we certainly don't need to tell our partner every thought and feeling! It's more about making an effort to verbally tell your partner how you’re feeling, rather than assuming they “just know” or “should know”. An example of this is coming back to the donga, exhausted after a hard day at work. You're grumpy and not in the mood to talk about anything. You just want to go to bed. If your partner wasn't there with you, you would send a text or make a quick call, explain your mood, tell them you love them, and leave it at that. Your partner back home would then be clear that you're not grumpy with them. BUT, if your partner is with you in the donga at the end of your bad day, you’re more likely to assume they know you're grumpy (and why) and not bother with the niceties. This does your relationship a major disservice. Your partner might take your grumpy behaviour to mean that you are upset with them, adding to stress and tension for them and the relationship. Talking honestly to your partner goes a long way to creating a positive and trusting relationship. Some couples I know even add humour to this by having a funny code word, like “pina colada” as shorthand for saying “I've had a bad day, I'm tired and grumpy and don't want to talk to you, no offence, I love you very much and hope tomorrow is better”. Try it. Quick tips • Watch your conversations, make sure the amount of time you spend talking about work and/or colleagues is limited • Aim to have shared interests when at home • Work on communication, don't assume you partner knows what you are thinking and feeling. Let him/her know! • Be upfront about the challenges of sharing a donga and look for solutions rather than blame • Problem-solve any differences about how R&R time is spent • Don't become complacent about your relationship just because you spend a lot of time together • Two great books on improving relationships are The Five Languages of Love by Gary Chapman and ACT with Love by Russ Harris. On a final note: as with any major relationship decision, it is important to weigh up possible pros and cons before starting to live and work together on site. Talking to others in the same situation and trying to problem-solve any potential problems in advance is a great idea, and I always recommend giving any new lifestyle an initial timeframe to test out whether it works for you and your relationship. n


Issue 17

Project Management

Miners and Vitamin D Deficiency

Minimise your Risk By Nereda Wills, naturopath from Sun and Earth Organics


larmingly, studies have shown that up to 97 per cent of Australians are Vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in the health of your bones and muscles, your immune system and your cardiovascular system. The main source of Vitamin D actually comes from sunlight, so you can see why those who work underground are at such risk.


Issue 17

Daily Food Strategies for Busy People By ADRIENNE SHEPPARD of Peak physique personal training


t’s a common occurrence that as the challenges of work and life increase, so too does our ability to effectively manage an appropriate eating program. I cannot emphasis strongly enough just how important it is to keep eating throughout the day – it evens your energy levels and keeps your all important metabolism working away. In fact, grazing throughout the day with smaller meals more often can actually cause a 10 to 15 per cent increase in metabolism. The key is to look for quick and easy snacks throughout the day, while still eating healthily.

There is a huge amount of research going into Vitamin D at the moment and so far, a deficiency has been linked to the following health problems: • Osteoporosis • Increased risk of falls and fractures in the elderly due to poor muscle strength and bone density • Autoimmune diseases • Cardiovascular disease • High blood pressure • Type 2 diabetes complications • Increased cancer risk • Poor immune system function Vitamin D plays an important role in protecting your bones, as they require vitamin D to absorb calcium and make them strong. Studies show that people with low levels of vitamin D have lower bone density or bone mass. Vitamin D deficiency has also been linked to increased allergies, colds and lung infections so since we get so much of it from sunshine, you can now see why these conditions are more common in winter. So how can you get enough Vitamin D? Dietary sources include oily fish and organic egg yolks. If you can’t consume these foods a few times a week, you can take a daily Vitamin D3 supplement from your health food shop. Sun cream will block 99 per cent of your vitamin D absorption from the sun, so make sure you get some daily unprotected exposure, but of course make sure you don’t get burnt! Moderate sun exposure is healthy, but burnt skin increases melanoma risk. The Australian Cancer Council recommends that during summer, majority of people can maintain adequate vitamin D levels from a few minutes of exposure to sunlight on their face, arms and hands or the equivalent area of skin on either side of the peak UV periods (10am to 3pm) on most days of the week. In winter in the southern parts of Australia, where UV radiation levels are less intense, people may need about two to three hours of sunlight spread over a week to maintain adequate vitamin D levels. n


Issue 17

Here are a few of my favourite ‘grazing’ foods: • Packet of almonds (30g): easy to transport and full of EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) • Tuna pouches (75g, 100g or 150g): flavoured and easy to transport plus now there are new versions so no drainage is required. • Protein shakes: not only for bodybuilders – 80 per cent protein is best • Packet of dried apricots (30g): easy to transport and low GI • Subway Wrap: lower in carbohydrates • Tinned mackerel, sardines and salmon - full of EFA • Protein bars: search for low fat <5g and reduced carbohydrates <20g. Alternatively, you can consider only half a bar. • 2-3 Ryvitas with low fat cottage cheese n

Medicheck Opens New Centres ...optimising the employment process


edicheck, a company that specialises in employment medicals and occupational health, is rapidly growing with the opening of three new centres in Townsville, Mackay and Brisbane. Director, Dr Ganesh Naidoo said it’s great news for the mining and construction industries as Medicheck can assist to optimise the employment process. “One of the things we do is screen unemployed candidates who are looking for work with mining companies with a medical examination that’s of no cost to them,” said Dr Naidoo. “The aim is to indentify health issues that might be a barrier to employment and should anything arise, develop a management plan with the candidate to deal with those issues.”

According to Dr Naidoo, Medicheck benefits both the candidate as well as the employer. “It reduces the risk for both parties because it gives the candidate confidence that there’s nothing major to prevent them getting a job,” Dr Naidoo explained. “And for the employer, it reduces the risk for them because it prevents certain things - like if they put their employee in for a training program that has cost many thousands of dollars and then have to take them out again because they did not pass the medical.” Medicheck’s medical examinations cover a number of areas relating to the mining and construction industry including drug and alcohol tests amongst many others. “If a candidate fails a drug test, it’s not

necessarily an absolute problem,” Dr Naidoo explained. “For example, cannabis can stay positive in your blood for up to three months so the candidate would be retested after three months and within that time would have received some counselling from us. “Another common problem with medicals can actually be weight,” Dr Naidoo continued. “If someone is over 130kgs, they are over the weight limit for most truck companies. “What we would do if this came up as a problem in the candidate’s medical is we would put them on a diet and exercise program to get them below that weight limit.” For more information on Medicheck, visit their website at n

Specialising in employment medicals, Medicheck offers a fast, efficient and streamlined process for mining and construction workers, and human resource professionals.

No fuss Coal Board Medicals We are a one-stop shop for Coal Board medicals. We provide your examination, x-ray and blood test under one fee - it’s simple.

Corporate clients will benefit from: Same day bookings guaranteed Fast 24 hour turnaround of results Flexible service to meet your needs – we’re able to provide dedicated FIFO Medicheck teams of doctors, technicians and administration staff to mine sites.

