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n the mining and resources industry, safety plays a huge part in the everyday lives of the employees. From making sure equipment is up to scratch to compulsory safety wear and even random drug and alcohol testing, it all comes back to safety within the working environment - it’s obvious that this division within the industry is of the utmost importance. So it surprises me to hear that the mental state of miners seems to be a frequent topic of discussion amongst the mining communities. Exhaustion, stress and anxiety are not uncommon issues facing

today’s mining worker – which to me, logically, indicates a safety concern. After all, a worker isn’t going to be at their peak if they’re any of the above. It’s with this in mind that for this safety insert, I chose to run stories aimed at the mental and physical health of the everyday worker. Angie Willcocks, Mining Family Matters’ resident psychologist, covers the issue of ‘black days’ and how to avoid them whilst I look into different ways to keep your mind and body invigorated. We also have some information from some of our advertisers, and details on the MCE Ultimate Work Sock – perfect for keeping your feet happy on the job. If there is a particular issue

concerning safety that you would like us to cover, please email me at bettina@ and I’ll be sure to cover it in upcoming issues of Mining Life & Living Magazine and Inflight Magazine. Until then, happy reading and keep safe.

Bettina Maniatis Editor

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Ever Have



f you travel away for work, a term you might hear bandied about by miners is ‘black day’. Not surprisingly, it’s used to describe their toughest day. When it comes to worker safety, it’s vital that miners try to come to terms with issues like ‘black days’ to maximise enjoyment of their R&R and ensure they return to work feeling refreshed, alert, healthy and positive. A miner who’s still absorbed with unresolved issues back home is not 100 per cent focussed on his work – and that’s when accidents

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“Some miners experience a ‘black day’ on the final day of their time off (the day before they leave for work). For others, it's the actual day of travel back to the mine site.”


Safety Feature Issue 1

can happen. Some miners experience a ‘black day’ on the final day of their time off (the day before they leave for work). For others, it's the actual day of travel back to the mine site. People also use the term to describe different experiences: for some, it's a day of feeling sad; for others it's a day of worry or stress. If you’re one of those affected, you need to work out what exactly your individual experience is – it will help to determine what can be done to make life easier to bear. People whose black day is one of sadness usually dwell on what they have already missed because of working away, or what they will miss this time. They might think about not being able to go to important family events, loneliness on the mine site, or anticipate missing their loved ones while they are away. All of these thoughts lead to feeling sad or low – which in turn might make them 'clingy' and needy, or they can go the other way and become distant and withdrawn. If your black day is one of sadness, it might help to increase your connections with those you love. For example, make sure you stay in touch with what's happening the whole time you're away. This will ensure you still feel 'in the loop', connected and an important part of the family. For others, black day is more of an anxious day - felt as unease, restlessness or irritability. Causes of this anxiety tend to be worries or fears. Anxiety generally relates to nameless fears so it's hard to generalise, but black day anxieties might include something bad happening to the family while they're away, something going wrong with their relationship, or even not getting enough sleep while on site. If your black day is an anxious one, take some time to reflect on your exact thoughts and fears. Depending on what your thoughts are, you could simply choose to ignore them, or 'challenge them' (i.e. is this really a realistic/rational thought?). For others still, black day is about stress. Like anxiety, stress can make people feel wound up and edgy. But unlike anxiety, the thoughts that go with stress are more 'realistic' and usually relate to being busy or having too much to do. If your black day is one of stress, it's likely that your mind has switched back into work mode, maybe a day or so early. Your family might notice that you are grumpy and short-tempered, and that you seem to have a lot


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on your mind. Stress management techniques will help you manage your black day better. Next time you are having a black day, take the time to stop for a moment and think about: • how you feel (sad, anxious or stressed) • what your thoughts are about • how you are acting (withdrawn, snappy with others) It might seem odd, but even just noticing your black day thoughts can often help you to feel more in control and able to cope. Another thing that might help is sharing your thoughts and feelings with your partner, family or friends – especially if you can suggest ways they can help. For example, keeping busy with something fun the day before you go back to work might help you to keep any anxious thoughts in check. Making sure you have a family dinner the night before you fly/drive out might help you to feel more connected and less sad. Sitting down and making a 'to do' list might help you manage stress better. For further information on relationships, parenting and mental health issues for miners, visit the Mining Family Matters website at

ce and Free professional advi in mining and resources. for families







.au www.miningfmpr.cacoticm al tips


Practical ways to keep you r rel ati onship healthy and you r family happy.

