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INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

INFINITY Astrological Magazine January/February issue INF#11 2017

Editor, Founder & Owner - Smiljana Gavrančić (Serbia)

Victor Olliver (UK)– Associate from The Astrological Journal AA GB Sharon Knight (UK) – Associate from APAI Frank C Clifford (UK)- Associate from The London School of Astrology Wendy Stacey (UK) - Associate from Mayo School of Astrology and AA GB Jadranka Coic (UK) – Associate from The Astrological Lodge of London Academy of Astrology UK

Andrew Ifandes (Greece) – Associate for Art & Design


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Editor’s letter Dear INFINITY Astrologers and dear Readers, I am happy that I am able to present You INF#11 issue. We are now in New Year and I am looking forward that progressed Sun of my magazine comes at 0º Gemini (late March 2017). That will be a very big step for all of Us. The Universe preapers something, I am sure… In my natal chart I have Mercury (as ruler of my MC in Virgo) in 3rd, at 15º Aquarius – there will be an lunar eclipse at 15º Aquarius on 7th August, 2017, and Mercury is an image of my magazine in my natal chart. It is the focal planet in Yod with my Moon at 15º Cancer in my 8th house, and my RMars at 14º Virgo (ruler of my Asc, 5th and 12th). Rod Chang told me during the last 48th AA conference – ―Your Yod is your INFINITY, and it‘s not a pain, it is your challenge‖. Thank you dear Rod, and I am expecting some your article about Yod…  Before this eclipse, I will have Solar Return on 29th January (my birthday is on 30th January). In Solar Return chart I am gong to have Scorpio at Asc (the same I have in my natal chart), and Mars, at 0º Aries – beginning, new start?! Venus starts its shadow period on 30th January (my birthday day), and right now it has conjunction with my progressed Sun (all around 16º -17º Pisces). On 1st May I will have exact conjunction of progressed Sun and natal Venus (16º Pisces 52‘). I have to add that my progressed Venus is from 1st November, 2016 at 0º Taurus. After my Solar Return, in late February we are going to have an Solar eclipse at 8º Pisces (my natal axis IC/MC is going over 7º Pisces/ 7º Virgo, and INFINITY already felt influence of recently solar eclipse on 1st September, 2016 at 9º Virgo). As You know – INFINITY became part of Alexandria iBase Project in November 2016 – just in the moment when my progressed Venus (ruler of my 6th, 7th and 11th) came at 0º Taurus. By the way, my Venus in natal is in angular, 4th house, and I take Venus as important for this event. I use opportunity to say big Thank You dear Marguerite Dar Boggia from ISAR for recommended my magazine for Alexandria iBase Project. From 2017 INFINITY gets some associates from the most relevant astrological journals, schools, associatons. I am very delighted that all accepted my invitation – Victor Olliver, Frank C Clifford, Sharon Knight, Wendy Stacey, Jadranka Coic, Academy of Astrology UK. I hope that we will together make something important for astrological society. Waiting for the moment when Jupiter and Saturn will make meeting at 0º Aqarius – that will be big moment for Astrology, too…. During 2017 we will have some columns in every issue: Mythology by LeAnn Lacy, Astrology and Relationship by Margaret Gray and Armand Diaz, Horary by Tania Daniels and Jupiter Lai, Tarot by Tara Aal, and even two columnists for INFINITY horoscope – Natalie and Cassandra. I am grateful… Ofcourse, I am grateful to ALL OF YOU who gave Your effort and work to make this issue beautiful.If I don‘t mention your name here, that doesn‘t mean than I don‘t Love You… Thank you Andrew Ifandis for your creative work for INFINITY, for new logo design and covers you made. Also, I must say thank you for bringing in INFINITY an artist, Angela Loening. Happy New Year! Stay In Love and Ligth during 2017! Smiljana


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

The Importance of Astrology The 49th Annual Conference of the Astrological Association The AA's 49th annual conference ―The Importance of Astrology‖ takes place 8th - 10th September 2017 at Wyboston Lakes near Cambridge


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017



INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

DISCOVER YOUR COSMOS Cosmos means beauty. The stunning beauty of the Universe that implies creative and intentional design.

A conscious will manifests within this jewel. This marble filled with stars and galaxies. This Cosmos is yours to explore it.

This Cosmos is you!



INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

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Smiljana Gavrančić – Sex and the City (8) Victor Olliver – OMG!Is OMA still going? (15) Smiljana Gavrančić - Uranus in Taurus 2018 – Where is this world going? (21) INFNITY INTERVIEW WITH FRANK C CLIFFORD By Andrew Ifandis - Frank C Clifford - An Iconic Vocalist for Astrology (35) INFINITY INTERVIEW WITH SHARON KNIGHT By Smiljana Gavrančić - Sharon Knight – I don‘t use Uranus, Pluto and Neptune… (40) Alan Annand - Leonard Cohen: He‘s your man (44) LeAnn Lacy – Courage To Love – Retrograde Venus In 2017 (48) Rod Chang - Before Starting My 2017 Forecast (51) Wendy Stacey - Pop Divas, Vocal Range and Whistle Tones (66) Marcos Patchett - Humours, seasons & cycles – the Elements in traditional astrology (70) Tara Aal - The High Priestess, Major Arcana II, Experiencing Your High Priestess (78) Peter Stockinger - Nicolaus Rensberger‘s Judgment of Temperament (80) Jupiter Lai - Should I buy this property? (88) Andrew Ifandis - DAVID BOWIE: THE STARMAN IN THE SKY (93) Mandi Lockley - After the Transit Part 2 – Neptune (100) Margaret Gray & Armand Diaz - The Difference between Transits and Progressions in Relationship Astrology - Part 1 (104) Natalie Delahaye – INFINITY HOROSCOPE Jan/Feb 2017 (107) Stavroula Konstantopoulou - ―The Astrologer who fell into the well‖ - a story of perspective (112) Eric Meyers – Neptune (116) Theodore Naicker - DIVINING CONSULTATION CHARTS: PART 1 (119) Linda Furiate - What Does Your Soul Seek of You? (126) Marcia Ferreira Silva - Donald Trump‘s Chart Analysis (128) Anne Whitaker - Some thoughts on prediction…(135) Marguerite Dar Boggia - NIKOLA TESLA our GIFT from VENUS (141) Cassandra Tyndall – INFINITY HOROSCOPE Jan/Feb 2017 (147) Tania Daniels - Will the foreign investor buy the Italian company? (152) REPORT FROM PERUGIA 2016 - PARIS: A FLOWER, A CANDLE – Part 2 By Geneviève Jama Giammarino (155)


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Pilot episode is the testing episode, the premiere of TV series, and the horoscope of that moment presents the birth of the show itself, and carries within the important message of the Universe. Main characters, their lives and events in the whole show can be followed through the horoscope of the pilot episode, since that chart is the ―seed‖ of the whole show…

Meeting of two lovers – conjunciton of retrograde Venus and Sun

When creators of the show ―Sex and the City― chose June 6, 1998 for the premiere, i.e. to air the pilot episode, did they know that the Skies actually ―chose‖ that moment? Even more interesting detail related to the selection of the date for airing the message of this show to the Universe, besides the fact that this date contains two sixes, and we know the number six to be in the Venus (love) symbolism, is that in 2012 year the show celebrates its 14th birthday, on the very date when there was the holiday in the Skies, the meeting of two lovers – conjunction of retrograde Venus and Sun, on June 6, 2012! Since this conjunction at 15º Gemini is being met with the North Venus Node at 16º Gemini, (the point taken by the Sun (love) in 7 (relationships) in the chart of the pilot episode of ―Sex and the City‖ show), which was the rare opportunity to see the Venus crossing the Sun‘s disc, it was to be expected that creators of this cult show prepare some novelties in the time to come… At the beginning of 2012 it was officially confirmed that the show ―Sex and the City‖ will continue, so we are to expect some new love stories from the characters in this popular soap. The show was finished in February 2004, and two movies were made in the meantime: ―Sex and the City 1― (2008) and ―Sex and the City 2― (2010). Since the Sun is the natural representative of the series 5 (love) and it is in 7 (relations, partnerships) in the chart of the pilot episode, it was ―touched‖ again on June 6, 2012…


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Four Women The storyline is placed in New York, and main characters are four women: Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. The show deals with open discussions on sex and love affairs, especially from the point of view of unmarried women without stable relationship, and it ―moved‖ borders at the end of ‗90s of the previous century. During the whole show (1998 – 2004) these four women advocate free love affairs and financial independence, but actually every one of them only wants – love! In the end, each ended up in the arms of her “Mr. Right”! Venus, being the essential signifier of love, is placed in the most beautiful spot in the chart of the pilot episode — in the 5th house (love) and in the sign of its seat, Taurus, where all its characteristics come to life — sensuality, passion, hedonism… Taurus is the sign of Moon‘s exaltation, so all these girls (Venuses) certainly want closeness and family, but they also enjoy parties, restaurants, cocktails… Venus is at 9º Taurus, which is the degree associated with affairs and overdoing, because it is Sagittarius degree — so all these girls overindulge in pleasures. Carrie cannot stop smoking, sometimes enjoys marihuana, shops excessively, all in the Venus symbolism, which brings her to bankruptcy in one moment (Venus square Uranus in 2nd house), while she is having a nice and safe relationship with Aidan, furniture designer, a young man who wants her faithfulness and loves her very much, while she cheats on him with Mr. Big, her great love from the past, whom she still loves, but who is also married now… Other female principle — the Moon is in 11th house, at 9º Scorpio, and at 11º Scorpio there is exalted Uranus (freedom), so the main characters are in a kind of internal ―conflict‖. ―Free women‖ within (Moon in 11 in Scorpio, the sign of Venus‘ exile) somehow ―pulls downwards‖ all things representing the Venus in Taurus. If we also add that Uranus (independence) from 2nd house (finances) in Aquarius squares the opposition of Moon and Venus, then we see that the ―main‖ issue here is their strong need to be financially independent. Uranus is the central spot of the fixed T-square and he carries the solution here. Additionally, the very Moon from 11, close to Uranus‘ exaltation degree (free woman, independent woman) exalts Uranus in 2 in Aquarius, so this is depiction of a strong unconscious need (square) to realize that independence. On the other hand, Venus in Taurus, the sign where the Moon (closeness, family) is exalted – ―does not like‖ Uranus, for Uranus in Taurus is in fall, so getting into stable (Taurus) love relationship would mean the fall of their freedom. But, since Venus in 5 (love) in Taurus still exalts Moon in 11 in Scorpio (free independent woman), the need for love, closeness, safety and family wins in the end, and it will even be awaken in the ―most free‖ of all of them — Samantha!


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Carrie is Jupiter in Pisces Carrie is the main character of the show, she writes the weekly column ―Sex and the City‖ for ―New York Star‖ newspaper. Ascendant of the pilot episode is in Sagittarius (adventures, affairs), and Jupiter in 3 (writing) at 25º Pisces, close to Venus‘ (love) exaltation degree (27º) – is depiction of Carrie who is in her columns in search of a ideal love, ―Mr. Right‖! Jupiter also carries Pluto from Sagittarius, the natural representative of the series 8 (sex), and the first applicative aspect of Jupiter is trine with Moon in Scorpio (sex), who is ruling 8th house (sex) which begin in Cancer, so Carrie writes about sex in her columns. She is regularly touring clubs, restaurants, enjoys cigarettes, sometimes even marihuana, cocktails — Pisces, Neptune, and the degree of Jupiter – Carrie, since it is close to the degree of Venus‘ exaltation (pleasures), all that implies enjoying everything mentioned, and intercepted Jupiter (Carrie) still accentuates the series 12 – and the Ascendant itself at 12º Sagittarius. She has huge collection of shoes (Jupiter in Pisces and close to Venus‘ exaltation degree – the most beautiful shoes), they are her fetish, especially Manolo Blahnik, and she spends a lot of money on them, for they cost as much as her monthly rent — she often finds


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 herself in the situation that she cannot pay the rent for she had spent money on shoes. It is Neptune, the dispositor of Jupiter (Carrie), in 2nd house (money), retrograde (problem) and in square with Venus (shoes). She ―lives for the fashion‖ regularly visits Fashion Week – Jupiter (Carrie) close to Venus‘ exaltation degree. During the show she had several relationships, but her greatest love is Mr. Big. They tried relationship several times, but when Carrie gets involved with Russian artist Aleksandr Petrovsky and leaves for Paris, Mr. Big gets there and brings her back to New York. All this is depiction of intercepted Jupiter (Carrie) close to the Venus‘ exaltation degree (artist), in Pisces (Pisces are related to Russia, for besides Aquarius, Russia also has a lot from Pisces, Neptune), squaring the Sun (Paris) in 7 (relations) at the star Rigel (16º Gemini), which implies that her relationship with charming, handsome and married Mr. Big is not yet finished (square). Square between intercepted (secret) Jupiter (Carrie) in Pisces (hotels) and Sun at Rigel (Mr. Big) is depiction of Carrie‘s secret meetings with Mr. Big at hotels, while he was still married to Natasha, and she was involved with Aidan.

Samantha is the Moon in Scorpio Samantha is sexually the most liberated character in the show. She tried almost everything. She is independent business woman, has her own PR agency, and sifts through men with ease. She is often in conflict with Charlotte (Venus in Taurus), who is personification of love in this show. At one moment Samantha finds out she has cancer, and she very bravely faces the disease… Moon in 11th in Scorpio, close to Uranus‘ exaltation degree, in conjunction with Chiron (wound, pain) – depiction of Samantha Jones who faced the disease, but who is also crazy brave and free! Samantha loves to be financially independent – Moon at the degree of Uranus‘ exaltation squares Uranus (independence) in 2 (finances), and she is often in conflict with Charlotte (Moon in Scorpio, where the Venus is in exile, is in opposition with Venus in Taurus). But, since the disposition of the Moon (Samantha) – Mars at 9º Gemini, in semi-sextile with Venus (Charlotte) in Taurus, these two friends always reconcile in the end and Charlotte loves Samantha very much (Venus in Taurus exalts the Moon), although she does not understand her sexual freedom (Uranus is in fall in Taurus). Moon (Samantha) in 11, in Scorpio, opposing Venus in 5 and squaring Uranus is also depiction of Samantha involved with the painter Maria. The whole show ―Sex and the City‖ gives a lot of time to gay population, which is confirmed in the very chart of the pilot episode through the typical aspect, i.e. code for homosexuality – Venus / Uranus square! Still, in the end even Samantha, the greatest advocate of sexual freedom and independent life finds her ―Mr. Right‖. In the end of the show, we find Samantha in a committed relationship for the first time in her life, with a young model and actor. Dispositor of the Moon in 11 (Samantha) is Mars at 9º Gemini, in conjunction with Mercury (young man) in Gemini (youth), so she finds her place with a man much younger than her. Since Venus in Taurus, the sign of Moon‘s (Samantha) exaltation, in 5th (love) creates semi-sextile with Mars (Samantha), then Samantha really finds love in the end, i.e. love (Venus) exalts and finds her…


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Charlotte is Venus Charlotte comes from a wealthy family (Venus in Taurus), works as an art dealer (Venus) in a gallery (Venus). As I have mentioned already, Charlotte is the very personification of love in the show ―Sex and the City‖! She strongly wished love, marriage, child (Venus in Taurus, where the Moon is exalted in 5 — love, children). She is the most conservative and the most traditional character in the show, and she even leaves the job in the gallery in order to devote herself to the family. Although she adores the family, even she married twice in the show (Venus square Uranus is depiction of divorce), and divorce is something she has hard time accepting (Venus is in Taurus where Uranus is in fall). Her second husband is the lawyer who represented her during the divorce, and she turned to Judaism because of him (Venus is in Taurus where the Moon — Jews is exalted). At the end of the show, two of them adopted small Chinese girl – Venus (Charlotte, the girl) in 5 (child) is in conjunction with Fortune, which is often depiction of accepting someone else‘s child, i.e. adopting the child.

Miranda is Mercury Miranda is pretty ―cold‖, dedicated to work, career, and she is successful lawyer. She is also very ―mental‖, a real depiction of Mercury in Gemini from the chart of the pilot episode of ―Sex and the City‖ show. She was the first among her friends to buy an apartment and to become independent — Mercury in Gemini in trine with Uranus in 2 in Aquarius. She later marries her on-again, off-again boyfriend Steve, barmen, and gets his child — Mercury (Miranda) in conjunction with Mars (boyfriend) in which ―lives‖ Saturn at 29º Aries – Steve is of the lower social status than Miranda, and the very 29º is depiction of Steve waiting for Miranda to accept him. She is also, as she often emphasized it in the show, Carrie‘s voice of reason — Mercury in Gemini, since Carrie is represented by the intercepted Jupiter in Pisces, where Mercury is in fall, so Carrie‘s reason is sometimes ―slowed‖!

Show‘s main message The horoscope of the pilot episode is in sign of the fixed T-square. Uranus in 2 in Aquarius, being the central planet here, squares the opposition of Venus and Moon through the axis 5/11. Wish for financial independence will at one moment exalt all those women (Moon close to the Uranus‘ exaltation degree) and strongly attract them, so they have to go through that all in order to realize that the true love is something they need the most. Venus (love) is the strongest in this configuration, it is in its domicile (Taurus) and in 5th house (love), so it lasts with all its characteristics and aids the ―free woman‖ (Moon in 11) in living her dream (exalts it), but still has a problem to accept all that is unconventional and free (Uranus is in fall in Taurus). Uranus (independence) is in the sign of its


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 domicile (in Aquarius), but it is in 2nd house, the house of its fall (Uranus naturally ―falls‖ in the second sign, the sign of Taurus), so, love conquers here!

June 6, 2012 and continuation of the show ―Sex and the City‖ As I mentioned before, at the beginning of 2012 there was announcement of continuation of this cult show, and 14th birthday of the pilot episode certainly ―awakens‖ something new, since the Sun (love) at 16º Gemini in 7th house from the pilot episode chart was ―touched‖. As was announced, new show would be aimed at younger audience (Gemini) and with deal with the story of how it all started, i.e. it will describe the teenage years of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends. But, since the Sun in the chart of the pilot episode also represents Mr. Big, is the Universe announcing some new love activities between him and Carrie? Maybe the third part of the movie ―Sex and the City‖? Since the Sun (Mr. Big) is at Rigel, and in square with Jupiter (Carrie), this love story is somewhat unfinished, so the continuation is possible… It seems that the decision on the ―Sex and the City‖ show continuation was brought a lot before we officially found out about it. Heaven decided on that June 6, 1998.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

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INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

OMG! Is OMA still going? Victor Olliver Old Moore‘s Almanack is still a bestseller among astrology publications. But why? We open its pages and enter another age… It‘s a curious fact that the UK can boast only one successful commercial astrology magazine. And this one has been around a long time. 320 years! It was born in 1697 and to all intents and purposes looks like a time capsule from the days of William of Orange. Its name is Old Moore‘s Almanack [OMA]. Let‘s pause for a moment while we read that thought bubble above your head: ―Omg! Is it still going?‖ Not only still going but selling lustily. A couple of years back, an OMA ad rep told me that the title flogged about 350,000 copies a year in the UK. I was a little sceptical of that figure until I took a closer look at its piled-high presence in high street newsagents and noticed that stocks were regularly replenished from July to following spring. It‘s true I never saw one copy actually bought. Yet each time I darted into a WH Smith, yet more copies had disappeared. On Amazon, OMA is routinely the top-seller in astrology and New Age genres. There‘s a demographic out there that buys and reads OMA! Ergo, there is a commercial audience for astrology. In a sense we know this already. The weekly women‘s supermarket rags Chat and Take A Break bring out popular monthly ‗psychic‘ off-shoots (Chat‘s is called Chat - It‘s Fate and monthly sales are approximately 100,000) with substantial horoscope sections. But these are not exclusively astrology magazines and cover all sorts of other divinatory topics, such as clairvoyance, readers‘ ‗real-life‘ ghost stories, runes, etc. Astrology‘s money-making potential was fully tapped by the late Jonathan Cainer whose horoscope columns in the Daily Mail grossed him £2m a year (thanks mainly to astro phonelines which he pioneered). And certainly there are a paltry dozen or so UK astrologers who make a pretty penny from the media. But none of these come under the label ‗commercial astrology magazine‘. No, OMA is the only one that I know of. It could have been different. This time last year I thought I was close to reviving the old Prediction magazine which folded a few years ago. I so wanted to edit it. Prediction in its heyday (the Sixties and Seventies) made some money and sold commercially, but was gradually whittled away by the astro phonelines, the freebie-giving internet and a succession of dreary suits who simply were not interested in the psychic market. At one point the Prediction trademark was sold for £1. A deal I had negotiated


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 to buy this trademark fell through because the potential money-bags buyer had too much else on his mind. The price was not £1, I hasten to add. So OMA remains unchallenged. What‘s the secret of its success? And who writes it? What precisely is in it (since no one I know admits to reading or writing for it)? So, in no particular order…. On Deborah Houlding‘s Skyscript site, Derek Parker has written a wonderful piece about the rise and fall of astrology almanacks. It starts: ―Almost thirty years ago my wife Julia and I were walking through an underpass leading out of the tube station at Notting Hill Gate, when a large, unkempt figure in a mackintosh, with an enormous straggling beard, staggered towards us, bottle in one hand, books in the other. "Buy an Old Moore's Almanac?", he wheezed. Julia looked him straight in the bleary eye. "I am Old Moore", she said.― She [i.e Julia Parker], like many other astrologers starting out, had contributed a page or two to the magazine but soon walked because of the poor pay. Derek Parker claims that contributing to OMA is a rite of passage for stripling astrologers keen to show that they have ‗arrived‘ among peers. Well, no one ever asked me to contribute to OMA once I‘d obtained my astrology diploma (with a distinction!). Alas, the OMA nod-and-a-wink calling passed me by. It‘s a case of who you know and which city wine bar you hang out in, I guess. Derek Parker writes that ―It's difficult for us now to credit just how popular Old Moore's was in its great days: on publication day life simply stopped until everyone had read it. One contemporary wrote that the day of its publication is an epoch in the history of the year: ‗With what eagerness are its political prognostications devoured! Even the weather, the alpha and omega of the countryman, on this occasion is a secondary consideration.‘‖ In 1768, OMA sold 107,000 copies. By 1839, sales had rocketed to 560,000 copies - not bad for a time of high illiteracy, as Parker says. In his day ―Moore made a fortune: well over £600 a year, when others might make £7 or £8 a year.‖ The eponymous founder, Dr Francis Moore, was born in poverty on 29 January 1657 in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Self-taught, he is said to have served as physician to the court of Charles II of England. In 1700 he published the first of his Vox Stellarum (voice of the stars) predictions to boost sales of the Almanack. When he died in 1715, Moore‘s Almanack was taken over by the Worshipful Company of Liveried Stationers. They published the title until 1911 when Foulsham‘s bought the copyright. Here is what the publisher has to say about OMA on its website today: Accurate, fascinating and appropriate, Old Moore‘s Almanack plots the future of the world‘s ups and downs for the year ahead. It puts the spotlight on UK and world affairs and also highlights gardening and fishing by the moon, winning periods for jockeys and trainers, celebrity astro-profiles, lighting-up times plus high and low water times. A year full of interests. I have in front of me a number of annual editions of OMA. As usual these kick off with a letter from ‗Dr Francis Moore‘ penned by someone who sounds not unlike Up Pompeii‘s Senna the Soothsayer the whiny prophetess who forever saw doom in the future of Frankie Howerd‘s Lurcio. Though in fairness, 2017 does look more promising with Dr M‘s letter on global trends titled hopefully, ‗Onwards and Upwards‘. OMA offers us a medley of world and star-sign forecasts - these latter have never much impressed me as they tell no story, give no context. Aside from a couple of lines at the top for each sign (Gemini: ―A promising year for family and domestic matters…‖) all you get are dates


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 per month which are either encouraging or not. The central section of the magazine showcases mundane lunar astrology fixed on London. But comic-style pencil illustrations above these suggest that Dr M has looked at other nations‘ charts, usually foreseeing disaster of many kinds. OMA claims to have predicted 9/11 (sadly I don‘t have the 2001 edition to check this) - and indeed many pages boast of successful predictions: the 2008 property crash, the abdication of Edward VIII, WW2, and so forth. How accurate was OMA 2016? ―Britain‘s exit from Europe is unlikely,‖ Dr Moore wrongly forecasts. But who knows, perhaps Brexit will never happen at the current rate. On the US election, there‘s a problem: ―Astrology cannot predict the outcome of the election….‖ Oh dear! I can‘t imagine that Charles II would have been impressed to hear anything like that. However, perhaps astrology knows something that the astrologer does not. ―The dominant planet will be Neptune,‖ he writes. With Gemini Donald Trump‘s Neptune in his solar house of the 10th (career and government), could it be that the planet of fog and image held the clue to the winner in roundabout ways? I merely pose the question, anxious to stay positive. I mean, who needs natal astrology? Dr M foresees that the UK will see a ―new leader‖ emerging in 2016, likely to take power towards the end of the decade. That rules out Theresa May then, though the theme of new leadership in the year the UK got a fresh PM is interesting. Might this upcoming saviour be Jeremy Corbyn or even Boris Johnson, both Geminis and both possessed of that solar 10th house Neptune? He or she will challenge vested interests and speak their mind, so take your pick. Then again, Nigel Farage‘s star looks promising and he, too, has a big mouth. I have always rather liked OMA‘s one-page astro portraits of notable figures and showbiz stars. These are usually shrewd and prophetic. For instance, the 2012 issue homed in on Theresa May. Bear in mind that this piece must have been written in late 2010 for publication in July 2011. ―When a seminal moment arrives, like the Lion she is [with four planets in Leo], she is ready to pounce. Could we be looking at a future Prime Minister here? Certainly this is not out of the question.‖ As quasi-forecasts go this is not at all bad, especially given that at the time of publication, May was seen by many as a perfectly efficient if uncharismatic time-server not likely to get the better of slick-tongued David Cameron. Chancellor George Osborne was then heir-apparent. The Prince William profile in 2011 (written in late 2009 - OMA has ludicrously long lead times for a ‗modern‘ publication) included this: ―His progressed chart shows that 2011 or 2012 are the most likely years for him to announce his forthcoming marriage…‖ In fact his engagement was made public in late 2010 and he married Kate Middleton in 2011. I think we‘ll give that one to Dr M. In this same edition, the fall of Muammer Gaddafi was foretold to happen in the summer of 2011, from the vantage point of 2009 - again, quite impressive. Amid the weather forecasts, lunar gardening (I suggest you Google OMA‘s horticultural Moon correspondent and then look up the etymology of ‗lunacy‘), bingo and lottery lucky numbers, horse racing tips and an array of other superstitious guides are the sublime adverts. More than a few appear to be from concerns based in Folkestone, Kent. Want an angel? Folkestone. A money cat or new salt magic rites? Yep, Folkestone. A prayer without words? Folkestone! Yes, Folkestone, gateway to magical Elysium. Phoneline ads are an unwelcome reminder of 21st century psychic commerce - and who is this Nicholas Pierre who has bought up a double-page spread to herald his own gifts? He claims to lift curses and help solve love and money problems, and states that ―My reputation is such that I cannot afford to let you down‖.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 More than anything else in OMA, the ads point to one of the big reasons why people buy the magazine at all: for reassurance, help, guidance, saving. Beyond science and its dry, soulless certainties, there‘s a public need to be met in those who claim to intercede between the heavens and this vale of tears. In its fourth century of existence, OMA plainly knows its market. Even Dr M himself has caught up with computer astrology, offering one-year personal horoscopes for just £20 and personalised astro readings from the ―immortal Old Moore‖ (in robot form). So what of 2017? Hints of Trump‘s tanks on the White House lawns cannot be found because this magazine issue was done by September 2015. But do we anyway detect his baleful presence in the US forecast? An early ―corruption scandal‖ is feared in January involving the military. Sadly, Dr M still thinks the UK is likely to have voted to stay in the EU, given that the vote took place on June 23 2016. Prince Charles faces emotional problems in May-June 2017 while JK Rowling can look forward to at least one more bestseller ―within the next two years‖: we can probably put a name to this new literary (and movie) money-spinner - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. For all the colour that has been added to OMA‘s covers in recent years, and all the starry mugshots of celebrity du jour, OMA looks like nothing else on the market. It appears to be out of its time. This reminds me of a moment in my novel Curtains when my central character Vicki, who‘s a fashion editor-empress, consults the fortune-teller Madame Smith. Vicki gives the woman her usual up-down analysis and finds comfort in the seer‘s lack of fashion nous. Madame Smith wears the clothes and make-up of a timeless hark-back. Vicki concludes that any psychic teller of fortunes should look unfashionable or indifferent to the moment. She thinks, ―Psychics make a nonsense of time‘s arbitrary divisions - so they should not appear to belong to the now‖. Such lack of voguish awareness adds to their credibility. I think the same of OMA. If it tried to look stylish and of the moment it simply would not work - I remember thinking this of Prediction magazine when towards its end, it started to look like a fashion magazine, with beach babes on the cover and voguish gem stones glinting away like Swarovski crystals. The 2017 OMA cover echoes the 1862‘s: the title font and layout are much the same; the world encircled by a horoscope still sits in the bottom half flanked by the number of the year in question. There are differences of course (the words ‗A Prophetic Hieroglyphic‘ in the 19th century issue have wisely been seen off), but the OMA template of yesteryear it is still unmistakably there, a treasured artefact from another age still published under the original copyright of 1697. Whether anyone takes a blind bit of notice of OMA these days is a good question. The world certainly does not stop on release day to take in its prognostications. Yet many of us stick with it, and pore over its words, perhaps cherishing what it represents more than anything else.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Victor Olliver is the editor of The Astrological Journal, published by the Astrological Association. He is also media officer of the Association of Professional Astrologers International. Based in the UK, he trained to be a barrister before becoming a magazine feature writer, and then an editor on a number of publications including magazines, newspapers and electronic media. He has two awards from the Periodical Publishers‘ Association for his celebrity and travel journalism. He graduated with a distinction diploma in natal and mundane astrology from the Mayo School in 2012. Victor is also the author of the annual Lifesurfing series of astrological forecasting books. The Astrological Journal is available to members of the Astrological Association here‘s the details: Or you can buy individual copies - email Or you can buy the digital edition in any currency:


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Uranus in Taurus 2018 – Where is this world going? Smiljana Gavrančić This article was my topic at the 48th AA GB conference (September 11th, 2016) and in The Astrological Lodge of London (September 19th, 2016). The AA Journal will publish an extract of this article during 2017

On May 7, 2016 it was exactly 16 years since Vladimir Putin became the head of the world's largest state. That period coincides with the renewed rise of Russia, its influence in the world and its reputation that was not very good following the dissolution of USSR and the time of Yeltsin rule. Few days before his official election as President on May 7, 2000, Vladimir Putin gave interview for BBC and appeared as a man who would, at least, be the partner of the West, open for any cooperation. He then stated that "Russia is part of the European culture", and even did not exclude the possibility of Russia entering NATO, which seems to be pure science fiction today. "I cannot imagine my own country in isolation from Europe and what we often call the civilized world" - said the then new President. The Western press liked this fairly unknown official at first. They described him as a man who combined the liberal orientation with the hardness that "Russian people seem to like". After Yeltsin's Russia, that was ruled by crime and lawlessness and whose reputation was at its lowest, Putin managed to completely overturn the situation. You may love him or not, but the fact is that he is one of the most influential politicians of XXI century, and a very important figure on the chessboard of the world's political scene.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

From year to year of his rule, Vladimir Putin kept increasing his power. It started in 2004, after he signed the law that enables the President to appoint regional governors. A kind of "political partnership" that he has with Dmitry Medvedev enabled him to get the Presidency in 2012 after spending four years as the Prime minister. In the meantime, Russian Duma adopted the amendment to the law that extends the term from 4 to 6 years. If he decides to run again in 2018, and he wins that election, Vladimir Putin will become the man who had been the head of Russia for the longest time. He will defeat Leonid Brezhnev who spent 18 years in that position, and even Joseph Stalin.

Fixed star Algol & 19ยบ Libra (the fall of the Sun) From the point of view of Bolshevik Russia (which still vibrates in the consciousness of Russian people) for May 2018 (when the new/old President starts his new mandate of 6 years, until 2024), there is the Sun (President, ruler) in secondary progressions at 26ยบ Aquarius, while Saturn in Solar Arc directions is at the very Ascendant of Bolshevik Russia, at 26ยบ Scorpio! Saturn is always about assuming huge responsibility, and the position at the Ascendant of Bolshevik Russia is depiction of assuming responsibility by the official Moscow


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 as the capital of Russia. All this will activate 26º Taurus, i.e. fixed star Algol, which is related to the Moscow itself! More specifically, 26º of fixed signs are related to Russia (take a look at my article "Russia and 26 º of fixed signs – Presidential elections 2012", which I wrote in 2011) and they have been always active through the history when it is about the most important events for this country, because they activate the malefic star Algol. When talking about Algol, there is always some "head falling", as well as with 19º Libra (degree of Sun's fall) there is the "fall", i.e. "losing of head" literally of some important figure, some important ruler. This is also the degree that Russia as the country is "sensitive to" (take a look at my article "Russia and 19º Libra― written in October 2014). From the point of view of fixed stars, the Russian capital -- Moscow has the story of Algol accented, since the first Russian imperator, Ivan the Terrible, installed the guillotine in front of Kremlin, which corresponds also to the degree of Sun's fall, 19º Libra! Stalin's postwar "purges" are also in accordance with this degree. In this country, human heads (the Sun) were often "falling―, as was the case with the last royal family -- the Romanovs, so it is not coincidental to relate this degree of 19º Libra (Sun's fall) to this country… The chart of USSR is also interesting. The Moon is almost at Algol, while Saturn (the ruler of 10 – country's reputation, Soviet leaders) occupies the degree of Sun's fall – 19º Libra! Although Saturn is in exaltation in Libra, it is still the degree of the Sun's fall!


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 When Vladimir Putin first came into power on May 7, 2000, the Moon (people, electorate) of Bolshevik Russia in secondary progressions was at 26º Leo. The ruler of the 10th house of Bolshevik Russia (country's reputation, President), the Venus, was retrograde in secondary progressions and at 27º Aquarius 01‘, i.e. going towards 26º Aquarius. Retrograde Venus in secondary progressions was a sign that the same man might come to power several times, and that it might be the man with the Sun in Venus' sign, the Libra, which is the case with Vladimir Putin, who has the Sun at 13º Libra! I wish to add that tertiary progressions of Bolshevik Russia for May 2000 "called upon" fixed star Algol, since Mercury was at 26º Scorpio and it was retrograde, and it carries Jupiter at 9º Gemini (one of 4 royal stars in the skies - Aldebaran, "The Keeper of the East―) and Mars (disputes, wars) in Virgo in 9th house (abroad). Russia as a country has the strong, deeply unconscious (the nature of the square) need to go to actions (square has the nature of Mars – action) led by its own justice (nature of the star Algol). Being retrograde here implies this is about negotiations that will unfold in two rounds at least, that negotiations related to the world's conflicts will not succeed in the first try.

