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Night Lobo Game

Happy Veterans Day

The Donald Trumps Clinton Page 8


August 2, 2018

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“It is time for us to come together as one United people. I will be president for all America" -President-elect Trump Veterans Honored By LISD

Dr. Norman Rosenthal To Speak

Longview Independent School District honored Jerry W Wise, class of 1980. During

R e n o w n e d psychiatrist Dr. Norman Rosenthal will give a public lecture at 6 p.m. We d n e s d a y, Nov. 16 in The University of Texas at Tyler Braithwaite Page 11 Re c i t a l Hall, Dr. Paul Streufert, UT Tyler executive director of special academic programs, announced.


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Longview Independent School District honored Veteran Mr. Donald Ferguson, class of 1969. During his service in the United States Army, Mr. Ferguson served tours in Vietnam and Germany. Mr. Ferguson earned many military decorations, including a Vietnam Service Medal and a sharpshooter badge.

Family Budget See Norman on Page 7 Page 12

TYLER ISD says: Volcanoes Your future is now Page 13

It’s never too early to plan for the future! Tyler ISD will host its annual “Your Future is Now” event tonight at the Career and Technology Center (CTC).

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Kilgore College Will Host Veterans Day Programs Kilgore College will host two Veterans Day ceremonies and a veterans-themed big band concert this week in Dodson Auditorium.

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TSTC Marshall Alums Indulge Dallas Two Texas State Technical College in Marshall graduates are ensuring that the production icing,Cole cupcakes and cookies From left to right: Councilman Wrayof Wade, Tomberlain, Councilwoman Nona Snoddy, Mayor Andy Mack, MelanieisNorthcutt Crocker trouble-free and and on Tony time Powell for clients nationwide. Longview Independent School District honored Veteran Mr. See TSTC on Page 7 Arthur Brown, class of 1943. Mr. Brown attended Womack and was one of the first African American Marines. Mr. Brown served in World War II, fought on the island campaign, landing A company’s core values are defined as on Iwo Jima. the moral compass by which a business determines the actions and decisions they Superintendent Superintendent Superintendent make. No matter how large or small, the Dr. James Wilcox Steven Snell Steve Clugston integrity demonstrated in your company’s Page 9 Page 9 Page 9 goals, policies, and performance is at the heart of all you do.

Core Values Important for Business

Smith County Offices Closed for Veterans Day All non-emergency Smith County offices will be closed for business on Friday, November 11, 2016, for Veterans Day. Officer Kristi Brianfor normal business Offices will reopen Page hours on7Monday, November 14, 2016. No new jury panels will be called this week because of the holiday. There also cannot E a s t Teon x aElection s R e v iDay, ew be any jurors summoned Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

his 21 years of service in the United States Army, he was deployed to Saudi Arabia/ Iraq as a member of the 24th Infantry Division during Desert Shield/Desert Storm. He returned home from Active Duty in October 1991 and immediately joined the Texas Army National Guard here in Longview. Mr. Wise received many military decorations, including the Global War on Terror medal. In his “Lobo days”, Mr. Wise was in the JROTC program, rising to the rank of Cadet Captain and was the Drum and Bugle Corps Commander his senior year.

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Home on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.

Home on Whitney Street

By Keisha Roland


icture this: the southern edge of Longview near Interstate 20 after revitalization as a welcoming environment attracting people to call Longview home. Soon, you will not have to imagine this because South Longview’s redevelopment has begun. This revitalization can be achieved in the next fifteen to twenty years according to Longview’s Comprehensive Plan. The Longview Comprehensive plan is a document that will help shape our community on issues ranging from parks to redevelopment and total growth. An important part of the Plan is to bring the

community together and create a vision for the future. Small business owner Lloyd Coyle of Coyle’s Pest Control is thrilled Southside Longview redevelopment is underway. “I think it is great that there is a plan for rebuilding our neighborhoods up, he said. “The Southside is the corridor for our City and people need to take a little more pride in our neighborhood. Hopefully, with redevelopment happening this will add growth for our city and my business as well.” The plan suggests revival of neighborhoods through beautification of entryways, retail revitalization, and redevelopment of the area around LeTourneau University. Co-Director Janice Bunt of Caring & Sharing located at 2307 Mobberly Avenue

agreed with the redevelopment of the area around the University. “When we were looking for places to build our new center there was an old tore down building where we are now, she said. “It was embarrassing to see this area looking dead, especially with LeTourneau University across the street. So, we decided to buy and build a building with the purpose to help people in need to have dignity.” Bunt further explained how happy she was that the new Dollar Store bought the lot next door enhancing the beauty of that area. “It really made me happy to see the new Dollar Store next to us, she said. “It looks better for Longview.” Councilman Wray Wade, District 3, also agrees that any development in South Longview is a plus. “For

August 2, 2018

District 3 any development of abandon lots or buildings is a major plus for our city,” said Wade. “We are grateful for businesses like Caring &Sharing and the Dollar General for redeveloping the area they are located. It’s always been my objective to redevelop District 3 like other parts of Longview.” Mayor Andy Mack is also enthused about the redevelopment in this area. “We’re excited to see new growth and development in District 3, Mack said. “We’re working hard to make all of Longview a business-friendly environment and it is exciting to see this effort paying off. I am thankful for any business that choose to work in Longview.” See REBUILDING on Page 15

415 N. High Street 903-212-7720 Monday- Friday 11:00am-5:30pm www.facebook.com/TheCaceKitchen

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1809 W. Loop 281 Ste 120 1202 S. High St. 2107 W. Gentry Pkwy. 903-653-0740 | 903-236-9000 903-630-6115


Make Sure Your Child is Prepared for School Hours Monday-Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm Saturday 9:00am to 1:00pm Well Visit Physicals     Immunizations


402 N. 7th St. | Longview, TX A FTCA Deemed Facility

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CEO Todd Hancock

By Joycelyne Fadojutimi HRISTUS/ Good Shepherd Medical Center’s (GSMC) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) was the first NICU to open in Northeast Texas and continues to win recognition for its sterling care of at-risk babies from Longview, the surrounding, Northeast Texas area and anywhere else they may come from seeking treatment. The Texas Department of State Health Services has officially named this unit a Level III NICU. This three-year designation officially recognizes the facility’s success in achieving requirements set by national and state standards. In 2015, the Texas Legislature passed Bill 3433, requiring delivery hospitals and hospitals with NICUs to meet rigid standards and to apply for state designation as Level I, II, III or IV nursery/ICUs. These regulations aim to meet national guidelines set by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. The accreditation procedure includes the filling out of a lengthy application, achieving requirements for specific levels, and an on-site inspection by a state-approved survey team. Heading into its 15th year the LRMC/ NICU has reached this demanding level of service, and its personnel intend to continue providing East Texas with this crucial treatment



