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infinte vision infinte possibilities Guy Sprung Artistic Director

A ghostly satire of Canada’s “greatest” Prime Minister Written by: Paul Van Dyck Directed by: Zach Fraser Starring: Ellen David & Brian Dooley

2020-2021 SEASON

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King of Canada Directed by Zach Fraser Written by Paul Van Dyck Starring Ellen David The Medium + others Brian Dooley William Lyon Mackenzie King Creative Team Costume & Set Design: Maryse Bienvenu Lighting Design: Audrey-Anne Bouchard

Infinithéatre Staff

Caeleigh McDonald Intern General Manager/ Outreach Manager Brian Morel Photographer & Videographer Janis Kirshner Publicist Patricia Saxton Bookkeeper and Administrative Assistant Sam Sherton Events Manager Guy Sprung Artistic Director Ina Angelidou - INA by Design Website Designer

Music arrangement & pianist: Julie Choi Voice Coach:: Julia Lenardon Production Team Stage Manager: Sierra Alarie Production Manager: Tristynn Duheme Assistant Technical Director: Kitiya Phouthonesy Head Tech: Amber Hood

Video Team Director of Photography and Video Editor: Brian Morel Sound Engineer and Editor: Pavel Denisov Video Consultant: David Dicsos Camera Operator: Carlo Primerano Camera Operator: Antony George Switcher: Zach Fraser For KIN Experience Julius Frohlich Chief Executive Officer Sam Sheraton Operations Director Julie Choi Event Coordinator

Board of Directors Gerry Lipnowski President Caroline Hart Helen Malkin Gabriel Safdie Daniel Sanger Richard Santo Joseph Sisto Guy Sprung Zach Fraser

Infinithéâtre Associate Artists Ellen David Zach Fraser Alyson Grant Arthur Holden Oren Safdie

Mailing Address 5413 Boul. St-Laurent, Suite 203 Montréal, QC H2T 1S5 Tel/Téléphone : 514-987-1774 www.infinitheatre.com info@infinitheatre.com

King of Canada


Funders who made this adventure possible We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $153 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country. Nous remercions le Conseil des arts du Canada de son soutien. L’an dernier, le Conseil a investi 153 millions de dollars pour mettre de l’art dans la vie des Canadiennes et des Canadiens de tout le pays.

This project is also made possible by the generous project support of CN Aboriginal Affairs, Muse Entertainment, Hôtel le Cantlie Suites, and KIN Experience.

Thank You

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William Lyon Mackenzie King, Canada’s 10th Prime Minister.

We would like to thank

Ingrid Alderson, Tracie Barnett, Ina Angelidou (INA by Design), Karin Austin, Tony Calabretta, Mike Carvalho, Ezio Carosielli, Tullio Cedraschi, Peter Cerone, Anne Delson (Kanaal Design Communication), Antonio di Verdis, Frank Donato, Tristynn Duheme, Pam (Jane) Dunn, Robert P. Ferguson (Eric T. Webster Founda-tion), Marie-Hélène Fox (Power Corporation), Russell Goodman (PWC), Peter Herrndorf, Bernice and David C. Hodgson, Arthur Holden, Mitch Jamieson, Kim Lang, Helen Malkin, Mireck Metelski, Eric H. Molson, Dr. A.M. O’Gorman, Les Papiers MPC, Lee Plotek, Quebec Drama Federation, Isabelle Quevillon, RCC Assurances Inc., Segal Centre, Gabriel Safdie, Guillaume Simard, Anaam Taghouti, Liliane Tremblay, Peter Vatsis, Véhicule Press, and la Ville de Montréal. Special thanks go out to Theatre Lac-Brome, Illusion Theatre, and our amazing Video Consultant; Brian Morel. The playwright gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts, as well as the many sources of research used in the creation of this play, including; The Mackenzie King Record by Pickersgill and Foster; King, by Allan Levine; the National Capital Commission; the Ontario Heritage Trust; the Honourable Charles D. Anderson; Attorney, Duncan Fraser; Mrs. Bonita Erwin; the employees and volunteers of Kingsmere Estate in Gatineau Park, Fulford Place in Brockville, and Woodside in Kitchener.

