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This is a painting by Joan Miró . It’s abaut 91 years old . Miró was a Spanish artist . He lived on a farm with his parents for some years . The painting is abaut the farm where he lived when he was young . In the painting there are two houses . There are many different animals and tools for tha farm . There is a woman and a tree .

Mir贸 used different shapes and bright colours in his paintings . La Masia was put away in Mational Gallery of Art in Whashington DC .

Cristina Pell贸n Roca 6 th A

When I am older I want to be teacher becouse I love the children and teach then I want to be english’s teacher to young children.

I want to go to London becouse I love the city and I want to know the english traditions .My favourite subjets are Music and English .I like taking pictures and moderm music becouse I like dancing and singing very mach They are very funny .

By : Cristina Pell贸n Roca


My favourite food is omelette . The Spanish made the first omelette .Omelette is was big and round they used potatoes salt and olive to cook omelette . Too,they cook the omelette with onions .

Nowadays , people eat omelette at bar and at home .

By: Cristina

My final projects cris  
My final projects cris  

this is my project thanks