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New Website Tags Best Genital Warts Treatment Options Find what treatment options work best for removing genital warts as per latest research. california (I- Newswire) July 28, 2012 - An online guide on genital warts treatment, http://, has been formally launched recently. The website boasts of a compilation of the latest reviews for several leading brands in the treatment of genital warts. According to Denise Watson, Project coordinator, the launch signaled the culmination of the group's 12- month research project that assessed the performance parameters of some of the leading genital warts treatments in the market today. The presence of genital warts, known in medical parlance as Condylomata acuminata, is a medical condition which is characterized by the abnormal growths on the genitalia and rectal area. The viral infection is triggered by human papillomavirus or HPV and it is transmitted through penetrative contact or exposure to the pathogenic microorganism that proliferates in the site of involvement. There are over 70 different types of HPV genital warts and it affects both men and women. There is a high incidence of the viral infection among men and women who have multiple partners as well as those who engage in unprotected intimate behavior. According to Watson, it is extremely essential that men and women who have HPV genital warts to adopt the proper treatment regimen. "Our research project was primarily undertaken to provide the necessary information which can be used by individuals who are searching for the best or right treatment for genital warts." The major findings of this year- long research are presented in a series of reviews covering the leading and most popular treatment options for the viral infection. Among the featured reviews published in the website are the following: • Wartrol reviews (http:// wartrol- reviews); and • Wartamine reviews (http:// wartamine- reviews). Watrol is a fast- acting treatment for genital warts with active ingredients that have been approved by FDA. It offers a safe and affordable yet effective solution for HPV genital warts. It is highly preferred by a significant number of men and women as it is easy to apply and can be bought in a discreet manner. On the other hand, Wartamine is another leading genital warts treatment option that does not require prescription from your doctor. It can be purchased online and delivered in a discreet manner. Wartamine contains all natural ingredients and these include herbs and essential oils with proven properties for the fast and safe removal of genital warts. Wartamine is applied directly on the site of involvement and it immediately attacks the virus that causes HPV genital warts. Positive results can actually be observed after a few days of uninterrupted treatment. The genital warts typically turn white and then become blackened as one continues to apply Wartamine directly on the affected part of the genitalia and the rectal area. After a few days of continued exposure to Wartamine, the genital wart falls off by itself.

Additional Resources About Researches latest products and therapies for the treatment of genital warts. Company Contact Information: Darren Bow CA 94577 Phone: 2344355352 Published in: Health & Fitness Tags: genital warts treatment  genital warts    get rid of genital warts    cure genital warts    genital warts removal     Published on: July 28, 2012 Original Source: New Website Tags Best Genital Warts Treatment Options

New Website Tags Best Genital Warts Treatment Options  

About Researches latest products and therapies for the treatment of genital warts. There are over 70 diffe...

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