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Software Test Plan – Some Basic Faqs If you are in the software development industry or have just hired a company or an individual developer to create a customized computing solution to fulfill your requirements, you definitely will have to deal with the task of software testing at some point of time. This, however, also means that no matter what function of the software development process you are associated with, you must be well-versed with the software test plan, plan, what the process entails, what are its salient aspects, and how it can help with creating a bug-proof code that works as intended. So here is a basic list of FAQs that will help you understand this integral part of the software development process. Hope it answers all your questions. The purpose of testing? When we talk about any software testing plan, we are actually referring to executing a program with the intent of seeking any errors or bugs that might exist in the inherent code. Each and every aspect of the software under evaluation is carefully run and results are analyzed to determine the correctness, completeness, security, and quality of the program. Quality assurance? The software testing plan happens to be an integral part of the overall software quality assurance management scheme. QA encompasses each and every aspect of a development process. This includes monitoring and improving the development process, ensuring the meeting of pre-set quality standards and removal or bugs, errors, or issues that are found in the overall testing process. The basic aim of QA is to ensure that faulty software does not reach the hands of the end user. Test Data? This data refers to the commands and inputs that are run through a computer to conduct an effective and accurate testing activity of the software under evaluation. The data entries and variables are carefully selected, keeping in mind the end result that the program has been designed to generate, the quality standards and needs of the user/client, as well as to ensure a thorough check on all the aspects of the software. Reasons behind the bugs?


There can be many. There could have been some inadvertent miscommunication or no-communication in conveying the details of the project to the coder. There could have been some mistake made on the part of the coder himself. There could have been some changes in the initial plan coming in from the client, that could not have been properly incorporated into the final program. Or the impending deadlines to deliver the end product might have led to some hasty and shoddy coding work Re-testing and Regression testing? Most software testing plans generally incorporate both these characteristics into the overall process. But there happens to be a huge difference between the two. While re-testing involves testing a certain part of the application or program again and again, looking for errors, till the desired results are achieved, regression testing involves finding out how the current change in the code or the program will affect the rest of the application. Both are important for an effective software testing module. If you have any more questions, you can always visit to have them resolved.

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