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contents on the cover 4 WIN Tufi Dive Resort and Grand Papua Hotel are giving you the chance to win some amazing prizes in the inaugural edition of Mining Life & Living PNG 6

CHIT CHAT Will Genia and Ewen McKenzie talk Rugby Union

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TIME TO GET HEALTHY Get the blood pumping this winter


MONEY MATTERS Is relationship finance the key to happy ever after?

10 WHEN WORRY BECOMES DANGEROUS Could you be suffering from anxiety?

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KEEP HYDRATED Find out why drinking water on the job is so important


HOW TO HANDLE GEN Y Why younger employees can sometimes be the best

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COVER IMAGE: PNG Rugby star, Will Genia

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Issue 1


ello and welcome to the first ever edition of Mining Life and Living PNG, a free publication catering to those working in the mining and resources industry. With a clear direction toward health and lifestyle, MLL aims to provide interesting stories to assist in the improvement of readers’ work life balance as well as simply entertain with interviews, profiles, travel pieces and regular contributions from experts in their fields. This is a pretty exciting issue because it is our first one in Papua New Guinea and we can’t wait to get to know you, our readers, and provide you with the best possible content. For our first edition we caught up with PNG rugby player Will Genia and Australian rugby coach Ewen McKenzie who talk sport and life in general. We have also featured a range of businesses who can help you out with all your needs from travel and tourism to industry supplies. I’d love to know what you think so get in touch at Until next time, enjoy the issue and keep safe and healthy in your Mining Life and Living! Lahnee Pavlovich Editor, Mining Life & Living Magazine Inflight Publishing


Interested in travelling PNG?


Where to begin?

utside the city of Port Moresby and beyond the expat communities around Papua New Guinea lies a country and culture that is so diverse, so beautiful and yet still vastly un-explored. With regular flights available through Airlines PNG and Air Niugini , even the most remote and exotic places are accessible by a short plane trip and friendly locals wait to greet you. Papua New Guinea is a country of contrasts, from the white sandy beaches and aqua coloured water of New Ireland, to the active volcano and rich war history of Rabaul in East New Britain. PNG is made up of over 600 islands providing dive fanatics with an absolute mecca. Located within the Coral Triangle of the South Pacific, PNG’s islands offer some of the world’s best diving, particularly in areas such as Milne Bay, Kimbe in West New Britain and Tufi, in the Oro province. Surfers will relish the uncrowded waves found in areas like Madang, Vanimo and

Kavieng. Avid anglers test the strength of their rods with fishing adventures a plenty and bird-watching enthusiasts hawk at the abundance of wildlife. Those looking for a challenge and more than a weekend away, can opt for activities like kite-surfing, or hiking including one of the world’s most challenging trails, the Kokoda Track. Depending on your fitness level, set five to nine days aside for this trek. The military history extends beyond Kokoda with trail journeys available on The Black Cat Track, also a top pick for history buffs. One of the most rewarding ways to

discover this enigmatic country is through its people. PNG is home to more than 850 indigenous languages, with unique cultures and ways of life. Explore these little local villages, witness colourful and enchanting Sing-Sing performances and learn about the many different cultures which have stood the test of time and remain in-tact even today. An experience not to be missed is the colourful ceremonies of the Huli-Wigmen, found in Tari in the Southern Highlands; here the men wear extravagant hand-made wigs of feathers, flowers, clay and bones. Another is the Baining Fire Dancers in East New Britain, who create massive masks of bark cloth and bamboo that represent the spirits and then dance through fire well into the night. PNG is a fascinating destination never short of a story and has so much still yet to be explored. For further travel information on Papua New Guinea visit n

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Mining Life & Living PNG chats to

rugby star


He’s a born and bred Papua New Guinean and one of Rugby Union’s top players. Your editor Lahnee Pavlovich has a chat with scrumhalf Will Genia about footy and his home country.


Issue 1

THANKS FOR CHATTING WITH ME WILL, TELL ME A BIT ABOUT YOUR EARLY DAYS, GROWING UP IN PNG, MOVING TO AUSTRALIA AND PLAYING RUGBY. I was born in Port Moresby and grew up there until I moved to Brisbane in 2000. That was when I was really introduced to rugby because the school I went to was really big on the sport. I was 12 when I started playing and I guess I just fell in love with it. My passion developed pretty young and I’ve been playing ever since.

In the line of coaching


o rugby, or sporting team for that matter, would get very far without the help and support of a coach. So let’s chat to Queensland Reds Coaching Director Ewen McKenzie about what it’s like to be a coach.

SO HOW DID YOUR CAREER DEVELOP FROM THERE? Well I was always part of the A teams in school and then got selected for the Australia 'A' Schoolboys team in 2005 and then I was part of the Australian Under 19 rugby team that won the IRB World Championship in 2006. In 2007 I was picked up to play for the QLD Reds.

WHAT IS IT THAT YOU LOVE ABOUT PLAYING RUGBY? I love the game and everything about it. I think the best thing for me is being part of a team and relying on each other to work together to achieve a common goal. When you achieve that goal it’s so satisfying and it takes everybody doing their job properly to get there.

AND WHAT ABOUT THE LONG TRAINING SESSIONS, LATE NIGHTS, TIME AWAY FROM HOME. HOW DO YOU HANDLE THAT? I love what I do and I love the sport which makes the early mornings and late night training sessions all worth it. When you are passionate about something everything seems easier to cope with.

“Although I live and play in Australia, PNG is always home for me. It’s such a laid back country and the type of untouched place that makes you just want to turn off the tv and phone and get outdoors, play some touch footy, go fishing and just be outside. I’ll always love PNG.” the teams it’s going to be a full on year with the Super Rugby series finishing up in midJuly then the rugby championships between Australia, NZ, Argentina and South Africa and an end of season tour of Europe.

YOU LIVE IN QLD AUSTRALIA BUT YOU WERE BORN IN PNG, HOW OFTEN DO YOU GET BACK? Although I live and play in Australia, PNG is always home for me. I go back at least twice a year to see family and friends. It’s such a laid back country and the type of untouched place

WHAT HAVE BEEN SOME OF YOUR BIG ACHIEVEMENTS? I have been lucky enough to win a rugby title, rugby world cup and play all over the world. I was the 78th Test captain of the Wallabies and led the side against the USA Eagles at the 2011 Rugby World Cup. That was a great experience. And to play with such a great team is a big achievement as well.

IN APRIL 2012 YOU SIGNED ON FOR ANOTHER THREE YEARS WITH THE REDS. HOW ARE YOU FEELING ABOUT THAT? I love the team and I’m really excited for what’s ahead. If I’m lucky enough to get picked for

that makes you just want to turn off the tv and phone and get outdoors, play some touch footy, go fishing and just be outside. I’ll always love PNG.

WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE TO YOUNG PEOPLE WANTING TO GET INTO THE GAME? My advice for anyone who loves rugby and wants to play is to just have fun with it. There is too much emphasis on playing sport to become a professional player. When I was young I played for passion and that’s why I have got to where I am today. My advice, play

So how did you start out in Rugby Union? I started playing professionally as prop for the New South Wales Waratahs in 1987 then I played for the Brumbies and in the 1997 final against the Auckland Blues. I have played in France, England, all over the place. I got into coaching in the late 90’s coaching the Waratahs; I even spent some time coaching the Paris side State Francais before starting with the Reds. You are now in your fourth and final year with the Reds, where to next? It’s been a great experience and I’ve met some great people along the way. I’ve really enjoyed my time with the Reds. Helping a team go from the bottom to the top of the ladder is a great feeling. In 2011 the team won the Super Rugby Grand Final. Every coach wants to do it but to be able to make it happen is a great achievement. And it’s a team effort, everyone has to do their part and it’s my job to get everyone pointing in the right direction and to find the right talent to make it happen on the day. As far as what’s next, just watch this space. I’m looking at what’s out there in the rugby space and I’m looking for something that suits my skill set. We’ll see what happens. What’s the best thing about coaching? I think to be a good coach you need to understand the elation of success and the downs of losing. Coaching is about being able to find the right types of players and helping them on their journey. Not just through their rugby career but in life as well. It’s a great feeling to see the boys reach their full potential and to see the joy they get from the sport. The professional sporting scene is loaded with expectation and sometimes what the boys need is a balance in their lives and that’s another part of my role as coach. And what does a Coaching Director such as yourself do in your downtime? I don’t get a lot of spare time as a coach, everything is about rugby and if I get some time to read a book or watch a movie I’m happy. As a coach you become completely absorbed by the work. You need the downtime when you get it. You learn to appreciate the simple things in life. n

for the love of playing.

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Time to get healthy


he weather is cooling down and the sun is setting sooner. In winter we tend to over indulge, to eat hearty foods and lots of it. We would rather curl up in bed then get outside to exercise. But this is exactly why now is the time to set some goals, get fit and get healthy. Below are some tips on how to do it. Set some realistic goals: It is all well and good to say you want to look like Joe Manganiello or Angelina Jolie but you may not have their body shape or genetics, not to mention their personal trainer or dietician. While it is great to use others as inspiration, it is important to set realistic goals and then stick to them. Try to set smaller goals each week so you can keep track of your progress. A safe way to determine weight loss is 0.5 – 1kg per week depending on how much you have to lose. Get a training buddy: You will be more likely to stick to your plan if you have support. Get your

friends or partner involved and set out on a journey to health and fitness together. Eat well and often: There is no need to pick at salads to lose weight. Eating healthy, wholesome foods regularly is the way to go. You will have the energy you need to get through the day, you will feel better on the inside and you will start to notice added benefits such as glowing skin and shiny hair. As a general rule, a small meal or snack every three hours helps speed up your metabolism and keeps you feeling satisfied. Stay away from processed foods and fill your tummy with lean meats, fruits, veggies and complex carbohydrates. Get physical: The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat a healthy diet and to incorporate regular physical activity into your lifestyle. Thirty minutes of exercise per day is a great place to start. So hit the pavement for a walk or run, join the local gym and get active. n

Benefits of Boxing


Issue 1


ored with your current gym workout? Add some boxing to your routine and kick start your way to a better life. Boxing for fitness is one of the most effective ways to be active. Can anyone do boxing? Absolutely, whether you are in your terrific twenties or your fabulous fifties and just starting to get fit or happen to be an elite athlete looking for a competitive edge, boxing will get you there. Boxing is the most time effective full body workout you can do. What do I mean by this? I love the fact that in our time poor society boxing wraps up both a cardio and toning session in one 30 minute workout. Not only are you working up a sweat and actually feeling like you have accomplished something, every time you punch a boxing bag, speedball or focus pad you are actually toning your muscles. Boxing is also a fantastic stress buster. While you are concentrating on the combination of punches your trainer is giving you, your mind is free from stress. You get to escape for 30 minutes sweating it out and leave feeling alive and ready to face the world again. Due to the intensity of boxing, you will increase your cardio fitness level and your strength in a very short period of time. This means you will burn fat more efficiently helping to reduce your weight, tone your muscles, reduce your cholesterol, improve your heart health, reduce your stress and many more health benefits that go hand in hand with living a healthy lifestyle. You are guaranteed to never be bored with your workout again as no two boxing sessions are ever the same. Search for your boxing class or personal trainer today and start having the most fun you have ever had being active! n


Relationship finance: top 4 romance busters


oney is the major reason for divorce, as well as the major source of friction in many relationships. Researchers are increasingly seeing that ‘financial cheating’ as in lying or hiding financial issues from a partner is as damaging as the traditional kind. Likewise, finding a financial simpatico with another person is one of the major pillars of a good relationship. So what are the top four relationship busters when it comes to money, and how can we avoid them in our own relationship? Weigh me down It’s unlikely, in the modern world, that two people can come together without one or both bringing with them some kind of debt. From youthful indiscretions with a credit card, student debt, a mortgage, a car loan; debt is a major factor in most of our financial arrangements. Sadly, when it’s not dealt with openly, it can also be a major sticking point in our relationships. The fix - the only course is to be straight up. This debt is going to be a drain on your

FROM WWW.SAVINGSGUIDE.COM.AU finances for a while yet, and will mean you can contribute less to the joint finances. That’s the reality of the scenario, and honesty is the only way to approach it. Your partner will deal with it, or they won’t. Joint or separate Relationship finance is often regarded as a tell-tale sign for the overall wellbeing of the couple. Serious judgement calls are attached to how couples deal with their finances. Trying to organise your finances according to what the rest of the world says will only strain the relationship. The fix - your relationship is unique, as your financial organisation should be. The key is to communicate with your partner about what they feel is appropriate, and be open to change it as the relationship evolves. Know the type When you get together, nothing is more important than whether he likes Neil Young or not. We tend to spend so much time on the inconsequential, often the really big issues get left to the side. However, you’ll

be able to get a pretty good feel for how a person deals with money. Spender? Saver? Frugal to the point of no fun? These are big issues, and pretending otherwise is just putting your head in the sand. The fix - be open with how you see money, and where you would like your finances to be in 5 and 10 years. Talk about how their parents dealt with money, research shows it’s a big indicator. Little tykes Every self-help book in the world has told us what issues to avoid talking about when we start a relationship. Heaven forbid you scare him off, talking of kids or money. Well, the final major relationship buster is a combination of the two- the finances of having kids. The fix - generally, you ascertain whether you want to have kids first, but with the costs of raising a kid now hitting the $1 million mark, you also have to discuss how to structure your finances to adapt, especially with one partner out of the workforce for a while. n

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When worry becomes dangerous


hile everyone will feel a little anxious from time to time, some people experience feelings of anxiety so strongly it affects their everyday lives. Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders in PNG with one in four people experiencing an anxiety disorder at some point during their life. The best way to describe it is like worry. It is an emotion felt by people when they are faced with challenges, put under stress or when they feel fear. It is very common to suffer from anxiety when working in high stress jobs. Mild anxiety, like the type felt before a significant event, is harmless. And often people confuse anxiety disorders with stress which is a normal reaction to a situation where someone feels pressured. But when anxiety starts to affect daily living, causes serious distress, or persists for long time frames then it is a problem and should be addressed.

