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CTIP Signs Partnership With China'S BoYaShengHua Group PRESS RELEASE - SEP 18, 2015 11:26 EDT - UPDATED: SEP 18, 2015 11:32 EDT

The Council for Trade and Investment Promotion (CTIP), an international non-profit organization based in New Jersey has signed a Cooperation Agreement with BoYaShengHua (Beijing) Business Consulting Co., Ltd. (BYSH), to promote trade and investments between U.S. and China. A Cooperation Agreement between CTIP and BYSH has been signed today which will focus more in promoting trade and investments between the United States and China. In an interview with the CTIP Charter President, Mr. Fernando M. Sopot, he said that the signing of the Agreement is an important step towards the implementation of an agreed series of Trade Events in New Jersey in partnership with the President of a Beijing based company Boyashenghua Group, Ms. Selina Luo. Below is an interview with Mr. Fernando M. Sopot (FMS) and Ms. Selina Luo (SL): Question: Have you both done any Trade Conference in New Jersey prior to the signing of your Cooperation Agreement? FMS: Yes. CTIP and BYSH have together hosted a Trade Conference last August 25, 2015 in New Jersey with Trade Delegations from Jiangxi Department of Commerce and Delegates from the Business Sector of Jiangxi Province, China. It was a very successful event, as the delegates have discussed the opportunities and challenges of doing business in China particularly in the Province of Jiangxi. SL: There were about 20 delegates that came with the Trade Mission last August 25, 2015. They want continuity of what they have started with CTIP. Jiangxi Province alone has an export business last year to the tune of $43 Billion. They want to expand their export potential and hopefully invest overseas especially the United States, in areas of their expertise. Question: What are your plans for this year and in 2016? FMS: For this year, CTIP and BYSH will be hosting a 4-day event dubbed “Trade ExhibitsCatalog Show�. This will be held first week of December, 2015 at Milan Banquet Hall, Garfield, New Jersey. The Catalog Show will feature Chinese Companies involved in the manufacture and distribution of various Chinese products in the areas of renewable energy (solar and wind energy), building materials, ceramics, I.T. products, and electronics. The show will be open to the general public.

We are planning to hold several Trade Conferences between Chinese Companies and U.S. Companies, including Six (6) Trade Shows next year. The year 2016 will be a big Trade Events for CTIP and BYSH which will be held in the United States and China respectively. CTIP will likewise promote US Products in China through these Events. SL: We are currently organizing a Trade Delegation from China to New Jersey, as part of our second trade visit to the United States, even before the Catalog Show in December, 2015. The Trade Delegates will be composed of Trade Officials from Wuhan and Hubei Provinces, including leaders from the I.T., finance and credit guarantee companies in these Provinces. At this early, there are several companies that are already interested to participate in our first Catalog Show to be held in New Jersey in December of 2015. We hope to bring in more companies to participate in this event. Question: In many Trade Exhibits, Exhibitor’s Fees are too high, what about your event, how is the cost to the participating companies? FMS: The Exhibitor’s Fee is very affordable. In fact, the participating companies from China will have so many savings from this event, since they don’t have to come to manage their exhibits, thus no need to secure US Visa, pay for their food and accommodation during the event, including their round trip air tickets. What they need to do is just to send as many copies as they can send their company profiles, product catalogues, advertising materials and DVDs. We will have video showing of the companies participating during the 4-day event. SL: The Exhibitor’s Fee that the participating companies are paying is too small for the benefits they will be getting from this event. So far we have no problem explaining the fees to our clients. Most of them are requesting to send some small samples for display in their respective booths, instead of just catalogues. About CTIP CTIP ( is an NJ Non-Profit international trade and investment organization, whose principal advocacy is to promote trade and investments through bilateral arrangements with other trade and investment organizations overseas from both public and the private sector. CTIP has made trade and investment promotion in three folds: First, educational training and business networking including trade shows and conferences, conducting seminars and workshops; second: actual trade and investment promotion based on trade and investment laws such as EB5 and other related immigration rules, in the case of investments from overseas to the United States, and assisting trade and investment promotions among CTIP Chapters overseas in accordance with their respective trade and investment laws; and finally, promoting Trade and Investment Missions on a bilateral arrangements, including promoting trade and investments through Public-PrivatePartnership (PPP); About BYSH BYSH ( provides various services to Chinese enterprises and organizations, both in the public and private sector in the areas of high-end international

educational training, executive education program in selected schools and universities in China and overseas, with the purpose of developing future leaders of their respective organizations. Moreover, BYSH is promoting trade and investments by inviting Government Agencies and Chinese Companies to organize them into Trade Delegation with a mission to promote their respective trade and investment businesses overseas. Categories:


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CTIP Signs Partnership With China'S BoYaShengHua Group