August 2, 2018

Dr. Chris Ihionkhan

option. “We are very proud to receive our official designation from the State of Texas,” said NICU Medical Director Dr. Christopher Ihionkhan. “This should be reassuring to families whose babies require care in our NICU. We are meeting national and state regulations and providing state-of-the-art care.” Accomplishing LEVEL III designation indicates a facility meets quality and safety guidelines set by the Department of State Health Services. This entails providing 24hour in-house neonatal nurse practitioner or neonatologist care, maintaining equipment and resources needed for infants born of all gestations, supplying prolonged ventilator use, having a specialized NICU Transport Team and linking them to other regional hospitals. “This designation means that the state has verified our claim that we are providing Level III neonatal care,” said Ihionkhan. “It is a marker of excellence that can help offer peace of mind during a very difficult time.” The CHRISTUS GSMC-Longview team employs a battery of specialized medical providers collaborating to provide the absolute highest level of care for tiny patients. The team includes neonatalists, neonatal nurse practitioners, nurses, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, certified

E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w •

lactation consultants, neonatal dieticians, pediatric pharmacists, nurse educators, social workers, case managers, chaplains and any other specialists needed for creating a resource of care for newborns in delicate health. CHRISTUB/ Good Shepherd Health System Chief Executive Officer Todd Hancock was delighted but not surprised at his facility’s achievement. “We’re very proud of our NICU team, who have been working hard to make sure our NICU meets the highest standards in the state of Texas,” he said. “This designation acknowledges that CHRISTUS Good

Shepherd Medical Center-Longview has all the available resources and is committed to providing highly specialized care for newborns and their families.” Prior to this year NICUs statewide were self-designated, meaning that units selected which patients they treated without regard to support services and capabilities. For the past three years, however, the Longview NICU has been preparing for this recognition to insure it remains a pacesetter in neonatal care throughout East Texas. State officials carried out an intensive two-day inspection

@ e t r _ n e w s p ap e r 2 5 • w w w. E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w. c o m •

of the Longview facility, meticulously examining its policies, procedures and quality improvement programs. “Being 100 miles away from your home for two to three months caring for a baby in the NICU is a very difficult process,” said Ihionkhan. “Having a Level III NICU here in Longview means that a family can remain close to their infant, continue working and involve the extended family in the care of the infant more readily. This allows for better bonding, better breastfeeding and happier siblings and extended families.” Good Shepherd makes it all possible.

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By Bryan Golden he proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back is an illustration of what can happen when you feel overwhelmed. Each straw by itself is irrelevant. Yet, the cumulative weight of enough straw can be unbearable. Life’s events can have the same cumulative impact as the straw. Most situations, by themselves, are manageable. But when you are faced with one problem after another, before you have a chance to resolve each one, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Situations can also pile up

gradually because of your inattention or failure to deal with them as they occur. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, you become overwhelmed. In this scenario, you don’t realize what’s happening until everything becomes a crisis. So, you can become overwhelmed because of circumstances beyond your control that occur quickly or simultaneously. Or you can become overwhelmed because you neglect to handle situations as they arise. Each scenario requires a slightly different strategy. When events occur non-stop and without letup, often the

August 2, 2018

first reaction is to panic and freeze. Not knowing what to do first, you try to juggle everything at once while feeling as if you are about to lose your balance at any moment. The key to dealing with this situation is to prioritize. Since you can only address one issue at a time, you have to decide which circumstances require immediate attention. Sometimes, it seems as if everything is critical. But you, nevertheless, have to pick a starting point for your attention. Unfortunately, the most critical situation is usually the most difficult to deal with. So, human nature being what it is, people will tend to address one of the least important issues because it’s easier. However, when you neglect the most critical situation, it will quickly worsen. With enough neglect, a situation will get to a point where it is out of control and the window of opportunity to take corrective action has passed. For example, the roof on Debra’s house has started to leak. Additionally, her car needs an oil change, the kitchen has to be painted, she needs new clothes for a party in three weeks, her son is doing poorly in school, she has a painful tooth ache, and the company she works for is being sold in six months. Debra feels overwhelmed.

So she goes shopping for her new clothes. Rather than prioritizing and going to the dentist first, Debra takes a painkiller and then picks the task of lowest importance. After she gets her clothes, Debra will feel just as overwhelmed as before since all of the pressing issues are still there. As an outside observer, it easy to see what Debra should do first. She should tend to her tooth before she risks losing it. If Debra neglects her roof, more serious damage will occur. Then she has to get her son back on track before he falls too far behind. Once these immediate issues are dealt with, Debra will have a little more breathing room and feel less overwhelmed. But when you are the one feeling overwhelmed, your perspective becomes cloudy. You become stressed out and don’t want to deal with anything. Avoidance, however, will allow things to get worse. When overwhelmed, you have to address the most critical situation first. Then focus your energy on one task at a time. Once you have done everything you can for the most important problem, move on to the next pressing situation. Resist the temptation to begin with the least significant challenge. When you take this approach, you will start to feel better because you are taking action on the most pressing problems. The more proactive you are, the faster you will overcome the obstacles in front of you.

The administration has trapped immigrant families in a bureaucratic nightmare — and brought media hacks rushing to defend the indefensible.

By Jim Hightower


nsanity reigns. The inmates are now officially in charge of the national asylum. Hidebound Donald Trump partisans keep insisting that their man isn’t certifiably insane, despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary. But surely some of them finally must admit that his snatching immigrant children from their parents’ arms at the Mexican border — and incarcerating the tykes for weeks in warehouse cages far away from any

contact with mom and dad — is the epitome of Kafkaesque insanity. Trump’s political assault on kids, toddlers, and even infants is so cuckoo crazy that it’s infectious. In June, for example, Fox News Trumpateer Laura Ingraham dismissed reality by declaring that the children’s holding cells “are essentially summer camps.” Then, her sister Fox News commentator, Ann Coulter, babbled that the reality of Trump troopers seizing and terrifying kiddos wasn’t

E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w •

even happening: “Those child actors weeping and crying on all the other networks 24/7 right now, don’t fall for it, Mr. President.” For his part, our immigrant-bashing Mr. President began to rant like a dotty old geezer that he wouldn’t allow “these people” any legal avenue to address their plight. “No Judges or Court Cases,” he barked in a series of tweets. “Tell the people ‘OUT,’ and they must leave, just as they would if they were standing on your front lawn.”

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Old Man Trump isn’t only a callous grump — he’s also gone completely screwy about the essential role of the rule of law in our nation. In fact, if you stood on the front lawn of his Mar-a-Lago resort, he might have you removed by force, but you’d have access to a

@ e t r _ n e w s p ap e r 2 5 • w w w. E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w. c o m •

court to plead your case and seek justice. That’s the American way, whether an autocratic property owner likes it or not. Unless, of course, his highness arbitrarily nullifies 230 years of legal protections for the people’s democratic rights.