Season Sponsors

Production Sponsors

CN and Hydro Québec

Dr. Sharon Azrieli Perez, Eric T. Webster Foundation, Raman Investment Company, Hôtel le Cantlie Suites, Language Resource Development Group, Muse Entertainment

Government Supporters The Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Conseil des arts de Montréal and the City of Montréal. Corporate Supporters

Infinite Friends

Muse Entertainment Entreprises Inc., Power Corporation of Canada, Gryphon Investment Council Inc.

Arlene & George Bradley, Marina Doray, Cheryl Goffman, Wendy Herskovitz, Steve Herskovitz, Judit Kenyeres, Ron Levine, Richard London, Harriet Paltiel, Peter Payan, François Saine, Louise Viens, Brigid Wilkinson, Michael Wou, Paula Moser, Joseph Shragge, Mathieu Guertin, Rahul Varma

Foundation Supporters Azrieli Family Foundation, Zeller Family Foundation, The Velan Foundation, Hay Foundation, Wealth Creation Preservation and Donation, The Cole Foundation, J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

Interested in donating? Visit us at www.infinitheatre.com

Artistic Director’s Circle ($500.00 - $2499.00) Ingrid and Evan Alderson, Gloria Brown, Roy Eappen, Linda Hammerschmid, Satoko Ingram, Brian Morel, Richard Santo, Ilse Sprung, Thomas & Daniela Velan, David Bâby Infinite Core Support ($2500.00 +) Dr. Sharon Azrieli Perez, Tracie A. Barnett, Tullio Cedraschi, Douglas & Joanne Cohen, Gerry Lipnowski, Yann Martel, Gabriel Safdie, Michael & Betty Prupas

King of Canada


InfinitithÊâtre wishes to thank Theatre Lac-Brome for its generous contributions of props and costumes for this production of King of Canada.

Theatre Lac-Brome Illustration : Rhonda Price

Theatre Lac-Brome is an all-year-round venue presenting professional theatre, music, art, and other special events in the beautiful town of Knowlton in the Eastern Townships, a leisurely drive from Montreal. For more information on Theatre Lac-Brome, we invite you to check out the website www.theatrelacbrome.ca or call 450-242-2270. The Theatre looks forward to welcoming everyone back when activities resume!

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Notes from the Directors & Playwright NOTE FROM THE OUTGOING ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Twenty years. A bumpy ride. Lots of amazing plays. Lots of great theatre. Highlights? Off the top of my head: Facilitating the world premières of over 30 Montréal plays; directing the

converting the vault room of the former head office of the CIBC on St. Jacques Street into a performance venue for Oren Safdie’s Goldberg, soon to be a major Israeli motion picture; inventing the concept of the Playwrights’ Chat Rooms to counter the forced closing of theatres; and more and more…

translation of one of them with our Infini creative team as

It has also been 20 years of debilitating frustration. Staging

part of the Jean Duceppe season at Place des Arts; con-

great theatre with incredibly inadequate budgets constantly

vincing MUHC bureaucrats to let us perform a play in the

forced me to overwork and underpay actors, creative teams

abandoned Royal Victoria Hospital; staging Joe Louis in the

and office staff, pushing us all to the breaking point and

round in a boxing ring at the Bain St. Michel; playing Fin de

losing a few friends along the way. For this I ask for under-

Partie in the abandoned Darling Foundry in Griffintown in

standing and, where needed, forgiveness.

sub-zero temperatures and then touring the production to Cairo; over 150 performances of Kafka’a Ape from Montréal to Beijing; working with Montréal’s fabled Black Watch Regiment on Trench Patterns; hosting two Japanese theatre companies on their world tour; discovering Arthur Holden, the playwright; nailing the corruption of the Brian Mulroney

I have been lucky. Supporting me over the past decade, watching my back, I have had Gerry Lipnowski, the President of the Infinithéâtre Board of Directors. Gerry, words are not adequate to express the debt I owe you.

era in Death And Taxes; discussing the death rattle of print

Tonight you can witness one last highlight: With Paul Van

journalism in the audience talkback session with a panel

Dyck’s King Of Canada we hope to banish the curse this

of senior Québec editors after a performance of The Daily

pandemic has cast on live theatre.

Miracle; interpreting the Bard’s Sonnets through Montréal voices in Moyse Hall 50 years after I directed my first play in the same venue; directing an amazing interpretation of Richard the Third in Winnipeg (box office was 105 per cent!)