Services: Pre-employment medicals Spirometry, audiology, vision tests, colour vision & blood glucose testing Drug & alcohol testing

Coal Board medicals Driver’s medicals ECG & CXR Workcover assessments & injury management

C A I R N S | B R I S B A N E (other centres opening soon) E:


Issue 17

How we service your needs: Online Booking Streamlined Service Conveniently Located Caring Team

Contact us today to make an appointment! 1300 725 591 |

Register to visit >>

Queensland Events Sunferries Magnetic Island Race Week Magnetic Island 1 to 6 September Whether you’re a sailing fanatic or you’ve never set foot on a boat in your life, there’s something to entertain everyone during Sunferries Magnetic Island Race Week. The Race Week Shoreside Party is not to be missed with live music, fireworks and even a chance to mingle with the competitors. Brisbane Festival - Brisbane 3 to 24 September Celebrating the diversity, energy and optimism of the vibrant city of Brisbane, the Brisbane Festival features four world premieres and five Australian premieres, plus a highlight this year will be the Santos City of Lights; a laser light show which will light up the Brisbane skyline. Birdsville Races - Birdsville 2 to 3 September Since 1882 local residents, horses, riders, families and friends have gathered in Birdsville for a two day race meeting. Now an internationally recognised major outback event, the carnival includes a 12-race program and prize money in excess of $110,000. The Birdsville race track is one of four tracks in Queensland which runs anti-clockwise, attracting crowds of over 6,000 racegoers each year. ReggaeTown Festival – Cairns 10 September Now in its ninth year, the Reggaetown World Music Festival has risen to be one of the region’s most well loved and iconic events. The festival fuses old, new, traditional, contemporary, cultural and urban music.


Issue 17

Metal Mania – Townsville 10 September Metal Mania is a huge car and bike show held at Reid Park in Townsville. There are many features of the day including 20 of Queensland's Top Show Vehicles set up in the Pit Garages, with approximately 200 other entrants on display as well. Cairns Street Buskers Festival – Cairns 16 to 19 September Filled with more than 70 shows, the festival features street theatre, circus, comedy, cabaret, pavement art, music and skills workshops. A range of programming with something for everyone is held across a number of venues like parklands, shopping malls and clubs. Bowen Family Fishing Classic and Wet Weekend – Bowen 17 to 18 September An annual event focused on providing low cost local entertainment and activities for families. Take part in beach games, bush craft, beach cricket and of course family fishing. Outback Festival – Winton 20 to 24 September Winton comes alive with five days of festivities showcasing the outback way of live. Major events include the Australian Dunny Derby, Outback Iron Man and Woman, Ute Muster, World Crayfish Derby Race Meeting, Music Spectacular, Kidzone Festival, Peter J Hill Art Exhibitions, Masters of the Outback, Truckies Reunion, Waltzing Matilda Bush Poetry Awards, and the Outback Whip Cracking Championships.

Xstrata Greek Fest – Townsville 8 to 9 October In its 12th year, the 2011 Greek Fest gives visitors the chance to embrace Greek and Australian cultures over a weekend of non-stop entertainment, wonderful cuisine, music and dance. More than 40,000 people attend, taking part in dancing, grape-stomping and olive spitting competitions, Greek cooking demonstrations and the fantastic Agora (marketplace). This festival is a free to the public, family-friendly event.

AIMEX 2011 “Theme Days” Announced …and the show just got a lot bigger A series of “theme days” which will look at addressing some of the key issues in Australian mining have been announced for this year’s Asia-Pacific's International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX), to be held at Sydney’s Olympic Park, from September 6 to 9. Each day of the exhibition will have its own theme, incorporating information and demonstration sessions, along with special networking events. The four theme days are: Safety Day (Tuesday 6th Sept) Women in Mining Day (Wednesday 7th Sept) Careers and Training Day (Thursday 8th Sept) Innovation in Mining Day (Friday 9th Sept) In addition, throughout the four days of the show there will be a “frontliners” focus – aimed at mining industry frontline personnel, including operators, fitters, foremen, supervisors and the like. This will include a networking and social event every day, to which frontliners will be invited, plus every day there will be an opportunity to win an Apple iPad 2. And with unprecedented exhibitor demand for space at AIMEX, Reed Mining Events has released a further 1000 sq m making room for an additional 50 exhibitors. For further information on visiting AIMEX 2011, please email or visit


Your Golf On The Queensland ABB Mining Golf Challenge


aking place in late August Marcel McLeod and early September, the Queenland ABB Mining Golf Challenge brings together various mine sites to battle it out on the golf course and become the ABB Queensland Mining Challenge Champions for 2011. Set to become a must play event on the annual charity fundraising calendar, the event is sponsored by a number of companies including ABB and BHP Billiton. The event is designed to help the mining industry use golf to raise funds for charity and give back to the local communities where so many of the miners, associated suppliers and businesses are based. “The four charities we’re supporting with the event are the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Australian Volunteer Coastguard, Delta Society and the Rotary International Foundation,” said Marcel McLeod, President of the Rotary Club of Townsville Daybreak. “The funds raised will be evenly distributed amongst them.” The great thing about golf is that even though there are so many avid golfers within the industry, even they will tell you that the sport allows for all ability levels to get involved and participate. And according to Marcel, there are a number of mine sites on board including BHP Cannington, MMG Century, Xstrata Ernest Henry and many more. “The event is well supported by major sponsors as well as players from a lot of different mines,” said Marcel. “We’re looking forward to this one being very successful and next year’s growing and maybe getting a wider spread of mines, including the coal miners in the Bowen Basin.” The event also creates a great opportunity for companies and suppliers to rub shoulders within an informal setting to discuss the mining industry. To get involved as a competition or social player, all that is required is to either work for a mining company or for a supplier of the mining industry. And those on rosters are catered to as the rounds will be played over two separate weeks, accommodating to each roster cycle. n WHAT The Queensland ABB Mining Golf Challenge WHEN Week One: Thu 25th, Fri 26th & Sun 28th August Week Two: Thu 1st & Fri 2nd September


Issue 17

WHERE Townsville Golf Club HOW To register as either a player or a volunteer, visit

Take a bite out of Brisbane at the 2011 Good Food and Wine Show


ark the date in your calendar and get ready for a tasty treat as the 2011 Good Food and Wine Show will come fresh out of the oven and onto Brisbane plates from the 4th to the 6th November at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. This year, as the Brisbane food and produce industry bursts with innovation and freshness post last year’s floods and cyclone, there’ll be plenty to explore including, for the first time ever, a dedicated gluten free section. Whether you love to cook or simply enjoy discovering something new for your tastebuds, the show will provide a one-stop opportunity to gather recipe ideas, sample local wines, buy produce and discover new kitchen tools, all while supporting local farms and manufacturers. Celebrity Chef Manu Feildel said Queensland


Issue 17

has a soft spot in many chefs hearts because of the unique produce the region yields and the beautiful locations it provides to enjoy food. “My favourite food from Queensland would have to be the seafood – there is a great variety,” said Manu. “Also, the exotic fruit and vegetables. “Queensland is a completely different state to any other in Australia and for that reason, you often find produce in Queensland that you can’t find anywhere else - you can discover a totally different style of food.” Other celebrity chefs to hit the kitchen at the show include Matt Moran, George Calombaris, Gary Mehigan and Tobie Puttock, plus loads of classes and demonstrations. Adult ticket prices start at $21.50 and a VIP Ticket is available for $98.50 on both days (this ticket includes an exclusive opportunity to meet your favourite chef at a VIP function, front row seats to a Celebrity Theatre Session of your choice, champagne, nibbles and a cook book). Tickets are limited to 50 per day. For those who love their reds and whites, the Winelovers Ticket is available for $75. It includes Show entry, a Riedel Decanter Bar session, a Riedel ‘O’ Series boxed glass, a bottle of wine and a copy of Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine. n WHAT: The Brisbane Good Food & Wine Show WHERE: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre WHEN: Friday 4 November (10am - 6pm) Saturday 5 November (10am - 6pm) Sunday 6 November (10am - 5pm) TICKETS:


Inflight Publishing has 10 dou ble passes to the Brisbane Good Food and Wine Show to giveaway. To enter, email info@inflightmagazine. with your name, mailing add ress and the answer to this question: What is the name of the Cha nnel Ten competition cooking show that Manu Feildel regularly appeared on? Competition closes at midnigh t on Sunday 2nd October.

