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AU B U R N R I V E R S I D E S T U D E N T February 3, 2010 VOLUME 15





What’s wrong with Wikipedia? James Kozanitis Editor In Chief Doing a research paper? How about a persuasive essay that needs factual information? Having trouble traversing that history book? Wikipedia can solve all of those problems. Each page is a collection of knowledge about any given subject, knowledge collected from other websites and even books. The only problem is that there’s hardly a teacher out there who will allow the use of Wikipedia. Why? Because it’s “unreliable.” We’ll put this claim to the test. The most frequent argument made by those who think it’s unreliable is its editing model that says anyone can edit it. In fact, this premise does almost nothing to affect the credibility of Wikipedia articles, and study after study has shown this very fact. Not only is Wikipedia a credible resource, it’s more convenient and more worthwhile than anything the traditional library resources have to offer. As early as its birth in 2001, Wikipedia was being called inaccurate for its editing model. In 2003, MIT conducted a study about page vandalism on Wikipedia. It found that, although some false information stayed on Wikipedia for around a week, half of all cases of vandalism were caught by wiki administrators and cleared up within three minutes. There have been several more groups testing the fiber of Wikipedia. In 2007, PC Pro Magazine did a study where they purposefully inserted 10 errors into 10 different wiki pages. These errors ranged from blatantly obvious to sneakily subtle. All but one was cleared up within an hour. For good measure, PC Pro did this again, but with 10 very subtle errors inserted. This time, all but two were found and cleared up within an hour. Let’s push aside all pedestrian opinion and ask “what do the experts think?” A few people have asked this question before. Nottingham University divided 55 academic experts into two groups to review the ac-

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curacy of Wikipedia pages. One group was given wiki pages that were in their area of expertise, and the other group was given random wiki pages. Surprising to those who question Wikipedia, it wasn’t the experts who found Wikipedia unreliable. It was the people unfamiliar with the topic who were skeptical of the information they found. The experts found the articles to be astoundingly credible. Who do you believe? More experts have arrived at the same conclusion. Nine hundred and thirty-seven US toxicologists were asked to research the health risks of different chemicals. All of them found Wikipedia (as well as WebMD) to be more telling on the subject than all of traditional news media. “In perhaps the most surprising finding in the entire study, all these national media outlets [U.S. newspapers, news magazines, health magazines, broadcast and cable television networks] are easily eclipsed by two representatives of ‘new media’: WebMD and Wikipedia,” the study stated, according to It’s curious that we aren’t allowed by most teachers to cite Wikipedia as a source for something as simple as a school paper, when so many other organizations and publications have cited it. As of 2008, 490 articles in various scientific journals have cited Wikipedia as a source. It has also been cited by the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, and as deciding evidence for a copyright case in the United Kingdom Intellectual Property office. “I cannot see that what is in Wikipedia is any less likely to be true than what is published in a book or on the websites of news organizations,” Judge David Landau said. So maybe it’s reliable, but how could it be better than the resources the library provides? Well for one, the school pays for those. Let’s see if they get what they pay for

and pick a prominent controversial topic to be researched. Let’s go with abortion. So you wiki “abortion” and immediately see the convenient table of contents that leads you to the “Abortion Debate” section. Then you see at the top of this section a link to a whole wiki page about the Abortion Debate with two main sections: the political debate and the ethical debate, and upfront links to the Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Movement. There’s also information on court cases such as Roe V Wade. How do library resources fare against Wikipedia? In a word, they don’t. Opposing Viewpoints search on abortion reads a lot like the bibliography of the wiki page: just a bunch of links to different articles, all of which lack the convenient organization that the wiki page has. Next up is ABC Clio. It’s still a list of articles, but with more pertinent information, such as links to articles on court cases. This still lacks the convenience of Wikipedia, which gives all of this information and more in one page. The best of the library resources is SIRS. After searching abortion, you get to a convenient box asking the question “should women have the right to an abortion?” Underneath this are a yes column and a no column with three articles on each side. This is both convenient and pertinent; however, the Wikipedia article on the abortion debate has 65 sources, compared to SIRS which pulls from six. What’s your choice? Searching another controversial topic for good measure, I searched “same sex marriage.” The wiki page was again convenient, with the table of contents including the history, current legal status and controversy. Similar results came across the board for the library resources. Opposing Viewpoints was, again, a widely spread bibliography. ABC Clio had a lot to offer on the historical side from its inconvenient list of articles, but not much on anything else. SIRS did much better on content this time around, with history, future and each side of the debate, but not so much on organization or convenience, as it was still just a list. So what’s wrong with Wikipedia? According to the studies, there’s nothing wrong with it. Unreliable? I think not.

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Portfolio Madness! Berlyn Lee STAFF REPORTER

“I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is.” – Derek Zoolander Hello, my fellow seniors! How is your portfolio coming along? I’m sure you are just as stressed as Mariah and I are even if you haven’t started it — though I hope you have, indeed, started it. I would like to remind everyone that with the completion of the portfolio comes the completion of high school — the first part of finding out what life is really about. Like Derek Zoolander, you will soon realize that there is more to life than what you may think. As we move onto the next step, I’m sure you will see that there is more to life than the high school drama and test scores. My friends, this month is the testing and community service section of the portfolio! Hopefully all of you have completed your community service and taken all the tests you need to graduate and impress colleges. Now, if you have completed all of this, all you have to do is get signatures and testing scores compiled. To get the ‘Raven Service’ sheet just visit the Portfolio Section of the school’s website and click on documents. As for test scores, Steve Mead of the Career Center suggests that you talk to your parents. “[Your] parents may keep a file that you don’t even know about,” Mead said. If your parents do not keep a file you could visit your counselor and put you name on the list in the counseling office. As for those who have not done any Raven service or even thought about gathering your test scores: PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER THE PORTFOLIO IS DUE IN MARCH! For Mariah and I, and anyone following

See PORTFOLIO, page 3

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Getting the paper done, no matter what



Portfolio: Lion-Hearted continued from Page Two

our challenge a month late, we needed to get our Raven service signed and gather our test scores. We will also be adding the first semester transcript to our portfolio but that was not part of the official challenge. The challenge began on January 8 at 2:48:08 p.m. Neither Mariah nor I started right away, as usual, but I’m going to make a guesstimation that Mariah found more time than I could this month. This section was a real stressor for me. Even finding time to write this column was similar to knitting a scarf that could fit comfortably around the Earth. To make it easier for you, according to Mead, this is supposed to be a fun section. He states that community service is simply helping out another person or a non-profit organization without pay. Also, the testing section is your time to show off, your time to shine. However, regadless of how fun these two sections are supposed to be, I was incredibly busy and somehow...Mariah won. This is a big deal everyone. I have been undefeated since this competition began. Now a new question is raised: Will the portfolio competition end in a tie?! Well, I will do my best to prevent that. I have decided to call the challenge for this month “Lost Lion.” Mariah dressed me up like a lion by making my curly hair look like a mane, and we drove over to Red Robin. We consumed food and as we left I asked four people for directions to the nearest bookstore. The experience was rather fun but tiring. Hopefully my hair is not scarred forever because of this experience. The hardest part for me was finding time to talk to my school counselor and run up to the elementary school to get papers signed. Mariah had a different idea of what made this challenge difficult. “The hardest part was finding a way not to make it feel so empty,” Mariah said. “There’s not many awards to put in there yet.” Mariah recommends that when you begin the Raven service section you should do some volunteering that helps another person; it’s more rewarding and intense. Senior Alycia Sanderson said for the Raven service she got involved with her local community center. “Meeting people who are willing to help me has motivated me,” Sanderson said, “more than if I did this all on my own.” I would like to take a moment before we all embrace hands and dive into the deep end of the pool, otherwise known as the months preceding the due date of the senior portfolio, to state that the portfolio is due in March. This is an important project and should not be put off to the side. I know it’s hard to balance life, school and this project. I understand that life is stressful. Just take 30 minutes every other day to begin this process. You see, there is simply more to life, and graduating high school will give you the key to open all the doors you need to see what that is. Like Derek Zoolander says, there’s more to life.


Dirty mouth? Clean it up; swearing is silly Maddy Bastrom STAFF REPORTER Do you dream in colorful metaphors? Or perhaps I should say “off color,” as swearing has that dark and dreary undertone to it. Either way, the whole spectrum of slang and curses has become a part of everyday conversation, whatever the connotation. Universally and historically, swearing has been an alternative to physically exploding. However, there’s a line between venting, and simply bad manners. “I would rather hear things that express more meanings and feelings,” senior Megan McCabe said. “But swearing seems to be the high school culture.” This kind of bad lingo spreads like wildfire, and now language has become a circulating trend that hasn’t been dropped by students` yet. It’s something people laugh at or laugh off, but the derogatory statements out there are far from funny. To keep these words short and—all right just short-swearing is rude and offensive. It is also decidedly not an intelligent way to talk, which is a problem in itself. Students will lose their audience if unable to find a better way to carry on a conversation. Fortunately, swearing isn’t predicted to survive reality. “I worry about their future,” College Writing teacher Geri Rohlff said. “People need to be taught that you can’t talk like that in the work place.” This comes as a relief, and language teacher Crystal Conant maintains that swearing makes students sound unintelligent. Conant has posters filled with student suggestions on classroom etiquette, hoping students will follow their own advice.