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Keeping Your

Mind Body and


KEEP HYDRATED Seeing as water makes up to 70 per cent of the human body, we’ve all head before that we need to drink at least 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day, but that’s not the only way to stay hydrated. Did you know a hangover is caused mainly by dehydration from the alcohol and not the alcohol itself? It’s no surprise then that to stay hydrated, it’s advised to stay away from alcohol. Sugary and caffienated drinks also contribute to dehydration. Most of what we eat contains water, but foods high in salt are a no no. The best food for hydration is good old fashioned fruits and vegetables. Did you know? Tea was discovered by China back in 2737BC by an emperor after a breeze apparently blew some tea leaves into a pot of boiling water!


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EAT HEALTHY Eating healthy is not all about what foods you eat, but how they are stored and prepared. Fresh is always better than frozen because foods tend to lose some of their nutrients during the preservation process.

As for preparation, grilled is always better than fried, seeing as when you fry it’s in oil and steamed is even better again as it helps retain those all important nutrients. Did you know? The world’s most popular fruit is the tomato with more than 60 trillion tons produced a year. The banana is in second place with 44 trillion and apples third with 36 million. EXERCISE Exercise is a great way to keep the body healthy as it’s not only about shedding calories, but the way exercise makes you feel. Exercise causes the body to release endorphins; “happy hormones” making you feel great! It can also help you sleep better and

release stress – something I think we can all agree almost everyone needs. But the best part of exercise is of course fitness. Fitness leads to a longer and happier life – and of course those who are fit are more likely to have better self esteem - who wouldn’t want that? Did you know? The fastest moving muscle in the human body is the muscle that lets your eye blink. On average, a man will blink 15,000 times a day and a woman will blink 30,000 times a day! FORM FRIENDSHIPS Forming friendships is yet another point that comes with many benefits. Firstly, when someone has friends, it can build self esteem – but most importantly, they have someone to

share their problems and experiences with. Have you ever had an issue, and once you spoke to someone about it you instantly felt better? Speaking to people about things that are worrying you can almost be like a weight lifted off your shoulders. Once you get that problem out, it can literally feel like you’re releasing it and sometimes it actually makes you realise it’s not as big an issue as perhaps you had made it out to be, especially if your friend shares a similar issue or experience and makes you see you’re not alone. Did you know? The average woman speaks around 20,000 words a day, where the average man speaks around 13,000.

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Safety Product for the Ultimate Hard Worker


e live in a world today where safety and protection has proven to be of a high priority, yet sadly missed is the crucial protection of the very core of your occupation – and the body itself – the most forgotten and neglected part of your body, the feet. It’s funny then that your feet can actually be easily looked after with very simple methods, one being a good quality pair of socks. That’s where the MCE Ultimate Work Sock comes into play – they will be your feets’ savour. This product is perfect for those on their feet for many consistent hours of the day, those who must endure harsh footwear, conditions and environments. The state of your feet makes all the difference as to how the rest of your body feels by the end of the day. The Work Sock is far superior to others on the market providing durability, wearability and high quality. What’s more, it’s actually created by those who work within the mining and resources industries. The work sock has been designed to aid and provide complete protection with OSH problems. They’re anti fungal and bacterial, anti moisture, boost circulation and reduce fatigue while improving wearability to sustain crucial OSH. One of MCE’s secret ingredients to the high quality delivered with the Work Sock range is why they are not made with Australian wool. Aussie wool is very fine and the quality is best for quality fine clothing. New Zealand wool is a high quality thick and harsher fibre and can be produced to make high quality sustainable, wearability products which can handle the harsh Aussie environment. And they are not made in China!

