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InfiniteEdge (Pty) Ltd | Reg. No. 2011/114797/07

Letter from the CEO â??


wenty sixteen has been a challenging year. We have managed to keep our monthly subscription income roughly the same, but had trouble to really increase it as much as we have hoped to do. It is important at this point in time to have a strong subscription base, because that will allow us to move forward with our Marketing plans, our SVEN automation and to our dream to finaly have InfiniteEdge in the cloud as a web-based product. Also: Higher client subscriptions mean higher commissions payments to Sales Agents which in turn allows them to achieve their own financial dreams and moving everyone closer to a Better Lifestyle and Financial Freedom. In our last Ghost Meeting, we as leaders have taken a serious look at what we can change and do in the company in order for us to see a strong increase in sales again. We have identified a few things with the most important one the updating of our InfiniteEdge algorithm from version 3.2 to version 5.2. We have seen that agents sign new clients, but then we also have trail period clients cancelling their subscription as soon as the trial period comes to an end. We have learned a lot from feedback from trial clients and also from prospects that do not even want to test the software.

objections and problems that prospects and trial clients have brought up. This is why I am very excited about the new versions and am dedicating my time to complete them all so that we can roll them out as soon as possible.

After discussing some pressing matters, the Ghosts (and Magda) enjoyed a lunch.

Part of the reason why our sales were slower in 2016, was because we decided as leaders that I would not work as an sales agent this year, but should dedicate all my time to programming work. We may have had more sales if I continued as an agent, but I believe that would have been only a short term solution. Once the new code is ready to launch, all of us will directly benefit from it and all sales by all agents in the company will be leveraged greatly.

Like I have mentioned before in some of videos: the changes we are making to core algorithm and other parts of software will help us overcome all of

our our our the

InfiniteEdge (Pty) Ltd

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December 2016

Thank you for everyone’s patience and focus this year. A special thank you to the active agents that have been consistently signing new clients during this period. You are buying the time that I can then use to sit as the mad scientist in my cave and work on the code. Thank you also to the administration team and SVEN for their great work. You are getting better and better each month. We make a great team. I want to especially single out Willem and Sharon Engelbrecht! Your teamwork and activity over the last number of months are awesome and very inspiring. Keep up the great work. On a different note - I am currently reading a bussiness book that have caused me to do some serious introspection and evaluation as a leader. The ideas of the book have challenged me greatly in regards to my responsibility to:

1. Give clear direction 2. Protect momentum 3. Build enthusiasm 4. Create a sense of 
 belonging 5. Create a sense of 

ideas on the execution part: What do we need to do to achieve our goals? InfinteEdge is the first company that I have ever been involved in as a leader. (I have actually never even worked for a company as an employee, being an entrepreneur from when I was in standard 9.) So there is a lot to learn and I am dedicated to spend the time and effort to do so. I want to work hard to create the Systems and Tools that can be used by all employees of InfiniteEdge to do great work and to assist them in becoming all that they dream and want to be. That each person may love his work, like I do, and that each one may grow each day and have fun. Also, that each agent and employee may build his financial empire and finally achieve financial freedom. The name of the book is: "The 4 Disciplines of Execution", and the writers are Chris McChesney, Sean Covey and Jim Huling. The concepts in the book apply just as well to your own private and family goals. More about the book in the future, for now I just want to leave you with this quote form the book. It was written after the writers surveyed hundreds of thousands of leaders and teams:

I have never before had any real instruction on how to do the above things. I had to feel my way forward and do my best. In some cases I have done great work, while in others I realise that i I could have done much better. But this book I mentioned above has some great insight into leadership and deciding on Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) and then also great InfiniteEdge (Pty) Ltd

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December 2016

Wow! Anyone that have known me or the

"In our initial surveys we learned that only

goals. That's right - 15 percent could not

culture at InfiniteEdge for long enough will know that we are not here talking about milking people and pressing each last drop out of every employee. Far from it!