@ E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w

August 2, 2018


packed with Longview residents eager to get to know more about Islam and the Islamic center

he Texas is charged with detecting Workforce and preventing fraud, Commission waste and abuse. RID (TWC) aided enforces all regulatory in the investigation of statutes within the a scheme involving jurisdiction of the agency, using stolen identities including Tax, Workforce, to file fraudulent Trade Act, Skills Unemployment Insurance Development Fund, Self(UI) claims. Working with Sufficiency Fund, Child the U. S. Department of Care Development Fund Labor (DOL) Office of and all other programs Inspector General, IRSthat TWC administers. Criminal Investigation Prevention, detection, (CI), FBI and the U.S. and elimination of fraud, daughter Amna Tariq Tayseer Ali, Rehan Tariq, Fahad Noman, Anwar Khalifa, Zain Khen, Saad Noman Postal Inspection Service waste and abuse in the UI (USPIS), TWC’s Special benefits program are top Investigations Unit priorities; ensuring funds identified the scheme are available exclusively that used stolen identities to those who meet the to file fraudulent UI eligibility requirements. claims against fictitious “Through the hard companies. work of the Regulatory I enjoyed it all” said. “We are humans, and other. Four Integrity Division Another guest,atGail Coweindividuals have the same blood Houston area TWC, we are to chrane, livedable in Washington flowing in our veins. We live andfrom let the including, Andrea deter and provide for fraud 25 years, and is shocked respect every religion, and Leroy. “Let Brooks, Trenecia the employers and by the racism prevalent in we want to tell the commuthe way Longview. nity who weMuniz are.” Moore, Michael workers of Texas with They don’t “There is so much TheReed mosque and Alisia werehas emerthe services they need,”ignorance about other people ald green and creme-colinvestigated and indicted said TWC Commissioner ys some and cultures,” she said. ored carpets imported from ve Islam fora conspiracy to commit Representing Employers“We need do more of this.” are there beaccessTurkey. deviceThey fraud. Ruth R. to Hughs. The packed house was cause nobody is permitted e people exBrooks was sentenced “As a result of this delighted by the sumptuto wear shoes in the main d. “ We want by the Western District, interagency effort, we ous cuisine the hosts mosque where prayers are one wants San Antonio to 121 have demonstrated our proand worshippers lis- vided. There were both ple who months dis- spoken in federal commitment to catch ten to the Imam. Far Eastern and homespun he nameprison, of and orderedthe toevent inandAmerican prosecute those offerings. Many In addition, uslims.” pay $361,597 restitution who would defraud the ts his con- cluded a question-and-an- carried heaping plates to TWC, Moore was taxpayers of Texas.” building an swer session(see separate home with them. sentenced to 23 months in “The Texas Workforce Most important of all, lic basket- stor y). prison and ordered to pay Commission is steadfast Guest Jean Wheatfall was it ended as an evening of ne can use $716,054 in restitution, in its efforts to prevent the Center impressed with the open genuine fellowship. Guests whilehouse. Muniz was UI were fraud,”armed said with true community, sentenced to 12 months TWC Commissioner knowledge of Islam; not “It was very informative he public to what news pundits tend to [I’m] quite surprised,” she and a day in prison and Representing Labor Julian said. can say in is we feed their audience ordered to “All pay I$361,597 Alvarez. “TWC will for ratcommunity ings. need to understand each restitution. Each will also continue to work with we are,” he serve an additional three- employers to detect and year term of supervised investigate any potential release after completing fraudulent activity.” Optometry & Optical their prison term. Reed is Debt to the state does Wellness Pointe accepts most medical and dental insurance plans, CHIP, still awaiting sentencing, not go away unless Medicaid, and Medicare. Affordable payment options are which is scheduled it is paid. The Texas available for qualified patients. for Sept. 11, 2018, and Constitution prohibits Walk-ins and new patients are welcome at all locations! could be ordered to pay forgiving such debt, and approximately $720,037 TWC continues to pursue in restitution. and collect overpayments “TWC is committed indefinitely. Examples to the integrity of the UI of reportable violations program and prosecuting can be found on the individuals who engage TWC website at in fraud,” said TWC Reporting Fraud. Chairman Andres To report suspected Alcantar. “Preserving fraud, waste or program the UI Trust Fund for the abuse in any of the lls employers and workers of TWC programs, call Texas is a top priority.” the TWC Fraud and TWC’s Regulatory Program Abuse Hotline Integrity Division (RID) at 800-252-3642.

GVIEW: Muslims Seek ceful Co-Existence

Vision Services

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Always Best? (Part 1 of 2) When You 6Need It The Most GOSPEL SPOTLIGHT By Carey Kinsolving

By Michael A. Guido, D.D.

We are all grateful for our “first responders.” They save lives, bind wounds, bring food, give clothing, provide shelter and restore power. They have become our “rescuers.” And, indeed, they fulfill a critical role. But as Christians, when we face a time of trial or tragedy, we have One who has been waiting for us to call upon Him when we need help. He is always waiting for an opportunity to prove His power whenever we face a difficult situation. One morning, about four o’clock, Peter was in serious trouble. He and a few of his friends were in a small boat far from shore when a fierce storm arose out of nowhere. Fearing for their lives they became even more frightened when they saw what they thought was a ghost. They screamed in terror. And over the howling wind came a stern voice that said, “Stop being afraid.” It was Jesus assuring them that there was no reason for them to fear for their lives because He was there to save them when they needed Him the most. “If it is really you,” said Peter, “tell me to come to You – let me walk on the water!” “Certainly,” said Jesus, “come on. You’ve nothing to fear!” He got out of the boat, felt the wind and the waves, lost His faith and began to sink. He shouted, “Save me, Lord,” and He did. It is never the eloquence or length of our prayer that counts, but our simplicity and sincerity. It is never a formula but our faith. He will always come to our rescue if we call on Him in a faith that believes in Him. Prayer: Lord, we do indeed believe in Your power and Your promises. Increase our faith whenever we doubt. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. Scripture for this week: Psalm 12:1 Help, LORD, for no one is faithful anymore; those who are loyal have vanished from the human race.

