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Lightweight Vehicle Tents That Turn Any First Responder Vehicle Into A Mobile Command Post As a police officer, sherif, fireman or EMS responder chances are pretty high that you're going to be first on the scene at an incident. Lightweight and easy to stow Truck tents that fit your emergency trucks and SUV's can make all the difference. Mercer Island, WA (I- Newswire) July 25, 2012 - The Incident Command System was developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide first responders such as police, fire and emergency medical services (EMS) with a guide to managing an incident and establishing cooperation and coordination of all agencies involved. For first responders, their emergency response vehicle usually becomes a mobile incident command post . This makes it essential for any emergency truck, SUV or even police car to be able to support the coordination efforts for an incident scene. There is only one incident command post, however other vehicles may be used as satellite support centers. As a first responder speed and efficiency are obviously critical. One of the biggest challenges for many departments has been the inability to clearly distinguish which responder units are satellite and which one is the actual hub. Because first responders usually arrive in vehicles of all shapes and sizes they need to be able to make the most out of what they have and often this can become confusing as more responders arrive on the scene. Bumperchute has worked with fire departments, police and EMS to address the specific challenges and needs met on scene. Bumperchute has developed a low cost, light- weight and easy to stow vehicle shelter that any emergency department can implement. This allows any emergency response vehicle to quickly add a canopy for shelter or turn their vehicle into a complete incident command post complete with flag and lighting. This equipment has been tested by professionals and has won high praise for it's unique compact and easy to stow mobility along with it's simple set up that allows emergency responders to quickly set up clearly marked positions with shelter that extends 3 to 4 feet beyond the rear of the vehicle. The center of command is also identified using a flag and lighting that is clearly visible above any other vehicle. Bumperchute realizes that emergency response vehicles come in all shapes and sizes which is why they have engineered several very adaptable SUV and truck tents or canopies. Most everything that needs to be done could be done from the trunk of a police vehicle. If an emergency SUV needs additional shelter to protect radios, computer equipment and, in many cases, a fax machine and copier that can also be achieved. We've seen over time that as technology increases so do the size of our accidents. This has brought about the need for specialized command units. Over the past 10 years fire departments, specifically, have shown an increased interest in using specialized command units to deal with major incidents and weather conditions. The Allentown Fire Department was one of these departments. They knew all too well the challenges of setting up a mobile command post with the changing seasons of Eastern Pennsylvania. Their changing seasons include winter snow and ice to summer heat and rain. Their command vehicle is a custom SUV in which the rear area of the vehicle was designed as a mobile command post. Since the command area required opening the rear doors, it was necessary for their department to find a protective device not only for the command area but for the personnel operating the command post. They implemented this type of light weight portable command post shelter for their vehicles which has proven to be the perfect solution. Any first responder department can use these specially fitted, light weight add- ons to turn a first response vehicle into a complete mobile command post to improve operations in adverse conditions. Contact Bumperchute today to find out more or to get a custom quote.

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About Bumperchute: Designing tailgate canopies since 2002. Bumperchute® Co. is dedicated to producing, manufacturing and developing high- quality, easy and reliable vehicle tailgate canopies and accessories for First Response team Incident Commanders (ICs) and the avid recreational user. Because Bumperchute Co. has listened to the suggestions and recommendations of their customers, First Responders and outdoor recreational users around the world now rely on the Bumperchute® to help them make their jobs and their leisure time a little easier, even in the worst winter weather. Our products are easy to use and provide the best shelter, no matter the season. Please check out the FAQ and Testimonials section to find answers to your questions and see what our customers are saying about Bumperchute® line of tailgate canopies and accessories. Company Contact Information: Bumperchute Renee Christenson 8815 SE 74th Place Mercer Island, WA 98040 Phone: 866-232-8189 Published in: Automotive Tags: incident command  first responders    emergency vehicles    truck tents    incident command post    emergency truck shelter    vehicle canopies     Published on: July 25, 2012 Original Source: Lightweight Vehicle Tents That Turn Any First Responder Vehicle Into A Mobile Command Post

Lightweight Vehicle Tents That Turn Any First Responder Vehicle Into A Mobile Co  

We've seen over time that as technology increases so do the size of our accidents. This has brought about the need for specialized command u...

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