TYPES OF ANXIETY DISORDER: There are a number of anxiety disorders and each has different signs, symptoms and treatments. They include: • Generalised anxiety disorder: Constant worry about everyday things such as work and relationships • Panic disorder: Having panic attacks and worry about having another panic attack • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): Reliving bad memories to the point where they affect your everyday life • Specific phobias: Intense fear of a particular situation or object. • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD): Obsessions are unwanted thoughts, and compulsions are unwanted actions that can result.

SIGNS OF ANXIETY: The most common type of anxiety disorder is generalised anxiety disorder (GAD). If you have GAD you may worry about the same things that other people do such as health issues, money, family problems, or difficulties at work, but you take these worries to a new level. If you can't control your worrying and it's affecting the rest of your life in a bad way, or you have a general feeling of dread, it's possible you have GAD. Common signs and symptoms include: • Uncontrollable worry • Tiring easily or lack of proper sleep • Constantly feeling tense or restless • Mood swings and losing your temper easily • Increased heart rate and breathing • Muscle tension, sweating and shaking • Feelings of butterflies in your stomach • Trouble concentrating • Being unable to relax

GETTING HELP: Different types of anxiety disorders require different treatments. A good place to start is by talking to others you trust about your thoughts and feelings. You should also seek advice from your GP, a counselor, a psychologist or psychiatrist, or another mental health worker. If medication is required, your doctor can help with this. Taking a natural remedy such as St Johns Wort assists in calming the nerves and relieving stress, as does eating a healthy balanced diet and getting 30 minutes of exercise daily. You can also try listening to calming music, reading and doing activities that make you happy. Anyone suffering from anxiety should avoid alcohol and other drugs as they often make it worse. n


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Doctors Recommend

TELL US WHAT YOU THINK! @InflightPublish


magine this common scenario. The temperature in the sun is 55 degrees. Even in the shade it’s in the 40s. You’re not on the end of a shovel, but you are working with tools or machinery, and you are hot and sweaty. In those conditions you are probably losing about a litre of fluid an hour. The sweat and urine that leaves your body is part of the natural cooling process, but obviously it’s not all water. There are salts, electrolytes and all sorts of essential elements that the body requires to work efficiently. If the fluids and nutrients are not replaced, the mind and body doesn’t work like it should. Dehydration can adversely affect worker productivity, safety, and morale. Your ability to think clearly is diminished, your coordination becomes less efficient and you become tired – and that’s just in the first stages of dehydration. If the fluids and essentials continue to leave the body and are not replaced, things can get really bad. Say you’re working below a gantry with someone above handling tools. You want him to be thinking clearly, be confident in the way he moves and handles the tools, because if he is not functioning efficiently and his grip is

not sure, he could drop those tools… on you. And if you have a dehydrated workmate in charge of a large machine or crane, imagine the consequences of a miscalculated movement. Medical science agrees that you must drink a minimum of a litre of water an hour if your body is being exerted and you are sweating. To prevent dehydration, it is recommended that plenty of fluids be consumed before you get thirsty, however, when working hard in hot and humid conditions, water may not be enough to replace the other nutrients being lost through sweat. There are a number of “sports drinks” available that will replace lost fluids and essential salts and minerals. When you think of a game of football, whatever the code, you need immediate energy to perform at your best for about an hour and a half. That is why “sports drinks” have more sugar and other nutrients that are required for more sustained work. If you’re working hard in the heat for eight hours, you need a drink that will keep you going for the full shift. An example of such a drink is a formulation called THORZT which has been especially

designed for workers and extreme working conditions. Thorzt replaces electrolytes in a scientifically proportioned formula to optimize hydration and energy replacement. Regardless of the drink you use to replace lost fluids, be sure to drink plenty of it BEFORE your performance suffers and encourage your work mates to rehydrate regularly as well - the safety of all could depend on it. Make this the accepted practice in your workplace this summer. n

Issue 1



How to handle Gen Y


Issue 1



t is a common perception that Gen-Yers are selfish, lazy and hard to get along with. GenYers are said to have no interest in hard work and are typically a “me” generation interested only in themselves and what they want. Elements of this statement are definitely true and, of course, there are always bad eggs. But Gen Y is also a smart breed and, if you get them onside, a loyal breed. Being a member of this generation myself, I feel now is a good time to come clean about how we work and what makes us work better. I put in the hard yards, worked for free for many years with many companies and now I am a 26 year-old Editor here at Inflight Publishing and testament to the fact that we Gen-Yers do have it in us to succeed. The truth is Gen-Yers are both high-performance and high-maintenance. With high expectations of both themselves and of their employers, the Gen Y employee will work hard and fast if they feel they are getting the respect and recognition they deserve. A simple “well done” is often enough; we are not really that hard to please! Gen-Yers crave creative challenges and will actively seek to be engaged in everything they can be, so as an employer of this generation, use this to your advantage and become a valuable resource to your eager employees. I think it is fair to say that not all Gen-Yers possess these “go get ‘em” traits, but if you treat your staff well no matter the age, you will reap the rewards. Gen-Yers don’t want to work long and hard; they want to work smart, so you can be sure they will work quickly. Gen-Yers want to be in charge, they want to be successful and take it to the top as soon as they can. This means Gen-Yers will work to impress you if you give them the chance. Allow your younger employees take on more responsibility and even management roles because the truth is seniority does not make a good manager. People skills make a good manager, and Gen-Yers understand what they want from the person in charge. Gen Y is obsessed with career development. They understand the importance of great mentors and will often actively seek them out. The trouble is that many older workers have no interest in mentoring younger employees because of the stigma attached with the Gen Y “attitude problem”. Gen-Yers can also be useful as mentors themselves. We know technology, we know about social media and, believe it or not, because of Facebook we are up to date with what’s going on in the world. Gen-Yers can teach older co-workers about new technologies and the supremacy of online communities. Don’t be afraid to hire younger employees. Yes, Gen Y can be a little self-obsessed and egotistical. We are a spirited bunch and we get excited about new things, so use this to help teach us how to work well in your company because born from Gen Y will be our country’s newest leaders, billionaires and entrepreneurs! n



re you looking for that last untouched paradise in the world? Looking for the final frontier? Welcome to TUFI Resort Papua New Guinea! Tufi is located about a 45 minute flight east of Port Moresby in the same beautiful province as Kokoda. When you peer out the window it is easy to believe you are flying to a remote and untouched land! TUFI gives you a sense of what it may have been like travelling back in the late 1800’s, sailing around the Pacific Ocean, discovering new untouched promised lands. When you land at TUFI Resort, only a three minute transfer from the airstrip, you discover an untouched paradise and witness local people who still have strong tribal cultures. TUFI Resort is totally integrated with the local villages so everyone enjoys true TUFI hospitality. Beautiful big brown eyes arrive to greet you at every turn. The natural surroundings give you the feeling you have arrived at the last and final

WELCOME TO PARADISE frontier of modern day travel. TUFI Resort provides the perfect R&R for FIFO’s, team building workshops and conferences and the resort boasts its own conference facilities, a fully serviced bar and great chef and restaurant staff. The bungalows are all air-conditioned and fanned, with 24 hour power and internet service available. TUFI offers blue skies and crystal clear water, so get your dive gear ready for some fantastic warm water diving or drop a line and go fishing as catch of the day can be cooked and served

to you that evening. Snorkelling, kayaking, wind surfing is also available, so are village cultural trips and overnight stays in village guesthouses or you can rent a hobie cat. TUFI Resort is family friendly and provides a great three night weekend escape in a relaxing pristine environment for families residing in Papua New Guinea. TUFI Resort also caters for weddings and special occasions. Visit for more information.

