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» What’s inside...? 02 WHAT WE’VE BEEN UP TO From Matson House to Worthing Pier and Didley Squat Farm to the Humber Bridge...


» Exciting times ahead Welcome to the fourth edition of Infinite Beyond. Things are feeling a bit more like normal now that we’re able to enjoy a little more freedom and make the most of the long summer days and sunshine. Things have certainly been hotting up at Infinite HQ as we’ve enjoyed being in high demand in meeting the needs of both current and new customers. So much so that we’ve expanded our workforce, so firstly I’d like to welcome our new staff members. It really has been all hands on deck so it’s great to have new sets of hands both in the office and out in the field. Keep your eyes peeled for introductions. Exhibiting at The Great Yorkshire Show in July was absolutely fantastic and what an amazing turnout. We enjoyed four full days of meeting and talking to potential customers about their bespoke CCTV and Intruder Alarm System requirements. And wow, the sun did shine, we didn’t need our

wellies that’s for sure! A huge thank you to our suppliers Dahua and Ajax Systems who were on hand to help and assist with our complex systems and answering your questions and enquiries. All staff members enjoyed time showcasing our services (and sneak in a little time taking selfies with Ewe and Moo.) See more on page 07. Exciting times are ahead as we put the wheels in motion for big changes at our Headquarters. Keep an eye on our social media channels for regular updates to see what we’re getting up to. In this newsletter you’ll find us taking a look at CCTV and its endless potentials, a recent installation of ANPR cameras at the famous Yorkshire Bridge Inn, what we have been up to and much more. Hope you enjoy reading our latest edition.

Chris Gillis Managing Director Infinite Fire & Security

Discover more about Brinks-Mat Robbery. The largest gold heist in British history...

04 FOCUS ON TECH In this edition we put the spotlight on Dahua Technology, world leading video surveillance systems provider. Get to know their cameras...

06 CASE STUDY We visit the famous Yorkshire Bridge Inn situated in the beautiful Hope Valley where we help them with their Intruder and Fire Saftey requirements...

07 THE GREAT YORKSHIRE SHOW We had an amazing day showcasing at The Great Yorkshire Show. Check out what we got up to...

08 JUST FOR FUN Coffee-time wordsearch, cartoon, riddle and joke corner...

THE GREAT YORKSHIRE SHOW MATSON HOUSE Matson House is a large manorial house and was headquarters of King Charles I and his sons Charles and James in 1643 during the siege of Gloucester. It subsequently became the property of Major General William Selwyn in 1679. It is a Grade II listed building. Matson House was built on site of medieval manor house held by Llanthony Priory. In 1958 Matson house became Selwyn School for Girls and continued in use until 1999. In 2008 the house became a care home for adults. We regularly carry out services to make sure the fire alarm, emergency lighting and fire extinguishers comply with the British standards to keep everyone safe.

Ee by gum, what a brilliant four days we had meeting thousands of visitors and seeing some familiar faces. Site visits have already begun, take a look at our map to see where we’ve ventured too so far while doing some servicing along the way.






After a busy morning servicing at Matson House, we were feeling the heat, so we called off for some Cow Juice and a lemon top ice cream to cool off. Sssshhhhh don’t tell the office they are quite partial to an ice cream or two.

WORTHING PIER After doing a site visit for CCTV at a local rehabilitation centre it would have been rude not to call off for a little pit stop to stretch our legs and a selfie of course. It’s definitely smaller than Brighton Pier but did you know Worthing Pier is the home of the annual international Birdman competition? It moved to Worthing after it was no longer safe to be held at Bognor Regis.


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We all know Hull for the Humber Bridge, The Deep and its ferry port but we weren’t allowing our engineers to have an easy day. We sent our engineer Chris on an early start to meet one of friendly farmers we met at The Great Yorkshire Show.


» Historical Heists



This is the largest gold heist in British History The Brinks-Mat robbery is a tale of a £26 Million gold and diamond heist. At 6:30am on the 26th November 1983, a south London gang of six armed robbers, headed by Brian Robinson and Mickey McAvoy, broke into the Brinks Mat warehouse at Heathrow Airport. Their initial predictions led them to believe they would have walked away with £3 Million in cash. They had inside help from a security guard, Anthony Black, who happened to be living with Brian Robinson’s Sister at the time. The information given from Black gave them the quick access to site, where they encouraged the guards to give them the code for the safe, they poured petrol over them and threaten to set them on fire. Black’s information also assisted them in disarming the electronic security systems, then they finally opened the safe.

“ Noye intended on melting

copper into the gold during the smelting process, which by altering its carat rating it would make it virtually untraceable. They were caught after the gang withdrew £3 Million in cash from a single bank branch in Bristol.