“People use it as word filling when they’re really angry or passionate about something,” McCabe said. Who knows when exactly swearing be-


I’m sorry, sir, but your words bring scary images to mind.

comes fun, but curses appear to eagerly wait on everybody’s tongue. Plus, students use it at school, but the habit could come from just about anywhere.

“Just in the past five years, the level of profanity allowed in music and television is a big part of it,” Conant said. “When students listen to that music they say they just like the beat, but it becomes part of their vocabulary.” Comedians have standards, singers have contracts and movie stars pretend. That’s why those people come off the way they do. The problem is those people get bleeped out, because cursing is still not socially acceptable. This is why it’s virtually impossible to hear a swear word from a teacher’s lesson, the yearbook or newspaper, the debate team, or any activity people attend to be impressed. Thankfully, teachers can hail the actual existence of good manners. “There are some very polite kids,” Rohlff said. “Kids who write sincere thank you notes for recommendation letters, or students that hold the door instead of slamming it.” Shaping up language use could make a person easier to talk to, and eliminate the bad habit before landing a great job, a good friend, or another trip to the office. “I think politeness should be expected,” Rohlff said. “It’s a negative versus a positive. Rudeness is a choice. Why choose a negative?” Vocabulary being a valuable asset, do a little editing in your language. Take heed; changing what comes out of your mouth can make some room in your vocabulary bank for something that may benefit you in the future. What you say could be something maybe more descriptive, or funny, or kind. At this point, movie stars and singers are just reading off a script students can really do without.

Beyond profanity: transformation from words to offence Kim German Editor In Chief Even outside of the classroom, profanity has its interesting points to think about. We all know of the typical swearwords: the “bword,” the “f-bomb” and the ever-popular substitute for “poop.” But what about the offensive or so-called “bad” words that have become almost second nature for our society? I’m talking about the words that have changed their meanings over time: words like “retarded” and “gay.” You may roll your eyes at the sensitivity over these words, but hear me out. It’s not so much the words themselves that are offensive, it’s the way they’re used. The definitions have shifted to mean so many other things that their original meanings are becoming lost. Unfavorable situations are called “retarded,” rude people are called “fags” and challenges are compared to rape. These are so far off from their original meanings that the offense is double. Think about it. There are so many things wrong with statements like “shut up, you’re being a fag.” For one, the word “fag” has had many meanings over the years: 1) physical exertion that is usually difficult and exhaust-

ing, 2) a cigarette, and the recently popular 3) an insulting term for a homosexual man. The homosexual meaning is used the most, so when you call a straight person a “fag” for being [stupid/annoying/conceited/other insult], you’re not only insulting that person, you’re also insulting homosexuals by comparing the two. “I think it makes them look ignorant and unaware of other people’s feelings,” senior Amanda Owen said about people who use these words without thinking. This is true for some people, but the majority of people just don’t even notice anymore. Walk down the halls and you’ll hear people calling each other “douchebags.” They don’t, of course, actually mean the other person is a “device used to introduce a stream of water into the body for medical or hygienic reasons,” they mean the other person is a jerk. When they say something is “lame,” they don’t mean it’s crippled, as the word used to mean. “I say ‘that’s retarded’ all the time,” senior Jillian Hawley said, “but I don’t mean it’s mentally ill.” The thing is, people aren’t purposely meaning to insult mentally disabled people, homosexuals, cripples, etcetera — at least

not most of the time. The words have just integrated themselves into most of our generation’s vocabulary. One recently popular word being thrown around, however, is “rape.” This word is the new slang term for what “robbed” used to mean. Someone gets “gyped” (which is a slang term on its own, but I can’t even think of a word to substitute it with), they say they got raped. A sports team lost by a significant amount to another team? People used to say they got “beat,” but now they did so poorly that they were “raped” by the other team. My opinion? Not funny at all. This brings up traumatic experiences for some people when mentioned, just because someone finds it amusing to make an inappropriate analogy. “I think they joke without knowing certain situations,” Owen said. This may sound like terrible advice, but if you’re going to swear, at least think about what you’re saying before it comes out of your mouth. I know we have freedom of speech and the words aren’t a big deal to all people, but take the time to think about how these words may affect the people around you.




Text and sex offenders made equal under law Shayla McGinness STAFF REPORTER The boss sat back in his leather chair, having just interviewed four promising high school students. He went through their applications after all of them had left. He looked at their GPAs, involvement in extra-curricular activities and references. One particular student stood out. He showed great potential for the internship offered. The boss had decided to give the internship to this qualified student, but as he was finishing up he noticed something peculiar about his application. His heart stopped. Halfway down the page, there it was. The words that altered his choice for the intern position and his opinion completely: Registered Sex Offender. This promising student lost the opportunity to receive an internship because of a stupid mistake made in high school: sexting. It may not seem like a big deal to snap a naughty picture, but it will when he is caught and labeled a sex offender. This is happening to ordinary high school students all over the country. They think “Hey, why not? It’s just one little photo. Who could it hurt?” They aren’t thinking of themselves and their future, which could be ruined over that so called “harmless” photo. It’s sad but it’s reality, and the reality of my point is: if you sext you will likely be caught and regret it. In the United States it’s against the law to possess lewd photographs of minors. In Washington, sexting can result in state felony charges, which include indecency with a child and creation, possession and distribution of child pornography. Violators need to worry about breaking these laws and humiliation from their peers. It hurts to

be judged by your peers and be insulted for something foolish. It happens all the time. It’s sad but it’s reality, and the reality of my point is if you sext you will likely be caught and you will regret it. Adults talk about our generation as if we are a disappointment because some of us do irresponsible things (i.e. driving drunk, doing drugs and now sexting). Why do we have to lower ourselves to that judgmental expec-

phone. Oei showed the image to his boss, Principal Christine Forester, who had him save a copy on his office computer for the investigation. The boy was soon suspended for harassing a girl. The boy’s mother, furious she wasn’t informed of the other incident, called the police, and Oei was put under investigation. Oei’s job was to report any suspicion of abuse to the principal, which he did. It was then the principal’s job to report the findings to the police. Oei said Forester didn’t step in to defend him to authorities. Oei was charged with possession of child pornography and related crimes, threatening to label him as a sex offender and land him in prison for up to seven years. He spent $150,000 and a year trying to defend himself. Students should ask themselves if they really want someone to have a full nude or partially nude photo of themselves that they can do anything with? People in relationships get into fights and arguments all the time and do irrational things when they’re angry. Phillip Albert, for example, just PHOTO BY SYDNEY SHUMAN turned 18 when he sent a nude photo of his 16-year-old girlfriend to dozens of Kiss me through the phone. friends and family. “It was a stupid thing I tation? We are better than that. Sexting did,” Albert said. “I was upset and tired and doesn’t only affect those who are directly it was the middle of the night and I was an involved; it’s like a communicable disease. immature kid.” It infects everyone in contact with it. Most sexting cases show a pattern. The An example of this is when Ting-Yi Oei, kids involved only sext to someone they’re a 60-year-old assistant principal at Free- not in a relationship with. Have a little self dom High School in South Riding, Virginia, respect here. They’re lying to themselves checked out the growing problem of sexting. thinking that sending nude pictures of themSexting rumors led him to a 16 year-old boy, selves to someone is respect. who admitted to having a provocative on his Why are teens even sexting in the first

place? Teenagers are flooded with hormones and peer pressure, but that’s not the only reason. We should take a look at our society and what we find sociably acceptable. Sex is everywhere, from TV screens to radios and tabloids. I can’t even sit down and watch a movie without it being laden with obscene and tasteless humor. The occasional racy joke is fine but these movies are just plain vulgar. It’s not really surprising that kids who are exposed to this end up doing something stupid like sexting. Then the public is outraged about it when they let the kids be exposed to the explicit material in the first place. Our society always tends to ignore its good morals. Some argue that there is no difference between teenagers having sex and sexting. I understand students in long-term committed relationships are having sex, but there should be limitations on that, like age. When did people stop realizing that sex is a big deal? You’re giving yourself to someone when you have sex. Why should that be wasted on someone you think you love and hope to marry someday even though you’ve been together for only a little while? Besides, sex should be behind closed doors. It’s private and something special that shouldn’t be spread around school, whereas sexting is public and spread around. Where is the emotion and intimacy in it? That’s right, it’s nowhere; sexting isn’t done for a special intimate bond. Sexting all comes down to choices. Technology is a privilege — not a right, and it’s being abused as a gateway for sexual behavior. We know what’s right and what’s wrong, and we know that there are consequences to our actions.

Love at first sight or just a figment of imagination? Brianne Kopp STAFF REPORTER There they are. With a smile, charm and perfect manners, you spot them. They instantly blow you away, at a loss for words: speechless. Love at first sight? Some argue yes, others no. The likelihood? Slim. However, is it possible? Very. By first glance what can you possibly know about a person? We’ve all heard of first impressions, and since we were little they’ve been stressed to us how important they are. But why? What can you possibly know about a person at first glance? Seems like little if anything until truly analyzed. In a matter of seconds one can form an opinion about you. Whether exactly dead on or based on a misconception, in those first few seconds a lot is said based on appearance, body language, mannerisms, and demeanor. Enough to anticipate whether you’d click with them or not. Although probably not the best way to pick the “one,” it’s definitely one way to interpret love at first sight. Even without reading into body language and demeanor, love at first sight is a physiological rush. It’s said that biochemical electricity happens when a person meets another in sync with them as an “ideal” partner.

