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Success Depends Upon A Mission Greater Than Yourself A declaration of Personal Readiness is critical element to lead the organization. For the balance of 2012 and through 2013, The Learned Entrepreneur will be Coaching and Mentoring others from the baby- boomer generation in internet marketing skills. San Antonio (I- Newswire) July 29, 2012 - Mr. Guy Graves, Founder and CEO of vasQ Analysts, LLC announced this week through the video published on YouTube, a "Declaration of Personal Readiness" to lead others from the baby- boomer generation into a successful internet marketing skills development program. Standing on the center star (50 yard line) of the Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington, Texas, Mr. Graves stated that due to preparations and skills training derived from ventures with PRO U and Empower Network, a coaching/ mentoring program will be unveiled for baby- boomers. Patterned after the Technical and Tactical Skills taught volleyball players, participants of The Learned Entrepreneur school for internet marketing are certain to find success more quickly. 3 Primary Keys for Success Choose to Be a Success Connect with Others Be the Leader Others Look To Mr. Graves states simply that anyone who believes that they possess the intellect and computer prowess to learn internet marketing can be successful if they follow some time- tested steps. The first success step requires a proper mindset. Most of those within the baby- boomer generation are accustomed to working jobs and providing service in exchange for salary or wages. The internet marketing entrepreneur requires a distinctive mindset, often a spirit of self- directed motivation and the ability to solve problems. Internet marketing is composed of a variety of business elements and different technological challenges. The second success step is the choice of becoming a leader. 5 Things Leaders Do EVERY DAY 1. Spend time visualizing and meditating on personal and business goals. 2. Spend time on income producing activity 3. Invest time in personal development, self- mastery and growth 4. Mastermind with others 5. Cultivate the expectations of leadership Those seeking to understand more about the economy surrounding internet marketing are encouraged to visit the website for The Learned Entrepreneur >> http:// t=inews1208

Additional Resources About vasQ Analysts, LLC: vasQ Analysts, LLC is the holding company a group of consultants that is positioned to mentor young persons in the Hispanic community as they engage in contracts as consultants. The JFK 50 Years Later "Citizens Report" endeavors to capture more retiring persons interested in working as consultants and mentors to young persons. An original url http:// provides some information but is not marketed at this time. Company Contact Information: vasQ Analysts, LLC Guy Graves 203 Lackell Ave #3 78226 Phone: 2102365808 Published in: Blogging & Social Media Tags: internet marketing    entrepreneur    leader     Published on: July 29, 2012 Original Source: Success Depends Upon A Mission Greater Than Yourself

Success Depends Upon A Mission Greater Than Yourself