Issue 1


The Grand Papua Hotel located in the city centre of Port Moresby is the newest hotel to open in the capital of Papua New Guinea. Designed with a mix of modern contemporary and colonial accents, the hotel caters to both the corporate and leisure traveller as well as the conference and meeting market.

FEATURING 161 Deluxe rooms and suites

Grand Bar & Brasserie with poolside dining

Executive Club Lounge on the 15th floor

Extensive Grand Spa and Beauty Salon

Two levels of Conference and Meeting space plus three Executive boardrooms

Fully equipped gymnasium and sauna facilities Secured underground car park

Hotel bookings

(+675) 304 0000

Restaurant bookings

(+675) 304 0170

Trobriand Cricket

Trobriand men


trings of bones clank loudly, slung loosely over the cricketers’ bodies; enormous feathers are in their hair and their faces are brightly painted. They score an out, so the sixty-or-so players immediately assemble together and dance with their arms raised high, chanting in passionate celebratory unison. There are no markings on the field, the boundaries are set by the dense forest encircling the clearing, and the uniform is naught but a loincloth. This is Trobriand Cricket – a Papua New Guinean adaptation of the very British sport, which has been assimilated into their indigenous culture and made their own. The history of Trobriand Cricket

Trobriand Islands

The exotic Trobriand Islands, located just off the south-east coast of Papua New Guinea’s mainland, are a four-island archipelago made up of coral atolls with a dense rainforest environment. The islands retain much of their indigenous culture, with European settlement only having slowly begun in 1894. One of the by-products of this settlement is the current popularity of cricket on the islands; however, the game as it is known by the Western world is very much different from the game being played on the islands. For the Trobriand people, cricket is a performance, not a sport – a display of rigorous dancing, war magic, tribal alliances and culinary indulgence. The game was introduced to the Trobriand Islanders by English Christian missionaries in the early twentieth century, to help promote more peaceful relations between tribes and thusly avoid the intense and frequent warfare that would take place between them. However, the Trobriand Islanders have since modified the traditional rules of the game to reflect their own culture and temperaments, resulting in a more violent version of cricket which is used as an alternative to warfare.

How the game is played The game is played more as a performance than as a sporting event, with each team displaying their own idiosyncratic entrance and exit dances and chants, and umpires – which both teams have – perform war magic to help their team and bring bad luck to the other. There are many players on each side, defying the traditional 11 of British cricket, with teams usually having around 60 players or more. While there are no regulations on how many cricketers may play on the field at the same time, teams must have roughly the same number of players. The teams come from different villages; hence the game is used as a political tool to establish alliances, and as a less violent interpretation of competitive warfare. Many of the basic rules of British cricket are still used – such as batting, bowling, running and fielding – however the bat and ball are

modified for greater accuracy, the ball is bowled underarm to reduce injury, the teams bowl alternatively from both ends of the pitch, and the scoring system is quite different from the traditional game. The home team always wins every game, although not by too many points as this is considered disrespectful to the losing visiting team. At the conclusion of the game, the home team provides a feast for all of the players. The tribalism, performance, music, magic and mock warfare aspects of the game make it markedly different from British cricket and provide a reflection on the societal behaviours and traditions of the Trobriand Islanders. In this sense, it is often understood as a symbol of rebellion against colonialism, with cricket – the colonial sport – being modified to fit into the indigenous culture, as opposed to the indigenous culture modifying itself to play the game. n

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WIN! WIN! Grand Papua Hotel

Take a dive at Kimbe Bay Tufi Resort


o celebrate the launch of Mining Life & Living PNG we are giving you the chance to win some great prizes just by telling us what you want to read about in our magazine. Tufi Dive Resort is giving one lucky reader the chance to win a 3 night accommodation package (fri, sat, sun) at Tufi Dive Resort. Package includes deluxe accommodation for 2 people, airport transfers and complimentary use of snorkel equipment and canoes. Grand Papua Hotel is giving one lucky reader the chance to win a 3 Course Dinner for two persons at the Grand Brasserie with pre-dinner drinks up on the 15th Floor Executive Lounge. To enter email with TUFI or GRAND in the subject line and tell me what you want to read about in our magazine. Entries close July 10. Good luck! n


Explore our luxury wilderness l o d g e s i n M o u nt H a g e n , Tari, middle Sepik, Madang and Western Province. Kina rates available. Contact: 675 542-1438 Twitter: @Trans Niugini


Issue 1


alindi Plantation Resort established in 1983 is an intimate dive resort situated on the shores of Kimbe Bay on the island of New Britain, Papua New Guinea. Celebrating over 30 years of operation, the resort is world famous for its quality of diving and warm hospitality. Walindi Resort offers 12 traditional-style, self-contained bungalows spread along the waterfront and surrounded by rainforest gardens, along with eight Plantation House rooms. All accommodation has an ensuite, and rates include all meals, daily laundry service and Wi-Fi. The resort dive centre operates daily to some of the most bio-diverse reefs in the world. Catering to a small number of guests means you receive undivided attention, yet the freedom to feel every dive has been made for you alone. Good company, great food, friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere provide a perfect backdrop while you enjoy the delights of Kimbe Bay. n

Aku Lodge

Welcome to Aku Lodge in Boroko, Port Moresby


estled away at Boroko in one of Port Moresby’s prime residential areas is Aku Lodge. A 100% nationally owned lodge, it derived its name ‘Aku’ from a cave in the remote Kagua-Erave electorate of Southern Highlands Province where the traditional villagers and hunters take their slumber when on hunting expeditions. The lodge first opened its doors in 2007 and has since prospered in growth with the opening of two more lodges, The Waigani and Green Garden Lodges. Aku Lodge currently employs 26 qualified and professional staff members who are always available and willing to assist you with all your needs and requirements. Aku’s principal motive is to provide both local and international travellers with affordable lodging accommodation and hospitality services. They also have a conference facility that can cater for up to 70 people and is fully equipped with tables and chairs, a projector, instruments, speakers and is fully air-conditioned. Their airport transfers are free of charge. With a total number of 42 rooms you can choose from and depending on the type of lodging you prefer from single standard rooms with a common bathroom and toilet to single and double self-contained rooms with or without a kitchen, you have a wide variety to select from. And, last but not the least is the lodge’s restaurant. The food is cooked up by the finest chef and served to you by the ever friendly waiters and waitresses who will tend to your needs right throughout your stay. n

We aim to offer you the best of Papua New Guinea hospitality at our guest house to help make your visit to our national capital, Port Moresby, a fruitful, enjoyable, and safe one. Whether you are visiting Port Moresby for business or pleasure, we believe Aku Lodge is the ideal place for you to stay. We offer a wide range of accommodation and facilities within secure boundaries in a quiet street only minutes from Boroko's shopping and commercial heart.