It’s Oktoberfest! If you’re in Brisbane this October, drop in to experience Australia’s most authentic Oktoberfest


ffering a unique fusion of food, fun and festival tradition, Oktoberfest Brisbane is a much-loved favourite on SouthEast Queensland's cultural calendar and this year the German folk festival is expected to draw crowds of up to 60,000 people. The two weekend-long event is taking place from October 7 to 9 and 14 to 16 at Brisbane’s RNA Showgrounds. As well as the usual event favourites such as traditional German beverages and sweets, music and entertainment, this year boasts a bigger Oktoberfest tent and dance floor and an even better VIP experience. Enjoy spit-roasted chickens and pork hocks with crackling, fresh baked pretzels, wood-fired sausages, German cakes and pastries, and Oktoberfest’s famous decorated gingerbread hearts. And for an extra bit of fun, why not really get into the spirit and dress in German-style lederhosen and dirndls, like many visitors do? “Queenslanders won't get any closer to an authentic Oktoberfest experience unless they actually go to Munich,” said Oktoberfest


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Brisbane Marketing Manager Mick Schmidt. “It really is a great day out for the whole family, and it gives locals a taste of how much fun Germans have when it comes time to celebrate our heritage, our culture and our food.” What's more, if all the above isn't enough to tempt you, families have an extra reason to head to the event. “Children get free entry to the festival when they’re accompanied by a responsible supervising adult,” Mr Schmidt said. “It’s important to us that the entire family can have a fun day out in true Bavarian style.” Tickets to Oktoberfest Brisbane can be bought in advance from Ticketek or at the gate throughout the festival. n

Alternatively, you can WIN your tickets right here, with Inflight Publishing! Simply write to us at with the answer to this question: What is the name of the German supermodel married to Seal?

WHAT: Oktoberfest Brisbane WHEN: 7 to 9 October & 14 to 16 October Fridays 4pm-midnight, Saturdays 11am - midnight, Sundays 11am - 8pm WHERE: RNA Showgrounds, Bowen Hills, Brisbane (entrance via Gregory Terrace only) COST: $16 (Fridays and Sundays), $22 (Saturdays). Under 18s enter free but must be accompanied by a responsible supervising adult. TICKETS: WEBSITE:

Visit The Buffs Club and enjoy what we have to offer....

Simone Prasad, the brains behind FoodBook

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Can’t get enough of the B uffs Club

A New Concept for Food Lovers BY BETTINA MANIATIS

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imone Prasad has always had a passion for food and wine, so when the opportunity came up to make a business of her passion, FoodBook was born. Having been on the page and loving the concept, I decided to grab the opportunity to chat to Simone exclusively – after all, it won't be long till everyone's knocking down her door for a piece of the FoodBook pie.

So Simone, tell me about FoodBook FoodBook is an interactive online hub based on the idea of ‘food fashion’. It's designed to give the people of Queensland access to the latest information and news from the food and dining out scene including information on events, festivals, markets, restaurant listings and reviews, new restaurant and bar openings, and produce profiles and articles. Excellent, and how did it all come about? Being passionate about food and wine, I was constantly craving information on food events and new places to dine out in Queensland. I realised that there was a need to for a one stop online destination for information and news on all things food, wine and dining out. Where do you see FoodBook growing to by this time next year? FoodBook’s goal is to become the number one online destination for the latest and greatest news and information for food and dining out in Queensland. FoodBook also hopes to create an online community for food and wine lovers, food producers, suppliers and restaurateurs to connect with each other and share their food passion, knowledge and experiences. Wow. OK, so give us the inside scoop then – what's FoodBook's current pick for number one restaurant in Brisbane? What a hard question! I feel that there are many restaurants in Brisbane that share the number one title, each excelling in their own style of cuisine. Currently, my top picks are Ortiga and Jellyfish in Brisbane. Also, I must mention Boucher in Graceville for best upcoming restaurant. FoodBook's facebook page can be found at For more information, email

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Bringing the Comfort of Home to the Mine Site... In an ideal world, most of us would love to take the comfort of our homes into our workplace – and one company’s aim is to do just that.

We spoke to Christine Charlton, Eastern Operations Manager for Cater Care Services. So Christine, tell us about Cater Care Services Well, we’re a privately owned, 100 per cent Australian company offering catering, accommodation and support services to mining and construction facilities in remote areas. Our aim is to make the residents of the mining villages as comfortable and well-looked-after as possible because we really understand how much it means to them. Our food is fresh and beautifully prepared, the sheets are clean and crisp when they’re changed, and of course the beer is cold when it’s that time too! Right, so it’s not just catering you guys provide then? Oh no – as well as that, there’s the accommodation and support services too which includes housekeeping, cleaning and laundry, managing coffee shops, restaurants and internet cafes and airport management and transfers. Then we can also supply retail and tavern services, site maintenance and gardening, sewerage and water treatment maintenance, waste, recycling and environmental management, security services, pest control services as well as provision of (BOO) proposals for infrastructure and development of facilities. Our job is to try and make these remote and sometimes difficult locations as comfortable as possible and make the employees as safe as possible. The management of Cater Care is able to draw on a collective of hundreds of years of experience to ensure continuous evolution in our service offering. As safe as possible? How does Cater Care impact safety? Well, it’s not just about comfort because Cater Care plays a massive role in making sure the employee goes to work in a good frame of mind. We don’t want them to go to work tired because they didn’t get enough sleep, or cranky because they had a meal that wasn’t up to scratch. We focus heavily on providing fresh, nutritious, seasonal menus, and have a Senior Dietician


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consulting with our Executive Chef’s on the right nutritional balance for our food offering.

in touch with the business. All the practices, procedures and cultural growth is our own.

Oh I see – so you’re saying the better you make life for the employees within the village, the happier they’ll be at work too… Yes. And it’s also about creating a happy community within the village. As you can see, there’s a bit more to it than just catering!

Also because we’re privately owned and because of our structure, we’re much easier to deal with. For example, we respond quickly because we don’t have a head office in London or anyone that we have to go to make any decisions. We provide our Site Managers with a great deal of autonomy, ensuring quick and decisive actions are made and premium service levels are maintained.