Thanks Paul. Thanks Ellen, Brian, Tristynn, Caeleigh and Zach. Thanks to Montréal and Montrealers. Enjoy.

with a large contingent of Montréal actors on a budget of $1

PS: Infinithéâtre is in great hands with Zach Fraser. Bringing

million, then returning home and staging Jason Maghanoy’s

him on may be our biggest coup.

first play on a budget of $500; the workshopping of Fight On!;

— Guy Sprung

King of Canada


NOTE FROM THE PLAYWRIGHT A few years back I was visiting my hometown of Brockville and decided to take a tour of our most famous building, Fulford Place. This Edwardian mansion on the banks of the St. Lawrence was once home to the world’s wealthiest family, the Fulfords, who made their fortune selling “Pink Pills for Pale People”. The tour included visiting the room where Mrs. Fulford introduced a select few of her friends to the weird world of séances. One of those friends happened to be Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King. I had heard of King’s ghostly interests before, but

Anderson, Duncan C. Fraser Q.C., Bonita Erwin, and the employees and volunteers of Kingsmere Estate in Gatineau Park, Woodside in Kitchener, and Fulford Place in Brockville. Finally, I want to thank Sara Rodriguez for her willingness to read my first drafts and her delight in telling me what’s stupid.  Enjoy the play. — Paul Van Dyck

something about being in the room where his journey into spiritualism began sparked a deeper exploration into our longest-serving and strangest prime minister. The result is this darkly comedic story of our country’s coming-of-age.


King did a lot of amazing things for Canada, he also did

Artists are resilient people. It is in their nature to find a path

many questionable things. Looking at the past with a modern gaze is complicated. But it’s also pretty damn simple. If we don’t address the bad things that happened, they will happen again. As much as this play pokes fun at King, I hope it also inspires us to reconsider the country we once

forward, even if this requires constant reinvention and unconventional thinking. Imagination and dialogue are the greatest tools of our craft. With so many artists struggling throughout this pandemic, we are reminded how fortunate we are to be able to rehearse and create together.

had and the country we want to have.

It has been a gift to work and laugh together each day.

Theatre is created to connect people. Even though this

stimulating discussions around William Lyon Mackenzie

presentation may not be how we first intended, know

King, Canada’s checkered history, and the impacts of our

that in this moment we are connected. It’s hard enough

collective and individual actions. These acts of exchange,

to mount a play in the best of times and I’m in awe of the

critical thinking and collaboration have nourished us in

talent and tenacity of Zach, Ellen, Brian and the entire

a time when so many are feeling solitude, anxiety and

Infinithéâtre team in creating this production. I also want

desperation. We are forever grateful for the opportunity

to thank Guy Sprung and the Infinithéâtre Unit Cohort,

to work in this profession. In times such as these, I am

the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Alliance for the

reminded that culture and community are essential

Performing Arts, the Honourable Justice Charles D.

elements of our social fabric. Infinithéâtre is committed to

6 infinitheatre

The development of this piece has led our team to many

preserving these connections for artists and audiences alike. Whether you are seeing King of Canada in person at the theatre (fingers crossed), or live-streamed from the comfort of your home… Welcome. Thank you to Paul for concocting this playfully poignant script. Thank you Ellen, Brian and Julie for your heartfelt performances. And thank you to the entire team for your courage, passion and diligence venturing forth despite so many uncertainties. We are proud to share our work with you, our audiences. I relish the moment we shall all meet again at the theatre. Enjoy the show! — Zach Fraser