name even one of the top three goals their leaders had identified. The other 85 percent

What caught my attention was:

one employee in seven could name even one of their organisation's most important

named what they thought was the goal, but it often didn't remotely resemble what their leaders had said. The further from the top of the organisation, the lower the clarity. And that was just the beginning of the problems we uncovered. Lack of commitment to the goal was another problem. Even those people who knew the goal lacked commitment to achieving it. 
 Only 51 percent could say that they were passionate about the team's goal, leaving almost half the team simply going through the motions. Accountability was also an issue. 
 A staggering 81 percent of the people

How can someone feel motivated, enthusiastic and excited about his work if he has no idea how it fits into a bigger picture? 
 The book has a great system for sidestepping all this and really tapping into the 5 points I mentioned at the beginning of this section. We will leverage what we already have even more. If it is joy and fun, then joy and fun. If it is money, then more money. If it is purpose, then more purpose. How can any agent or employee feel that he is part of something bigger than himself and that his actions are making a significant impact towards a meaningful goal, if he does not have any idea what that goal is, or if there even is a "great" goal. Then your every workday becomes consumed by the "whirlwind" and each day looks exactly like the one before it.

surveyed said they were not held accountable for regular progress on their organisation's goals. And the goals were not translated into specific actions - 87 percent had no clear idea what they should be doing to achieve the goal."

InfiniteEdge (Pty) Ltd

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December 2016

A joyless, grey, monotonous ant colony where everything goes in small circles. yuck!

“I personally take responsibility to work towards a place where the statements in the quote above are not true about us and our wonderful company. So prepare yourself!”

Enjoy this newsletter and as you read be conscious that InfiniteEdge is just a Name and a Logo if it was not for you and each one of us making it something special. Enjoy your December holidays and time with family and friends. ❞

I want to systematically move us towards a place where everyone is:

• clear about our most important goal Pieter Francois Theron
 Founder and CEO

• knows what his part is in achieving it • knows the exact actions that he needs to take to move us closer to the goal • and always do the day to day work with a line-of-sight to the overall goal. My thoughts on this are too many for this small section of the newsletter, so expect more in videos and emails. The above was just a small "lus-makertjie".

InfiniteEdge (Pty) Ltd

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December 2016

Focus on our brand

Development news

We continue our discussion on the different aspects of our brand. Today we pause a moment on the idea of Simplicity. We aim for Simplicity in everything we do. Less is more.

NumberCruncher Programmers are currently working on the Numbercruncher code. We expect it to be finished in the next couple of weeks. The Numbercruncher forms the fo u n d a t i o n o f a l l t h e o t h e r v e r s i o n improvements.

We try to cut away fat all the time. • • • • • • •

In paperwork In talking In buttons In options In graphics In goals In focus

User Interface I am currently busy finalising the New User Interface and it should be one of the first new upgrades we will roll out to our clients.

Why Simplicity? It’s Simple. It’s the best way!

Core Algorithm Following the User Interface will be the new changes to the core algorithm that will make our signals much more accurate and meaningful. Trade Assistant And after that comes the Trade Assistant which will be a Dashboard that helps the client monitor his open trades and it will even "read" the decision flowchart for him and let him know the moment he needs to exchange. Truly exciting stuff, don’t you think?! These elements have the potential to completely transform our product to the benefit of client and agent.

Above picture shows Magda beside the newly branded door at the Western Cape office.

InfiniteEdge (Pty) Ltd

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December 2016

Willem only chuckled. Now it remains to be seen who will have the last laugh.”