So how can you assist in creating that happy community? Because we instil these values (about how we have such a massive hand in the employee’s frame of mind) into our employees as well. They understand what we want to achieve. We’re there to play our part and so our staff are friendly, hospitable and they understand the bigger picture and the aim. And how are you different from other catering and servicing companies? Cater Care Services is built with years and years of experience with this particular style of service.. We’re also an organic company in that we haven’t been purchased or merged so we’re really

Also we tailor our business to each unique mine site, so we’re not just a model. We have a flexible approach. What other benefits can you offer to a mine site? Well, it’s no secret that every mining entity is competing for limited resources, as in skilled labour and I think a catering service provider such as Cater Care Services plays a big part in attracting employees. If acamp is well run and has a great feel and community spirit, it will assist the organisation in being able to attract and retain their staff. n

6-9 Sept, 2011 Stand 1311


Business In The Spotlight

Miners Corp. Essentials

“Created by a Miner, for the Miners” M

iner’s Corp. Essentials (MCE) is a company that brings the mining community together through the mining and resources industry. Created by a miner for the miners, MCE provides available resources to assist with the various issues faced by those living the FIFO lifestyle. We spoke to Managing Director, Lynn Bowman to find out a little more about the company and how it started

How we started

My husband, Graham came up with the idea that started MCE off and he’s been involved in mining for the past 19 years. He is a chef by trade, so his first intro to mining was through hospitality. It’s there that he found himself attracted to the ability to gain financially and boost his life plan. There was


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also the opportunity to be able to achieve retirement at an early age! After six years of the FIFO lifestyle as a chef including servicing oil and gas,he moved onto underground mining. This “hard-core” career choice attracted him as it was more favourable and paid higher. He started as many used to - from the bottom, and worked his way up. He chose underground mining as he found it more exhilarating. He is interested learning about the earth, ground movement and the true Aussie spirit - blood sweat and tears! Over the years, Graham has been on both sides of the fence; management and the worker and he noticed something. Whilst coming into contact with quite a large number of people, young and old, the same questions, familiar issues and many problems with no answers started to appear consistently. He noticed a definite bond, immediately established within the industry which would

turn them into a family of their own - and unless you worked or lived within this, you could never truly understand it. They are a tight knit bunch, they trust each other and are reluctant to let in those who appear to have ulterior motives; they will always have each others back. Most of all, they are all tired of being targeted for their money, and being left disappointed for not being heard! There are many issues which go silently unaddressed and try to be solved within this “family”. It’s through this realisation that Miners Corp was created. The company would be a community hub for the Industry, gaining trust and respect by placing information within an area for all to access freely. This is an important core goal of MCE. The MCE logo represents the strength and bond of this family that exists within the mining industry. The symbol represents support, for when two hands are locked together it is impossible to divide.

Become a Member

And be heard!


CE provides an interactive website which belongs to the community. The website is the hub of the community which everyone and anyone can access and use for free by simply registering to become a member. Members can access all the information they seek, implement information themselves and play a physical role with how MCE grows including the content of material that is placed for all to view.

Private Sale $51,250


Mercedes-Benz CLK 240 - 2005 106,295Km | Excellent Condition Service & Log Book Records - Centenary Classic Mercedes Enquiries call Patrick 0417 775 844 | email


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Steps Toward a Happier Life By Kelly maniatis, registered psychologist and member of the australian psychological society


ast issue, I spoke about the three steps to achieving resilience in the workplace: improving health and well-being, managing workloads and building happiness. Now, let’s discuss some of these steps in more detail. When it comes to health and wellbeing, make sure you have a health care check up; don’t neglect diet and hydration and exercise. It’s also important to manage your stress levels – remember, life is bigger and richer than your job alone. Another important element is to keep your mind alert and flexible - the mind needs exercise just like the rest of your body. As for managing workload, asses your personal rhythms - are you sharpest in the morning or the afternoon? Schedule tasks that require your greatest brain power. You should also invest time in planning. Establish your goals for the year, the quarter, the month, the week and each day. This allows you to be proactive and not simply reactive with your time. Take ten minutes at the end of each day to plan for the next. Something else to remember is to include only as much on your to-do-list as you can actually accomplish in a day. Carrying things over from one day to the next contributes to the feelings of always being behind. Be realistic about the amount of time a task actually takes. Underestimating can result in over-scheduling the day and feeling frustrated about what’s left undone. Something that I feel is very important is to each day schedule something that is fun or inspires you. Giving yourself moments of enjoyment keeps the work from becoming a drudgery. In the next issue, I’ll discuss the final step toward achieving resilience in life: building happiness. n

Member’s information is placed onto a friendly, easy to use website and is accessible to them 24/7 within the community section of the website available nationally and internationally. For research, questions, provided requests and many known issues that affect an individual or all within the mining and resource industry and similar, MCE can provide solutions – and not only solutions to those within this industry, but to their support system including family and friends or even associates. For more information, including on membership, visit n


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Range Rover Vogue Autobiography By sam tinson


f you’ve ever driven a Range Rover, or even been a passenger in one, you’ll know why these boxy, British-built four-by-fours are fast proving more popular than oxygen. From the lofty perch of those lovely, leatherclad armchairs up front, you can look down on the little people and know that you’re bigger, stronger, safer, more comfortable and better provided for than anything else on the road. For your inner Mariah Carey, that’s a kick almost as big as the one delivered by the big V8 turbo diesel under the Range Rover’s bonnet. Just as its name implies, the Autobiography is ‘all about me’; it takes the already lavish Vogue TDV8 Luxury model as a starting point, and dials up the opulence to levels that would make the Sultan of Brunei blush. So on top of the heated leather steering wheel, climate-controlled seats, 14-speaker Harmon Kardon audio system, twin DVD players and automatic, well, everything, you also get a dual-view touch screen interface, all-round vision assist comprising no less than five external cameras, 20-inch diamond-turned alloy wheels and more wood and leather than a boatful of Vikings.


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On the outside, the Autobiography has plenty of extra bling to help it stand out from the 4x4 pack. As well as those gangsta rims, you get a mesh finish on the front grille and side vents, and a beefed-up front bumper. There are performance enhancements too: adaptive dynamic ride and rear electronic differential as standard will make those pesky traffic islands even less of a bother. The longer you live with this car, the more you grow to appreciate the many little ways in which it makes your life easier. The heated front windscreen that never mists up; the almost total soundproofing when the windows are raised; the automatic headlamps and rain-sensing wipers; the courtesy lamps in the doors that illuminate puddles to stop you splashing your Jimmy Choos when you exit. It’s like having an entourage of paid servants fussing over your every whim. Like all Range Rovers, the Autobiography gets a raft of advanced passive and active safety features. Every item of accident prevention technology available has been crammed into the car’s underpinnings, and because Range Rovers are designed to go

offroad – indeed, to places where roads haven’t even been invented yet – it’s all engineered to more extreme performance perimeters than you’ll find in any other production car. You might think that a vehicle that’s furnished like a luxury hotel and built like a battleship might be a tad leaden on its feet. Not so. Heavy cars rely on engine torque for getup-and-go performance, and Range Rover’s new 4.4-litre turbo diesel V8 has 700Nm of the stuff. This is equivalent to having four Mini Coopers under the bonnet, and enough to boot the Autobiography from 0-100km/h in just 7.8 seconds. With the turbo providing an extra wallop of mid-range grunt, you’ll quickly forget you’re driving a car that weighs close to three and a half tons. And if you run out of highway? Well then you can keep on going, because for all its creature comforts and fabulous fashion sense this Range Rover remains a seriously capable offroad vehicle at heart. If you so wish, you can drive it up a mountain, through a river, across a desert or into a war zone – leathertrimmed floor mats and all. That, surely, is the ultimate decadence. n