Muse Entertainment is a leading film and television production company known for its well-crafted and high-quality productions. Since its founding in 1998, Muse has produced, co-produced and provided production services on 219 TV movies and miniseries, television series, documentaries and feature films and has won over 100 awards and received over 300 award nominations, including 21 Emmy Award nominations and 5 Emmy Awards. Muse Entertainment’s most recent television series are the police procedurals Coroner (CBC) and The Murders (Citytv), the crime thriller Bellevue (CBC and WGN), as well as the miniseries, The Kennedys: After Camelot (CTV’s Crave). The latter is the sequel to Muse’s 8-hr. historical drama The Kennedys, which earned 10 Emmy Award nominations, winning four, as well as the DGA award for best director. Muse recently service produced Blood & Treasure (CBS), two seasons of the dramatic series The Art of More (Sony’s Crackle), and two seasons of the sci-fi series Helix (Syfy). Other award-winning Muse miniseries are Tut, Pillars of the Earth, Ben Hur, Bomb Girls, The Last Templar, Impact, Human Trafficking and Answered by Fire. Muse is known for producing four seasons of the supernatural dramatic series Being Human; two seasons of the dramedy series Signed, Sealed, Delivered and two seasons of the documentary series Collision Course. The company also produces TV movies for Disney (Bad Hair Day, Zapped) and Hallmark (Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, Gourmet Detective Mysteries, Christmas entertainment and romantic comedies.). The company’s head office and its Quebec production centre are in Montreal. Muse also maintains development and production operations in Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver. For more information please visit www.muse.ca.

Biographies Ellen David (The Medium) An accomplished and versatile stage and screen actor, Ellen has received accolades including a META, Winnipeg Theatre Award, and Broadway World Regional Award for My Name is Asher Lev (Segal Center/RMTC); “Outstanding Female Performance” ACTRA award for Surviving My Mother; and the 2015 ACTRA Award of Excellence. Stage highlights: God of Carnage, The Shoplifters (Centaur Theatre); Marjorie Prime, Travesties (Centre Segal); The Daily Miracle (Infinithéatre); the plays of Steve Galluccio; and the U.S. tour of PorteParole’s Seeds. Directing credits include Clybourne Park, The Book of Bob, Love, Loss and What I Wore, which she also co-produced and performed in (all at Centaur); Moonlight and Magnolias, Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks (Théatre Lac-Brome); The Savannah Sipping Society (Hudson Village Theatre); and The Leisure Society for Infinithéatre. In November of 2019, Ellen was appointed Executive Artistic Director of Theatre Lac-Brome in Knowlton, Quebec, and in September of 2020, she was named Artistic Producer of Infinithéatre in Montreal. In May, she was set to direct the World Premiere of Siberian Summer for Centre Segal (now postponed due to Covid.) Ellen would like to thank her ever-present spirits for their faith and guidance... Edith, Mel, David, Louis and Marilyn... gone but never forgotten.

8 infinitheatre

Brian Dooley (William Lyon Mackenzie King) Brian Dooley is an award winning actor and producer. During the last 40 years Brian has worked throughout the country and abroad. His skills include directing, writing, producing and performing in a variety of media including radio, animation, film, television and the theatre. Brian was trained and educated at the National Theatre School and Bishop’s University. He is delighted to be working with Infinitheatre on this unique and intimate project. And in these most unprecedented times. He relocated to Montreal in 2018. Brian was recently reminded of Richard Shechner’s words: “Theatre is a peak experience and significantly different from other kinds of life because of its focus, intensity, and general visibility. But it is not separate from other kinds of life: It comes from them and blends back into them. To work from this perspective means to accept the audience as a potential ally, and to admit that without the audience collaboration no performance is possible.”

Sierra Alarie (Stage Manager) Sierra is thrilled to have the opportunity to work in Theatre again after a yearlong hiatus. Equity stage management apprenticeship credits include both the Montreal and Ottawa runs of The Mountaintop (Black Theatre Workshop/ Neptune Theatre), Birthmark (Teesri Duniya Theatre), both iterations of Around the World in 80 Days (Geordie/Theatre Lac Brome), Angélique (Black Theatre Workshop/Tableau D’Hôte Theatre), Mr. Goldberg Goes to Tel Aviv (Infinithéâtre),

Prom Queen: The Musical and The Secret Annex (Segal Centre for Performing Arts). More recently, she stage managed Teesri Duniya Theatre’s production of Honour: Confessions of a Mumbai Courtesan, and has previously worked as Assistant Stage Manager on some of the Yiddish productions at the Segal Centre which included The Producers and It Shoulda Been You (DWYT).