Events CEO visits Gauteng

Bonding meetings in the Western Cape

“I had the privilege of visiting Gauteng some months ago. It was very enjoyable. I went specifically in order to go with Willem Engelbrecht to see Macsteel for a followup meeting. They are a huge steel company and we wanted to arrive with all guns blazing. We had a good meeting and the discussions are going ahead. But my personal highlight of the visit was something else: While there, Jannie Aspeling, child of Gauteng, managed, in a very short time, to setup a first meeting with EuroSteel, another Steel company. So it was me and Willem and Jannie and Eurosteel, and it was glorious. Willem was presenting so that spit was flying though the air. Jannie was red in his face with trepidation or excitement. I was looking so much from Willem to Jannie and back again that I am sure I explained some answers before the questions were even asked. Willem and Jannie were machines. I realised I just had to stay out of their way and we will sign a new client. And we did. A week later Eurosteel was signed and installed for a three months trial as one of our current biggest clients. 

What would a bonding meeting be without something to eat? Here we have Magda, Theunis, Marisa and Derik having a bite at Primi Piati in Paarl. (Left to right)

Well done you two - it was great fun! I also enjoyed the Gauteng bonding meeting that we had at Willem en Sharon's house. We had some good discussions and I could show off a bit of the new developments. In a moment of pure inspiration Quintin said he could outperform and out-sell his dad. InfiniteEdge (Pty) Ltd

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December 2016

the fear of calling was a big win for me. Every now and then it does creep back. Business-wise I would say signing Italtile after 2 and half years of tests and tough meetings was a big win for me.

Agent Profile Derik Cloete Team: Western Cape e: c: +27 (76) 220 0920

Tips for other agents?
 There is no real tips I can give anyone. All I can say is sterkte. What do you do if not seeing clients? Apart from being involved with IE I manage a selfcatering establishment in Hermanus called Ocean Song Self Catering. I am also involved with a nonprofit organization called Volwasse Menswees. If I am not working I spend time with my lovely wife Liza. I simply cannot get enough of the outdoors: rock climbing, trial running and camping. I also like playing around in the garage building various things. Then I obviously have dreams of signing a massive client that would enable me and my family to travel the world.

How were you introduced to IE? While studying Agriculture in Wellington I met Pieter Francois through my sister and her house mate. He told me about ForexNow and how it can help importers and exporters. At that stage I wanted to work for any fruit export company, and thought it might look good on my CV if I have some experience with forex and trading. In June 2012 PF gave me a one day crash course in training and then I was o, part time studying and part time sales man. What do you enjoy most about being an agent? The biggest reason why I joined and stubbornly keep pushing on is the flexibility that working for IE provides.

Favourite book? The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho Favourite movie? The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Favourite music? I listen to various music depending on my mood. From metal to classical music. Some of my favourite musicians are: Jars of Clay, Live, Jose Gonzalez, Tchaikovsky, Michael W Smith and Metallica. Describe yourself in 3 words. According to my wife:

Biggest success so far? The biggest success I would say happened on the inside of me. Overcoming inner fears and self doubt. In 2012, my first 40+ cold calls were unsuccessful. Overcoming the fear of rejection and InfiniteEdge (Pty) Ltd

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Consistent Optimistic Sincere

December 2016

InfiniteEdge (Pty) Ltd

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December 2016


New ideas

There has been two additions to the InfiniteEdge family recently!

Derik Cloete - had the idea to ask a prospect to bring 3 to 5 trades with him to the first meeting so that we can show him something truly amazing. The prospect then arrives at the meeting with some basic trade info ready at his fingertips. The sales agent then takes a few moments somewhere in his presentation and look with the prospect at how InfiniteEdge would have "called" the trades differently and what profit may have been made if they used us. Also how effortless it all is and how quick and the prospect gets a change to see in practice how they will be using the software if they decide to become clients.

Xenon Ezra du Toit, weighing in at 7,3 pounds, was born on 16 July 2016 to parents Ghian and Chaté.

Ben Cloete filled his parents’ hearts when he was born on 24 October 2016. Look how content he looks between parents Derik and Liza Cloete! (picture below)

InfiniteEdge (Pty) Ltd

Cash Coetzee - recommended that we add to the official slideshow a slide with a chart showing a trade window and how our trade time and price compares with a users trade time and price. This is to quickly and clearly show prospect what exactly he will buying.