Psalm 23 speaks of the Lord leading his people in paths of righteousness. A “When you have a baby August promises 2, 2018 biblical proverb sister, and sometimes you that the Lord will direct trick her, then God will not the paths of those who aclike that,” says Victoria, 8. knowledge him in all their Baby sisters seem to ways (Proverbs 3:6). have radar for discovering Doing good or evil begins they’ve been duped — at with the decisions we make. least my baby sister did. Paths, the directions we Parents also possess this in life, same radar, as Katelyn, 8, Discipline” is discipline is likewise aretravel helpful instart with pathways in the brain. Whatevcan testify: “I was a faking word that is pregnant with meaning. training people to be er we fix our minds on will sick, and I got grounded for pregnant with There are a variety of autonomous, selfinfluence our brain’s paththree weeks. I got in troumeaning. We can practices which might restrained members ways and our life’s paths. ble with my dad, and that’s The results of a 17-year use the expression be termed “disciplines,” of society, but many bad.” study in the journal Science Katelyn, your“being life will disciplined” be to such as fasting, praying, of us have forgotten reported that 5.7 percent of much more peaceful and one shows mean that and obedience, which how to dowho these youths watched less fun if you do the right thing. self-restraint and has deepen our spiritual things, which isofwhy than one hour television Take a tip from Keeleigh, a day committed aggresregulated his or her lives and help us having a spiritual 11: “If you do right all the sive acts against others in time, you won’t life get in introusuch a way that develop the proper mentor or guide subsequent years. That figble, you won’t get fussed there is at, order and that self-restraint in the is important. Over ure jumped to 22.5 percent and you will have more fun. one’s life is productive. spiritual realm. Selfthefor coming weeks, those who watched one That means you will make Too much television time for children: Good or bad? We can also talk of restraint is such an we will examine to three hours a aday and God happy and have a bet28.8 percent for those who disciplined” to “fun” important character variety of spiritual be grief/ To the law real life, the ended few it’ll ter relationship “being with Him.” watched more than whenisBonnie andthat a relief/ But it it’s death for Doing the right meanthing that one being Parker trait without disciplines, includingthree hours a day. Clyde Barrow drove Bonnie chaotic. and Clyde.” and having fun punished may sound by external lifeinto becomes meditation, fasting, Think about this: You You don’t have to be a contradictory, but the Bible a hail of bullets fired by forces or agents. Parents People who cannot praying, and study, are what you think. Parents calls this fun state “bless- lawmen waiting in ambush bank robber to know that who consider television a discipline restrainthe themselves findwages as well as simplicity, Bible says, “The along children a tree-lined Louisiana ed.” Many people think fun their benignand babysitter should road. of sin addicted is death.” to We’ve all comes when they in anbreak attempt to help themselves service think again. Children are before herdrugs, death, earned those wages. rules. Many movies themdepict developShortly that selfincarcerated, andMany submission. Reflect vulnerable to the stranglawless people having all Bonnie Parker gave a poem times, the second part of restraint or discipline without the material on ers areas ofinvade youryour own who home to her mother, which proved that scripture is not quotthe fun. which is necessary for resources to sustain life where you need to through television. Doing Remember the movie to be prophetic. Here’s how ed: “but the gift of God is right begins by thinking them to function well. their own lives. The be more disciplined. “Bonnie and Clyde”? Rob- the poem ends: “They don’t eternal life in Christ Jesus right. they’re tough or des- ourdisciplines Lord” (Romans 6:23). –If Christopher bing banks looked so think In alike spiritual context, religious Simon Memorize this truth: “For much fun in the movie. In perate./ They know the law Bonnie had known the secalways wins./ They’ve been ond half, she might have as he thinks in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). avoided a lifeloves of crime.knowledge, shot at before/ But they do “Whoever loves discipline Ask this question: If you “Doing what is right is not ignore/ That death is feed on a diet of television but whoever hates correction is stupid.” always best because once the wages of sin. violence, what are you the first time, you “Someday they’ll go you do it —Proverbs 12:1 NIV prone to do? down together/ And they’ll almost can’t stop doing it,”

bury them side by side./ To says Cecile, 10.


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August 2, 2018

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Name of Officer: Kristie Brian   Education:  Graduated HS from New Diana ISD 1990 bachelor’s degree from UT Tyler 1996, graduate of East Texas Police Academy 2003 (night academy).   Home town: Diana, TX   Prior job experience if any:  I have been a grocery clerk at Brookshires, worked at the cookie place in the mall, I teach classes for Teen Court, and worked as a probation officer in Upshur County prior to coming to work here.    How do you feel when you put on your uniform each day?  I feel proud to serve.  My goal is to bring positive interaction to our community with the police every opportunity I can.  I think bringing the positive interaction will slowly take away at least some of the stigma we have as being “unapproachable and uncaring”.  Yes, we do have a hard job at times but when we aren’t in the middle of a case or arresting someone we have lots of opportunities to show that positive part.    People don’t often understand how hard police officers work to keep citizens safe. What inspired, you to become a protector of the community and can you tell us of any daily risks you’ve seen or experienced? I have always wanted to help people who were on hard times. As a probation officer, I learned a lot about the system and although I helped people there I felt like my calling was to interact and help people from the beginning. Also, as an officer you have the opportunity to help curb crime and you can see the results of your efforts, not just with the people that have gotten into trouble but across the board.    What is a misconception you have seen that the public have about the police officers? That we are not approachable and are there to just make life hard on the people we come in contact. I worked an event not too long ago.  There was a little girl (almost 3) and when she saw me, she looked at me and said, “Oh no, you’re going to shoot and

kill me). Her mom looked so embarrassed and asked her why she would say something like that.  I told her I wouldn’t do that.  Her mom apologized but that’s all I could think about the rest of the night.  It made be very sad.   As a police officer, what do you want your legacy to be? I helped people, I was kind and I was there for those that needed me.    What was one of your toughest days on the job.  Delivering the news to a lady that her husband had been killed in a car accident.  I will never forget that.  She held my hand and said I need you to be with me right now.  I held her hand while she went around her house doing “little things” until her friends and family got there.    How does your family feel about you being a police officer?  They have always been a little apprehensive but, they know that this is my calling.  My children have grown up knowing this is what I do, and I know they worry A LOT.  My mom always says it’s my dad’s fault because when I asked him what he thought about me going to the academy many years ago he said, “If that’s what you want to do, then go for it.”  And, that’s what I did.  My husband understands what I go through daily because he is a police officer too.    Police officers work long hours and the work is very stressful, how do you like to relax?  I don’t know that you ever “relax”.  I know for me this job is always here because doing social media is a constant, even when I’m not at work I am still checking the social media page.  I do love spending time with family though.    If you could go back in time and tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?   Never try desserts...ever.  They have always been my weakness....   In a time when pop culture encourages not co-operating with police officers, can you expand on the dangers this causes?  Like my earlier response, it makes kids really have to “think” about how they interact.  I don’t ever want them to “fear” the police, just have respect.  Respect is something that is extremely important throughout a person’s lifetime.    As a protector of the community and symbol of justice how can we as a community better support the Police? Be there to support the police and continue to work on ways to come together and partner to make our community better.    Do police officers really like donuts?  Lol, I LOVE donuts!   Do you think the Cowboys have a shot at the Super Bowl this year and why?  I hope they do, I am not an avid football fan but, I always want our Texas team to “represent”...  