On that May 7, 2000 secondary Venus from the chart of New Russia was at 26º Taurus, exactly at the fixed star Algol, which announced the man coming to power would be mythological Perseus and will administer the justice in his country but also abroad, since the Venus in the chart of the New Russia rules 9th house (laws, abroad). I want to add that the secondary cusp of the 9th house was also at 26º Taurus, which additionally colors the picture! Vladimir Putin strives to "keep the Russian culture,


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 moral and traditional values", and in accordance with that he changed some laws. Gay parades are forbidden in the next 100 years, and homosexuality is perceived as a disorder. Traditional heterosexual family is being respected, as well as the values of the Russian Orthodox Church. The law forbidding homosexuality for the next 100 years corresponds good with the fixed star Algol, telling the story of Gorgon Medusa and the "blocked sexual energy". But, we must not forget Boris Yeltsin, the first President of Russian Federation (New Russia). On the day he took the office (July 10, 1991) his tertiary Moon (moves the fastest and "lowers" events to the level of 2 days) was at 24º Aquarius 16‘, getting ready to cross over 26º Aquarius and activate Algol! When he won the second mandate on Presidential elections in May 2004, Putin had in his secondary progressions the Moon (people, electorate) at 19º Aries (the degree of Sun's exaltation), which automatically activated 19º Libra (the degree of Sun's fall) that is related to Russia! During that same year Putin signed the law enabling the President to appoint regional governors. By this act Russia went back towards centralized power, which was strongly criticized by democratically oriented line. Putin ruled during two mandates, until 2008, when he was succeeded by Dmitri Medvedev, and Putin went for Prime Minister position. In the meantime, the Constitution was changed so one may announce his candidacy multiple times. In 2012 Presidential elections Putin appeared as presidential candidate and became the President again. The elections were held on March 4, 2012. Solar Arc Mars (conflicts, wars) was at 26º Aquarius, which automatically activated the fixed star Algol (26º Taurus). The position of Solar Arc Moon (electorate, people) in the chart of Bolshevik Russia for 2012 is also interesting -- it is at 26º Scorpio, which is also the Ascendant of Bolshevik Russia, and that also activates 26º Taurus (Algol). Finally, is we take a look at Solar Arc Moon (electorate, people) in the chart of New Russia, we find it at 26º of a fixed sign, Aquarius this time, at the same spot as Solar Arc Mars of Putin in that moment. All that strongly activates Algol (26º Taurus)! Since every ruler is the long arm of the nation, even when he no longer lives, we can follow events in a country through predictive techniques of his horoscope, even after his death. So, let us take a look at horoscopes of some of the most important leaders of Russia: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin has 26º Taurus, i.e. the fixed star Algol accented in his horoscope -- his Jupiter is there. Jupiter carries over the Venus from 16º Pisces, the ruler of 7th house (relations with other countries, everybody that stands across from Moscow). In 2012, when Putin became the President again, that Venus (diplomatic relations) in secondary progressions of Lenin was at 26º Leo and activated Algol (26º Taurus)! On the other hand, when Bolshevik Russia was created (and its horoscope still works fine, for the consciousness of Russian people still remained at the same level) -in October Revolution on November 7, 1917, Lenin had the Moon (Russian people) in secondary progressions at 19º Libra, the degree of Sun's fall... All this was a clear picture of Russian people, whose faith was not at all easy in USSR. Secondary Moon of Lenin was moving across Saturn at the degree of Sun's fall (fall of life) in USSR horoscope..., so, as is well known, Bolshevik Russia was created by the royal family paying for it with their lives… Joseph Stalin also had 26º of fixed signs in his horoscope accented. It was his Mars (conflicts, wars) at 25º Scorpio 51‘, very close to 26º Scorpio! When Putin became President for a second time (March 2012), Stalin's Solar Arc directions provided the sign along the road. Solar Arc Moon (electorate, people) was at 26º Aquarius, which was activated in Putin's chart through Solar Arc Mars, and in Solar Arc directions of New Russia's horoscope through the Moon. I must also add that when Stalin became


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 the Prime Minister of USSR (May 6, 1941), his Solar Arc Asc was at the fixed star Alogl, i.e. at 26º Taurus!!! He remained at this position until his death on March 5, 1953. After Stalin's death, Nikita Khrushchev became the leader of USSR. He took the office on September 14, 1953, when his progressive Sun was at 25º Taurus 00‘, so during the following year it came closer to the important 26º Taurus (Algol)! Leonid Brezhnev became the General Secretary of Communist Party Central Committee on October 16, 1964. His Solar Arc directions clearly "call out" Algol, for his IC/MC axis goes across 26º Leo/26º Aquarius, and the progressive Sun is at 25ºAquarius 24‘, nearing 26º Aquarius!

The last USSR President It all started with Vladimir Lenin, and ended with Mikhail Gorbachev. The last President of USSR was Mikhail Gorbachev, a man due credit for the end of cold war. When he became the USSR President, on March 15, 1990, his secondary Moon (Russian people) was exactly at 19º Libra! Secondary Moon moves 1º for 1 month.

Uranus in Taurus – then and now (1934 and 2018) On May 15, 2018 Uranus will enter the sign of Taurus. If we do calculations for Greenwich time, which is the picture for the whole world, the Moon will be at 26º Taurus, in close conjunction with the fixed star Algol (from the constellation of Perseus), which always implies a kind of struggle, where the person in question is guided by his own, self-proclaimed sense of justice. Asc will be at 8º Libra, Saturn at 8º Capricorn! Eighth degrees have Scorpio nature (wars, transformation). Mars from the horoscope of New Russia at 8º Aries, in 7th house (relationships with others), ruling 8th house (conflicts) will be activated. Also, Uranus at 8º Capricorn in 4th house (territory) in the horoscope of New Russia will be activated as well. Now I must go back to when the series of Uranus/Pluto squares started. The first square happened in June 2012, immediately after Putin took the Presidency again (May 2012), and it happened across 8º Aries/8º Capricorn. At that moment, Moon was at 27º Leo, and it activated 26º of the fixed signs! Then followed the Uranus/Pluto square across 13º, the so-called Grand Easter Cardinal Cross from April 2014, and in March 2014 Russia annexed Crimea. It seems that the Uranus entering Taurus will somehow seal the deal, finally defining (Saturn) issues related to the territory (Uranus in 4 - territory) with countries with which Russia is in a kind of diplomatic dispute (Mars from Russia's horoscope at 8º Aries in 7 – diplomatic relations, ruler of 8 – conflict) will be activated.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

It is well known that Uranus spends about 7 years in each sign, and that its cycle lasts for 84 years (7 x 12 ) – or more correctly, it takes 84 years for Uranus to circle the Zodiac. Last time Uranus was in Taurus, there was WW II (June 6, 1934). The man who started this war, Adolf Hitler, had Sun at 0° Taurus in his horoscope. It is interesting that in March 2018, when Russia will be having Presidential elections, immediately before Uranus entering Taurus (May 2018 – when new/old President officially takes the office) – secondary Asc of Hitler will be at 26º Aquarius, which will activate Algol (26º Taurus), the star related to Moscow. I have to add, when Hitler started WW II, his solar Arc Moon/Jupiter conjunciton was at 25/26 Aquarius – square with Algol! In his natal chart, he has Moon/Jupiter close to the nebula Facies (sickness,deaths), which is the picture of people who will die (both planets, the Moon and Jupiter –are weak in Capricorn).


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

When the Third Reich was founded (January 30, 1933), the Ascendant was exactly at Algol - 26º Taurus! Solar Arc IC/MC axis of the Third Reich for the moment of Uranus entering Taurus (May 2018) will be at 19º Libra/19º Aries! As I have already said, this axis is very important for Russia, for it is the axis of Sun's (head) fall and exaltation. But, more important here is the position of Venus (as the ruler of Asc of the Third Reich). The Venus will be at 26º Aquarius and will activate Algol (26º Taurus)! This is also the place where in antiscia (the mirror) Putin has his Asc (this will be discussed further in the text). Uranus was at 19º Aries, which activates 19º Libra (the degree related to Russia)!


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

WW II started on September 1, 1939 by the attack on Poland. In Poland's horoscope from 966 there is the Sun at 0º Taurus! In that moment Solar Arc directions positioned Chiron (the wound) at 25º Taurus 46‘ (which is very close conjunction with Algol – 26º Taurus). But, the interesting thing is the following – when Uranus will be entering Taurus in May 2018, solar Arc Mars (conflicts) from the Poland's horoscope 966 will be exactly at Alogl (26º Taurus). I want to ask if the Uranus entering Taurus in 2018 means there will be a memory of WW II? Finally, the horoscope antiscia of Vladimir Putin is also interesting, for all the cusps of houses are at 26º, and angular houses start at 26º of fixed signs (Asc 26º Aquarius, Desc 26º Leo, IC 26º Taurus, MC 26º Scorpio), to which the Russia is "sensitive―. Prenatal eclipse is always a kind of unknown for us, because it happened immediately before one's birth and there is a sort of dark there, but also there is a strong memory as well. Putin's prenatal eclipse was a solar one, on August 20, 1952 at 27º Leo, which strongly activates 26º of fixed signs and clearly implies the very important role of this man for Russia and the world in the time to come, when Uranus (the change) will enter Taurus, with the Moon at 26º Taurus (Algol)!


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Eclipses during Uranus stay in Taurus that will activate Algol: During the pre-election year in Russia, on August 21, 2017 there will be a solar eclipse at 28º Leo 53‘, activating 26º of fixed signs. Another solar eclipse will follow less than a month before elections (February 15, 2018 -- elections are usually held in March). This eclipse will be at 27º Aquarius 08‘, activating the Grand Fixed Cross at 26º! On November 19, 2021 there will be lunar eclipse close to Algol, at 27º Taurus 14‘, which might be of crucial importance for Russia. Finally, on May 16, 2022 there will be lunar eclipse at 25º Scorpio 18‘.

European Union All this implies some pretty challenging time for Russia, but the world as well, since the Moon in the chart of EU is at 24º Taurus 20‘, very close to Algol, and on the day of Uranus entering Taurus (May 15, 2018) the transit Sun will be exactly at 24º Taurus 44‘. The Moon in EU chart is the part of the fixed T-square with Mars/Pluto in Scorpio and retrograde Mercury at 19º Scorpio (which carries over Chiron – the wound, injury), while Saturn at 23º Aquarius in 7th house (diplomatic relations) represents the focal planet of the T-square and the Russia itself (country traditionally related to the sign of Aquarius, where the Sun is in detriment). Saturn has a strong applicative trine with Venus at 19º Libra from the 3rd house (neighbors), so this is depiction of Russia in EU chart. The degree of Sun's fall where the Venus is situated is depiction of Vladimir Putin himself, who is Libra and who is also former (Sun's fall – ex) KGB officer. Let us look now through prognostic techniques how Putin's rise to power was reflected through EU chart. On May 7, 2000 when Putin became the President of New Russia for the first time, Solar Arc Mercury of EU was at 26º Scorpio 22‘, which activated fixed star Algol, while the tertiary axis Asc/Desc (moves about 1º for 1 month) was at 19º Libra/19º Aries! This is the axis of Sun's fall and exaltation, and it is very important for Russia! Also, in the chart of EU there is the Venus in 3rd house (EU neighbors) at 19º Libra (the degree of Sun's fall). Venus carries the Moon on Algol, so this is the clear depiction of Moscow in EU chart! Moving along, when Putin was elected President for the second time on March 4, 2012 Solar Arc Sun of EU was at 26º Scorpio 58‘, clearly calling out Algol! Sun in EU's chart is the ruler of Asc at 18º Leo, and it represents the official Brussels. Activation of Algol through that opposition tells that Brussels and Moscow will have disputes during Putin's present mandate. When Putin annexed Crimea on March 16, 2014, his secondary Moon (people) was at 25º Leo 34‘ (very close to 26º Leo), which was enough to activate 26º of fixed signs and Algol as well, and Algol fights for its own justice. Here we have deeply unconscious contents that are present both within the mind and actions of the leading EU woman, Angela Merkel, represented by the Moon in 10th house in EU chart, and in the official Moscow, given by the


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 symbolism of Algol. Grand Fixed Cross forming across 26º tells that they confront each other on the matter of personal view of justice! Finally, in the chart of Ukraine, Mercury (as the ruler of Mars from Virgo – conflicts) is at 26º Leo and it is retrograde, clearly showing that Uranus entering Taurus might continue the conflict, because the Moon at 26º Taurus from the chart of Uranus entering Taurus will call out Ukraine as well!

In March 2018, when Russia will be having elections, secondary MC of EU will be at the beginning of 27º Taurus, just having crossed 26º Taurus (Algol), while secondary Moon will be at 19º Aries, again activating 19º Libra (Russia)!

Angela Merkel in 2017 One year before Uranus enter Taurus, Germany will be having federal elections, and Angela Merkel will likely announce her candidature again. But, if we take a look back to the moment when Putin was first elected President of Russia, we can see that Merkel's Solar Arc Jupiter (natal ruler of Asc – herself) was at 26° Leo 11‘, which automatically "turned on" Grand Fixed Cross and Algol (Moscow)!. In 2018 when Russia will be having elections and Uranus will be entering Taurus (on May 15), her tertiary Mercury (the ruler of natal 7th -- anybody across from her) will be at 26° Scorpio, and her tertiary Venus at 19° Libra (degree where Russia also vibrates)! It is very probable for this woman to still be in power then and to be involved in important events for the world, together with Russia.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Jupiter/Saturn Grand Conjunction - December 21, 2020 During Uranus' time in Taurus (from May 15, 2018 until July 7, 2025), year 2020 is very important for there will be grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0º Aquarius! Secondary Moon of Gavrilo Princip was at this same spot when he assassinated Archduke Ferdinand of Austria on June 28, 1914, which was the start of the WW I. It is interesting that Gavrilo also had his Saturn at 19º Libra (Sun's fall, degree at which Moscow vibrates), at the same place as Saturn in the horoscope of USSR. His secondary Ascendant for that moment was at 8º Capricorn, the spot that will be occupied by Saturn when Uranus will be entering Taurus in May 2018. All this activates Mars at 8º Capricorn in the horoscope of New Russia. During cycles of Uranus/Pluto squares -- from June 2012 until March 2015, there was the 100th anniversary of WW I (on June 28, 2014). In 2020, Angela Merkel will have Solar Arc Moon at 19º Aries, activating 19 º Libra (Venus from the chart of EU – Russia), degree important for Russia, while Solar Arc MC of EU will be at 0º Gemini, supported by Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0º Aquarius. This might present the opportunity for EU to easily relate to some new laws and values. This is the big change for EU! Russia has its Ascendant (Moscow) ruler and ruler of 10th house (President) at 0º Gemini, so Russia and EU Government are connected at the same spot, and it is supported by the trine with Jupiter/Saturn conjunction! Asteroid Hermes was at 0° Gemini when discovered, so this clearly implies the change of rhetoric that will follow Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, since it is leaving Pleiades, so-called Seven Sisters (29º Taurus). This conjunction cycle is one of the most important in mundane astrology, and it deserves our attention. It is very important for determining the phase human kind is in, and it clearly demonstrates social structures, conditions and changes in it. This cycle repeats every 20 years, being in each element about 240 years. If the conjunction was in Taurus for example, it takes 240 years to move to Gemini. During those 240 years there is 12 conjunctions in earth element, 4 in each earth sign. Jupiter/Saturn 20-year cycle - Minima or Specialis - cycle with period between two consequent conjunctions. 240-year cycle in the same element - Media or Trigonalis – from the first conjunction in one element until the first conjunction in the next element. Complete 960-year cycle - Maxima or Climacteria - going through all elements of Zodiac. The moment of Jupiter/Saturn conjunction going from one element to another is considered to be very important period, when the focus of the human kind is being changed. This change is called "Grand Mutation". The last "Grand Mutation" was on January 26, 1842, when Jupiter/Saturn conjunction entered earth sign (this is regarded as the beginning of materialism). The change to air element will happen on December 21, 2020, when Grand Mutation will happen at 0° Aquarius, which tells a lot about the coming change.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 This cycle mostly affects events in Europe, but it is very much related to deaths of American presidents. United States – Secondary Moon at 0º Aquarius on December 21, 2020 and some new woman! We must address the country with Sirius symbolism, and Sirius being the brightest star in the skies is also known as the Guardian of Europe. It is well known that this great world's power has the Moon at 25º Aquarius 28‘(close to 26º), which nicely fits in the Grand Fixed Cross, that relates it, whether it likes it or not, with Russia and EU. The moment of Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0° Aquarius on December 21, 2020 is especially important -- secondary Moon in USA chart will be also at 0º Aquarius. I see it as an appearance of a very important woman that will bring big changes to USA and the whole world. In that same year in November there will be elections in USA, and this will be very important! The first woman that comes to my mind is the wife of the President Obama, who will be leaving White House soon after 8 years. In his chart, Obama has Jupiter at 0º Aquarius, while on December 21, 2020 his Solar Arc Moon (woman) will be at 0º Leo, activating 0º Aquarius! Is this maybe a sign that USA will have a female president in 2020, and a female with the colored skin, who will show USA and the world some new values and a new road… Remains to be seen... Obama has Moon trine Jupiter in his chart, so Solar Arc Moon opposing his natal Jupiter would here mean action with positive outcome. At the end, I must add this – 26º Sagittarius (Galactic Center) is something what i found in the charts of leaders who ruled so long - Stalin and Brezhnev had Sun at 26º Sagittarius and MC, Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel have there Mars. Galactic Center makes inconjunction with 26 º Taurus (Algol), as well as Hitler‘s Asc from 26º Libra. Take a look on my article The White House, 22º Gemini and Donald Trump from September 7th, 2015. The Book of World Horoscopes; Nicholas Campion Horoscope of Europe; Marck Penfield


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Smiljana is the editor, founder and owner of INFINITY Astrological Magazine. She obtained her astrological education at the Institute for Astrological Research and Education ―Johannes Kepler‖ in Belgrade, where she graduated in October 2010, defending her thesis in Mundane Astrology ―European Union – In Varietate Concordia‖ (united in diversity) and obtained the status of a graduated Astrologer Researcher. In February 2011, she met requirements to work as an Astrologer Consultant and in March of the same year, she became an International Certified Professional Astrologer (ISAR C.A.P.). Smiljana is a member of ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) and of the Astrological Association of Great Britain. During the academic 2010/11 within the post-graduate level, she studied Hermetic Astrology. In addition to consultations with the clients, Smiljana finds great inspiration in research work, which she presents in her astrological texts. A special emphasis input on finding significant degrees in the Zodiac for a specific country in the area of Mundane Astrology or a significant degree for relations between two persons in the Astrology of Relations. In her search for responses to the question as to why something (or someone) is happening to us, Smiljana also practices Karmic Astrology, as well as the Astrology of Archetype (fixed stars, mythology). Smiljana studied International law and Law of International Organizations at the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade. She interrupted her studies at the last year (in 2006) and since then, she exclusively dedicated her life to self-study of astrology. Her writings have appeared in The Astrological Journal, and on The Mountain Astrologer blog and ISAR‘s International Astrologer. Smiljana was a speaker at two KAPA conferences in Serbia (―REGULUS IN VIRGO‖, November 2011 and ―CHIRON‘S MESSAGES‖, November 2013). In September 2015 she was a speaker at online international astrological conference CINASTRO 2015, Brazil . Her topic was – Russia and 19° Libra. Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology, Kolkata, India, was published Smiljana‘s article about Russia and 19° Libra during it‘s conference in January 2016. Smiljana was a speaker at The AA‘s 48th Annual Conference. The AA‘s 48th Annual Conference ‖Building Bridges and Expanding Our Horizons‖ took place 9th – 11th September 2016 at Wyboston Lakes near Cambridge, UK. Her lecture was: URANUS IN TAURUS 2018. During her visit to UK, Smiljana gave a talk in the Astrological Lodge of London, too (19th September, 2016). 9th Astrological Conference in Perugia, Italy, 1st-2nd July, 2017


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

INFINITY INTERVIEW WITH FRANK C CLIFFORD Frank C Clifford - An Iconic Vocalist for Astrology Andrew Ifandis

INFINITY: Hello Frank, it is a great pleasure for me to interview you and before we begin let me congratulate you on winning the ISAR Award for Best Article 2014-2016 in this year‘s ISAR Symposium. FRANK: Thank you. I was surprised to be nominated and then I was surprised that people voted for me. There was a Full Moon at 23 Aries that evening (on my Sun—Venus conjunction) and I joked in


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 my acceptance speech (they were in Los Angeles and I was in London) that it was a good time to win something! My Sun—Venus lines run through California, too. It was a surprise but astrologically it was a perfect time! INFINITY: This was really a great article on «The Power Degrees of the zodiac». If I am correct, it was the basis of a lecture you gave and then published. Please share with us some thoughts on the idea to write this article in the first place. FRANK: The degrees of the zodiac have always interested me. Each has a memory and a quality, so I‘ve always been curious to discover their meanings. I would like to do more research on all 360 one day! When I was first investigating Solar Arc directions for a book, I found that when a planet reached the first and final degrees (the so-called power degrees) these were very important years for the person for specific reasons. INFINITY: So we will have to wait till you publish a book with 360 pages! FRANK: Maybe, you never know! As you can see with the article, my work attempts to be practical and fun, based on modern examples, life stories, and people that interest me. Most of my books are influenced by pop culture and are coloured by all the biographies and books that I research. INFINITY: I totally agree with you, Frank. It is quite different to assign meanings on astrological factors based on dreams or divination or intuition. Doing the research and grasping the meanings by having real life examples speak much more. This is living astrology — something I also love to do. FRANK: We learn as astrologers that Aries means this and Taurus means that, and so on, and then we apply it to clients. When researching, I prefer to listen to a person‘s life and hear why people are the way they are, and then find it in the chart — instead of speculating. I learn much more astrology that way. INFINTY: I asked you the previous question having in mind your very well researched «Iconic Vocalists of the 20th Century» article which I personally enjoyed tremendously. You also have created a graph of planetary ingresses and aspects along with a history of key music events from 1956 to 2011. What is this special relationship you have with music? Do you just fancy it or do you play an instrument or something? FRANK: I used to play the piano as a child, but I played it very badly. When I started learning astrology at sixteen, my piano teacher would prefer to talk astrology with me and I preferred that to practicing. I think Astrology and Music have much in common, from the rhythm of the chart and the timing, to the understanding of different notes and the combination of notes that we can see with aspects and planetary combinations. I wrote an editorial for The Mountain Astrologer that described this and looked at the parallels between Astrology and Music. It is rare to find an astrologer who does not have a link to music, either liking music or playing an instrument.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 INFINITY: This is not an astrological question. Tell me your favourite groups from the eighties? FRANK: Ah. I like a whole range of things. I was born in 1973 and started listening to music around the early eighties. I love any good vocalist. I am a great appreciator of the human voice. Many friends and clients are singers, some pop, some jazz. When I am writing articles I try to find people with fascinating lives and charts. That is how the timeline graph on music came about. I knew in my head that it could be done and it was a huge amount of work. For a while, my Moon in Virgo was obsessed with it! INFINITY: In my preparation for this interview I was amazed by how much this Virgo Moon has contributed to the astrological community. This is no flattery, it is a fact. I open Solar Fire and it has your name on the chart‘s database. Can you share with us the background on how this came to be? FRANK: The research came from a love of study and investigating people. At the time we were a team: a dozen or so data freaks. We were a group of people who were spending lots of time and money writing to birth registries getting birth certificates, writing to famous people, asking them in the streets, always in pursuit of accurate information. I contacted Lois Rodden in the early 1990s and we were friends up until her death in 2003. She was a reporter, a collector and her Sun was at 0° Gemini. Our friendship developed and then I had the opportunity to do the database for Solar Fire. But I have always wanted to do more with the data than just collect it. That is why I wrote a book a few years ago called ―Getting to the Heart of Your Chart‖, with dozens and dozens of profiles, quotes, events and life stories. INFINITY: Frank you are twice an awarded astrologer. Besides the ISAR award you are also the recipient of The Charles Harvey Award for Exceptional Service to Astrology, owner of the London School of Astrology, a publisher, lecturer and writer of 12 books. What‘s the sign of your Midheaven? FRANK: I am Gemini Rising with Aquarius on the MC. INFINITY: Perfect Midheaven for an Astrologer I‘d say. FRANK: I guess so — there are many types of astrologer. I think that Astrology is not a vocation. We all have vocations that we use Astrology to get to. Some of us are researchers, some of us are counsellors, some of us are biographers. Astrology is a language that helps us fulfil our vocation. I think that my Aquarius Midheaven shows my great interest in people. I am also rather independent and I want to do things my own way. In an Aries way I just go ahead and make things happen without committee or group decisions. I joke that I‘m a benevolent dictator. I look after my teachers, show them respect and pay them on time, but there is no committee or chance to allow ego or politics into my school. This is why I‘ve managed to get so much done. I also have a Mars and Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius on my Midheaven, so this probably explains quite a lot of the energy and the drive I have. It‘s very directed.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 I‘ve spent a lot of time teaching in America. From my point of view, America is very Jupiter and England is very Saturn. In America when you are young and ambitious they try to elevate you, to make you the next big thing, the next star. In England you can be doing it for 30 years and no one even looks up to notice or celebrate you. Because I started so young, I didn‘t want to lecture until I felt I had my own thing to say, and in my own style. I waited until my Saturn return before I gave my first lecture. I just wanted to keep my head down and to study and research. In America I would have felt the pressure of expectation, so I am happy I was sixteen and I was learning astrology in England. INFINITY: Frank, these are great insights that you are sharing about your Midheaven and they lead us to your latest publication, ―The Midheaven: Spotlight on Success‖. Share some insights from this book, which I hear is very well received. FRANK: This is one of my ―mini books‖. It‘s around 30.000 words. What I decided a few years ago was to write smaller volumes that got to the point quickly. I realized that people generally don‘t have the energy or the tolerance to read 600 pages any more. The first mini-book I did was called ―Solar Arc Directions‖ and it was about 30-40 pages, packed with information, charts and insights. It was a fun challenge to be able to say it all in a smaller book. I‘ve done five or six of these now. The most recent is the ―Midheaven‖. From what I hear, people enjoy being able to grab them, put them in a bag, read them on a journey and refer to them again. INFINITY: They are the perfect concise and compact information to kick-start one‘s research into Astrology. Very nice, Frank, and what are the Solar Arcs for the near future? What are your next plans? FRANK: My MC has just Solar Arc directed into Aries, so there are lots of new projects. A few months ago I put out a booklet with Mark Jones called ―Dialogues‖ about the consultation process. We both wrote two essays each and one of the essays I wrote was about looking at the client‘s Mercury and understanding how to speak to somebody so they will hear you properly. For instance, if you‘re speaking to a Mercury—Saturn person, we astrologers have to be versatile enough to speak in a language the Mercury—Saturn will hear, and this will be quite different when we talk to a Mercury— Neptune client. My next plan is to write a text book for beginners and to put the London School of Astrology online. That‘s the next big job. INFINITY: I wish success to all your plans Frank and I am looking forward to the online London School of Astrology! FRANK: Thank you! INFINITY: What is that you deem to be the most valuable asset of the London School of Astrology for anyone who wants to expand his astrological skills? FRANK: Other than the course content and fun way we teach, the most valuable thing is that the students get a lot of practical help during the course, which includes


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 how to work with clients. I work closely with the students during the three years of the program. I think the LSA offers a supportive environment and tries to help students feel confident in working with various techniques: natal interpretation, mundane, locational astrology and forecasting, etc. The aim is for them to leave feeling confident that they can articulate any horoscope. We encourage students to engage in dialogue, show them how to answer questions and interact with the client. This is the important thing. Astrology seems to have moved towards discovering (and showing off) old techniques, many of which don‘t offer much practical assistance to the client. But hopefully there are still a good few of us working for the client primarily! INFINITY: One last question before we leave the stage. Your writing style is very much liked and admired, not only because it is serious research but because you also include humour, experience and modern-day ‗real life‘ examples in your work. So please share with us a humorous event relating to astrology. FRANK: If you‘re looking, astrology is full of humour! At the last couple of NORWACS in Seattle, I did a talk on humour in the horoscope which was quite naughty and close to the edge and I did another talk, in May 2016, on Speaking Your Chart and the audience was laughing non-stop for an hour. It was a great evening. A few years ago I did a talk called ―A History of the 20th Century … with the Boring Bits Left Out‖ for the Astrology Student Conference I run. One of the charts was for the start of The Benny Hill Show. The night before the talk, I found a lot of pictures of Benny Hill impersonating various famous people and, as I was looking at these pictures, they all started to look like Astrologers that I knew (including myself). Many of the astrologers would be in the audience the next day. As I showed them, people were laughing and clapping. It was hilarious, a wonderful montage of silly and funny photographs. So, yes, there‘s lots of humour in Astrology if we want to find it! INFINITY: Frank, INFINITY Astrological Magazine is thankful for this interview. We are delighted! FRANK: Thank you INFINITY, and thank you, Andrew, for your interest. It‘s been fun.

Frank has built an eclectic career as a consultant, publisher, lecturer, and writer of a dozen books (including Getting to the Heart of Your Chart). He recently completed a series of mini-books (Humour in the Horoscope, The Midheaven: Spotlight on Success and Dialogues (with Mark Jones)) and continues to write for (and guest edit) The Mountain Astrologer. In 2012, Frank won The Charles Harvey Award, a lifetime achievement award for ‗exceptional service to astrology‘. In 2017, he will begin courses online with The London School of Astrology.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

INFINITY INTERVIEW WITH SHARON KNIGHT Sharon Knight – I don‘t use Uranus, Pluto and Neptune… Smiljana Gavrančić

INFINITY: Dear Sharon, I will start with funny― question – Can you explain to us why you don‘t use Uranus, Pluto and Neptune? I must say I recently started to use your rules and I see how I live much more in the present since I dropped― them, especially when I am doing readings for clients. In mundane, I admit-I still use them... SHARON: I am a Traditional Astrologer and work from texts prior to the 18th century. As such, the invisibles were not considered, or even known about. Although I think Uranus would have been known, as it can occassionaly be glimpsed with the naked eye. Saturn represented the outer limit between Heaven and Earth and I rather like the idea of the Buck stops here! Also, if you think about the perceived influence of the outers, they are very malefic and Saturn acts as a barrier against their influence – at least that is how I see it! I don‘t understand the need of modern astrologers to focus almost solely on these generational planets when delineating natal charts. It seems to me, much is missed by not knowing the traditional background. You yourself have now reached a new understanding through simply looking at the traditional seven planets in relationship to your own chart.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 INFINITY: How did you get in astrology and why did you choose traditional astrology? SHARON: I got in to Astrology through reading Linda Goodman's Sun sign Astrology when I was about 16. It wasn't until I was in my 20's and had my chart read, that I realised there was more to astrology, way more! I started studying with a passion that has still not dimmed. Most days, I went to various evening classes that were held in and around London. One of my tutors was Mike Edwards. He was not so enamoured of the modern pyschological astrology that was being taught. He liked prediction and so he taught predictive astrology. Although I studied with the Faculty right up to Diploma Level, I found I disagreed with a lot of their teaching and assumptions. Eventually at a summer school, I was chatting with the venerable Ron Gywn (who was a Faculty Lecturer) and told him I was giving up learning with the Faculty as they did not teach traditional astrology and seemed to focus solely on giving non specific interpretations. I questioned a lot of the teachings and just kept getting told, you MUST NOT predict! This made me question the use of astrology; after all, what good was it (astrology), if it didn‘t tell you when a storm was coming and from which direction? Ron gave me Olivia Barclay's phone number and suggested I call her. As soon as I got home, I called Olivia, drove to Deal, met her, started studying and felt at last I had come home. The wonderfully generous Clive Kavan sold me a cheaper copy of Christian Astrology and I was flying. I gained my QHP and went on to be a course Tutor under Olivia. True astrology is and was predictive. It has Rules and guidelines which, if followed, give the correct answers. It does have a strong psychological basis via the correct assessment of the Humours, although not many modern astrologers realise this. It can describe the people who will be influential in your life and the times when events will happen. I think a lot of people shy away from True astrology as they perceive it as fatalistic. I don‘t see it as fatalistic, I see it as describing the real world. It just works on every level, natal, horary and mundane. INFINITY: Can you tell us about your diplomatic work? It sounds so interesting, and how astrology goes with that? SHARON: That was fun! I was actually only the Travelling Secretary to the Chief Adviser of the wonderful Sultan of Oman, although it gave me Diplomatic Immunity on a certain level. This meant I just had to organise things when we travelled. I met some amazing people and heard a lot of behind the scenes policy. This part of my life was in the early 80's and there was a lot going on in the world regarding the Middle East – that still hasn't changed! The mode of travel was something else! We flew in the Sultan's 707 and I had my own bedroom and bathroom on board. It spoilt me for real life! But real life and the fact I missed my family saw me returning to cattle class travel! Through the connections I made, I was invited out to Abu Dhabi to do some astrology work and had a wonderful time with such generous hosts. It was a wonderful experience and I was so incredibly lucky. Or was it my 11th house Jupiter? So much came from that experience; I was and am so blessed. INFINITY: You are also an herbalist? Did that, in combination with astrology help you to heal yourself from cancer? SHARON: Definitely! I knew if I could live past the 11th December, I would enter a new Solar Arc phase. That, coupled with my knowledge of herbs and various supplements gave me a head start in driving the beast out of my body. But it was done in conjunction with conventional medicine. I also


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 had access to a wonderful NIMH herbalist, Haskel Adamson who provided the various tinctures I needed. INFINITY: The APAI is the only professional body in Europe that represents qualified Astrologers. Members have to hold a Diploma from a recognised educational establishment to be accepted. You are Chair of the APAI – can you tell us more about APAI? SHARON: The APAI was founded in 1990, initially as a defence against potential legislation from the EU, although it covered more than just that. It was felt there should be a body to which the media and the public could turn to find experienced, qualified, Professional Astrologers. Members had to sign a Code of Ethics and to have studied with an accredited school. Now the list of schools has grown and in 2003, the word International was added to cover the many excellent teaching bodies from around the world. If the public is not satisfied with a reading, they can come to us and we will facilitate discussion if the astrologer is a member. Fortunately, our members all seem to give satisfaction! For our members, we offer specialised Insurance cover and the chance to meet with other Professional Astrologers to discuss various issues, or just to have a get together. We provide a Website and that certainly generates a lot of business for our members around the world. INFINITY: In January 2016 you were awarded the title ―Astrologer of the Year, 2016‖ at the 26th International Astrological Conference 2016, Organised by the Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology. It‘s well known that you did not accept money as award. Tell us, what was a feeling to get this award and what made you to give all that money to students of the Krishnamurti Institute? SHARON: The whole thing was surreal. What an incredible experience. It was like a dream. Initially I thought I had bombed! There was silence when I finished my presentation. Then I became aware the whole auditorium was on its feet applauding me. Apparently it was the first time in the 26 years any speaker had received a standing ovation. For me, it was wonderful that my Mum was there to see what it is her daughter does. And of course, receiving that accolade was icing on the cake. She said she was so proud of me and wanted to phone everyone she knew, to tell her friends that her clumsy, unconventional daughter was actually quite impressive! With regard to the prize money, I truly did not realise the money prize was for the overall winner. I thought the money would have been given to a successful Krishnamurti Student. Although I knew from the previous winner there would be a Tiara, she had not mentioned anything about also receiving prize money, so it was something of a shock to be presented with that huge amount. Over the course of the Conference, I had chatted with many Indian students and was in awe of the privations many of them went through in order to complete their studies. Although I am not flush with money, (putting it mildly!), I have been fortunate to have encountered many generous people over the course of my astrological studies who gave me books, freely imparted their knowledge and encouraged me to follow my heart. Also, conditions are very different in Europe to India and by many


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 standards, I have more than plenty. That, coupled with the overwhelming generosity and hospitality shown to my mother and myself by Gopal Bhattacharjee and Dr Sanjay Pandya and others during the course of our travels, what else could one do? It was the right thing for my heart, to give the money to help those less fortunate, or who were truly struggling financially to complete their studies. Astrology is a respected profession in India and if someone can qualify and work as an astrologer, they can really do well for themselves and their families. I believe in the concept of paying forward and I hope that any recipients of my donation will, in turn be able to help others and set off a chain of brilliant astrologers in India. INFINITY: You wrote for INFINITY an article about its first Solar Return. Soon, it will be its 2nd Solar Return. What do you think about INFINITY‘s sprit? SHARON: Integrity and to impart astrological knowledge across all disciplines. What is your message for all astrologers-modern or traditional, and why? To be kind and respect one another. There is not enough kindness in the world. The Astrological Community is a small one in terms of the world and we really need to support one another – regardless of our disciplines. It is sad when you see people attacking others just because they hold a different viewpoint. If people have a good heart, that is all that matters.