Ph: (675) 323 2645 Fax: (675) 323 2755 Email:

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Rabaul Volcano

10 Things you didn’t know A B O U T


1. The people of Papua New Guinea speak more than 850 distinct languages with many people able to speak up to three languages – English, Tok Pisin (or Pidgin English) plus their own Wantok local language. 2. Wantok means “one language” and refers to family, neighbours or people close to you that will support you financially, personally and in business. The Wantok system is a way of life in PNG. 3. Unlike most developing nations where the urban population is rapidly growing, only 18 per cent of Papua New Guineans live in urban centres. 4.

There are very few roads in PNG and so instead of driving around, flying is the way to travel. Domestic airports are often buzzing but with around 492 airstrips in remote places, an ‘airport’ is often just a grass airstrip!


Pigs are still incredibly valuable in PNG and are used in trade for everything from


Issue 1

8. Papua New Guinea boasts unbelievable surfing and maintains its uncrowded waves through a Surf Management Plan – which monitors the number of people surfing in an area at any one time. Tourists are also required to pay a levy to surf and the money goes directly back into the local, surfing communities. PNG surfing, photo courtesy David Kirkland

property to wives. The more pigs you have the richer you are!


Papua New Guinea is located on

the world’s second largest island – New Guinea, which it shares with the Indonesia province of West Papua.


For a tiny country PNG has an

incredible array of plant and animal life. Almost seven per cent of the world’s biodiversity is present in PNG. It is home to more than 200 species of mammals and 700 species of birds, as well as 21,000 species of plants.

9. When flying in PNG expect the usual ‘no smoking’ announcement but you’ll also be advised not to chew beetlenut while aboard. This popular, widely accepted and legal pastime could be compared to chewing tobacco and leaves people with red-stained teeth and slight buzz. Excessive use can lead to serious health dangers. 10.

While far removed from the glaciers and fjords in places like Norway, PNG is home to one of the very few tropical fjords in the world which is located at Tufi, Oro Province. Want to find out more about PNG? Visit or email n

Short & Long-Term Rental C OM P E T I T I V E R AT E S


24 Hour On-Site Security 1,2 & 3 BEDROOM APARTMENTS

Meet, Stay & Play TEL: +675 327 8135









Grand Papua Port Moresby Ela Beach Port Moresby Gateway Port Moresby Bird of Paradise Goroka Highlander Mt Hagen Coastwatchers Madang Huon Gulf Lae Melanesian Lae 304 0000 321 2100 327 8100 531 3100 542 1355 422 2684 472 4844 472 3744

Cora l S e a Hote ls


oral Sea Hotels is the largest hotel chain in Papua New Guinea, with hotels in all the major centres:

standards so as to be in the forefront

Port Moresby: Gateway Hotel & Apartments Ela Beach Hotel & Apartments Grand Papua Hotel Whittaker Apartments

and with seven of the Hotels also

Lae: Melanesian Hotel & Apartments Huon Gulf Hotel & Apartments Mt. Hagen: Highlander Hotel & Apartments Goroka: Bird of Paradise Hotel & Apartments Madang: Coastwatchers Hotel All existing rooms and common areas are currently undergoing or have completed extensive upgrading to their facilities to ensure alignment with the Hotel Groups objectives and

of service and product offering in Papua New Guinea. With the apartment complex providing apartments, the target market ranges from the upscale corporate client to the individual client with select requirements. All the Hotels provide expert professional service and each of the Hotels restaurants provides a laid-back, relaxed setting with a wide variety of tasty cuisine. With five different locations and settings for each of the nine properties, each hotel reflects comfort and convenience. A new, modern look to the hotels is also cantered on our business and conference facilities which cater for 5 up to 1000 people. Visit for information.


Travel Planners Port Moresby


1st floor, Shop 1-26 Vision City Mall, Waigani, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Tel: 3028526/27/76 Fax: 3230105 Email: sales@


Issue 1

aving been in the travel business for 15 years and with over 50 years of collective travel experience, Travel Planners offer individual tailored and corporate travel, holiday packages and travel insurance. Travel Planners is centrally located on the first floor of Vision City and is a one stop shop for all travel needs. A trusted travel agent in PNG, Travel Planners is opens daily and till late. Travel Planners make it easy and secure for customers to book their travel with them. So for your nest travel, whether business or pleasure go and meet the Travel Planners team. Contact n

People Caring for People

that’s what we do best.

Open 24hrs a Day, 365 Days a year • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Internal Medicine General & Orthopaedic Surgery Obstetrics and Gynaecology Paediatrics Radiology & Ultrasounds Dental Surgery including Cosmetic Dental Work 24hr Emergency Unit Ambulance and Medivac Services Available Pharmacy Full Digital Xray Facilities Refrigerated Morgue 2 Bed ICU Spirometry & Audiometric Testing Monthly Visiting Chiropractor

Lae International Hospital P.O.Box 1026 Marsina Street Lae Morobe Province P.N.G Phone: (675) 472 7133 (675) 71902305 Fax: (675) 472 5757

More bang

for your buck Y

MA is pleased to announce the class leading TTR250 is now more affordable than ever at just $5999 RRP inc GST. In fact this legendary air-cooled DOHC off road trail bike has never been this affordable since its introduction in 1993. TT-R250 is the choice for riders who prize real off road performance and light weight over the latest technical bling. Plus the TT-R250s legendary reliability is backed with a two year factory warranty. Enduro legend Geoff Ballard has owned TT-R250s since 1999 and can’t get enough of the sweet handling and practical four-stroke. He even scooped a gold medal at the 1999 ISDE riding a TTR250 with minimal modifications. Another Yamaha legend, Stefan Merriman, won the 250cc fourstroke class of the Thumper Nats on a TT-R250 too, so this model has genuine race pedigree. The four-valve twin cam engine produces a broad 33bhp that finds traction where more peaky powerplants find wheelspin. And its push-button electric start was the first to appear on a mainstream trail bike. n

TT-R250 specifications


Issue 1

• Engine Type Air-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve • Displacement 249 cc • Bore x Stroke 73.0 x 59.6 mm • Compression Ratio 10.2 : 1 • Lubrication System Wet sump • Fuel Management Y30P x 1 • Ignition CDI • Starter System Electric/Kick • Fuel Tank Capacity 10 L • Oil Capacity 1.5 L • Transmission 6-speed • Length 2195 mm • Width 835 mm • Height 1255 mm • Seat Height 910 mm • Wheelbase 1410 mm • Ground Clearance 300 mm • Wet Weight 131 kg with 10 litres of fuel • Suspension Front Telescopic fork • Suspension Rear Swingarm • Brakes Front Single disc • Brakes Rear Single disc • Tyres Front 3.00-21 51P • Tyres Rear 4.60-18 63P • Warranty 24 months, unlimited kms, parts and labour • Colour Yamaha Racing Blue RRP $5999