@ e t r _ n e w s p ap e r 2 5 • w w w. E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w. c o m •

@ E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w



Educating Young Minds for Excellence

The East Texas Review Newspaper in Education provides resources for students, teachers and parents each week throughout the school year with help from our sponsors. August 2018 | Vol. 11 No. 8

Robert Spencer 9th grader - I am a little bit ready to return to school so I can see some of my friends. I am also ready to begin playing sports. Math is my favorite subject in school because I am good at it and I like money. I cannot wait to meet my new teachers and start this new school year. My goal for this school year Is to keep my grades up so I can play sports. Natalie Rogers 2nd grader - I am kind of ready for school to start but not really. School is a little bit boring to me. Reading is my favorite subject because I like to read lots of different stories. Ms. April Ross is my favorite teacher because she lets us do fun activities to learn. My goal this school year is to make good grades, so I can continue to be a cheerleader. Trinitee Carter 4th grader - Yes, I am ready to go back to school to make new friends and meet my new teachers. I am looking forward to learning new things. I like math, but my favorite subject is social studies because I love learning new words and definitions. My goal for this new school year is to learn more. Rainer Spears 5th grader - Yes, I am so ready for school. I think 5th grade will be fun because I

know all my teachers. I am especially excited about my science teacher Mr. McBride. He is the coolest Science teacher and he raps! I am just ready to get back to school. JaQuavion Veasley 6th grader - No, I am not ready to return to school because I like having fun during the summertime. I also love the fact I do not have to wake up early in the mornings and can enjoy spending the days with my friends. Even though I am not ready for school, I do have a plan to get better grades this school year. Khloe Corrin 3rd grader - I am excited about school starting back because I am ready for more homework. Having more homework will make me smarter and ready for the next grade. Math is my favorite subject because I like a challenge and solving problems. Ms. Shipman is my favorite teacher because she is a good teacher and makes learning fun. My goal for this new school year is to make good grades in science and math. Hunter Rogers 4th grader - Yes, I am ready for school because I would like to see all my friends. I am also excited about starting my new math class

because math is my favorite subject. I like math because I am good with numbers. Ms. Ashley Polk is my favorite teacher because she makes learning fun. My goal for this school year is to keep my grades up so I can play football. Tyler Osborne 5th grader - Yes, I am ready to go back to school because I can not wait to see my friends. Physical Education is my favorite subject because it allows me to get my workout in while we play games. Ms. Lane is my favorite teacher because she is nice and allows us to watch movies in class. My goal for this new school year is to maintain good grades. Dakota Corrin 5th grader - Yes, I am ready for school to start so I can make new friends. I am looking forward to Math class because it is my favorite subject. It is kind of easy, fun and challenging. Ms. Michelle is my favorite teacher because she is nice and makes learning cool. My goal this school year is to be better than I was the year before and make good grades.

E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w @ e t r _ n e w s p ap e r 2 5 w w w. E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w. c o m @ E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w

Applewood Academy & Day Care Center


E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w •

@ e t r _ n e w s p ap e r 2 5 • w w w. E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w. c o m •

@ E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w

Dear Pine Tree Community: Welcome to a new school year at Pine Tree ISD! Here at Pine Tree we are committed to providing a quality experience to every student.  We are very fortunate to be blessed with great students, quality staff members and a very supportive community. Our students are served by eight campuses and just over 650 employees with an enrollment of 4,700 students. Pine Tree has a long history of excellence in both academics and extra-curricular competitions. From the band and football team to the cheerleaders and drill team, our organizations take great pride in competing at the top of their game. Academically, this will be the first year of the district’s East Texas Advanced Manufacturing Academy, which is a joint venture with neighboring districts. We have multiple advanced placement and dual credit classes available for our students, and we are working to expand our internship program to a broader spectrum of students. This will be my first year serving with the district. Prior to coming to Pine Tree, I served as a superintendent for 12 years and as an East Texas principal prior

to central office. During my tenure in East Texas, I heard the numerous stories about the quality of education that existed in Pine Tree ISD and their never ending efforts to be the best. As the new superintendent in Pine Tree ISD, I can assure you that my goal is to continue this pursuit and further increase our reputation as one of the best schools in Texas! To the Pine Tree parents, thank you for choosing to be a part of our team. To our community members, thank you for your continued support. To our students, we encourage you to give your very best in every facet of life. I look forward to a great 2018-2019 school year! GO PIRATES!

Longview Independent School District: Dr. James Wilcox

Our district is one of leadership and innovation. We don’t follow the trends in education, we set them. Longview ISD is home to more than 8,400 students and 1,400 staff members, with our richly diverse student population reflecting our wonderful city and the East Texas Dr. James Wilcox area in general. But our educational offerings ISD is an open enrollment are just as diverse as district and offers our our people, including programs, free of charge, to everything from magnet all our East Texas neighbors. charter school STEAM Our district is one of campuses to projectthe few schools in the based learning. United States that offers For our youngest the esteemed International students, we recently Baccalaureate Programme, built a $31-million statewith an increasing of-the-art campus that number of National Merit houses the largest public and GLOBE scholars. We Montessori program in the lead East Texas in state United States. This year, Texas Education Agency our Montessori program is distinctions and dual-credit expanding into the Ware college hours earned, and Elementary campus, where each year, we graduate it is expected to grow into more students to more the East Texas Montessori prestigious universities Sincerely,                                                               Academy for grades 1st than any other district through 5th. This is an elite, in the region. Steve Clugston                                                                                                                                          Montessori-style education We are Superintendent of Schools      one of the free of charge to the entire largest employers in the Pine Tree Independent School community. Longview city of Longview, and our District

STEVEN SNELL: SPRING HILL ISD SUPERINTENDENT The 2017-2018 school year started off with new principals at 3 of our 4 campuses and the 4th principal starting her 2nd year. This is unusual in a district that prides itself on low turnover. One principal returned to her former role as principal of the intermediate, the Junior High hired a 1st year principal, and at the High School we hired an experienced principal from Pine Tree ISD. Regardless of the turnover, it turned out to be a great year with many constants remaining in place. The summer was very hectic with numerous projects. Spring Hill renovated three parking lots and replaced flooring in the primary and 5th grade buildings. We also added outdoor lighting to parking lots and buildings to improve safety and create a safer nighttime environment for our staff and community. In addition to these projects, Spring Hill increased its wireless network capacity on all campuses and in common areas to support its Chromebook initiative. The District has increased classroom devices by 300% in the last two years and this year added another $100K in

student devices. Academically, we expanded our culinary offerings at the Junior High with the help of a refurbished lab and found a creative way to add art classes to the Intermediate campus. SH continued its high level of academics by winning the Elementary and Middle school level UIL Academic district competition and the High School finished strong as well. * Madison Snell finished 4th in State in Ready Writing. * Kerstin Andrews achieved Commended Student in the 2018 National Merit Scholarship Program. *The Robotics teams earned its way to the state level competition and represented the District well. *Two students were chosen to be on the state oneact play honors crew. * The debate team went to state and competed at a debate meet at Stanford University. * SH also had a record number of students take and pass the Advanced Placement exams, earning college credit, and had over 50 students achieved a professional Adobe certification. * The Junior High had a great year academically as well sending 27 students