Zach Fraser (Director) Zach is thrilled and profoundly honoured to follow in the footsteps of Guy Sprung as incoming Artistic Director of Infinithéâtre in March 2021. A Montreal-based director, producer, actor, puppeteer, puppet maker and teacher, past projects with Infinithéâtre include Trench Patterns, Kafka’s Ape and Love, Child. His award-winning Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Stage Play (RustWerk ReFinery) based on Chester Brown’s graphic novel continues to tour occasionally across the country. Other directing credits include Indra’s Web (National Theatre School of Canada) and Fifteen Dogs (John Abbott College). The Water Chronicles, which he directed last year for Geordie Theatre, is currently nominated for several META awards. Puppet designs include Stars: Together (Crow’s Theatre), B-612 (La Roulotte), MacBeth – Walking Shadows (Shakespeare in the Ruff), The Nisei & the Narnauks (Persephone Productions), The Aeneid (Talisman Theatre) and The Heretics of Bohemia (Scapegoat Carnivale / Segal Centre). Zach teaches in the Theatre Department at John Abbott College and at the National Theatre School of Canada.

Audrey-Anne Bouchard (Lighting Design) Audrey-Anne works as a lighting designer for dance and theatre productions in Montreal and abroad. She is active in both English and French Montreal theatre scenes and recently collaborated with companies such as Centaur Theatre (Successions), Joe Jack et John (Dis Merci), L’Illusion Théâtre de marionnettes (Tommelise) and Tableau d’hôte (Hosanna). In 2016, she received a META nomination for an Outstanding Lighting Design for her work on Tableau d’hôtel’s play Another Home Invasion. Since 2015, she has been a regular Production and Lighting coach at the National Theatre School of Canada. Most recently, Audrey-Anne also engages in the development of inclusive practices in the arts. In 2019, she took inspiration in her situation as a person living with a visual impairment to develop her own creation designed for an audience living with low vision or vision loss titled Camille: un rendez-vous au-delà du visual.

Maryse Bienvenue (Costume Design) A graduate of the scenography and design program of National Theatre Schoolof Canada (1991), Maryse has been working in theatre, feature film, opera and television. A brief selection of her work includes: Les saisons Théâtres Espace go et de la Manufacture, Ramdam (T.V.) (Vivaclic, Saisons #5, #6, #7 et #8), Ténor recherché (Théâtre du Vieux Terrebonne), Le pont (Théâtre Jean Duceppe), Richard III (Manitoba Theatre Centre), Gianni Schicchi (opera) (Université de Montréal), La Baronne et la truie (Omnibus), The Baroness and the Pig (feature film) (Media Principia), Le Visiteur (Théâtre Les Gens d’en bas),

King of Canada


Making of Macbeth (Pigeons international), L’Antichambre (Théâtre Populaire du Québec), Fair liberty’s call (Stratford Festival Ontario), and Nez à nez (Théâtre de Quat’sous).

Paul Van Dyck (Playwright) Paul is a writer, director, performer, and Artistic Director of Rabbit in a Hat Productions, a Montreal based theatre company with a mandate to produce new Canadian plays. Paul’s work has been presented across Canada and around the world. He has received numerous awards including The Revelation Award (Montreal English Critics Circle), Outstanding Direction (Montreal English Theatre Awards), and Best Production (New York Frigid Festival, Atlantic Fringe Festival, and Montreal Fringe Festival). Paul is a past participant of the Shaw Festival’s Neil Munro Intern Directors Project, the Lincoln Center generated Directors Lab North in Toronto, Directors Lab Mediterranean in Beirut, and was a National Forum Representative of Quebec for the Playwrights Guild of Canada. Presently, Paul is pursuing a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia. Websites: paulvandyck.ca rabbitinahatproductions.com

Julie Choi (Sound Design) Julie Choi is a Montréal based Collaborative Pianist who has worked extensively within McGill University as a vocal coach, as a pianist at Ballet Divertimento and most recently started working as the Artistic Program Director at Kin Experience. Choi has performed across Canada and received the prestigious SSHRC grant for her research on Korean art songs amongst numerous other scholarships. Choi is

10 infinitheatre

an alumna of McGill University and received her Bachelor of Music in Piano performance and a minor in Composition as well as a Master of Music in Collaborative Piano Performance — both degrees with high distinction. Julie is excited to make her first theatre debut with Infinitheatre as the ‘pianist’ and sends gratitude to the Kin family for their continuous support and love.