Get in the action


oyota HiLux has long been one of PNG’s favourite Action Utility Vehicles. With a reputation for being an unbreakable workhorse, you can push it to the limit, but it keeps coming back for more. The VVT-i petrol or gutsy turbodiesel engines pack a real punch without compromising reliability or efficiency. With responsive handling, you’re always firmly in control, from tight corners in city streets to vast open deserts. HiLux is built to handle anything your location throws at it with its array of intelligent technologies. Big on safety it has an energyabsorbing front chassis structure and strong Safe-T-Cell, helping take impacts from all angles on the chin. ABS (Anti-skid Braking System) is standard

on all models and VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) in the SR5 Double-Cab 4x4 models helps with stability by automatically adjusting engine output and the braking force of each wheel when the vehicle experiences over steer or under steer during cornering. HiLux’s TRC function (Traction Control) controls the wheel spin, when starting or accelerating on slippery or uneven road

surfaces and the NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness) shields you from whatever chaos is going on around you. With a clever mix of high tensile and anti-corrosion sheet steel, the body is as tough as they come, with a rigid design that takes the strain, whatever you load it with. It’s built to go the distance. Less wear and tear means less maintenance in the long-run, making the HiLux great value for money. The challenge with a HiLux is choosing from thirty-five variations. From 4x2 and 4x4 configurations, three different engines, which includes a 2.7 litre 4 cylinder, 4.0 litre V6 petrol engine and the turbocharged 3.0 litre diesel engine featuring Electronic Direct Injection, along with a choice of cab variants and eight different colours. n

Issue 1




Powerful Diesel 4x4 designed to go anywhere with ease.

Bad Boy

Heavy duty industrial vehicle custom built for the purpose of Linen/Housekeeping.

Industrial 875 Linen

This custom built multi purpose vehicle combines a Linen/Housekeeping and a Food/Beverage delivery vehicle all into one.

Shuttle 2 Linen F&B

YI_0539_EZGO_MiningAd_FP.indd 1

This vehicle has a higher than standard ground clearance, excellent for mine sites. Also available in Electric.

Hauler 1200X

Another high ground clearance vehicle capable of carrying 6 passengers.

ST Express

The rear Linen Box carries all your fresh clean linen while the empty utility area is handy just to throw the dirty linen into to take back to the laundry.

Shuttle 2 Combo

Custom built specifically to carry commercial laundry “Tallboy” trolleys.

Industrial 875 Laundry

With its unbreakable poly utility tray this vehicle is designed to handle the toughest of jobs and environments.

ST 480

Housekeeping on a smaller scale.

RXV Linen

For more information on mine compatible or custom built vehicles contact

Darren Woodrow on 0429 052 056 or

10/05/12 6:00 P

The PNG link


ydraulink Niugini specialises in the supply of all types of hydraulic hoses and fittings and their associated accessories such as quick release couplings, adapters, caps and plugs. Clients can also obtain Sinopec oil, Yokohama batteries and Baldwin filters through the workshop in Port Moresby. Hydraulink supply throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands and will soon be opening up a workshop in Lae to complement their Port Moresby operation. They will also be building containers for onsite hose assembly. A mobile service truck is being built at the moment for Port Moresby onsite repairs with one also in the planning for Lae when they are established. Hydraulink Niugini also has plans to expand to other centres around PNG to satisfy the demand for fast and efficient hydraulic hose repairs. Contact for Port Moresby and for Lae. n


Ph 472 1761 Fax 472 2711 Mob 71677734

St Mary’s Catholic College


t Mary’s Catholic College in Woree (Cairns) offers a coeducational setting with the latest facilities to cater to a range of student needs. St Mary’s students leave the College well prepared to face the future and excel in a range of fields. Traditional subject offerings and excellent QCS preparation see the majority of St Mary’s students being accepted in their tertiary course of choice. And as part of its ongoing commitment to offering Vocational Education and Training in a Catholic context, St Mary’s commenced operation of a Vocational Trade Training Centre in January 2013. St Mary’s boasts a wide range of sporting and extra-curricular activities and its faculty of Performing Arts is renowned for its accomplishments in music and theatre. St Mary’s look forward to welcoming your family to the community. For more information contact the College on 0740546144 or office@smcc. Visit the website to find out more: n


Ph 323 7650 Fax 3238928 Mob 7197 6036

PNG Country code (675)

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Heavy Support Mining Group





ravelling abroad can be exciting. But with the rise in the use of smartphones and tablets devices, more and more travellers are choosing to stay connected when they are away from home. While most people plan their airfares, accommodation and insurance well before departure, communication needs can often be overlooked. Increasingly, consumers are coming home to an unexpectedly high telecommunications bill—a phenomenon known as ‘Bill Shock’. If you are planning to use your mobile device overseas, be as prepared as possible: with a little preparation you can not only stay connected, but avoid paying a lot extra for doing so.

Here are some ways you can reduce the chances of experiencing Bill Shock: 1. Check your charges before you leave. 2. Consider your data usage whilst overseas. 3. Look for places that offer free Wi-Fi. 4. Consider a travel product from your provider. 5. Consider a Passport-style SIM product. n

eavy Support Mining Group commenced the labour hire business in September 2007 and has been operating for six years. Prior to this date the owner and director Mr Harrison was working as a self-employed subcontractor fitter alongside his own small team of Heavy Support diesel fitting contractors. HSMG has since boomed bringing on board a very highly skilled team of consultants. HSMG is now an internationally recognised labour hire supplier and recruitment specialist that delivers a comprehensive and innovative range of support to the mining, engineering and construction sectors. The company is based in Mackay Queensland but has a vast range of contacts throughout the world, including in PNG. The company’s database comprises of more than 300 exceptional candidates within Australia and also an additional 100 candidates worldwide meaning the team has amazing potential employees at their fingertips. Visit n

HSMG is an internationally recognised recruitment specialist delivering proficient and innovative range of support to the mining sector worldwide. SPECIALISING IN: Management Planners Surveyors Training Safety Diesel Fitters


Issue 1

Tyre Fitters Boilermakers Auto Electricians HV Electricians Servicemen Operators

PH: 0488 726 866 Email: Check out our website at:

PNG’s employment specialists

Looking for innovative recruitment solutions?