Sharon Knight is a qualified, practising professional astrologer with over 25 years experience. She hold the Certificate and Intermediate Diploma from the Faculty of Astrology and the Horary Practitioners Diploma (QHP). She is Chair of the Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI), having been Secretary for the previous four years. She is a Fellow of the Association (FAPAI) and has written and edited their quarterly newsletter for the past ten years. The APAI is the only professional body in Europe that represents qualified Astrologers. Members have to hold a Diploma from a recognised educational establishment to be accepted. She has an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from Bath Spa University (2004) and a Diploma in Phytotherapy or, Herbalism (SAC Dip) as it is more popularly known. She is also a certified Life Coach. Sharon is a member of the Board of the Astrological Association of Great Britain. In January 2016 she was awarded the title ―Astrologer of the Year, 2016‖ at the 26th International Astrological Conference 2016, Organised by the Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology. Sharon is a featured speaker at numerous international conferences over the years.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Leonard Cohen: He‘s your man Alan Annand Canada‘s most famous poet was a man of mystery, mysticism and mistresses. Over the course of his life he enjoyed a stellar career as poet, novelist, songwriter and performer. He rubbed shoulders with literati, generals, filmmakers, Zen masters and Hollywood actresses. Did it get any more eclectic than this? Cohen was born September 21, 1934, at 6:45 am in Montreal. His father ran a clothing store and upon his death left Cohen a trust fund that allowed him some financial independence. He first made his name on the Canadian literary scene as a poet and novelist, but when neither earned much money, he turned his talents to songwriting, where he found his niche. Cohen has one classic Mahapurusha Yoga in his Vedic chart. Bhadra Yoga is created by Mercury in its own sign in the ascendant. In addition, Mercury is independently strengthened by gaining dig bala (directional strength) in the 1st. Bhadra Yoga exemplifies an archetype: Mercurial nature, brainy, observant, analytical, clever with words, but also ambivalent, calculating and detached. Calling him a wordsmith is an understatement; essentially he was a man of ideas – spiritual, secular and sexual – using his pen as a mighty sword. Aside from the classic rule of requiring angularity, some authors also allow that a true planet in its own sign can enjoy yoga status in a trinal house too. Under this looser definition, Sasha Yoga arises with Saturn in its own sign in the 5th house. It is further strengthened in being retrograde.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Sasha Yoga offers a different archetype: a Saturnine nature, introspective, philosophical, spiritual, but also depressive and reclusive. Occurring in the 5th house, which rules both mind and spiritual nature, Saturn invokes a certain Spartan ethic. Indeed, Cohen spent several early years as a relative recluse in the Greek islands, and from the 1970s onward was deeply engaged in Zen Buddhism. Over the years Cohen was romantically linked with many famous women, eg, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, and Rebecca de Mornay, but he said cowardice and fear prevented him from marrying his longtime partner, artist Suzanne Elrod, with whom he had two children. His prospects for longstanding primary relationships were not strong. The 7th house lord Jupiter is ordinary in the 2nd house, with sign-to-sign squares from malefics Mars and Saturn. The 7th house itself is aspected by malefics Sun and Saturn. Venus, significator of love, is in the 12th house, a dusthana, a place of suffering and loss. He struggled with depression for most of his life. Saturn is powerful in its own sign in the 5th house (the mind), joined by the malefic (and deranging) Rahu, and opposed by a debilitated Mars. The Moon, a generic significator of the mind, is in the 6th house in a sign of Saturn. Spirituality was a major theme. An observant Jew with priests among his ancestors, he consistently interwove spirituality into his writings, referring to many of his poems and songs as ―prayers‖. One of his novels, Beautiful Losers, explored the themes of Mohawk Indian mysticism. Cohen became involved in Zen Buddhism in the 1970s, spent five years in a monastery in the 90s, and was ordained a Zen monk. In the powerful 5th house, Saturn associated with Rahu invokes both the minimalism and ―foreign‖ aspect of Zen Buddhism. The 9th lord Venus is gone to the 12th, suggesting mentors and gurus encountered in retreats and/or foreign locales. The 12th lord Sun, itself a significator for the spirit, is exactly upon the ascendant. Saturn‘s 19-year dasha (major planetary period) began in 1962, marking an era of dedicated craftsmanship, often in seclusion, to his writing. During his Mercury bhukti (sub-period) in 1967 he moved to the USA to pursue his new profession as singer and songwriter. His stature grew throughout the 70s, a combination of influences including the use of his music in Hollywood films and his collaboration with other artists to develop a new sound for his music.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 The 17-year Mercury dasha began in 1981, a prolific period that extended through the 90s. He got more involved in film, and made increasing use of video clips as new media to promote his work. He segued into a new musical mode epitomized by the album I‘m Your Man, and saw at least one aspect of his social conscience (Mercury also rules the 10th, ie, social status) materialize when some of his work was adopted as torch songs by the Polish Solidarity movement. He retreated to the Mount Baldy Zen Center near LA in 1994, during Jupiter bhukti, and in the following bhukti of his powerful Saturn, was ordained a Zen monk, adopting the name Jikan, meaning ―silence.‖ He remained in seclusion for five years, well into his Ketu dasha. Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury dashas ran sequentially, and all delivered results for Mars, whose nakshatras they occupied. Debilitated Mars in the 11th house owns the 3rd and 8th houses – both dusthanas (places of misfortune) – thus characterizing the ―mis-adventures‖ correlated with his recurrent themes of infidelity and betrayal, depression, social injustice, war, and a lifelong predilection for the underdog, the ―beautiful loser.‖ The following 7-year dasha of moksha karaka Ketu (associated with Mars, aspected by Saturn in its nakshatra) saw a further extension of the same themes – creative work suffused with spirituality. Unfortunately, during the dasha of Ketu, aka ―the headless one‖, Cohen also lost sight of some vital worldly matters. Immediately with the onset of his 29-year Venus dasha, Cohen discovered that his long-time former manager had misappropriated $5 million (97%) of his retirement fund. Note that Venus is lord of the 2nd gone to the 12th, a clear indicator of financial loss. Although Cohen fought and won a civil suit, and was awarded $9 million, his former manager refused to disclose her financial records, the end result being that Cohen was never able to collect the awarded amount. To quote Cohen from one of his songs, ―I‘ve seen the future, brother, and it is murder.‖ After being financially devastated, Cohen was obliged to do what many another musician has been forced to do – get back to work. Despite not having toured in 15 years, he launched a world tour in the spring of 2008 that lasted until late in 2010. In the fall of 2010, Sony put out another album, Songs From the Road, showcasing Cohen‘s recent live performances. Life on the road took its toll. In September 2009, with transiting Saturn just a few degrees from his ascendant and natal Sun, he collapsed onstage in the middle of singing ―Bird on a Wire.‖ He was rushed to a hospital, reportedly diagnosed with food poisoning. In 2012 and 2013 he did another world tour, this time plagued with back problems. He put out another two albums in 2014 and 2016, the latter just three weeks before his death. Cancer was a contributing factor in his demise, but it was precipitated by a fall on November 7th, 2016, and he died that night in his sleep. At the time, he was running Venus dasha, Jupiter bhukti. Venus is a maraka (death-provoking) planet because it owns the 2nd house. Since Venus occupies its own nakshatra, it powerfully acts on its own behalf, and its 12th-house placement is reflective of both loss and the end of things.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Bhukti lord Jupiter is a double maraka because it occupies the 2nd and owns the 7th. It produces results for its star-lord Mars, a very problematic planet for Virgo rising since it rules both the troublesome 3rd house and the traumatic 8th house. Furthermore, Mars is debilitated, aligned on the Rahu-Ketu axis and bound in an opposition with its powerful arch-enemy Saturn. He was laid to rest with a Jewish rite, in a simple pine casket next to his parents on a family plot in his hometown Montreal. Although physically departed, his spirit will nevertheless live on through his music and poetry, as suggested perhaps by lyrics from his most revered composition: ―I did my best, it wasn't much I couldn't feel, so I tried to touch I've told the truth, I didn't come to fool you And even though it all went wrong I'll stand before the lord of song With nothing on my tongue but hallelujah.‖

~~~ Alan Annand is a graduate of the American College of Vedic Astrology and the British Faculty of Astrological Studies. He‘s written three astrology books. Stellar Astrology is a collection of time-tested Vedic techniques, in-depth celebrity profiles, and analysis of mundane events. Parivartana Yoga is a reference text for one of the most common yet powerful planetary combinations in jyotish. And written for western astrologers, Mutual Reception addresses the neglected subject of planetary exchange. His NEW AGE NOIR crime novels (Scorpio Rising, Felonious Monk, Soma County) feature astrologer and palmist Axel Crowe, whom one reviewer has dubbed ―Sherlock Holmes with a horoscope.‖


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Courage To Love – Retrograde Venus In 2017 LeAnn Lacy

As Mars and Venus journey through Pisces this January, we may find ourselves dreaming more daring and courageous dreams, tapping into a place of deep emotional courage. During this transit, many of us will dig deep within to champion love, spirituality, and courageously commit acts of altruism, charity, and hope. Venus in Pisces yearns to love, merge, and fuse with the deep forces that dwell within the soul. Throughout January, we may find ourselves falling deeper and deeper into this yearning to merge with the ―other,‖ while Mars in Pisces will challenge us to discover the passions and fears that lie deep within us, demanding that we ask ourselves, ―Do I have the courage to deeply, passionately, soulfully love?‖ In the spirit of daring to love, Mars and Venus in Pisces asks us to dream about how we will protect, defend, champion, advocate, or take up a passionate cause in the name of love. For some of us, these dreams will become a reality when Mars and Venus enter action oriented Aries in February, and perhaps when Venus goes retrograde in Aries many of us will see the fruits of this inner journey take on new life. Unfortunately for others, these dreams will fall by the wayside, requiring more courage to love than the person dares to muster. Whether that love be directed towards a personal relationship with a partner or towards a social or eco-justice cause that stirs our souls, Mars and Venus in Pisces tells us that before we can make our dreams a reality, the courageous act of surrendering to the power of love is required. Daring to dream of love, to deeply dream, is needed before we take action.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Towards the end of Venus‘s journey in Pisces, she enters her retrograde shadow phase at the 26th degree of Pisces on January 30th. She continues forward until March 4th where she retrogrades at the 13th degree of Aries. She turns direct again on April 15th at the 26th degree of Pisces, and finally exits the shadow period altogether on May 19th. Although Mars and Venus will not enjoy an exact conjunction in Pisces before she enters her shadow phase, several factors of their Piscean transit reminds me of the ancient Sumerian myth of Ereshkigal and Nergal. Their story reveals an underworld journey of love, transformation and reunion, and because Venus retrograde is often associated with the Queen of the Underworld, Ereshkigal‘s love story with Nergal fits well with the transit of Venus through Pisces and Aries. Because Venus‘ shadow phase begins in Pisces, there will be a spiritual undercurrent in Venus‘ call for courageous acts of love during the retrograde cycle. She may demand of us that we answer: ―What do I stand for?‖ ―Do I believe in love?‖ and, ― Who am I at the depths of my soul?‖ Beginning with the shadow phase, we may be compelled to feel (Venus) our spiritual values (Pisces), and have courage (Mars) to merge with our deepest selves (Pisces) which will prepare us for the onslaught of the Venus in Aries retrograde. After this soul searching, we will be able to take action that truly aligns with our deepest Self, and not with what is merely comfortable, or convenient for our trivial concerns at the time. So, what does this call for soulful courage have to do with the ancient goddess of the Underworld? While Inanna (Ishtar) is associated with Venus direct, Ershkigal, Inanna‘s sister, is associated with Venus retrograde, as she is the Queen of the Underworld, ruling alone, independent and powerful. Although she enjoys self-rule she yearns for soulful love. The warrior Mars-figure by the name of Nergal, enters her life through an audacious act for equality when he refuses to bow to her. This intrigues her as she deeply yearns for love with an equal. She shows him hospitality, and although he rejects her love in the beginning, his defensive posture soon softens and they spend six days in the underworld together, as lovers. On the seventh day, he begins to fear he will lose himself in this relationship and sneaks away from her to preserve his independence. She is heartbroken and sends messengers that challenge him to admit his love for her. In the earliest versions, an emotional courage washes over him and out of his own free will he returns to Ereshkigal, realizing that they can maintain their sense of autonomy while sustaining soulful love./1/ The underworld is a place of suffering, and for the ancient Sumerians it was void of love. It was their union that transformed soulful love into the remedy for suffering and despair. Their union accomplished what Mars and Venus in Pisces aim to accomplish: to bring love to a world of suffering, to bring comfort and courage to those who fear love, and to bring hope to those who feel lost, confused, and utterly alone.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 With Venus beginning her shadow phase in Pisces, we might find those who suffer spiritual wounds of love, like Ereshkigal, and those who are afraid to love deeply, like Nergal, will once again find the courage to love the sacred ‗other.‘ During the first half of 2017, many of us will be challenged to re-evaluate our own values in relationship, and explore our spiritual depths and physical needs to determine if our current relationship status is genuine. This level of soulful reflection may take a large amount of courage to act upon, but those of us who heed the call may find ourselves renovating what we truly value and love once Venus finally retrogrades this Spring. Often times when the Queen of the Underworld retrogrades, she heralds times of suffering, pain, and loss. So when she turns back this March, and retraces her steps to Pisces, we may find ourselves facing emotional challenges that we ignored or quietly dismissed while Venus began her shadow phase in Pisces. The more courageous of us will transform our relationships with others to more deeply align our hearts with our deepest needs and desires. When the Queen of the Underworld exposes the Aries shadow this Spring, any Piscean love that dwells in our hearts will help us release any fears of merging with the sacred ―other,‖ so we may partner not just in romantic love, but with family, friendship, and community; with all living beings, and the world. The gods of Love and War challenge us this January to find the spiritual courage that this kind of love demands, so we may answer, ―who among us will champion love‘s call?‖ /2/ ~ /1/ Later versions describe his return as a patriarchical conquering in which he dethrones the queen, which may speak of the transition of values from partnership to lordship between man and woman. With Venus and Mars in Pisces, the earlier version that values a loving partnership and emotional courage is more fitting. /2/ Shakespeare, MacBeth, ―Who could refrain, that had a heart to love, and in that heart Courage to make love known?‖

LeAnn is an astrologer and clinical hypnotherapist in California, USA. In addition to an astrological counseling practice, she is a member of the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR), and an apprentice in Steven Forrest‘s Apprenticeship Program. She has also studied at Kepler College, and at Mark Jones‘ Pluto School integrating an evolutionary and therapeutic approach to astrological counseling. LeAnn has a BA in literature and liberal studies, a Masters degree in Teaching and Educational Administration, and is currently a doctoral candidate studying Depth Psychology and psychotherapeutic techniques at Pacifica Graduate Institute, in Santa Barbara, California. Her main areas of astrological interest at the moment are family dynamics, ancestral patterns, and soul centered astrology.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Before Starting My 2017 Forecast Rod Chang

Before starting my 2017 forecast, let‘s review what has happened in 2016 and see if it matches my 2016 forecast first. Dow Jones INDU and SP500 are the markets that I always observe.

Review of 2016 – New York Stock Exchange

In this graphic ephemeris of New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) 2016 in which its index of the same year is also embedded in, we can see that its natal ascendant, together with Chiron, is in Cancer; it‘s natal Jupiter in Libra worth our notice, not to mention its natal Saturn in Aries. We should also


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 observe the locations of its natal Pluto and Mercury and also its natal Sun which is in Taurus. Dow Jones INDU started to drop drastically from 29 Dec 2014, which was the time when Uranus started to station and turned back to direct motion. It was also when Uranus and Pluto applying to each other again and formed an almost exact square. Where is Pluto at that time? It was opposite the natal Chiron of NYSE. All astrologers know that Chiron symbolises wounds, pains, traumas. When it comes to financial astrology, we surely can lay less psychological issues on our interpretations, but we still know that it symbolises wounds and pains. Transit Pluto, in this case, hit the wound of NYSE. When transit Uranus stationed in late 2015, it had a 1.5 degree orb with natal Chiron; during the subsequent drastic drop, transit Uranus actually was applying and almost formed an exact opposition with natal Chiron. At the same time, we see that transit Jupiter stationed in mid-January. Please remember the impact of planetary stations when doing financial astrology, especially those of outer planets. Therefore, we see that this drastic drop started when transit Uranus stationed and formed a tight square with Pluto, and it ended when transit Jupiter stationed and started to retrograde. The market then started to rise again since this drastic drop, and the index coincidentally stopped in mid-April at the figure that it started to drop in Dec 2015, and it was the eclipse season. We know that on 11 Mar 2016 the Sun conjunct South Node, and it was the moon wobble phase from 26 Feb to 18 Mar 2016. The index climbed up again after this phase, and this rise stopped when transit Neptune and natal Saturn formed a square. As for the drastic drop in June, I believe we all know that it was related to Brexit. The planetary placements were interesting – stationary Mars turning to direct motion in Scorpio, forming a very tight square to natal Pluto in Aquarius. Never underestimate Mars – Mars has long been a sensitive influential factor to USA. At the same time, Saturn-Uranus and Saturn-Neptune were applying their squares. Saturn-Neptune square here is a waning square and this square also forms a stressful aspect to the natal Neptune of NYSE. The drop in September reflected a clear influence of the planets. 21 Aug to 11 Sep was another moon wobble phase of the year, but please remember that there was actually a lunar eclipse on 16 Sep and we should therefore extend the influence of moon wobble till then. After June, the index indeed climbed again until the beginning of this moon wobble phase. Solar eclipse happened on 1 Sep that year. The market started to drop when Sun conjunct North Node, a time when moon wobble phase manifest its influence in full gear. The most recent drop of NYSE should be in November when Donald Trump was elected the President of USA. There was a Mars-Uranus aspect, and the stationary Pluto formed an exact opposition to natal Chiron again.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Review of 2016 – Shanghai Stock Exchange

We can also observe how planetary placements and Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) interact. Similar to what happened in NYSE, there was a drastic drop when Uranus started to station in Dec 2015, and this drop also stopped in mid January, the time when Jupiter stationed, which was also when Jupiter conjunct North Node. Lunar Nodes symbolises the community. When this conjunction takes place, people can feel the hope of Jupiter – which was when the drop ended. In early April when transit Chiron moved near North Node, there was actually a slight drop in SSE. In March that year, when transit Mars applied to Uranus, the market actually started to climb, and the rise ended when these two planets separated. The period of Mars station actually corresponded with the market stagnated. Later in May when Mars and Uranus applied and formed another stressful aspect, SSE dropped again. These interactions between SSE are obvious. In August, transit Saturn and transit Uranus were very near, which was also a time when the market stagnated again; when they later separated, the market climbed again. It was also the time of moon wobble, a time when the markets often fluctuate. Also when transit Saturn was in opposition to SSE‘s natal IC, the index reached a peak and stopped. From the above observations, I dare to conclude that those techniques in financial astrology are pretty reliable, and my forecast of 2016, which was pretty much based on these techniques, did reflected what happened in the global market in 2016. The 1st Solar and Lunar Eclipse of 2017 Now, I will proceed to present my forecast of the upcoming 2017. Again, the use of graphic ephemeris will be very useful when doing forecasts of this kind. First, we should focus on several issues – the dates of solar eclipses, lunar eclipses and the corresponding moon wobble phases. According to the study of many astrologers, moon wobbles often symbolise the happenings of catastrophic disasters, both natural ones and human-induced ones. I always insist that one must learn mundane astrology if he wants to be a excellent financial astrologer. If you do not know what is going on globally, please make


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 use of the information of the Internet which is free and convenient. On the other hand, if you get a hold of international news, or if you manage to recognise what the main industries and productions of a region are and you know that this region is undergoing a major financial challenge, this undoubtedly is valuable information in your investment decision. When a region undergoes financial breakdown, not only its local financial market will be affected – if this region is a major supplier of primary production products and supplies raw materials globally, a lot of related industries around the world will also be affected. The moon wobble phases every year are the time when lots of changes take place, and the moon wobble phases of 2017 are as follow:


Lunar Eclipse: 11 Feb at 22 Aquarius / Leo 28


Solar Eclipse: 26 Feb at 08 Pisces 12

Important lunar phases: -

Full moon: 10 May at 20 Scorpio, triggers moon wobble phase


New moon: 25 May at 4 Gemini, briefly triggers solar eclipse


Waxing moon: 1 Jun at 11 Virgo, triggers solar eclipse


Waning moon: 15 Aug at 22 Taurus, triggers lunar eclipse

When we obtain this information, what we have to know is that if there is any country or major financial market whose natal Sun, Moon or ascendant is located at these locations. For example, countries whose ascendant is at 08 Pisces 12 include Germany, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Czech. South Africa and Zimbabwe are next to each other, so perhaps we can put an eye on this region in 2017. As for those whose MC is at this specific location, we have Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand (we all know that there have been political upheavals there for several years already), thus informing us that this solar eclipse in February will lay a tremendous impact on South-east Asia. For those whose Sun is at this degree, we have Mongolia, but personally I do not regard this country as a major financial market. Finally, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland, Thailand all have their moon at this degree. To sum up, South-eastern countries and eastern Europe will be tremendously influenced by this solar eclipse.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

After obtaining the above information, we now can use solar eclipse charts to check if there are any other regions that will also be influenced by this specific solar eclipse. Let us focus on Asia first. We see that Chiron IC line and Neptune MC line pass over Bali and Hokkaido of Japan. There are Pluto IC over eastern India, and Pakistan and Afghanistan have Chiron Dsc line.

The political situation has long been unstable in the Middle East. In this diagram, we see that Chiron Dsc line is over the borderline of Iran while the Neptune line is over Kuwait and other Arabian countries. Perhaps we should pay a little attention on oil production of these regions.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

For Europe, both Mars MC line and Uranus MC line are over London. If you are familiar with international political situation, you should know that UK intends to invoke the formal procedure for withdrawing from the European Union in March 2017. Despite the fact that there are variables appearing lately, they only postpone the invocation or make it more complicated; they have nothing to do with ceasing the procedure. It is almost an inevitable act. With Mars MC line and Uranus MC line, regions along this latitude including Spain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands will also be influenced, for regions within 5 degree of the lines will be influenced. Besides the invocation of Brexit, France will have their presidential election in 2017. Since Donald Trump was elected, the right-wing‘s popularity has been increased day by day. France indeed may also elect a similar president as the States. These two lines also pass over Western Africa, so you can try to grasp the situation of primary industry of these African countries if you are interested.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Many people know that Brazil is rich in mineral productions, and it underwent a rigorous political upheaval in 2015 to 2016. Neptune IC line is over Brazil in this diagram, and we can see how Brazilians have been influenced.

USA now has already elected Donald Trump as the president, and I think it is really foreseeable that they will confront certain protests and social disorders because of this result in the upcoming year. Americans are no pacifists. Racist events often lead to riots. From this diagram, Pluto line is over central America, especially near Minnesota and Dakota, which is definitely associated to the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests. This protest has been taken place before their presidential election and is still ongoing as this region is also where the aborigines settle. Mars line, Jupiter line and Uranus line pass over Dakota in this diagram, and I dare to predict that this protest will go on for a long time. If you are familiar with the US oil market and understand how this protest could possibly affect oil price, this information might help your investment decision making. This also shows why I insist that financial astrology should always be associated to mundane astrology. I always tell my students that I am not a professional investor; however, mundane astrology can always help us predict what might happen in a region and when the event would happen, and these events definitely will affect the economic situation of these regions. Saturn MC line passes over Las Vegas. If you invest on US stocks, especially those related to casinos and entertainments, you may need to be aware. Saturn may imply governmental intervention or implementation of regulations on these industries. Besides, there are lots of planetary lines on the west coast. From the news, we know that Oregon, California and Washington had shown rigorous reaction once Donald Trump won. These planetary lines include Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron. You can research what Oregon mainly produces. Mars and Uranus lines pass over SE Mexico which is an earthquake zone, so Latin American countries should be aware of catastrophic earthquakes. Therefore, we should know that for the first half of 2017 will be quite a moment to be aware of, especially during the moon wobble phases. Besides, we should also pay attention to important timings of lunation cycle. The full moon on 10 May will be at 20 Scorpio, and it will trigger the lunar eclipse in February 2017; the new moon on 25 May, which is at 4 Gemini, will briefly trigger the solar eclipse


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 of 26 Feb 2017 which is at 8 Pisces. Actually, I really think the first half of 2017 will be quite a upheaval, especially when we pay attention to the aspects of this time frame. From the end of 2016 to March 2017, Uranus and Pluto will apply to each other continually, at the same time Pluto will form a stressful aspect with North Node. February will also be the time when moon wobble takes place, during which Jupiter station also takes place (5 Feb to 8 Feb 2017). Please remember February and May of 2017 and pay special attention. Moon wobble phases will always be a timing that we need to attentively take care of. The 2nd Solar and Lunar Eclipse of 2017 Let‘s proceed to the second eclipse season of 2017. They will take place in August.


Lunar Eclipse: 7 Aug at 15 Leo / Aquarius 25


Solar Eclipse: 21 Aug at 28 Leo 52

Important lunar phases: -

Full moon: 4 Nov at 11 Taurus, triggers moon wobble phase


Waning moon: 10 Nov at 18 Leo which triggers the two lunar eclipses points of 2017


New moon: 18 Nov at 26 Scorpio, triggers solar eclipse

The corresponding moon wobble phases will be from 2nd to 23rd Aug and 28 Oct to 18 Nov. The one that takes place in November requires our special attention. I will explain this later. Let me illustrate which regions will be influenced by this eclipse season. I will take 29 Leo as the eclipse degree in this case. Interestingly, it is where the ascendant of Donald Trump lies, and also the location of Regulus. Lots of astrologers take this into accounts and state that Trump is a man of luck. However, when solar eclipse happens here on the ascendant of such a unpopular president, it reminds me of a professor‘s prediction that Trump will be impeached, and this is already in the plan of the Republicans – they do not like Donald Trump. They push him onto the pedestal, then accuse him of his mistakes, and finally impeach him. In this case, the vice president Mike Pence, a man who upholds the value of the Republicans, can replace him and become the president. When we see the solar eclipse taking place right at his ascendant, we expect an upcoming challenge waiting for Trump. When will it take place? First, it may be during the August and November moon wobble phases. There is a full moon on 4 Nov at 11 Taurus which triggers the August lunar eclipse, whereas the waning moon on 10 Nov will simultaneously trigger the August solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. The new moon on 18 Nov will trigger the solar eclipse, which is also Trump‘s ascendant, and it is also when Neptune stations and when Saturn approaches the Galactic Centre. That is why I said we need to pay special attention to this phase. Before checking which countries will be influenced by this eclipse season, we now already know that USA will definitely be influenced in late 2017 because of Trump.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Countries whose ascendant locates at 29 Leo include Cuba, Iraq, and the Philippines. In the February eclipse season section, we mentioned a lot of SE Asian countries, and now the Philippines joins the queue. Also, South Africa appears again here. Interestingly, the ascendant of inauguration chart of George Washington is also at 29 Leo, which corresponds with what we discussed above about Trump. I would think that it is really possible for Trump to confront challenges in 2017. Countries whose MC is at 29 Leo include Italy, Poland, Montenegro and Uruguay, Countries whose Sun is at 29 Leo include Poland (again), Russia and Ukraine. If you know how those eastern European countries, like Finland, the Baltic States and Ukraine who are all adjacent to Russia, think of Russia in recent years, you may find this result worth considering. We Asians can hardly be exposed to news related to these distant countries, but we should have heard from the news that Russia has been threatening its neighbours in recent years and it even let its troops marching into the border of Ukraine. I wonder if similar events will take place again by then. Countries whose Moon is at 29 Leo include Malaysia (again), Russia (again) and Czech. The list of countries here is not long, but it is interesting that the countries are repeating.

Then, we will again move on to the astro maps. Uranus is along the west coast of the States, and Uranus symbolises riots. Mars line passes over Central America. The Chiron line passes over New York and influences NE America; I suggest we should pay attention to this. In 2010, when Neptune line and Chiron line were over Haiti, the infamous Haiti earthquake took place. In the above map, Chiron once again is over Haiti.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 As for South America, Pluto Asc line is over Argentina. Venus line and Jupiter line are over Brazil, and it may imply that our focus will no longer be on Brazil in late 2017; instead, our attention may possibly be on Venezuela, Columbia, Chile and Ecuador which are all oil-producing countries and all of them are under Saturn line in this map.

For Europe, UK‘s crisis seems to end by then; however, it looks like the continental Europe is under dramatic influences with all those planetary lines. Mars glide across Spain, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Germany, Denmark, which comprise a major part of EU. At the same time, Saturn line is over Prague, Poland and Austria. Interestingly, the Switzerland is the only country who has not joined EU. If most EU countries are undergoing unstable circumstances and the Switzerland is not affected (in this map, the two lines crossing the Switzerland are Sun and Moon), pay attention to the status of EU and Euro, especially when Italy may call for a referendum on whether to leave EU. Saturn MC, Chiron Asc line and Neptune line are across this country.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 I know that the mineral industry centralised on the northern territory of Australia. Uranus line and Pluto line are over this region, so we may need to pay attention to this region. We mentioned that SE Asia will be in quite a chaos in the first half of 2017. In late 2017, there still are obvious symbols of upheavals with Pluto line crossing this region up to Taiwan. Chiron MC line is over Vietnam, and Neptune MC line and Saturn line are over Burma and Thailand. We probably should pay attention to the political status of these countries in late 2017. Uranus line is across Japan. Chiron line is over Central China while Pluto line is over its coastal provinces. Astrologers should know that if the triggering lunar phases are full moon and new moon, it will last for a month. If it is waxing moon or waning moon, pay attention to the specific day it takes place and the following week.

Important aspects From late 2016 to Apr 2017: Uranus-Pluto Square 2016 1 Nov to 22 Nov: Saturn-Pluto semi-square 5 Nov to 29 Nov: Neptune-South Node Conjunction, Neptune stations 18 Nov to 2 Dec: Jupiter-Pluto square, Chiron stations

17 Dec to 3 Jan: Saturn-Uranus trine 20 Dec to 23 Dec: Mars-Pluto semi-square 19 Dec to 10 Mar: Jupiter-Uranus opposition, Uranus stations 21 Dec to 25 Feb: Jupiter-Chiron quincunx, Uranus stations 19 Dec to 10 Jan: Saturn-Chiron square, Uranus stations 29 Dec to 24 Jan: Jupiter-Saturn sextile, Uranus stations

2017 24 Jan to 18 Mar: Pluto-North Node sesquisquare 23 Mar to 7 Apr: Jupiter-Pluto square 10 May to 28 May: Saturn-Uranus trine, moon wobble phrase, Mars out of bound, full moon triggers lunar eclipse 15 May to 4 Jun: Chiron-North Node quincunx, Mars out of bounds, full moon triggers lunar eclipse, new moon loosely triggers solar eclipse


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 28 May to 10 Jun: Uranus-North Node trine, Jupiter stations, Mars out of bounds, full moon triggers lunar eclipse, new moon loosely triggers solar eclipse 15 Jun to 15 Jul: Jupiter-Neptune quincunx, Neptune stations, Mars out of bounds, new moon loosely triggers solar eclipse 29 Jul to 11 Aug: Jupiter-Pluto square, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, Uranus stations 22 Aug to 2 Sep: Jupiter-Saturn sextile, Saturn stations 24 Sep to 2 Oct: Jupiter-Uranus opposition 3 Oct to 18 Oct: Saturn-North Node trine 26 Oct to 11 Nov: Saturn-Chiron square, moon wobble, Mars at 0 degree of declination 4 Nov to 18 Nov: Saturn-Uranus trine, moon wobble, full moon triggers lunar eclipse 20 Nov to 6 Dec: Pluto-North Node quincunx, Neptune stations, full moon triggers lunar eclipse 9 Dec to the beginning of 2018: Jupiter-Saturn semi-square, both planets forming aspects to North Node There are lots of important aspects happening each year. By the end of 2016, Jupiter will be in Libra and Uranus will be in Aries. Mars and North Node will also join these two planets. Mars will form a semi-square to Uranus, and it will be in the waning moon phase, possibly symbolising a period of confrontations and conflicts. At the same time, Pluto and Uranus will form an applying square with 3.5 degree orb, and this square will last till 8 Apr 2017. In February, Pluto will form an aspect to North Node, which possibly symbolises that people will experience terror. North Node will ingress into another sign in May, and Jupiter will form a stressful aspect with it for quite a while. With all the stress accumulating in the first three months of 2017 and the lack of triggering aspects in April and May, this Jupiter-North Node square somehow may bring a little surprise to us. However, don‘t forget that a moon wobble phrase will also start in May. Jupiter-Pluto square in Nov 2016 worth noticing – my colleague Cici told me that Jupiter-Pluto trine was a major factor catering to the market uplift of the past year; I was not sure what this aspect would bring forth, but according to my observation when I am writing this article, I am quite sure that this square will once again push the market up to another peak. Saturn-Uranus trine always brings forth shocks even when it is trine. It is time that investors should start to pay attention, since it is also when Uranus and Pluto start to form a tight square. Also, there will be a Jupiter-Chiron quincunx. Chiron is wounds, and Jupiter symbolises the attitude of merchants doing their business. Saturn-Chiron square and Jupiter-Saturn sextile, together with stationary Uranus, also signify that investors should start to be aware. We know that this Jupiter-Saturn square in 2016 was a waning one and it was very important in financial astrology. It signified the last square of an economic cycle. According to the concept of lunation, the next sensitive timing after 90 degree is 45 degree; now that the two planets have come to 60 degree apart, possibly symbolising that the control is rather tamed and mild, it is still how a government lays its hand on economy. It is truly government‘s intervention on economy. Stressful aspects may mean a vigorous reaction from the market, and the sextile here may mean a mild governmental measure; however, could it possibly imply how a government save a market? If so, try to think why a government have to save the market. In financial


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 astrology, we do not come to a conclusion with a single aspect or placement. Is it because the market is too frantic that the government has to intervene? Is it because the market drops drastically? These are what astrologers should consider. We mentioned that Pluto will have a sesquisquare with North Node in Jan 2017. At the same time, it is moon wobble phrase, Jupiter stations, and Mars will be in 0 degree in declination. Jupiter-Pluto square will be formed from late March to early April. It is the second time this aspect appears. We might compare how the market performs during these two timings, and we might find similar issues. If Uranus-Pluto square truly will accumulate stress, Jupiter-Pluto square here may possibly alleviate this stress. The moon wobble phrase will start on 19 May. Pay attention to the Chiron-North Node quincunx listed above, together with the Saturn-Uranus trine, Uranus-North Node trine , out-of-bound Mars and full moon and new moon triggering the eclipses. In other words, May will be the start of another roller-coaster season. Both Jupiter and Neptune will station in mid-June. These two stationary planets will also form a quincunx, resulting a rather busy period. In late July and early August, there will be another Jupiter-Pluto square. This is the 3rd Jupiter-Pluto square that we have discussed in this forecast, and this is the start of another moon wobble phrase (2 Aug to 23 Aug). After this moon wobble, we see another Jupiter-Saturn sextile. If the first two JupiterPluto squares bring forth market uplift, I beg your attention for this one – with the Jupiter sextile following right after it, this square is hard to predict. If it brings forth one more market boost, the sextile and the stationary Saturn worth our notice. If the performance of major markets in this period is brilliant, pay attention to Uranus stations (30 Jul to 8 Aug) and this sextile. Somehow this will be a crisis point. In October, there will be a Saturn-North Node trine and a Saturn-Chiron square, and it will once again be a moon wobble phrase (28 Oct to 18 Nov), not to mention those triggering lunar phrases that we have listed above. The Saturn-Uranus trine in early November symbolises another confrontation between the merchants and the government. In late November, there will be Pluto-North Node quincunx. Quincunx is important in financial astrology. At the same time, Neptune stations and full moon will trigger the lunar eclipse. After that, we finally receive the climax of the year – Jupiter-Saturn semi-square. This will be the last 45 degree of this Jupiter-Saturn synodic cycle, a disseminating phrase. Go check what a disseminating moon means and you know what is implied by this semi-square. If 2016 is a hell, 2017 could possibly be a purgatory. A disseminating phrase means letting go of everything unnecessary in order to welcome a new cycle in 2020. This semi-square is a very important signal. These are only a summary of important aspects in 2017. You can make use of them when making decision on investment. You can also apply these transits and aspects onto your own natal chart and see if you are suitable to invest in these timings. If Saturn-Neptune aspect or Jupiter-Saturn aspect are in my 2nd house, I will definitely be extra careful when investing.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Declination 2017 Chiron will be at 0 degree throughout the year 28 Jan to 3 Feb: Mars at 0 degree of declination 13 May to 30 Jun: Mars out of bound 17 Jun to 30 Jun: Mercury out of bound 23 Oct to 31 Oct: Mars at 0 degree of declination 10 Nov to 8 Dec: Mercury out of bound 23 Dec to 4 Jan: Venus out of bound We all know that an out-of-bound planet will bring forth restless situations or events. When Venus is out of bound, the financial market often appears an unreasonable high price for stocks or commodities. 0 degree of declination bears similar symbolic meaning. When Mars is at 0 degree of declination in Jan 2017, it will also be moon wobble phrase. When Mars is out of bound in May, it is also another moon wobble phrase. When it comes to major global events, we often see multiple symbols or implications of planets. Mars will once again at 0 degree in October, slightly overlap with another moon wobble phrase. Chiron will be at 0 degree declination throughout 2017. If you are familiar with the concept of declination, you should understand that Chiron being here is not funny at all.

Planetary Stations In financial astrology, we should always focus on the stations of outer planets. First of all, pay attention to 18 Feb to 25 May during which Saturn approaches Galactic Centre. It will pass through this point, stations and go back passing this point again. Last time Saturn passing by this point was 1988. It was when Eastern Europe prepared to outburst their social movements. The strike in Poland led to various subsequent events, finally resulting in revolution of the eastern European states. In 1987 to 1988, Latin America was also undergoing financial crisis. USSR then also experienced a similar crisis, leading to the fall of the communist government. In this chain of events, we see how financial crisis led to political upheavals, and this theme might possibly repeat when Saturn once again passes through the Galactic Centre. Now, back to 2017, when Saturn first approaches this point in February, we also have Uranus-Pluto square and moon wobble. Saturn will once again pass by Galactic Centre from 15 Nov to 10 Dec. Although there is no eclipses in this period, there is a moon wobble phrase and the lunar phrases within this time frame all trigger the solar eclipse of 2017. This placement alone is scary enough. In 2015 Christmas when Uranus stationed, global markets plunged to a trough. We should pay attention to another Uranus station which takes place in Christmas again in 2016. I do not suggesting laying too much emphasis on inner planet stations, but when Mercury station coincides with Uranus station, maybe we can pay attention to one or two days before and after Mercury stations. I doubt whether the global market will repeat what happened in January 2016.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 There will be a Saturn station in August, during which solar eclipse, lunar eclipse and moon wobble will take place. It is worth our attention. In November and December, Neptune station and Mercury retrograde will coincide with Saturn‘s passing by Galactic Centre and all those triggering of eclipses by lunar phrases. We can sum up that May, Aug and Nov 2017 will be rather chaotic.