E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w •

Superintendent Steven Snell

to the state UIL Math and Science Competition and finishing 3rd overall. The Spring Hill HS Band earned 1st division marching contest rating for the 17th consecutive year and won a national championship for military marching bands. Athletics had a great year as well. The excitement started to build as the SH football team started the year with a 5 and 0 record, including a victory of rival White Oak. We enjoyed our best season in years. This was followed by our Team Tennis students winning district and making it to the state tournament where they finished in 3rd place. Boys’ basketball had a great year and went three rounds deep in the playoffs. Girls’ soccer and our baseball team also made the playoffs. The year ended with the boys’ track team winning their 2nd district championship in a row, girls golf finishing 8th in

state and 5 SH tennis players making the state tournament with the Penn siblings finishing 3rd. Spring Hill has some of the most well-rounded students. Our Bass Club is in its 2nd year. They won the East Texas team/sponsor of the year and sent two teams to the state fishing tournament. We also held our 2nd Day of Service, where high school students spend a day giving back to the community. They completed dozens of service projects. Our students hosted a student led Veteran’s Day program for community. Veterans and a senior citizen luncheon. Students are not the only ones giving back to the community. SH has a tremendous Education Foundation, PTA, Fine Arts Group (Artrageous) and Alumni Association, who have all donated thousands of dollars in grants to teachers and scholarships to students. We continue to have a strong mentorship program with numerous individuals investing countless hours in the lives of our students. Looking forward to next year, we are in a position to have our best year yet. The new East Texas Advanced Manufacturing Academy will add the opportunity for our students to take machining and electrical classes that we

@ e t r _ n e w s p ap e r 2 5 • w w w. E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w. c o m •

staffers are among the highest-paid, public school educators in the area. In July 2018, our Board of Trustees approved a 3 percent raise and step increase for teachers, which makes more than ten straight years such a measure, has been passed. Our district also offers a Longview Incentive for Teachers (LIFT) bonus pay for high-achieving teachers and campuses. Longview ISD believes in excellence for all, one child at a time! We have a high focus on academic achievement, as well as building partnerships with our community. We are truly working to provide a quality education which serves all students in the Longview area. The district website at www.LISD.org provides the most current information for our district. If at any point you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact our Community Relations department at (903) 381-2200. currently do not offer. We also plan to revamp our own welding lab to expand the number of students in our lab programs as well. In addition to industrial classes, Spring Hill is excited to expand our digital media opportunities at the high school and junior high. SH will add two new academic interventionists to assist with a growing number of at-risk children in our district. We will welcome our students from the Gregg County Special Education Coop back to SH and will house all our special education students grade K-12. On the construction side, we are finishing the asbestos removal from the original school building; demolition started in mid-June. We will also replace several HVAC units. One more thing that is on everyone’s mind is safety and security. We have added additional off duty police officers for next year to assist our school resource officer, will train staff on several aspects of school safety and have made additional radios and safety upgrades to our campuses to keep our students safe. We also expect growth that could take us over the 2000 student mark for the 1st time in many years. I look forward to a great school year.

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Think About Fruit

Fruit is one of the healthy food groups. We define fruit as the sweet, fleshy part of a plant that has the seed or seeds of the plant. It may be sweet or sour and is usually edible in its raw state. Eating fruit helps keep our hearts healthy. A healthy heart pumps blood through the body effectively. Healthy foods such as fruits also lower the risk of disease, such as cancer and diabetes.

to 18 years-old young adults. I have fun on my job making sure things are fine. For example, I check to see if they are growing the way they should. I answer parents’ questions on nutrition, toilet training, and all other questions they may have about their children.

Directions: Here is a list of different fruits. Did you know there were so many? Check the boxes of all the fruits you have eaten. Circle three fruits you would like to try.


n n n n n n n n n n n n n n

apples apricots bananas blackberries blueberries breadfruit cantaloupe cherimoya cherries clementines coconut cranberries Crenshaw melon dragon fruit

n n n n n n n n n n n n n n

figs grapefruit grapes guava honeydew huckleberries kiwi fruit kumquat lemons limes loquat mangoes nectarines oranges

n n n n n n n n n n n n n n

papayas passion fruit peaches pears persimmon pineapples plums pomegranate quince raisins raspberries strawberries tangerines watermelon

Challenge: Choose one of the fruits you have an interest in trying. Do some research to find out more about this healthy food. Add your information to your “New Healthy Foods” page (page 82) in your journal.

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October 2017

#3990 Healthy Habits for Healthy Kids

Place of employment: I work at Wellness Point on Marshall Avenue.

Education: I

graduated from Wagner College and attended Medical School at State University of New York.

What do you do everyday on your job? When I get to

work, I like to get a heads up of what is going on that helps me to know what is going on, then I plan my day and course of action. I see from new-borns up


E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w •

Why did you choose this profession? I

Richard Joos, MD Pediatrician

@ e t r _ n e w s p ap e r 2 5 • w w w. E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w. c o m •

have been employed and self-employed. This time, I wanted to work with people with the most needs. This is my way of giving back to the community.

What do you like best about your chosen field? I get to

work with the people who need help the most- parents who do not have much but want to see their children grow up healthy. I like serving them as a pediatrician. I would like to see their little ones grow up and be healthy.

@ E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w

E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w •

@ e t r _ n e w s p ap e r 2 5 • w w w. E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w. c o m •

@ E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w



E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w •

@ e t r _ n e w s p ap e r 2 5 • w w w. E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w. c o m •

@ E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w

E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w •

@ e t r _ n e w s p ap e r 2 5 • w w w. E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w. c o m •

@ E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w



E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w •

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Not only are there businesses and nonprofits being redeveloped in South Longview, but homes are going up as well. Builders are taking an interest in redeveloping the southside. So far, homes have been built on Whitney Street, Martin Luther King, Jr Boulevard, Chappel Street, Butler Street,

Mayor Andy Mack

Mayor Andy Mack - “We’re excited to see new growth and development in District 3. We’re working hard to make all of Longview a business-friendly environment and it is exciting to see this effort paying off. I am thankful for any business that choose to work in Longview.” Councilman Wray Wade, District 3 - “It has always been my objective to redevelop District 3 like other parts of Longview and any development of abandon lots or buildings is a major plus for our city. We are grateful for businesses like Caring &Sharing and the Dollar General for redeveloping the area they are located.” Melanie Northcutt Crocker, owner of Sugar Magnolia Properties - The health of the real estate market is