Applus Velosi JDA (PNG)


pplus Velosi JDA (previously JDA Wokman) is an international recruitment consultancy providing comprehensive, innovative HR management services across multiple industries and sectors. In PNG since 1991, Applus Velosi JDA has offices in Australia, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Mongolia and South Africa. As one of PNG’s leading recruitment consultancies, Applus Velosi JDA supply’s executives, professionals, technicians and trades people to projects throughout PNG and to all corners of the globe. Within PNG, the company has a strong presence as the major supplier of national and expatriate personnel across multiple industries - mining, construction, oil and gas, transport, hospitality, sales, marketing, agriculture, government and aid projects. Endorsed by the DLIR as a Good Corporate Citizen, Applus Velosi JDA is the only recruitment agency embraced by the Government for recruitment and training of Papua New Guineans and compliance with PNG’s labour and immigration laws. Applus Velosi JDA has established partnerships with Landowner companies at Tabubil, Lihir and Porgera, understanding the customs and culture of PNG enabling them to meet the needs of the local business environment.

Services: • Staff recruitment - executive search for citizen and non-citizen labour • Contract labour (citizen and non-citizen) - appointment, management and payroll • Three-year training plans for the National Training Council • Work permits and visas • Travel and logistics for contractors • Payroll services • Training facilities • Landowner company management and facilitation

What is the Applus Velosi JDA difference? A key to their industry edge is an international database of more than 240,000 potential candidates, including a PNG database with more than 50,000 national citizens. Applus Velosi JDA considers clients as partners, working with them to achieve exceptional results. The team foster strategic alliances with other organisations, enhancing the service they can provide and offering candidates as contractors or as staff appointments on your payroll. n

Applus Velosi JDA (PNG) delivers a comprehensive range of human resources management services to deliver sectors including: • • • • • •

Mining Transport Petroleum Agriculture Manufacturing General

Government recognition

Sole recruitment agency endorsed by PNG Department of Labour and Industrial Relations as Good Corporate Citizen for: • recruiting & training of Papua New Guineas • compliance with

PNG Labour & Immigration laws

Specialist services

• Recruitment of skilled PNG & expatriate personnel • Payroll • Work Permits • Visa / Immigration • Travel & Logistics • Professional & Trades • Contract Labour • Training Rooms • Landowner Company Management & Facilitation

Client benefits

• International database • Strategic alliances • Industry expertise • Proactive approach

Contact Applus Velosi JDA PNG Port Moresby PNG p +675 325 0800 e information@

Applus Velosi JDA Australia Brisbane Australia (Head Office)

p +61 7 3120 0900 e

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Perrott Engineering

errott Engineering has had a long association with the Mining Industry in Papua New Guinea providing its technical expertise and services to a number of mines over the last two decades. The company’s services cover virtually all areas of hydraulics, as well as oil and grease lubrication systems. The diverse range of modern workshop equipment allows Perrott Engineering to offer precision machining as a secondary service to its primary business as a hydraulics specialist. The organisation offers engineering design services to provide solutions to customers’ operating requirements across a number of areas from cylinder or winch designs, to lubrication systems, filtration and cooling systems that meet the harsh environmental and isolation conditions that exist in Papua New Guinea. The Cairns based Company offers prompt access to technical staff who are able to be deployed quickly to assignments in Papua New Guinea assisting clients with their specific system problems, or routine maintenance. Perrott Engineering can source and supply any pump, motor, valve, filter, cooling systems and other hydraulic parts

as authorised distributors for recognised companies such as Bosch Rexroth, Hydac Australia, Sauer Sundstrand, Danfoss, Powerteam as well as having access to a full range of other industry suppliers. Their reputation to be able to source parts from anywhere in the world is unsurpassed in the industry. Their extensive experience in mining as well as marine, oil and gas and other industries, provides expertise in programmed maintenance of hydraulic systems; mine mill lube systems; liner handlers and general shutdown hydraulic work; equipment re-hosing; breakdown attendance and new installation. Perrott Engineering is a one stop shop for all hydraulic sales and service. n

H Y DRA UL I C | DE S IGN | S A LE S | S E RVICE Precision Engineering and Machining


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Tsubaki T

subaki Australia supplies chain and power transmission throughout Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the South Pacific. With nearly 100 years of providing quality products, Tsubaki has become a world renowned supplier in the power transmission industry. With this experience and these foundations in place, Tsubaki is fully prepared to confidently challenge the 21st century. At Tsubaki, the future is now. At Tsubaki Australia there is an experienced team of factory trained technical sales personnel who can show you the best product for your application. As the world’s largest chain manufacturer, Tsubaki supplies a wide variety of high quality specialised chains and power transmission products to the mining industry. These include drill rig, shuttle car, feeder breaker, rotary breaker and reclaimer chains as well as backstop clutches and power cylinders. As a manufacturer, Tsubaki is able to tailor products to suit any application. Whether it is special materials, special coatings or special designs, at Tsubaki staff work with their customers to engineer a solution for maximum component life and machine reliability. At Tsubaki Australia, we have a simple message……..”We will achieve and maintain a position of leadership by providing the best value to our customers”. For sales or engineering assistance with your application please contact Tsubaki Australia 07 3273 0600 or visit n

Tsubaki drives your business Power Cylinder

Feeder Breaker Chains

Shuttle Car Conveyor Chains

Specialised Sprockets

Cam Clutches Back Stops

Brisbane/Mackay Ph 07 3273 0600

Tsubaki Australia Pty Limited

Power Lock

Melbourne Ph 03 9215 2888


Coal Reclaimer Chains

Drill Rig Hoist Chains

Sydney/Newcastle Ph 02 9704 2500

Rotary Breakers

Perth Ph 08 6254 0000


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Ela Motors celebrates 50 Years in Papua New Guinea 2013 SEES ELA MOTORS CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF OPERATION IN PAPUA NEW GUINEA.


fter starting out on February 9, 1963, Ela Motors has a developed a proud history, supplying automotive products to the PNG community and businesses. The Company is a distributor of a range of a comprehensive range of Automotive and Marine products including: • Toyota passenger vehicles and light commercials • Daihatsu light trucks - after sales only • Hino trucks • Massey Ferguson farm machinery and tractors • Yamaha Boats and outboard motors • Yamaha motorbikes and ATV • Yamaha generators • Haines Hunter boats Ela Motors CEO David Purcell said 50 years in customer service was a milestone anywhere in the world. “This is a significant milestone for Ela Motors as we are very proud to be serving PNG through the supply of automotive and marine products for over these 50 years,” he said. “We are proud to be part of the growth in PNG. We see ourselves as part of the PNG fabric and over the years there has been an important partnership forged between Ela Motors and the people of PNG. We hope to continue this for another 50 years… at least,” Mr Purcell said. In all market segments in which Ela Motors

competes they have taken the number one position and dominate in terms of market share. “This can be attributed to a real focus on customer satisfaction, the development and sourcing of products which are suited to the harsh operating conditions of Papua New

Guinea and a strategic network of 16 branches nationwide,” Mr Purcell said. They also employ around 1000 staff. “We have always had a strong focus on our staff and we employ a ratio of 50/50 men to women with many of our staff being PNG locals. “In August 2012 we established the Ela Academy to teach our employees to offer a point of difference, to teach them about our standards and assist with literature skills and life skills. We are very proud to be part of this great country and give the locals as much opportunity and assistance as we can. “Aside from job training, Ela Motors sees the great value and importance in being involved with many corporate social responsibility projects as well. “We have recently partnered with the Australian Governor General to assist a PNG library charity, Buk Bilong Pikinini, at the University of PNG in Port Moresby to provide vehicles for the mobile library funded in partnership with Make a Mark Australia. This is just one of many initiatives we are proud to be part of.” Ela Motors have planned a year of special events and offers to mark our 50th year which will be delivered to the communities and business of PNG during the course of 2013. For more information visit n

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DIY decks

Don’t make these common mistakes with a DIY deck



hen you are building a deck, there are some very common mistakes that can be made in the construction process. This article will cover five of those simple mistakes.