Kim German Editor In Chief

TWO VIEWS FROM STAFF First love: is it a matter of opinion or an outright scientifically proven fact? Psychologists say that you need about 30 seconds to fully determine your attraction for the other person, but beyond that the only other thing playing into love at first sight is your state of mind. It is proven that stress level, fatigue, and a busy mind play into the possibility of love at first glance. Also in looking for love you’re consciously scanning for someone with the same qualities as you. Meeting your match at first sight is quite possible but doesn’t overrule the traditional way of falling in love. In fact, even if you are lucky enough to feel the sensation of love at first sight, it doesn’t mean to forget all the rules of dating. Perhaps love at first sight is just a way to boast and get an extra “high” in life. Either way, it is quite possible, and is looked upon as a blessing to experience such a feeling.

There’s a girl at a party, dressed to kill. She glances around and notices the twinkling lights, the emotive people, the source of the captivating music, and then she spots it the perfect man. He has perfect swoopy hair, flawless posture and eyes that can see right into your soul. The connection between these two people is so significant that the girl nearly loses her balance. There’s obviously something here, but is it love at first sight? I’m not so sure. Looking back on past observations, the phenomenon us romantics call “love at first sight” is more prevalent than most people realize. Disney princesses have always seemed to just know Mr. Right when they see him, correct? Fairy tales and daydreams thrive off of this idea. But maybe that’s all it is an ideal idea. Love is not an easy thing to describe. Is it a noun, a feeling? Maybe if love itself had a universal definition, the first sight spectacle would be cleared up easier. The best way I can describe it is this: love is when you care so deeply about someone that you’d give them the world if you could. It’s when people can be their absolute true selves

around the others, unafraid of what people think because there would be no judgment if the tables were turned. But that’s just me. Every person I know has a different definition of love. Even Brad Henning says that love is “choosing the highest good for the other person.” Can you get all of this by locking eyes with someone? I don’t see it happening. Lust at first sight? Maybe. Attraction at first sight? Definitely. Feeling a connection at first sight? Sure, it’s possible. Love, though, is powerful and extreme. That brings up my next point. If you can feel one extreme, love, then shouldn’t you be able to experience the other extreme, hate, at first sight? It’s the same argument. I can look at somebody and be creeped out by them or get a feeling of dislike, but I don’t hate them by looking at them. I’ve never heard of this happening, either. Whether love at first sight really exists or not, love in general is a beautiful thing. While I believe love has to grow on a real foundation, I have nothing against people who claim they fell in love at first sight. If they’re happy, then more power to them; I just don’t think it’s a realistic dream for most hopeless romantics to hold on to dearly.




Teen dating violence needs to take the hit Darlena Johnson GUEST REPORTER

“I gave my heart to you/ I gave my up my friends like you said I should do/ Put aside my smile for you/ Threw out my dreams if you said you didn’t approve/ I gave mind, compromise my life just to see I’d find/ You were trying to hold me back slowly you throwing me off of my track/ Disappointed again.” The song quote is from the R&B trio Destiny’s Child, “Through With Love.” This particular quote lets a person know they’re not alone in feeling heartache through emotional or physical pain. Love is universal, but in so many ways it is commonly misused. You have the right to be treated with respect. You have the right to be listened to seriously. You have the right not to be abused: physically, emotionally or sexually. Love can be so many things, but love can never be abuse. Who are you with? What are you doing? When are you coming to see me? Where are you? How long have you been out? Why haven’t you called me yet? These are the many texts a guy in an abusive relationship gets from his territorial and jealous girlfriend on a daily basis. He came from a broken home with both parents abandoning him and one day he finally met a girl who he really connected with in a special way. Oh, if he only knew she had a dark side that didn’t seem to match her angelic face. His girlfriend grew up in a suburban area where she felt like an outcast. She copied her aggressive attitude from friends she had made in the past. He was more on the passive side, which gave her a perfect opportunity to deceitfully and

emotionally hurt him in a way that only made him think “she cares for me.” If he only knew that one in five teens reports being a victim of emotional abuse. If he could only know that he wasn’t alone, maybe things could be different. “It’s like a game of copycat,” Librarian Assistant Candy Gonzales said. “Once somebody else gets an idea, it begins to continue.” “There’s no direct correlation or indirect correlation that these kind of actions of violence are tolerated,” Principal Bruce Phillips said. According to Phillips, a perpetrator of teen dating violence might have adapted to their environment or home culture where there is no right or wrong. “I think emotional abuse is the worst type of abuse,” nurse Beth Hilton said. “It builds up and really has a long reaching affect.” Another example is of a high school student. She was a high school cheerleader with perfect attendance and made honor roll. She had carried herself with confidence and joyfulness. Behind closed doors, however, she felt like a little girl being bullied by her boyfriend of two years. He would use profanity often towards her to express his point, hit her multiple times when she didn’t want to give into his want for sex and keep her away from socializing with friends and family most of the time. Although she was aware that what her boyfriend was doing was completely wrong, she didn’t have the willpower to end the relationship. Even with the countless emotional and physical scars he left with her, deep down she still felt like she loved him. He was her first

love and she didn’t want to let him go. She thought he would change. If she only knew approximately one in five high school girls reports being abused by a boyfriend. She wouldn’t be alone. “They think they love each other,” junior Hayley Thompson said. Victims may remain in abusive relationships for several reasons such as fear, selfblame or lack of understanding. Many studies have indicated that as a relationship becomes more serious, the potential for and nature of violent behavior escalates. “Adults like to think that kids make good choices,” Gonzales said. “If your son or daughter was brought up in a non-violent environment, yet they do acts of some kind of abuse in a relationship, you tend to think ‘where do they get it from then?’” Eighty-one percent of parents either believe that teen dating violence is not an issue or admit they don’t know it’s an issue. With this fact in mind, according to teacher Geri Rholff, adults like to think the way they grew up will be similar to how their children will grow up. Teen dating violence wasn’t as much of a visible issue twenty five years ago as it is now. As a result, according to a recent survey, less than 25 percent of students have discussed teen dating violence with their parents. “People don’t take the time the talk,” Hilton said. According to Hilton, people don’t sit down all together at the dinner table and discuss issues in society now. We have become

attached to digital devices and less focused on reality. The reality is that abuse does go on in teen relationships. Now, what could you do to stop it? “By quitting the relationship,” Thompson said. It sounds like an easy solution, but it is easier said than done, especially if the relationship has been going on for a long amount of time. People can’t continue to lie to themself, the answer is always: you deserve better.” “There’s never one thing you can do to fix the problem,” Phillips said. “It often requires you to use resources. How do you stop the trend?” Abusive relationships between teens have left many young guys and girls emotionally and physically scarred. “Seek help if it isn’t too late into the relationship,” Jones said. “Look out for signs, call organizations, become more informed.” February is an honorable month for many things such as Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, a special anniversary or a birthday. February is also a month for raising awareness among teens as well as adults about the rising issue of Teen Dating Violence. As both Houses of Congress declared the first week of February as “National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Week”. But you can make a difference year-long and nationwide by getting involved and creating one less number to the Teen Dating Violence statistics. “Love is blind, and it will take over your mind, what you think is love, is truly not, you need to elevate and find.”

“I’ve had to go to seminary like 10 times when there wasn’t even school [or it was delayed],” Birrer said. “They don’t post it on the website in time for me to know.” Among the Raven population, many early birds could benefit if Auburn School District’s Transportation Department was quicker in their decision making. Maybe having a deadline would help. Don Walkup, Director of Transportation for Kent School District, was more than happy to explain Kent’s procedures. Yet Auburn SD, as well as Sumner, refused to comment. “Our goal is to make our final decision and disseminate it to the news media by 5:00 a.m.,” Walkup said. This is very reasonable. High school students of Kent can press the snooze button and make up for PHOTO BY SYDNEY SHUMAN lost sleep. Meanwhile, in more ways Two tired students watch the news for updates. than one, Buck and Birrer get ready in the dark. If Auburn SD’s mission is the least up early for no reason,” Buck said. “If school’s bit similar to that of Kent‘s, being, “to daily transport approximately 14,000 students in a late there’s no coffee shop.” Buck used to work at the Raven’s Nest timely and safe manner to and from school and coffee stand in the mornings and needed to be school-related activities,” then maybe they to the school in advance. When she watches should break the icicles off their hearts and the news, there is often no information on our let us all sleep in a couple of hours. Sure, it’s inconvenient for teachers to have to refashion school. Birrer wakes up at approximately 5:36 every their lesson plans, but without a doubt they feel morning, so that she can get to her seminary the safety of their students and themselves on class on time. their way to school is of primary importance.

Sometimes the roads get slick, surrounding schools start two hours late, yet everything here remains the same; lower classmen walk out to the bus stop and upper classmen hop into their cars. This could be a very dangerous situation for both bus drivers and students. “We were going down Driftwood Point,” sophomore Shelby Loomans said, “when [the bus driver] put on the brakes and we slid like five feet.” I recall the last “iffy” day we had was similar to the one Loomans described. I heard numerous accounts of students’ cars sliding down the hill. The student parking lot itself was a skating rink. Cars and students slipped on their way to the school. One of Riverside’s teachers even got in a car accident. If safety is truly the top priority of the transportation department then school delays and closures should be equal to the schools around us. “I talk to all or most of the neighboring transportation supervisors,” Walkup said, “including Auburn’s before we make our final decision.” I actually encourage peer pressure in this case. It is practical since the weather and road conditions are often the same. All in all, it would be tremendously helpful to students if a verdict was chosen sooner and with valid reason. This way the early rising Ravens can wake up conscious of the day ahead. Buses won’t be going head first down a large scale Slip N’ Slide and we can all sneak in some much needed shut-eye.