August 2, 2018

Ridgelea and Green Street. A long-term Southside resident Mary Willison is impressed with how her neighborhood is turning around. “I’ve been in Longview more than 35 years, said Willison. “To see the city, workers and community come together and clean this place up makes my heart smile. When I am out driving up and down the streets I notice the

Councilman Wray Wade

such a determinant on the local economy, and we couldn’t be more pleased to see new home construction continuing throughout Longview. With Sugar Magnolia Properties being located in the heart of downtown, new construction projects in South Longview are particularly exciting to us. We look forward to improvements in this area with the road construction plans as well and hope to have the opportunity to help our citizens buy and sell some of these new homes! Tony Powell - I think South Longview is part of the overall Longview growth. There are quite a few positive things going on in South Longview like construction of roads and new homes. These are good investments that will help South Longview for further economic development. There is no doubt, things are improving giving Longview

E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w •

new homes, department stores and street cleanups. Longview is taking pride in our City.” Willison is not the only resident taking notice in the changes. Tara Allen, a southside resident, is also happy about the redevelopment happening in South Longview. “This is just a blessing. South Longview is finally getting the attention it deserves,” said Allen. “With all

Melanie Northcutt Crocker

especially south Longview a positive look. We sometimes over emphasize what we don’t have but we need to focus on the positive and what we already have. Improvement in South Longview is important, and we will focus on the positive with South Longview looking at what South Longview can do for itself. Overall, South Longview is right along, and I am happy with it. Cole Tomberlain, agency principal of Charles Tomberlain Insurance Agency - I think the new money being invested into South Longview is great. We have an issue with urban sprawling and abandoning older property for new construction. In DFW we have seen a resurgence of many run-down areas like Deep Ellum. Investors are realizing that they can acquire inexpensive properties in large sections and significantly increase their margins as these areas are

the new redevelopment happening the community will be encouraged to take pride in their neighborhoods and keep their streets clean. This is definitely something South Longview needed.” The Longview Comprehensive Plan is a long-term planning guide that will serve as a roadmap for the future. It is intended to direct the growth and

Tony Powell

brought back to life. So, I’m glad to see the trend here in Longview taking off. We are also seeing older rent houses that were beyond repair being replaced with new efficiency dwellings that are being owner financed and giving many South Longview residents the opportunity to own and take pride in where they live. Councilwoman Nona Snoddy, District 2 - Having lived in South Longview my entire life, I have seen community transition in many ways. As a child, it always appeared that South Longview was flourishing. Most of the homes in the neighborhoods were occupied and the property was adequately maintained. The streets were easily traveled, whether you were in a car, on a bicycle or walking. Now as an adult my eyes are wide open. I realize the need and urgency for community development. In order to sustain the community, we

physical development of the community for years to come. Not only focusing on the physical development of Longview, but also the overall vision for Longview as a livable and economically vibrant community. To learn more about Longview’s Comprehensive plan please visit https:// www.longviewtexas. gov/2159/ Comprehensive-Plan.

Cole Tomberlain

have to construct homes and improve our streets. I’m excited when I see groundbreaking for new homes. It gives me a sense of pride that others may possibly see what I see in South Longview. As a city official, my campaign slogan was C.P.R. (Compassion, Pride and Respect). I compared our city to the human body. South Longview happens to be the part of the body that is sick and need the most treatment. If part of the body is sick, then a prescription is required to start the healing process, South Longview is in that process. Home development and street improvement is part of the initial healing process. I’m excited with the construction of new properties. I am also excited when I see homeowners increase their property value making basic home improvements. Home improvements, the construction of new homes and safe

@ e t r _ n e w s p ap e r 2 5 • w w w. E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w. c o m •

Councilwoman Nona Snoddy, District 2

streets are vital to the quality of life in South Longview. So as not to create concentrated poverty, a variety of homes representing diverse median incomes must be built. The development in South Longview should be as unique as the residents. The neighborhoods in South Longview are definitely different, but collectively we make up a great community. If I was given the opportunity to build anywhere in the city of Longview, I would still choose South Longview. I have had more positive experiences than not. Home is where the heart is and my heart belongs to South Longview. So, my thoughts and feelings on home construction and street improvement are “All things are possible if you believe.” Mark 9:23