When they opened the safe, they were expecting piles of easily transported cash, but instead this turned out to be 6,800 Gold bars which were divided into 76 cases weighing over three tonnes. There was also a stash of £100,000 worth of cut and uncut diamonds, all that could’ve been bound for the far east. As they were expecting cash and easy getaway, they needed to change their getaway plan, so they sent some of the gang members to seek sturdier transport. The gang used the warehouse’s forklift to load the gold into a getaway van taking

them almost two hours to clear the safe and its contents, by 8:15am they had left the warehouse and at 8:30am the alarm was raised by ones of the guards. The conversion £26 Million worth of bullion into cash was proving a major issue for the gang meaning they were forced to approach a senior underworld figure known as ‘The Fox’. He had connections with other gangs that would be able to smelt down and distribute the gold, specifically with the assistance of the Adams Family, who at the time were one of London’s most notorious crime syndicates. They recruited a jeweller named Sally Nahome, who agreed to sell on the smelted down goods. December of 1984 McAvoy and Robinson were sentenced to 25 Years in prison. McAvoy realised that the game was up, so he entrusted a variety of friends

Discover more online

with some of the gold for safekeeping, including one called Brian Perry. Perry as subsequently arrested for handling the gold, ultimately feeling betrayed by McAvoy. Perry’s life was threatened during his trial, after failing to return the property, and after serving a nine year sentence, Perry was gunned down in November 2001 shortly after his release. Perry recruited Kenneth Noye into the ever-growing circle of Brinks Mat associates. Noye had experience within the gold smelting trade, have links with the owner of a Bristol based gold dealership named John Palmer. Noye intended on melting copper into the gold during the smelting process, which by altering its carat rating it would make it virtually untraceable. They were caught after the gang withdrew £3 Million in cash from a single bank branch in Bristol. January 1985, during an undercover operation, Noye discovered DC John Fordham was in his garden at his home in Kent, they got into a heated argument, and the officer was stabbed to death. Noye was arrested for murder but at his trial, the jury believed he acted in self defence, which was acquitted by a majority vote. Following the discovery of 11 gold bars at his home, Noye was on trial again in 1986, along with Thomas Adams, which led to his conviction of conspiracy to handle Brinks Mat gold, in addition to VAT evasion charges. He received a 14 year prison sentence and was also fined a total of £700,000. He was released in 1990 but after a road rage incident on the M25, he is now serving a life sentence. Police estimate that there were over 15 people were involved in the robbery, but only three of the gang members were ever convicted. Despite concerned efforts to bring the rest to justice and investigate work spanning two decades, the police have been forced to accept that the majority of the loot has been spirited away to foreign safety deposits or simply recycled into the wider London jewellery trade. Source -


T i

£ 6 s h M w i w c g b t g t t o B d t

e b b w a d t a t o t



Dahua Technology is a world leading video surveillance product and solution provider of IP camera, NVR, HD CCTV, Analogue, PTZ and other vertical solutions. Based on technological innovations, Dahua offers end to end security solutions, systems and services to create values for city operations, corporate management and consumers.

A full colour camera captures vivid colour information, even in low light conditions.

Using these types of CCTV cameras, we have worked with the Police and successfully had three convictions of intruders


Thermal cameras, which do not require a light source, are excellent for providing enhanced coverage in diverse environments, such as those with harsh conditions or extreme darkness. n addition to this, thermal cameras have long range detection allowing them to be used in various environments. Dahua’s latest range include new features that are highly accurate built-in algorithms that intelligently analyse the video to detect people/vehicles, real

It effectively extracts the colour features of different scenes, whether it be human, vehicle or details, in places with high crime rates such as a park at night or a dark alley, providing great help to police officers during evidence obtaining procedures. 24/7 full colour monitoring, excellent video quality in darkness, up to 98% AI accuracy at night.


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time active deterrence with push notifications and accurate temperature measurement of objects are just some of the enhanced features available. They are widely used in applications such as perimeter protection, protection of key elements such as gas pumps or electrical facilities, and overheating detection in critical infrastructure.

Full Colour Effect Contrast Dahua’s full colour camera presents a more vivid colour image in the dark, capable of 24/7 colour monitoring that can accurately identify vehicles and objects in low-light conditions.

Traditional camera


PTZ cameras use pan, tilt and zoom functionality to provide both wide area coverage and great detail.

Dahua PTZ cameras are widely used in different vertical industries like transportation, government, city surveillance and have proven their durability and effectiveness even in extreme conditions. The possibilities for these cameras are endless. From 360 degree visibility, motion detection, video tampering, multi sensor panoramic, smart tracking, people counting, target tracking, tripwire, intrusion and long range distance, the possibilities for these cameras are endless.