Students wait hours for report on school delays and closures Sydney Shuman STAFF REPORTER

Every so often the Puget Sound witnesses a miniature miracle; high above the ground the clouds produce raindrops. Now, now, if the raindrops were miracles, then Washington might as well be called “34th Street;” it’s what happens to these raindrops that is the true phenomenon. As they fall to the earth, the raindrops become so cold that they transform into snowflakes. When they finally land on the nose of a little school boy, a smile bursts across his face. One question fills his mind: will there be school tomorrow? I don’t even believe that it is a hatred of learning which brings about the anticipation of a negative answer. It’s simply nice to have a break. For Directors of Transportation, on the other hand, dismissal from school is a serious matter, especially for the Auburn School District. It seems that every time this area wakes to a white morning, and surfs or watches the local news, Auburn SD has yet to decide if school will be held for Riverside. We see the words “NO REPORT” too often. I once sat in front of the television for two hours waiting for those words to change into something else. Instead, I read the reports for every other school in the general proximity. Even Sumner High School, lying five miles away, had their report in an hour before. Weather conditions there are often the same as those in Auburn. Regardless, they have their reports on the web and on the news promptly, in enough time to inform early risers.

People like sophomore Kayla Buck and senior Taryn Birrer need to know if school will be held pronto. Last year Buck had to wake up every morning at 4:30 a.m. “If I didn’t know [by then] I’d be getting




ASB UPDATE Matt Hudgins PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER Happy second semester, Ravens! We’ve now hit the halfway mark and seniors have are anxiously counting down their final months of high school. But rest assured, your ASB officers are still hard at work planning for the many events in the coming months and working to ensure a strong finish to this school year. December and January were busy months for the student council, and proved to be quite successful. The winter sports assembly on December 18 was a great way both to honor our talented Raven athletes and kick off winter break. Thank you to everyone who participated; it was a lot of fun. Also in December was the Make-A-Wish bake sale, which was a huge success. Headed by Junior LASC Lauren Mendez, this event raised more than $450 for children battling life-threatening diseases and will be much appreciated by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In January, the executive board officers put together an assembly to honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the extraordinary contributions he made throughout his lifetime. Hopefully seeing your peers discuss the ideas of diversity,

acceptance and stereotypes, you were able to see the impact Dr. King had and the importance of doing your part to ensure that his dreams live on. Prejudice and discrimination aren’t just things of the past; rather, they are issues we must deal with every day. With that in mind, we hope that you will be mindful of Dr. King’s message and the messages portrayed in the assembly and work to make Riverside a more welcoming and compassionate environment. Throughout this month your student government officers will be working to prepare for some of the major events coming up this spring. Among them is the annual district-wide Food Drive. This drive benefits the Auburn Food Bank and helps provide food and other daily essentials for those less fortunate in our community. It is a districtwide competition, meaning that we will be competing against the other schools in the Auburn School District for the title of top contributor (and the all important bragging rights that accompany). It is a very important drive, not only because it benefits those who are struggling, but also because it provides us with the opportunity to show the other schools our power and pride as Ravens. Rumors have been spreading throughout the Auburn School District that Riverside

“doesn’t care” about the food drive and “isn’t competition” for the other high schools. We don’t want to be seen as the losers, do we? I sure don’t, so that’s why it’s essential that we give it our all and show the others what we’ve got! Canned and boxed, non-perishable food items and donations will be collected from February 22 until March 5, with collection boxes available throughout the school. Besides being a district-wide competition, it will also be a class competition, with the class that collects the most food earning an exciting prize! So search your kitchen cupboards, ask your parents and neighbors, and bring plenty of canned food to prove that Riverside is the best! This Friday, the executive board, along with a few other ASB officers, will attend the Jostens leadership convention at Highline Community College to meet with other student councils from all over the state of Washington. At the conference students will listen to motivational speakers, share and exchange ideas, and learn how to be effective student leaders and government officers. We hope to return to Riverside full of exciting new ideas and a renewed motivation to make this year the best it can be. We’re also planning a spring pep assembly, executing a service project for the

entire student council, and preparing for end-of-the-year events, including elections for next years officers. The entire student council has also been busy, approving money transfers and new clubs, and keeping the school running as smoothly as possible. Senior class is beginning to plan out the final details of prom, scheduled for April 24. To raise some more funds, they are also planning another volleyball tournament fundraiser sometime in the coming months. The juniors are scoping out possible sites for next year’s prom, and will begin selling ARHS gear to the staff soon to help offset the costs. They are also selling “Blue Crew” t-shirts for the winter sports season. Sophomore class officers just finished another successful Wobble to Gobble fun run/walk in cooperation with Raven Crew. The event was quite successful and turned out to be a lot of fun for all involved. The freshman class is still searching for a class advisor, but is finishing designs for spiritwear sweats and t-shirts to sell and raise money for future endeavors. It’s been a busy winter for your associated student body officers, but we are still hard at work and looking forward to another semester of fun activities, events and opportunities to reach in and reach out.

Second annual “Rush” coming soon Haiti demolished by 7.0 earthquake James Kozanitis Editor In Chief On February 27, Raven Crew will be hosting the second annual River Rush 5 kilometer (3.1 miles) Fun Run at Roegner Park behind Riverside. This event is also a canned food drive, so all participants are encouraged to bring canned food. Registration is $20 before February 17, and $25 anytime after then. Registration at the door is accepted. All participants will get a long sleeve tshirt and a chance to win a number of door prizes. As a side note, participants aren’t required to run, as the title of the event would imply. Raven Crew Adviser Julie Moberg explains that this is a competitive and non-competitive event. People can come to have fun, or come to beat their 5k time. Being competitive, the River Rush has brought in Budu Racing to do all the timing. Runners will wear a “chip timer” around

their respective ankles which beeps at the start, and beeps again at the finish to get an accurate time. Raven Crew has been planning this since November, directly after the “Wobble to Gobble” Fun Run. Seniors Kellie Zulauf and Megan McCabe take on the rolls of Project Manager and Assistant Project manager, respectively. “It’s something to set a goal for,” Moberg says. “If your New Year’s resolution was to lose weight or get in shape, this is a perfect opportunity.” There will be a DJ and plenty of nourishment for all of the hungry runners afterward. Moberg hopes all their efforts will help them meet their goal of 200 participants. This is her challenge to the student body. “You’re invited,” Moberg said. “Have your first 5k be one sponsored by your peers.”

Berlyn Lee STAFF REPORTER On January 12 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook the Caribbean Island to its core. Hundreds of structures fell as the ground rattled beneath, thousands of homes crumbled and hundreds of thousands of civilians’ whereabouts still unknown. Bodies are piled in the streets, covered only by tarps. Blood mingles down the cracked sidewalk past the rapid movement of civilians’ and aids’ feet. “[It must be] in the range of thousands dead,” Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive said, according to msnbc. com. “I believe we are well over 100,000 [dead].” The International Red Cross estimates the number of dead will hit 45,000 to 50,000. As days go by, it is confirmed that at least 200,000 people have died. The temperature does not add any relief to the panicking population of Haiti. Aftershocks shudder under the city, the largest aftershock reaching a 6.1 on the scale (the same size as the earthquake that shook Washington in 2001). Not to mention, the heat is unbearable. One civilian yelled, “We’re trying to stay alive!” Everything from Government Official buildings to elementary schools have collapsed. MSNBC News reported that the tiny bodies of children who had been in school when the earthquake struck are compiled into mounds on the side of the road, with crying parents beside them. In one photo found

on, a man holds his dead baby daughter, and tears slip down his cheeks. Families are roaming the streets to find loved ones. Outside one crushed home lies the bodies of five children and three adults. “There are too many people who need help,” Haitian Red Cross Spokesman Periciles Jean-Baptiste said, according to msnbc. com.“We lack equipment, we lack body bags.” The shape that Haiti is currently in requires a lot of aid. The American Red Cross is donating as much time as they possibly can, but for whatever they cannot provide, they look to American citizens. President Barak Obama has sent forward what he calls “the largest relief efforts in our recent history.” He has pledged $100,000,000 to Haiti in relief effort. The Washington State Department has set up a text system to support the people in Haiti. People looking to help can text ‘HAITI’ to the number ‘90999’ and $10 will automatically be donated to the effort. The State Department has also set up a toll-free number so that families who had loved ones in Haiti can get in touch. More local businesses have started donations for Haiti. For example, Top Foods has began a fund for Haiti. Anyone can donate money to help the country rebuild by placing a donation in the store. The school has also started a Haiti fund that will be open to donations every school day at lunch. Give change, bills or checks to help end the suffering in Haiti.