Rod Chang has studied astrology for over twenty years, both through selfstudy and through the LSA and the Faculty of Astrological Studies. His favourite aspects are mundane astrology and a humanistic approach to astrology. He has written a number of books on astrology in Chinese and has taught it in Mandarin for around ten years. He is co-founder of the Academy of Astrology with Jupiter Lai, which aims to promote Western Astrology to Chinese speakers . Rod is also working closely with other Asian astrologers in Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, China and Hong Kong in order to establish an Asian astrology network.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Pop Divas, Vocal Range and Whistle Tones Wendy Stacey This article was first published in the AA Journal

There are several factors which ‗define‘ a pop diva today. It is not just the ability to sing (and well), or to be able to belt their voice or hold a note, but, increasingly, the vocal range of female singers defines their status as a diva, particularly those who can sing a whistle tone, also known as the whistle register and once reserved only for sopranos in operas. To possess all these qualities is quite rare. Divas such as Yma Sumac (13 September 1922 – 1 November 2008), a phenomenal Peruvian singer, remarkably with no professional training, was extremely popular throughout the Americas for her incredible voice range that spanned over five octaves. She also held several whistle tones (similar to a bird sound) through the course of her career. Minnie Riperton (8 November 1947 – 12 July 1979), singer of the hit ‗Lovin You‘ in 1975 and who died at the young age of 32, was known to have a vocal range which extended over five and a half octaves. Mariah Carey can be seen as the contemporary equivalent to these divas and holds the record for the highest note ever recorded in a live performance to date while singing ‗Emotions‘ at the MTV award in 1991. Her vocal range also spans an incredible five octaves.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Christina Aguilera is another diva who sings in whistle tones and whose vocal range spans over four octaves. Both women have also been highly acclaimed for their ability to achieve chest belt notes and for holding them for up to twenty seconds. Some others, such as X-Factor winner Leona Lewis and Pop Idol winner Kelly Clarkson have also hit the whistle tone, but do not carry the same high voice range as Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera. Lewis‘s vocal range is just over 3 octaves and Clarkson‘s is just under 3 octaves. Divas such as Whitney Houston (vocal range of five octaves), Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, Diana Ross and Beyonce Knowles have hit incredibly high notes, but these are belted and held notes. Although they have not reached the high vocal range of their other contemporaries, these women have still contributed to setting an impressive benchmark in the industry. Brazilian singer Georgia Brown holds the Guinness record for the highest note ever recorded and is believed to have a vocal range which extends 8 octaves. Australian and Spanish singer Adam Lopez holds the Guinness record for the highest note a male has ever recorded. Unfortunately, both singers‘ birth details have been unobtainable. Although these records have since been challenged, they have yet to be verified as beaten. So, let‘s take a look at the charts of the divas mentioned and see what they may have in common. I have often found that those with Mercury in Taurus or those with Mercury-Venus conjunctions tend to have good singing voices. Taurus, which rules the throat, or Venus which adds beauty and harmony to the Mercury expression can often manifest in talented vocals. Before studying the charts of the singers mentioned, I expected to find these configurations along with a lot of Leo as, after all, they are all divas! Leo would love the fame and recognition and the opportunity to perform on stage. However, neither of these signatures was apparent. The most commonly shared theme in the charts of these divas is Mars and Aries – these factors are present in all the charts we will consider here, particularly through the luminaries – the Sun and Moon. The prevalence of Mars in these charts could indicate the pioneering, driven and crusading quality in them all. Mariah, Leona, Celine, Aretha and Diana all have the Sun in Aries, while Whitney and Celine have Aries Moons. Christina has Moon trine Mars (as Leona may have), and Minnie and Diana have Sun square Mars (Yma had this aspect too, but widely squared). Celine has Moon conjunct Mars. Kelly, Beyonce and Leona have minor aspects (semi sextiles or semi square) between their Sun and Mars, and both Mariah and Whitney both have an unaspected Mars (even from minor aspects). Out of all of these charts, only Aretha had a major aspect (square) between her Mars and Mercury. Also, 13-14º of Taurus was a significant point in many of the charts. Mariah and Leona have Mars at 14º Taurus, Celine has Mars at 13º. Christina has her Moon at 14º Taurus (conjunct Chiron) and Diana has her Moon at 13º. Kelly has her Moon at 18º Taurus in a stellium with Mercury and Chiron. This may be an interesting degree to watch out for when looking at astrological signatures of vocal range. Perhaps not surprisingly, Mercury aspects to Pluto are another common signature in these charts, with Whitney and Kelly having Mercury conjunct Pluto, Celine has Mercury opposite Pluto, Yma and Minnie have a square between Mercury and Pluto and Christina has a sextile between these two planets. Mercury aspects to Pluto may indicate an ability to draw the breath from deep within, hold it and give power to the voice and expression. Sue Tompkins writes of Mercury-Pluto aspects; ‗the


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 individual can express themselves with great power ... to the extent that they render others overwhelmed, speechless‘ (Tompkins:1989, 178). Mercury aspects to Chiron were also evident in a majority of the charts, with Minnie and Mariah having Mercury conjunct Chiron and Yma and Whitney having Mercury opposite Chiron. This may manifest as the unique gift and the burden that accompanies the experience of owning such a voice, along with the strain and the pain they endure (as well as in their songs) with both the expression in their voice and the words that they sing. What I found most surprising was that, besides Leona, none of the other charts had Mercury close to the Sun. As Mercury and Venus always remain close to the Sun, they have a higher probability of conjoining the Sun and each other. Leona‘s Sun is only 14 minutes from her Mercury. Minnie and Mariah have conjunctions of about 4º and 5.5º, the rest have no conjunctions at all. Similarly, only Leona and Celine have Mercury conjunct Venus – the others have no conjunctions or even sextiles between the planets. Curiously, in the charts of more than half these women, Mercury is more than 20º away from the Sun. It is almost as if Mercury is more able to express itself in such a unique way if it is distant from the Sun – this is something I wouldn‘t have expected to find but was interested to discover. Only Minnie and Leona have Mercury retrograde. This is another interesting point – that Mercury direct is a common theme for these women. Minnie‘s Mercury would have gone direct by progression at age 9, which is the age she started her voice lessons. Leona‘s Mercury would have gone direct at age 4-5, when she started at the Sylvia Young Theatre School. Many of the birth times for these charts could not be found, so the angles and houses could hold further clues about what these divas have in common. Possibly a few Leo Ascendants and Midheavens might be expected, as would planets (particularly the Sun) around the 10th house and MC, although, as with the rest of their charts, the results may not be as we might expect! Of course, there are several other female divas that we have not considered here, and several male voices as well. If readers have more data or information on this subject, I would be very interested to hear from you. ~ Websites Yma Sumac Biography and Birth Details (source: birth certificate), at [Website accessed 30 December 2008]. Minnie Riperton, at [Website accessed 30 December 2008]. Data Yma Sumac. Birth details: 13 September 1922, Cajamarca, Peru. Birth time unknown, noon chart used. Source: birth certificate from above website. Minnie Riperton. Birth details: 08 November 1947, Chicago, Illinois. Birth time unknown, noon chart used. Source: website above.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Mariah Carey. Birth details: 27 March 1970, Long Island, New York, Birth time unknown, noon chart used. Source: Wikipedia . Christina Aguilera. Birth details: 18 December 1980, Staten Island, New York, 10.46. Source: Frank Clifford. Leona Lewis. Birth details: 03 April 1985, London, UK, Birth time unknown, noon chart used. Source: Wikipedia. Whitney Houston. Birth details: 09 August 1963, Newark, New Jersey, 20.55, Source: Clifford data. Celine Dion. Birth details: 30 March 1968, Charlemagne, Canada, 12.15, Source: Frank Clifford. Aretha Franklin. Birth details: 25 March 1942, Memphis, Tennessee, 22.30, Source: Clifford data. Diana Ross. Birth details: 26 March 1944, Detroit, Michigan, 23.46, Source: Clifford data. Kelly Clarkson. Birth details: 24 April 1982, Fort Worth, Texas, 12.00, Birth time unknown, noon chart used. Source: Wikipedia. Beyonce Knowles. Birth details: 04 September 1981, Houston, Texas, Birth time unknown, noon chart used. Source: Wikipedia. Biography

Wendy Stacey, B.A, M.A, Dip LSA, Chairperson for the Astrological Association of GB, principal of the international Mayo School of Astrology and tutor for the London School of Astrology. Author of Consulting with Astrology (2011) and Uranus Square Pluto (2012). She has written over 50 articles for the Astrological Journal. Media experience includes radio and appearing on television in the UK, USA, and ABC‘s Good Morning America (USA).


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Humours, seasons & cycles – the Elements in traditional astrology Marcos Patchett

The four Elements of Greek philosophy, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, are best known to astrologers as the Triplicities, the groups of three zodiac signs assigned to each Element. The Elements were conceived of as the materials which came together to form the building blocks of all matter, not in the contemporary sense of atoms aggregating to form the chemical elements of the periodic table though – in fact the term atomos, meaning ‗indivisible‘, was originated by the Hellenic philosopher Leucippus and his protégée Democritus in the 5th century B.C. In Elemental theory, however, Elements were essences which gave rise to material objects, like the difference between a pure coloured light and a real-world pigment approximating the same colour. Thus real fire was predominantly made from Elemental Fire, but contained portions of the other three Elements too – Earth in its fuel and soot, Water and Air in any vapours or fumes produced. Each Element was a product of two qualities: either of the active qualities of heat and cold, together with one of the passive qualities of moisture or dryness. Active qualities were described as such because they acted on matter to produce the passive qualities – thus heat makes dryness (as the sun‘s heat dries up the earth), whereas cold creates moisture (as the night‘s cold produces dew and condensation). Also inherent in the theory is that prolonged exposure to one active quality would eventually create its opposite, via the agency of the passive qualities – thus excessive heat produces dryness, which is dispersive, and produces cold; the moisture the cold attracts is aggregative, and absorbs heat, which eventually neutralises the cold. The Elements produced by the interaction of the four qualities were each thought to have one predominant quality – Fire was chiefly hot, Air was moist, Water was cold, and Earth mainly dry. The interaction of the Elements caused the ‗generation, duration or conservation, corruption, and destruction‘ of everything in existence. The Elements had paradoxical functions: despite its destructive potential, Fire caused ‗movement of nature towards generation‘, as it was the source of inspiration, motivation, motion and desire. Earth caused ‗conservation or duration‘, as its nature was solid, coherent and unmoving. Although Air is necessary for life, it was the source of ‗corruption‘, just as warmth and moisture is conducive to decay. And Water, though necessary for crops and people to grow and flourish, was the source of ‗destruction‘, perhaps by allusion to the Biblical flood./1/ Yet the astrological Water signs are also ‗fertile‘, Air signs are ‗human and courteous‘/2/ , and the dry Fire and Earth signs were associated with the least altruistic temperaments, feisty cholerics and grumpy melancholics. Further nuance is supplied by Arabic medieval astrology: Abu Ma‘shar describes how Fire signs ‗come together and fill‘, as opposed to Water signs, which ‗pour forth and take‘; Air signs ‗give and


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 empty‘ whereas Earth signs denote ‗the giving of wealth and property‘./3/ The Fire signs‘ subtitle is suggestive of initiative, inspiration, collaboration, and enthusiastic creativity, whereas the Water signs‘ soundbite resembles a perfect description of the healing potential of empathy or the destructive power of unbridled emotional response. Earth‘s association with wealth and property is the easiest to grasp, given Earth‘s inherent materiality and the literal mining of precious metals from the ground. Air‘s ‗give and empty‘ sounds like an allusion to commerce, transaction, and discourse; Air being the medium of speech, which contains nothing but imparts much. The Elements may also be arranged in order of density, or closeness to God in the Medieval worldview – the most rarefied, and lightest, was Fire, descending through Air, to Water, then Earth as the densest and most compact. While Earth supplied structure, Water enabled conduction and plasticity, Air permitted more fluid movement and exchange, and Fire animated and created porosity and physical transmutation. The 16th century occultist Agrippa writes that Fire is constantly ‗secretly increasing of itself, and manifesting its greatness to things that receive it…it will of a sudden reduce things into obedience to itself‘. He divides Fire into that ‗above‘, perhaps analogous to the Sun, which gives light and life, and ‗infernal fire‘, which seem to partake of a more Martial nature, which dries, darkens, and consumes. Thus Fire, like charisma or ego, can inspire or destroy. Air, he says, is ‗a vital spirit, passing through all beings…Hebrew doctors reckon it not amongst the Elements, but count it as a medium or glue, joining things together...It immediately receives into itself all the influences of the celestial bodies, and then communicates them‘. He avers that Air rules all impressions of the mind, and is responsible for the transmission of dreams, thoughts, and impressions. Thus Air is the chief element of thought, sensation, and communication. Water, according to Agrippa, is the Element of ‗spiritual regeneration‘: ‗it was the first of the Elements, and the most potent…it hath mastery over all the rest…waters swallow up the earth, extinguish flames, ascend on high, and by the stretching forth of clouds, challenge the heaven for their own: the same falling down become the cause of all things that grow in the earth.‘ This may be interpreted as a description of Water as emotion – from lows to highs, capable of dousing rage or enthusiasm, exalting, oppressing, and giving rise via the medium of desire to the generation of new things or new life. Finally, Agrippa says of Earth that it is the ‗foundation of all the Elements‘, and ‗contains the seed of all things…the mother of all things‘./4/ It need only be ‗made fruitful‘ by the other Elements. Earth is the basis of any real-world achievement, but its otherwise dormant potential must be activated by the other three mobile Elements. Elements constantly gave rise to and destroy each other. The heat and moisture of Air eventually increases in dryness and heat (as heat causes dryness, which allows more heat to be produced), creating Fire. The heat and dryness of Fire eventually burns down as the dryness disperses the heat to leave a cold, dry residue of Earth; and Earth‘s active coldness aggregates moisture, creating Water. Eventually Water, being moist, passively gathers enough heat to create Air, re-initiating the cycle. Think of a forest fire: warm, moist springtime foliage gradually dries out, catches fire; fire burns forest to ash; from the ash-enriched soil springs succulent new plant life. This Air-Fire-Earth-Water cycle was seen as analogous to the seasons, the four ages of man, the cycles of day and night, and human morphology, personality attributes, and susceptibility to diseases in the form of the ‗four humours‘ of ancient Greek and medieval medicine – Blood, Choler, Melancholy, and Phlegm. [See table below]. Because the interplay of the four Elements was seen as the cause of all material things, knowing anything‘s Elemental makeup enabled predictions about its function or behaviour.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

The four humours are really analogies for physical processes, but came to be thought of as actual fluids or substances from which human and animal bodies were made. Different organs of the body had different qualities and abounded in one humour: thus the brain, being slightly cool and moist, contained and produced much phlegm, whereas the liver, being hot and moist, contained and produced much blood. A person‘s humoral balance – their Elemental balance – determined their Temperament: the foundations of their character, disease susceptibility, and clues to who they may or may not get on with - no synastry involved! Thus a choleric (Fiery) person may not get on with a Phlegmatic (Watery) person. However most people had compound Temperaments, so a Choleric-Phlegmatic (more Fire than Water) person might well get on with a Phlegmatic-Choleric (more Water than Fire) person, as like speaks to like, creating empathy. Here‘s where things get more interesting for astrologers. In traditional astrology, the Temperament wasn‘t calculated simply by looking at the zodiac signs the planets were in. The signs certainly symbolised Elements, but so did the planets. Cold and dry Saturn (Earth), cool and moist Moon and Venus (Water), hot and dry Sun and Mars (Fire), hot and moist Jupiter (Air) – plus Mercury, basically cool and dry (Earth) when left on his own, but like quicksilver, he could take on the attributes of the other Elements when heated or cooled by sign or planetary aspect or conjunction. Of these, not all were equal; the Malefic planets Saturn and Mars, in particular, represent extremes, whereas Benefic Jupiter and Venus represent temperate conditions. Thus Venus will provide a tasty ice cream on a hot day, the Moon supplies a cool glass of water, then Saturn comes along and shuts you in a meat locker. Jupiter gives a day of gentle breezes on a warm tropical beach, the Sun gives you a tan, then Mars arrives in the form of a hotel fire and gives you third degree burns. But of course The Sun and Moon, though they tend to good, can be intemperate: by conjunction, the Sun performs combustion, literally destruction by fire; and an extreme Moon can scald like water in a cooking-pot or chill like a polar sea. Yet there are anomalies – much like the association between astrological houses and signs, the synonyms should not be overplayed, because the planetary symbolism has more complex derivations and overlays. Thus Saturn, the planet of Melancholy, also rules old age, whereas the youthful planets Venus and the Moon are associated with Phlegm, the most dominant humour in old age. The Moon symbolises babies and those who care for them, and Venus, young women. Notwithstanding allusions to one‘s ‗second childhood‘, this is not a good argument for replacing Saturn as the chief planetary significator of the aging process. While the planet-Element symbolic crossover is reliable, the allegory should not be extended to all the other real-world manifestations of a dominant Element. Thus Mars, which is Fiery and choleric, represents both young soldiers and middle-aged men in the most active phase of their career. Mars‘ symbolic resonance with spirited youth supports the Elemental analogy to summer‘s heat, but Mars‘ second signification of middle age is derived from its


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 position in the Chaldean order of planets, just below Jupiter and Saturn – life begins with the Moon, and climbs up to Saturn with age, via Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, and Jupiter. Similarly, signs and Elements are not always symbolically contiguous: for example, the Fixed signs represent the middle of seasons of the year, yet the Sun is in cold and dry Taurus in the northern hemisphere‘s Spring, not Autumn; and while this placement may work for the Southern hemisphere, the Sun in Aquarius is the middle of northern winter (cold and wet) and southern summer (hot and dry), neither of which match the symbolic Elemental nature of Taurus. Thus while the Elements were seen to be concentrated in particular planets and signs, planets and signs also carried other significations, to be interpreted independently of their Elemental nature. When calculating Temperament, the season and Moon phase were taken into account, as were prominent planets in the chart; the phase of the planet relative to the Sun was also seen as a modifying factor in the Elemental signification of a planet. There are various methods of calculating Temperament, which would be an article to itself – the most concise is to be found in Dorian Greenbaum‘s excellent book on the subject, and this method produces fairly reliable results. The one refinement to this method (much more concise and carefully researched than many historical examples, whose results are demonstrably discontinuous with their interpretation) is that angular or prominent planets in a chart should also be accounted for – it‘s not to be expected that a person with an angular Saturn will be a pure Sanguine type, even if they are a Springtime baby, born just after the new Moon, with every planet in air signs – there will be at least a smattering of Melancholy in the nature. The Sect of the chart – whether the chart is daytime (increasing heat) or night-time (increasing cold) is also another nuance – a night-time birth with angular Saturn would emphasise Melancholy much more than a daytime birth, for example. The Elemental symbolism of the signs and planets, and the clear Elemental association of the seasons was made use of in weather astrology. Weather was predicted chiefly using the Moon by sign and aspect, Lots, and planetary motion relative to the seasons (i.e. the Sun‘s sign placement). So, for example, if the superior planets Mars, Jupiter or Saturn were retrograde in any of the three ‗summer signs‘ of Cancer, Leo, or Virgo /5/ , their heat would be increased. This was because their retrogradation brings them closer to the Sun, and they are placed in the ‗summer‘ signs. In combination with the season of the year, a consensus could be produced – thus Jupiter retrograde in Leo at the Sun‘s ingress into Capricorn would indicate a milder winter, while Saturn direct in Leo would suggest a much colder one. In this technique, the planets‘ essential Elemental symbolism is secondary to seasonal and epicyclic symbolism. But in general, the signs‘ and planets‘ Elemental nature was made use of: the Water triplicity and the wintry Air sign Aquarius were described as ‗rainy signs‘, and ‗each Malefic will enhance the heat or cold of a sign that matches it, while counteracting the qualities of a sign which does not‘. Thus Saturn in Air signs in an ingress chart suggests ‗cold winds‘ for the season, while Mars in air signs, ‗hot or strong winds‘. /6/ So, taking the preceding information into account, we can view a chart through this traditional Elemental lens. We shall calculate Temperament, then – separately – look at the nature of prominent planets, and planets in signs; and, borrowing from weather astrology, use Malefics in signs to enhance similar qualities or repress contrary ones. Let us look at the chart of a popular statesman. There has been some debate about whether the new U.S. president‘s birth time is correct. For those who have total sensory deprivation and may not know of Donald Trump, he is a very proud, gingertoupeed politician, never shy of an opinion, extremely vocal, good with soundbites, who uses quite bellicose language and espouses some very divisive opinions yet has been known to adapt his public policy – at least apparently – very rapidly. He is hostile to foreigners and a fierce U.S. nationalist, and


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 a very, very rich man. This is the chart of a man with Leo rising and Mars, ruling the 9th house of foreigners and 4th house of land and heritage, conjunct the Ascendant. His Ascendant ruler is the Sun in Gemini in the 11th house of fortune, conjoined with the North Node – which inflates fortune, ego, and, in this case, volume – and Uranus, the contrary and individualistic planet. He also happens to have the fixed star Regulus, signifying kingship, on his Ascendant, and the highly malefic fixed star Algol, signifying ‗losing one‘s head‘ – but also considered a star of wealth – close to the Midheaven. Mr. Trump has had many failed business endeavours, and there are whispers of possible impeachment or legal trouble due to former shady business dealings; even Regulus is said to bring fame which ‗sets in a cloud‘./7/ However – we shall focus on the Elements.

Temperamentally, using Ms. Greenbaum‘s method, Mr. Trump is predominantly Choleric [Fiery]. He has some secondary Sanguine [Airy] attributes, as we may expect of a politician – being good at communication – but the Fiery element dominates. He has Mars conjunct the Ascendant, which would increase this tendency – especially in a daytime chart and a Fire sign, although Mars isn‘t retrograde, being further away from the Sun, and is occidental (sets after the Sun), both of which factors slightly reduce its elemental heat,. However this is a very Fiery, choleric man:


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 ‗All violent and fierce and full of fire, Of quick conceit and therewithal ambitious, Their thoughts to greater fortunes still aspire. Proud, bountiful enough, yet oft malicious, A right bold speaker and as bold a liar.‘ /8/ Taking another leaf from traditional astrology, we can look at the native‘s manner – how they think and express themselves. A planet in the Ascendant is most representative, and again this would be Mars – thus Fiery exhortations to ‗come together and fill‘ and ‗move towards generation‘ are tinged with Agrippa‘s ‗infernal fire‘ of destructive Mars-nature: this man thinks and acts in ways that bring people together and motivate them with purposes which may be destructive or divisive. With the significator of manners conjoined to Regulus, he ‗desires to bear rule, or is desirous of dominion over others‘. /9/ Interestingly, if we pursue the modern method of counting planets in signs, there are 3 points of Fire (Ascendant, Mars, and Moon), 3 points of Water (Venus, Mercury and Saturn), 1 Air (Sun), and no Earth. The Water element emphasis seems highly unlikely for Trump, but in traditional astrology, Moon and Mercury take second place as indicative of the native‘s manner in this case. Mercury in the Water Element may designate someone who privately thinks with their feelings; who speaks with and from emotion, in speech the native may ‗pour fourth and take‘, communicating with feeling. The Fiery Moon is stunted by her conjunction with the South Node; she may have promoted greater compassion, with the zeal to motivate others, but for this. Yet in terms of the native‘s Wit – his intelligence – Moon on either of the Nodes produces ‗active spirits, prompt to any Science, best of all when she increases in light, and is not far from the full‘./10/ This must be moderated by the fact that Moon and Mercury have no aspect to each other – being in aversion, they declaim ‗a dull and doltish Capacity or Wit‘. Jupiter‘s aspect to Mercury by whole-sign square will ameliorate this somewhat, but Saturn‘s co-presence in Cancer would aggravate it, further darkening and chilling the speed of reasoning; as if his private thoughts are kept in a hidden tank of cold Water. So we may have a man who is inspired with an insatiable need (Moon in Fire on the South Node) and Fiery passion to absorb information and declaim it, with a faulty, emotionally-obscured Watery understanding of the same (Mercury in Water square Neptune, with Saturn, in the 12th sign). The lack of Earth in Trump‘s chart has been commented on by astrologers; the thinking is, perhaps he overcompensates by being rich? Certainly the traditional view of Earth as an element which contains the potential for creation, wealth and building structure would suggest it is a prerequisite for financial success. But recall that Mr. Trump himself has not had an untarnished record with fiscal dealings – rather like a paper fire, he has burned bright and flamed out on a number of occasions. Perhaps the idea here is a lack of stability, or of having no foundation – the Earth which he waters to garner his wealth is not his own, but inherited, and the lack of Earth may suggest his fortune depends on his North-Node-boosted Solar gold in the 11th house, in Air, the Element of communication which transmits ‗dreams, thoughts, and impressions‘. The possibility of fraud or exaggeration is underlined by the presence of a Mercury-Neptune square. So while a study of the Elements cannot say much by itself, an understanding of their nature is crucial to delineating character, motivation, and action in astrology. The traditional view has much to add –


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 we should be careful about discarding the past. Rather we should dig into it to find the treasures that lie hidden there. What Agrippa says of Earth is true of our astrological tradition, and our need to reexamine it to refine our art, and, paradoxically, to keep it progressing: ‗In it are great secrets, if at any time it shall be purified by the help of Fire, and reduced unto its simplicity by a convenient washing. It is the first matter of our creation, and the truest medicine that can restore, and preserve us.‘ /11/ ~ 1 Bonatti, 1491. 2 Lilly, 1647. 3 Ma‘shar, c.850. 4 Agrippa, 1651. 5 When the Sun is in these signs in the Northern hemisphere, it‘s summer. Presumably the opposite signs of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces should be used for the Southern hemisphere. 6 Dykes, 2013. 7 Robson, 2005. 8 Tobyn, 1997. 9 Lilly, 1647. 10 Ibid. 11 Agrippa, 1651. Bibliography Agrippa, H.C. [ed. Tyson, D.; trans. Freake, F.] (1651, repub.2012 ) Three Books of Occult Philosophy. Sourcebooks, MN, U.S.A.


Bonatti, G. [trans. Zoller, R.; ed. Hand, R.] (1491, trans.1994). Liber Astronomiae Part II. Golden Hind Press, USA. Dykes, B. (2013) Astrology of the World 1: The Ptolemaic Inheritance. Cazimi Press, MN, U.S.A. Lilly, W. (1647; repub. 2004). Christian Astology, Books I & II. Astrology Classics, U.S.A. Lilly, W. (1647; repub. 2005). Christian Astology, Book III. Astrology Classics, U.S.A. Greenbaum, D. (2005) Temperament: Astrology‘s Forgotten Key. The Wessex Astrologer, U.K. Ma‘shar, Abu [ed. & trans. Burnett, C.] (c.850, trans. 1994) The Abbreviation of the Introduction to Astrology. ARHAT, U.S.A. Ptolemy, C. [trans. Ashmand, J.] (5th Century, repub. 2002) Tetrabiblos: The famous paraphrase by Proclus. Astrology Classics, USA. Robson, V. (2005) The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology. Astrology Classics, MD, U.S.A. Tobyn, G. (1997). Culpeper‘s Medicine. Element Books, U.K.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Marcos is a medical herbalist and medical astrologer. He received several academic awards while studying herbal medicine, and gained the London School of Astrology‘s Certificate in 2006, since when he has developed his knowledge of traditional astrology through reading, home study, and experience in practice. He is particularly interested in the practical application of astrology, specialising in medical and horary techniques, which he uses primarily as an adjunct in the treatment of private herbal medicine clients. He is currently a clinic supervisor for Middlesex University‘s herbal medicine BSc & MSc courses, and practices from Neal‘s Yard remedies‘ Therapy Rooms in Covent Garden. Marcos is currently conducting clinical research on the possible benefits of chocolate in sickle cell anaemia, while studying medieval & classical medical astrology, and writing his first book on the pharmaceutical history & usage of cacao.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

The High Priestess, Major Arcana II Experiencing Your High Priestess Tara Aal

The temperature seems to change as you feel something in your bones and the fine hairs on the back of your neck stand on end; your instincts are powerful. You can‘t will this part of you into action. Sometimes you must wait until you are still and quiet enough to receive the memories, images and symbols that arise in your unconscious. It‘s dark here, darkness that protects what is not ready to be seen or felt. You turn your vision inward, accessing the Mystery from within. Thinking too much blocks intuition and inner sense of knowing, so you may appear irrational and mysterious to others. Your world of emotions and the emotions of others interest you more than data, news and facts. You meet yourself and others in the light of the Moon, which is ever changing. Sometimes you see more and sometimes you see less. Sometimes you see what is not visibly there. Your instinctual psychic ability is strong. You feel people, knowing what they need, what they crave and what they hide.

Interpreting the High Priestess The High Priestess is associated with the Moon. She represents the instinctual, mysterious Divine Feminine aspects of ourselves. In a Tarot reading, she is often making us aware of an inner knowing and the need to trust our intuition. Images and promptings that come from our dreams and hunches unfold into stories and guidance if we are patient and open ourselves to receive. The Moon represents, in part, our instinctual responses and what we feel in our bones and blood. The High Priestess does not represent the full range of Moon used in Astrology, but she does represent instinct and our ability to tune into and trust our instincts. She teaches us to be quiet and listen to the voice within. She is the keeper and revealer of secrets and answers living deep inside of us.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 In the DruidCraft Tarot Deck, the High Priestess stands with her arms up in the air, reaching towards a waxing crescent Moon. She aligns perfectly with the Moon‘s New (soli-lunar) phase, as the first sliver of light becomes visible. The Moon is just getting started in her cycle with the Sun. It‘s still a feeling or idea nestled in the dark, just starting to give light, hinting at what it might become. At this point in the journey, we are learning to trust the parts of us we cannot fully see or understand. In the darkness, we can most easily spot the light, but this light is not like that of the Sun. It does not rise each morning. Just like the Moon in our skies, our inner Light shines with seeming mysteriousness. It‘s always there and never really changing, but our relationship with it is often quite the opposite. We always see what we want to see and pretend to be looking for more. Sometimes the kindest thing we can do for ourselves is to believe in our own wisdom and even further, believe in our wisdom to reveal to ourselves in the amount, intensity and timing we are truly ready to receive. Too much light can be blinding and scorch our premature stirrings before they have roots and a sturdy lifeline. The High Priestess is a number II. The Twos are about relationships and choices. With the High Priestess, we experience our relationship with our unconscious nature and inner wisdom; our lunar landscape. The Moon and the High Priestess initiate us into the Mysteries of life. We are the gateway…the two pillars of ourselves that polarize from One, giving ourselves full access to the space between.

Tara is an artist expressing through a variety of mediums. She practices Astrology and Tarot, having studied Evolutionary Astrology with Laura Nalbandian and Soulsign Astrology with Adam Gainsburg. Tara is Co-Host on Conscious Talk Radio‘s The Women‘s Hour on 1150AM KKNW, Seattle‘s Alternative Talk Radio.


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Nicolaus Rensberger‘s Judgment of Temperament Peter Stockinger

The origins of Temperament are believed to be found in ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia, but it was the Greek physician Hippocrates (460–370 BC) who first developed it into a medical theory. The theory of the 4 Temperaments suggests that there are four fundamental personality types, choleric, melancholic, sanguine and phlegmatic.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 The choleric temperament is associated with the element of fire and people who are predominately choleric are thought to be enthusiastic, optimistic, assertive, and often aggressive.

The melancholic temperament is associated with the element of earth and people who are predominately melancholic are thought to be analytical, studious people who can be very unsociable.

The sanguine temperament is associated with the element of air and people who are predominately sanguine are thought to be generally friendly, happy people who can be very versatile and adaptable.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 The phlegmatic temperament is associated with the element of water and people who are predominately phlegmatic are thought to be sensitive, introvert people with a strong emotional emphasis.

Traditionally, Astrologers who were working with natal charts based their delineations on their client‘s temperament. A thorough analysis made it possible for them to understand their predispositions as well as their needs. We know that astrological practitioners like Schöner, Lilly, Culpeper or Partridge used temperamental analysis, but with the exception of Lilly, none of them provided the interested student with practical examples that showed how they put theory into practice. A few years ago, I discovered an astrological textbook published by a 16th century German astrologer which does not seem to be commonly known amongst British astrologers. The title of this book is Astronomia Teutsch, or German Astronomy, and it was first published in Augsburg in the year 1568 by Nicolaus Rensberger. It seems to have been a fairly successful book, having been reprinted each year between 1568 and 1578. Examples of these editions are preserved in different German libraries. I had access to the 1569 and 1570 edition, which are virtually identical and my translation is based on the 1570 edition. We do not know much about Rensberger, whose Latinised name was Nicolai Rensbergensis, apart from the fact that he was a mathematician and an astrologer who lived in Germany. I have only been able to find four more books by this author; two about geometry, one with a clerical theme and one astrological almanac. His main work, the Astronomia Teutsch, is an 800page textbook that is split into four books. Book One teaches the student the calculation of the positions of the planets and the erecting of a birth chart. In Book Two he explains the meaning and effects of lunar and solar eclipses and revolutions. The third book teaches the interpretation of nativities and Book Four deals with directions and profections. It is in the third book, where I discovered a chapter called ―Of the Complexions‖. Here we find a method and an example of judging the temperament of a nativity.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Rensberger does not lose any time with an introduction and immediately lists the factors one needs to take into account to judge the complexion or temperament of a person. 1.

The rising sign


Its Lord


The sign the Moon is in


Its Lord


Moon‘s quarter of the year


Quarta Anni Solis


The sign the Sun is in


Its Lord


The Lord of birth


Look at the heavenly pictures rising with the rising sign

Next he introduces the qualities of the Planets: ―Saturn, cold & dry, melancholic Jupiter, warm & moist, sanguine Mars, hot & dry, choleric Venus, cold & moist, phlegmatic Mercury by himself is hot and dry. But when he is with other Planets who are hot and dry or warm and moist he will help to increase their qualities. He is doing this as well with other Planets being cold and dry or cold and moist. He is as well changing his nature according to the quality of the 12 heavenly signs. In cold: cold; in warm or hot: hot; in moist: moist. This is what Mercury does, and he transforms his nature according to the Planet or sign he comes to, as he is a helper and therefore he helps to be evil with the evil and to be good with the good. The Dragon‘s Head acts in the same way, which increases the good with the good and the evil with the evil. But the Dragon‘s Tail decreases evil in the evil and decreases good in the good. Everyone who would try to achieve something in this art should notice this difference.‖ Rensberger does not differentiate between oriental or occidental placements of the planets; and here we notice some differences from other authors, namely Venus being cold, moist and phlegmatic. William Lilly on the contrary claims Venus to be hot and moist when dealing with complexions. Lilly does not assign temperament to each of the planets, but from his statement at the beginning of the chapter about temperament in Christian Astrology, we can deduce that Venus, being hot and moist, is classed as being sanguine. If we look at the sources both authors might have drawn on, we can trace the origins of both claims back to Greek and Arab roots. Ptolemy‘s assignment of qualities shows us that he assigned hot and wet to Venus, whilst Abu Mashar and Al Biruni consider her to be cold and wet. It seems that Lilly


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 took on Ptolemy‘s approach, at least for oriental placing, although one has to be aware that he ascribes Venus with a cold and moist nature. Rensberger seems to have adopted the Arab astrologers‘ approach without the change in the oriental placing. Looking at Lilly‘s table, we can see for oriental placing (I do not count Mercury here at the moment, as Rensberger gives detailed instructions about how to determine the changing quality of Mercury): two planets being hot and moist, one planet hot and dry and one planet cold and moist. The cold and dry combination is completely missing. In the occidental placing we see: two planets hot and moist, one planet hot and dry and one planet cold and dry. The cold and moist placement is missing. In both cases we have three planets being hot and either moist or dry and only one planet being cold and moist or dry. In Rensberger‘s case we have a perfect balance between two planets being hot with dry or moist and two planets being cold with either dry or moist. Rensberger lists the quality of the Sun in the twelve signs next: ―When the Sun is in Aries, Taurus or Gemini, like in spring, he is seen as hot and moist. But when the Sun is in Cancer, Leo or Virgo, like in summer, he is hot and dry. But when the Sun is in Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius, like in the autumn, he is cold and dry. But when the Sun is in Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces, like in winter, he is cold and moist.‖

Next he attributes the qualities of the twelve signs:

―Aries, Leo, Sagittarius are hot and dry, choleric; Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn are cold and dry, melancholic; Gemini, Libra, Aquarius are warm and moist, sanguine; Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces are cold and moist, phlegmatic.‖

Finally Rensberger writes down the qualities of the quarters of the Moon:

―From new Moon to first quarter is warm and moist; From first quarter to full is hot and dry; From full to last quarter is cold and dry; From last quarter to new Moon is cold and moist. Because of these reasons one can find, as shown, the complexion of any person. The quality with the highest score is preferred, as the following example shows.‖


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

(Chart recreated after the original image in Astronomia Teutsch)

―Virgo ascendant



Mercury, his Lord



Moon in Capricorn



Saturn, its Lord



Sun in Capricorn



Saturn, its Lord



Mercury in Aquarius



Saturn, its Lord



Saturn, Almutem Figuris



Moon moving towards new



Sun in the winter quarter




INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