Discover more online

These cameras offer full colour (for more vivid, brighter and detailed images), active deterrence (warn off intruders with built in speakers and red/ blue flashing lights) and AI (identify people and vehicles by filtering out leaves, wind, rain and other

Full colour camera

interferences), all in one smart innovative solution. With false alarm rates lower than 2%, a significantly improved search function and built in AI coding, this new addition to Dahua’s range is setting a very high standard in artificial intelligence surveillance.


» Case Study: The Yorkshire Bridge Inn The Famous Yorkshire Bridge Inn is situated in the beautiful Hope Valley in the Peak District National Park.


We came across Infinite Fire & Security back in 2008 when we were looking for quotes to service and maintain our Emergency Lighting, Fire Alarm, Intruder System and Fire Extinguishers. Chris came out and did a site survey for us. Later that week we received our quote which we were really happy and we were also reassured with the knowledge and expertise Chris clearly had. We later decided we needed CCTV to cover our premises. Again Infinite came out and completed a survey, advised how many cameras we would need and where they would be located for best coverage. The quality of the picture was brilliant. We use Infinite Fire & Security

for all our works now within our Bar and Hotel. Recently we have been having problems with people parking in our car parks while walking around the beautiful Ladybower Reservoir, leaving our customers with no parking. We tried to self-monitor with signage along with other things, but unfortunately we couldn’t resolve the matter. After a call to Infinite Fire & Security Chris came out and assessed what we needed the cameras to do. He ran through different options and demos with us. We decided to go down the route of ANPR cameras as they covered everything we needed them to do. They’ve resolved our issue and already, within just a few months of them being installed, we have supplied footage to the local police.

If you’re on the lookout for a new or upgraded Fire and/or Security System for your business or home, then get in touch. We’re always happy to help and advise...


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It is family owned and a multi award winning inn located just a few minutes stroll from the beautiful Ladybower Reservoir. A short drive from Chatsworth and Haddon Hall, also near Bakewell and Buxton. Being able to work with a lovely family run business, who we also class as friends, it is always enjoyable to either work or call in for a meal or drink.

» Question time In this instalment of ‘Meet the Team’ we’re putting Ellie in the hot seat for a round of fun quick fire questions. Are you a night owl or an early bird? Night owl

» What a great day WHAT: THE GREAT YORKSHIRE SHOW 2021

It was so good to be back at The Great Yorkshire Show and what a fab time we had. We all agreed that it wasn’t really a week of working.

If you had 25 hours in a day, how would you use your extra time? Probably working WHO: Ellie Gillis WHAT: Business Administrator What is your favourite drink? Disaronno and Coke. I drink it any time of the day What’s the oldest thing in your fridge? I don’t own a fridge If you could have a superpower what would it be? Hmm… Invisibility What’s your favourite TV show? Friends & Greys Anatomy Are you a cat or dog person? Dog, I have a Cocker Spaniel What was cool when you were young and isn’t now? Tamagotchi What was the last photo you took? My little sister knee-boarding

If you could be an animal, what would it be and why? A sloth haha It’s my favourite animal Tell us 4 things you love • Family • Friends - the TV show • Formula One • Drinking If you were stranded on an island, which 3 people would you take with you? • David Attenborough – Smart so will be able to get us off • Lando Norris – For lol’s. He has a girlfriend… Gutted • Ed Sheeran – For entertainment Thanks for sharing with Beyond Ellie, Disoranno and Coke late watching Friends sounds like a great night in to us. Cheers!

It was a full four days of meeting new customers, discussing bespoke systems, eating lots of ice cream and tasting the local delicacies that were on offer. Having cups of tea and not having to make them ourselves is always a bonus too! The skies were blue and the sun shone for the whole four days which was definitely the icing on the cake for us all. We showcased the latest technology from Dahua, from full colour cameras at night and thermal, to using the latest PTZ’s. We were able to zoom in right over to the far side of the show which certainly impressed the crowds. We were also demonstrating the most recently

released products from AJAX Alarm Systems. It was definitely a success. Infinite’s MD has already started to undertake site visits from the enquiries at the show. He is enjoying meeting everyone again and designing systems for their requirements. Our six year old even made an appearance, showing folk how the selfies are done (and enjoying the toy stall opposite). This year was certainly bigger and better and we’re already in the planning to bring something even better for 2022. Keep an eye on our social platforms to see what Ewe and Moo get up to next.

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Answer: The Post Office

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You can discover more about our services or live chat with any questions via the website Call: 01226 337 898 Email: Drop in and see us: The Coach House, High Street, Dodworth, Barnsley S75 3RQ

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Infinite Beyond » Issue 4 » Exciting Times Ahead  

Welcome to Issue 4 of Beyond. In this edition we're celebrating getting out and about and looking forward to whats in store later in the yea...

Infinite Beyond » Issue 4 » Exciting Times Ahead  

Welcome to Issue 4 of Beyond. In this edition we're celebrating getting out and about and looking forward to whats in store later in the yea...


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