Julia Lenardon (Accent Coach) Julia is a professional actor and Voice/ Speech/Accent coach.: M.F.A in Voice Teaching from York University. Apprenticeships at the Canadian National Voice Intensive and The Denver Center Theatre Company. Teaching: ART/The Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard University; National Theatre School of Canada (Head of Voice/Speech); The Banff-Citadel Professional Theatre Training Program; American Academy of Dramatic Art. Selected Theatre coaching: Associate Voice Coach for NYC Broadway Production Matilda, the Musical at the Shubert Theater; Associate Voice Coach for Tamburlaine at Theatre for a New Audience TFANA(Off-Broadway); English Clarification for La Belle et La Bete 4Dart Theatre at BAM NYC; for Gad Elmaleh at Carnegie Hall debut; Gabriel Dumont’s Wild West (NAC); The Other Side of the Moon/The Andersen Project (World Tour for Yves Jacques); Indecent, The Angel and the Sparrow (The Segal Centre); Good People, Intimate Apparel (The Centaur Theatre) Selected Film/tv coaching: The Umbrella Academy Season 2, Locke & Key Season 1, On Becoming A God in Central Florida (for Theodore Pellerin) Cardinal (for Karine Vanasse); X-Men: Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix, Brooklyn, Assassin’s Creed Series (Ubisoft).

Action Infini - Proudly bringing students to the theatre and the theatre into classrooms since 2001. Are you an educator? Infinithéâtre would like to invite you and your class to the theatre through our Action Infini educational outreach program!

As a theatre, we place great value on education, and believe exposure to theatre, art, and culture is essential to any student’s growth. By partnering with educators like you, we are able to help foster an interest in the arts, while pairing it with topics already explored in any English, History, Social Studies, or Drama classroom.

What We Can Offer • H  eavily discounted rates for students, with free tickets offered to educators and chaperones • A  ccess to student matinée performances of our shows, by request • I nteractive talk-backs with cast and creative team members after student matinées • C  omprehensive study guides to accompany your experience • & more!

What Is Action Infini? Action Infini is an educational program that aims to the promote the integration of theatre into school curriculums. Each year, we provide students with the opportunity to experience, engage, and critically analyze theatre written by Québec playwrights.

To discuss your class’ participation in next year’s Action Infini season, please contact us at education@infinitheatre.com, or give us a call at (514) 987-1774 ext.101.

King of Canada


About infinithéâtre

REFLECTING AND EXPLORING LIFE IN 21ST CENTURY QUÉBEC (In English) Infinithéâtre’s stages exciting, entertaining, relevant theatre that explores and reflects the issues, challenges and possibilities of contemporary Québec from the perspective of its diverse English-language minority. Our work is driven by the fundamental belief that theatre that speaks to and about the lives, the hopes and the tragedies of its home community has the best possibility of creating an electric connection between stage and audience that is the essence of great theatre. Hence our mission is to discover, develop, produce and broker the plays of English-language playwrights of Quebec. We have three separate tactics. Write-On-Q! is our annual playwriting competition. With total prize money of $5,000 it is the single most valuable literary competition in English Québec. Many Québec playwrights now admit they synchronize their creative writing clocks to the Tuesday after Labour Day, the annual deadline for our competition. WOQ! has, over the years, delivered much of Infinithéâtre’s programming. Pipeline, our year-end public reading series, features the winning plays from WOQ! Public discussions follow each of the play readings, with the feedback and audience reaction helping us develop the plays and program future seasons. A second fundamental axiom in Infinithéâtre’s drive to stage exciting theatre is our belief that performing in non-traditional venues heightens and focuses the audience’s attention and renders the whole experience more alive. A non-traditional venue gives a play both context and subtext. Our third fundamental axiom is our conviction that we need to reach out to, and dialogue with, senior high school and college students. Action Infini is our highly-developed

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school outreach program with teachers’ kits and in-class and post show discussions. We also, when possible, take our work directly to schools. We think it is vitally important to build future audiences for theatre. Infinithéâtre is: • Great new plays that come from and speak to our community. • Non-traditional performance venues • Reaching out to senior high school and college audiences.

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King of Canada  

Written by Paul Van Dyck, "King of Canada" is a meta-theatrical political comedy with two actors: a woman and a man. The man plays King and...

King of Canada  

Written by Paul Van Dyck, "King of Canada" is a meta-theatrical political comedy with two actors: a woman and a man. The man plays King and...