Now go through and install the remainder of the boards using timber wedges cut from decking off cuts (off cuts are the left over short pieces of decking) to evenly space the boards in between the grid boards.

1. Bolts, nails & rust Steel fixings of any sort (nails, bolts, screws etc.), need to be galvanised. Galvanised steel is coated in zinc and has a dull grey appearance. They do cost more, however if you don’t use them your deck may be in need of major repairs in a year or two. The zinc coating protects the steel from the corrosive chemical reaction that naturally occurs between steel, moisture and the tannins in timber.

3. Roof leaks Surprisingly, the most common leaks come from roof screws being over tightened. In the process of over tightening the roof screws, the rubber washer that is meant to seal the roof sheet gets damaged. Consequently, the damaged washer doesn’t seal the hole that the screw has made, allowing water to enter.

2. Decking boards not straight This is not a structural problem, but it is unsightly, unprofessional and screams DIY. The simplest way to lay decking boards straight is to install a grid board (every fifth board) to a straight line. To get your straight line for your grid boards use a chalk line to mark out where they go. A chalk line is a string line covered in chalk, and when flicked against the timber, it leaves a straight line that can be used as a guide. From here, nail off all your grid boards completely.

4. Hitting underground services (gas, water, electrical) The consequences of hitting mains of any sort could be anything from annoying, to serious injuries or worse, not to mention the potential costs involved in repairing them. You need to call 'Dial before you dig' on 1100 (within Australia) before you begin work. You will also need to contact your local service providers as well as your local council/government. This way you can double check all the available information.

5. Timber cracking and breaking This happens most often because too much timber has been cut out of the piece of timber being used. There is a rule that more than 1/3 of the timber should not be removed, and even experienced builders can get caught out here. If you need to notch in a floor joist, for example, over a bearer, you must have at least 2/3 of the timber sitting on top of the bearer. If you need to cut more than 1/3 of your timber floor joist out, you will need to consider adding some additional supports. If this does happen it is best to call your engineer for advice. n 4.0 PROJECT PHOTOGRA PHS



4.0 PROJECT PHO TO Cameroon




Living and Dinin

Leader in international manufacturer of modular buildings. We provide a broad range of housing solutions for commercial and residential applications that includes the following:



Khursaniyah, Saudi Arabia



Office Unit



KITCHEN AND DINING FACILITIES Company Profile & Prequalifica tion

Page 20 of 89



y Profile & Prequali fication SITEMASTER-3 Compan SERIES (INTERIOR )


Office Reception


Tel: +(675) 340 4585 Mob +(675) 7101 6000 / 7100 8938 / 7674 5515 Email:

our range of roughneck products. This STEEL ROUGHNECK is the latest addition to unit available for oilfield operation and product is the strongest and most durable found in the structure. exploration. All steel construction, no wood material Page 29 of 89

Company Profile & Prequalification

Page 34 of 89 Company Profile & Prequalification

Level 3 Hospital Unit US Military, Iraq


Issue 1





1 Evidence of payment for entry (7) 5 Chocolate drink (5) 8 Plane driver (5) 9 Accommodate (7) 10 Using comparison (13) 11 Sweet baked food (6) 12 Assisted (6) 15 Cooling boxes for food (13) 18 Localised wind storm (7) 19 Perfect (5) 20 Affected by unhappiness (5) 21 Focused, well balanced (7)

DOWN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 11 13 14 16 17

Subject (5) Upright support systems (7) Amazing, bizarre, unusual (13) Public, friendly (6) Careful thought (13) Pursue (5) Irritated (7) Johnny Depp movie, ..... of the Caribbean (7) The first in a field enquiry or discovery (7) Daring, brave (6) To be dismissed from a job (5) Cold dish consisting mainly of vegetables (5)

Can you find all the countries? Afghanistan France Belgium Greenland Bulgaria Hungary Croatia Libya Finland Mexico

Nepal Norway Russia Seychelles Sudan

Thailand Ukraine USA Vanuatu Zimbabwe




Glasbergen cartoons are available for newsletters, presentations and other professional purposes. For more info, please visit

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Issue 1

NIKON AW110 Nikon’s newest shock-proof, freeze-proof and water-proof camera the COOLPIX AW110 features a 16 Megapixel Back-lit CMOS sensor, 5x Optical zoom and full (1080p) HD video recording. Waterproof, shock-proof and cold-resistant, the COOLPIX AW110 is also equipped with a built in GPS, electronic compass and barometer making it ideal for shooting in the outdoors. Visit

MASHA Prep Store has combined years of design and engineering experience to develop Masha. This easyto-operate product can create restaurant-quality mash with a perfect consistency and no lumps in seconds. A quick-release rotor makes the product easy to clean, while its compact design allows for easy storage. Visit RRP $69.95

POSTER CANDY Postercandy gives you the ability to take those treasured, fun and creative Instagram pics you love and turn them into unique posters for the home, office and more. In just 4 simple clicks, you can create your very own Instagram wall art with Postercandy. Visit RRP from $19.95




SODASTREAM SodaStream is launching the new Genesis Emerald Green Machine after the world’s leading colour authority Pantome declared 2013 the year of emerald green. The new addition to the SodaStream family conveys clarity, nature and revitalisation and is ideal for every household. One bottle of SodaStream can replace 2000 cans so do your bit and go ‘emerald green’ in 2013. Visit RRP $129.95

PENTAX MX-1 Go retro with Pentax’s new shooting pro, the MX-1. A highperformance compact camera showcasing classic flair and SLR-like features for the digital generation. The MX-1 packs some professional punch thanks to its 4x wide zoom lens with a maximum aperture of F1.8 to F2.5 and a 12 megapixel back illuminated CMOS sensor. Available in black and silver. Visit RRP $499

OPTIMUS G Optimus G is LG’s premium flagship mobile phone device and represents the very best that LG offers in innovation and technology. Optimus G is a collaboration of some of the finest component makers on the planet coming together to develop a standout smartphone that offers consumers practical features in line with LG’s commitment to making lives better. With the powerful quad-core CPU, Snapdragon™ S4 Pro processor and industry best technologies for enhanced viewing and enhanced battery life; LG adds the finishing touches on the Optimus G with a beautiful sleek design and innovative UX features. Visit

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Travel destinations don’t come more diverse than Papua New Guinea – over 750 cultural groups passionately maintain their unique heritage through cultural ceremonies set amongst some of the most stunning scenery in the world.

Mining Life & Living PNG Issue 1  

Mining Life & Living PNG Issue 1

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