Vancouver Winter Olympics meet adversity Jaymes Fleury STAFF REPORTER

at the Olympics in Vancouver. Stars like Apolo Ohno, Shaun White, Jeret Peterson, and many more will attend the games. Apolo Ohno was a short track speed skater who received two gold, one silver, and two bronze medals. Shaun White a.k.a. “the flying tomato,” was last Olympiad’s snowboarding star and he won the gold in 2006 at the Torino games, while Jeret Peterson got seventh place in his aerial events. The opening ceremonies at the Olympics will stick to

The Olympic torch will be carried by over 12,000 Canadians to reach Vancouver, Canada. It is also the first Olympic games to have the opening ceremonies indoors. They will be held The Winter Olympics will be held in ten days at Vaninside the BC Place Stadium which has gone under major couver, just north of Washington. That means the Winter renovations, costing approximately $150 million. The actual Olympics are really close to home this year and it’s a once Vancouver games will be held in a number of areas including in a lifetime chance to go and see them. The Vancouver the Pacific Colesium, the Olympic/Paralympic Centre, the games will last until January 28, so that’s 18 days of pure UBC Winter Sports Centre, Richmond Olympic winter sports and cold adrenaline. Oval and Cypress Mountain. Events at the Olympics will include; To watch the Olympics this year, viewers will ice hockey, speed skating, free have to have a long list of channels. The reason skating, ski jumping, free skiing, for this is that most of Washington will be out of snowboarding, luge, Alpine skiing, the Olympic loop. CBC (Canadian Broadcasting cross country skiing, short track Corp.) won’t be broadcasting the Olympics this speed skating, Nordic combined year leaving most of us in the dark because they skiing, figure skating, bobsleighing, were bought out by CTV. CTV is not available in skeleton and curling. This will be virtually all of Washington. There is still hope the 21st Winter Olympiad and the within Washington though, as NBC will broadcast first one to be held in Canada. the Olympics, but there won’t be any live preSome Canadians are opposing mier events. MSNBC, CNBC and Universal, along the idea of hosting the Olympic with their HD channels will also have coverage Games at Vancouver. There have on the games. been hundreds of protesters from The 2010 Vancouver games are costing a bit many groups including environmore money than originally expected. As of 2004, mental extremists, Native Warrior the Vancouver Olympic Committee estimated Society and even some politicians. that the cost of the games would round out to Lower Mainland Mayors Derek Corbe $1.354 billion. But in mid-2009 the VANOC rigan and Richard Walton disappredicted that the games will cost around $1.76 prove of the Olympics being held billion, all supposed to be raised by non-govPHOTO COURTESY OLYMPICVAN0COUVER.CA, CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE at Vancouver. There have also ernmental sources, sponsors, and broadcasting been two local Vancouver women rights. They had also estimated that tax payers The Olympic Rings at Vancouver Harbour are ready to shine on athletes around the world. who have been arrested for vanwould pay $580 million, but $200 million will be dalizing two Royal Bank of Canada spent on the security costs. Which they believe branches. Their reasoning is that those banks are sponsors the original tradition. The torch will be carried from Athens will cost about $1 billion, five times the amount that was of the Olympic Games. They were sentenced to ten months all the way to the province of British Columbia, which is ap- expected to be paid. of imprisonment, so they got their wish of not seeing the proximately 45,000 kilometers away and takes place over 106 Those who forget their passports may be questioned Olympics in their hometown. days. That is a new Olympic record in itself, being the longest and possibly detained, as passports are now needed to go Some of the previous Olympic stars will be participating distance the torch will have been carried in Olympic history. north of the border.

Wednesdays: work for teachers, sleep for students Proposition 8 on trial, decision expected soon James Kozanitis Editor In Chief

Though several things are changing, transportation will stay regular, just like the old WASL days. If students can’t find an Starting February 10 three high schools alternative way to school, they will need to in the Auburn School District will launch a take the bus at a regular time. new program called “It’s awesome even Collaboration for Stuthough I still have to dent Learning to boltake the bus,” sophoster student academic more Megan King said. success. Staff groups “But I do get time to called Public Learncatch up on my work.” ing Communities will However, unlike meet the morning of WASL days, there will every other Wednesbe a limited specific day from 7:35-9:30 amount of activities that to collaborate on sucpeople can do. Hanging cessful instructional out in the cafeteria will strategies. This will not be one of them. Stumean that every other dents are free to work in Wednesday, regular the cafeteria, as well as class will start at 9:30, the library and computer instead of 8:05. labs. There will also be PHOTO BY JAMES KOZANITIS Changes throughtutoring assistance, Caout the day are also Looking forward to those Wednesdays. reer Center access and necessary to make opportunities in the gym this concept work. to make up P.E. activities. Every class will be The hallways will be strictly off limits. 41 minutes long, with five minute passing The dates of CSL days are as follows: periods. The day will only consist of two 34 February 10, 24, March 10, March 24, April minute lunches. 14, April 28, May 12, May 26, June 9.

James Kozanitis Editor In Chief Starting on January 12 Proposition 8, a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in California, was put on trial in the District Court of Northern California. Two different homosexual couples filed suit against Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and two attorney generals over the constitutionality of Prop 8, after they were denied a marriage license in 2009. This case, Perry v. Schwarzenegger, all but concluded on January 27 when all witnesses were finished testifying. Chief Judge Vaughn Walker is expected to have a decision in as little as two weeks, after reviewing the material and hearing closing arguments. The plaintiffs original wanted an injunction on Proposition 8, meaning that Proposition 8 would be temporarily nullified, pending a decision on the case. Instead, in August, Walker granted a speedy trial. This trial has unified previously opposing sides, as the two lawyers who were on opposite sides in the 2004 Bush v. Gore case, Ted Olsen and David Boies, both argued to strike down Proposition 8 as unconstitutional. “Proposition 8 ended the dream of marriage, the most important relation in life, for the plaintiffs and hundreds of thousands

of Californians,” Olsen said in his opening statement. The case sought to consider pressing issues surrounding gay marriage. These questions included whether or not gays can make good parents, what allowing gay marriage will do to the institution of marriage, and whether or not Prop 8 adds to discrimination against homosexuals. This case is widely considered to be a landmark case, and no matter what the decision, it will most likely be appealed through the Supreme Court. Simultaneously, a campaign going on called “NOH8” has been silently protesting proposition 8, and has been an obvious supporter of the suit.NOH8 has recently recieved more media attention when Cindy McCain, wife of Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain, posed for the campaign ad. McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain also posed for the ad. This trial was originally planned to be the first of many trials to be broadcasted live through YouTube. However, the court ruled against this, to protect those for Prop 8 from discrimination. Despite this ruling, live coverage came from various Twitter pages, including Americans for Equal Rights, and an LGBT magazine The Advocate.




Valentines across the world Britain



Here, people send pressed white flowers called snowdrops to their friends. Guys send gaekkebrev (which is a joking card), and signs with dots, one dot for each letter of their name. If the lady guesses correctly she receives an Easter egg.

In Britain, the children sing songs specifically written for Valentine’s Day. They then are given candy as a reward for their singing efforts. Throughout certain parts of the country, Valentine’s buns are baked with caraway seeds, plums or raisins.


Valentine’s Day is celebrated on two occasions here, once on February 14 and another time on July 7. On July 7, it’s typical to see guys purchase bouquets of roses for their sweethearts, the number of roses being really important. One rose means “an only love” while 180 roses means “marry me.”

South Africa

The South African’s participate in an ancient Roman tradition on Valentine’s day. On February 14, the young women pin the name of their crush or sweetheart on their sleeve for everyone to see, including the guy.

Japan & Korea

On Valentine’s Day in these countries, girls give gifts, flowers, or chocolates to the guys. However, when March 14 rolls around (called White Day) the men have to return the favor, with one exception; their gift must be three times the cost of what the females gave.


The French celebrate Valentine’s Day in the same fashion as America. The interesting part about Valentine’s in France would be the holidays past. The tradition of Old day France was for unmarried people, both old and young, to enter houses that faced each other. From this point the people proceeded to call out to one another across the street and pair up. If the man didn’t like his Valentine, he could ditch her before a bonfire that would take place later. At this bonfire, the women left alone burned images of the men and verbally abused them. This tradition was cancelled by the government due to embarrassment and the chances for humiliation.

No love left for singles this Valentine’s Day Brianne Kopp STAFF REPORTER February fourteenth—the day some loath and others dream of: Valentine’s Day. The day that portrays a beautiful emotion, where I love yous are said, flowers are given and happy couples fill restaurants. A picture perfect day; ideally nothing can go wrong. Sure, for half of the world the day would be flawless, but what about the rest of them, the whole 63 percent that make up the singles? When you take away that significant other from this holiday, what’s left? A night where staying in is the only possible option without getting the “haha you’re alone” thrown in your face. There’s such a hate built up in the singles that the meaning of Valentine’s Day has been severely altered. “Singles Awareness Day.” Turning on the TV? Impossible — each channel is full of their spin offs of the perfect love story. The internet?

Thousands go on in specified chat rooms/websites to bash. Going out in public? Humiliating, leaving the anti-ists to throw parties full of black and broken-heart shaped cookies. The options for these supposedly

“haters” has become never ending, leaving those 63 percent merely content. Valentine’s Day has been turned into stores with aisles upon aisles covered 8 feet high, needing a reservation for two days in advance, and stress over the perfect gift. Is all the hassle worth it?

Some argue cliché. “A holiday just for love I think is stupid,” freshman Kaika Barrera said. “If you’re truly in love with someone why would you need a whole holiday just to say that?” This holiday is celebrated because of myths of saints. Nowhere is it known for sure the reason of this holiday’s existence, leaving even more skeptical. “It’s pointless, and a slap in the face to single people,” senior Danielle Parris said. Pointless, perhaps, but Valentine’s Day has been made into a day leaving the majority uncomfortable. Take the office: candy grams are passed around but what about the employee in the corner who doesn’t get one? Mortified. Or walking the halls at school: getting hit by balloons and brushed by flowers only to find your hands empty? Excruciating. The emphasis made on this holiday has become overwhelming. It is okay to be single. It is okay to go out to a restaurant without a date. Whether celebrating Valentine’s Day or Singles Awareness Day, go full out and embrace the one thing you have that they don’t: freedom.