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December 2016

Interview with
 Willem Engelbrecht How do you get it right to be so successful in InfiniteEdge? “First of all, being a Christian and working for a Christian Company and working with a lot of Christians in the company makes a big difference in my life. I can take no credit for any success except that God gives me the ability to do what I am doing. I also believe that we have a responsibility to work hard and God will do the rest. About two years ago I read the book Double your income doing what you love (by Raymond Aaron) and I started implementing some of what I read. I ascribe my success to keeping the momentum by making new appointments every week. To get appointments, I needed to phone prospects but that is the one part that I don't like very much, althought it is very important. So, in the book Raymond says that if there is something you need to do but you don't like it, get creative and find a way to get it done without you having to do it. Well, my wife like phoning and now she is doing that part for me. The result is that we are doing on average about ten new presentations every month. That is the secret of my success. The reason for the increased number of new clients in the last six months is only because of the momentum that was created with the new presentations every week and then the follow up of those appointments. In the past, I simply emailed the business proposal to the prospect, hoped for the best and waited anxiously for InfiniteEdge (Pty) Ltd

their reply. Nowadays, I rather make a followup appointment to hand them a printed copy of the proposal. In this way I can explain the proposal in detail, answer any questions and hopefully get them to make up their minds about buying InfiniteEdge. This strategy has proven to be very effective. There is no substitute for personal contact! After a meeting, I write the particulars on the white board at our office as a reminder to set up a follow-up appointment. Follow-up is very important! One of the world’s leading wealth coaches, JT Fox said that you need to make contact with a prospect at least 14 times before a sale takes place. Don't stop, just do it. Have a system that help you to make sure you do the follow-up. My advice to other agents would be to be creative and make sure that everything gets done and don't let the momentum slow down. If there are things that you don't like doing or don't get time to do, get help! But don’t stop.”

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December 2016

Interview with
 Sharon Engelbrecht How did InfiniteEdge Enhance your life on a personal level? “InfiniteEdge challenge me into thinking of a solution to a problem I was facing in myself. I felt that Willem and I have a nugget of gold in the palm of our hands and we were not seeing the value because we were not utilizing IE as much as we could have.
 I felt very frustrated. Willem is very good with presentations and installations but he does not like to make the appointments. One night I was talking to Jesus about how I felt, so He gave me the solution to my challenge. I can phone for InfiniteEdge and make appointments for Willem to go and do presentations. Not only did I get inspired, I also developed a love for making phone calls, even cold calling. I love to call companies and speak to the financial directors or chief financial officers and tell them about our amazing software product. 

To get back to the question above, my personal life is enhanced by InfiniteEdge because our financial situation has totally changed. Willem and I make an awesome team. The harder we work, the more money we earn.

I smile while I am telling them about our company. I shout out in my office “I LOVE THIS!”

Thank you Pieter Francois for giving us this opportunity to change our lives.”

It is not only about making appointments that inspires me, it is about every call I make because I know that I am the first connection to our company. I am over flowing with excitement when I call.

InfiniteEdge (Pty) Ltd

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December 2016

Onderhoud met
 Magda Vermeulen Hoe het InfiniteEdge jou lewe verbeter op ’n persoonlike vlak? “Ek het pas by InfiniteEdge aangesluit toe besef ek, hier kom ‘n ding en ek wíl deel wees daarvan! Dit is toe dat ek sê: “My life after 50 is going to be different! “ (Min geweet dat dit actually profetiese woorde was)

Die vibe, kultuur, die mense en sommer alles wat daarmee saam gaan, het my sommer nuwe Hoop, nuwe Energie en nuwe Geloof laat kry. Dit is met groot blykskap dat ek vandag kan kan vertel hoe hierdie laaste vier en ‘n half jaar saam InfiniteEdge, my lewe kom “enhance” het. Om nie te praat van hoe dit uitkring na my familie, vriende en mense na aan my nie. Ek praat van in selfvertroue en selfwaarde groei. Van boldness ontwikkel, rekenaar vaardigheid bykry en selfoon slim word. My wêreld het verbreed deur al die mense in die korporatiewe wêreld wat ek ontmoet het - hoë manne en vroue! Al hierdie goed saam het my gehelp om myself te ontdek. Om weg te beweeg van voorgee wie ek dink ek moet wees om ander se aanvaarding te kry na die mens wie ek eintlik, volgens God se plan, moet wees. Life enhancing!