@ E a s t Te x a s R e v i e w



August 2, 2018

By Joycelyne Fadojutimi and Kelly Bell, East Texas Review

r. Christopher Yancey is a local. He attended Mozelle Johnston Elementary School, Judson Middle School and Longview High School. His brothers became engineers, but when the oilfields stopped producing, one of those brothers advised Christopher to take another route--specifically the one leading to medicine. He had the grades and did indeed take this direction. He has spent the past 20 years as a beloved specialist in delivering babies and treating some forms of infertility. He loves his work, and his patients love him. Yancey has served as Chief of the Division of OB/GYN at Longview Regional Medical Center. He matriculated from the University of Texas Medical School in Houston and University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi. He is infertility, recommends other infertility just wasn’t fair.” a member of the American Medical Yancey gave his wife a yellow lab Association, Texas Medical Association, specialists if necessary, and sends husbands to urologists for examination puppy–Sadie Haw-Local Physician Talks and the Wiser Society. In addition, and treatment when needed. He also Dr. Christopher Yancey kins Dance. This Yancey is a Fellow of the American has personal reasons for pursuing wonderful canine became a substitute College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. this calling. child. Climbing fences, climbing onto “I love delivering babies,” he says. By Texas wifeReview and I always wanted a furniture and climbing onto them. “MyJoycelyne work has Fadojutimi diversity of and whatKelly I do.Bell, East“My large family, butSmoking, wanted to wait until She some was priceless therapy, There is more than delivering babies kins Dance. This wonderful canine became a substitute specific lifestyles and medications can going r. Christopher Yancey is a local. He I finished school,” he says. “The everywhere with them. in my practice. I have delivered attended Mozelle Johnston Elemen- cause infertility. Women who smoke increase the chanc- child. Climbing fences, climbing onto furniture and prospect family was to become “She loved in the car. We onto them. She was priceless therapy, going everybody, and havetary walked with climbing es theyawill be unable pregnant orriding will suffer School, Judson Middle Schoolof starting exciting. First bath, first words, first would never dream of putting her in with them. everywhere some to the grave.”and Longview High School. His miscarriage. Yancey urges them to wisely manage their “She loved riding in the car. We would never dream of steps, riding a bike, coaching little a kennel if we went on a trip, so she lifestyles so as to not work against themselves. Still some of his patients brothersare became engineers, but putting her in a kennel if we went on a trip, so she went “Healthcare is a relationship,” he says. “So, I do my league, dance recitals, pinewood went with us,” he says. “She was our have difficulty having children. This stopped producwhen the oilfields with us,” part and you do your part so the couple can achieve the derby, fishing, bedtime stories, tea child and she was our therapy, but he says. “She was our child and she was our condition is known as ing,infertility. one of those brothers advised therapy, but what she did most for us was be there. She goal of having a baby.” parties, what she did most for us was be there. Infertility is the inability of aroute--specifically sexually Christopher to take another the oneplaying dress up, building would be there as we suffered the pain of infertility. She Yancey treats specific aspects of infertility, recomforts. It was all too exciting. When She would be there as we suffered the leading non-contracepting to medicine. He hadcouple the grades indeed active, to and did never spoke, she never gave advice, she never told us mends other infertility specialists if necessary, and sends take thispregnancy direction. He has spent a do weasstart? Sign us up.” pain of infertility. She never spoke, achieve in one year. the past 20 years she knew ‘how we felt.’ A lesson in unconditional love.” husbands to urologists for examination and treatment beloved specialist in delivering babies and treating some It did not work out as expected. she never gave advice, she never told Some of his patients cannot become In time the couple’s problem was solved, and they when needed. He also has personal reasons for pursuing forms of infertility. He loves his work, and his patients One year, two years, and then three us she knew ‘how we felt.’ A lesson in pregnant, while others cannot carry were blessed with two wonderful children who came to this calling. him. with no babies. When they went to unconditional love.” alove pregnancy full term. The emotional love Sadie as much as their parents did. She was their “My wife and I always wanted a large family, but Yancey has as Chief of the Divisionan of infertility OB/ specialist he could find In time the couple’s problem was heartbreak ofserved this state is crushing. first child. Their struggle with infertility taught them wanted to wait until I finished school,” he says. “The GYN atcouples Longview Regional Medical Center. He no matricproblem toprospect treat, and told them solved, and they were blessed with When cannot conceive, it is starting a family was exciting. First bath, first the value of life, and Sadie taught them the value of ulatedthat from the husband Universityand of Texas Medical School in likely neverofhave they would children. two wonderful camethere.” to vital both wife see words, first steps, riding a bike, coaching little children league, who“being Houston and University of Mississippi Medical Center she would be crushed, Knowing love Sadie as much as their parents the doctor because in 30% of cases, Yancey’s devotion to his work and a compulsive fixain Jackson, Mississippi. He is a member of the American dance recitals, pinewood derby, fishing, bedtime stories, Yancey did nottea share thisplaying last bitdress of up, building did. Sheforts. was their first child.tion Their the problem lies with the man. Age is on doing everything in his power to help his patients parties, It was all too Medical Association, Texas Medical Association, and information with his wife. struggle with infertility taught them another factor. has actually led to him being labeled “overcautious.” exciting. When do we start? Sign us up.” the Wiser Society. In addition, Yancey is a Fellow of the The loneliness of infertility set in– the value of life, and Sadie taught He readily admits to this, and that this tendency stems A 21-year-old woman has time It did not work out as expected. One year, two years, American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. from his own, personal experience with the heartbreak the sensation of having lost something them the value of “being there.” and then three with no babies. When they went to an inon“Iher side, but if a woman is 38 love delivering babies,” he says. “My work has of infertility. His treatment of childless couples and his fertility specialist he could find no problem to treat, and precious before even having had it. Yancey’s devotion to his work and still childless, she needs to attend diversity of what I do. There is more than delivering success in treating them means hehow has no interestinfuses in told them they would likely never have children. KnowHe knows well infertility It is a problem one has to experience and a compulsive fixation on doing to her biological clock while it is babies in my practice. I have delivered everybody, and case numbers. ing she would be crushed, Yancey did not share this last its victims with a life perspective to understand. The afflicted must everything in his power to help his still are many haveticking. walkedThere with some to thefactors grave.” “I’ve never kept up with how many bit embittered, of information with his wife.patients has actually led to him incomprehensible tobabies those I’ve whodelivhave becoming especially being toStill consider. some of his patients are have difficultyresist having ered because then they just become a number,” he says. The loneliness of infertility set in--the sensation of never experienced it. around those blessed with children. labeled “overcautious.” He readily Smoking, lifestyles andas infertility. Infertility children. Thisspecific condition is known “Every delivery is its own story, life and family--not having lost something precious before even having had “This life perspective deepened It was doubly difficult for Yancey admits to this, and that this tendency is the inability of a sexually active, non-contracepting some medications can cause infertility. just a number.” it. It is a problem one has to experience to understand. for me because of a yellow Labrador couple towho achieve pregnancy one year. because of the medical capacity in stems from his own, personal Women smoke increaseinthe He knows well how infertility infuses its victims with The afflicted must resist becoming embittered, espeSome of his will patients cannotto become pregnant, while who provided comfort and taught which he served. experience with the heartbreak of chances they be unable become cially around those blessed with children. It was doubly a life perspective incomprehensible to those who have others cannot carry a pregnancy full term. The “I emotionempathy,” he says. was an obstetrical resident in a infertility. His treatment of childless pregnant or will suffer miscarriage. never experienced it. difficult for Yancey because of the medical capacity in al heartbreak this to state is crushing. couples At agedeepened 13, Sadiefordeveloped a of a inner-city hospital. We cared couples and his success in treating Yancey urges of them wisely manageWhenlarge, “This life perspective me because which he served. cannotlifestyles conceive, is to vital that both husband for andpeople wife who did not want to get tumor that slowly crippled her. As them means he has no interest in their soitas not work “I was an obstetrical resident in a large, inner-city hos- yellow Labrador who provided comfort and taught see the doctor because in 30% of cases, the problem lies he says. “We cared for she slipped away, all Dr. Phillip pregnant,” case numbers. against themselves. empathy,” he says. pital. We cared for people who did not want to get pregwith the man. Age another factor.he Yancey could ado was that “be there” people who did not he need to “We get cared for people “I’vewho never up with how “Healthcare is aisrelationship,” At many age 13, Sadie developed tumor slowly cripnant,” says. did kept not need A 21-year-old woman has time on her side,pregnant. but if a We cared for patients with her. He was. babies I’ve because then says. “So, I do my part and you do your pled her. As shefor slipped away, all Dr. Phillip Yancey to get pregnant. We cared for patients withdelivered serious drug woman is 38 and still childless, she needs to attend to For more information they just become a number,” he says. could do was “be there” for her. He was. or to contact part so the couple can achieve the goal serious drug problems, problems, prostitutes, prostitutes, people angry at their unwanted her biological clock while it is still ticking. There are For or to contact Dr please Christopher Dr. Christopher Yancey, call people angry at their unwanted “Every delivery its own story, lifemore and information pregnancies. I didn’t understand. It just wasn’t is fair.” of having a baby.” many factors to consider. Yancey, please call (903) 757-6042. Yancey gave his wife lab puppy--Sadie Haw(903) 757-6042. pregnancies. I didn’t understand. It a yellow family–not just a number.” Yancey treats specific aspects of

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