New Year’s resolutions worth keeping “Nothing happened, whatever it was.” This is true for many people. However, there can be a lot of good that comes from New Year’s resolutions. Success stories do exT h e ist. Whether inside school walls or showcased clock is on the World Wide Web. ticking “My New Year’s resolution last year was away the last seconds of 2009. Party games to run more,” senior Eric Vatne said. “It halt. Glasses clink down upon coffee tables. went well.” Suspense heightens. Everyone stands Most stories, like Vatne’s, have to count it down. 5…4…3…2…1! Hands remained on the DL. There are a few strike in the exchange of high fives, that have worked themselves around fireworks pop in the distance, party the globe, however, such as the story of horns squeal obnoxiously and evJenny Pleva of Pennsylvania. As stated by eryone screams “Happy New Year!”, Pleva made There is excitement and adrenaline. a resolution in 2009 to lose 100 pounds However, soon after the big hand by 2010. As of January 1 of last year, she strikes 12, something strange hapweighed in at 286 pounds. With the help pens; it begins the fading process. At of hundreds of Zumba classes Jenny lost about 12:10 a.m. celebrations lose 110 pounds. She achieved her objective their momentum. It’s time to clean up weight all because of that one simple the mess. Streamers are torn down. resolution. Plastic forks and Styrofoam plates Pleva, and even Vatne, showed those are tossed into black garbage bags. around them and more importantly, themEverything goes back to normal. PHOTO BY SYDNEY SHUMAN selves, that they could do it. This, of course, should be no Nonetheless, they are pretty rare surprise, since everything the holi- Resolutions thrown in with the trash. cases. Most people set their New Year’s day brings with it is short-lived. The excessive celebration lasts a few hours and for one month. By the end of January old resolutions simply because it’s conventional the cliché kiss at midnight lasts only a few habits return. Goals are thrown into the trash to do so. Almost anyone can talk the talk, seconds (hopefully). Even the traditional bag with used napkins and every remnant of but it takes someone fully committed to walk the walk. Hopefully, 2010 will stow resolutions can be equal in endurance. Like New Year’s Eve. “I don’t even remember what mine was resolutions longer than the continuation of Eric Zorn once said, “Making resolutions is a cleansing ritual of self assessment and last year,” freshman Madison Bachilla said. its celebrated birthday.


repentance that demands personal honesty and, ultimately, reinforces humility. Breaking them is part of the cycle.” It’s rare to find a student, or person, for that matter, who is proud to declare that their resolution for 2009 is an ongoing success. According to ChaCha, the average person sticks to their New Year’s resolution

First love followed by first reality check Cary Plewka STAFF REPORTER

Students go through a time of missing that person and the relationship but they also go through a point where they can’t believe they even wasted their time on that person.

Ahh, the first time we fall in love. The butterflies, the inside jokes, the passion, the happiness—but what happens when it’s over and we’re only left with the memories? High school is the most common time for people to find their first love. While dating they walk each other to class, show them off to friends, and help each other carry books. But what happens when it’s over? They still have to see each other every single day, which can be a bit of a pain. How does one cope when it’s over, still having to look at each other each day, silently, but with so many emotions? They could be happy, sad, angry or even have the urge to punch the closest wall. It’s as if there’s a black cloud following them that can make a good day to bad. It can definitely make people realize a lot of things. “When my boyfriend and I broke up I felt really mad and wanted to slap him,” freshman Ariel Bender said. When students breakup they go through several different emotional phases. First they may be angry or upset at the person, PHOTO BY SYDNEY SHUMAN or sad and depressed, not knowing what they’re going to do or who they’re going to They have chemistry, but for how long? be without them. So many thoughts going through their heads it’s almost like they’re on brain overload. It can become unhealthy for the student “You kind of wish the breakup never to dwell over something that no longer exhappened,” sophomore Amanda Weaver ists. said when asked what she felt after her “Sometimes when things start going you breakup. just have to let them go,” guidance coun-

selor Dr. Dan Polley said. For students who haven’t had their first love, imagine losing your best friend who you tell all your secrets to, have sleepovers, talk about anything and everything, and are together all the time. Imagine one day they aren’t your friend anymore and want nothing to do with you. Eventually, this person might get over whatever it was but for the time being you just lost someone close. This is the closest comparison to the feeling when people breakup with their first love. Some students will go to desperate measures to get over someone. Such as finding someone as a distraction who they don’t really even care about. They often throw away anything that reminds them of the person, spread rumors, say hurtful things that they don’t mean but say it anyway, because they’re hurting inside too, or even Google “How to get over or forget your first love.” But who really wants to forget the first time they fell in love? Most students said they couldn’t just forget about it. “Most people can’t forget it because they’re infatuated with it, first love is like a dream with no flaws,” Polley said. The breakup with students’ first love in high school will be tough but it’s not the end of the world. But are these words by Benjamin Disraeli true? : “The magic of first love is our ignorance that it can never end.” Are we the ones who cause it to go on forever?


The Raven Ruling InFlight staff votes on pop culture




By a large margin, MySpace was ultimately given the boot by the staff. It tries too hard to be awesome with its HTML coded profiles that take forever to load, and its music embedded personals. We’ll stick with Facebook.


5 McDonald’s

Bad experiences and lack of veggie options are what gave McDonald’s the thumbs down. We’ll take fast food, hold the McDonald’s (except for their french fries; we like those).





This pirate/murderer/chocolate factoryowner/Mad Hatter/corpse/barber has won the hearts of the staff, and deserves it too. An emphatic thumbs up for Johnny Depp!




In a near unanimous ruling, James Cameron’s Avatar has been given the Raven Thumbs up. How could we not? The only movie to make more money than Cameron’s last epic move Titanic could not have been passed up by our eyes. Closing in on $2 billion in worldwide gross, Avatar is still going strong with full support from our InFlight staff. Good job, Cameron!



February: seeing beyond black and white Lisa Gray STAFF REPORTER When people think of February they think of pink and red hearts for Valentine’s Day, but how often do they think of February being Black History month? In 1926, a man named Carter G. Woodson created Black History Week to acknowledge the contribution of African Americans. He chose the second week in February because it is the birthday week of African supporters Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. Frederick Douglass was a former slave that escaped and became a black abolitionists and civil rights leaders in the nation; Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation that took away slavery from the US. In 1976, Woodson extended Black History Week to Black History Month, also known as African American Heritage Month. Black History Month is only celebrated in the US and Canada, and during October in the UK. America has come a long way since the Civil War; we have fought for equal rights and mixed schools. “We don’t emphases black history in February, but we talk about it throughout

the school year,” teacher Bruce Diehl said. “Text books tend to focus on the person or group that has power at that time; Black Americans haven’t really ever had power in America until recently.” African Americans are the only heritage that has a month to celebrate what they have done to help us. “I think that there should be other months to represent other heritages because there aren’t only black people here,” sophomore Zack Reeves said. In the US, there are heritages from all over the world. The difference from now to hundreds of years ago is amazing. “I think that people shouldn’t just dedicate months to a certain race.” freshman Cody Stuart said, “This is America so


Influential African American leaders should be remembered and studied all year around, according to many Riverside history teachers.

we should celebrate Americans for who they are as a whole not just who makes individually,” There are many games and activities that go on to celebrate Black History in February, such as Visualizing Jazz Scenes of the Harlem Renaissance, Black Hockey Players in the NHL, Timeline of Modern Civil Rights Moments, and much more. There are also parades that happen in certain states that are well known to lots of people and are well attended. For the first time in 221 years the United States has a non-white president. Barack Obma was sworn in to office on Janurary 20th, 2009. When he was sworn into office there were partys all over the world. Obama swept the board with 71% of the United States votes (or 38 states). This month, consider thinking about pink and red hearts second.

“Honk” if you like musicals! Bredel pulls out thinking bonnet Cassidy Brown GUEST REPORTER

in the community. “It’s top notch acting with a top notch set,” Seman said. “People work so hard, and Actors and actresses at Auburn River- it’s shown in their performances.” With a cast of about 50 students and a side have been working extremely hard to memorize lines and perfect choreography for crew of about 30, making everything come the upcoming Spring Musical, Honk. Honk is together in complete harmony is no easy set to premier on March 11 in the ART, with task, but the actors and set-hands are doing all they can to make everything work. performances on the 11-13 and the 18-20. “It’s all going really good so far,” Directed by Karla Seman, Honk takes a freshman Zane Nutwhole new look at the tall said, who plays well known children’s Billy, one of the story, “The Ugly Duckducklings. ling.” Although the muSeman would sical is based on “The love to see a big Ugly Duckling,” it is turnout of people at not a musical just for the show. The plays children. and musicals usu“People need to ally bring in a large know it’s not a little crowd, but she would kid play,” Karla Seman enjoy having even said. “It was written more people come. for adults, and it has Everybody is weladult humor.” PHOTO BY JAMES KOZANITIS come to the show, Seman is happy and the admission about the progress of price is very low. the musical. The cast “Everybody has their lines memo- Raven thespians learn choreography for the musical dance numbers. should take a chance rized, and rehearsals and go see it,” Seman are coming along well. “We’re working really hard,” sophomore said. “People are reluctant to come to them Gracie Classon, who plays Penny the swan, because of what people say about high school theatre. You never know until you see it. I said. In the past, many of the musicals that think it’ll be a really good show.” It’s not much longer until the musical is have been put on here have been nominated by 5th Academy for the best high school mu- going to be showing, and Seman hopes to see sicals, and they have a very good reputation everybody there on opening night!