The Importance of

INVESTING in your Future

It’s time to rethink your financial situation

...And pay less tax for doing so! If you’re like 95 per cent of the Australian population, you may think that your superannuation will be enough to support you once you retire, but according to Will McKellar from Property Investment Group, this is a dangerous trap that a lot of people fall into. Inflight Publishing spoke with Will to get more information on how to plan for retirement and found the Government will actually reward you for doing so! So Will, you say a lot of people fall into the trap of thinking their Superannuation will be enough to support them once they stop work – can you tell us a little more? In our experience, only one in 100 clients we see will have enough money in their super to be a self funded retiree. Sadly, we have people that have come to us who wanted to retire in 2008/2009 and are still working today because of the Global Financial Crisis and the effect it had on the share market. So how can people avoid this? When you mix astute property investing with the Government tax incentives in the right financial structure, you are putting yourself in the best possible position to be self funded in retirement. At Property Investment Services Group, we spend a lot of time researching opportunities around the nation to allow all of our clients to achieve that. OK, so property investment is the way to go – but where do you start? You can understand it may seem a little overwhelming for some… Most people have considered the prospect of property investing at some stage in their life and yes, you’re right in that many don’t know where to start, or whether you have the financial ability to invest in property. Owning an investment property is easier than you may think. It’s a matter of finding the right property and surrounding yourself with a team of property experts, to guide, support and motivate you throughout the process. To undergo this process on your own may be very overwhelming, however, with Property Investment Services Group all you need to do is make one phone call and we can arrange the rest.

And there are benefits to building a house aren’t there? As most people in Australia would know, we are in the middle of a housing shortage. As it stands today we will require 466,000 new homes by 2020 - that is an extra 46,600 per annum. $10,000 is being offered to all Australians to build a property in Queensland between the 1st August 2011 and the 31st January 2012, however this is not the real reason for investing in property. The $10,000 is to stimulate the construction industry within QLD to assist with the housing shortage on the back of the resources boom. OK, so you mentioned tax earlier - what’s all this got to do with tax? Well, not only does the Government have a housing shortage, it also has an ageing population they can not afford to look after when they retire. So basically, the Government is saying, “If you are willing to invest in your future then we will allow you to claim up to 50 per cent of your tax back.”

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It’s Easier than you think! Save tax whilst increasing your portfolio. It’s so simple and we can show you just how it’s done. An investment property could provide you with an income for the rest of your life. We believe that everybody should own at least one! Do yourself and your family a big favour. Book a one hour free consultation with us today so that you can decide whether this is right for you.

Right and you can help people achieve this? Yes, everyday. A high percentage of our client base works within the resources sector. Some of our client’s prior to coming on board as clients of PISG were paying up to $50,000 a year in tax. On top of this a lot of our clients were failing to plan for their future which would have left them in the same position as the 95 per cent of the population we mentioned earlier. So how can people contact you? Easy! Just call us on 1300 713 436 or visit our website at n

Many of our investors own properties that only cost them between only $80 and $130 per week to own. However, with our unique strategy we can show you how to cover this shortfall without spending a single cent from your pocket, maximising your tax benefits and maintaining your current cash flow.


Talk to one of our experts who have first hand knowledge of investment properties and how they can work for you

Enjoy your retirement!

Ph: 1300 713 436 Email:




ave you put much thought into where you want to be (financially) in five years time? Many people tend to live for the here and now and although that may seem like a pretty general assumption, it rings true when we see the amount of consumer debt and lack of take up for financial planning in Australia. John Lennon had a wonderful quote when he said: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Let’s have a look at what a five year plan could potentially look like.


CBC Staff Selection Temporary & Permanent Recruitment Specialists

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Fax +61 7 4051 0880 Exe c u t i ve & G en era l M a n a g e me n t | I n f o r m a t i o n Te c h n o l o g y | L e g a l Human Resources | Engineering & Office Administration | Government

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Creating Success With People


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YOU ONLY HAVE LIMITED TIME TO MAKE MONEY Every time I am watching the news, some NRL or Rugby Union player is defecting from their team to go and play overseas. Why do they do this and what does it have to do with a financial plan? The answer is simple. You only have a finite period of time to make money in life. It’s no different in rugby, except when you are a rugby player, you have until about the age of 30 to make your fortune. This means that everyday you get closer to the age of retirement, you have one less day to earn money to support both yourself and your loved ones into the future. Your plan should use this as the basis for accumulating wealth as it really frames it well – you only live once and there are no second chances when it comes to how much money you have to retire with. Though remember John Lennon’s quote when doing this - you don’t want to only plan for the future and not live for the now. EVERY DOLLAR YOU WASTE IS IRRETRIEVEABLE Further from the point above, if you only have a limited time to earn money, every dollar you spend is $1 off the lump sum you will earn in your life. Yes, spending is necessary - but it might make you think twice about buying your 3 cafe quality coffees a day for $10. A FINANCIAL PLAN IS ABOUT GROWTH A good five year financial plan needs to have the idea of growth heavily embedded. If you are young, you want more money. If you are older, you still want more money but you’re probably less able to risk how it is you go about making those returns. Set a clear goal of how much you want to grow your wealth within five years. This will be your driving force. An even better financial plan is about growth and defending wealth. There is no point having the right mindset - growing your money - and then wasting it or risking it too heavily. You want to defend your money, which means diversifying where you invest, save and spend. Yes you can own some shares, but consider some cash savings, extra super contributions and more. You want your money protected from one foul swoop on any given industry or sector. WITHOUT A PLAN, YOUR FINANCES WILL FAIL Set really clear goals on where you want your finances to be in five years. Aim to maximise your earnings, minimise your wastage, find ways to grow what money you do have and then ensure you defend it to stop your hard work going to waste. A plan can be as simple as five written goals on a piece of paper on the fridge. It could also be a contract you write up and sign to help yourself to it. You should start a plan right away - it will at least get you thinking about your five year goals and financials at the end of that period. For more personal financing tips, visit n

Death and Taxes... and Bills


he saying goes that there are two certainties in life; death and taxes. But unfortunately another thing we can be sure of is that we’ll have bills to pay - and with the recent Federal Government announcement regarding carbon tax, people are even more conscious about the increasing costs of goods and services. In a world where few things come for free, there is one tool you can access at no cost to help you manage your finances; a budgeting calculator. Most credit unions and banks offer these simple and effective tools on their websites. All you need to do is itemise your bills into fortnightly, weekly or monthly amounts. This might include regular expenses such are your mortgage or rent payments, groceries and petrol as well as those less frequent bills such as rates, registration and insurances. Often the list seems endless. Once you have calculated your total expenses, you can then compare your total income and total budgeted expenses for each month, and make adjustments where required. The next step is making sure you pay each of these bills on time and within budget. At Queensland Country, a Billpaying Account is a great way to manage all of your bills. They will help you with the whole process, from assisting with your budget right through to actually paying your bills. This account allows your bills to be spread out across 12 months, so you don’t have to stress about having enough money or paying your bills on time. Contact your credit union or bank and see what they can do to help you manage your money better. n


Banking Needs Home Loans Credit Cards Savings General Insurance Personal Loans Queensland Country Credit Union Limited. ABN 77 087 651 027 AFSL/ACL 244533.