You see in this example which quality of the 4 moists one is overcoming the other. This is melancholia, has seven indicators while choler and phlegm have only two. Therefore you can show that melancholia is ruling this nativity. We say that this person is a melancholic. Therefore warm and moist food will be good for this person to stay in his quality. As well you are able to tell what is good for each complexion. For the sanguine, this is warm and moist, should have cold and dry food. The choleric, that is hot and dry, should have cold and moist food. The phlegmatic again, that is cold and moist, should have hot and dry food. The same goes for the blood letting, which I will tell you in the last one of my books. You shall know as well that Saturn and Mars create evil complexions if they are conjunct or in an evil aspect to the rising sign, the Sun or the Moon.‖ Here, Rensberger gives an example of how to judge temperament according to the points listed at the beginning of the chapter. He lists them in the order of 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,5,6. Number 10 (and an 11th point, which is the Lord of the Heavenly Sign), the heavenly pictures rising with the rising sign, must therefore be situated between numbers 6 and 9. He states that Mercury would be in Aquarius, which seems to be a printer‘s error, as the tropical sign of Capricorn Mercury is in suggests that the sidereal constellation of Sagittarius would have to be taken into consideration. He also gives warm/dry to this, which is correct for Sagittarius rather than Aquarius. To explain his thought process, we have to look at the following chapter with the title: ―Of the heavenly pictures and its nature and as well the bright stars which are in them, of first or second magnitude, what they mean if they rise with the rising sign and especially of those in the Zodiaco which are in the linea Ecliptica. When the star of the Virgin rises, which happens in the last ten degrees of Virgo, the native will be just, reasonable, shy, wise, understanding, fearful of God and a lover of the arts. But its bright star called spica Virginis will incline the native to farming and he will feed himself from the fruit of the earth. It shows as well that he will learn ‗high arts‘ and will have deep thoughts, especially if Mercury is well placed and in good aspect to this star.‖ Looking at the example it seems to me that Rensberger uses the Lord of the rising sign and its placement in the appropriate constellation (the heavenly picture) to determine the temperament. Another factor taken into consideration is the Lord of birth. Rensberger explains how this, the Almutem Figuris, can be found. ―For the fifth, look at the figures of the elements which is the Lord of birth. It is taken from 5 places namely Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Part of Fortune and the degree of the conjunction or prevention which has taken place before birth.‖ We know now how Rensberger determined temperament, but how did he apply it? He already mentioned dietary requirements according to the temperament of the native and refers us to the chapter about bloodletting. ―The first point concerning the bloodletting, which everybody should know, it has to be done in the opposite complexion; which means, if somebody would be choleric, he should let blood when the Moon is in a phlegmatic sign. You should as well know that the Moon, the Sun and the Ascendant


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 should not be afflicted by harmful Planets. Here is an example. On the days when the Moon, the Sun and the ascendant are in Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus or Leo, the native should neither take medicine nor should he let blood, or do anything else. As well it is dangerous if the Moon is in Pisces.‖ Unfortunately this is the only reference of significance I could find in the whole of Astronomia Teutsch.

Peter Stockinger has studied astrology in Austria and in Great Britain and has been practicing this art for nearly 30 years. He trained as a Cosmobiologist and Modern Astrologer in Vienna. In 1998 he moved to the United Kingdom and continued his astrological studies there. Studying the works of the English Master astrologers of the Renaissance and the 17th century closely, he soon realised that these were holding the key to a more precise form of astrology, with a strong emphasis of dealing with concrete everyday life questions. This stands in sharp contrast to the rather blurred, psychological approach some modern systems have to offer. He decided to concentrate mainly on traditional natal, electional, and horary astrology, but has recently expanded his interest, and began to experiment with predictive techniques found within the teachings of mundane astrology. His mundane forecasts, as well as his regularly updated Lunar Mansion Ephemeris and many other articles, can be found on his web log. Peter is also particularly interested in the history of astrology and the reintegration of astrology into the magical arts. Peter is a Master Astrologer with the Society of Astrologers, dedicated to the revival, study and practice of the authentic philosophy, astrology and astrological techniques of medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern Europe. He has published three books, and has also written numerous articles for the Journal of the Astrological Association of Great Britain, the Tradition Journal, and several astrological web logs. Peter‘s latest book, a lapidary and introduction into the use of astrological gemstones, has been published in May 2016. At the moment he is working on a forthcoming book about the lunar mansions. Email:


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Should I buy this property? Jupiter Lai

Buying and selling property is an important decision to many people as they usually have only a few transactions in their whole life. Making a correct decision may mean making a fortune while an unwise transaction may bring troubles and nightmares. As the property market is heated up worldwide, property related questions are some of those mostly asked. We will see in this article the aphorisms for property matter and will study a chart example. For property questions, we usually would want to know : •

Whether the transaction can be made properly

The conditions of the property

The benefit/ profit for the querent

Whether the transaction can be made properly There are two parties in a transaction : The buyer and the seller. The querent, no matter he is the seller or buyer, he is signified by the ascendant and planets in the first house, and the other party is signified by the 7th house. Whether the transaction can be made properly, we will need to see if the significators of the two parties are connected positively, which means a contract is made. They can be brought to perfection by : 1) A direct application to aspect or conjunction. If it is aspect with reception, the deal is made with the willingness of the parties. 2)

Translation of light or collection of light


Emplacement—one of the significators is placed in the house of the other party.

Also, the connection between the buyer and the property (4th house) gives a stronger indication that the property will be sold. However, if there is connection between the seller and the property only, it would show the property will be retained.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 The conditions of the property If the querent is the buyer, one of the main concerns will be the condition of the property. The querent may want to know whether it is in proper condition, a good place to live in or suits his needs. Nowadays the buyer might not be able to inspect the property thoroughly before he can made a decision. Particularly there are some properties which are sold during the construction period that the buyers make the purchase just by reading the promotional material provided by the developers. Thus if the horary chart can give some insights about the property itself it would be helpful to the buyer. To assess the quality of the property, the 4th house, including the Lord of the 4th, the planets and their aspects can tell us how the property looks like. Not only the condition of property the 4th house can tell, it also shows the long term potential and success of the house. Lilly writes, ―But it either Jupiter, Venus or North Node be in the fourth, or the Lord of the fourth in this own house, viz. in the fourth, the Purchaser may expect good success in the Land or House now in buying, and that it may continue a long time with his Posterity, and it‘s an argument he shall have good increase for his money by that bargain .‖ /1/ Besides the 4th house, some people may have concern about the neighbourhood. A troublesome neighbour could be disturbing and affect the living condition. Thus the 3rd house would be a place to investigate for such matters. The Price When buying or selling a property, one of the main concerns is the price. The buyer wants a good bargain while the seller wants to make a good profit. Lilly says, ―Let the tenth house, a planet or planets placed therein, and the Lord of that house signify the Price, that is, whether it will be sold cheap or dear .‖/2/ If we take the 10th house as the price, there will be questions arising: How do we define whether the price is high or low? It is something subjective and different persons may hold different views. If the 10th house is strong, does it mean the price is high while an afflicted 10th house means a low price? This may fit if the querent is the seller but quite illogical if the querent is the buyer. The 10th house naturally signifies success and fruits of the matter, if a strong 10th house means a high price, this will in turn not advantageous to the querent if he is the buyer. To clear the confusion, we can take a step back and stick to the basic principle of the 10th house. It signifies the success, advantages, benefits of the matter to the querent. Bonatti, in his writing about ―if renting the land or the house would be useful‖, suggests, ―Then look at the 10th. If a benefic were in it or were to aspect from a trine or sextile aspect, the matter will be arranged and perfected. If indeed there were a malefic in it or who aspected the 10th by opposition or a square aspect, the renting will not be perfected… ‖/3/ Thus a strong 10th house would mean benefits to the querent, and an afflicted 10th house is disadvantageous to the querent, no matter he is a seller, buyer, tenant or landlord. In this sense, the focus is not on judging the price is high or low but the ―profit‖ or ―benefit‖ to the querent. If the querent is the buyer, a fortunate 10th house means the deal is advantageous to him, it may mean a low price, a profitable deal, or the purchase itself is a good investment. If the querent is a seller, a fortunate 10th house suggests the transaction is beneficial to him, or he is making a good profit.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 A Horary Case I would like to show a horary case here that the querent asked, ―Should I buy this property?‖ Background : The querent asked whether she should buy a property for investment. She was interested in that property not only for investment sake, but also out of her teenage memory. She was studying in the school near the site, and her mother‘s friend was living in one of the apartments next to her school. Her mother brought her to the aunt‘s home for a few times which became a memorable experience for her. She loved the greenery hill view from the window, the honey water served by the aunt and she told herself that one day she should have a flat there. The old buildings was demolished and new apartments are now built on the site. The querent thus wanted to buy a flat there to fulfil her dream. However, her rational side also reminded her to check whether it is now a good time to buy and whether it will be a good investment.

The rising sign is Cancer and the querent is signified by the Moon in Virgo in the 3rd house of neighbourhood. This illustrates the querent is moved by her nostalgic feeling and the fact that she was studying in the school near the apartment. Also, the querent has her natal Sun in Cancer and Moon in Virgo which clearly resonate with this horary chart. The Moon separates from Venus in the 5th house, which signifies the contact with the property agent. The 5th house represents ambassador, and thus the agent in business matter. Venus also rules the 4th, which represents the past as well as the property. The Moon is making a square with Saturn in the 6th, Saturn rules the 7th and 8th. In a property question, the 7th house signifies the seller, or the developer in this case while the 8th house is about mortgage and financing. Thus it seems difficult for the querent to make a transaction, and as she said,


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 rationally she did not see this as a good investment as she thought the property market might not be doing good in the near future. She also felt stressful financially if she was going to buy this property. Is she right? Is the property price too high and this might not be a profitable investment? The 10th house signifies the potential benefit. It is ruled by Jupiter in the 4th house Libra. Jupiter is peregrine and combust, suggesting this is not a good deal for the querent. Jupiter is sextile with Saturn and they receive each other by sign and by exaltation. This would say the benefit is on the seller‘s side. The chart confirms the querent‘s opinion that such investment might not be a good one. How is the property? The property is signified by the 4th house ruler Mercury, in his own sign Virgo in the 3rd house. The dignified Mercury suggests the property itself is of good value and condition. Being in the 3rd house again reflects the querent‘s love of that property as it is in the neighbourhood of her school and the aunt‘s home. Jupiter and the Sun are in the 4th house Libra. Libra represents ―sides of Hills, tops of Mountains ‖/4/. Actually, the property is on the hill and querent was impressed by the greenery hill when she was sitting by the window at her aunt‘s home. This is one of the reasons why she fell in love with this place. More interestingly, the querent emphasized that she loved the honey water served by the aunt, and Jupiter rules the bees and sweet ./5/ The chart clearly illustrates the beauty of the environment which enchanted the querent most. She said it was like a scene in her favourite novel. Despite of her love towards the place, the querent remained rational when she considered from an investment perspective. Another planet in the 4th house is the Sun in Libra. It is in detriment, rules the 2nd house of finance, suggesting it is a burden to the querent and it might be too risky if she buys the flat at the moment. Finally she decided not to buy it but may consider it again three years later when the construction is finished. The 10th house cusp is at a late degree of 26.37 Pisces. By three and a half degree, it will change to Aries, and Mars is in Capricorn. The exalted Mars suggests the property will become more beneficial to the querent, probably after three and a half years (one degree corresponds to one year), and this matches the querent‘s plan. When the querent asked this question, the property market was very hot and many different properties sold well, but the sales of the quesited apartments were relative low due to the high price. This fits what the chart suggests that the property is not beneficial to the querent from an investment point of view. (Caption) The was how the site looked like in the past and the querent fell in love with this view. They were on the hill and the old buildings were demolished while the quesited apartments are under construction. ~ 1 2 3 4 5

CA p.206 CA p.205 Bonatti, Book of Astronomy, Treaties 6 : On Questions p.405-406 CA p.96 CA p.63-64


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Jupiter, a practising astrologer based in Hong Kong, is active in teaching astrology in Hong Kong, China and Malaysia. She is the cofounder, along with Rod Chang, of the Academy of Astrology, which was founded in 2008 with the aim of promoting Western Astrology to Chinese speakers. Jupiter lectures on a wide range of astrological subjects from natal to mundane astrology, and also incorporates Chinese astrology, I-Ching and Feng Shui into her own astrological practice. Through the work of the Academy, Jupiter has helped to introduce many international speakers to Asia, where they have shared their astrological insights to local students. Jupiter began her formal study of astrology with the Faculty of Astrological Studies, and later received certification as a horary practitioner from the STA School of Traditional Astrology in 2013. Enthralled by the philosophical principles and techniques of classical astrology, she continues her in-depth study of horary with the STA‗s Master course. Jupiter is also a tutor of the STA School of Traditional Astrology. With an aim to bring horary astrology to the Chinese speaking communities, Jupiter has been working on the translation of the STA course material since 2014 and is offering the Practitioner‗s Level Horary Practitioner‗s Course in Chinese in Hong Kong. She will speak in the FAA International Astrology Conference held in Melbourne in 2018.


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―There's a Starman waiting in the sky He‘d like to come and meet us But he thinks he'd blow our minds‖ – David Bowie "Starman" David Robert Jones, widely known as David Bowie, came to this planet on a cold morning on the 8th of January, 1947. Brixton, London was the place where his first crying was ever heard. David Bowie is a Capricorn and has his Moon in Leo. His birth time at 09:00 am, as mentioned by his parents and wife, places his Ascendant in the sign of Aquarius.

Counting the Planets An initial glance at his natal chart shows that he is having four planets placed in Fire Signs and equally, four more in Earth Signs. If we add his Ascendant and Midheaven in the sum, the Fire elements gains preponderance, but let‘s keep in mind that his chart is vibrating both with Fire and Earth energy. Four planets in Cardinal Signs and four more in Fixed give another tie, but adding the Ascendant and Midheaven in the mix, it yields for the Fixed Quality. This overall placement of the planets shows that his natal chart is vibrating with Leo Energy (Fixed Fire) but the personal planets give intensity to the Capricorn Energy (Cardinal Earth). This couldn‘t be more fitting for a man that has his Sun in one of the two Signs (Capricorn) and his Moon in the other one (Leo)!


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 His natal chart is diurnal. This means that at the time of his birth the Sun is above the horizon and most of the planets are placed in the southern hemisphere of the chart. This shows him to be mainly an extrovert person who finds it easy to socialize and to interact with his social environment. Six planets in the 3rd quadrant of the chart and three planets in the 4th quadrant make him share, collaborate and depend on others, while at the same time he is having the ability to act with self motivation and to leave his personal mark. The numerous collaborations he has been involved with artistically, many of them important and ones he was based upon during his long career, is characteristic of his heavy 3rd quadrant. The most important probably the one with Brian Eno in the so called ―Berlin Trilogy‖ during 1977 – 1978, a collaboration that re-launched his career when at low point and which was quite formative.

The Lights David Bowie‘s Moon is above the horizon and that shows that it is easy for this Moon to express publicly and feel exposed. It is a Leo Moon that desires recognition and craves adoration and devotion, it is a soul that expresses theatrically and full of passion. With such a Moon, that wants to create and needs public acceptance, placed in the 3rd quadrant, and a Sun in Capricorn that aims for recognition through achievements and is ambitious to reach to the top, David Bowie had no problem whatsoever to desire fame from a very young age. According to his own words, he declared his intention to be England‘s greatest rock star when at the age of eight! He has formed his first rock band when he was seventeen years old and he has created the first and most known of his many personas, the androgynous Ziggy Stardust, when twenty five.

The Saturn – Leo Motif The Sun is placed in the 12th house and in the Sign of Capricorn that is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is placed in the 7th house and in the Sign of Leo, which is ruled by the Sun. So the two planets are in mutual reception, working in unity, supporting each other. Saturn makes us approach seriously what is that we do and makes us effective, disciplined and patient. The Sun is our identity, our self, our aim in life and our will. The Sun in David Bowie‘s natal chart is placed in the 12th house. This placement of the Sun, in other nativities and always in relation to the overall chart, can make it function rather solemnly and to not come to the fore. This is not the case with David Bowie because it is the mutual reception that empowers both planets and in a sense ―brings‖ the Sun as a king in Leo and Saturn as an executive director in Capricorn. This, is a mutual reception that once again repeats (!) the motif of Leo – Capricorn that we have seen earlier when we did the elemental and modal analysis of the chart! Saturn conjuncts the Moon and gives emotional and psychological maturity, organisational skill and responsible nature. It would be totally different if we have had Saturn conjunct the Moon and Sun in the 12th without the mutual reception, than what we are now having, where the Sun and Saturn talk to each other and so Sun comes to the fore and ―lights up‖ Saturn and the near-by Moon which it disposits.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Now we can easily understand why David Bowie throughout his career, was simultaneously a great performer, expressing his theatrical Moon and a competent businessman and entrepreneur (Saturn in Leo empowered by the mutual reception with the Sun).


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 David Bowie is the first ever artist that issued Corporate Bonds with underlying collateral his performing royalties. This came to be in the 90‘s and nowadays this kind of intellectual property securitization is called Bowie Bonds!

Ziggy comes from Mars His Mars conjunct the Sun and exalted gives him the intensity with which he unceasingly worked all these years. It is also this Mars-Sun conjunction in the 12th house of hospital cure that bestowed him with courage, as he was fighting his cancer, working up until the very end, so as to leave his final album as a legacy to his fans. An album in which he made numerous and obvious references to the fact that he was about to die. A very interesting aspect is the Mars-Neptune square, with Mars being exalted but within the ―secret‖ 12th house something that could hint to Bowie‘s bi-sexual orientation. This becomes all the more interesting since Ziggy, the glam androgynous alter-ego that Bowie had adopted in his early career, obviously a statement of his bi-sexuality, had supposedly came from planet Mars, was attired with glam clothes and with his Stardust surname alluded to drug taking and illusions (Neptune). ―Ziggy Stardust represents the definitive rock star: sexually promiscuous and wild in drug intake, but with a message of peace and love. He thinks he is a messiah and in the end he is destroyed both by his own consumptions, and by the fans he inspires‖ /1/ , a description so reflective of the taboo 8th house and self-destruct 12th house themes that the square of the two planets joins.

Music comes from Venus If we move from the melancholic 12th house and raise our glance upwards to the top of the chart we see the beautiful Venus conjunct upon David Bowie‘s Midheaven. The planet that gives beauty and artistry is right on the 10th house cusp and shows that Bowie will express his art, his aesthetics, in society, publicly and with a manner that will make him famous and renowned. Expressing his sentiments through art and the theatricality in his expression being the most important aesthetic criterion for Bowie, are denoted by the trine that Venus makes to his Moon. Venus (Art, Music) rules his 3rd house, how he communicates, and the Moon rules his 6th house, his everyday work, combining them once more in productive creation. Venus is also art and music from within the Sign of Sagittarius, and his music becomes an artistic quest and an experimental journey, with Bowie liking to explore nearly all musical styles and expanding on his musical and singing repertoire throughout the years. Folk Music, Glam Rock, Hard Rock, Electronic Music, Pop, Rhythm & Blues, Bowie has sung them all and according to many, he has also influenced them all. A little bit to the right of Venus, Jupiter, her dispositor, is a very special case on the chart, placed on a critical degree and ruling Bowie‘s mid-heaven bringing favour and expansion to his performing career.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 ―Rebel Rebel‖ & ―Changes‖ the names of the songs. Uranus is the planet of changes, eccentricity, ingenuity, originality and anti-conformity. The songs ―Rebel Rebel‖ and ―Changes‖ come to mind as well as the numerous changes that Bowie has had in his appearance and his artistic personas throughout the years. Uranus rules Bowie‘s Ascendant and is the chart ruler. It is also the leading planet along with the Sun in the Locomotive pattern of the chart. Uranus is quincunx the Sun and sesquiquadrate the Ascendant. Both Uranus aspects show that Bowie‘s sense of identity (Sun) is indirectly expressed (12th house & inconjunct aspect) through constant changes and through the various alter ego‘s (Ascendant) that Bowie adopts on stage. The Aquarian Ascendant gives out both a strong Uranus and a Saturn flair to his appearance. Two flairs like two colors, like his eyes that appear to be different while being the same color. So Alien eyes, so Alien personas. Bowie is an Alien who fell on Earth from the sky (Uranus), he is Ziggy from planet Mars and has a constellation named after him in the sky. /2/ David Bowie has returned to the heavens on the 10th of January, 2016. He has left behind, stardust, silver screens in drive-ins and music that comes from the Stars and is for the Stars.

David Bowie as a case study for Declination Aspects. Declination aspects that emphasize the same two planets in Ptolemaic aspect by longitude Using a 10 degree orb for the lights we can perceive the following: The Moon Pluto conjunction in Leo and in the public 7th house is reinforced by the Moon Pluto parallel in north declination giving a strong emphasis on the fact that David Bowie‘s has had a powerful need to express his emotional self in a theatrical and performing manner and that the whole process was indeed deeply transformative for him, changing moods and personas reinventing himself again and again. The Sun, Mars conjunction in Capricorn and in the 12th house is reinforced by the parallel in south declination between Sun and Mars. This emphasizes his ambition that fuelled his ceaseless work and more than this his fighting spirit, so very obvious in the last year of his life when he found the courage to record his last album from within the hospitalized 12th house knowing that he was dying of cancer. Important declination aspects Mercury is out of bounds at -24°23‘ and Pluto is out of bounds at 23°35‘ being also contra-parallel to each other. Bowie surely had unconventional and re-creational ideas. Sun parallel Mars and near the maximum south declination is an aspect indicative of his defiant spirit, the one seen in the film ―Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence‖ Moon parallel Pluto parallel Uranus is a triple stellium that shows deep constant emotional changes that could be argued to be reflective of his various personas.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Please note that it is of extreme interest that the above declinations are: •

near the North and South Maximum Declination and that


they are 2 sets of parallels that are contra-parallel in between them.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 It seems that Mr Bowie has found a perfect way to balance these two different aspects of his personality. Interesting declination aspects Sun parallel south node and contra parallel the north node is a strong indication for his destined status but the aspect is not found in the natal chart. It is nevertheless interesting that it is found in declinations. Jupiter parallel Venus in south declinations could be indicative of his charismatic appeal but the two planets are not in aspect in longitude.

~ 1 Ziggy stardust explained: 2

Andrew Ifandis is an astrologer based in Athens and travelling the cosmos. His analysis on the nativity of the celebrated Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman has been published by the esteemed Astrological Journal and was republished on Andrew Ifandis approaches the horoscope as a portrait of the person‘s inherent potential. His readings reveal the chart‘s vibrant dynamics and constructively help towards awareness, self-realization and externalization of the creative within ourselves. Andrew Ifandis contributes his articles in renowned astrological publications and web sites. He has a Certificate in Astrology from Kepler College of Astrological Studies, where continues to expand his astrological skills. To learn more, visit Mr Ifandis site,, or contact him at


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After the Transit Part 2 - Neptune Mandi Lockley

Part 1 explored how to move on from Saturn and Uranus transits in ways that honour the transit‘s higher purpose. The messages and lessons of those transits are relatively easy to understand and digest if we are conscious and willing to work with them. This is because astrological Saturn is materialistic, representing that which is tangible and measurable and even Uranus, the first ‗outer‘ or ‗generational‘ planet, is closely wedded in our world. In the myth, Uranus was the son (and husband) of Gaia, mother Earth. And Prometheus, often associated with astrological Uranus, was the creator of mankind who stole fire from Olympus for the benefit of humanity. Neptune, however, is a different story. Cast out of Olympus, he became ruler of the mysterious, fathomless oceans, 95% of which remains unexplored to this day (it‘s said that more people have been to the Moon than have descended to the deepest part of the ocean). Even traversing the surface of the oceans is to relinquish control to forces bigger than ourselves as Neptune rules storms and shipwrecks and also hurricanes, which form over the ocean and upon reaching land, indiscriminately destroy all that mankind has created which falls in their path. In astrology, Neptune is associated with the water element, with waves of feelings, the imagination and the world of dreams. It represents the collective unconsciousness driven by instinct and fed by symbolism. It‘s our shared dreams and our imagined idea of perfection. It‘s where we allow ourselves to be swept along by an unachievable ideal; where we collectively surrender to enchantments and even to mass hypnosis as we succumb to the yearning to believe in something better, more glamourous, than ourselves.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Neptune‘s transits tend to be abstract, right brained experiences in a world where we are judged by our ability to be left brained and rational. This is why they are hard to understand, let alone assimilate. And what does manifest during a Neptune transit leaves us confused and exhausted as often as it lifts and inspires us. We can feel flooded by emotions, unsure of where those feelings have come from, perhaps not aware that they are connecting us to the collective unconscious, of which we are a part, but which we cannot own and control because it does not recognise us as separate from the whole. Neptune‘s is the world of the transcendent, of the mystic, the artist. It‘s of the soul, beyond selfidentity and the concerns of the ego. During its transits we are swept along on its tide, suffering if we resist, but losing our sense of self if we don‘t. And in our material world where the sense of ‗me, the self‘ is distinct and separate from ‗you, the other‘, letting go of the concerns of ‗me‘ seems unfeasible. The fall-out from a Neptune transit is often the most difficult to get a grip on. Clients may come to a consultation at the end of the transit bewildered because although they may be starting to see things more clearly, they may not be sure what just happened and even less sure of what it means. It‘s tempting to dismiss it and try to pick up where they left off before the transit happened. So, what kind of discussion do you have with yourself/client/friend/partner etc? That, after a Neptune transit, often through no fault of your own, you can miss the opportunity for growth the transit offered. That going with the flow, which is what a Neptune transit calls for, may have simply been impractical. If you did honour your Neptune transit, maybe you retreated; took time out; spent time alone; listened to your dreams; connected with God or the god within; felt inspired by art or music, put financial concerns to one side and surrendered to your situation, experienced healing at a deep soul level. You now feel ready to ‗return‘ to the ‗real‘ world refreshed and inspired. But Neptune transits don‘t just happen to Neptunian people. They also happen to working parents; professionals anxious to progress in the competitive corporate world and those with debts and mortgages. Few can afford to take long stretches of time out of their lives to search for higher spiritual meaning, develop creativity or even to volunteer to help those in need. A Neptune transit, therefore, can feel like an interruption. We need to reassure ourselves and/or our clients (especially those with Saturn strong in their charts) that there was some purpose to it. That they are not failing at life or being left behind, if, for the duration of the transit, they struggled to carry on as usual; or found that their heart was no longer in their job or relationship; or they fell ill; or felt burnt out; or were simply too tired and disenchanted to be bothered to make the effort in whatever area of life the transit touched. As the fog of the transit clears, energy levels begin to rise and ‗normal‘ perspective starts to return. There‘s often the feeling that things have been allowed to slip during the transit, so, at its end, it‘s common to want to dive back into the demands of the material world, to re-establish a routine, get organised, immerse oneself in practical tasks, to make a decision about whatever couldn‘t be decided upon under the transit. This earthly practicality sounds very Virgo-esque and of course, Virgo is the sign opposite to Neptune‘s modern ruler, Pisces. Virgo is where we meet practical concerns and provides a good lever back to the material world once Neptune is done with us (until next time). While Neptune and Pisces is big picture, Virgo anchors us in the small things, in the details. But we mustn‘t forget that Neptunian


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 feeling at the other end of the Virgo-Pisces axis, the bigger picture realisation that even as we are small and finite, we are also part of the infinite whole and must find a way to allow ourselves to feel part of it, to be more than just a body and a mind. But all too often we do forget this after a Neptune transit and maybe this is part of the reason why so many find Neptune transits amongst the most difficult to learn and grow from and why subsequent Neptune transits seem to bring back similar feelings and issues. ‗Waking up‘ after a Neptune transit, you might feel guilty or humiliated, even angry. Why? Because you may have fallen for the smoke and mirrors of someone you thought was perfect, be it a romantic partner you thought was your soul mate, a spiritual mentor you put your faith in, or even a charismatic colleague you looked up to, but who now seems more like a snake oil salesman. Now you realise they are human, just like you, and you feel foolish. And this can apply just as easily to a situation, or to your expectations of yourself, as it can to another person. Either way, you followed the road to your ‗happy ending‘ and it turned out to be a mirage. Where you‘ve been deluding yourself becomes evident - it can feel like coming out from under an enchantment. And as the spell lifts, it‘s a lot easier to see things with more objectivity. But to give in to pride, anger or shame is to project your feelings through the ego, which is not what Neptune‘s message was all about. What you are being asked to do is accept the lesson but let go of the negative ‗ego‘ emotions attached to it and forgive yourself for falling for whatever or whoever it was you fell for. Forgiveness is often the healthiest response because Neptune transits invite us to feel compassion and empathy towards others when they slip off the pedestal we have put them on. And even if it turns out that the person or situation deliberately deceived you, compassion and forgiveness is still called for, however hard that might be to stomach. For in watery Neptune‘s world we are all the same. What infects one drop infects the whole. However, it is possible to over-empathise, which is why it‘s essential that, whilst still honouring Neptune‘s message, we need to set healthy boundaries. And boundary setting or re-setting is a good tactic for after the transit is over as much as it is for during the transit. During a Neptune transit, it‘s easy to let our boundaries leak or even dissolve completely and there are a number of signs that this is happening. These include succumbing to contagious illnesses such as viruses; feelings of exhaustion; being taking advantage of by others; allowing ourselves to be deceived or emotionally manipulated; free floating anxiety, or just a general feeling of being ungrounded, unanchored. There are many ways to set boundaries. For example, the number one rule for anyone who cares for and supports others is to look after yourself first. This isn‘t selfish, it‘s practical. How can you save someone when you‘re drowning yourself? You may need to tell others where your boundaries lie, what your limits are, let them know what is unacceptable and uncomfortable for you. The more spiritually minded might wish to work on strengthening their psychic boundaries. Visualisation works well, such as imagining yourself surrounded by a protective white light or inside a flexible bubble that only allows in that which is positive and healthy. Simply grounding yourself by consciously feeling your feet connect to the earth can also help. Neptune‘s transits can be humbling experiences. Understand that the humbling is only of the ego, not of the soul. Let go of false hubris and accept yourself as perfectly flawed, for to be flawed is to be able to learn and grow, with compassion and in forgiveness.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 These transits often come with a general feeling of disappointment or disillusionment with life. It‘s easy to put those feelings to one side once the transit is over and carry on as before but that would be to lose the opportunity to explore what caused that feeling, to get to the heart of the matter. Neptune deals in symbols, not logic, so these transits also often bring encounters with the spiritual, with the world of dreams, imagination and symbolism. Often, our encounter with Neptune‘s world manifests as escapism. Neptune tantalises us with glamour, fantasy and magic. It‘s a signature for art, photography, the movie business and its glamorous airbrushed starlets; things which are representative of real things, but are idealised copies, a few steps removed from reality. Now the transit is over, what was at the root of the need to escape reality? What did the urge say about what you are dissatisfied with? What did you dream and daydream about during the Neptune transit and what places did your mind wander to? What fantasises seduced you? What movies and music and literature did you indulge in? What did you yearn for? The urge for escapism can also translate into the use of drugs or alcohol, for example and now that the transit is over, you may need to ‗clean up‘ (that Virgoesque feeling again). Some may need to seek expert outside help if addictions have been revisited or formed. But escapism isn‘t necessarily a bad thing under a Neptune transit. It‘s possible to emerge feeling lifted and inspired. But now the Neptune mist has cleared, you might be telling yourself that your dream was unrealistic. Or you might have surrendered to your dream or ideal and are now struggling to try to make it work in the real world, perhaps even wondering if you should abandon your dream. Does the ideal future you envisioned hold water now the transit is over? Clarity and perspective is now on your side to help you figure out the answers. Perhaps during the transit you embraced, maybe even for the first time, the mystical, the spiritual. Now the question is how to incorporate it into your life going forward, how to make it a routine without losing the magic. Perhaps you felt sunk by the sorrows of the world and now want to do what you can to help. With the transit over, it will be easier to realistically see how you can make a difference, but remember the Neptune lesson of compassion with healthy boundaries and kindly detachment. Or perhaps you felt inspired to manifest the symbolism of the transit through art or photography or another creative pursuit and now might be the time to invest in some training, even if just for fun, to help your new found talent and passion to grow. Finally, our Neptune transit teaches us that we can‘t control everything and everyone and to try to do so is to make ourselves suffer unnecessarily, that we should change the things we can but accept the things we can‘t. Mandi is a London based astrologer and author and former student of the London School of Astrology. She has written for the Journal of the Astrological Association of Great Britain as well as for numerous websites, including her own Astroair blog. She published the e-book Saturn in Scorpio: Your Guide Through the Dark in 2012 and has also recently been published as a fiction author. She is committed to self development – emotionally, spiritually and intellectually – and believes in doing her best to live life purposefully, in service to others and in harmony with the cycles of the universe. These values are also the focus of her client work.


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The Difference between Transits and Progressions in Relationship Astrology - Part 1 Margaret Gray & Armand Diaz

A: So let‘s start with exploring what we are looking at with transits versus progressions. When do we use each of them? M: I tend to use them both all the time with relationship astrology. Whether I‘m working with a couple who have just met, or a couple who are years down the road, or a couple who are going through a breakup or post breakup. Initially I find it helpful to see what‘s going on with them individually and then as a couple, both internally and externally. So I use progressions to explore the internal dynamics and transits to look at the more external ones. A: Yes, transits are more related to external occurrences – things that are happening. Do you think that there is a difference in awareness between transits and progressions? That transits are more something people have to deal with, whereas progressions are more the internal clock moving ahead? M: I think progressions are more about an individual‘s psychological process, so many people are not as conscious of progressions as they are of transits. There is a difference though with individual and composite charts as with individual charts, transits don‘t always have to be experienced as events. In my view, with a composite chart transits are more often experienced as events. How would you describe them, as you‘ve looked at this quite a lot, particularly with couples who are going through breakups when you wrote your book Separating Aspects? A: I think that some transits tend to show up more in an event-oriented way, for example when there are oppositions by transit. Squares often describe an internal tension that needs to be resolved and even


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 though they may not act on it, people are usually aware of it. Then with trines, there‘s an opportunity for a potential shift that people may not always notice and take advantage of. But progressions move us into a position because they form so slowly. For example: someone may have Venus opposite Saturn in their natal chart, and that opposition turns into a trine by progression, or a trine turns into a square, which maybe creates some more awareness. Or, sometimes an aspect just clicks in – you have a loose orb and it clicks in by progression. What do you look for in terms of comparing charts? M: In particular, I always look at where the progressed Sun lands in someone else‘s natal chart. If it‘s on a planet or an angle, then something is awakened in the other person. Similarly with the nodes and with the progressed Moon. I find it particularly relevant when someone‘s progressed Sun, for example, is conjunct the other person‘s natal Sun or Moon. It often feels like a fated encounter. A: I agree they are very powerful! For example, progressed Moon or Sun of one person on the other person‘s Venus. However, after a year or so it progresses out of orb. If there is some natal synastry, then it‘s like a wakeup call, but if not, it may just be a hot flash in the pan! M: Oh yes! I see it as a way of sometimes connecting people who are meant to be together and sometimes it‘s just short lived! A bit like whether we have a soul contract with somebody that is a short or a long term one. Sometimes the progressions can give an indication of whether it‘s more longterm if there are some other synastry connections, as you say. If there aren‘t, then it may just be resolving or completing something and once it‘s done, the couple go their separate ways. A: I agree! M: As for the progressed composite chart, I first heard about it at one of Liz Greens‘ talks many years ago. It‘s a very helpful way to see where the relationship is at in itself. That‘s the great thing about the composite chart – it‘s the bigger picture. The progressed composite shows what stage the relationship is at in terms of its process, whereas the transits on a composite are not easy to interpret in a psychological way – they are somewhat concrete. For example, transiting Uranus on the composite descendant highlights that something has to change in the relationship. What we don‘t know is what the change is going to be. It could be a separation or a new coming together as Uranus transits tend to bring about 180‘ changes! It depends on where the couple are at - if they on the verge of separating it‘s a different situation to when they have just met or are happy together. What we do know is that something has to change. More space may be required in the relationship or the couple may be embarking on a new way of being together or creating some new project together. A: You are thinking that the progressed composite chart represents where the dynamic of the relationship is – where it has shifted because of the changes in each person at this time? M: Yes – the progressed composite is made up of the combination of the separate progressed charts, which is totally symbolic. Some people feel that the Davison chart is more concrete but I still rely on the midpoint composite chart. How helpful do you find the progressed composite chart? A: For an established relationship it‘s really good. However, I think it‘s a mistake to look at the progressed composite and say – ―wow, look at all these great aspects we have here‖ and assume that this is the actual relationship chart. The progressed chart is an abstraction and the progressed composite is not the main chart you can rely on, as it will change into something else. It‘s useful to look at it for the dynamics of the moment and for a period of time. It‘s an additional layer on top of the