Berlyn Lee STAFF REPORTER Do you love bonnets? How about designer bonnets? Luckily for you the newest mythical store in town is selling designer bonnets of all types; red bonnets, blue bonnets, old fashion white bonnets, and even floral-pattern bonnets. Been looking for your soul-mate in the form of a bonnet? Come down to sophomore Mitch Bredel’s designer bonnet store and find your dream bonnet! Though most would not venture into a bonnet store, Bredel could debate with anyone to the death on the importance and complete batman (awesomeness) of the “bonnet.” Why would Bredel willingly debate about the topic of bonnets with you? For one, Bredel chose bonnets as the one item he would sell in a store if he ever owned one. Second, and more seriously, Bredel is in his first year with the debate team. Generally he does not debate over the topic of bonnets. “[I mostly debate] about government,” Bredel said. “You know, conformist sheep.” He joined debate after watching his older brother, graduated senior Braden Bredel, perform with the debate team. However,

Bredel stated the main reason why he joined was because it looked fun. “[My favorite part about debate] is the fact you get to meet so many different schools,” Bredel said, “and go and meet so many different people.” The young debater said his favorite type of debate was the “HIs” or humorous interpretations. In these debates, the debaters act out skits for a group about the subject. During the grueling days before debates, members of the teams can be seen in the halls practicing these. Humorous interpretations can also be preformed as a duo, group of two. Bredel states that he enjoys duos just as much as single humorous interpretations, saying that his dream debate would be in a duo format about fatal beatings. The third type of debate that Bredel enjoys is the “Oratories.” These are conducted with a poster and facts that are given to the audience. So far, he has not won any debates but this is just the start of his debating career. Who knows what is to come? Soon enough people could be talking about the debate that was won thanks to Bredel, or they could even start talking about the new bonnet store opening downtown.




Mystery Google entertains with latest searches Kim German Editor In Chief

cided that means they can leave missions for other people browsing the sight. Let’s first start with the plus sides of Mystery Google. Of all the pretty pointless activities on the Internet, one For one, it’s pretty fun. During my lunchtime I searched “you is slowly rising in popularity and interest: Mystery Google. are beautiful” and got as a result “Mystery Mission: Search Let me tell you right off the bat that “Mystery Google” ‘anybody there’ until you get it back. Then search ‘why hello is not in association with Google whatsothere!’” Blindly folever—it’s just set up like it. But if someone lowing the commands were to search “MySpace” on Mystery Google, of someone on the they wouldn’t be directed to a list of MySpace Internet, I searched search results. No, that would make too much again for “anybody sense. Their result could be virtually anything there?” This time, else, but the chances of it being relevant are my result was “too very, very slim. late; already aweYou see, the actual Google search engine some 8D AND BY THE uses a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo to spit WAY WHERE IS MY results back at the Internet user. I’m talking CAT.” Pretty pointlogarithms and such. Mystery Google, on the less, yet mildly enother hand, does not have the slightest intentertaining and sometion to lead you to a result of what you are times laughter inactually searching for. Your search results are ducing. Deciding I’d exactly what the person immediately before try one more time, PHOTO COURTESY PICASAWEB.COM , CREATIVECOMMONS.ORG you searched for. It’s become a way to temI searched “anybody porarily come in contact with an anonymous Find what you’re looking for? there?” again. I hit person across the world, and people have deenter, and… “ACCESS

DENIED!” It was blocked; I will never know what my search result would have been. While Mystery Google can be lots of fun, there are some downfalls. Since Internet users can type anything they want into the search bar, many people have been including phone numbers and e-mail addresses in the missions they create. For example, my search result was “think you got the best boobs? send a pic win a prize [e-mail address]” upon searching “I AM A STRONG AND INDEPENDENT WOMAN!!” The e-mail address provided was for a small business, so I can assume that the e-mail address provided was of a person attempting to pull a prank. If people follow through with that mission, some landscape guy is going to be surprised when he opens his inbox. There are good sides to this, though. The first time I used Mystery Google, my mission was to text a particular cell-phone number with the message of “I hope you get better soon! :)” I followed through, and that number replied to my text with “I am already, thank you :).” That little text brought a smile to someone’s face, and Mystery Google is partially responsible for that. Just like pretty much everything on the Internet, Mystery Google has its good and bad qualities. It’s a new fad that can be used for fun or be abused, and I’m curious to see if it rises further in popularity.

Scott sketches from imagination Kim German Editor In Chief Ever since the early age of five, freshman Joshua Scott has been interested in art. Sketching scenes from movies to whatever people tell him to, Scott has shown that he has true promise as an artist. For his artistic weapon of choice, Scott makes primary use of fine tip Sharpies and ink pens. These are what he uses to create unique and eye-widening images. “Most of my ideas come straight from my imagination,” Scott said. “I almost see what I have a picture of before I start drawing.” This is apparent from the first glance at any of Scott’s drawings; they’re completely original and not like anything seen before. “I guess my drawing style would be more realism to cartooning,” Scott said. “Or maybe it’s a mix of ARTWORK BY JOSHUA SCOTT both.” Scott’s inspirations are Scott drew this in less than ten minutes after his friends told interesting on their own. Not only him to draw something about Star Wars. does he look toward his friends to image he did as a project in Mrs. Lobdell’s be his muse, he also get inspired by paying attention to the machinery when Drawing 1 class. Scott still has another three years of watching science fiction movies. “I look at movies like Transformers and high school, so his works will be sure to pay attention to the machinery and such,” make an appearance in later years. He Scott said. “I look at it as something I can does have an idea of what he wants to do design differently into something of my after high school, though. He would like to study art at an art school and then maybe own, something awesome.” If you ever see Josh Scott looking try comic illustration or conceptual art. bored, give him an idea of something to Either way, one thing is for sure: we can draw. He will more than likely do it. One all expect great things from the promising of his favorite pieces so far is the shattered Joshua Scott.



If You Could Put Anything on a Candy Heart, What Would it Be?


“ ” lo(I’m)ve”

My phone number.

~Connor Howard, junior

~Danielle Chiriquoayo, junior

I do what I can.

~Jason Jacques, senior

How is your self-esteem doing? Want to do something over Mid-Winter Break? Cheri Broch GUEST REPORTER

What is self-esteem? Self-esteem is the belief in oneself; self-respect. You all have self-esteem, but the level of what it is varies. For some people, it’s through the roof, while in others it’s underground. At the age of nine self-esteem peaks because we have no self-image; self-image is how you perceive yourself when judged against externals such as friends, celebrities and family. showed that 95 percent of both males and females use negative selftalk. Self-talk is an internal conversation with yourself, and when those conversations are negative your selfesteem goes down. A way to solve this is to have positive self-talk such as saying ‘I like myself’ or ‘I’m amazing.’ Your brain cannot handle two contradictory notions at the same time. Eventually one of the notions must win out and the one that you invest the most emotional energy in will be that one. Parents have a big impact in a child’s self-esteem. They are the primary shapers of the young mind. Though school, society and peers are important they simply reinforce the original bars that were set. A parent can unconsciously pass on their own self-esteem problems and limitations to a child - monkey see, monkey do. “We are even because both girls and boys have their own insecurities,” freshman, Lauren Sanders said.

Although it is often depicted that girls have lower self-esteem, this is not always true. Boys are often taught to be strong and not show emotion, which can lead to having the feeling of having no outlet. When this happens, self-esteem can suffer. However, low self-esteem is not the only problem. According to,, W. Keith Campbell a psychology professor at the University of Georgia, says narcissism is on the rise. Narcissism, which is to have too much self-esteem, can lead to failures in relationships, lack of empathy and taking poorly to criticism. Having good self-esteem can reap a lot of benefits. People with good self-esteem are generally better at adapting to situations such as moving or divorce. Higher self-esteem can reduce the chance of depression, anxiety and drug use in both females and males. Also, those with elevated self-esteem have longer lasting, healthier relationships with peers and family. Self-esteem can grow by first accepting your current self-esteem. If you don’t accept that you have low-or-high-self-esteem then you can’t help yourself. Once you have done this you can use techniques like positive selftalk. Try saying ‘I like myself’ at least once a day, even if you don’t believe it at first. Exercise is also an effective way to heighten your self-esteem because it releasing endorphins to improve your mood and can reduce stress, and depression. Good self-esteem can improve all aspects of your life even if it takes a while to achieve.



Mid-Winter Break is a great time to restock your wardrobe. Not only is the act of buying new clothes enjoyable, but hanging out with friends or family is always an interesting addition to the shopping trip.

Go snowboarding or skiing!

Make yourself the opposite of a cowgirl’s barista and bundle up in snow clothes. Then head up to the mountains to shred some ice. Bring some friends or family to make the event twice as enjoyable.

Play a game of laser tag

Get a group of friends together, determine a day, and go have some high shooting fun at laser quest in Federal Way. Afterwards, indulge in some delicious Cold Stone ice cream.

Visit College Campus’s/ Research colleges

Break is always a beneficial time to start planning for your future. It’s never too early to start looking for colleges that you might like.

Hang out

Sweats, bed head, day at home alone, not using your brain—yep sounds good.


Choose a night, invite everybody, and commence playing. The entertainment factor would go up if the night chosen to play was dry.