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Fixed Term Deposits BillPaying Service Travel Insurance Health Insurance National ATM Network



The Fluid Power Professionals OZRAM can fully repair and test hydraulic cylinders, pumps and associated hydraulic equipment

• Skilled workforce • Extensive hydraulic experience • Specialised equipment • Large stock of spare parts • Full testing facilities

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Cameron Atkinson - Townsville


ocal Telstra technician, Cameron Atkinson recently had an unusual meeting with his Brisbane-based boss John Gibbs, Executive Director of Network Construction in Telstra Operations Brisbane. Cameron and John met up in the Solomon Islands where Cameron got the chance to show what he and his Army Reserve colleagues had been doing for the last four months. Cameron is a Captain in the Reserve and he’s been part of the Australian military contribution to the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands. RAMSI has been in the Solomons since 2003 when the Government asked 15 other Pacific nations for help in restoring stability. John Gibb’s visit was part of Defence’s Exercise ‘Boss Lift’ program which takes employers to visit their reservist employees on overseas operations. John now works in Brisbane but he’s a local graduate of JCU and has spent much of his working life in Townsville. He has been supporting defence reservists within Telstra for many years at a high level. “I really appreciated John’s visit,” said Cameron. “I was able to discuss a couple of the unclassified technical challenges I’ve been struggling with.” During their visit, John and other employers attended the opening of a kindergarten named in honour of Private Jamie Clark, an Australian soldier killed while deployed on Operation ANODE in 2005. John decided to ask fellow employers to pass the hat around when he heard the soldier’s mother, Mrs Avril Clark, talk about raising money for the kindergarten. “We gave her around $700 because it’s very worthwhile,” John said. “Firstly because it’s for a kindy and secondly, because it’s to remember a fallen soldier.” Cameron said joining the Army was the best decision he’d ever made. “I’ve travelled all over Australia and now internationally and there’s no way I would have been able to achieve what I’ve achieved educationally if it weren’t for the Army,” he said. “And the Solomon Islanders themselves must be the happiest and friendliest people in the Pacific.” When Cameron returns to Townsville, he is looking forward to seeing his wife Dana, watching his baby son Kellan walk, and teaching his three-year-old daughter Rylee to ride a bike. n

Charters Towers - The World again


Having been the centre of a previous mining boom, Charters Towers is ideally positioned to service the current mining boom. With unrivalled access by road to the North West Mineral Province down to the Bowen Basin and 373kms of wide high clearance road between Charters Towers and Clermont, Charters Towers is ideally positioned as an alternative service centre to Mackay for workshop repairs and fabrication. From his time at various mine sites in the


hen Keith Dawson of Dawsons Engineering found a high clearance shed over the top of a crusher in Kalgoorlie, he knew exactly where its next job would be. The well travelled shed, originally from Arizona in the United States, was perfect for the operation he had always wanted to set up to complete off site repairs for buckets and truck bodies.

80s, Keith was well aware of the benefit of performing this type of work off site – safety being the primary one. Back then, relining trays were often done in the open, with the associated risks of exposure and make-shift work areas often leading to injuries. Being performed in this manner and subject to site rates also meant that it was generally not a very cost effective process either. With 8.8m clearance in the main bay, gantry crane with 55tonne and 12.5tonne Hook capacity, and floor area of 312sqm, Dawsons operation at Charters Towers has been designed with safety and work flow in mind. Under the guidance of Dawsons Charters Towers Manager, Chris Reid the workshop has been executing a steady flow of trays for relining and rebuilds on buckets. The crew at Dawsons Charters Towers is also equipped to perform site work and has been keeping a 20tonne Franna Crane busy on hire. n


Ideal location. Equipped for service. Dawsons Charters Towers operation is ideally located to service the current mining boom. With unrivalled access by road to the North West Mineral Province down to the Bowen Basin and 373kms of wide high clearance road between Charters Towers and Clermont, Charters Towers is perfectly positioned as an alternative service centre to Mackay for workshop repairs and fabrication. OPERATION FEATURES: • Large floor area of 312sqm • Designed with safety and work flow in mind • 8.8m clearance in the main bay • Gantry crane with 55 tonne and 12.5 tonne hook capacity

SPECIALISED SERVICES: • Off site body repairs • Bucket repairs • 20 tonne Franna crane hire • Platework and structural steel • Fabrication

For all enquiries contact Dawsons Charters Towers Manager, Chris Reid.


9 Stockholm Rd, Charters Towers | 07 47879111 |


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talkintechnol ’ ogy Keeping up with the latest gadgets and gizmos


* electrical Trades and Technical Labour hire *

“Supplying the right man for the job” James Technologies Pty Ltd ACN. 079 932 513

* electrical Construction and engineering *

“Job satisfaction from start to finish” p Seagate GoFlex Net Media Sharing Device Creating a private virtual space for sharing files with friends and family, the GoFlex makes file sharing effortless. Just enter an email address to send a link with access to the files or folders you choose to share (and only those you choose to share). It allows friends and family to upload and download content on the shared space and provides one-click integration with your favorite social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, by automatically sharing your pictures and files. RRP>> $129.00

James Technologies (Projects) Pty Ltd ACN. 135 411 728 electrical Contractors License QLD 66397, NSw 128976C, NT C2197

* electrical Safety & Risk Awareness Courses *

“Learning to stay safe” James Technologies (Training) Pty Ltd ACN. 116 604 230 Registered Training Organisation - National Training Provider (RTO) No. 31908

Ph. 1300 732 881 (inside Australia) Ph. +61-7-5549 3471 (Brisbane direct) Ph. +61-7-4725 7706 (Townsville direct)


Issue 17

t Livescribe 4Gb Echo Smartpen With a sleek new design and enhanced features, the Echo smartpen is Livescribe's most powerful and easy to use smartpen yet. Transfers notes and audio to your computer and recharges your smartpen using a standard cable connection. Capture your meetings or lectures with crisp clear sound. Built-in speaker produces rich full sound to play back your recorded audio. The new ergonomic design and soft rubber grip provide comfort while writing. RRP>> $249.00

p HP Photosmart B110a Wireless Inkjet Multifunction Print your photos directly from your camera or SD card or print from anywhere via email from any mobile device. Features include 30 PPM Colour / 32 PPM Black, 4800 x 1200 Print DPI, 1200 x 2400 Scan DPI and 80 Sheet Capacity. RRP>> $84.00

t Ledah XC-600 Red Cross Cut Paper Shredder The Ledah XC-600 cross cut paper shredder shreds through paper, CD's and credit cards with ease. With additional features such as auto start/stop/reverse, this shredder is a great addition to any small home office. RRP>> $99.00


Right now, the Army Reserve is recruiting for several roles in your local area. There’s a range of roles available, with something to suit everyone. It’s a great opportunity that offers flexible commitment, the chance to make new mates, learn new skills and earn 100% tax free pay while you do it. Hurry, apply now.