InfiniteEdge (Pty) Ltd

Ek is vanaf dag een verwelkom, baie belangrik laat voel en aanvaar nes ek is, met my tekortkomminge, gebrokenheid en attitudes. Om aanvaar en ingesluit te word by die span, nie op grond van wat ek kan doen nie, maar op grond van wie ek is en die blinde vertroue wat in my geplaas is en ook die geduld wat almal met my het. Dit is WOW! Ek word hoeveel keer geprys en bedank vir die kleinste dingetjie wat ek doen. Dit is net amazing! Waar kry jy dit in vandag se besigheidswêreld? Dit is ‘n wonderlike voorreg en ‘n groot dankbaarheid om te werk saam met hierdie groep godly men and women. Die algehele respek waarmee almal altyd behandel word en spesifiek ek as ‘n vrou, now that is “life enhancing”! Ek word ge-“energise” as ek die dag by die kantoor werk. Ek het ‘n ekstra huppel in my stap en sien sommer kans vir die hele wêreld daar buite. Dit is wat gebeur as die environment waarin jy werk positief, opbouend, en liefdevol is. Doesn’t that put a smile on your face! Die kere toe ek moedeloos was en wou handdoek ingooi was my getroue kollegas/

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December 2016

vriende daar met raad en aanmoediging wat weer tot nuwe insig en inspirassie gelei het. Ek het geleer “to live in the moment” en dat dit nie die einde van die wêreld is as die pap op die grond beland nie. Daar is net “no condemnation ever”! Wel die waarheid met gesonde boundaries en soos altyd in die grootste liefde toegedraai. I am now over 50 and my life is different, praise the Lord!

Do you remember? Do you remember our big launch that took place on 11 February 2016? Do you remember all the changes it brought and the momentum it created? Let me refresh your memory:

New InfiniteEdge logo New InfiniteEdge icon New email addresses New website New updated Agreements, Forms, Videos Updated Documents, Installation guides New IT Support Tree New Savings Calculator New Company switchboard New Business cards New Marketing Brochures InfiniteEdge (Pty) Ltd

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December 2016

Agent Dashboard
 We have moved all the documents and systems, previously held in the System Dropbox, to a new online platform. It is called the Agent Dashboard and it is available from

2016 in numbers Ever wondered what all our efforts in the company amount to over 12 months? Well, here is the stats for the period 15 Nov 2015 until 15 Nov 2016..

InfiniteEdge (Pty) Ltd

134 131 25

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Number of New Meetings Number of New Proposals Number of New Subscriptions

December 2016

When we don’t work, we..

..visit Egypt… AGAIN! (Chardia at the Alhakem be amr ellah Mosque).

tion ..feed the next genera lé with baby Mia) (Pieter Francois & Mar

..make new friends (Ghian with a puff adder)

..load the 4x4, leave home soil and head North! (Danie and Magda visiting Botswana) (Right: Elephant Sands)

InfiniteEdge (Pty) Ltd

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December 2016

InfiniteEdge (Pty) Ltd

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December 2016

General enquiries


KWV building 57 Main road Paarl 7646 061 486 4137

Pieter Francois Theron Willem Engelbrecht Sharon Engelbrecht Derik Cloete
 Magda Vermeulen
 Ghian du Toit

Report errata to

InfiniteEdge (Pty) Ltd

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December 2016

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Dec 2016 Newsletter