Do homework


Have a movie night

Invite friends over, pop some popcorn, and kick back and relax while watching a good movie with good friends.

A&E 14


Video game changes: from Atari to Xbox 360 Kyla Lines STAFF REPORTER People don’t really think about it, but video games have changed drastically in the past thirty years. In the past five years alone there have been many changes in video games. The graphics are usually the first thing we think of when reminded of older games. Take Pac Man versus Fable 2 for example. There is absolutely no comparison in graphics. Of course, along with changes in graphics, there are also changes in plots, characters and overall game content. Current video games often focus on character development and making the plot of games interesting and diverse. Older video games do focus on those aspects as well but not as strongly. “Plots usually run deeper than it seems at first,” junior James Clugston said. The vast majority of video games have a central plot to them, but older games tend to have much shorter, less complex storylines. Arcade games would have an overlying story, but it would be vague and relatively undeveloped. A game made now would not have a story line like that. “A game with a good story will do better than a game with a bad story,” sophomore Cassandra Garrison said. Graphics have had a huge effect on video games, and graphic development is one of the reasons video games moved out of arcades and into homes.

“Games went from being blocky, to where you could almost count the individual blocks, to where you can’t even see them,” senior Curtis Gaudette said. Whenever a new game comes out that is said to have amazing special effects it’s not an exaggeration, because the programmers and design team do their best to make the graphics phenomenal, despite the fact that they’re aware that graphics will continue to improve. Final Fantasy VII, for example, featured graphics that, at the time, were amazing but would be considered cheap today. But even with an engaging plot and amazing graphics, a game generally won’t do well if there are no characters that the player likes. Character development is one of the things that has changed less than graphics or plots, but it has evolved with time. Older games didn’t focus as much on the characters as we do now. The character development is now something that is considered important to how well a game does, but years ago character development was something that wasn’t expanded upon very much. The majority of older games generally avoid it, though that’s fine due to the fact that most older video games are puzzles. Puzzles as a video game type aren’t in the limelight anymore and, for most other games, there are central characters, and players usually like to have characters they like, since it makes a more enjoyable game. However, some do feel that some of the transformations in content in the past few

Best Break-Up Songs Killing Me Softly—The Fugees How’s It Going To Be—Third Eye Blind How Do I Breathe—Mario A Cold Day in July—Dixie Chicks I Guess It’s Gonna Hurt—Carrie Underwood Whiskey Lullaby—Brad Paisley Freshman—Edward McCain You Were Meant For Me—Jewel Since You’ve Been Gone—Kelly Clarkson Let it Burn—Usher Almost Lover—A Fine Frenzy

Love Songs

I Don’t Want Miss A Thing—Areosmith Iris—Goo Goo Dolls I’ll Be—Edward McCain Wake Up—Coheed and Cambria Such Great Heights—The Postal Service Just Like Heaven—The Cure If You Could Only See—Tonic The Smile On Your Face—Alison Krauss Remember When—Alan Jackson My Heart Will Go On—Celine Dion

years have been negative. The most obvious one is that there is more violence. “As graphics increase so does violence,” teacher Chad Guisinger said. And if you look at statistics, that is true. According to a study done by Kevin Haninger and Kimberly M. Thompson of The Journal of the American Medical Association, 98 percent of the video games they overviewed had intentional violence. But newer video games also focus

more on themes for video games and not all the content changes are inherently bad. Video games have changed in other ways, but more subtly. Video games will continue to change as technology advances and becomes more sophisticated, but there are immutable qualities that would be a shame to see gone; however, it is doubtful that those qualities will go away.


Old video game remotes have nothing on the Xbox 360 remote.

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Jenkins’ skills reflect off the court Tralayna Haslett STAFF REPORTER Dribbling, passing, three—two—one the clock ticks as the suspense builds. Just one… last… shot. Swish. Success. The buzzer goes off. The game ends with an eruption of cheering from the bleachers. A lifelong passion was discovered by senior Kara Jenkins at a young age. She was hooked from the time Kara Jenkins she began playing basflashes her agility on ketball for her elementhe B-ball court. tary school team in the fifth grade. It wasn’t long before she excelled on the court and looked to take her game to the next level. The complex nature of the sport leaves room for constant improvement. Gradual progress occurred throughout the course of Jenkins’s career as her skills started developing. It wasn’t long before dedication took her skyrocketing through the ranks. A combination of activities provides supplemental training to


help sharpen Jenkins overall athletic abilities and performance. “I do conditioning out of season,” Jenkins said. In addition, she plays fastpitch for the Riverside Ravens. Sheer love for the game and future plans keep Jenkins inspired to continue playing. Having a positive impact on her coaches is merely one of Jenkins many admirable assets. Her commitment to basketball has landed her a full ride scholarship to Idaho State University where she aims to help improve the college team. Immediately, the priority is to play as a wing for the Riverside team at State. When a big game is approaching Jenkins can be found in the auxiliary gym warming up her shots or listening to her iPod in mental preparation of what’s to come. Naturally, when life in general becomes overwhelming, outlets for pent up emotions become necessary. Jenkins found hers in between two hoops. “It’s a release from normal day life,” Jenkins said about the sport. “It’s fun for me.” Her recommendation to future players is to “work as hard as possible and not let distractions get in the way of the overall goal.” Not only does she speak these words of wisdom, she exemplifies them.

Raven athletes’ next flights... Sunday






Cheer: Nationals

Cheer: Nationals


9. Girls and Boys Basketball: SPSL Tiebrackers





4. Boys Dive: Districts



Boys and Girls Basketball vs. Auburn Wrestling: SPSL Boys Swim: Swim districts

Wrestling: SPSL Boys Swim: Swim Districts Gymnastics: Sub-District Meet

10. Cheer: Nationals

12. Wrestling: Regionals Girls and Boys Basketball: Girls and Boys BasketSPLSL Tournament ball: SPSL Tournament Cheer: Nationals



Boys Basketball:WCD

Girls Basketball:WCD


19. Boys Basketball:WCD Gymnastics: State Wrestling: State Boys Swim/Dive: State


13. Girls and Boys Basketball: SPLSL Tournament Cheer: Nationals Gymnastics: District Meet Wrestling: Regionals

20. Girls Basketball:WCD Boy’s swim/dive: State Gymnastics: State Wrestling: State



First time Nationals Brianne Kopp STAFF REPORTER

tionals,” the critiquers said. “We worked so hard this year and it’s definitely showing off,” junior Kelcie Gahley Recently the competitive cheer squad said. “It’s a good experience and ultimately got accepted to Nationals. They will be will make us stronger as a team.” attending during winter break as the first From practices three to four times team ever to have made it to Nationals at a week, this squad’s dedication is easily Riverside. shown throughout their performances: in Nationals will be held in Orlando, every competition attended these girls have Florida from February 10 through the 15; placed. over 500 schools Creating a will be competing. “we’re better then Riverside was one before” image, of three schools these girls tested from Washington their skill at State. to have made it. Missing first by one Competing with point, they took them will be the second in their diKentwood Conks vision: Medium Varand the Skyline sity all girls. Spartans to try “We’ve worked and bring a title very hard to reach back home to our goals,” Coach PHOTO COURTESY RON STORER Washington. Jibreel Ryeem said. Some require“This is the best ments for Nationals includes sending in a team I’ve ever had. They have a tremendous copy of the team’s entire routine to have it opportunity and truly deserve it! I’m proud analyzed for safety violations as well as the of them. They are great people, students, level of skill. and athletes!” When the team received their CD back they got the good news. “We look forward to seeing you at Na-

Good luck, ladies

Senior “bro” adds talent to gymnastics Emily Morisawa STAFF REPORTER Athletes have different ways to prepare for a meet, whether it be listening to their iPod or strategizing with teammates and coaches, but anyone can find senior Eddy Alupay walking around smiling a lot right before he goes to compete for his favorite event. The vault is the event he enjoys the most because it helps him prepare for pole vaulting during the track season and because, according to Alupay, “It’s fun to flip.” “Eddy is a natural athlete,” junior Anna Marshall said, “so everything he tries he gets it pretty much right away. He is super good at the vault too.” Alupay has been doing gymnastics for only one year but he has already made fast friends with all of the girls on the team. “It was kind of unusual for a guy to be on the team at first, but now it doesn’t even matter,” Alupay said. “I think it’s one of the most manly sports there is.” Alupay not only practices gymnastics at school, he also spends Saturdays at a gymnastics center. He has his own personal coach for pole vaulting, who then helped Alupay with his gymnastics skills. “My coach told me to do gymnastics because it would help my pole vaulting skills.” Alupay said. Besides going to the gymnastic centers on Saturdays, Alupay also goes to the YMCA to stay in shape and work out.


One of Alupay’s favorite things about gymnastics is the flipping itself. “I’m like a ninja because I can do flips,” Alupay said. He also likes gymnastics because of the people on the team, whom he called his twenty angels. This team even has shirts that read, “Eddy’s Angels.” The shirts were inspired from show, Charlie’s Angel’s. Alupay participates not only in gymnastics and in the pole vault, he is also in Raven Crew and Orchestra, where he plays the violin. He hopes to pursue pole vaulting in college, and if they have a gymnastics team, then to pursue gymnastics as well. If the team thinks he’s good enough, then thats enough. For now, Alupay hopes to make it to Districts, which is as far as he can go because gymnastics is officially a women’s sport. When asked if he had any additional comments, Alupay said, “I encourage other bros to do gymnastics.”

InFlight Feb 2010