Issue 17

NORFOLK ISLAND Discover a World where you can be as busy or as laid back as you want to be... Marine

History & Culture

Health & Wellbeing

Natural Beauty

EXPLORcEe Experien


...Welcome to Our World.

Where the only fast food is pulled fresh from soil or sea. Where there are no traffic lights. Ours is an island of unspoiled natural beauty, where we tread lightly upon the earth. We are a unique people, descendants of the famous Bounty mutineers. We speak our own language, and will welcome you in our own unique way. Welcome to the World of Norfolk!

To learn more about The World of Norfolk please visit:


The Friendliest Way To Fly!

Take that well earned break At Grand Mercure Apartments Twin Waters


ocated on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast 5km from Sunshine Coast Airport and 112km north of Brisbane Airport, Grand Mercure Apartments Twin Waters’ has got something really special when it comes to a point of difference – it’s situated around a beautiful private beach lagoon. According to recent guest Bill Odgers though, it’s not the only thing this holiday maker’s haven has going for it. “Our room was just… wow,” said Bill. “And the best bit had to be when my partner and I were sitting on the veranda watching the sun sparkle across the lagoon in the morning.” Bill and his partner, Robyn, stayed at Grand Mercure for two nights and because it’s situated across from Novotel Twin Waters Resort, guests are allowed access to Novotel’s many facilities like Restaurant Nouveau which has themed dinners every evening. “The restaurant was really nice and there was a clear view of the pool and lagoon, and the food was delicious!” he said. “But the second best bit of our stay was on the veranda again in the late afternoon with a bottle of wine watching all the sails skimming across the lagoon.” So, we definitely know Bill’s highlight was his veranda then! “I think the reason I loved it so much was


Issue 17

because it was so quiet,” Bill added. “We knew there was nightlife just on the other side of the water, but we couldn’t hear it!” With self contained apartments including full kitchen and dining room, why not ask if you can have a patio or veranda so you can enjoy this part of the resort almost as much as Bill did – who knows, maybe even more. Novotel has a number of other facilities too for those wanting some action and adventure. “One of the beaches had a water sports kiosk and the beach was lined with little sailing boats, paddle boats, wind surfers and canoes,” said Bill. “There was even a big air filled trampoline floating on the water – that looked like fun!” The water activities are complimentary for guests as is the use of the seasonally heated swimming pool and spa, gymnasium and even a circus school with activities like juggling, flying trapeze and more. “We also noticed plenty of walking tracks around,” Bill added. “But really, I just wanted to go back to the veranda and take in some more of the atmosphere there – honestly, I just loved it.” For more information on the Grand Mercure Apartments Twin Waters, visit their website at

Anchored in tradition, dynamic in nature and relevant in outcomes A Queensland Catholic girls day and boarding secondary school of the Sacred Heart. An emphasis on spiritual, intellectual, emotional, aesthetic and physical values. A well connected global outlook. A school enriched by the beauty of its environment. A school which enacts the Five Goals of Sacred Heart education. Educating to:

A faith which is relevant in todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s world A deep respect for intellectual values The building of community as a Christian value A social awareness which impels to action Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom

Boarding in the 21st Century Learn more about Stuartholme School by visiting our website or phone for further details Birdwood Terrace TOOWONG, Queensland 4066 P: 07 3369 5466 E: Provider No. CRICOS 00524E


Issue 17

By Richard Stokes, Executive Director at the Australian Boarding Schools Association (


he classic image of boarding schools portrayed by authors, Enid Blyton and JK Rowling has undergone a major shift over the past few decades. Twenty first century technology and a focus on privacy and recreational options have reinvented boarding school life. Many people still remember the days of large dormitory rooms, one public telephone shared by hundreds of students, and one movie night each

weekend. Now students have mobile phones with internet access, so students can talk to their parents daily instead of weekly. Such technology has changed boarding schools dramatically and added a real richness to the lifestyle. While dormitories for a dozen students are depicted as nothing but fun in novels and movies, the norm these days is for three to four junior boarders to share a bedroom, while senior students often have their own bedrooms.

Have faith in her future...

Bathrooms have private showers and changing spaces as well which gives students a healthy sense of privacy. Boarding schools have also increased entertainment opportunities, with recreation officers organising a range of events. Students had to be creative in the old days when it came to recreation as there were so few possibilities open to them. Now, most boarding schools organise four to five activities every weekend. Families planning to send their children off to boarding school would be well served by shopping around to see which school suits their needs best – each boarding school offers a different experience but all are worthwhile.

Fairholme College, Toowoomba offers contemporary educational experiences within a caring Christian environment for day and boarding girls.


Give your daughter the opportunity to pursue FAIRHOLME JUNIOR excellence in academic, cultural and sporting Kindy - Year 6 spheres, and importantly to learn humility through service.FAIRHOLME MIDDLE SCHOOL Years 7 - 9 FAIRHOLME JUNIOR Kindy - Year 6 FAIRHOLME SENIOR SCHOOL FAIRHOLME MIDDLE SCHOOL Years 7-9 Years 10 -12 FAIRHOLME SENIOR SCHOOL Years 10 -12 BOARDING at FAIRHOLME BOARDING at FAIRHOLME From Year 6 From Year 6 To secure a position for your daughter at Fairholme College please contact our Enrolments Officer today!


Proudly aa College College Proudly of the the Presbyterian Presbyterian Church Church of of Qld Qld of


T 07 4688 4688


Registered Provider (QLD): Fairholme College (Toowoomba) Pty Ltd CRICOS Provider Code: 00651J ABN 78 096 814 130

Downlands College partners with

A Catholic independent coeducational day and boarding secondary school in the tradition of the MSC

Boarding in Year 7


Will you be looking for a boarding place for your son when Year 7 moves to high school in 2015? Having catered for Year 7 boarders for many years, our boarding house has well-developed support programs for the younger students in our care. Under the guidance of our experienced residential staff who also work closely with the teachers in our highly respected Middle School, your son can have the best start to his secondary education at this crucial time in his development.

to provide broader career opportunities for our students 41

Issue 17

! e n ho ow


Call our Registrar now to discuss boarding in Year 7 on (07) 3834 5200 or email

AIR 711

Toowoomba, Qld Ph: 07 4690 9500

The welcoming and close knit community of our small but vibrant boarding house will also help your son settle in to life away from home for the first time.

Number FIVE ONLINE REVIEWS When doing your research for your accommodation, make sure you check out the online reviews. Even though they may not be professional reviews, you’ll find they’ll give you a good idea of what to expect.

Number FOUR MAKE YOUR LUGGAGE IDENTIFIABLE Whether you stick a purple sticker on it, stitch your name into the side, or tie a white ribbon on the handle, make your luggage stand out with something you’ll recognise the moment it comes out on to the carousel. That way, you’re not jumping through the crowd at the last minute to grab your bag, as you didn’t recognise it until it was close enough.


Inflight’s Top Travel Tips Crowne Plaza Pelican Waters - Inflight Publishing Half Page Horizontal.pdf


Issue 17



An arguable point as many believe you should always have some carry on luggage with emergency items in it incase your bags are lost. But on the other hand, the more you have to carry on, the more you’re lugging around the airport with you.

