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Prominent Addiction Recovery Treatment With Pickerel Lake Recovery Center If rejuvenating your life against any kind of addiction is your main goal, then Pickerel Lake Recovery Center is here to assist you to achieve this goal effectively. Toronto (I- Newswire) July 28, 2012 - Addiction is a quickly transformed disease that starts from a rare habit. Presently, many youngsters are getting prey of this dangerous disease that have caliber of ruining one's life forever. Not only youngsters, various adults are also found to be a prey of addiction. The worst part of addiction is that an addict person never accepts that he/ she is addicted. However, if you are finding yourself struggling with any dependency be it is on drug, alcohol or Methadone then consulting Pickerel Lake Recovery Center is the most dependable idea. With highest success rate and lowest relapse rate, Pickerel Lake Recovery center is one of the leading rehabilitation centers in Toronto offering high standard addiction recovery programs. What makes Pickerel Lake Recovery Center different from others? • This is the only center that offers guarantee on all addiction recovery programs. • The only rehabilitation center in Canada provides countable recovery treatment programs for Methadone addiction. • The rehab center not only serves the addicts but also propose family program live online to let families stay connected with their loved ones regardless of geographical limits. Coupled with these points, Pickerel Lake Recovery Center has a team of proficient, knowledgeable and veteran physicians to treat every addict at the center with full integrity and sincerely. The best part about the team at Pickerel Lake Recovery Center is most of the team members are recovered or recovering from some addiction. Thus, makes the center more than just a rehab center in Canada where every addict is treated with holistic services like massage and Reiki to let them enjoy welfare of healthy living. About Company: Similar to other team members, the founder and Executive Director of Pickerel Lake Recovery Center, John Haines also had a fight with addiction for years. Thus after successful recovery, he decided to help others in recovering from the problem of addiction and in order to make a perfect rehab center, he started planning in the year 2005. Later with three years of intense hard work, Picker Lake Recovery Center came into existence. Covering over 100 acres of area in Muskoka, the perfect rehab center in Canada is ready to serve addicts. Here, the addicts not only get effective recovery programs but also get resort like amenities like personal rooms, conference rooms, gym, indoor pool, hot tub and others. As to give reliable holistic services, the team at Pickerel Lake recovery Center comprises: • Expert physicians • Specialized Psycho- therapists • Experienced therapists • Addiction counselors • Massage and Reiki masters • Top Chefs With all these facilities, Pickerel Lake Recovery Center offer privacy, protection, and comfort to every addict at the center.

Additional Resources About Pickerel Lake Recovery Centre: The Pickerel Lake Recovery Center a Drug, alcoholism and addiction rehabilitation and Treatment Clinic offer rehabilitation services. Company Contact Information: Pickerel Lake Recovery Centre John Haines 2159 Pickerel & Jack Lake Rd Burks Falls, Ontario Canada P0A 1C0 Phone: 1-877-966-6887 Published in: Health & Fitness Tags: Toronto Rehab Center    Pickerel Lake Recovery    Addiction Recovery Centre     Published on: July 28, 2012 Original Source: Prominent Addiction Recovery Treatment With Pickerel Lake Recovery Center

Prominent Addiction Recovery Treatment With Pickerel Lake Recovery Center