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 composite chart and the synastry of the couple. It‘s like a transit chart in that it‘s not what the relationship is about. M: The progressed composite is about movement and as there is always movement in a relationship, it can help a couple to get a sense of the timing of changes. Even the composite chart doesn‘t have a life form until the couple have been together a while as it takes a while to form. When a couple come to me I always look at the synastry and then their transits and progressions and then I start putting the whole package together a little bit down the road. A: I would think the same way – sometimes looking at the progressed composite chart or progressed chart to the progressed chart in synastry is useful, in that there is a lot of information there. But you can‘t build a relationship on that as it‘s not long lasting enough – there has to be some synastry or more solid composite stuff beneath these layers. M: Shall we look at a couple of charts? A: Yes, the Transits and Progressions on the wedding day of Jackie Kennedy and JFK are very interesting! Feel free to join us in the Next edition of Infinity Magazine where we will look at the Transits and Progressions in the Charts of Jackie Kennedy and her husband JFK when they got married Relationships and Astrology Astrology-1084187468316035/



Margaret works as a professional Psychological Astrologer offering consultations, courses and workshops in her native Dublin, Ireland as well as in Hawaii and the US mainland. Her main area of astrological interest is in Relationships, as well as Vocation/Soul Purpose and working with the charts of Children. Margaret currently writes a regular feature on Psychological Astrology for Network Ireland Magazine and has published astrology articles in the AA Journal UK, the NCGR journal, Positive Life Magazine Ireland, the Wellness Journal and Inspiration Magazine as well as Psychotherapy publications in Ireland and the UK. She wrote a chapter on the New Paradigm of Spiritual Relationships in the book ‗Transpersonal Astrology‘. Margaret has been a speaker at several astrology conferences including ISAR, the UK Astrological Association, The San Francisco Astrological Society and NORWAC. She set up and runs the monthly Astrology Ireland Meetup Group as well as the Hawaiian Islands Astrological Association. Margaret is a member of the ISAR board of directors. She is also a certified workplace and family mediator and a Reiki Master practitioner. Contact: Website: Armand Diaz, Ph.D., is a consulting astrologer, with a practice based in New York City and an international clientele. In addition to consulting, he speaks on astrology nationally and internationally. His book, Integral Astrology: Understanding the Ancient Discipline in the Contemporary World, was published in 2012. In 2013, he co-produced and co-edited Transpersonal Astrology. His most recent book, Separating Aspects, is on relationship astrology. He is Books and Articles Editor for the Astrology News Service, and is Agent 17 for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency. Armand can be reached via his website.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

INFINITY HOROSCOPE Jan/Feb 2017 Natalie Delahaye

January 2017 Full moon in Cancer, 12th January The themes illuminated by this full moon are security, protection and safety. Feelings run especially high when in the sensitive, compassionate sign of Cancer. This is a time to nourish and nurture our goals and visions. Emotional empowerment comes through creating healthy boundaries in relationships, which is reflected in the Sun in Capricorn. The cardinal t-square between Jupiter, Uranus and the Sun, is heating everything up significantly, while the water trine between the Moon, and Chiron shower the blessings of imagination, healing and emotional wisdom. New Moon in Aquarius 27th January 2017 New Moon in visionary Aquarius brings fresh beginnings and rebirth and another opportunity to re-set and refresh our New Year resolutions that will have long term effects, manifesting way into the distant future. This is the time to move the goal post of our usual boundaries and limitations, think outside the box and allow fresh new perspectives to breeze into our minds. Aries You are the resting warrior. After an active year, you‘re coming full circle, unwinding and preparing for a new phase of life. The feeling of starting afresh and renewal is strong with Jupiter opposing Uranus in your sign, yet with Mercury retrograde and Mars in restful, contemplative mode until 28th January, (when he returns home to you); it would pay to pace yourself. Taurus The angular axis of career and home in your solar chart is lit up by the Aquarius new moon on 27th January and Leo lunar eclipse on 11th February. It‘s serious reality check time, regarding changes that need to be acted on in your personal life and at work. Gemini


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Mercury your ruler goes direct as from January 8th. You‘ve been reviewing relationship issues and partnerships, renegotiating and redefining agreements you‘ve made in the past. Now, t‘s now time to move forward with these. New moon Aquarius on 26th blows the winds of change into your life. With the wind at your back, those Gemini butterfly wings are taking you far and wide. Cancer The annual full moon in your sign on 12th January is always a time of letting go, healing and recharging emotionally and this one is no exception yet with the cardinal t-square that has been taking place since November. The sudden shifts, the intensity and the feeling of having to relinquish control and surrender to the flow of the unknown is nothing unusual, rather it has been the norm for many years now. The difference is that you just have a new way of seeing from a more evolved perspective. You‘re revisiting an old tired issue with a fresh solution. Vesta, temple goddess of home and hearth, is a strengthening force by your side, once more, arriving just in time for full moon celebration after having been away from October. Leo What a magnificent start to the year! There is a dazzling lunar eclipse in your sign on 11th February, bearing the hallmark of a mystical rectangle that is pure practical mysticism. It‘s a cosmic blessing, infused with creative possibilities and magic, conjuring up images of excalibur and the discovery of the holy grail. There is a metamorphoses and a renewal of passion and love in your relationships. Virgo New Year new year resolutions! With your ruler Mercury moving direct once more as from January 8th, you‘re no doubt keen on moving forward things without further ado. The new moon in Aquarius on the 27this a perfect time to initiate some new work and health routines that bring increased holistic wellness, more meaning and inspiration to the everyday routines. Libra With jovial Jupiter in your sign in exciting dialogue with trailblazer, you have every reason to be in good spirit and positive about the rewards, blessings and surprises that the New Year brings. The Cancer full moon on 12th is a pivotal time for trying to re-gain a sense of equilibrium with regard to work and personal life. Scorpio The axis of exploration and learning in your solar chart is all lit up like a Christmas tree; focus on the expanding star at the top, don‘t get mesmerized by the shiny tinsel at the bottom. This is a revitalising time of soul nourishment and mental, spiritual expansion. Your sense of adventure is re-ignited and your beliefs and ideas put to the test. Sagittarius Although there may be an urge to throw caution to the wind, with Jupiter opposite Uranus fuelling your need for freedom and excitement, make sure that your actions are aligned to your true purpose and destiny as opposed to taking spontaneous action on a whim the sake of excitement‘s sake. Capricorn


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 As one door closes another opens. A sacrifice needs to be made, and I assure you, we‘re not talking about the ancient Roman Saturnalia animal sacrifices, which used to take place in December. Sacrifice can be nonetheless an unsavoury word, given the loss involved. The sacrifice you need to make in order to have an expanded level of joy and love you deserve in your life, will be far worth the small loss. Communication blocks are remedied by intuitive thinking. Remember that your glyph has a fish‘s tail, there is a Piscean part of you. Aquarius January holds the promise of freedom, change and excitement for you. Your New Years Resolutions are likely to include acquiring more of these 3 ingredients in 2017. The Cancerian full moon on 12th January is a great time to break any unhealthy lifestyle habits and implement healthier routines for 2017. It‘s a new moon in your sign on 27th; a brand new solar cycle, in which to manifest hopes and dreams. Pisces You dive into the new year, driven in idyllic fashion by dreams, desire, love and light. Neptune Mars, Venus are all there in your sign like a school of dolphins. It‘s a glamorous start to 2017. Goddess Venus is in your sign; the powers of magnetic attraction are yours. The Full moon in cancer on 12th is a limelight time and that continues as the Sun returns to your sign on 18th February. February 2017 Eclipse season is here again, those times marking important opportunities for our growth, breakthroughs and the ongoing journey of realising of our destiny. Eclipses assist us in moving out of comfort zones and breaking old, outworn patterns and habits and initiating new ones. Leo Lunar eclipse 11th February The dazzling Leo lunar eclipse in Leo happening on 7th February is a beautifully unique one, with a special rare mystic rectangle pattern .known as practical mysticism. Magic is in the air yet there is the grounding element of Saturn; the commitment, determination and maturity is there to bring that which has staying power. Leo full moon is the classic party moon of the year for fun and enjoyment. It‘s not just the personal heart, the solar rays of sun in Aquarius light up the collective one too. Pisces Solar Eclipse 26th february The Piscean solar eclipse on 26th, improves our capacity to channel inspiration and creativity into day to day routines, manifesting visions and expressing love and wholeness in our lives. The realm of dreams, inspiration, imagination and fantasy is lit up. The edges are softened and the veils between


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 other levels, other worlds and other people are thinner. Art, music, meditation, writing or just a life‘s artist? Whatever is your mode of tapping into the collective whirlpool of the unconscious and bringing to light that divine spark that we all share. Aries Venus moves into your sign on 3rd and there is a passionate Leo lunar eclipse on 11th. It is a heartcentred time for directing your passion into what you value and desire. It‘s a great time for taking the initiative and being bold and courageous in romance and creativity It‘s coming to the end of a long, action packed yearly solar cycle for you. The Piscean solar eclipse on 26th is a wrapping up time of endings, letting go, dreaming and reflecting, prior to the action packed new moon in your sign a month on from now. Taurus Work related issues become prominent; you are questioning the meaning of your work. Ceres is back in your sign as from 5th,,after being away since October. It‘s time to think about survival issues, what is fertile in your life and gives you abundance and what sustainability. The Pisces solar eclipse on 26th lights up your house of friends and associates and groups. They feature prominently in the dreams and visions you have for 2017. Gemini Pisces solar eclipse on 26th february illuminates career matters Find your passion, if you haven‘t already and infuse increased inspiration into what you‘re doing. While others may be hibernating it‘s you time to be out there, spreading your wings, making new connections and expanding your horizons as much as possible. Cancer There is much improvement on its way. The Pisces solar eclipse on 26th sheds light on your quest for higher meaning and purpose and opens up a wide range of possibilities available to you, through intellectual and physical voyages. Leo The Pisces solar eclipse on 26th brings some kind of ending, for the new to begin. Relationships are in the process of deepening, with greater soul connection and union and there is an emphasis on shared finances. Virgo The Leo eclipse on 11th sees you leaving something behind and clearing your space. Fresh starts in relationships are forecasted for you. The Pisces is a healing time of forgiveness, trust and diffusing old patterns. Libra With Jupiter turning retrograde in your sign on 5th, there are ample opportunities to digest and reevaluate all the recent expansive happenings and to stabilise the recent growth before moving forward


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 with your plans. Sparks fly as with Venus and Mars in your relationship zone, Valentines could come early. Scorpio The Pisces solar eclipse on 26th is like a warm, energizing, cosy fire with flames burning bright. Set intentions that bring joy, love, creativity and self-expression into your life. Psychically, you may be able to envisage the pivotal changes that 2017 is bringing, on a personal, career and emotional level and you‘re right. Sagittarius With Jupiter retrograding on 5th, it‘s a good time for stepping back and gaining deeper perspectives through inner unravelling and reviewing the growth you‘ve been that‘s been happening. February to May are not be the best time for travelling of the physical kind; rather it‘s for inner questing. Capricorn Jupiter retrograde in the segment of your chart relating to public image offers you the chance enrich your public image and check for any lack of authenticity. It‘s a transformative month something, with changes in emotional patterns taking place. The Pisces new moon solar eclipse is a realigning time for you, involving surrendering to the flow and letting go. Aquarius Maybe you‘re re-considering taking that long dreamed of trip this year, or re- take that course that you didn‘t complete. It‘s not too late. With Leo full moon eclipsing relationships on 11th; pivotal changes in relationships are forecasted. Cosmic messenger Mercury in your sign as from 7th is equipping you with a renewed sense of clarity and decisiveness, after the recent brain fog. Pisces The solar eclipse in your sign marks a new cycle of dreams. With vision, love, courage and magic on your side, the intangible will surely manifest into something real. Make a wish.

Natalie is based in Surrey, UK and has been a consulting astrologer since 2007. Natalie studied Astrology at the Faculty of Astrological Studies, London and is a member of the Astrological Association, UK. She has written for the Astrological Journal and Natalie has been interviewed live on CNN world news, on the birth chart of baby Prince George and held a regular slot on local radio. She read English and American Literature at Kent university, UK and her background is in Complementary Therapies.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

―The Astrologer who fell into the well‖ - a story of perspective Stavroula Konstantopoulou One of the stereotypical images of an astrologer is of someone who is an expert in heavenly affairs, but fails to observe what is happening just before his eyes. This notion is already recorded in ancient Greek literature in the story titled as ―the Astrologer who fell into the well.‖ It is not a surprise that the story was popular too in the European popular literature and iconography during the 16th-17th centuries and later, a period where the legitimacy of Astrology and its practitioners were heavily criticized. In this article I will trace the story of this ―fall‖ through literature and iconography, and then I will discuss the ways that this story seems to touch upon broader philosophical questions (still very much alive today), on how Astrology can have a meaningful role in helping someone to discover and create his life path.

The Fable of ―The Astrologer‖ The story of the astrologer who fell into a well is found in Aesop‘s Fables, also known as Aesopica, a collection of tales written by the Greek slave and story teller, Aesop who lived between 620 and 564 BCE. This is the fable titled ―The Astrologer‖ : ―An astrologer used to walk out every night to observe the stars. One night as his attention was fixed on the sky, he fell into a well. Someone who heard his cries ran up to him and said,―Why do you try to explain the mysteries of the heavens, while you overlook everyday affairs happening under your feet?‖ The moral of the story: one should not look so high as to miss seeing the things that are around him‖. [my translation from ancient Greek] There are many versions of this story mentioning either a philosopher, an astronomer or an astrologer who falls into a well, but most of them retain the scoffing remark of the rescuer that happens to pass by: when you contemplating the stars, you miss what is before your feet.

The ―Fall‖ of the Astrologer in 16th-17th centuries and later Up to the 17th century astrology was part of the scholarly tradition closely related to the practice of mathematics and the study of astronomy. However, by the end of the century astrology was deprived of its status and its practitioners were thought they were spreading dangerous and superstitious nonsense. The new developments in the world of sciences led to particular changes in society and academia that contributed to astrology‘s decline. In a word, astrology was not compatible with what was then considered as true science; however, what was compatible with this new mindset, was the story of the ―Astrologer who fell into a well.‖ Used as a polemic against astrology and its practitioners, the image of the absent-minded astrologer whose eyes were deceived in his effort to interpret the messages from the stars appeared in popular European literature and art in 16th-17th centuries.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 One of the earliest iconographical examples where Aesop‘s story on the ―astrologer‘s fall‖ was used to undermine astrology is found in the Book of Emblems (Emblematum Libellus,1531) by the Italian Andrea Alciato [see image n. 1]. Emblem books used to be collections of allegorical illustrations (emblems) accompanied by an explanatory text in Latin, usually morals or poems. This special category of books was popular throughout continental Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries. In this particular emblem we see the image of an astrologer just about to stumble while having his eyes fixed on the heavens and pointing to the moon. Below the emblem the text reads: ―Icarus, you were carried through the heights of heaven and through the air, until the melted wax cast you headlong into the sea. Now the same wax and the burning fire raise you up again, so that by your example you may provide sure teaching. Let the astrologer beware of prediction. Headlong will the imposter fall, as he flies beyond the stars.‖ In Greek mythology, Icarus and his father Daedalus escaped from King Minos of Crete on wings of feathers and wax. Being over-bold Icarus flew too close to the sun, his wings melted and he crashed into the sea. This combination of the text and the astrologer‘s image intended to instruct the reader that those whose body and mind are literally or figuratively drown far away from the ground are doomed to fall. Alciato‘s example shows a knowledge of the Aesopian myth used now to mark an important change in astrological reference: those who try to penetrate the future‘s distance reserved for divine wisdom they distort negatively their relationship with earthly realities. However, the most popular image of the stumbling astrologer is found in the Fables (Book II, fable 13) of the 17th century French poet, Jean de La Fontaine. [see image n. 2]. Now the moral lesson derived from the reading of both picture and the explanatory text is ―how could you possibly know the nature of the world before knowing yourself first?‖ The first four lines of La Fontaine‘s text allude to the Aesopian myth and the rest of the poem is directed mostly against astrology and alchemy too: ―Ye horoscopers, waning quacks, Please turn on Europe's courts your backs, And, taking on your travelling lists The bellows-blowing alchemists.‖ Certainly the changing nature of man's understanding of the universe played a very important role in the revival of the myth in the 16th-17th centuries and later, showing that the desire of the knowledge of the stars seemed to call into question the assumption that the astrologer was an expert in matters of the sky.

A Polemic or A Story of Perspective? That the astrologer is an expert in matters of the stars, while he takes the wrong perspective on things related to everyday life has been also recorded in one of Plato‘s dialogues. In Theaetetus [174a], there is a story about the Presocratic philosopher, Thales of Miletus who while gazing up at the sky he fell


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 into a pit. According to the story, a Thracian woman, who happened to pass by, mocked him: ―what‘s the use of your philosophies and dandy ideas, when falling into the well?‖ The story of the Astrologer and his fall into the well can be read at two main levels, a humorous one and a philosophical one. While the humorous aspect is obvious, the story is underpinned by two conflicting notions that have been applied to modern western thought and culture even before the Enlightenment. There‘s a misleading—to my view at least—dilemma: active involvement and participation in earthly affairs vs. preoccupation with more subtle and transcendent matters, spirituality and personal development. If Thales were to answer back from the bottom of the well, he would have probably replied that attending to daily routine hinders those who seek out wisdom. If we take this story at face value, then Thales or the Astrologer are in deep trouble. How could an expert on studying the wholeness of the world outside and far from himself fails miserably in matters close at hand, thus not an appropriate counselor to the people he reads their natal charts. But before we too mock the ―fallen‖ astrologer, we should take another look at the story; rather than being a story of conflicting attitudes, this is a story of perspective. It is only an assumption that those observing the stars fall into the well. In fact, as I will discuss further down, the astrologer deliberately chooses his point of view, namely the bottom of the well, which allows him to focus his vision on a well-defined section of the sky or the astrological chart of his clientele.

The ―Well‖ of Astrology I think the meaning of the story here is learning how to be consciously present at the moment—in and out of the well—and if you think about it, wells are not that unpleasant places after all. The thing that determines our place in and out of the well is not the difference in height, temperature or light, rather it is the will to be present and live the moment. Every time we either fix our eyes up in the sky or down into the well, it is only meaningful when it is an act of conscious choice. Why is this important? Because, even from the bottom of the well, the center of your being-ness your eyes will perpetually be drawn towards the sky, as long as you have the will to determine the direction your personal perspective. We understand that the dilemma for modern-day man is not so much where he chooses to focus on, the well or the stars. The story of the ―Astrologer who fell into the well‖ is not about a dilemma at all. It is a story with a purpose to teach how you can be consciously present in places where you do not want to be, or in places where you have not learnt yet how to survive them, so you keep avoiding them. And this is where the astrologer by fixing his eyes at the natal sky or star-map of his clients can help them to re-develop the skill to be present in their natal chart. However, we need to understand that helping someone to be present in their chart does not necessarily mean that he will not fall into the ―well.‖ Even in this case it is a matter of perspective. A well can be viewed as nothing more than a black hole, or a missing piece in one‘s personal story; yet it is not the universe‘s beauty to blame for seducing our eyes to look up in the sky and not in the street. To blame the stars for every well in our path and to compulsively search for the upcoming wells in the sky will eventually lead reliving the fall perpetually. On the other hand, there‘s always the other side in every story, the one where the well can be the best self-star-observatory. The burning question of one‘s very own identity, ―who am I?‖ or ―where is my full presence?‖ is necessary to be answered and experienced both outside and inside the well. An


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 astrologer can of course show to his client the stars and planets that made up his natal chart reflected in the bottom of the well and advise of the possible perils ahead. The astrological counseling can be very helpful as to point out the ―forth-coming wells,‖ but not to a dead end. On the contrary, it can be the beginning to learn to be present in the heart of your chart through tough aspects or possible adverse transits, in other words by falling into the well. One must not forget that you can still gaze upon the stars, even from the bottom of a well. In other words, sometimes to know your ―natal sky‖ is to meet yourself in the ―bottom of a well.‖ Think about it … the sky and the well is one and the same thing.

In the Center of the Natal Chart My intention is not to discourage you from gazing upon the stars, on the contrary. So, let‘s try something less challenging. I want you to imagine a blank astrological chart-wheel, free of planets, points, aspects etc. You may find it rather boring, but take a closer look at it. In the center, every astrological wheel has an empty circle. Carried away by the music of the stars and the wonders of the sky, maybe this circle is symbolically the ―Astrology‘s well‖, where the first Astrologer took the first fall. There is no legend or story revealing us what he was thinking, and his thoughts were lost at the bottom of this star-well still waiting for someone to find them. So next time you come across a well, spare a coin and make the following wish: never cease wandering and wondering in and out of the Astrology‘s well.

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Stavroula Konstantopoulou is an archaeologist and a scholar of astrology living currently in Athens, Greece. She received her B.A. in Archaeology and History of Art from the University of Crete, Greece, and her M.A. in History from The Ohio State University, USA. For more than a decade she has been working for the Packard Humanities Institute on the Greek Epigraphy Project. She is interested in astrology as an integral part of the History of Ideas in antiquity and contemporary culture. For the last couple of years, she has written articles in Greek, including for her own blog and given talks on the use of astrological language and mythological symbolisms as the keys to understand man‘s relationship with the universe and the cosmic cycles. She was one of the presenters in this year‘s Sophia Center Conference ―Worship of the Stars‖ held in Bath, UK. This coming year she plans to pursue an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from UWTSD.


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Neptune Eric Meyers Neptune is the emotional dream space that permeates the Uranian matrix. As a transpersonal and water planet, it‘s the spiritual love that nurtures life. The Moon is the individual heart, while Neptune is the heart of Spirit. Removed from separation consciousness, Neptune carries an ecstatic feeling of lightness and return—a selfless merging with the numinous. While Jupiter aspires to new heights, Neptune is the experience of transcendence once the heights have been attained. Neptune (and Pisces) involves the love that exists both inside us and all around us. Its evolutionary purpose is to facilitate and support growth though benevolent, compassionate acceptance. It is part of every person‘s evolution to love the collective through the momentum that self-love creates. It is hard to approach the gifts of Neptune when we feel empty within ourselves. Neptune has a ―Great Dark Spot,‖ comparable to Jupiter‘s ―Great Red Spot.‖ Different images from 1989 and 1994 show similar spots in different areas on the planet. Certainly it wasn‘t the same spot mysteriously moving around, or could it be? The planet features many smaller dark spots, which shift around and disappear—activity indicative of the uncertainty and nebulousness of dreams. Neptune has a faint ring system composed of fragmented and unstable rings. Some are in a state of decay, and one in particular will eventually disappear. This too portrays the fleeting, mirage-like dreamscape of impermanence and illusion. The contrast between Neptune‘s rings and Saturn‘s durable orchestration is strongly symbolic of their energies. Neptune‘s winds are the strongest in the solar system and have been recorded up to 2,100 km/h. Uranus, by contrast, was visually quite bland when the Voyager 2 spacecraft flew by (1986). Neptune features a whirlwind of activity—everything about this planet is in flux, indicating Neptune‘s unstable processes. Though Neptune has 13 known Moons, its largest, Triton, comprises more than 99.5 percent of the mass orbiting the planet. Unlike any other large Moon in the Solar System, it has a retrograde motion compared to the planet. It‘s locked into a synchronous rotation with Neptune, so Triton always keeps the same hemisphere pointed at Neptune, just as the Moon does for Earth. Its retrograde motion portrays how time is distorted, while the enduring synchronous rotation invites a steady point of focus. In myth, Triton is known for his trumpeting sound which calms the seas, a helpful reminder that we are dreaming.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Triton is slowly spiraling inward to be eventually torn apart, illustrative of the impermanence of the dream state. Another Moon of note is Neried, which has one of the most eccentric orbits of any satellite in the solar system—another nod toward wildness. Due to its relatively large size, Neptune's orbit has a profound impact on the region directly beyond it, known as the Kuiper belt. It has a series of ―orbital resonances‖ with these bodies that follow precise mathematical ratios. Neptune and Kuiper Belt objects are locked into patterns so the traffic runs smoothly. Though Pluto sometimes moves within Neptune‘s orbit, they will never collide. We can trust that we‘ll be safe in the dream—Spirit has it all set up for us to surrender to the experience.

The Egoic Neptune As the dreamer can get lost in the dream, the ego‘s relationship with Neptune can be most challenging. Neptune‘s selflessness can turn into identity confusion, victim and martyr issues, or the many avenues of escapism. The ego might use Neptune as the rationale to destructively disobey the laws of order and rationality. We might get caught up in a trance or swept away in ungrounded experiences or seduced into addiction. Lost in Neptune‘s trance, some ask why one reality is preferred to another— resignation, despair, and even suicide can result. Perhaps the greatest ego trap with Neptune is the confusion of Neptune with enlightenment. One of the main points that spiritual teachers emphasize is that awakening is not about having positive or peak experiences, but rather about presence and awareness, being clear and attuned to life. Many seekers are interested in experiencing ongoing bliss as a balm against egoic pain or suffering. Feeling ―good‖ is pleasurable but strengthens the ego‘s need for it. A criticism of the New Age movement is that its culture can be syrupy and loving to the point of lacking authenticity and ignoring the shadow. This ―spiritual bypass‖ can be appealing, as it avoids emotional pain and interpersonal tensions. The ego adapts a Neptunian orientation and enjoys the social and sometimes professional rewards this bestows. For many, the illusion of separateness is the only reality. Indeed, it can be extremely convincing! The realm of dreams may seem unable to impact the ―real world,‖ and being ―a dreamer‖ usually implies the inability to actually get anything accomplished. There is little awareness that we actually exist in the dream space. Lacking this awareness, we stay indentified in the physical realm and try to master its workings. To move beyond, we must take responsibility for the dreaming process and shift our governing paradigm to include the transpersonal.

The Awakened Neptune Eckhart Tolle says, ―Most humans alternate not between consciousness and unconsciousness but only between different levels of unconsciousness.‖xliv The inability to consciously dream has contributed to our collective reality being in the mess it‘s in. A review of history reveals enormous strife, suffering, and a multitude of ways we‘ve been imprisoned in the ego. The awakened Neptune helps us release attachments and see the physical world as the illusion. Neptune infuses a vision and provides us with hope. We can augment this through any


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 spiritual practice (lucid dreaming, chanting, meditation, prayer, etc.) Contemplation can remind us that the ego is a tool and help loosen our preoccupation with it so we can increase our awareness of the dream space. The dream space is a formless, invisible, interactive field of timeless possibilities cocreated between the dreamer‘s consciousness and the world. The multiple dimensions of Neptune must pass through Saturn‘s gate, which always entails some kind of negotiation. Much has been said in recent years about ―creating your reality,‖ and it can be a controversial and confusing idea. What is often left out of this discussion is that we are co-creating with Spirit; the world is not a blank and open canvas for us to use. Only phenomena consistent with reality come to being. A 63-year-old frail woman is not going to manifest a basketball career in the NBA no matter how much she focuses on this outcome. There are many ways to dream. Nighttime dreams are often unconscious and may not be backed by intention or any cocreative process. They are rich for delivering unconscious messages to the conscious mind. We can develop the ability to dream consciously at night and use the time constructively. There are fantastic tales of exploring consciousness from sorcerers and shamans, but these inter-dimensional experiences often seem out of reach. Neptune can feel like an inner longing that is unspecific or lost. When this desire is investigated, we might find that it seeks to be at peace and in a shared experience with everything—to actually awaken to experience Oneness. When we acknowledge this desire from our emotional foundation (Moon) we can consciously co-create our dreams (Neptune). The dream space is where the ego can get lost in unconsciousness, and it‘s also where we can awaken. The ego must release control and learn to trust and accept all of life. We can develop love and compassion for the self, the dreamer, who has not always dreamed consciously. The clearest way to dream is to be in the loving heart center (Moon) and consciously radiate (Sun) this into the world. The more genuine we are in our prayers and intentions, the more the world intimately connects with us. Neptune can feel nebulous, like we‘re lost in a sea of possibilities. Yet at times, life unfolds in ways that make it obvious that we are playing a part in its creation. Events are too ―on story,‖ coincidences and collaboration with seemingly external events are too perfect. In these moments it can feel as if we are peaking behind the curtain of reality. And now we have the technology (Astrology) to navigate the dreamland. When used as a tool for awakening, we have the map, the guide that takes us through the organization of the dream. We can watch the astrology events that are transpiring and willingly attune our consciousness to what is really going on. In order to get a picture of how well we‘re dreaming, we can just look at our lives. There it is—the results of what was being held in consciousness are manifest all around. We are not more advanced than where we are— you can‘t argue with reality. Eric Meyers is a full-time professional counseling astrologer, teacher and author of 5 original books (including The Astrology of Awakening, Elements & Evolution, and Uranus). He has a M.A. in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University and studied with astrologer Steven Forrest. Eric‘s focus is on how astrology relates to the process of spiritual awakening and the evolution of consciousness. He has pioneered a new approach weaving threads of modern psychology, universal spiritual principles and a contemporary understanding of science and nature. Eric has emerged as a progressive voice in renewing astrology for the 21st Century.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017


Consultation charts are nifty little things, and when employed properly, can provide tremendous (or at least humorous) insight into how a consultation is going to play out. As a practising professional astrologer, the relevance of the consultation chart is without question and should be regarded carefully and mindfully as a sort of ―pre-reading ritual‖ that conditions, prepares, and unites the mind of the astrologer with that of the client. And you know, that probably sounds like something seriously esoteric and profound because, as you will see, it is. So, let‘s jump right in to examples. Please note: While the following descriptions are detailed, they come to mind within a few minutes of looking at a chart before the main consultation proper. Any person can do this with practice and proper involvement. Pro Tip: Since usually with consultation charts one is touching the internal space of a person, it is better to begin with interpretation using whole sign ―houses‖ and add to that the signification coming from normal house system. EXAMPLE 1: SKYPE WITH A FRIEND I was on Skype with a friend from South Africa, and it got to a point where a certain amount of offloading was happening and there was a general call for guidance. It was almost midnight in London at the time, so I decided to let the Astrology provide the advice rather than my weary mind. I set a clear and heartfelt request for guidance for this person, and cast a chart.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Leo is the sign rising, indicating the core advice for my friend is that they need to stand up for themselves (Leo impulse) with respect to family and father figure(s) in their life (Sun on IC) as the feeling of being undermined in that area of life (Sun in Scorpio) is adversely affecting their ability to be productive at work (Sun opposing MC). However, the time is soon approaching for communication about this hurt in the hope of fairness and creating harmony (AC approaching sextile to Mercury in Libra, the fall of the Sun) however they feel insecure about voicing their feelings as they feel they will not be supported (Venus ruler of 3rd and 10th in Fall and with Mars, and Moon separating afflictions from both Saturn and Neptune). This is a justified gut feeling given Virgo stellium, showing both the fear of and desire to be critical. The advice should include proper nutrition to help settle the digestive system which is prone to be thrown out of balance (Virgo stellium to do with assimilation in the body, in the 2nd to do with ingestion, Moon opposite Saturn in mutable signs together with Uranus contacting AC shows significant nervous irritability thrown throughout all mutable signs). They need to express anger as a process to earn and feel self-respect (North Node on 3rd house cusp, angular Sun ruler of chart disposed by Mars, retrograde Uranus contacting the AC and disposed by Mars). The Moon is very important in a consultation chart as it shows the flow and quality of time. This Moon shows anxiety due to changing friendships (mutable 11th sign), not knowing the future of friendships (sextile Uranus in 9th house) due to what friends are communicating and doing in public


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 (Moon in 10th house, Mercury in 3rd). But keeping the Leo AC, the angular Sun and unsupported Moon in mind, the problem actually is that the person doesn‘t feel that their voice will be heard as there is both a desire to participate with those friends in their public expressions, but also an awareness of that friendships need to be changing or a rejection of friendships (the MC is at the exaltation of the Moon, which was recently afflicted by opposition to Saturn). In consultation charts, the MC shows the reason or action or event that has triggered the matter of the AC. Therefore the MC usually shows where the conversation goes during the course of a consultation, because an understanding of the present (AC) requires a discussion of the related triggers (the MC was rising once upon a time ago). Friend: ―About 2 months ago I started to purge my facebook friends list because I felt I was being used and now I feel I may have no friends left. I want new friends but I also want my space‖. Two months ago is about 8 weeks ago, and the Moon was in contact with the AC 9° ago. The closest aspect to the AC indicates the most recent influence over the current circumstances, and is a trine from the 9th house Uranus. Uranus being an outer planet and cadent indicates a stress factor that is from the collective and out of their direct control. Uranus is in Aries and is retrograde, and thus it resonates with the Scorpio Sun since both are ruled by Mars, giving a rebellious slant to the Uranus interpretation here. The Uranus is in the 9th house of higher education and is aspecting the Leo AC so: Me: ―Do you wish to be a part of the student protests that are happening on the university campus? (Uranus here shows the collective stress which is the student protests that were happening on the university campus at the time) Because it looks like you see them as empowered individuals and you also want to feel emboldened (Uranus contacting AC)‖. Friend: ―When I saw the student protests begin I felt something stir inside me and I wished I could be like those people, be recognized and respected like them.‖ Me: ―Yes, because this is what you are looking for right now (Leo AC), but you can evaluate for yourself which is the right path for you to get this. It doesn‘t have to be that you become a rebel, I think that you feel that way because there is just a lot of pent up anger inside you which the protestors are resonating with. But their role is to just bring this part of yourself into focus, how you choose to respond to that trigger is a different matter which you can choose independently when your will is free from being attached to these protestors (It is empowering and liberating to free a person‘s will from outer planet influence since outer planets don‘t contact the Sun‘s light as the free will in the chart)‖. I wondered how this fit in with the whole ―friend changing‖ feeling from earlier. And I saw that the ruler of the Moon and the 11th house (Mercury) was in Libra in the 3rd house. Me: ―Okay so I‘m assuming the other issue here is that you think that by participating in what these people are doing in public, you feel you can make more friends and you may have deeper friendships, like a friendship-relationship (noting the Mercury in Libra) because of all this busy activity and expression that you do with them (3rd house)‖. Friend: ―Yes‖ Seeing that Venus the dispositor of Mercury (the friends) was in Fall.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Me: ―So the real issue here is not that you don‘t have friends, is that you are not able to be expressive with them since they are far away from you physically (Venus in Earth sign, MC Earth sign)‖. Friend: ―Yes, they have all left and gone away. Some of them to other countries (note Uranus contacting AC from 9th house, and Moon in 11th ruling the 12th house). Me (trying to bring their awareness to the Leo AC): ―Well how does that impact your self-confidence and need to feel respected?‖ Friend: ―Well, this is probably more about me wanting the recognition, wanting friends that are closeby (Mercury in 3rd house), and with whom I feel I can have a relationship with (Mercury in Libra, natural sign of 7th house, Saturn ruler of 7th opposing Moon), and that is something I just haven‘t had with friends before. Me: ―Yes, because when that friend with whom a relationship is desired actually gets into a relationship in their life, then you may sabotage yourself and shut yourself off from everyone as you have done 2 months ago (the Moon ruling the 12th house)‖. Friend: ―This is exactly how I feel about all of this right now! I need some time to pause and think about this because what you just said strikes me to the core‖. Me: ―Well, that is great. Now at least you don‘t have to wallow in nervous irritability and comfort eating (Virgo stellium in 2nd house), because you have a better idea about what is happening with you. You will get an opportunity to feel more confident and to stand up and be noticed amongst potential friends in a week or 5 weeks‘ time (5° between Mercury and AC contact by friendly sextile). But you will have to be proactive about preparing yourself to step out of your comfort zone (AC will be in the terms of Mars when it sextiles radix Mercury). It will probably be better if you stop having too many squishy and soft foods and cold drinks coz ―you are what you eat‖ and we don‘t want you to be soft and squishy when the time comes! Hot spicy drinks and soups can be okay, especially if they don‘t contain too many veggies and other things. (To align him with the Virgo stellium dryness but also to counter the excessive coldness of the chart shown by the ruler of the AC, the MC and its ruler and the Virgo stellium)‖. Me (again, bringing the advice back to the Leo AC): ―It is important for you to heal your selfconfidence enough to feel okay with stepping out of the family shadow (Sun ruler of AC in Scorpio on IC). By going out there in about 5 weeks‘ time, for YOURSELF, irrespective of the outcome, you may feel better‖. Friend: ―This is at the root of all my life‘s problems yes, and its always been that way‖ (Sun literally on the IC the root of the chart, controlling the Leo AC need for respect, and in a fixed sign). Planets on the angles permeate the entire chart, and here the Sun on the IC specifically shows the lack of respect from the family affecting his entire life. Me: ―It is hard journey for a lot of people. But what I can say is that the feeling that you have that the problem has always been this way and it will never change (Scorpio), that feeling and way of thinking about the problem is actually what you can change in small steps and by small achievements bit by bit. Make sure that you can do something for yourself everyday that increases your confidence, slowly. Start small. Pay attention to how you speak about yourself, because that becomes who you think you are. Pay attention to how you carry yourself and your posture, carry yourself like a lion and do things