Number TWO CASHING UP Carry enough money on you to get you from the airport to your hotel, but not enough to 2:00your PM whole holiday if it went missing. ruin

If you’re off somewhere with different currency, make sure you have some cash in that currency before you arrive.

For your perfect Queensland vacation For your perfect Queensland vacation

discover absolute beachfront

discover absolute beachfront

style accommodation For your couples perfect Queensland vacation couples style accommodation discover absolute beachfront Relax..Unwind..Explore.. Relax..Unwind..Explore..

You’ve probably heard this one before, and the reason we’ve made it number one is because it really can make or break a holiday – know the area before you arrive. Whether you check it out and get your bearings on Google Maps or talk to someone who’s been before, it will make the world of difference. Another great tip is to go for a jog or walk when you’ve unpacked to become familiar with the surroundings (but don’t get lost of course).



couples style accommodation located in the heart of Hastings Street, located in the heart of Hastings Street, Noosa Noosa Relax..Unwind..Explore..


CENTRALLY LOCATED located in the heart of Hastings Street, Noosa

• Quiet (one and two bedroom) rooms • Spectacular views • Restaurant and bar • Courtyard terrace and pool • Conference room • 3 min to CBD, RNA Showgrounds, Royal Brisbane Hospital and Wickham Terrace • 5 min to Ballymore, Suncorp, Gabba and Brisbane Convention Centre

Phone: + 61 7 5449 5000 Email: Phone: + 61 7 5449 5000 Web: Email: Add: Hastings street, Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia 4567 Web: Phone: 61 7 5449 5000 Email: Add: 49 Hastings street, Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia 4567 Web: Add: 49 Hastings street, Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia 4567

Reservations FREECALL 1800 801 722 email:

The Gregory Terrace

Read the Airport or Inflight Magazine…

BRISBANE 397 Gregory Terrace, Spring Hill, Brisbane


• New modern warm look after multi-million dollar refurbishment • CBD location within walking distance to the Strand & tourist attractions • Stay from $119

• Large 2 & 3 bedroom apartments • Spacious private balconies with ocean views • Fully self-contained with 2 bathrooms & laundry • Walking distance to the City, The Strand, Casino & Entertainment Centre • Large swimming pool, spa & tennis court • Austar & wireless broadband

7 Mariners Drive The Strand, Townsville Phone 07 4722 0777 or visit


Issue 17


• Ideal accommodation for the corporate & leisure traveller

Please contact hotel for t&c’s.

T: 138 388 334 Flinders Street



Switching on careers across QLD At Ergon Energy we’re seeking expressions of interest from qualified, motivated and committed tradespeople and professionals to join our great team. Our ongoing commitment to not only meet our capital works program but deliver world class, reliable energy to the communities we support and continued growth and development in the regions where we live and work, means great opportunities for you. So whether you’re looking for better work life balance, career advancement options or are just keen to join one of the largest purchasers of renewable energy in Australia, we have a range of exciting opportunities available right across regional Queensland, including:


1 3 9 10 11 13 15

1 2 4 5 6 7 8 12

17 20 21 22 23

• Engineers – Civil/Structural, Electrical

• Technical Service Persons – Electrical Fitter Mechanics, Distribution Linespersons and Transmission Linespersons

Issue 17

14 16 18 19

Can be found in ancient Egypt (8) Driver of a plane (5) An inhabitant of India (6) Books containing word meanings (12) To copy (7) Given from love (4) Founded on experiment (12) Communications containing information (8) Usually follows lightning (7) A government under an emperor or empress (6) All (5) An instrument for striking (4)


Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row, column and 3x3 square must contain one of each digit.


Short explosive sounds (4) Mediocre (8) The opposite of stressed (7) The head or leader (5) Meticulous (12) Minute part (6) An action to which the response is usually “bless you” (6) A large retailer usually selling food (12) Contraction of had not (5) Tip of the... (7) Extending in the same direction (8) The organ of sight (4)


• Semi-Professional Electrical Technicians

We could be just the future you’re looking for! Register your interest today at



mount isa airport route map


Issue 17

Talk Back with Occupation: Radio Announcer Favourite travel destination: I really loved Magnetic Island! The people were really friendly, the water was amazing and we literally did nothing but eat and drink! What a fabulous holiday. Not to mention the cute little ‘mini moke’ we fanged around in for the 10 days. It’s a mini car! Travel tip: Packing neatly doesn’t always work. I get way more stuff in when I shove it in! Seriously though, know where you


Issue 17

Camilla Severi are going before you get there. It’s horrible when you arrive and you spend the first two days not knowing what to do or where to go or eat. A few hours research can go a long way and will help you familiarise yourself with local customs too! Most embarrassing travel moment: When I got “pharaohs curse” (rampant diarrhoea) on a tour In Egypt and they wouldn’t let me off the bus as we passed through a town to go to the toilet, so I had to beg the bus driver to stop in the middle of

the “white desert” so I could go to the toilet. Too much information? That’s what the people on the bus said! And by the way, the white desert... not so white now! What are some exciting things coming up for you? I’m really excited about having another bubby in the not too distant future, maybe doing some more TV bits and bobs, but mainly I just love radio. It’s so much fun and am having the time of my life!


APPRENTICESHIP INTAKE 2012 Do you want to work for... • Queensland’s largest employer of Diesel Trades People • The industry leader in Apprenticeship Training for the Mining Industry • An employer who has over 350 Apprentices Hasting Deering is seeking highly motivated people wishing to obtain a trade qualification in the following areas of Diesel Fitting, Auto Electrician, Fitter & Turner, Heavy Vehicle Mechanic & Boilermakers. Fantastic opportunities are available in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Rockhampton, Emerald, Mackay, Townsville, Cairns, Mt Isa and Darwin. Hastings Deering is a registered training organisation and trains all apprentices in-house to a Caterpillar specific curriculum, which includes 6 extra Caterpillar specific subjects, forklift licence, crane licence, blue card and working at heights ticket. You will attend training in our Hastings Deering purpose built facilities. Top of the range Caterpillar tool kit and all uniforms and PPE are provided and/or subsidised. To be successful, you will be mechanically minded and have completed high school studies with a sound achievement. You will be a highly motivated person with the willingness to learn and succeed. All applicants must be willing to participate in an online assessment centre, face to face interviews and a medical assessment. Get ready to build your future by completing a two step application process on our website Applications are currently open and close 21st August 2011. Apprenticeships are to commence early 2012.

© 2011 Caterpillar. All rights reserved. CAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos, ‘Caterpillar Yellow’, the POWER EDGE trade dress, as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission.





Rent a Group C (e.g. Toyota Corolla automatic) or above, with Avis in Australia for 3 or more consecutive days and save $20. Just include coupon number MPPA086 in your booking. Plus, you can earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points.* Offer valid on rentals until 30th September, 2011.

Go to the Avis counter on arrival Subject to vehicle availability. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon or promotion. $20 off and Qantas Frequent Flyer points are not available on package tour, travel industry or government rates.*Membership and points are subject to the terms and conditions of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program. A joining fee may apply. For more information about earning points on car hire see

Mount Isa Airport Magazine Issue 17  

Available throughout the airport and freely available to airport visitors

Mount Isa Airport Magazine Issue 17  

Available throughout the airport and freely available to airport visitors