The MCE Ultimate Work Sock is available within a full size range and designed unisex with the focus on suiting the OSH work boot. The sizes are generous, but should you choose to drop your size down to fit effectively, it will make the work sock fit snug in the boot for ultimate performance. To view the full range, visit www.minerscorp. For help with sizing, call 1300 459 976. To see the Work Sock in the flesh, visit Shop 13 / 37 Dolphin Drive, Mandurah Ocean Marina, Mandurah WA.

The MCE Ultimate Work Sock… …stays up all day long …has excellent-reinforcing, supportive cushioning strategically placed to safely protect the foot …aids to alleviate back pain and tiredness …keeps your feet dry …aids in protecting the foot’s health and hygiene …is designed to aid circulation …is superior to any other product on the market …is the preferred choice for those

who work in the mining and resources industries …is owned and designed by Australian miners …was produced from the desire to make a miner’s life better Miners Corp. Essentials [MCE] is a company created by active miners to give back and help the worker find substantial solutions to help them produce productivity and income, while maintaining their health and well being.

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Health & Safety Training a Must A

well-respected health and safety qualification has become an important ‘entry ticket’ into the booming resources sector with an increasing number of companies looking for candidates already qualified in hazard management. “Over the past decade, there has been more attention paid to the level and type of training provided to employees in order for them to effectively contribute to the management of hazards in their workplace,” IFAP general manager of workplace safety solutions Ross Pratt said. According to Mr Pratt emergency services and safety qualifications have become increasingly

important in the resources industry, where the focus was on creating safe work environments but where hazards were encountered on a daily basis. Although a Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety had historically been seen as the entry-level qualification to gain employment in the safety and health field, Mr Pratt said this scenario was changing in light of ‘national harmonisation’, and the need for organisations to employ appropriately qualified safety and health professionals. He said a qualification on a piece of paper was now "not enough" to secure a resources job in such a changing market.

“It is widely recognised that an appropriate blend of formal qualifications at a tertiary level and relevant experience are essential to the development of an individual into a safety and health professional," he said. Mr Pratt said people entering the resources sector could gain the required hands-on health and safety experience by attending a series of practically-based training courses. In Australia’s fast-moving mining industry, Mr Pratt said it was important that new entrants completed these health and safety courses so that job seekers could better position themselves as ideal candidates for potential employers.

Hand Protection with Grunt!

PROFit Razorback™ Glove by ProChoice


he PROFit Razorback™ glove by ProChoice has been tested to EN388 Standards and designed specifically for the oil and gas industry, however they are so comfortable, hard wearing and versatile, workers in all industries want to wear them! The bright yellow gloves are made from tough, breathable, washable, Repelite™ material which is oil and water resistant with a silicon palm for enhanced grip. The Razorback™ incorporates a hand impact


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protection system which comprises of soft thermoplastic rubber on the back of fingers, knuckle and hand. The double layer water/ oil resistant palm includes a layer of nitrile for absolute water/oil repellence and is silicone coated for a non-slip grip. The glove is pre-curved for added flexibility and reduced hand fatigue. The neoprene cuff provides additional wrist and forearm protection without sacrificing manoeuvrability. The Razorback ™ has been tested in the

toughest field conditions to refine and perfect the glove. We are now satisfied that it will outlast, outperform, and outgrunt any other specialist glove on the market. The PROFit Razorback™ by ProChoice Safety Gear is available at all good safety distributors.

ProChoice Safety Gear 30 Mumford Place Balcatta WA 6021

Don’t leave hand protection to chance, we don’t. Silicone grip Anti Impact Thermoplastic Rubber pad protection. Precurved for comfort and fit.

Water/oil resistant palms

Extended wrist and forearm protection with reflective pull tabs

Unique REPELITETM material repels oil and water while retaining breathability.

PROFitTM glove range also includes* Feature Model: PROFitTM (PFRB) RazorBack Glove.

The glove of choice for oil and gas and heavy industry

PT PROFitTM Full Finger Glove

PTY PROFitTM High Vis Glove

PFM PROFitTM Magnetic Glove

*Other PROFitTM gloves available.




TM EN 388


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Purpose Built PPE The PROFitTM range of synthetic work gloves are a hi-tech alternative to traditional work gloves, with non-slip grip, a secure ergonomic fit and strategically placed neoprene for greater comfort in demanding working conditions.

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