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Updated Yeast Infection Treatment Advisory Re- Launched The latest performance reviews of various yeast infection treatment options are the main subject in a series of articles that are featured in an online yeast treatment advisory that was recently re- launched. New York NY (I- Newswire) July 29, 2012 - The Candidiasis Advisory Team has recently announced the completion of the upgrading of its website on Yeast Infection Treatment, http://, and now boasts of a more user- friendly web design and coverage on a wide range of issues related to yeast infection. This was confirmed by Deborah Harris, the spokesperson of the Candidiasis Advisory Team. Among the centerpiece offerings are the latest articles and discussions on the various yeast infection treatment options that are available in the market today. In a recent interview, Harris provided a detailed description of the upgraded website. The website upgrade was implemented in conjunction with the research that was conducted on various yeast infection treatment options. "The upgraded website is expected to provide a more rewarding and engaging experience for those who want to learn more about yeast infection as well as the different treatment options," Harris explained. It does not resort to the run of the mill practice of promoting products without solid basis. "We are committed to provide our visitors with the most relevant and most recent information on a wide range of subjects that relate to yeast infection and its treatment." Harris further explained that women are more likely to develop thrush and yeast infection in their genitalia than men. "Most cases of candidiasis can be easily treated when one is armed with the right information and this is where we want to contribute," Harris added. The newly refurbished website also provides some useful references and articles for men who are suffering from yeast infection. It features natural treatment options for both men and women. Among the recommended treatments for candidiasis that are featured in the website are the following: Yeastrol (http:// yeastrol- reviews); and Yeast Infection No More (http:// linda- allen- yeast- infection- no- more- review). The research has established Yeastrol as one of the most reliable treatment options. This natural remedy for yeast infection, which is manufactured and distributed by Marketh Health, Incorporated, consists of a proprietary blend of natural ingredients with proven anti- candidiasis properties. Its claims of efficacy and safety are backed and validated by the results of the research that was conducted by the Candidiasis Advisory Team. Aside from the various treatment options, the newly upgraded website also features extensive review and assessment of some eBook and guides in the management and treatment of yeast infection. One of the references that received high ratings is eBook Yeast Infection No More. Those who want to obtain more information about the research of the Candidiasis Advisory Team and the proper treatment of yeast infection are enjoined to visit the website -

Additional Resources About Specializes in the research and review of the latest and leading candida cleanse treatment options that are available over the counter and online. Company Contact Information: Deborah Harris New York, NY 10011 Phone: (212)342-6671 Published in: Health & Fitness Tags: yeast infection treatment    yeastrol    yeast infection no more     Published on: July 29, 2012 Original Source: Updated Yeast Infection Treatment Advisory Re- Launched

Updated Yeast Infection Treatment Advisory ReLaunched