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 that will empower you to feel this way. Speak words of encouragement and support to yourself. Be your own father figure‖. Fixed signs give very influential problems that build up over a long time and once triggered, resolve over a long period. Hence the best approach is to hack away at the problem like a tortoise, slow and steady, a bit better every day. Me: ―By doing these things, you will take ownership over the scars and disrespect you have experienced from family, and THEREFORE you will not have such strong strings and conditions on your friendships, because you will no longer put the pressure of family onto your friends, thus freeing yourself and them to enjoy and experience real friendship‖. Friend: ―Wow. That is so useful…I need to go away and deal with this‖. Me: ―You know, you should actually be very proud about your music. Share that with people, the art that you do. You will feel empowered‖. (Noting again the AC applying to Libra Mercury in the 3rd house). Friend: ―Of course…yes I do feel empowered to carry on with writing and composing, and do that and be proud of it no matter what other people say…thanks!‖ At this point, I stopped reading from the chart, and the conversation carried on to a natural (and very sleepy!) conclusion. EXAMPLE 2: CLIENT CONSULTATION A client came for a Career and Finance consultation at the end of July this year. This is the chart for when we began the consultation. So we are talking business and a need to get organized with life (Virgo AC). The person is feeling overwhelmed by the anxiety arising from trying to play the teacher or healer role (Jupiter) with respect to the relationship to the family (Jupiter rules 4th and 7th houses) and this is terribly draining and causing her to feel imprisoned (AC Ruler in anaretic degree and near the 12th house cusp, further supported by Jupiter in detriment in 12th house feeling imprisoned, Jupiter in 1st sign she knows what the problem is and is contributing to it). The more she tries to help, the more problems arise (Jupiter in detriment), so we are here to shed some light onto this because these two relationships (mutable Moon) is affecting her health (ruler of 6th in 12th and is detriment Jupiter). [We proceeded to discuss her diet]. I advised her that despite not feeling okay with what she knows she has to do to move things forward because she doesn‘t want to feel even more cut-off from family (ruler of AC separating square to Mars), she will soon be able to move forward decisively once she can accept a few hard changes which may involve keeping more money for herself rather than it going to support various family members (AC applying to sextile Mars, Mars ruling 8th house). Intuition was probably playing into what I had said because she immediately responded that yes there are money concerns that are linked with certain family members. Looking at the angular Moon, I replied that she is trying to mother two people, juggle her personal and work life, or feels strongly that she can‘t have one without the other.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

This is actually quite a financial Moon as it rules the 11th sign, and is in contact with the ruler of the 2nd house Venus, and is also in the 11th sign from the Part of Fortune, and further supported by the ruler of the 11th house in the 11th house and conjunct the Part of Fortune itself with no major afflictions. I immediately advised her that yes, her job as a mother to two people (which she revealed to be her two daughters and their families) is what is linked to her family. But I also suggested the possibility (still honouring the duality of the Moon) that she could do two things at the same time and support her family but it would be more personally fulfilling if she could get involved in some work in hospitality or mentoring or feeding, but the job is something where she is involved at an executive level like a matron and not working necessarily with her hands (given the dignity of the chart and the 3rd house ruler). I mentioned to her that there is first going to be some expenses related to travel, which she confirmed. This was because Venus ruler of the 2nd and 9th house, with the 3rd house afflicted by both malefics Mars and Saturn, would incline someone to not want to stay around their local area. This, together with the term ruler of 9th house ruler being Mercury, signified a more serious reason for travel which was travel for the sake of job (since Mercury rules the AC and the 10th house Moon). Both the travel to visit her daughters and scout the foreign country for jobs was part of the current situation. The reason for her asking for a Career and Finance reading now became clear: she was hoping to see evidence of the possibility of a job in the foreign land (which I used the solar returns and directed astrocartography to ascertain), as well as the impact of all of this on family.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 In this manner, the consultation chart properly guided both astrologer and client into the matter of the main issues to be dealt with in-depth in the Career and Finance reading. Coming up in PART 2 in the next Issue of Infinity Magazine: Tips and details on how to use Consultation Charts in conjunction with Natal charts for effective impact!

Theodore Naicker was born in Durban, South Africa in 1987. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering from Texas Tech University (Lubbock, Texas, USA). He has worked as a Reservoir Engineer in the Oil and Gas Industry for the last several years. Theo is a regular yoga practitioner and enjoys hiking. Cultural anthropology and military history are other intellectual hobbies. Theo‘s approach and method is based on a strong foundation in traditional astrology, combined with modern techniques that work together to result in a practical approach to astrology for the client. He is currently studying Sanskrit Etymology in preparation for intensive studies in Jyotish with Sanjay Rath in the coming years.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

What Does Your Soul Seek of You? Linda Furiate The dance between the Sun and Moon each month represents a cyclic relationship that refers to the very spirit of life itself. The Moon moves about the Earth reflecting the light of the Sun, as the Moon itself has no light of its own. If we think in terms of metaphor the Moon‘s reflection of this sunlight in essence is our (nature) consciousness and awareness of who we are, it affects our psyche and our emotions. The New Moon (Sun-Moon conjunction) is associated with beginnings – a fresh start, whereas the Full Moon (Sun-Moon opposition) is a time of maturity, fertility and growth offering us the opportunity to reflect upon our own being. As we peek at the night sky we often we are drawn to the energy of the Moon. We see it completely alive at the Full Moon, barely noticeable at the New and then twice a month we experience the half Moon in its 1st or 3rd quarter phase. In order to understand our nature to the cosmic whole at a deeper level the solar-lunar phase is further divided using the midpoints of each of these four phases offering us a total of ‗eight stages of being‘. Below is a brief analysis on how our nature and consciousness may be affected between the ever changing movement of the Sun and Moon which was instilled in all of us at birth (each phase last approx. 3 ½ days per month then repeats). By understanding our Sun-Moon relationship it may offer us clues into our own nature and how we handle our life. For example Christopher Reeve was born during a Crescent phase; Michael J Fox a 3rd quarter; Michael Jackson a full moon phase. New Moon – The Sun and Moon are together, the Moon is not visible. It is like the seedling beneath the earth recently impregnated into the soil. Born into this phase the life is impulsive awaiting to emerge. One is eager to birth new ideas with a strong sense of personal and subjective enthusiasm. Crescent Moon – The seedling has broken ground, the first sliver of moonlight is seen in the night sky. Instinctively one is drawn toward action, expansion and literally breaking new ground. The theme of life is about breaking free from past (family/karmic) conditioning in order for new growth to continue, with a strong need to assert one‘s self through much intense struggle. 1st Quarter – The Moon is growing and now half lite in the night sky; there is a polarity or balance between light and darkness where one‘s life may be torn between the two. There is a strong need to be expressive often creating one crisis after another due to moving about instinctively relying on past emotional experience, rather than clearing the way for new, more conscious energy.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Gibbous – Conscious development is well underway. The seedling is now well rooted, with full growth nicely defined. With this Sun-Moon phase a person is constantly questioning and analyzing life, like the plants wonderment toward survival. Through continued consciousness one is tenacious and accepting, learning to focus outside of oneself for development. Strongly detailed and efficiency oriented this person has a strong need to contribute to society. Full Moon – The Moon is fully illuminated reflecting about 7% of the Sun‘s intense light and capacity. Here the Sun and Moon are in opposition fully aware of each other‘s presence in all their glory and perfection. Relatedness to another tends to be a constant theme with a strong desire to pull away from that which is deemed less than idyllic. Subjectivity and objectivity seek great balance in action toward the fulfillment and realization of our desires in others. Disseminating – The Moon begins to lose its fullness yet lingers in brightness. Our consciousness has something of greatness still to share. Those born of this Sun-Moon phase are born communicators, find meaning in expressing their multiple ideas far and wide to all those who will listen. Their knowledge, truth, wisdom and beliefs are tools used to inspire and share with others. 3rd Quarter – The Moon again is half lite as it descends toward renewal. This phase of the solar-lunar dance is experienced as a time of reorientation and revision in order to realign with the new. Our energy begins its inward reflection and one may appear quite difficult to get to know emotionally. The desire for change is strong lending toward an inner frustration that one is unwilling to express. Life is asking one to reflect more deeply before reacting or pre-acting. Balsamic – Once again only a sliver of Moon remains in the evening sky. The Moon has shed its brilliant light releasing unto itself. Our consciousness now becomes future oriented. The balsamic phase of the Sun-Moon dance of life is equated to that of the dormancy of winter. While there may appear to be stillness, bareness and emptiness the ground is now fertile to plant new seeds settling into the soil while implanting deep into our consciousness something new beyond ourselves. Those born into this phase feel a special sense of destiny as though it is up to them to herald in the future with their instinct of all-knowing. They are the prophets and the believers in fate and faith, and that through the process of release, true transformation may once again manifest. To find your birth Sun-Moon phase you must know your date, place and time of birth email Linda at for your SU-MO Phase.

Linda Furiate, former TV host and producer, is an Addictions/Health Habits Coach, consulting Astrologer, Reiki I&II & Inspirational. She worked as the Director of Marketing/Administration for an out-patient drug/alcohol treatment center where she developed her desire to help those struggling with addiction. In 2014 Linda was cast as an Astrologer, playing herself, in the reality TV show ―Take Me to Your Mother‖ starring comedian Andrea Rosen which airs on the NickMom channel. Linda speaks to world-wide audiences and was recently the featured speaker with Marianne Williamson in Los Angeles. She is an occasional contributor to the Recovery Today magazine where she combines her insight to addictions and astrology.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Donald Trump‘s Chart Analysis Marcia Ferreira Silva

Animus - male principle According to Jung‘s analytical psychology, Animus archetype is connected to the male principle, which is represented by objective activities. The impersonal, pragmatic and rational approach to life, with predominance of Logos and low connection with feelings, creativity and intuition, which belong to Eros and Anima realm. For a man, it shows us how he deals with the internalized female figure and also with his own masculinity: with his aggressiveness, assertiveness, sexuality, desire and professional position. In astrological charts, we can think of a kind of an Animus control of the personality, both in men and in women‘s charts, when we find a great emphasis on male signs, which are fire and air signs, for example: * When we have Sun, Moon and ASC or a stellium or a predominance of planets in male signs, which are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius * When we find Yang planets like Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto as angular planets or in hard aspects or configurations because in these cases the energy of these impulses (planets) feel an urgency and a greater pressure to be expressed. If some of these conditions are emphasized in a chart, we can infer that it is a personality where Logos, thinking, a lot of objectivity and judgment prevail and low intuition and sensitivity. Also not open to internal and psychological issues, since the male signs are more extrovert and less focused on intimacy and internal nuances.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 The first thing we observe in Donald Trump‘s chart is his ASC in Leo, which is a male sign and fire element. Leo rising shows the need for being ―in the spotlight‖, need for recognition, vanity, pride and the need to be treated as a very special person and to be loved and cherished.

Trump has Mars on the ASC, showing an active Persona or social mask, assertiveness, competitiveness and being always prone to action. Mars on the ASC shows male characteristics, the Animus, present in his conscious personality and as a result, an Anima - or female principle repressed in the unconscious, in his Shadow because Anima and Animus are always in a compensatory mode. Therefore, the connection with Eros, feelings, intuition and sensitivity and also love are more difficult to access for being blocked and repressed in his personality. Similarly the relationship with the female figure is distant, unknown and may become frightening to him. Trump has the Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius, which are also male signs and will be discussed later. If we draw a correlation with Jung‘s Psychological Types, Trump would fit into the Intuition-Thinking Psychological Type. Intuition for the visionary man, for the innovation, one that sees possibilities in the hereafter and with a global perception. Thinking for the intellectual and logic orientation. This confirms the Animus predominance mentioned above and in astrology it corresponds to fire


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 predominance followed by the air element, both male elements. On the other hand, the Feeling and the Sensation functions are relegated to the Shadow, the Sensation as a grounded function. In his chart, the water element is present to a lesser extent and is very interesting to observe that he has zero points in the earth element. We can make an assumption here that the fortune he made along his life had more to do with the fact of being a great visionary man than a grounded person and maybe there is a certain lack of solid foundations in his endeavors. Anima - female principle In terms of his Anima, it draws our attention the fact that Trump was born under a full moon and especially under a lunar eclipse with the Moon conjunct the South Node. In a total lunar eclipse, the moon is covered by the shadow of the Earth and basically fades away. If we think about the Moon symbolism, the female principle and the internalized female figure are obscured, with the prevalence of the Sun over the Moon. Emotional issues and feelings are repressed in the unconscious with difficult access to consciousness, functioning more or less as a "pressure cooker", ready to explode. Many Earth events are precipitated by the full moon, like the tides, people mood changes and many others. A lunar eclipse brings all this in potential, but in a more complicated, obscure and mysterious way. A birth under the impact of a lunar eclipse, which is a full moon, means to be born under a polarization between the male and the female, where the two principles antagonize and are difficult to be integrated, unless a great and intense psychological work is achieved. Furthermore, the astrological aspect of opposition between the Sun and the Moon tells us about the unconscious need to use the defense mechanism known in psychoanalysis as Projective Identification: unconscious contents are denied and projected in a way that the person gets rid of his/her dark contents. The other person receives this massive projection and has his/her mind almost "controlled" by the first person. The whole world watched the attacks that Trump launched against Hillary Clinton in the presidential debates and the disrespectful attacks against women and many others in general, always from a male superiority arrogance in order to devalue and underestimate the other and especially the women. In one of the debates, Trump even accused Clinton, calling her "nasty woman" or at another time: "you have so much hate in your heart." Here we see very clearly a mechanism of a massive Projective Identification as he gets emptied of these "bad" contents and almost knocks down his opponent. Also in terms of this Sun-Moon polarity, we can see that Trump‘s Sun is in the 10th house, a great professional and prominent placement and in conjunction with the North Node, what strengthens the planet in both ways. This gives him a great professional performance and visibility in the world and once again prevailing assertiveness and the male principle. On the other hand, the Moon in conjunction with the South Node weakens the planet and according to karmic astrology, this would mean that Trump brings to this present life karmic issues from past lives related to the female figure, repeating unconscious and problematic patterns compulsively. Lilith or the Black Moon and Venus are complements of the Anima archetype. Both the Moon and Lilith are in his 4th House of origins, background, past and homeland. The 4th House is an unconscious sector, where the contents are not easily brought and accessible to consciousness and do not find easy integration in the personality. Trump, seeking the presidency in his country, represented


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 by the Moon and the 4th house, is going in the direction of a repetition of past karmic issues because it is where his South Node is, what actually can lead him to problems and confusion and certainly is not the best life direction for him. The best course in life for him would be his 10th house and his own professional performance. This connection with the South Node may bring him many personal problems in the near future. Venus complements the female imago in the psyche. We see that Trump has Venus conjunct Saturn. This once more shows the repression and annulment of Eros and the feminine and also once again confirms all his issues with women and his repressive impulses towards them. Psychopathology In Trump‘s chart two widely known Personality Disorders in psychiatry are evident: the Narcissistic Personality Disorder and the Antisocial Personality Disorder. Narcissistic Personality Disorder The Narcissistic Personality Disorder is characterized by a grandiose sense of self-confidence, fantasies of unlimited success, power, intelligence, a belief to be special and unique and a demand for excessive admiration. There is lack of empathy, with a reluctance to recognize and identify with the feelings and needs of others. It is characterized by arrogant and insolent behavior and attitudes and a depreciation for the contribution of others. In the last debate, for example, Clinton mentioned the aid that the Clinton Foundation has provided to Haiti and Trump replied, "they no longer want your help," totally disparaging the fact. Freud outlined a Personality Type classification in psychoanalysis, and according to it, Trump also corresponds to the Psychoanalytical Narcissistic Type ( P Type ) where the underlying anxiety is the anxiety of fragmentation. The person with this disorder has great difficulty to care about someone else‘s needs, a great difficulty in empathizing, in valuing anything other or different from him/herself. The unknown may mean a threat to the Ego integrity. The threat of fragmentation, of being torn apart by something or someone who can be bigger or better than him/herself. For astrology, when there is an unintegrated personality, Mars on the ASC, Leo rising and Moon in Sagittarius as it in Trump‘s chart, are some of the components that tell us about the possibility of development of this Narcissistic Personality Disorder, with exaggerated self-esteem, egotism and excessive self-assertion. Antisocial Personality Disorder The Antisocial Personality Disorder is a pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others with an absence of remorse, indifference or rationalization for having manipulated, wounded or mistreated another person. There is a tendency to mislead, distort facts and/or deceive others for personal advantage or credibility and even a predominant impulsivity and a strong egocentrism. Modifying versions of the facts for their own benefit, using half-truths to corroborate some advantageous point of view, all these are common traits in this pathology. In the debates, even when Hillary remembered some statements that Trump had mentioned in public during the previous debates, Trump denied them all with no embarrassment! In other times, he just interrupted the speech of the opponent and didn‘t give any chance for the moderator to speak. He


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 never apologized for what he said to the Mexicans either, or to the parents of the Muslim soldier or to the reporter with a congenital disease, whom he had mocked in a previous speech. No consideration for others. Trump has Pluto in the 12th house. The 12th House, being a sector of psychic and unconscious contents in a chart functions in a way that suppresses the psychic impulses, not providing an easy access to consciousness, unless an intense psychological work of awareness is achieved. The impulses symbolized by Pluto tell us about intense experiences of life or death in the intrauterine life, which were deeply marked in the baby's psyche as a "cellular imprinting", when there was no Ego to mediate or sufficient inner resources for the infant to deal with that. This results in a defensive mode of operation, a constant need to defend oneself against any real or imagined threat, an alert system that sees the world and people as extremely threatening. There is a sense of annihilation, where the law of the strongest prevails in a reptile brain functioning, like "killing not to be killed." That would be the unconscious drive. Our astrological correlations for Trump‘s chart would be in the first place with the Plutonian syndromes or with the sign of Scorpio, which brings death and annihilation in its symbolism and the following defenses against such a terrifying ―l‘angoisse de néantisation‖ as the french say. The defense mechanism of Projective Identification, as mentioned in Part 1 as a way of projecting all these Shadow contents. Trump has Pluto pulsing in his 12th house and no awareness of these impulses. Aries and Mars, when dysfunctional, may also present undifferentiated childish behavior, with an urgency to be cared and low frustration tolerance with a consequent discharge of angry impulses. Trump brings Mars on his ASC. Capricorn and Saturn may also show emotional coldness in relationships due to the social climbing needs and may use people and situations to achieve the ultimate ambition. Trump brings Saturn in conjunction with his Venus, ruler of the 10th house, and a Sun in conjunction with the North Node in the 10th house, so a Capricorn standard of professional ambition. Last but not least, Trump has the Sun in Gemini. Gemini in undeveloped personalities, may function as the "trickster archetype", who would have a tendency to play tricks and disobey the rules and conventional behavior. He easily distorts the informations or states frivolous claims, which he would hardly be able to maintain if he were elected, eg. building walls to separate the borders of the United States or that he would implement a massive tax cut. Unfounded statements with no embarrassment, as when he said that 100% of the money raised by the Trump Foundation is dedicated to charity, an impossible fact to be accurately verified. When his reality show "The apprentice" lost, he accused Emmy awards of fraud and furthermore he affirmed FBI had been corrupted when freed Clinton for the e-mail server case, denigrating US democracy with this speech. We do not know all the consequences that such behavior may bring to him personally yet, but as we mentioned before, with the South Node in the 4th house conjunct his Moon, we can certainly foresee some problems.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Conclusion We wonder how a personality like Trump‘s has come so far in the US presidential race. We live at a time when there is a strong appeal to narcissism and in American society in particular, a certain worship for celebrities and narcissistic personalities. Trump displays strong sociopathic and narcissistic personality traits, using maneuvers, unfounded frivolous claims and a great arrogance and disregard for the others. On his chart there are obvious unconscious issues with the female figure repressed in his Shadow and a need for male prevalence through domination, assertiveness and arrogance, what features a predominant Animus and no contact with his Anima, leaving no room for sensitivity and the realm of nuances and feelings. Trump plays "the winner takes it all" and passes over people as a "tractor‖. The ambition for the White House may satisfy his narcissistic traits, with the help of all the manipulative strategies of his sociopathic traits since in the financial world his vanity needs had probably been already satisfied. With all that fire on his chart, we can hypothesize the way he made his fortune, being a visionary. The desire for the US presidency at this moment of his life seems like one more of his "adventures", with no earth element to give foundation, consistency and continuity to this endeavor. Trump‘s analysis chart does not end here, but with all the unconscious issues in his chart and this orientation for the South Node, we can only assume there will be adverse consequences for him in his private life, after this new "adventure". REFERENCES 1. Jung, C. G. Os Arquétipos e o Inconsciente Coletivo - Edit. Vozes 2011 2. Jung, C. G Tipos Psicológicos - Edit. Zahar 1967 3. Freitas, L. C. T. Astrologia Clìnica - Edit. Summus 4. Greene, L Os Planetas Interiores - Edit. C ROKA 5. Jung, E. Animus e Anima - Edit. Cultrix 1. Freud S. (1895). Sobre os critérios para destacar da neurastenia uma sìndrome particular intitulada "neurose de angústia". In: Obras completas de Sigmund Freud, Edição Standard Brasileira. Rio de Janeiro: IMAGO; 1974 2. Perry G., PH.D. Depth Analysis of the Natal Chart - Spiral bound 8 3. Freitas, L.C.T. O Simbolismo Astrológico e a Psique Humana – Edit. Pensamento 4. Hegenberg, M. Psicoterapia Breve Psicanalìtica - Edit. Casa do Psicólogo 5. American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. 4. Ed. Washington: APA; 1994 6. OMS. Classificação de transtornos mentais e de comportamento da CID-10. Porto Alegre: Artes Médicas; 1993 7. Gomes de Matos E, Gomes de Matos TM, Gomes de Matos G. Histeria: uma revisão crìtica e histórica do seu conceito. J Bras Psiquiatr. 2005


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Marcia F. Silva is a Psychologist and a full-time professional Astrologer. She is the director and founder of C.E.A.P. – Psychological Astrology Study Center in Brazil – since 2005, where she teaches, lectures and gives astrological consultations. At C.E.A.P, Astrology is taught through an in-depth Junguian Psychological perspective and a complete curriculum in Astrology is offered both in live classes and online courses. Marcia is ISAR Brazil Vice-President, received her ISAR C.A.P. in 2009 and is currently implementing ISAR Certification in Brazil.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Some thoughts on prediction… Anne Whitaker Prediction post-mortems have abounded throughout all media in the wake of the shock result of the USA election which will see Donald Trump inaugurated as 45th President in January 2017. A large majority of astrologers predicted a Hillary Clinton win. She DID win the popular vote, by a majority of 2.5 million according to the most recent reliable estimates. But Trump secured the Presidency, thanks to the Electoral College results. So – were the astrologers‘ predictions of a Clinton win right, or were they wrong? Mulling over this conundrum, I thought it might be of interest to repost an article I wrote some years ago on the topic of prediction. Let me know what YOU think! The question of whether it is possible to foretell the future is one which has preoccupied humans ever since we evolved into self-conscious beings and began to conceptualise past, present, and future — now thought to be around 80,000 years ago. Prediction has been around for a long time. Economists do it. Weather forecasters do it. Politicians do it. Physicists do it. Futurologists do it.

Most of the foregoing predictors direct scorn and derision at the people who have done it for longer than anyone else: astrologers. There is several thousand years‘ worth of recorded empirical evidence — much of it stored on clay tablets, as yet undeciphered, in the basements of museums across the world — demonstrating that the movements of the planets in our solar system correlate with particular shifts in ―the affairs of men‖ (Shakespeare‘s term, not mine!). This empirical observation continues into the present day in the consulting rooms of astrologers across the world. For example, a number of politicians and economists consult astrologers regularly. They are mostly unwilling to admit it, though we astrologers know who they are! What we can, and cannot, do Both astrologers and astronomers, via planetary observation, can look at and correctly plot the unfolding pattern of energies through space-time. After that, astrologers step into a different realm than that of observation of the external, material, planetary world. By looking at a section of any points or moments of the past, present, or future via a horoscope, they can examine the essence of that moment in terms of its meaning, and speculate with moderate accuracy about what some of the branches manifesting in the wider world, or in individuals‘ lives, may be. What they can‘t do is to see exactly, and with consistency, how those branches are going to manifest. Historically, our track record on hindsight is much better than it is on foresight!


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 There have been some spectacularly accurate predictions made by astrologers in the public realm over the centuries; a famous one was made by Luc Gauricus in 1555 to the effect that King Henry II of France (then aged thirty-seven) was in danger of death in his forty-second year, by a head injury incurred in single combat in an enclosed space. And five years later Henry duly died of a lance splinter which entered his eyes and pierced his brain. There have also been some spectacular failures, e.g., to predict that the Munich agreement of 1938 would lead to World War II. A new model slowly emerging We do much better at describing the essence of a pattern, but identifying the exact branches is much more hit and miss. Personally this cheers me, since it appears to suggest a creative balance between fate and free will in the universe; chaos theory in contemporary physics also has strong parallels with the astrological paradigm. Both the language of astrology and the language of quantum physics tells us that not everything is pinned down. Indeed, a view and a model are slowly emerging, despite considerable resistance from the diehard defenders of reductionism, which can demonstrate convincingly that the lenses of astrology and quantum physics are focusing on the same underlying, all encompassing Reality. The perspectives offered by contemporary writers, astrologers, depth psychologists, and scientists, such as Richard Tarnas, Liz Greene, the late Charles Harvey, Stanislav Grof, Brian Swimme, Rupert Sheldrake, and others — including recent books by astrologers Armand Diaz, Kieron Le Grice and Bernadette Brady — have been of inestimable value to me. I urge any readers of this blog who are keen to expand their own perspectives to explore their work. Consciousness holds the key My view, based on my personal experiences and those of clients and students over 30 years, as well as extensive reading and study, is that the key dimension in determining how a particular planetary pattern will play out in a person‘s life is the level of consciousness at which they are operating at the time the inevitable challenges of life come their way. Most astrologers have had the humbling experience of looking at the horoscope of a client which looks so difficult that the impending consultation feels very stressful, but upon encountering the client, they meet someone who has faced, dealt with, and grown through hard experiences that would have flattened a less aware person. We can never predict the level of awareness of a client we have never met, although we can have a pretty good idea that, e.g., Mars conjunct Saturn conjunct Pluto square the Moon is going to be no walk in the park. I am personally very hesitant about both the accuracy and the wisdom of predicting at all, especially for individuals, in any more than a ―describing the core and speculating about the branches‖ kind of way. Predicting that a specific branch will manifest may well close down possibilities rather than open them up, which also takes us into the realm of self-fulfilling prophecy. For example, when Uranus was about to cross my Pisces Descendant in 2005, beginning its seven or so years‘ traverse of my 7th house, I became concerned about what this might mean for my marriage. The rather problematic implications of Uranus‘ impact on the relationship realm that practising astrologers see every day in their students‘ and clients‘ lives, as well as their own, worried me.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 However, a profound, totally unexpected spiritual experience on my husband‘s part linked both our spiritual journeys into walking the same path at the same time. This has had a supportive, deepening effect on our marriage and not one I could possibly have envisaged before Uranus crossed my Descendant. My personal prediction story Having just made what I hope is a coherent case for specific prediction being a practice of dubious merit and only intermittent accuracy, here is my own striking experience of being on the receiving end of a specific prediction I never asked for, at a time when I was a typical astrology dismisser, i.e, I considered that astrology was rubbish without ever having taken the trouble to study it. Bath, Somerset, England, June 1974: I was engrossed in the Sunday evening chore of doing washing in the launderette on the London Road, near where I lived. It was a liminal time in my life. After having resigned from a lecturing job, I was preparing to leave Bath. A return to the Outer Hebrides was imminent. A strange looking couple came in, accompanied by a little girl of about five years old. The woman was tall, slender, with long dark hair, a very scruffy Afghan coat, and a distinct look of Cher (of Sonny and Cher fame). The man was smaller than her, slight, with unruly greying hair and a mischievous face. I carried on with my laundry. The little girl was chatty; soon, she was putting money into the dryer for me, I was telling her stories, and we had become great friends. I met her parents. They were both artists and astrologers. (note:―Seamus‖ and ―Gloria‖ are fictitious names.) ―Not the kind who do that stuff you see in the papers,‖ said Seamus scornfully, having noted the fleeting look of disdain which crossed my face at the mention of the word astrology. (I had given one of my mature students a very hard time a couple of years before for her public devotion to what seemed to me a subject unworthy of someone of her intelligence.) Seamus said, ―We are the real thing.‖ Twenty minutes later, I was sitting in their cramped basement kitchen, drinking tea, and being charmed by Seamus. His combination of erudition, intensity, conviction, humour, and blarney was irresistible. An unsuspecting client . . . ―Do you know your birth time?‖ he asked. ―Yes,‖ I replied. ―Why are you interested in that?‖ ―Because I am going to draw up your horoscope‖, he replied. Whether I wanted such a procedure embarked upon or not was of no consequence to him. So slain was I by his charm that I didn‘t offer any resistance. As I watched, interested in spite of myself, Gloria and Seamus assembled a hefty tome, a slim pamphlet, blank sheets of paper, a calculator, a fountain pen, and a newly sharpened pencil. The tome was an ephemeris, they informed me — a list of the planets‘ placements everyday at noon for the whole of the 20th century.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Seamus took a blank sheet, carefully drawing a circle freehand in its centre. He then proceeded with great rapidity and fluency to insert squiggles — ―Planets!‖ — and numbers around the inner edge of the circle. He then drew lines within a smaller inner circle — ―Aspects, or links between the planets at the time you were born.‖ He and Gloria then sat back, gazing with silent preoccupation at the image they had created. I can still recall very, very clearly what followed. Seamus, looking at his drawing and only briefly at me, gave an astonishingly accurate description of my father‘s complex, domineering, idiosyncratic and wayward character. That was bad enough, not least because it reminded me of certain aspects of myself! Worse was to follow. ―You are a person rich with creative gifts,‖ he said. ―But you need to know and face more clearly the more difficult facets of your own nature. It‘s time to do that, since you are approaching 30 and your Saturn Return.‖ With that, he forensically summed up those parts of myself which I knew were there, but had tried very hard to avoid facing or admitting to anyone — a very common and human failing that Saturn transits expose and challenge on a cyclic basis throughout our lives. I was feeling by this time as though I‘d been hit on the side of the head with a sock full of sand. Then, with true rhetorical skill, he delivered the punch line. ―You tell me you are a total sceptic now,‖ he said. ―But stop fooling yourself. You have a deeply spiritual nature, which needs to find meaning and connection with something greater than yourself. Until you manage that, you will be driven by the same restlessness that still drives your father, and you will not find inner peace.‖ There was a long pause. ―And I can see, from where the planets will be in about seven years‘ time, that the Big Picture is going to come seriously calling at your door. In your early thirties, you‘re going to end up either doing what I‘m doing now, or something very like it.‖ I was utterly shocked. I had known those people for less than an hour, most of which had been spent walking back from the launderette to their flat and organising cups of tea. They knew nothing about me of any significance. How could they produce such specific and accurate material from marks on a piece of paper? I couldn‘t even begin to get my head round the prediction. It seemed beyond absurd.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Slowly, I carried my laundry home. There was no way I could find to make sense of the experience I had just had. There was no file inside my head into which it could fit. Seven years later Seven years later, a friend gave me a copy of Alan Oken‘s ‗Complete Astrology‘. I had no idea why, but had enough respect for that friend and his opinions to begin reading. About three pages in, I had the strangest sensation of someone pulling me into the book, saying ―Come here, you‘re for me…‖ I still have this battered old copy with my signature on it — February 1981. And my transits at the time? The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Libra exactly conjunct natal 2nd-house Neptune and exactly sextile natal 11th-house Mercury (my ruling planet); Uranus crossing the natal IC; Neptune beginning a long opposition to the natal 10th-house Uranus-Mars conjunction, and trine to the natal 12th-house Sun; Pluto trine natal Uranus and sextile natal Sun; North Node conjunct natal Mercury. A summons, pretty much . . . In February 1981, that prediction, (which I had never quite forgotten), and the feeling of fascination, compulsion, and exhilaration which Alan Oken‘s book triggered in me came together in a way that has profoundly shaped the whole of my subsequent life. Concluding thoughts It‘s good for us all — especially people like me, with seven planets in fixed signs! — to get jolted out of our positions now and then by experiences that don‘t fit our frames of reference. Hopefully, the jolt will have the effect of breaking down some of our old defences and letting new experience and new knowledge enter our lives. I re-interpreted Seamus‘ prediction in the light of my own subsequent astrological knowledge; it was pretty obvious by then how he had got there, as was the timing of it. I still think about the encounter with him, his child, and partner over 40 years later. Did his prediction, at some subliminal level, point my life in a direction that it would not otherwise have gone? I will never know. But I do know, as a result of our encounter, that whatever my reservations are about the wisdom of offering such specific outcomes to people, astrologers sometimes have the power to do just that. Whether they should do it is another issue altogether! Postscript: Yesterday, I read a most interesting editorial by Edward Snow, on the excellent Astrology News Service, which had this concluding comment from astrologer Armand Diaz which I thought I‘d share, since it illustrates my own belief: ―As an astrologer, I often think of the story of King Croesus, who asked the oracle at Delphi if he should attack Persia. ‗If you do,‘ the priestess replied, speaking for the god Apollo, ‗a great kingdom will fall.‘


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 ―Enthused, Croesus attacked, and indeed a great kingdom fell – his own. I take that story as a reminder that there is always something mysterious and unknowable, a trickster‘s play, running through the Cosmos,‖ Diaz said. Amen to that… ______________

Endnotes This article was posted on my blog on November 20, 2016 An earlier version was posted on The Mountain Astrologer blog on 28.8.2013 Anne Whitaker is a writer, astrologer and astrology teacher based in Glasgow, Scotland. Her special interest is working with the Jupiter and Saturn Return cycles in astrology consultations. Her work appears in many contexts including the UK‘s Astrological Journal, The Mountain Astrologer, Astrodienst and Dell Horoscope magazine. She holds the Diploma from the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London, UK, and postgraduate Diplomas in Education and Social Work. Find Anne on Facebook, Twitter @annewhitaker, at and email:


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

NIKOLA TESLA our GIFT from VENUS Marguerite dar Boggia Nikola Tesla(a Serbian) was a gift to our humanity from Venus. He was the world‘s greatest inventor, a pioneer, blazing the trail. He had patents for 1,200 inventions, including operating a car without any fuel, the radio, wireless electricity, robots, etc. He wrote an autobiography which was given to Arthur H. Matthews. Matthews was the son of a helper to Lord Kelvin, an English inventor. Matthews included Tesla‘s autobiography in his book, The Wall of Light, Nikola Tesla & the Venusian Space Ship The X-12. Tesla was born between 7/9/1856 and 7/10/1856 and was given to a good family in Smiljan (small village), Croatia. (15E19; 44N35). Tesla knew he was from Venus. In his autobiography he referred to his parents as his ―earth‖ parents.1 The time of birth 00:01 AM Local Mean Time on 7/10/1856 is from his biography: Prodigal Genius by John J. O‘Neill2. This is the chart:


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 As you can see, the mutable houses, 12, 6 and 3 are full. Friends urged him to use his money from his inventions to create his own company to promote and sell his inventions; but with the strong mutable houses, oriented towards the mind, service and spiritual aspiration, he was not a CEO or businessman type, but an inventive creator and a benefactor of humanity. He lived in the mind. He tore up the contract he had with Westinghouse for his alternating current electrical system for the sum of a million dollars. He had so many ideas for inventions, that he felt, he would always be a millionaire. He had Neptune trine Sun and Venus. His mission in life, was to serve humanity with his innumerable inventions. Neptune, the 12th house and the 6th house all denote helping and service to others. The cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer and Libra gave him initiative, drive, accomplishment, enthusiasm, and activity. The strongest planets in the chart are those on an angle, to wit: Venus, Sun, and Pluto. Venus, as ruler of the ascendant, is in opposition to the MC. This aspect suggests that Tesla separated from his real parent. Moon opposition Jupiter, the ruler of the 8th house of death might suggest that his real mother died, which was the reason he was given away. Venus conjoins Sun and Saturn in Cancer and is in a heavy T square with the planets in Libra and Aries. Venus in Taurus is the ruler of the chart. Tesla was lovable and very loving, without any trace of arrogance. He was a poet, and like his Father, knew entire books by heart, word for word. Literature, music and art were a source of joy and exhilaration. While walking with his friend in the city park admiring the sunset, he recited a passage in German of Goethe‘s Faust. Then the idea came like a flash of lightning and he saw the solution to his problem of developing the alternating current system of electricity. His great joy came from reading books. Mercury, in Gemini, was in the third house of mind. Until he was 8 years of age, he said his character was weak and vacillating. Then he read a novel entitled ―Aoafi.‖ It awakened his dormant powers of will. When he practiced self-control, he experienced a pleasure never known before. Pluto (willpower) conjoins the ascendant and sextiles Saturn (work). Using the mind to create was not work. It was joy. By the time he was 11 he had read all of the books in his Father‘s vast library. He was conversant in eight languages including: English, German, French and Italian. Venus conjunct the Sun gave him courage, generosity, self-reliance, practical ability, stability, firmness and modesty. He was quite handsome and absolutely meticulous in his dress. He admired beautiful, intelligent, slender women and enjoyed their company; but marriage would mean that he could not devote all of his attention to the many new ideas for his inventions. Therefore, he had no time for it. With Saturn conjunct Venus there is an inclination towards the scientific attributes and a love of one‘s work. The highest creative power of Venus is the use of Higher Mind. In occultism it is called Kriyashakti. It is the use of thought, which is energy, which can produce great works.3 He said that he could project his thought to another and believed that the thought could be materialized. Because he had developed the ability to visualize as a child in 3-D, he could see his invention in his mind‘s eye. There was no need to test it or experiment with it. He derived great pleasure from success of his inventions and the knowledge that it would eliminate the drudgeries of life for humanity. His greatest joy was to give expression to the flood of creative ideas for inventions.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Pluto conjoining the ascendant, gave him intuition from his Higher Mind. When his teacher at the university said that the alternating current system of electricity was impossible, he almost concurred with him, but inwardly he knew that he was right and his teacher was wrong. Pluto demonstrated as ‗control‘. He had to be in total control of everything. He could not delegate authority to anyone. His inability to work with others and to share his plans was his greatest handicap. He was afraid that his ideas would be stolen. The aspect of Moon square Saturn, in the 3rd house of siblings, demonstrated as the tragedy, which he witnessed when his exceptionally gifted elder brother received devastating injuries from their thorough-bred horse. The death of his beloved older brother caused much suffering to his parents (Saturn) and to him. He said that it contributed to little confidence in himself. He also experienced disappointment in not finding backers for his inventions. Moon and Mars in the 6th house of health afflicted by the planets in Cancer and Jupiter in Aries, manifested as Tesla‘s three life-threatening illnesses; he almost drowned a dozen times; was nearly boiled alive and just missed being cremated. He was entombed, lost and frozen. He had a nervous breakdown for 3 weeks, wherein his hearing was so acute that the landing of a fly caused a dull thud on his ear. He could not sleep because the bed was jumping up and down (even with rubber pads under the legs of the bed). We cannot imagine what torture he went through. After he contracted cholera, he was in bed for nine months. He was convinced that his preservation was the work of divine power. Many times he was completely exhausted by pain from overwork. In boyhood he suffered from an affliction which contributed to his late awakening. Images (of ordinary things and scenes) would appear accompanied by strong flashes of light, which marred the sight of real objects. He was unable to distinguish whether what he saw was tangible or not. He could not banish the image or scene. To free himself from these tormenting images he continuously conjured up new images. Then he saw new scenes which were at first indistinct. Every night he would see new cities and countries. He would live there and make friendships. However unbelievable, they were just as dear to him as those in actual life. (I believe it was the soul that was experiencing these things while it was out of the body. He was able to remember his experiences. Mdb) He was 12 when he succeeded in banishing an image from his vision by willful effort, but he had no explanation for the strong flashes of light. They usually occurred when he was in danger or greatly exhilarated. Sometimes all the air around him filled with tongues of living flame. They attained a maximum when he was about 25 years old. The flashes of light protected him from harm. He believed the incessant mental exertion developed his powers of observation and helped him to visualize his inventions in all its details. Tesla gave up everything that would undermine health, such as coffee, smoking and drinking. He said that abstinence was not always to his liking; but that he found ample reward in having good health. He was in such good physical condition that at the age of 59 while walking on a cold night when the ground was slippery, suddenly his legs went up in the air. At the same instant there was a flash in his brain. The nerves responded, the muscles contracted. He swung thru 180 degrees and landed on his hands and continued walking. His weight (142 lbs) remained the same. He was six feet two inches tall. His stellium in the 6th house expressed as the sign of Virgo (health). One of his idiosyncrasies was a germ phobia. He did not like to shake hands with anyone. This phobia might be because he contracted


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 cholera while young. He insisted on a dozen napkins when he ate at the hotel. He cleaned each piece of silverware with one napkin after each course. He has the fixed sign of Taurus on the ascendant with Pluto and Uranus in Taurus. This balances the cardinal signs and mutable houses. It gave him, determination and fixity. At one time he had a compulsion to finish everything he started. He started to read Voltaire, when he learned to his dismay, that there were almost 100 large volumes in small print which that monster had written while drinking 72 cups of black coffee each day. When he laid aside the last book he said: ―Never More!‖ (I‘ll bet that cured his compulsion!) The Sun is the Life-Giver in the chart. It conjoins the IC and therefore is more influential. It expresses as the sign of kings: Leo. When he had money he had the behavior of royalty. He dined at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel every evening at 8 PM. He was arrayed in formal attire: white tie and tails. The Head Waiter was the only one to serve him. He carried a cane and wore grey suede gloves. He wore the gloves for a week and then discarded them. He purchased a new tie each week. After the first use of a handkerchief they were discarded. His collars were never worn more than once. Perhaps because at one time he was starving and worked as a day laborer, he was exceedingly generous with tips to errand boys and employees. He had confidence that he would always be a millionaire and he lived like a prince, when he had the money. With Sun in the sign of Cancer, he experienced much inner emotional sensitivity, nurturing and caring. Later in life, he was feeding the pigeons, which he loved dearly. He took off from work a whole week, in order to heal his favorite pigeon. Sun conjunct Saturn and Saturn sextile the ascendant strengthened his instincts for science. It gave him ambition, practicality, discipline and responsibility. He excelled in math, mechanics and physics. When he came to the United States he worked for Thomas Edison, whom he admired. He worked from 10:30 AM to 5:00 AM. He did not complain. When the Manager for Edison‘s company said that he would give him $50,000 for his inventions, but later said he meant it as a joke, he quit. Sun squares the Moon in the 6th house. He wanted to be an engineer. His father insisted that he enter the clerical profession. His father was an orthodox priest. When Tesla was gravely ill, depressed and dejected, he told his father that he would get well if he allowed him to become an engineer. His father agreed and sent him to the best schools. Sun trine Neptune gave him love of beauty, literature, poetry, art and spiritual aspiration. It developed his imagination and inspiration. He believed that imagination in the child was important. It should be developed. With Neptune sextile Uranus, he was receptive to the soul‘s intuition and inspiration which expressed as his inventive genius. When a youth, he was impressed with a picture in his home of the Niagara Falls. He said that someday he would harness that energy for man. He did 30 years. Sun square Mars manifested as impulsiveness, haste, recklessness and wild endeavors. As a youth he got into more scrapes that nearly cost his life. As a child he had the unique distinction of being the greatest frog catcher, maybug catcher, and crow catcher. In later years, his handicap was that he had no patience. Everything had to be done immediately. His helpers did not have the energy to work for 48 hours. He lacked tact with engineers. Some engineers were dropped from the crew because he did not like them. (Sometimes rates of vibration of certain people act as a vampire to evolved souls). He knew he was a superman and when he was offered the Nobel physics prize to be shared with Edison,


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 he refused it. He was proud, overly sensitive and resentful. He felt the prize should have been given to him years before. Instead, prizes were awarded to inventors of little consequence. The Moon in Libra contributed to his intellectual and artistic inclinations. Its conjunction to Mars expressed as great intensity, energetic action and accomplishment. He was self-willed as a youth. He enjoyed gambling with cards. No reproach from his father could induce him to stop. He believed he had willpower to stop whenever he wished. It was his Mother who gave him a roll of bills and said: ―Enjoy your gambling, until you ruin us.‖ She understood him and he loved her dearly. Moon square Venus expressed as emotional stress. He was exhausted after completing his studies at the universities. He studied from 3 AM to 11 PM each day. His teachers wrote his Father that he was killing himself and that he should spend less time studying. Moon and Venus are in mutual reception. That means they are in each other‘s sign. Moon is in Libra and Venus is in Cancer. This gives them more influence in the chart. Since the aspect is a square they do not help each other. Moon square Saturn manifested as shyness and distress as a child. When he was six years old the family moved into the city of Gospic. Seeing the city dudes and strange people from his window in the new house, was so terrifying that he would rather have faced a roaring lion. His hardest trial came on Sunday when he had to attend the service. He was that bashful! With Moon opposition Jupiter, the thought of entering into the clergy as a profession depressed and distressed him. Jupiter square Saturn in the 3rd house of mind expressed as the belief system of the materialistic scientist. He said that only matter and energy operated in the life. He was emphatic that he had no psychic experiences. The author, John J. O‘Neill believed that he really did believe in psychic phenomena. He did not want to be connected with spiritualism which was popular at the time. Later Tesla told him that he was the only one who understood him. This aspect is one of bad judgment. Tesla was overly optimistic (Jupiter) of obtaining backers for his inventions. Pluto sextile Saturn is the aspect of the Higher Mind enlightening the lower intellectual mind. He had so many creative ideas. He wanted to develop them all, to better the conditions of humanity. Mercury conjunct Saturn bequeaths a scientific mind. Mercury is strong in its own sign, Gemini. He had a sense of humor and could laugh at himself. He said it took him one year before he got the meaning of a joke. Neptune strong in its own sign of Pisces, gave him insight and faith, but no money. Mercury was the ruler of the 2nd house of money in a very wide square to Neptune. His greatest impediment was that he gave no thought to making money or collecting it from those who pirated and who used his patents. As a result he was always in need of money to carry out his experimental work. Being a creative inventor, he could not divert his energy to such mundane details. Tesla was forever an idealist (Neptune) and optimist. No one could shake his faith in himself and in his ability to create works that would relieve humanity of its burdens. But he could not control (Pluto) the financial elite and those who could materialize his inventions. (Neptune semi-square Ascendant and Pluto). I would be remiss if I omitted the esoteric rulers of the planets for someone of his point in evolution. Vulcan, a first ray planet,4 is the ruler of his Taurus ascendant. It is usually close to the degree of the Sun, which would mean that it would be close to the IC, thus making it more influential and dominant. It is the soul that expresses through the ascendant.5 A first ray planet expresses as a very strong MarsAries. The natives are self-willed in youth, daring, rash, intrepid and need to be a leader in control.6


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 The esoteric ruler of the sign of Cancer, his Sun sign, is Neptune. This fits in with his inspiration, intuition, imagination and spiritual inclinations. The esoteric ruler of Libra is Uranus. This is the planet that rules inventions and new age technology which he so abundantly bequeathed to the world. I believe that Arthur Matthews was the illegitimate son of Nicola Tesla especially because they look alike. He said that the greatest fault of Tesla was his generosity. References: 1Matthews, Arthur H., Wall of Light , Nikola Tesla & The Venusian Space Ship The X-12, Health research, Pomeroy, WA 99347, Pub. 1973. Pg.2 2John J. O‘Neill, Prodigal Genius, Adventures Unlimited Press, 2008, Pg. 9. 3Leo, Alan, The Art of Synthesis, International Publishing Co. 11,E Claremont St. Edinburg, 1962 Pgs. 69-70. ―The highest creative power of Venus is that called in occultism Kriyashakti. This is spiritual creation on the mental plane. It is defined as ‗The mysterious power of thought which enables it to produce external, perceptible, phenomenal results by its own inherent energy.‘ Reference has already been made to the highly developed beings who came from the planet Venus to guide and teach the infant humanity of this earth. This was before the evolution of the sexes and therefore before the establishment of physical procreation. The bodies in which they took up their abode they themselves created by the power of Kriyashakti, and they became the spiritual ancestors of all subsequent adepts.‖ 4Bailey, Alice A. Esoteric Astrology, Lucis Trust Co. P. 69-70. 5Bailey, Alice A. ibid p. 6 6dar Boggia, Marguerite, Articles,The Seven Rays p. 3

∆∆∆ Marguerite dar Boggia presently serves as Membership Secretary for ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research. She was past Secretary and Director of ISAR and Publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR journal. She was a cofounder of UAC and its past Secretary and Director. Her goal is to serve humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. To that end, she offers free, online, three pages weekly of the Esoteric Studies as was known by Pythagoras. To receive these studies, that expand the consciousness, she can be contacted at her website which she created at the age of 90:


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

INFINITY HOROSCOPE Jan/Feb 2017 Cassandra Tyndall

January 2017 Aries The New Year will be a slow start for you as Mars continues through your reclusive 12th house. This will provide you with plenty of opportunity to rest, retreat and rejuvenate before your ruler hits your sign on the 29th. From then until March 10, you‘ll have full confidence, energy and vigour to go after what you want for 2017. Taurus Friendships are activated thanks to Venus, your ruler, tracking through Pisces this January. This is a very fortunate period where you‘ll be boosted through the support of your friends, allies and associates. You‘ll gain additional pleasure and enjoyment from socialising and catching up with friends. A friendship may blossom around the 12/13th as Neptune brings romance into the equation. Gemini Mercury winds up his retrograde cycle on the 7th, easing delays, set-backs or false starts to your New Year. Success with your resolutions are likely if you leave making them until then. The 29th/30th are powerful days as Pluto asks you to dive deep and get practical about where you‘re headed, especially in regard to finances. Formulate a plan and stick with it to ensure your success. Cancer The Full Moon in your sign on the 12th will highlight what is most important to you. As jolly Jupiter makes an aspect of adjustment to the Moon, you‘ll be encouraged to make changes to your beliefs, traditions or rituals. Decisions made now will help lay down the foundation for the changes you wish to manifest for 2017. Leo The Sun makes tracks through your relationship sector from the 20th. The New Moon on the 28th will encourage new beginnings in love. Authenticity about what you want in romance is highlighted under the unconventional energy of Aquarius. Venus and Saturn encourage clarity about your relationships status. Mercury and Pluto prompt deep and honest conversations about what you both want. Virgo You‘ll feel back on track once your ruler, Mercury, ends his retrograde phase and then enters the fellow earth sign of Capricorn. The first fortnight is ideal to strategise, make plans and manifest. Take


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 action once Mercury is in the clear after the 13th. The 29th/30th is will reveal deep insights regarding a romance, children or your creative outlets. Libra Venus, your patron planet makes a tricky aspect with reality focused Saturn on the 28th. This will bring into crisp view about what you may need to adjust to reach your best potential. Feeling stretched between varying responsibilities may force you to reduce obligations. Take extra care of your health, wellbeing and the self-care rituals you know work so well for you. Scorpio Fun, frivolity and romance is the name of the game as 2017 starts, as your ruler Mars, makes tracks through your 5th house. Venus and Neptune also connect in this part of your solar chart making the 13th the most romantic day of all. Indulging in your creative pursuits, the arts and music will bring pure joy into your life experience. Sagittarius A link of manifestation between your ruler Jupiter and serious Saturn on the 2nd, will help you make plans for 2017. Seemingly opposing energies will blend beautifully, assisting you in bringing a vision, a goal or a dream into reality. Erratic Uranus in the mix will also bring about new opportunities or sudden changes to the plan. Anything is possible this January. Capricorn Self-discovery is a big part of the story this month. Both Mercury retrograde and the Sun in your sign encourage you to explore personal healing or a project that has been on the back burner for some time. From the 13th, adopting a flexible attitude may prompt you to enjoy experiences outside your comfort zone, paving the way for an adventurous year ahead. Aquarius Money is under the spotlight this January with 4 planets making tracks through your 2nd house. Opportunities to make some extra cash over the holiday season is likely. Spending is also highlighted. Keep within your budget especially when Venus and Neptune connect on the 13th. Saturn casts a watchful eye, helping you to avoid excessive retail therapy. Pisces Action planet Mars tours your sign for the first time in 2 years this January. This much- needed boost to your energy and drive will set the tone for a year of progress and action. You‘re offered the confidence to move forward on something you‘ve only dreamt about. Personal projects or passions close to your heart will help you attract love, abundance and love.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 February 2017 Aries Mars, your ruler connects with innovative Uranus and expansive Jupiter. The change you‘ve been craving is likely to arrive in sudden and exciting ways. Relationships may be a catalyst that reawaken you as you draw numerous new people into your life. Venus in your sign brings support and encouragement for the endeavours you undertake now. Taurus Venus enters your private 12th house on the 4th, where she‘ll enjoy an extended stay until June. Rest and relaxation are highlighted. Take time out on a regular basis to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. Cut back on non-essential obligations and get back in touch with yourself, your spirit and your deepest wants for the future. Gemini Mercury is back up to speed, post retrograde and is whipping quickly through the Zodiac. You too, will feel the surge of energy, focus and direction. The 1st sees Mercury make a tense link with Uranus. This may help you push through any boundaries or blockages. February may feel more like a New Year start for you than January. Cancer The New Moon eclipse will trigger long-held dreams of adventure, discover and travel. If packing your suitcases isn‘t an option now, you might delve into a new field of study that will open new vistas for you. As Mars also energises this part of your solar horoscope, you may invest more in life‘s experiences rather than goals or ambitions now. Leo Joint finances come under focus on the New Moon Eclipse on the 27th. As your life circumstances continue to change, so will your approach to your long term financial goals. Other people‘s money is highlighted. Expect exciting progress regarding joint finances, your loans, debts or credit cards. An inheritance, a windfall or some kind of throwdown of cash are all possible now. Virgo This months‘ New Moon eclipse on the 27th will bring dramatic shifts in your relationship scenario that have been in play since February 2016. A New Moon eclipse brings fresh starts and new beginnings. A current relationship may take a new direction or a new love interest may bring excitement and change. Letting go of past baggage will be the key to your happiness now. Libra


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Action planet Mars meets with dynamic Uranus in your relationship zone this month. This will add a touch of spice and dramatic turning points in love. Mars is at home in Aries, assisting you in taking a forthright approach to relationships matters. Do what resonates with your heart, not what you think your someone special wants from you.

Scorpio The end of February is hallmarked for exciting changes in your daily grind. Mars combining with electric Uranus on the 26/27th will shake up boredom and the status quo. Bold and confident action will help you make changes you‘ve been awaiting. An eclipse in your romance zone may bring unexpected new beginnings in love. Sagittarius As luck and good fortune continue for you this month, a New Moon eclipse in your domestic sector brings fresh new beginnings. Alongside Neptune, this eclipse brings a sense of inspiration for what you wish for in your home life. As Mars and Uranus combine, your confidence to go after what you truly desire is heightened. Ruler Jupiter on your side asks you to go for it in a big way. Capricorn February sees a pile up of planets in your learning and communications sector. A new course of study, or simply catching up on books, blog articles or podcasts are highlighted. A New Moon eclipse suggests that what you embark up will help you tap into the wisdom you‘ve been seeking for some time. You may close a few chapters before new ones begin. Aquarius A New Moon eclipse will encourage you to do away with old attitudes, habits or baggage associated with money. As this eclipse is linked with the karmic South Node, letting go of attachments, especially from the past, will pave the way for bright new beginnings. Make a wish under the eclipse to manifest your financial dreams. Pisces A New Moon eclipse in your own sign will encourage you to explore the inner workings of your soul. This eclipse heralds the beginning of a big year in personal growth for you. Letting go of the familiar and the comfortable will play a big part in building a platform for you to spring into new heights as the year progresses.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Cassandra is an avid professional astrologer, writer and teacher, based in Brisbane, Australia. Her interest in Astrology started when she was a child reading horoscopes in her mother‘s magazines. Known for her honesty, passion and insight, Cassandra offers consultations to people all over the globe. With over 10 years experience, Cassandra combines ancient and traditional methods with a modern day spin to enhance specific predictions and offers practical and inspired guidance. Cassandra is known and respected for bringing the symbolism of the signs and planets and using this as a tool for helping you discover inner knowledge, clarity, wisdom and benefit. Cassandra‘s work has featured in Wellbeing magazine, Women‘s Health and Fitness as well as numerous websites. She is the former president of the Young Astrologers Association (NSW) and was on the board of the Federation of Australian Astrologer‘s. When Cassandra doesn‘t have her head in the stars, you‘ll find her in the gym or at home with her beloved baby son.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Will the foreign investor buy the Italian company? Tania Daniels My client had been commissioned to find an investor for a Wine company. As usual in Italy, the contract between my client and the seller was on a ―non-exclusive‖ basis, which meant that the seller could also find an investor by himself. Nevertheless, my client had contacted a holding in Dubai, which was extremely interested in the investment opportunity.

The question is radical: The hour ruler is the Sun, which is in the same triplicity as the ruler of the AC, Mercury. The querent is described by the AC in Virgo and its ruler Mercury. The planet is in the 5th house, associated with games and leisure. Part of the deal was a golf course, particulary dear to my querent. Mercury is in his triplicity and own terms but retrograde and combust. The querent is thus described as honest but not sufficiently influential, or to some extent weakened by the Sun. The Sun generally describes influential people or authorities. In this chart, he rules the 12th house of hidden matters. The sign the Sun is in (Aquarius) is known as ―human‖. We can thus presume, that the Sun shows a hostile person, which is not nesessarilypersonally unknown, but whose hostility might not have been noticed. The estate is described by the 4th house in Sagittarius and its ruler Jupiter. Jupiter is in the 12th house, the place of enemies and he is retrograde. The planet is essentially strong, but accidentally debilitated by his position: The estate was very large and had a famous history (Jupiter in Leo), but had fallen into decay in the last 20 years (Jupiter in the 12th). Saturn is in the 4th house, which describes the property to be old and/or badly administered. The foreign investor is represented by the 7th house in Pisces and its ruler Jupiter. The querent and the estate are thus represented by the same planet. This shows some identification from the one with the other (emplacement), but in order to distinguish them, we have to use the Moon for the estate. The seller is described by the 10th house and its ruler Mercury, who already describes the querent. This is why we have to look for the natural significator of power, which is the Sun, also dispositor of Jupiter, the 4th house ruler. The Sun (seller) is in opposition to Jupiter (buyer). This signifies that it is the seller himself, who opposes (or works against) the deal: The Sun is in a difficult position by being in his detriment and in a cadent house. If we use the second house from Leo to see the seller‘s finances, we find them described by Mercury combust. The seller needs money.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 The Moon is VOC, there is no applying aspect to any other planet. This is a strong indication that nothing will happen regarding the foreign investor. The negative indications are: •

Both malefics in angles

No aspect between Mercury (client) and Jupiter (investor)

Moon is VOC

Mercury is retrograde

Jupiter is retrograde

Mercury is combust

Conclusion: I told my client that I did not believe the deal was going to happen. Outcome The foreign investor was really interested in buying the estate. He only asked for a little more time in order to work through the papers. Unfortunately, he had lost much time at the beginning (Jupiter retrograde). In the meantime, the seller had started negotiations with a third party my client did not know about. In the horary, Mercury is retrograde, thus his combustion did not immediately place, but only on April 9th, 2015 when both planets are in Aries in the 8th house. On that very day, my client was put aside (still without being informed). I suppose this was not the day the estate was sold to the third party, but the moment the seller and the buyer found an agreement. When the foreign investor came to Italy, that deal was already sealed and the die was cast. The seller just did not inform the querent in order to avoid discussions. The querent discovered that the estate had been sold to a third party on July 21st, 2015 (only few days after the foreign investor‘s visit). Mercury is combust in exact trine to Saturn, retrograde in the 3rd. Saturn is the malefic out of sect. The 3rd house is the 4th from the 12th (seller). From the seller‘s point of view, the transaction was successful (trine). The querent, in the meantime had entered combustion and lost the deal.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Tania Daniels, born in 1972 became interested in Astrology in 1998 and finished training in psychological astrology in 2002 at the Berlin school of the German Astrology Association (DAV). In 2009 Tania started studying a master‘s course in Horary at the School of Traditional Astrology (STA) with Deborah Houlding. In 2015 she became involved in Hellenistic Astrology and is currently completing her studies with Chris Brennan. She has also enrolled in Robert Zoeller‘s Medieval Astrology Course. Tania‘s articles are published in German, English and Italian in the main astrological journals. She gives readings in Italian, German, English and Spanish. Her other interests are Ayurveda, naturopathy and Past Life Regression Therapy. Tania has three children and lives in Italy near Perugia.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017


INFINITY Astrological Magazine got the exclusive right to present You lectures from the 8th International Conference in Perugia (Italy)- July 2016. Thanks to Meskalila Nunzia Coppola (ISAR VP for Italy) in this issue We present You - Paris: A Flower, A Candle ... (Part 2) by Genevieve Jana Geneviève Jama Giammarino Meskalila (Nunzia Coppola) is D.F.Astrol.S, counselor in psychosocial Gestalt, CIDA delegate, ISAR VP and MAPAI. In India, where she lived for fifteen years, she has followed the paths of initiation with Aghori Langta Baba and Jay Kali Brahma Mahi Tara Mahakāla Vināsini. She has trained children with severe multiple disabilities with Nada yoga. She conducts seminars on meditation and Chakras, according to the Shakti path. Expert in cultures, myths and oriental disciplines, she lectured for the Department of Research and sociological methodology at University ―La Sapienza‖, Rome. She is the founder of Astravidya School of Karmic Astrology. An expert in supervision, she conducts workshops by the means of astrological and ancient worldwide myths. She translated into Italian Deborah Houlding‘s ―The Houses. The temples of the sky‖, Edizioni Capone. She wrote with Michele Colafato and others ―Masters, spiritual leadership: paths, models and methods‖, edited by Edition Angeli, 2006. She wrote for the series Psicoguide, edited by Cittadella ―M come meraviglia‖ and ―D come desiderio‖. She wrote ―The Moon and her Goddesses. A way to karmic astrology‖ edited by By Edizioni Capone (Chiaraceleste). She is the founder and president of the Cultural Jayavidya Association. Her site is She has been awarded as Global Outstanding Astrologer by The Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage. She also won the title of Woman Astrologer 2016 by the same Institute.


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PARIS: A FLOWER, A CANDLE – Part 2 Geneviève Jama Giammarino Geneviève Jama Giammarino lives in Italy since 1975. She is the current Secretary of CIDA. Her Astrological studies began in 1993 and she is registered as a Professional Astrologers since 2002. In June 2003, she received the National Award for cultural merits in Astrology. She was for 5 years the delegate of Varese and from 2009 she is directing Milan CIDA delegation. She works deeply to keep together all the various astrological schools of thought. In 2010 during the Conference of Perugia she gave a talk about the origins of the world at dusk of the gods, making a research on the correspondences between Greek myths and astrology, along the path of Norse mythology.

Let's go now to the mysterious world of the dead in the famous cemetery of Père-Lachaise that is named after Louis XIV's confessor, Père François de la Chaise (1624-1709), owner of the land on which the cemetery is located, what Parisians affectionately call la cité des morts (the city of the dead). I now will tell you some anecdote on some delectable and original host of the famous cemetery. . Let's start with the tomb of Allan Kardec, (Pluto sesqui-square to Mars) considered the spiritual father of spiritualism, another characteristic of 8th scorpionic, the founder of spiritualistic philosophy, tomb pretty amazing and constantly full of flowers and you will understand why. It is frequented mainly by Brazilians who come to visit it in order to touch the funeral monument that seems to give off heat and put you in a psychic contact with the dead whose remains rest under a sacred granite dolmen with the plaque, where a phrase that was carved contains in a nutshell all his spiritualistic thought: "to be born, to die, to be reborn to always progress: such is the law."

And it is him who started while alive the famous ritual saying, "After my death, if you come to see me, put your hand on the neck of the statue that will be on my grave and make a wish. If it comes true come back with flowers ". Since then it has become a true place of worship and his reputation is very high after 150 years. Another tomb that attracts a big success and curiosity is the famous tomb of Victor Noir, a young journalist killed the day before his wedding, and represented with particular realism in actual size by the sculptor Dalou that following the anatomical


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 realism of his time, did not fail to carve some post-mortem bulge in his pants, at the height of the sexual organs. It will be for prominence, because of the young age or for the upcoming wedding, or for all the three reasons, the legend says that rubbing the same protuberance of the statue you can cure infertility, boost fertility or simply have more luck in love. Anecdote that is probably true given that the interested party has become so smooth and discolored. Beliefs aside, Noir, became more famous in death than in life: the young journalist was in fact killed by Pierre Bonaparte, a cousin of Napoleon III, during an interview. Obviously Pierre Bonaparte was acquitted in self-defense only because of kinship with the emperor. The protests that followed the fact, with more than 100,000 people at the funeral of Victor Noir, brought the same year, in 1870, the fall of Napoleon III. Also for Balzac's funeral famous intellectual and teacher of the realist novel the nineteenth-century French (Pluto square to the conjunction Sun-Jupiter and is trigonal to the Mars-Venus conjunction) there is something fun to tell and that few people know. It is the great Victor Hugo marked from the Ascendant Scorpio and the triple conjunction Venus-Pluto-Sun, who gave an eulogy at Balzac's funeral. In his "magnificence", heard from far away by hundreds of people present at the funeral, Caught by his great eloquence and exuberant verve, gesturing theatrically on the edge of the hole, without considering that because of heavy rain earlier the ground had become slippery, he lost his balance and, fortunately without any consequence, found himself sitting on his Friend's coffin. After that......... A dead silence!!!! Now let's go for an adventure in the underground world, dark and nauseating of Ade with a "Petite histoire d'ĂŠgouts - in the sewers of Paris." Since Pluto, master of Scorpio also rules the sewers of the city, here we see his role as regenerator and transformer, because each excrement hidden in the earth is transformed, regenerated, or freed, and will reappear as the "Phoenix", the mythological bird that rose again from its own ashes, in other forms.

Let's go down into the darkest abysses of the Ville Lumière dreamlike and imaginary boundaries, a descent into its deepest and darkest maze of its undergrounds. The Paris underground is made of galleries and tunnels that reproduce below almost all the streets of the city. In some cases you can still see the plaque with the name of the road above. To know a city by visiting the bowels allows you to enter in its beating heart and travel through time. The first to develop a drainage system were the Romans and the sewers of Paris date back exactly to that period. But following the collapse of the Roman Empire until the end of 1300 the drains were left in the open and all organic waste dumped directly into the Seine. Imagine the filth, the stench and the unhealthiness.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 The construction of the Paris sewer system was launched in 1374 and today includes 2300 km of sewers that can be travelled over, of which only a part is open to the public. You can, thanks to a new underground tour that is available throughout the year, visit the galleries and also the charming and fascinating Sewer Museum (MusĂŠe des Egouts) so as to breathe the air of "Les Miserables" by Victor Hugo or the habitats of "Foucault's pendulum" by Umberto Eco. It's highly recommended to bring a perfumed handkerchief! We remain in the belly of Paris, with a descent into the Antre du diable, the lair of the devil: THE CATACOMBS. Paris is much more than the city we all know. Or at least we think we know. Paris is a mythical mechanism, made of light and shadow, of visibility and invisibility, of reality and ghosts that inhabit the underground. The Paris of the above is made literally of Paris below. At the entrance of the catacombs in the Place DenfertRochereau in the 14th arrondissement, there is a top edge supported by two pillars on which stands an inscription whose menacing tone is as if suspended midway between Dante and melodrama:"ArrĂŞte! C'est ici l' Empire de la Mort "(Stop! This is the realm of death). Under the City of Light there are about 300 kilometers of catacombs, one of the world's largest necropolis, once used as escape routes and cemeteries. The origin of the network of underground tunnels dates back to Gallo-Roman times when the Parisians extracted from the earth stones for the construction of their homes. The name of the catacombs, however, is not correct and in fact it is more than an ossuary where the bones of 6 million people have been stockpiled after the cemeteries were emptied and the churches were closed. Before the poor were buried in mass graves in the cemeteries where the corpses were piled up. On a nice day in the year 1780, the walls of the cellar of a restaurant adjacent to the Cemetery of the Innocents, collapsed due to the weight and volume of the rotting remains. And that's why the Parliament decreed the closing and moving of the remains in the catacombs. Over the centuries these labyrinths were used for various purposes, such as closets to hide wealth, places to meet secretly, wine cellars and areas in which to dump the bones of the dead, shelter for the partisans and the headquarters of the Nazis, hideouts for criminals and for vagrants and even areas of conviviality and celebration for congregations of students and young criminal gangs. In more recent times it has also become an anti-atomic bomb bunker for the rising above buildings of the ministries... It's really a city under the city, full of history and mystery. Each tunnel entry has the same name of the street, on the surface above it. Also identical is the direction, so that the network becomes in a certain way, the underground mirror of the city, about ten meters higher.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 In the vast anonymous crowd of the disappeared, it also includes the remains of men and women in their time illustrious, like Madame de Pompadour, mistress of Louis XV, the priest writer Rabelais, the philosopher Montesquieu, Lavoisier the father of modern chemistry and various victims of the guillotine, not excluding the most famous such as Danton, Camille Desmoulins, Maximilien de Robespierre ... The catacombs have always fascinated the curious and even today there is much talk about the "catafili" or those who love what is underground, typically a Parisian phenomenon: in fact, many catafili at night go to the forbidden part of the catacombs, walking for kilometers and for hours, looking for something special and extraordinary valuable assets in darkness and in that macabre place, such as the legendary "treasure" that the Nazis would have hidden to protect it from the Allies, often risking arrest. At the end of the nineteenth century they organized a clandestine concert that had great success. In the program, of course, the Macabre Dance of Saint Saëns and funeral marches of Chopin and Beethoven. The sign of Scorpio ruled by Mars and Pluto, the very creative, passionate, visceral, and violent is closely related to Arab countries and to the oil called black gold and also governs the crime and the underworld, along with many forms of subversive activities as the dictatorship, the anarchist rebellion, which can also lead to terrorism. At astrological level, the terrorism, which undermines the strength of states and questions their function, has a scorpionic matrix. And from terrorism the city of light was hit hard bringing the dark, fear, grief and despair. Bashar Al Assad, the President of the Syrian Arab Republic, said, "Terrorism is a scorpion that can sting you at any time." Pluto from November 27 2008 until January 21 2024 transits in the Capricorn sign is in square aspect with Uranus. Twice the city has been the center of dazzling terrorist attacks and with unprecedented murders. The first time, after the massacre of Charlie Hebdo on January 7, 2015, it was easy to make a cold, precise prophecy: "The scorpion will sting again in Europe. It is the Chaos Empire knocking on doors. " In the chart at the time of the attack we find Mars in the sign of Aquarius in the Middle Sky of the Fifth French Republic's theme (September 22, 1958 at 22.00 Paris), the symbol of "liberté, égalité, fraternité" so precious for the country. The same Mars, the warrior, the furious forms a square to Mars Natale of France in twin expression of the press, humor, journalism and opposition to the retrograde celestial Jupiter, planet of excess and


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 exaggeration in the sign of the spectacular Lion (the news was of great impact in the media around the world). Jupiter and the Moon are in house VI, the daily, which corresponds to France's theme of home III, yet the expression of communication, prints with its inside the planet Uranus (freedom of press).

On November 13 2015, the Uranian lightning bringer of death, in its unpredictable brutality, falls on the crowd making a massacre. Uranus high in the sky during the attack, master of the 8th house was opposed to Lilith.


INFINITY Astrological Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 The Moon master of the Ascendant is in the house V, a clear allusion to the sites of the attacks, indicating the delights (the terraces of the coffee shops), play (football stadium) and the Bataclan (concert hall) and is in Border with Saturn and Pluto, two of the so called hostile planets. In the Bataclan the Band Eagles of Death Metal was singing a song called "Kiss the Devil" when the terrorists entered. The conjunction of Mars to the peak of the fourth house is astrologically a matter of great precision because it indicates an exact location, being the zodiac of 360 and the cusps that depend on the latitudes and longitudes have a probability rate of accuracy of 1 in 360. Thus the theme focuses on the conjunction Mars / IV cusp home with the North Node that becomes an astrological combination very revealing precisely with regard to the place and in this precise case, the homeland, the crowd. The description of the position of Mars at 0.34 scale activates the symbolism of the first instance of thebaic Janduz: "In a street in an arid country, a man advances having a gun in each hand, without seeing that he was chased by another man with a drawn sword." This degree of Mars describes quite well the aggression carried out in collaboration with other people. The sad and bloody events of a terrorist nature tell us about death, but also of rebirth. In Greek mythology, many flowers are born from the blood spilled by the gods and these legends testify to the close link between the death with flowers. The flower represents the triumph of life and victory over death and is sometimes seen as image of the soul. Fire is also associated with death so a candle is lit to establish a link with the divine, opening a passage between the earthly world and the invisible. The human being has a strong ability to rebuild himself psychologically after a powerful shock and regain his initial force for individual and collective adaptation. Put flowers and candles, and cope, it's a refusal to submit, to surrender, it is resilience. Finally, let me make a tribute in memory of all the souls who lost their lives in this massacre and in all the others which took place in the world, offering them ......... a flower and a candle, concluding with the words of a child, innocent words full of hope for the future, our future, his future. "Flowers and candles are to protect us against the bad guys"


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